Unions became mafia tools

what's the deal with that folks

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These guys.

Maybe we should try using entryism on alphabet soup agencies.

Is there evidence of that? I read about COINTELPRO manipulating gangs against the Panthers in Black Against Empire, but the takeover by criminal elements in unions and in groups like Black Guerrilla Family seem to have occurred organically from the inside

Scientologists and the KKK do this sort of thing, right?

Good luck. The FBI will accept anyone BUT Socialists. If they catch a whiff of left-wing politics from anyone, they're through.

All the time
Scinetology has the deepest spy network on the american intelligence and like 60% of all american cops have association with white power groups

The FBI might have sided with literally every shitty group in existence precisely in order to fight socialists lol

They even used the KKK to attack radical unionists

When you create an extremely hierarchical system based upon representative "democracy" where you don't actually care about the working class, just about getting yours for you and your ingroup, you get modern unions. Union security agreements are basically ways for unions to either fuck over other workers, or coerce them into paying quasi-taxes just so they can get a job; being able to easily and legally steal people's money is probably very attractive for a mafioso, and all you have to do is keep the status quo.


I've heard this claim not saying its necessarily untrue but I've never seen actual evidence. How pervasive is it really? The mafia actually has a long history of working as tools for union-busting/pro-business voter fraud too.

Well the BGF were Black Panther Party members who were imprisoned. So it's understandable that they evolved into a gang.

It was a thing in some locations iirc. Carlo Tresca was killed by them after fighting against their infiltration in trade unions.

how undialectical

Can't wait to see which criminal group will take over Cum Town

americans corrupt everything
see: breton woods conference.

how undialectical

2 thoughs:

1) Where do Black Panthers/unions generally come from?

2) Where do gangs and the mafia usually come from?

The answer is, working class neighbourhoods.

I mean in Cuba it was the opposite. The mafia was kicked out by the commies

Mafia is literally capitalism gone mad. Yes they hire people from working class environments but the true heads are always distant, already rich people

You tryna die son?

Since when?

t. Fox News

American unions are garbage. They don't even bother to pretend to fight for the workers anymore.


blame the state, not the unions, unions are victims.

PATCO worst day of my life.

Unions have progressively been striking less and less every year. Get your head out of your ass.

No, I'm not gonna blame the state. I blame the union leadership because they are class collaborationist cowards who don't care about the people they supposedly represent.


Research the AFL-CIO leadership and their well-documented historical suppression of socialism and any real militancy on the part of the rank-and-file.

These people are not your fucking friends.

Right to Work laws are just what happens when it's not worth it to collaborate with trade unions. Since there is no real unionism in the South or worker hostility they prevent the actually existing unions from having significant power through RtW laws, whereas in the North there is significant unionization so collaboration with the leadership is necessary, so union security agreements are created: the unions gets their dues, the leadership gets their fat paychecks, the workers get their crumbs, and the capitalists get their peace and stability.

The Spook Who Sat by the Door deals with this, but you would need to be squeaky fucking clean in a way that nobody is these days

Though, that film deals with one hole that has since closed (integrating workplaces after segregation) I think there is a possible related attack vector — smart, skilled people in other countries have a high potential to infiltrate agencies after immigrating, because they are always happy to have posterboy ethnic minorities who are seemingly perfect neoliberals.

It is much more difficult to ascertain whether or not an émigré is an ideological extremist if they are committed to maintaining a façade of vapid liberalism.

Except its exactly the opposite and I'm not even saying that to be a Zizekian contrarian.
A massive motivation for the Southern bourgeoisie in imposing segregation was preventing Union organizing. The anti-union/union busting efforts of the Southern bourgeoisie did not end with the end of segregation but continued via right-to-work.
t. someone who lives in the deep South

This is exactly what I've been trying to tell leftypol, but it goes beyond the Feds & Socialism.

I'm not talking about history, just the present. The present being: Right-to-work being the end result of weak unions in the South. The North collaborated with the unions when they couldn't destroy them while the South didn't need to because they were successful in destroying them.

Everyone should read this book/watch this movie tbh

The union/mafia relationship was actually way more symbiotic than that. Kinda nice to be able to call in goons to beat up scabs.

Any source on that?

Wait a second isn't this literally the reverse of what actually happened?

Just something I've heard, unfortunately, but it makes intuitive sense to me, even in the event that the unions are legitimately straight up controlled by the mobs they don't want to control something completely powerless.


I cheered when Humphrey was chosen,
My faith in the system restored.
And I'm glad the commies were thrown out,
of the A.F.L. C.I.O. board!

Power vacuums created by state repression seems to have a 'lumpenizing' affect on certain proletarian organisations. To put it another way, if any of the political cadre who are in leadership positions are either killed or throw in prison, what little remains of those organizations are marginalized into the criminal milieu, the only inroads to power are though criminal activities, and in the case of the Black Guerrilla Family anything that they would've achieved would be behind the walls of a prison anyway.

Oh ok, apologies then.

Pretty much.
Maybe the timeline is gangs>radicals>gangs again.

Gangs are just radicals without theory or revolutionary leadership. That is, when they're not actually integrated capitalist enterprises that "illegitimately" perform the social role of a state in furtherance of the capitalists' interests. But even that's still "radical" in a sense