Are you in for the long game?

Are you in for the long game?

Are you ready to become that old, jaded communist who still shows up to gatherings of 20-somethings radicals and beg them to study theory and correct their course of action? Or are you just going to have a phase, realise that revolution would take a lot more work than you'll be able to put in with a 9 to 5 and family, and just move on with your life?

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No I'm going to kill myself soon.

I'm already 25, I feel like I'm past the 'just a phase' age


I think people start really going "oh I grew up" at 30.

Meh.. I think most 'socialists' (actually liberals) go off it by the time they finish uni or earlier

I don't know if I can give up communism, Marxism has infected my brain and its like I can't go back to seeing things the way I used to. I'm a bit cowardly and aspie so I don't think I could be the next lenin or risk my life outside of a revolution context/situation but I think I'll always support the cause in some way or another.

Holla Forums agrees with this genetic bias

Holla Forums agrees with this genetic bias

Holla Forums agrees with this temporal (genetic?) bias

Holla Forums goes apeshit af and bans anyone who disagrees, channels all of their multiculti training, and hunts after anyone who disagrees.

Why do you ritualistically exclude religious bias from the >1%?(But yeasterday you said jews were a race)

why do polyps post their shit in completely unrelated threads

If I'm not going to see socialism in my lifetime, I don't give a shit about it

>Nazis allowed to post here and frequently do when they can contain their shitposting which is extremely rare tbf

I know this is b8 and I shouldn't reply but how can you say this? We talk about the JQ all the time but we all agree its not the main thing because the majority of the bourgeoisie worldwide isn't Jewish. This is just burger-euro autism tbh

If you aren't able to correctly classify the properties of the enemy, then you are not in it for the long game. correct? Otherwise, you're in it for your own game.

If you understand class theory as well as you claim you do, then you know false consciousnesses is manufactured from the top-down paradigm and pushed onto the bourgeoisie.

Soo…. wtf mate?

if you say so

Lets all get up out of our armchairs please

This really makes me wonder.; if it's all just a phase, did they ever really understand anything to begin with? Knowing what I know I could never fully conform into the average view of the world, but it seems like most college students do it without a hiccup?

Most people who pull the patronizing card of "just a phase, you'll grow out of it" are most probably the people who treat politics like fashion: liberals who want to save the world, but are not revolutionary at all.

No, it pretty clear that there's vastly more college aged and younger people involved than people in their 30s. The question is why do they bother doing that if they're just going to conform anyway.

We will see.

I can't really imagine no longer being anti-capitalist. I can't un-learn about exploitation.

For some it's doubtlessly a phase, but there's also the element that young people right now didn't grow up with cold war hysteria that older generations did. Some of the effect is explained by youth itself, but the timing is a stronger factor IMO.

no, they didn't. I would be amazed if the majority of 'it's a phase' people had read even one book on theory while they were 'socialist'

Races are Spooks.
Religions are Spooks.
Nations are Spooks.

The JQ solved. It's not a race anyway, as races don't exist and as ethnic group, not all semites are jews

Anyway, I'll forever do what I've been doing.
Spread memes and propaganda and never hope to actually have socialism achieved.

This TBH.

You can say the same thing about the people who got radical during the bush years, but now they're in their late 20s/early 30s and have conformed just like all the generations.

So from this we'd have to conclude that a leftist movement literally doesn't exist. It's just a minority of real leftists who haven't yet realized they're surrounded by a majority of fakers.

I mean that's half right.

I don't think everyone needs to know Gramsci but people without any grounding in theory can be easily swayed by the next populist wave to come along, see the popular transition from generic liberal to generic anti-sjw rightist.

You know the answer.

I mean, if that was the case, it would be hard for me to say so. It sucks to know that people can earnestly believe everything you believe in and then move on like it was just a fad. But I honestly, honestly don't think this is what happens in most cases.

At least not with the people I've encountered.

People often pull the "oh I was ___ too but I grew out of it" card to me, and then when I press them on it they get basic concepts wrong, prove themselves ignorant of the main theories of Socialism and misrepresent what virtually every famous Socialist said. They have a very shallow perspective of what it is, even "on paper", and they usually expect something Russell Brand-ish with happy egalitarian communes sharing everything, and pat themselves on their own backs for their realism once they realise this isn't really a sustainable system.

Then what does happen in most cases? Most are gone by their late 20s, so what exactly is going through their minds?

Everyone in this thread claiming that it isn't a phase for you, what are you doing? Nuts on the table time

I became a NEET since there are no options that can change anything in a meaningful way.

first reply best reply

In which case exactly what do you have to lose?

do you really plan to be in for the long haul doing nothing?

Everyone on here is doing nothing.

Not true. Also, those are other people, why aren't you doing anything?

It is. There is nothing going on that could generally be recognized as actually working.

Because revolution demands collective not individual action.

nah that's just a meme. most people's political ideology solidifies in their early adulthood

Yeah, but for the leftist it solidifies as a bernie sanders liberal instead of a fire breathing radical who wants to feed the rich and cops to the guillotine.

Mods confirmed Breadpilled.

I'll shill good revolutionary movements such as the EZLN and Rojava to give them a bit of recognition and perhaps help people understand that there's an alternative to utter failure and M-L dystopia.
As for locally, I see potential but I don't like the existing leftist groups and their attitudes.

There's plenty of hope, infinite hope. Just not for us.

because it's about being against all bourgeoisie, not only jewish porkies

Leave or kys

oh right so everyone else is going to have to start first and THEN you'll grace us with your presence?

Nope, not how it works.

so why don't you start or join something?

how about you join a new leftist group like Action Front

Except that is how it works. You're like those just start a business faggots but for activism.

Normal people don't enter into "me against the world" scenarios or even think about it.

Except starting a business requires capital and activism requires spreading your message in various fashions.

Unless you consider yourself too sick or depressed or overworked, but you just said you were a NEET by choice, so, you have the time.

I'm also not demanding that everyone on earth pick up muh bootstraps and work, I'm specifically demanding that anybody who is going to call them self a long hall leftist get off their arse and do something about it.

I don't see reasons not to get active, I see valid critique of current activism. Surely that means we should attempt to fix these problems in activism, rather than just give up entirely?

Long game? I'm in to see this capitalist shit torn off with its root and burnt to ash at the cemetery of history

Society will likely collapse soon, so it doesn't really matter. I probably won't live long enough to be a jaded old communist.