Ravioli cant love raviolis edition

ravioli cant love raviolis edition

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ravioli ravioli
time to bully everybody

Pretty sure Erin only loves me for my Raviolis.

I talked to her the other night. I was glad she's doing okay.

Daddy broke edition


Ravioli digget

Statutory and otherwise.

Poor ethan and hila :(

She was crying this morning so it was probably because you didn't call.


*Laughing at Erin's duress*

Why would I call?


Fair question.

We aren't friends anymore.
How dare you not come to me to end your life.

Oh boy
Here she comes

Why'd you kick me
Fucking jerkhead

Rest in rip reporter role.


New board.


Did you hear he's basically been drunk developing all of his games?


Alexis pls go

I could never love you.
Girls are fucking repulsive.

Hi mom

I will not be bullied

He's a mad genius.

Sounds icky.

Actually I'm a boy


Explains why all his games have been batshit.

there is a startling amount of rape in yoko taro games



There are no boys here.
Only girls.

Zoomed out for kitties couch perch.

What are those?

drakenguard and nier


Im a real girl uguuu


too tired to deal with such

There are so many on my street.
Must acquire all kittehs


But I'm a boy
Here look, I'll show you my penis.

I wonder what my cat is doing right now.
Wonder if they miss me


(((Squash sweating knows kindly)))

- knows


Putting the t h i c c in the water and turning animus gay



I've seen worse to be honest.

Believe me now?
100% Grade A Boy.


you worry about her occasionally

(It's worth mentioning the search terms used to find that were "feminine canine penis")

Also whats up with the new spoiler?

shitty meme

Holy shit.

Feminine tranny penis

Define shitty meme.


I'll have to see more.

Tranny dog dick.

at least have the word "SPOILER" on it

I suppose its a matter of taste. Nevermind.

Yeah that would make sense.

Yeah, I'm actually into that stuff so I would have vastly different views on it.

Tbh gas trannies

I forgot for a moment.

You have to go halfsies on a PS4 with me first.

Or buy me dinner, I guess.


Hmm... Yes.

this with spoiler across it would be better

grims just salty cuz he saw a dog dick

I'm talking about the spoiler image itself, you sack of potatoes.

look into ur heart u know it 2 be tha tru tru

He gonna murder you
You made him look at dick

Yeah why would Grim look at an image that was spoilered and was clearly either going to be my penis or a joke about a penis?

Grim doesn't like to look at penises so he wouldn't do that.

To be honest this should be the spoiler.

Better have tried. I'll leave for a while so he can stew in his own paranoid, dick-filled imagination. Remember, Grim: Every "real girl" you bang is just a pre-op tranny waiting to be born.

its not even animu related

Curiosity killed the cat's boner.

That was the best swordsplay(saberplay?) I have seen in the entire series.


I could post some to help you not forget.


R.I.P. this coffee shop. I have to claim my own.

Grim: Every "real girl" you bang is just a pre-op tranny waiting to be born

Grim: Every "real girl" you bang is just a pre-op tranny waiting to be born.


You know it, too. Ask them, they'll say yes.

I'm a classy lady so it can't be helped.

You guys have to realize that literally every anonymous poster is actually me.

Its all up to you. I remember now anyway.

Why u unfriend me on steam? I'm gonna add you on my new steam.


I understand why everyone loves this shit but its still weird as hell what the fuck Grim
I don't really see the satire just reckless crushing into forbidden realms such as
lesbian children

Good enough.

I didn't remove you
You must have removed me

Please repost steam so I don't have to dig through my history and I'll stop salt mining Grim's distended, tranny-plundered rosebud.


You realize that it wasn't either of us, right?


Wait. I've found the best spoiler now!

I wish the admin would abuse me half as much as he does all of you.

Hi, you're speaking to the most admin-abused poster on this board. Please let me know how admin abuse is occurring, and I'll add it to my own personal list of grievances.

Illuminati? The greater chaos demon that is the internet? Random magic? Unknown.

If I were admin I would abuse with neglect.

New spoiler is so better 'cos admin abuse.


Imagine how much admin abuse could occur if I just didn't get banned every time I posted here.



it's because kobayashi doesnt indulge tohru


I won't.

How many eps did you watch?

Sock ban in 3...2...1...

Should I watch dragon tiddy animu too?

The countdown was unnecessary.

I will take the compliment.


Not so easy these days, my old friend. Nobody gets to evade my bants.

I can't believe fucking socks is banned too

You actually missed the mark. It happened before your post.

Take it like a slut.


[hell yes]




Hello there!

Don't watch shittu fan service anime


But I like large 2D tits.

I want to put my face in the big titty dragon's big titties

Yeah for real don't watch this weeby garbage.

There is literally nothing good or original here. Just thicc fanservice and lolicon.





It can't be worse than strike witches.

It can't be worse than a cactus in my ass either but that doesn't mean I'm going to watch it.

I got through one episode.

A sah, dude? I have ban evasion down to an art.

Now count backwards up from zero, and I post again!

Bet socks can out maneuver test


I live, I die, I live again.

You're weak for even giving it a chance.

Oh wait, I actually get it now.

W i t n e s s

m e

I gave Umaru a chance, too.

I don't know why I try moeblob bullshit, I never like it.

Oh well. Have this homemade meme.

You're like me Test.
Edgy and shit taste.

We will never be happy with anything other than scraps like The Saga of Tanya the Evil.

Tanya is not evil she is a realist

So has anyone called Bebop out for coming back under the name Saint?

Tanya's disregard for human life and lack of empathy are implied to be what makes her/him evil.

I was gonna.
Fucking retard

I'm basically the flood.

I treat this like an ARG called "Honestly, please go fuck yourself." Think about that next time you jack off. I said the magic words.

Anyways, it's like a cursed game of wack-a-mole for you, and people get saltier every time you fail. I've made every post on this board with an old cellphone and a chromebook. Wait till I get my desktop going...

He's an edgy boy so that is realism to him.

Piece of shit is actually garbage, unlike me.

Bloo bloo bloo

You're right, I can't reason with a turd like that.

am i cool?

It's time to stop, Jack.

Im cool

I'm going to finish Bakemonogatori and the others.


Tanya is reflecting "success" as modern society defines it. Cunning, ruthless, career oriented. Any working man from the current age could fair well in world war backs then because even during that time people had more honor and moral than today.
Tanya is not evil, she is every leader, every boss, every politician, every CEO, every general, every realist.

You have to rise to a certain layer of society to realize this. Maybe one day you will

Wow lexi

Bully him.

Tanya is a sociopath, like many people in those positions are.

Be a good boy and talk to people instead of at them. That's all I want.


Im gonna hound them to suicide. Like that kid years ago.

True enouh but its kind of in the job description for success. Gives a head start.
What an age to be alive

programming masters help


So.. stack overflow? :3

How come Nadeko is the worst gril but she had the best OP

What the fuck is a Bebop?

I wish ;;

You. Stop pretending you arent bebo.

Have you seen her second arc?

I'm curious enough to ask, what's the problem?

She gets defeated by being embarassed about writing yaoi fanfic or something and her curse was actually not a curse, WHAT A TWEEST.

Wowee great character.

Monogotari is literally trash

I forget the early parts of the series. I'm talking about the medusa arc.


Im not even meme'ng for once

I want a strategy to get which axis of which device a user just pressed, for configuration purposes.

It'll all work in a command prompt.

Also I need to use goto now and this feels bad

Scoots the fact that you can tell me why Season 4 of My Little Pony was not as good as the first 3 completely disqualifies you from having any taste as an adult.


No, I'm not.
I'm some irrelevant newfag who's seen this sort of thing before. It's surprising how often people think I'm someone else.

Oh, thank you. I understand now.

Bleeding Torso woman is my waifu, that's all I care about.

I am just made she became a loli.

That's a fair opinion. If you don't like watching characters talk to eachother for 10 minute scenes and tilting their head a lot while the background gets progressively weirder then the show is hard to digest.

But I like that.

Well considering the FUCKING FAN SERVICE

People think you are somebody else because who the fuck would think about coming here and staying for more than 10 seconds other than the gits who escaped here from Holla Forums

Its trash that tries too hard to be lemodern artistically tormented and deep and... bluh

Hahhaahahahahah le new me meme
Good one bebop
Do you like guns "noobie"

Scoots, the fact that you know, and can tell me, that My Little Pony Season 4 has fan service completely disqualifies you from having any taste as an adult.


I think I need cheering up


Nadeko gets a really good arc where Kaiki is the main character.

Best part of the series, and actually turns the pointless moeblob waifu trash that is Nadeko into an interesting character.

I guess that is a good point.

Yeah, I sure do love my guns. Pew pew.

Okay :3


I refute your point by the principle that it is Nadeko.

I'm trying not to spoil it.

Wow bebop

Stop this meme.

The best part about Medusa is that she [ R E D A C T E D ]

spoil it. he doesnt deserve the story at this point

Let's play a game I like to call:
"Speaking Truth to Power Tripping Losers"
Jack will never stop. Holla Forums is like a clogged toilet. Nobody new ever really shows up, it's just the same shit fermented to a different shade of increasingly septic greenish-brown. Test is basically the cut off tranny dick which clogged the toilet, causing the rest of us to haunt Grim's mind forever with visions of hilarious bedroom surprises.

Seriously, please ban Test. Test is king sperg of retard mountain over here, and that whole flame control scorpion show where I got Alice and Bebop in modship was an attempt to see if you cucks could break out of your e-Stockholm syndrome and take the shot. You didn't, so now we're back to this retarded spiral.

P.S. Grim is gay as hell. I'm not saying this as an insult. I've seen footage. He just needs to come out of the closet and embrace masculine penis, not nance about pretending to be shocked by half (and, honesty, inferior) measures.

Anyone else?

Scoot is awesome. Yan is awesome. SCANNER is extra awesome. Subtle and Sci are also pretty rad.

Cheer up, SCANNER! They're all going to feel the pain soon. This is going all the way up, and it's going to destroy even the 7th floor. No brakes on this hellevator.


capcha was "DrLack". Guess what this Dr. is lacking? Testosterone. Pulling this next post from the archives, just try and ban me before I can make it...

I've already seen her get trashed by this dude because she was embarassed about her fanfiction.
She's a nutso bonkers piece of McDonald's french fries slut. That's not interesting.

BTW, where did Bard go? Is he ban?


You'll like it...

Ayyy... flood detected. It's me.



Don't even want these quads.

Oh wait...


Test, onegai

Its happening


He refused to post because of Alice, the mod put into power by Bebop that pissed everyone off.

I'm not banning you because I hate you. This isn't personal. Stop doing this and I don't ban you. This is annoying to everyone.


The same shit happens with every community. Every time. The past 12 years. Everyone. All ends up as a clogged toilet and some migrate to new communities, some move on. Its the natural order of things.
Me never stopping, whatever it is I do, also.
Who are you again?



Oh, you saw her go crazy and become a god?

I thought that was pretty sick.


onegai the eigos pls


Your whole Murtaugh-esque response to socks

whtas your most confusest string

Pretty awful.

I don't understand!

a gif... in a PNG


No u

I'm breddy gr8 m8 I'd r8 8/8!

what dont you understand ippai?

are you implying you dont have a mortal brain? are you the divine will??


I'm the user formerly known as waitwhat on Dust. You roped me into the Diamond Dogs stuff.

@Test: I tried not posting like this. I tried avatarfagging. I just get banned on sight, and then you quote me after banning me like you're trying to engage in discourse when you actually just wanted to admin abuse to cover up your bullshit and have the last word.

Here's my phone number. Feel free to text me:


Here's another opportunity.

I swear I just cut my nails last week.

I must have whatever brilliant character trait Yoshikage Kira has that makes his nails grow when he feels the compulsion to kill.

I am merely a proxy for the meme gods



but its basic nihongo

since my nails are long, am i murderer?

lol ur getting used

Possibly if you have a single long pinky nail.

Coke Kills.

Whats fucking new fam.

Every time Socks evades a ban I'm like "Mou ikkai, I'm sure it'll work this time."

I wonder if life would be easier if you filtered posts with the word 'admin'. Seems like the only times it's used is in "free speech" which isn't too constructive usually these days and in stories about stuff from before.

Memes aside, I like having Test as admin.

It actually did this time. Any of you guys have a problem with me in the future, please shoot me a text. I don't doxx.

ahh no i cut my pinky nails cuz i gotta spam ctrl in gayms

i forgot 2 tell u that im using you

he has bad taste in spoiler thumbnails

Boy this Snake Rape hentai is breddy gud

If I have an issue with you I'm going to tell you in thread.

Ah, no, that was me, thanks.

use ur tranny influence on him 2 change it

This is an impossible statement to trust.


This is your FINAL betrayal1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My honor is my life.

What games?

im the big dick motherfuckin' bitch, hoe

I mean, I already doxxed myself, but I mean for the other people.

Ur fucken dead kiddo

I'm enigmatic and insidious, not evil.

Word filter admin to be "benevolent overlord"


I tried posting on BadFox's empty board and the filters were absolutely infuriating.

je ne comprehends pas

Test, buy me this and a PS2 to PC adapter.

I like it.
It's humorous to me.

I miss real girls, like smiles

Sorry, the pun is too a propos (apropriate?).

We got da Juche!

Squash did George say anything to you about needing money?

Smiles filters to "nobody" or "no one" on Fox's board.

do you still luv me

nothing interesting

nigga what. speak the english fool ya fool

pick one thats humorous and nongrotesque


gawd. I can imagine. Word filters can be annoying.
I still think Grim's wet dream (wish) was a funny one though.

Something about needing a hand.

Spoiler alert:

I'm not even lying when I say this: I am George.


But why



Because they used to e-date and he hates "her".

I figured he was just being gay or something trying to make me a sugar daddy.

Strings, Yan. Strings.

He wants the MGS hand thing.
It was a joke.

i want to be komekko


why am i doing this

i like pain more than learning

Lotta layers to this one. Really good.

Tell him never to speak to me again and he's not my furry anymore.

my last favor will be disowning you

you cant be a girl

salty ho 0n0

Fucking rip.


can you achieve those levels of cute

Thread Status:

Tactical nuke has landed. X-Files theme is playing at this bagel shop. It begins.


Lol just you wait test

I am.

Have patience. God is real, and it's a hive-mind of horror authors from universes you cannot begin to comprehend.

Its going to be a screamer

No :3

As I walked out of the bagel shop, an old man with medium long grey hair sitting alone said something along the lines of "It's nice to finally meet you". He wasn't talking to me. That old man is you, Test.

This program is going to be about as linear as Call of Duty.

My favorite Lovecraft story was Dreamquest of Unknown Kadath.

It was just some trippy fantasy adventure, wasn't really a horror at all.

Lovecraft's work is the friendliest bit of this incoming meteor.

There's only one bagel shop in my area and I hate it. Einstein Bros. I don't know how good the place is out in them big cities, but I don't see the point of a restaurant that serves just fucking bagels.

God damn New York bagels

I enjoy Lovecraft more as an idea than I enjoy his actual work. Call of Cthulhu was a bore. I don't really get spooked by horror stories, but it makes for an excellent inspiration for fantasy universes, from Dankest Dunjin to Bloodborne.

Aaahh don't remember. I have to add I used to have some pretty determined impersonators.

Where's that faggot squid?

Not online.

Muh dick online


You're still my furvorite tho.



Now he's deleting posts.
What an abuse of power.






That's archmage for you.

youre a faggot ikt

You shouldn't fake the image just to be a shitter.



I didn't fake it. I searched when she was popular and relevant.

thats not the same rin

Oh, fair enough.


Don't BSOD you piece of shit

Emily killed her computer.




Test impregnated my hamster.

Stop admin abuse.



Don't lie.

The hamster was male

This ruins my joke by being a better joke.


Kind of bummed out that I never had the chance to be a school idol

Kind of bummed out that I never had the chance to be a magical girl


why would you even put your name on

you could at least try to be user

Wait wait wait, let him be for a bit.

Wow here comes the faggot tree



Well, he'll just evade that one too, so whatever.

Ever looked at your own code you wrote recently and went like "what in tarnation did i do here"

To see if he can calm down.


you can rescind it if youd like.



All the time.



stop this


This is the end



Hold your breath and count to ten.

Fun Story, that video was my first exposure to Mirai Nikki and I went into it thinking it was bland romance moeshit school crush kind of stuff.

Basically what it is tbh

it's shit is what it is

Fuck you Test it's a shitty survival game anime

It is shit tho, Grim's right at least.


I was expecting the same too tbh

and then terrorist-chan appeared

gods left us

It's just every edgelord's favorite show because "im a pyschopath irl and want a psychopath gf waifu".

Terrorist chan a shit.


Geim liked the suicide terrorist
What a surprise and not at all keeping with the meme

minene uryuu or w/e her name was. best character




Erin is so insanely unedgy I'm surprised I like her at all.

her personality
not her bombs

well she had a pair of explosive bombs on her but still

Eh i preferred yuno tbh

Gotta love how she was all
"HOW DO YOU DO FELLOW KIDS?" in a full fucking lolita outfit.

All of them are shit tbh.

her character development was pretty bomb.

She Fillet 'o Fish'd her arm.
That's pretty edgy.


she had nothing else to wear, pls

you remind me of the weird power rangers villian

And then she was like ALLAHU ACKBAR

Green/White Ranger was best Power Ranger.


Red Ranger is always the best Ranger.


White Power Ranger was my fave

wow racist exdee

Pink had a Pteryodactyl tho, that must have been pretty sweet.

"Hah, have fun on the FUCKING GROUND, PLEBS"


Doots, you're a Jew, not white.

Pretty sure white had a sabre? Id have to recheck
FDucking power rangers movie was my childhood favourite

Wow easy there junky

He had the same dagger/shortsword...thing that was also a flute.

best red ranger

Muh katana

muh ne wthread

Looks more like a scimitar than a katana.








your think isnt responding btw