Wild sky and blanket of stars

Wild sky and blanket of stars
The storm approaches like a heard
Light swallowing cloud of the everlasting grim world
In ashes we were born,
In ashes the ceasing night rushes up like a river to meet the storm with a clap of thunder
The sound of it is death to the unprepared

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Reported for spam.


report me all you want i still made you cum

It's a good game though.

I've gotten two of the animal things and I'm in the town for the third one.



Wake me up
I can't wake

i disworded this

Well that is a plus.

I seeeeeeeeee. Druggy.


Sounds like you have some time invested in it lol

Man, this sucks. I can't really read Yuzumori-san in peace cause my sis is always passing by and is doing her homework like beside me

I keep alt-tabing

Now I feel self conscious about my aging lmao
Thanks alot man

Well at least I ain't balding

what do you have to hide from her

Pedophilic Yuri undertones


make her pure

Oh yeah Ban, this reminded me of you.

One day, Soto. One day you may be!

Wow dude, even Subtle caught up before you :^)



She's pretty pure as is rn
I don't wanna get her into weird shit

pls no

Sho ga nai


I am not watching that again.

yuri is puri

What about this one ?

Search your feels, you know it to be true.

It's pretty lame.


Escape from Durgesh Prison is no joke


Actually got some studying done today, less grumpy over drama, but still miss voice. Same-old same-old. Yourself?

I kind of had a theory ban was vinny for a while

but ban is good at video games other than bridge constructor

There isn't any evidence to support that.

I kind of had a theory Neru was Darwin for a while

But Neru is actually smart :^)

wait what



There isn't any evid...etc

Fucking destroyed


Do you think I own a Kazoo ?


But I worked so hard.

Vinny is my favorite Vinesauce

Me and my little brother would lose our shit at his corruption vids and his bridge constructer vid

Joel is second best


Daily reminder that why is neru

And you got pretty far. Though tbh, in the end it didn't even matter.

You are right.

that is a tricky one

This is The Fate i cannot Escape.

Its a tricky hook

no fate but what we make

British why or an old why? o.o

Emma is a meme

Neru's existence confuses him.

What are these?


Dare me to jump off of this Jersey bridge.

we could all use a little change

I was fairly drunk that day.


I think he's kind of cool but I suck at talking to him.

Jump into the jersey shore.


I hate you both.




But thats a fate worse than death.

I'll get a tan though I guess.

Who are we talking about now?

Now post her getting railed.


trash music trash editing trash animation


Then nobody will like you.

I was talking about Neru.
Everytime I try to talk with him I just end up messing it up.

not sure where to get it or if there is one of that.

Post them all getting railed.

So nothing will change ?


I have to starts work at 5am tmrw... so inhumane


I'm sure you can find something of miku of all characters getting railed somewhere







The look on their face just lets you know how dead they are on the inside.



I'm gonna watch next time you try

Weird :c


those are spoilers

I thought it was a dank new meme


It's nothing worth watching tbh.

Hey, have you had a pleasant week?

Get on again. I want to see how weak widow mines are now.

It is both

I'm not into those squinty eyes myself. I'm not talking about all asians' eyes, i'm just talking about people squinting. Makes me feel like they are "stopping at the studio to make their crack money" kind of thing.

It's both though




Pretty much just emulating me.

i had to go i was afraid mommy cup would fart rape me



Or crinkle her diapers



I had pastry and cappu

getting on again thenn

What does that even mean?

I live vicariously through my images.

I remember that you enjoyed reading, did you do any of that for school and stuff?

I-I'll still like you when you're older..


Yeah me too.


It's a shitty joke turned into a shitty meme only carried out by shitty people.

Whoa Sub is lewd.

God, why did you make me gay ?

Overpopulation. I didn't need even more inferior genes passed down.

You have cute jammies.


No more questions?



They are just for show though because I sleep naked.

Just one.

Alright then.

So if you're god you can make yourself look like anything right ?


no if ur a god u look like an anime girl with brown hair and a yellow headband

Can you become a white man?

Then why are you a nigger ?

I was for over 10,000 years.

Government benefits.


who are these people


Whats the gross part ?

Tithing money ain't getting my throne polished with atheist tears as quickly as it used to. It was your guy's fault, really.


Dead skin cells in the bed.


I'm everywhere at once, so I'm already there.

Nice cheese.

I think I posted here a very small amount like last year or something, but other than that I'm "new".


I'm clean though.


I'm also new.


Nice meme.

Also people that wear jammies to bed are cuter.

I found this in my folder of garbage that I save for no reason

Can I get some Guy Fieri jammies or is that also not okay ?


Every new person was/is Kamuu.



I know who it is.



This is verboten.

Pick my out a pair then.

cat kigurumi

Be like every non-autismo and just wear athletic shorts to sleep.

Those seem pretty big but okay.


Or wear nothing like a human.

This is why you get banned.

My panda one is a pretty slim fit. Don't get the ugly baggy ones.

Fucking finally someone made a joke about it, I swear it's like I murdered someone every time I reference it.

*perved on by Darwin

Yes master.

*My comical reaction*

We all side with Amal.


Basically every dude just sleeps in athletic shorts of some sort. Getting a fucking onesy is for people under the age of 4.

Sleeping without underwear just ends up with your balls getting squished under you when you roll over.

Don't listen to anyone else

I'm not allowed to list to you.

Yes sir.

did I do good ?

I'm so glad, do you know how much easier it is to talk to people without worrying about whether it will piss him off or not anymore? I walked on eggshells around him for the past year trying to get on his good side. I don't even see him anywhere anymore either. After 3 months of this bullshit, I can say that I'm glad it went down the way it did.

I thought you were supposed to be the top, not the bitch in your gay relationships.

I can relate.

But if I don't do what i'm told he beats me.

It also taught me things about certain people that I really looked up to. I now realize how shitty and weak-willed they are.

Do not spoil that here.

What is Ban were really just a girl all along?


I can't believe I ever had a crush on that man-child.

I think so. My head still hurts.

I have a penis .




I'm sorry sweety. That's all I'll say on the matter.

I hope you feel better.

Please pet my head and call me a good kitty :3

If I use these, will you get a crush on me too?


Lord no, wrong guy by a mile.



I am salivating in my loins at this new choice in avatar.

Or maybe it's just the coffee.


I thought everyone knew who I had a crazed obsession with a few years back.


gween tee

I am also prepared for this.

Wow, way to ruin it, dickhead.

I had to straight find that image. I don't think I have anymore Legendz on my PC.

Sorry, I shall now commit honorable seppuku with my katana

Wow, I think i just did the thing where I think someone was talking to me when they clearly weren't.
Maybe I should actually contemplate suicide and/or sleep.

I still have over 1k. Been a while since we last communicated.


Just sleep and dream of dying.

Weren't you talking to him, though?

He completely fucked up the neru-isms.

I don't have to go into work until 3.

sick nice

He should still kill himself.

I'm more surprised that I don't have any. I built this PC before getting banned.

work is for mainstream losers that have to become cogs in a machine to exist on the earth.

Who would even do that...

I'm a fucking loser.


I choked on fishdiks

I feel it in my nose and stuffs

I thought you were Soto with that image.
All it needed was a "lmao" on the end.


Chew your food.

He would of said "dirt nasty" and not sick nice.

I somewhat miss playing CAH with him and his group.

Do you live in a super Mexican part of California or a super black part?

The rich white part.

He has no character. I learned through the way he's treated me and the way he's treated his ex. I can't respect him the way I did before.

Sounds pretty serious.


We have just as much mexicans as you do.

I'm not even upset with Amal. Amal is who he is and that's never going to change. I'm still pissed with Tem. He's weak.

just as many

happy thursday...

you too


and before we go all... but its wed. sama

i know.
today is my thursday ok

but it's wed. sama

arigato grim sempai


damn jew...

work is murdering me this week

how r u

You got me.

You will have to provide the details next time.

I'd be glad to.

im ok man... fucken
just killin it on the whole life thing

ready for a stiff drink and a beej

brb gotta pee

back with the lady or did ya find a new one?

dont forget to wash your hands

...nah. got someone whot fools around now and then. no SO

okay i'm back

Just wear diapers like Cupcake.

confirmed water sports.

got pic?

welcome back everyone missed you


You know I teach water sports.


2 minutes... UNACCEPTABLE

were doing drills if you dont shape up

...i dont

you got pic you just dont wanna post

I can't go any faster.


An angry banana

they used to be 20x bigger and had less feathers and more scales.

Teach me how to sports in water?

pretty much that

you and me
all day
youre gonna discover muscles you never knew you had

strooong muscles

were gonna be doing pushups

you and me
all day

Oh I don't like those.

Yes, I can do this.


I'm not allowed to listen to you.

lol, im the black sheep

Whenever you want.

Nah, you're a white sheep that just chases black sheep.

I didn't bring my swimmers.



...and theres the bazinga!

Is that a term for swimsuit ? I've never heard it before.



I guess it's just an australian thing.

I like this picture the most.

I'm really fucking curious about the thing we talked about before

tell me already, jeez.


I have two never before used swimsuits on my bed right now.


I refuse.

Anyways, I didn't even realize you were apart of that group. How long have you been there?

[Seething rage]

ohoo those underwear are funny because its a picture of a cat also called a pussy which is covering her genitals which is also called a pussy ohoo

They feel really nice.


Its personal information that you don't need to know.



whenI read a post I made without remembering and I remember andI think hey that sounds like somtehig I said and well it was something I said

*wink and gun hand gesture

Nani ?

do a black flip

What was it?


*bang bang

Sometimes I forget I posted something and then it turns out I did post that bht hoeesntly ironci


You're fricken dead kiddo.

my hopes and dreams

Ido not want to land on my head and break my brain either

idk if I posted that beforeor if you just typed it idk if I would have typed oconic so probably not but almsot

Honestly, I'm fricking dead.

Is this a tricky hook ?

What did you want to be when you grew up?

Like my soul.

whyare you asking me all this personal stuff

I've died inside and came back a lot.

I was merely trying to find something to talk about with you. Sorry it was too personal.

Live die repeat.

I still like team skull

I need to ascend past that.


How do you do that?

I have to reach as deep inside myself as I can and then reach even further beyond that.

That's a admirable thing to do.