The new thread is just a meme

the new thread is just a meme.

until it isn't. so I checked anyway.

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Don't use my real name.

I really need to organize my collection and add to it.
I like having custom ICO images of the covers for the folder icon.

more soto. MORE.

You know there's a vagina under there, right?

Sorry about that Trev's

It is the best feeling having everything organized and in order

Though I have them sorted by Artist, not by title




I have no real way other than title to sort them.



I will keep reading it but I'm far less interested now.

That just sounds dumb.

The nose bleed trope is stupid.

ur stupid.

Eat your lead chips and shut up.


Of course you will you fat slut

What should I call you then?
Ban sounds dumb

It is, but what are you gonna do about it?


yes test-sama

Just pretend she has a dick Cup

I don't know.

Feminine penis.

I'm gonna.

Strong and manly penis.


masculine vagina


She's adorable though

Girls with vaginas exist?

I'll give you a manly penis.

she is very cute. them tiddies tho. nnf.

Pretty awful.

Oh? Who has it ?

get outta here loser

Some of the facial expressions coming up are a bit weird but I really liked the story so I dl'd it

The part where she spreads it is pretty top tier


Make me faggot




Posting the whole doujin takes so much effort though



even knowing ahead of time it's hard not to be disappointed that there's no penis.

Nachos the crosseyed cat is better.


muted, banned, blocked, blacklisted, deleted.

Get vertical.


I wonder if this would hurt



Looks pretty spooky dude



Why would anyone do this?


What the fuck is up with that dude's balls? Why are they attached to his ass?

This is cool court, not fool court.

stop posting new threads early. i was two threads behind

Pretty sure she tied something around them.

"What a shame."


stop posting feku early

The scrotum still is attached to the bottom of your dick, not your asshole. The fuck is it doing that far back?

He's like paralyzed and the loli is fucking his shit up

She like tied em up so he won't cum

Would that actually work irl?

I call that one the Erin doujin lmao

That's fucked up.


is this that one doujin where he goes to slay the demon succ and she goes full dom on him and brands her mark on his dickhead while inserting her hair inside his dickhole


You're supposed to laugh you Monster

Dare me to jump off this jersey bridge.

i know 2 much
how do i revert my innocence



If only I lived in jersey. . . .


Your jizz doesn't just come from your balls but the prostate and seminal vesicles, just the actual sperm come from your balls. So it would be shooting blanks.

What the fuck Soto

Merry Christmas was all they said for like 40 seconds


God I wish that were me.

its her demonic curse to claim him

You should have seen Test try to stick my beard in his dick.


take it up with the idiot who linked a thread 40-50 posts early.

lmao fuckin gottem

Drink up son

Sasuga Feku


yeah, that girl is from a small comic about not knowing how to react when being told that someone can't tell you have autism
point being, much like the girl pictured
you for sure have autism

im too lazy to go back, and since you always make the threads ill subconsciously blame u

That's why the original filename was autism.


I make them and post them on time. grim is autistic and has a weird need to use up old threads and usually posts them early to make sure no one else posts a new thread before they get used up. I dunno man.

Go read Nickelodeon

The one where the lesbian turns her friends saliva into alcohol is fucking 10/10

I don't know what was better, reindeer Satania, drunk Gab, or angel Gab.

good thing you cleared that up. now i cant consciously say that i subconsciously blame you

i only look at the ones with a hot cover or if they match a bunch of tags im looking for

I don't read comic trash.
I just save images with dumb filenames.

Great job there guero, there's no way somebody could have possibly pulled that joke off smoother.

Drunk gab is 100/10
Reindeer satania is 90/10
Angel gab is garbage

this aint hentai
Its a good laugh tho

wanna see my ship?

brb shower

Take wet pics for daddy. Banners

Some idiot will click that.

yes, yes I do.


You clicked it, didn't you?


I have a new idea to spice up our sex life.

If Gab was drunk 100% of the time or angel more often she'd be better than Satanya

I didn't like Lucina at all until I realized she was flat as fuck like a week ago.

it took me about 15 minutes to formulate how to call tsuchi autistic based on this fact but my brain doesn't function


i took the cupcake approach and just slowly explained what i wanted the joke to be because i couldnt come up with one

How else would I get off

Is it "have sex"?

Gonna buy a Switch now.

Well fuck, I guess if thats what you're into..

rude af dude

inside lander

outside view.

6 wins 2 losses

Haha, don't worry, I'm not really.

You could have just like
and then thonking5 for your picture or something

It wouldn't have been great but it would at least have been concise

I had no idea the Ezreal went back for the barrel. That makes it even better.


your face is concise

Do you have a problem ... you know.. down there ?

this is confusing to me but I'm proud of you

no no it's cool. see if I ever voice call with you again faget...

And you call me autistic.

Yeah, it's shaped like a face and makes angry noises, nobody will get close to it.

i wanted to inform you about the boners protruding from various locations on your body

All dem buttons.


Let me hear the sound it makes.

obligatory nini post


alcor pod is my fetish

thanks bro



Made my tummy drop.

Crowbcat is the master of taking every isolated incident out of millions of people and putting them together to make them seem far more common than they are.

Better pick it back up.

I would rather pick up that frog.

Kind of want to do ranked OW but lazy.

But it looks so weird.

Someone should take Squiddy's isolated incident and make it seem common, if you know what I mean.

what do you mean

Thats okay.

I'm not really sure myself.


Are you assblasted yet?

I got distracted by manga


Wow no fun allowed
Did you read the Nickelodeon lesbian story?

Its pretty great.

I'm saying you're a slut.
But there's prettier sluts than you now.

I would like to see a gay frog.


I'm reading Yuzumori-san and I feel like I'm going to die from diabetes.

Gay frogs?

Please show me one.

I ree a lot and like dick
Am I a gay frog?

*cuts wrists*

I'm gonna go sleep forever now


rip in piece

I decided to take a glance at it.

Holy shit dude
That artist is a fucking god at drawing lips

Just read it all dude, it's only like 14 chapters



Is it just like Yuri undertones?

Do you actually like Yuri?

Fuck man it's going full shoujo ai right now.

I mean, I don't like it because it's yuri or anything. I like it because Yuzumori-san is actually perfect no pedo


1880 ranking.
Not bad for a slow climb.



Oh fuck Soto, chapter 12

jfc dude
lmao I'm already on Ch 2

You really are a lolicon aren't you?

Like, I had a laugh at it when you joked about buying Prism Illya merch at AN but I was like Is she fucking with me? or is she serious? lmao

At least we have that in common
See you in jail fam lmaoooo


been nauseous all day


I mean, it's not like I'm actually interested in or attracted to girls or anything.

Illya is fucking adorable though. I'd buy the shit out of cute merch.

What kind of grown ass women is scared of thunder

u fkn wot m8

Then again I'd pretend to be scared too if I got a face full of dfc


So you would never go full Kuzu no Honkai and fuck your gay lesbo friend?

I just sorta assumed you wouldnt mind trying since like 95% of this community is gay but like youre the only girl so like I dont know how that works.

Would you like hang up wall scrolls/posters in your room?
Would your parents or onee-chan say shit?

Like my grandma saw my Remi/Sakuya poster and said "Que chingados es esto?" which roughly translates to "What the fuck is this?"

I told her it was a poster and laughed lmao

Still kinda wish Wish was a trap irl tho

Nah, I've kissed girls and stuff before but that life's not for me.

Mmn, probably not. My sister knows I watch anime and stuff but I don't really talk about it with my parents or anything. My dad would probably judge the shit out of me.

become unnauseous

She is.

my body will adjust to the meds


Sorry. ;;

If you were a parent would you be more disappointed in your child if they were a giant weeb or if they were gay?

good job ^^

I had to play tank.
It was awful.


What do I cook for dinner fuck

depends how far on the spectrum in each direction

I was just trying to help the guy. He is Mexican, after all.


Actually he's from Guatemala you inconsiderate swine

fuck chapter 15 when


But hey at least you dipped your toe in and can say you've tried it rather than just straight up saying no.

Damn dude, that must suck. It must be nice not getting judged but at the same time you kinda just hide in your room and can't really talk about anime with anyone in person lol.

My sister started dating my friend irl and he's a huge weeb so she got into it too, and she would tease me about watching anime when we were younger and now she watches it cause her bf got her into it. Shit kinda triggered me but its cool casually talking about anime with your siblings.
I caught her saying Itadakimasu once and I was like YOU FUCKING NERDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

I dunno dude, I still do have some good friends that watch anime too so it's not like I keep it completely to myself or anything.

Don't have any and don't like fish

What do you have then, idiot.

Nice fuckin meme kiddo

No but like I wouldn't mind my kid being a weeb or gay or both but like he has to understand that being an weeaboo faggot is okay but do it in moderation.
I can't have the little fucker running around nyaning and like speaking broken japanese, like I dont want to embarrassed by my own kid.

You can have hobbies and take it up the ass if you want but dress normally, act like a decent human being, and dont be a socially retarded autist.

tank is how I got my rank

zarya is stronk like mother russia!

this yeah

I don't like tank.

Oh, well that's good.
I never knew how hard it is to find friends like that since all my friends sorta just happened to like anime but not like seasonal watchers. Only like 3 of us are like that, though I have gotten the whole gang into a couple of seasons in 2015 when I would always have em over for hookah, pizza, beer, and seasonal anime

What do your nerd ass friends watch anyways?


normal amount of gay, obnoxious amount of weeb

nobody would mind someone who quietly enjoys watching anime... I'm talking wall scrolls and those long fuck pillows with anime lolis on 'em

I think I agree with most of that

You wouldn't be ashamed of your kids unless they were being completely overboard with either one?

I didn't either

once you get really good at it, you can just DESTROY the enemy team single handedly, and set your team up for BIG PLAYS

it's fun

but while learning to play tank it's boring

nothing in public

I just prefer healer really.

Orisa is a fun as heck tank though.

hell yes I am hype

you can heal me anytime bb ;)

You are too high rank though.

They can go overboard with it if they want but there has to be a containment zone for your autism. You dont bring that out in public cause then I get judged for being a bad parent for not disciplining. I'm not denying him his fucking right to enjoy anime to his hearts content, I'm just saying you can do that at home or designated areas like anime conventions

There are certain social standards or whatever and we need to at least try to follow them


I only watch anime for the cosplayers :^)

I played her a ton on the ptr. Wew.
Best time I have had since Ana release.


true enough

you are ready for parenthood!

Such an easy cos play you just need huge tits and a wig

That's an odd looking toilet.

lemme fuckin tell ya

Fucking listen to yourself right now

You are talking to Soto btw

tssss I know I, just joking around

jus focus on impregnating traps and cute boys and you'll be fine on the children spawning front



i wanna fugg

ana getting nerfed BOIIIIII


Get in line

lines longer than the DMV's line on a Friday afternoon

but pussy > boipussy

It looks just like the one I have

What's really weird is the fact that she has 2 toilet paper holders
Like dude what

It was bound to happen.

It's a hotel.

better be a love hotel amirite

Hauling ass down an empty freeway during the middle of the night in a small japanese car that's turbocharged is a lot of fun.
You guys should try it if you can.

tfw daddy doesn't give you cummies

I reaaaaaaaaally wanna fuck a cosplayer

shit's hot, yo

I'm glad, tank meta officially gonna be dead
and now ana will be just another healer instead of this thing you HAVE TO HAVE on your team

Sounds dangerous, Dylan.

I get the feeling you did this recently

Yes, but that's why you don't buy cheap shit tires.

Yep. Took a trip to "Mexico" after work tonight. Loads of fun. Had a little race against a Ford Focus RS driver, and the RS ate shit.
I can't wait until I get the 2JZ and Getrag 233 imported and swapped in tbh. I need to go faster.

I know nothing about cars but that all sounds really fast
Good on ya
My dream is to one day own a car that looks like the batmobile

Which Batmobile, though?

The Dark Knight one of course

that sounds extremely white trash

Vin Diesel is absolutely NOT white trash you candy corn fuck

The tumbler was kinda shit.

Holy shit I never saw it as a kid but its so fucking obvious now

Feels bad man

I'd probably never use that
I just wanna look tuff

I bet darwin forgot my irl name xD!!1

You ought not to let anyone know that you are behind the wheel, in that case.

That's why the windows is matte black tinted you dig that

Stop being RACIST. Holy shit.

This is how you get mid-life crisis purchases or people with unnecessarily loud exhausts.

You wanted to paint your car.

My fault, my nig
Lemme get you a fo' and we dead all that anna, savvy?

Wait. I do remember your name.

I am not sure if I am offended or not.

so say it nerd


Oh, but I'm not going with the stock sequential turbos on that motor though. Too much of a pain for not enough boost.

My dream car is still illegal to import into the US and register as street car until like 2024 because reasons.

Why tho?

Because lifted micropenis compensator Ford F350's and Dodge RAM's with big Turbo Diesel V8's with douche switches spliced into the wiring harnesses for their ECU's isn't fucking white trash.

Performance oriented project cars require exhaust systems with better flow than stock. Less shit like resonators and mufflers combined with a wider pipe diameter means less back pressure means more power.
Fart cans need not apply
Also, loud pipes on bikes save lives and anyone who thinks otherwise hasn't known anyone that got killed on a bike by some dipshit who didn't see the bastard at all.

I have only forgotten Lloyd's.

Peace, god, it's all gravy

Stop it. You are hurting my feelings.

your car lingo is impressive but unfortunately not appreciated. youre like raping me with it

Because Batman is fly as hell

Shieet you won't even remember this in a few minutes

Just call him a faggot ricer

I am going to CRY.

Okay, allow me to explain what I mean as retard friendly as I can here. You know that thing that some truck owners do that makes their lifted shitboxes spew black smoke out the exhaust pipes? That's some real white trash shit right there.

Tbh if I could, I'd roll in a more Bruce Wayne style rather than "I'm batman" everywhere. Not much can get better and classier than a Lamborghini

I do not care.


I like and love doesn't reply to me, ya damn straight I hate being awake, early and sober.

woah, color me impressed

I own seven of those
I grow tired of them now



fuck everything. At least I'm making money at work and too distracted to talk 2 ppl.

well youre talking about technical specifications while im more talking about a cultural thing. like when i think of white guys in asian cars i think of tribal tattoos and snap backs.

you look beautiful

That is my line.


i tried to reply to soto but i gave up


thnx user

Of course, I am literally an anime girl after all

ilu Squiddy


would you come visit me if I was dying of cancer?

that's fukken gay user

What kind of Cancer?

Well get fucked then. I hate your guts, shitbag.


Nothing wrong with being gay!


the prettiest anime girl

i wanna brush your hair~!

Everything is!

u g u u

Foreshadowing can be good, when done right.
Jojo's second season is a beast at this.


wow how BIGOTED

Go to bed you faggot


maybe later

awww yiss

now we just play the waiting game.....

Bitch did I ask?

dead thread

Thank God.

tell me more about yourself :3

where's mordin????? ????

Don't care.

where the fuck is mordin you pieces of shit

erm... jk

Magnolia, KY

Everyone died while I was sleeping. RIP. 28 memes later

i am awake


Awake, but at what cost?

at the cost of having to explain to my prof what the fuck ive been doing for the last week


put the bunny in the box






I keep waking up so early.