That one time an anarchist killed the US President

Good times comrade

Skip to 2017 and US citizens only protest for two reasons:

Well that was pretty much self-defense

shut up

shut up

So did an Italian anarchist with French president Sado Carnot in 1894.

I guess the beta uprising has existed for a While

Probably a smear campaign to discredit the left


And it scared people away from anarchism and communism in general. He was a useful idiot to the ruling class.

did nothing wrong.

Reminder robots could have been this guy but y'all insist they are beyond reproach

Killiing a president is for little kids, a true man only kills kings

So much for the tolerant left :c

He could have done us an even greater favor and shot Wilson instead.

A king is pretty good, but he aint no Tsar.

Anyone else here an /r9k/ and Holla Forums hybrid? Was Leon Czolgosz /ourguy/?

I hope Gaetano senpai notices me.

How's freshman year gender studies as a bi-transqueer-wolfkin-feminist?

you mean pure right wing idpol?
anyone who identifies as an incel is an enemy of the revolution.


What do you mean? We're just a bunch of social rejects.

Their isolation manifests itself as cancerous idpol consistently, the basic board culture and terminology shows just how shitty you all are with your false dichotomies and stereotypes.

Yeah there's a strong Holla Forums tier presence but speaking of stereotypes you're kind of applying that to everyone on the /r9k/ boards. I only participate in certain sorts of threads and terminology doesn't always reveal ideology anyway.

cri evertim

kek it's not Holla Forums bait, i just think americans are retarded without exceptions, that's all.

Fuck off back to Holla Forums

Bombing of wall street was more epic tbh.


Good luck getting robots to read anything other than Japanese VNs.

The 1920 Wall Street bombing killed 38 random people. It was a completely retarded move.

They are like one step above Holla Forums, which in chan terms is already positive.