New thred foar poasten imaeg und txt

new thred foar poasten imaeg und txt

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heh.. never actually op'd a thread on 8channel...


disregard this, i suck cocks

I came to a fresh thrad again
I feel moderately accomplished

its popping fresh... like daisys

i dont feel that the rock was ever cooking anything

It is going to be a fantastic day.

idk about my confidence though
Ijust want to nap

lets hold hands and run through a flowery meadow of friendship and laughter

Do you have to be somewhere?

I didn't sleep last night and I feel like I'm dying :D

my options today are to be productive and do things or slack off and play videogames for the duration


I have more assignments though
sleepyme really puts the ass in assignment

welll maybe you are

Maybe you can take small naps throughout.

I want a Prius.

off to soak in the tub for hours... ttyl



What is going on?



got a rental car while my shitty ford gets fixed

it's a jeep

beep beep

Where Qt

What kind of car would you use for a roadtrip, assuming you could have whatever you wanted?

Ihad really smelly socks right now


fo iureybo4e

It actually doesn't feel like a chore to walk everywhere in this game.

He's probablee at uni

You should've seen this live :3

Oh thanks.


They still lost the game lol

WHY IS LEAGUE SO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

all part of the script

They won the series 2-1 so it's fine!

Real sick of SKT winning.

how about that one time at worlds where they almost got reverse swept


Just with a little coffee and a little weed and I'm back to play, boys~

why the fuck would they willingly ball up against orianna

snake and looping was in the middle of the empty hall doing it and dobby was watching





Momentary lapse in judgement

Who is Orianna and why shouldn't people willingely ball up against them


pretty severe one.

because they die

the balls would touch

Oh I actually have orianna
I should play her support
With smite.

Looking to get banned?

They have clear vision of the area and see where everyone is, it's more a matter of stars aligning timing wise for SKT than KT having bad positioning.


Yes, but he thinks he is good at the game.


gimme rubmle and iI will show you good

I do not want to league any more



I am watching Pewdiepie>

I want you to know I love you all.

I hate you all

My feelings are indifferent.


Haha you love a boy

I'm a lady so it's ok.

You are not.

More of a lady than you, and you have the word in your name.
What a LOSER

I believe that Rroyd is the most ladylike lady.

That is also inaccurate.

it was tom bombadil


*royal waves*

I am literally never incorrect.


Ijust want to sleep 4ev until I can wake up and eat more pastris

Who doesn't?

thatis an apt obseration tbhh


And to be in a comfy bed too.

you were my friend anakin



you were supposed to be thge chosen one


Help me become head human of Britbong Land and I'll get the minimum wage up to £8.50

But how will you pay Brexit.


Easy peasy lemon squeezy.
I sell the rights to my personal image, and use 85% of that money to Brexit woes and 15% of that money goes to me.

And occasionally I'll donate to charity.

So if I act like a mad cunt, I'll make the country shitloads of money.

I'd be England's greatest export.



whoaaaaa I passed out

Smart, no?
I got the wisdom of Sun Tzu
and the intelligence of a peanut.


I would shoot myself in the head if people actually talked like that.

all my audio keeps playing faster than my videos. im going to go crazy

my anaconda dont want none unlessu got buns hun


Can I touch your buns

Anaconda is slang for dick.


what sort of absolute degenerate would mix buns and diks

Very yes!

Very much yes and more!

Buns is slang for ass.

"My dick don't want non unless you got a fat ass"

Is pretty much what they are saying

Yeah sure. Pretty sure it's about a reptilian that has an eating disorder.

Send help






I would hope that neru was able to figure that out already

Yes, you're Kanna.


Me too

So wait, I'm on top?

You're the thicc.

I am the thicc!

*happy anime girl sounds*

tim for toothbrush

Shit, AMD team gave good answers on reddit.

I need an AM4 board and a R7 1800X

All these danish CSGO teams~
Ahh it's going to be such a great event, it's already good!!

Do you also play?

Used to, but I never got any better so I quit. I enjoy watching it a lot though.

Ah, I don't follow esports so I feel old with all this popular things.

idkkk is not counterstrike even more repetitive than league

You're missing out!

What is this from, Lewds?

A new artist I found. No idea if they are real characters or not but the art is great.

I know but I don't know how to get into it!

Oooh, who is the artist then? Their work is really good.

I finally finished brushing bed


This was a thing.

And it was fun.

Just to be clear, that's a T-Rex robut.

It had two explosive what'chamahoozits on its shoulders.

At least there's more than one map :3



Oh shit

This weeks episode is about cricket

the regular ED is still better.



Whis is the mean James Bond villain suddenly a pirate

Counter Strike is utter shit.

Not it's not you liar

Honeycomb OP is top tier
x365, Hoshimitsu, and the Original one are great too

Pretty much anything Hidamari is great

WIDE 4 life

I am going to have to agree with the US weeb on this one.

Also Orisa is going to be bae.

Are you saying No but then agreeing with me?

The Hidamari Mashups are even better dude

Something about young school girls with sick ass beats in the back ground go so well together


Just cause I like saying no to you :3

Well the important thing is that the game is interesting to you, if it's not there's no real point in watching^^

Ninjakitty I think he was called

I have heard a few mashups from SD too, there is in fact some strange but pretty awesome symbiotic relationship there.

No, It was Sasaame

Yeah dude, he posts alot of Nakinyko mashups

Nakinyko is like a god of anime Mashups

Some other good anime mashup artists are triple Q, Sexual Omochao, Emdyion, HBJ (HandBraJeans), BotanicSage, Shoopfex, and GARticuno


Thanks! You are just awesome.

I am going to save this for tonight when I am fucking around in some game or chilling out.
Thanks for this find Sots.


I want to watch you!

Oh man, I have way more mashups dude
I just randomly picked one
If you ever want more just ask

Ninjakitty was something good too I remember

I'm terrible tho :3

I will be sure to when I get through these! You fuckin rock man.

I will be sure to look them up as well then. Always good to find some really decent artwork.

But fun!




Fuck my sides

What a slut.

What language is this

I want to lick Nowis navel.

I want to lick Ban's navel.


a roadtrip?

I mean a luxury sports car would be nice. Something that's comfortable and has good features but is still sporty/powerful.

I'm not super picky so anything would be good, Corvette Stingray, Jaguar F-Type S, Nissan GT-R, etc (assuming I could actually fit all my shit in it)

although tbh my dad's suburban is stupid comfortable and great features and tons of room

sorry for really late reply like a bajillion hours I've been at school and still haven't slept I'm gonna kms brb

dream car is 370z with twin turbo though

ooooh baby



Full Size where

you'd like it

tfw you'll never have an imouto



what language is this

Taco Bell is disgusting though

guess what?


Never had food from there. Is it awful?

What ?


I ain't really a fan of it but my friend is and goes there all the time usually after we go out for drinks.

Is there any Taco Bells out there in Sweden?

No idea, I never saw one but I guess it might exist somewhere.

What's that

Do they have any Mexican Food places out there in Sweden or is that like hard to find?

What is your favorite food anyways?

i shouldve been asleep 4 hours ago someone stop me

Come sleep with me

ill sleep if u will

No authentic mexicans so no real authentic mexican resturants. Well I'm sure there is some small place somewhere. I can't know every little local resturant. But texmex is the closest you'll get normally I think.

fuck you




its pretty late :o u should sleep


I need to see more Ryzen.

Well i will go on ahead. Ohyrashumee

Oh that AMD CPU that's like dirt cheap and preforms better than the i7?

Pretty kakoi huh?

Such a shame, everyone should at least try Al Pastor tacos once in their life.

TexMex is pretty gross imo but a lot of people like it, honestly depends on your tastes. Ironically I'm not much of a Mexican food kinda guy, maybe my family ate so much of it growing I just got tired of it.

Man, I'm fucking starving lol
Also is that supposed to be Origami from DAL?


Slaap lekker

give me a kiss goodnight~

Somewhat depends maybe yeah.


I'm waiting for my kissu, faggot.

Don't hold your breath.

I'd rather hold yours

oh shit

It's hamakaze. Origami doesn't have tits that big.

Uhhhh, okay

now gimme some sugar ^^


can you use your words like a human being?

But interpreting images and assigning them meaning is arguably more a faculty of human beings.

off yourself


Hama-who now?
Oh, is she another generic boat?

I haven't seen DAL in a while now so you'll have to excuse me for not memorizing the breast size of an anime girl from a mediocre series lmao

off me




Yeah DAL wasn't anything worth remembering.

Just like you lol

Weren't you going to sleep?

never got my kissu
also mind your own business!

i feel terrible

Yet you do.

that's because you are

It's all my business, I'm the KING

How come

Hey guys

I wanna drive that car.

the king of dildos maybe

Of course
Now that Casper's gone you're like the only Swedish poster now

Oh yeah, there's Inga too
But he's never really around tbh

Man, I miss Casper

King of Dwarfs

That sounds like a rather high position here, yes.

Casper isn't gone he's just living as erins boyslave.

I assume she sold him to human traffickers to buy more cocaine and cigarettes to put in her freezer.

And then she was murdered after they realized he has no useful organs.

Wouldn't putting cigs in the freezer make them moldy?

Sometimes you have to sacrifice something to gain something. It's understandable.

I have no idea because I don't put cigarettes in the freezer, I smoke them.

Ask Erin.

All the pieces are coming together.

Equivalent exchange or something.



Human trafficking mentally ill people is a dick move.

lmao might as well be dead


Yeah that sounds like an equal trade off.


still haven't slept

I love evos

I miss my 350z though :(

Are you saying it's not a dick move to do it to neurotypical people

Casper is like a real life adaptation of Shindol's Emergence lmaoooooooo

I've got two philosopher's stones in my pants.



I mean, admin-goshujin-sama

nah because they're dumb enough to get into the situation to be trafficked.

no just a really gay one

Me on the left



I'll let you off this time

Yes exactly

Thank you, kind Mistress.

as long as you don't bring that faggot shit near me

Eat my ass Test


knock knock

I don't eat ass

What are you, a god damn queer?


And not a fatass.


Nice dodge

dodge what



i'm getting sick of everyone posting her too

I watched one episode. The dragons are essentially a bunch of autists trying to act like normal people.

in his filthy faggot dreams
plus he's pissing me off

I ordered Guzmas sunglasses.

I hope I don't get in trouble for guarding in them.

The ones on Etsy?


What do they look like?

I can't imagine why you wouldn't be able to wear them.

Like Guzmas sunglasses.

I'll just quit if they say I can't.

Why on earth would you buy those?

I wanted them.


Good afternoon.

Seems reasonable.

If you say so.

Everything I do is based on logic and reason.

Go to a normal timezone.

I do say so.


God I wish that were me

Yo, Giggles


boi u fkn wot

Wuz good

You want to pay for my plane ticket?

Testing, why is there no one online?

If you'll be my friend maybe IN A MILLION YEARS FAGGOT

They're all dead forever.

I can't be bullied.

I want to fucking die.

I have a lot of sunglasses.

They were not strong enough....

Not like us.

That's what you think.


these are retarded and not funny

Many have tried and failed.

If I take any more opioid based drugs I'll probably die.

Yeah but those ones look goofy af

You underestimate my autism.

Fucking wow


The weak get left behind in this new world.

Hai Neko
How's my favorite cutie doing

You have no idea who you're talking to.

Thats the point

pissed off because people keep starting conversations with me and then don't say anything back

No they just band together on the internet


Evidently neither do you

They will inevitably be destroyed if not by themselves.

I made a pokemon lets play.

Man, you're fucking weird.

And that's coming from me

fuck off randy

Are any of these people memelords? Memelords are notoriously bad at conversation.

I made a minecraft lets play with a Mexican guy that barely knew English

oh well

shitlords is more like it
what are you doin bby?

How ironic that Neko doesn't like when someone blank posts him.

Only option left is to kys

It is quite amusing.

This is a story all about how
My life got flipped turned upside down

Listening to Ab Souls new album again
It's so good
Look up Beat the Case with Schoolboy Q
What about you?


in the middle of a conversation?
yes, it's fucking annoying

I don't think you're cool enough to be the prince of anything.

Damn that's messed up

That's OK.
I'm a queen anyway

The burlesk queen of Bel Air.


I am sore all over
i was hauling rocks all day ;~;

Mines much worse.

Go to /lewds/ if you want a hugbox lmao

I've never seen that spelled that way >.>
But I'll run with that title

Ok back to ignoring you I guess


Doubtful, that was back when I had a sliver of a will to live and liked my little pony


Mines worse.

Fucking Juan sure can drive

Why were you doing that?
Is that some odd job for cash

ignore me too daddy



it's my new job
it's hard af but i like it

It's an all or nothing type of deal.


How bored are you`?


4 is greater than 3 lmao

nani sore


This nigga got triggered and fake filtered me

Is it like a landscaping job?
You're gonna get toned with this gig

I love you please be gf (bf)

I have six different boards open; I would say quite bored.


basement waterproofing and foundation lifting

Gonna have to pass.

So I can have my cake AND eat it too?

I still love you.

nani sore yourself

Wth are the 5 other boards?!


And Holla Forums.

Keep eating cake and you'll end up being a bad burlesk queen, but go nuts.


Sounds fun
I wouldn't have taken you for the type to go for a hard labor job
Gotta get it how you live right

Why don't you do something fun instead?

Admire from a distance please.

You know they say "absence makes the heart grow stronger". One of these days I will have you my love.

For instance?

This looks like fun

i don't care what it is as long as I don't have to deal with fucking retards all day
srsly felt like i was running a god damn daycare at that gas station
The children were more intelligent and behaved than their parents most of the time
it's disgusting
plus i fucking hate people anyways

This just in
Studies show that when you're bored you should try doing something fun
We've got Neil Degrasse Tyson on Skype to tell us all about this fascinating find


*is squished and turns into a pile of goop*

Games probably.

Tell him to stop using botnets, that dumbass nnnnnnnnice gentleman.

I like other people.

Begone, pest.

*is scarred for life and has to attend a decade of PTSD counselling because of the guilt*

I am not ready for the ladder grind.


No i'm only mean to the people I like after I've started getting closer to them.

Ruins everything tbh

It can't be any worse than the rest of us.

I will only when I can raise my eapm to 200.

I'm a persistent, autistic, faggot, and I don't care if you don't like me if I do, so it seems we're made for each other. Let me lick your feet.


Are you going to rank up past moving rocks like being a foreman of some kind?
I hate people too.
Mind if I move some rocks with you and we split the bread?

*stares at you*
Mm, maybe.

Damn VeeVee that's pretty fucking gay


i'm still real new to this tho so it won't be any time soon

One of these days qt

What's the payment like?

oh sorry



I want to go swimming in Satania.

Tyson said "sho you're right, get bent fucknigga"

all depends how much overtime i get

Is that Latin?


When you try and play For Honor but the servers are down.

Kill me now

Shit man
You do this every day?

Nig Latin

Your fault for buying jewbisoft games.


You're gonna get strong enough to beat me up
That's quite a feat

Kami-sama, please bring the severs back up or strike me down.

i don't wanna get too big tho

Call in sick when you feel you're too swole

I don't even like calling in sick when i actually am sick


Such a hard worker :3
Then you're probably gonna get strong regardless.
But on the other hand it's difficult to put on muscle at our age for most people.



hmm i didn't think ofthat

Hookers five people STDs

its the same thing


no not getting paid is
pay attention tracer

Wouldn't know. I'm white enough to afford sick days.


Gee thanks.

piss off

Yeah trust. I was trying to put muscle on like year and a half ago to no avail. My friend a bit older says you gotta wait till like 23 or 24 so your metabolism slows a bit





i don't want it

how are you?


hi hi how are you?

I don't either really.
I been cycling lately
Shits fun

I already don't like this new person

I'm alive.

When you take down a goddamn Helicopter by yourself with just a SMG but it falls down and the explosion kills you

Let that nigga live who give a fuck

When the Mexican who was going to clean up the helicopter damage gets killed by the explosion.

my bike is fucked

O-oh sorry

ah thats nice how is your night going?

Anyone who purposefully stutters is generally shit.

What'd you do to it?

It just keeps getting worse and worse.

Ajay Ghale is Indian though


how will you fix this

is accidentally any better

S-sorry ;-;
i got to go to bed now, my imaginary bf wants to goto bed now
U-until tomorrow

So a darker shade of brown. Whatever.

sleep deprived

Unintentional misspellings are just mistakes. Anyone can make mistakes. It's when someone does it on purpose does it irk me.

the chain got messed up
it's one of those ones where you change gears to go faster

don't wake up

anyone who stutters is doing it on purpose

Thus I call them shit.

A-Am I shit Daddy Tracer?

I see. With your new job you'll get a fly car anyway

already have one

Today's yuri releases.!7shQGZBI!KWYxAFXoK8LDTSrZK-2KjbKRVUaOj1mQAo7CvYJVhQA

(Umitsuki Reona) Yuri Mekuru Oshigoto ch08 [yuriproject]
[Doki] Hitoribocchi no OO Seikatsu - Chapter 40

(C89) [玉砕島 (38式)] 五航戦の改二における 諸々の事情。 (艦隊これくしょん -艦これ-)
(C89) [玉砕島 (38式)] 尊敬する加賀さんがトイレの小窓にはまってた。 (艦隊これくしょん -艦これ-)

Oh shit
I always thought you didn't
Good job

Who wants to share their premium Fakku account with me


Uncensored futanari penis



And other uncensored goodies
They got some good shit there

But do they have uncensored torture/ryona goodies?

I've been trying to fall asleep but i can't keep my eyes closed and I've just been tossing and turning all day
it's starting to worry me

Torture probably not. It's still a rather vanilla site
Dunno what ryona is tho

Lame af.

People getting beat up

Are you able to get a good meal or at least some fattening shit that will make you feel tired?
You could also do some exercise


Ain't my bag anyway
There's already exhentai for this stuff

Can I kink shame you for liking dickgirls?

What's up

I was taking Constantinople in Far Cry 4 lmao

Dick girls or shotas ?



I-if you want to

Dick girls

put a skirt on a shota and suddenly its a dick girl.