Have some music.

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Bestial instinct

The other board gave up before reaching the summit of this mountain, but that doesn't mean you had to


So if I'm to go based on my one expedition /lewd/ only still exists because the people there are afraid Soto and TP are going to bully them and they're incapable of filtering b-b-bullies ;;

Hmm, well I'll neither confirm or deny your suspicions.

Hey, I'm here and no one has bullied me. Yet

How do I make the scroll bar pretty?

Those keycaps you have? How much were they?
And how did you even learn to build this stuff..

You don't need to

Also how I'm talking to you now is bullying according to Poppy's standards

I know, they're just being pussies. /lewd/ should have been liquidated into Holla Forums an eternity ago.

Fair enough.

Also it's hardly bullying, just stating what you think, I can respect that.

Subtle have you seen Fushigi na Somera-chan?

Its a short and its pretty lolz

Made by the same chick who also did Ai Mai Mii (which is also lolz too)

This one had me dying


Huh, really? Funny.

I don't think I follow.

Soto and TP are not that bad though. Of course they throw around some bants, but I've seen a lot worse.
Another reason is because that some posters are too used to be on /lewd/ that they don't want to leave.

Well all I can say is let them do what they want, if they come over they come over, if they don't, they don't. It's no skin off anyone's nose at the end of the day.

I for one am not a bully, I just like seeing things from a different perspective!

I'm just being playful :3

The board we talked on yesterday or the day before thought that there was a "post limit" and tried to just keep going in one thread

Its pretty random as shit but they fucking dialogue man.

Gah! I should have guessed. I'm too sleepy at the moment, most of the things will go over my head. Forgive me.

but i can youtube okay now? it just broke for some reason

I don't have any yet, I'm looking for something that fits with my Anne Pro so I have a 60% + 5-row numpad prettiness thing.

Mmmh, I know how to solder and I know how to do microcontroller things so it shouldn't be too hard.

Also there's things like so it's easy to just customize and flash it.

It's fine; I should stop or Poppy will get jealous

Well when they were on Holla Forums here there was only one thread so I don't think they ever made a new one.

Yeah, the concept of a new thread was alien to them

Haha, you should, and I should go get some coffee for the long haul.

I spy with my little eye, Cherub posting Dragon loli.

Doesnt Holla Forums have cyclic threads


I just felt like posting that.

It's easier to fix your sleep habits over the course of a few days

Yeah, but I think that's only if a global mod makes it that way

We were thinking it was 750, but as soon as we went to sleep Mouse woke up and made a new one

(nice image)
we were on Holla Forums for 2 months straight before they got sick of us, we made 8 different threads I think, the first and the last one was cyclical, and one or two in between that

I know, but the reasoning I was given was "Holla Forums is a bunch of big mean doodooheads" and those were just the best examples that came to my mind just now.

That board is mostly dead. All it ever did in the first place was steal Holla Forums posters, including one of our admins for like... a week. If they'd move what's left here they'd have more people to talk to and so would we.

Its redundancy as a board when this one exists is silly to me. But fair enough.

The Alien ep was pretty lolz too

Fucking buzzkill lmao

I was in a rush and my beans are cold.

Hmm, well if you have anymore please post. I'm still building my folder.

That's true, very true but I've been making it worse over the past few days instead of fixing.

Well like Cherub said, most are just too comfortable with lewd and don't want to leave.

I'm gonna go and do a few things. Talk to you later guys.

And I do agree with you that we should move together, but I just don't think it will happen in the near future.

Reach for the stars


I tend to just let my sleep habits go all over the place when I can

Later, man.


I like this advice, nice advice beast-senpai.
Any regular volunteer can make something cyclical~

Oh shit we have company over

I just noticed.

Sorry about the weeb shit m8
You'll find that we are very decent human beings.

It's very silly.

I can't let mine go all over the place, since I have assignments due in a few days so I need to fix it and on friday & saturday I'll work on that project of mine.


Holy hell, is this an actual choir doing this?

wow, it seems like it


Look at the guys eyes on the far left
He's like desperately trying to see what the fuck is going on but he won't turn his head.
They are well disciplined

Not gonna lie tho that shit sounded sick tho

yes his expressions were confusing

w-what did you mean by this?


You're such a silly cutie

You can work on those things during day or night ^^

Whatever you want it to mean bby~

Oh by the way Poppy. I was thinking about if you could try and move your people over here too.

That I can, and will! On Friday and saturday, designated work days for me.

Oh so you guys watch the funny webms I post but not the anime shorts I post?

Fuckin racist bastards

Cherub Imma need sauce on that semen demon because I need to tug the long Johnson and she looks mighty fine fam

The shorts are three minutes long and I'm playing Darkest Dungeon.

Plus my humor isn't weeb enough to keep me interested for that long. Probably.

Someone pet my head whilst I sleep, please?

Its not as lewd as people would think though.

No. Good night.

Nigga its a minute and 30 secs long
The OP is literally 30 secs long

Then again you do have a point with the whole weeb humor though
Its insanely fast paced random bullshit lol

I knew it

Stop denying me these pleasures Test! God damn it!

You knew what?! I just want head pats, that means nothing.


That first pic in this thread got me all doki doki
Thanks man

n-nope, I watched the second short with the ufo thing. I was going to say something about how the style seemed very interesting, fast paced and light

Thank you for the hug!

You're welcome... Soto? Its a little difficult to tell who is who when you don't have a name on.

y-you lied about not going to sleep, too, I'm good at knowing who the bullies are~!

I'm not a bully nor did I lie, I was simply asking if people would pat my head if and when I slept! Please stop trying to paint me as a bully!

Well the episode is only a minute long lmao so its gonna be fast paced af
The art is like that too, its drawn fast and sloppy but I think its pretty cute.

I forgot which ep was the lesbian one
That one was hilarious too

Banned. Permabanned.


Excuse me for not having one, my phone is stupid and won't save my name.
I really need to sleep though.
Its like 3:30

s-see, you tricked this nice user and now he's feeling bullied by you!

Rip me, I'll just go curl up into a tiny ball and cry myself to sleep now.

This is all a ploy, it has to be. I'm really confused...

You're forgiven and have a nice sleep. Have some butt.

a-are you really going to sleep, or are you tricking us again?

sleep well.

Good night.

yes, you're nice.

I'm actually going sleep this time, my eyes are constantly watering and the screen is starting to burn them.

So to save myself from any sort of damage I'll head to bed, rest up and feel right as rain in the evening.

Goodnight everyone, take care.


Where do you hail from anyway, friend? What board/threads?

y-you shouldn't have your screen so bright silly, screens shouldn't burn your eyes. have a nice night.

yes~ and I'm from >>>/tripfriend/
We were on Holla Forums for a couple of months and then they pushed us out from there, we're pretty active, but there's not a lot of us. We're just nice and like to chat.

That's our history, as well. We started on 4chan Holla Forums, but our every thread got banned within a few posts so we moved as soon as Gamergate happened and Holla Forums got popular. We had a board before this one, /aneki/.

If I were to give you some advice to send back to your community from having watched many boards die off we always want new posters here if you need another place to keep your attention.


It was a typo. He was meant to say way.

And evil people like me

It's still funny that they want to steal our people.

no one wants to steal people from here silly.

y-y-y-y-y-y-you wanted to steal us though

I don't really think its their intentions.

You are the worst.

Yes. How do I convince you?

we have our own thing going on, we've all known eachother for a while now and we are just relaxing and chatting like we wanted to do.

>Guys, doesn't >>>Holla Forums

Of course it's an user :3

Have you guys made a discord or steam group yet? That can help you stay in contact better than just friending each other on stuff like steam and skype.

He's talking about you.

Even tripfriend has more active users than lewd.

Seriously, RIP.

Discord cucked us good.

I spend more time talking on discord with people from this community than posting. So I guess if animus dies we have something to blame too.

I appreciate the convenience and enjoy voice chatting and playing games with everyone, though.

Yeah I suppose thats true. There's not so much to do about it.


I think I'm going to kill the thread and just go play games now.


See ya Test.

needs more europefags

revitalize threads

needs more anyfags

Needs more Canadiafags

id probably get kicked out if i tried to scrape my unis digital texts library, wouldnt i?

but whats the difference tho?

I think if you're asking you're probably in the latter group.

thanks, uni

how do i research?

videogames have taught me you just pour stuff from beakers into other beakers and then you have completed your research on new computer programs or whatever


Wait, Fuhrer Poppet?

Are you going to crosspost too?

i need to find a cited publication, and i dont want to pay out the nose for a fucking PDF


I got two free days and one today.


google scholar?

First, look for an instruction manual, a book thing.
Then read it all, it will teach you everything you need to know about that thing you want to know.

This is why I am the smartest, because I got nothing better to do than read instruction manuals, getting high or drunk and play videogames with my free time.

Cuz fuck real people. I like my alone time.

I don't know, hi there pricia~


alone time is nice

I appreciate Subtle's presence.

Wth I've never had to pay when I used it

The deep comfy realm of alone time is lovely.

I should get a sleeping bag to keep me warm.

Hihi, how's your day going?


Very funny guys

i can read it, its just that i have to put up with googles shitty inline document system, rather than store the cunt locally to view with actually decent software.

ikt help, how to research

get a qt trap waifu



But I really do!

but and


Can't you just link a random title you found on Google Scholar or doesn't your university offer those websites with scientific sources?

But then I'd lose my 'me time', and possibly more money.

Fuck that.

I don't just appreciate Subtle's presence.

I'm such a degenerate that I enjoy it too.

my uni has a reference search system, but it links me to a £70 paywalled file

not if you keep them in the slut cage when theyre not beneath your desk

lmao suc

But it wasn't a joke..

I'd have to buy a slut cage, qt.
Nigga, the only way one can survive in our 80s with a wedge is if you live as a single, childless individual.

I;m gonna be the best damn uncle though.

Like, who would want to fall in love with me?
I'm a shit tier autist.

well, i guess youll need to work at it then



Really though I'm sorta dry and boring

that card looks op. whats the resource system in yugioh like

And I'm not?


You're Finnish, that's different :3

The difference being that he might not even exist?

Dunno, never played Yu-Gi-Oh

I don't see how that is a good thing at all.

I like either hard working girls or crazy girls.

Where can I find such people?

ur not!

You're like Raikonnen. Ice man!

it's going nicely, it's almost over though, sorry for being slow. I hope your day goes well.

It's part of your charm

Isn't it like 10am in Canada? How is it almost over?

Rolled 2 (1d2)to research, or to dank souls?

it was probably a bad idea to watch parasyte while eating

I don't see how I'm similar to Räikkönen at all.

A horrible accent = charm?
What an upside down world.

b-because I haven't slept, hi subtle.


Pff, not horrible
I'd trade my voice for yours

both ur voices r gud. now stop worrying over dem

who is this fresh meat

That's kind of a big generalization, no?

At least you don't have to worry about spelling things correctly sometimes.
But your voice is cute.


SHow voice.

That doesn't help at all, ikt.

what does ikt sound like

Enjoy it when you do
Hiya ^^

I can't even remember the last time you did that




thanks, ark

Thank you!

Fucken hot~

Like I'm sure we'll talk at some point, no need to force it

I'm just jking

I think I did it a few times when we played BL2.

I'll hmpf you.

That's far from a sure thing.


Clearly so small I didn't even notice

Yeah but we're in Rin's sekrit discord :3


it broke my fucking expensive plate and killed me

We needed somewhere away from your admin abuse

Nobody escapes


Guro is fine too.

Now you're just trying to make me feel better.

Isn't that what a friend would do?


that plate is gonna be a bitch to repair

Sorry to hear for your loss, my favourite qt. ;w;

Does anybody know how to drift

unfortunately for them my autismo clawy dino was none too pleased with that little development

With a bit of butter, chocolate powder and topped off with jam~


My day will get along just fine once Horizon finishes downloading!

Hope you rest well, Mein Fuhrer.

Here I was bitching about Horizon's download and it's finished.

I should complain about things I don't like more often.

Subtle doesn't give me headpats anymore, it's horrible.

dis so much

He's never even given me one, what a monster.

Oh my god you guys are embarrassing

I can give you a headpat.
My headpats are pretty ok.


How abusive of me

Absolutely awful.



I'm staying home sick again. Probably going to just fall asleep soon. Gonna play some Darkest Dungeon first. Later, man.

Feel better.


This brew will keep me fightingh and shitposting ALL DAY.

Kinda missed comp

oh woops

it sounds awful, like shitty turkish delight bars

I love turkish delight bars.

legit turkish delight is lovely, but that shit is awful

I have never had a turkish delight.

im not turkish, but...

It's a bit odd to be honest.

good quality turkish delight makes me question why there isn't more rose flavoured things

Sounds repulsive.

rose flavored stuff is big in asia squashie

Yes, and we've all seen what the Asians eat.

Sounds repulsive but it's actually pretty damn good
For the record, it's the flavour of the smell of roses, not the flavour of actually eating a fucking flower.

I do not find the scent of roses pleasurable.

I'm indifferent because my olfactory sense is fucked but the flavour is pretty good

I'll have to try one someday.



going to quincy college monday

Start of classes?


That's good at least.


So what else is new?

thats it

Bleh. Well I hope it goes well at least.

Fire Emblem heros is like crack.

Give me more stamina and Joshua.

I'm actually white.



Welcome to gatcha games.
It's very finely refined crack

This is not my first gacha game.


How awful

Tfw Chinese roommate cooks you homemade dumplings
I am so fucking blessed.
She's cute too.

I need a new friend.
Where can I find one?



Find Tokai at the brothel


look at this lucky ass mofo


new episode is out

new draggo is naisu




she got big tiddy




I'm taken


What if Zelda was a grill

lucoa gets her huge tiddies bipped and bapped

Oh man do I hear Cherry MX Blues clicking

When will zombie grils make their glorious return

This looks scary.


Heck that's way too compressed.



my bank account contains exactly the amount of money that im going to spend on bills til my next payment, and nary a penny more


Yes !

No good reviews for you then!

What colour was mine

You got linears but these sound like blues...

So you recorded the blues?

Also what are those white ones

Also these are on the way if I have not just been scammed


Gateron Clears


The reds and clears each have one orgasm ring on them to make them more shorterer

Did you get super thick shaft rings?

ded thred ded lyfe



Uhh, they're like thickness of the hole part of a USB port

*pat* neat

*is pat* neat



Hi Pat, I am Dad.

Subtle, get back up on the horse, we have nubs to stomp.

Let Us Never Forget the Sexual Assault of Tony the Tiger.

trigger warning


Whoah you gits are slow
I don't even want to ky at you in the same thread
Hurry the fuck up

My hands are freezing af and I think my friends want to csgo soon, I might be on later though