Fuck off tripfag Socks

Fuck off tripfag Socks
imma gay

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Angels > Dragons

But why? Aren't I usually a bitch to you?

Aww, well that's just sweet, thanks :3

It's a pretty good frame, fam.

tfw only one monitor because in bed with laptop.
I just set it to borderless and always on top and put it in the bottom right corner of Holla Forums


No fucking way I refuse to believe this.

Succubi>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>everything else

Worst part of working nights is I can't cash my $1166 check from work 'till morning.
Going to sugar daddy a bit.

Well whenever you feel confident once you done a little learning on your own and found a deck you'd like to play, feel free to message me and what not, and maybe we can sort something out?

What was the side quest again, because I think I might have accepted it, but it's all a haze. Maybe I got lost on the way but I don't know!

gab would make a way better demon

doesn't feel like that to me

Worst part of being rich and pretty is I have nothing to spend my $73,495.93 bank balance on because everyone pays for me because of how pretty I am.

That works.

What's up, threaders~?

I think that's just because you love being treated like that.

Do you camwhore? wtf?

There's always Dairy Queen.




Doesn't everyone?

hehe xD

I ain't about that high carb like no more though.

Real talk though, Chris-chan is way more cool than me.

I'm not giving him hearts
that's faggot shit

What is that in real money?



OK thanks I will! I'm kinda pumped to learn a new game

gotta keep it 100 with the Dairy Queen money~

black mirror on Netflix, it's pretty cool, what're you up too?


I am capable of being somewhat charismatic in person if it's needed.

Amusing he does mean maple money it's like 50 grand in USD

That's good, I'm glad to hear it! Sometimes it can be tedious but you should stick with it.

Finally laying down after work. Got my appointment tomorrow morning so hopefully some good news :x

Is that like the modern tech Twilight Zone show?

Yeah dude, his little sis is so adorable
I'm thinking of moving my comp next to the couch so I can lounge like a lazy ass and still shitpost on my phone but all that effort man

Also when youre on your laptop on the bed do you lie down or sorta sit up and lean against the bed frame?
Which one is Masterrace?

Yeah dude, once upon a time I was super fucking autistic and wasnt social at all and only spent all my time playing VNs
It wasnt until I found out I was gonna move so I decided to change who I am and being the "transfer student" was a great way to do so.
It was alot of trial and error but I managed to become quite a social butterfly thanks to VNs
Just live your life like a VN fam :^)

I should make that into an anime tbh

If you can't remember go back to the same person and press O

But then what would Satania be?

You should just always be charismatic
Life is much easier that way

That's enough to buy some diapers...


my wife

Okay, okay. I pressed O on you, did it work? I'm not sure if it worked!

"My cum doesn't taste that bad, teehee" -Moogs

Follow your dreams my dude.

Yea huh? It's also enough for a gun. Or some rope. Or a knife. Or bleach. Or helium. Or really anything you can think of to kill yourself with.

You have a lot of expectations of me here.



Whats up?
How's it going? :3

She's dumber than a sack of rocks tho

Okay now grab their butt

"George has a cute asshole" - Guero

Hmm, you want me to grab your butt? I'm understanding this correctly, right?

73495.93 Canadian Dollar equals
6262373.38 Japanese Yen

73495.93 Canadian Dollar equals
55188.09 US Dollar

What does gotta keep it 100 mean?

Oh, I lay on my side with my laptop on the bed beside me.

Laying on my back destroys my throat with acid reflux.

fuck, you're right..

Post bank statement.

Not a whole lot. Reading some lulzy comments on my photoset. I broke 8000 views which is neat I guess haha

How's it been?

that doesn't matter

*Gently paws at Neko*


what do you want?

Wish me luck~

I'm about to start my learning

It's exactly a modern twilight zone

Jon Hamm infinitely traps someone in a series of time warpy snow globes

Pshh you're obviously not in touch with cool, youthful lingo

*Hobbles poorly*


I don't really like talking a whole lot in person. I think it goes without saying that I'm diffrent irl than I am online.

Good luck to you! I hope you find something you like.

you can't have it


Oh, that sounds neato. I might have to check that one out.

I need new people to sugar daddy for.
My current line up is ungrateful.

Wait you what

Yeah, anything is possible dude
All it takes is hard work and commitment

Isn't that kinda uncomfortable though? Especially IF you have breasts lol

Dude, the more and more you tell me it sounds like acid reflux really sucks dude

I'd still fuck a sack of rocks tho dont get me wrong

Whats that?
Sounds fun

Just chillin, my dad is watching Nat Geo like the old geezer he is

Hop on steam or something. I don't wanna post the link here again.

There is no room in the fridge or cupboards, they're all filled with junk, We don't have a single decent god damn non-stick pan, our pots are either too big or too small, And my mother doesn't even buy milk anymore. I need to get out of this house before I go crazy. I don't understand how a person can care so little about basic nutritional understanding. I swear when my mom dies of a heart attack at 60, I'll be sad, but god dammit it was easily fucking avoidable.

doggy treats?
no thank you

your dick would break :c

Well you told me to press O on the person, which happened to be you at the time, then you told me to grab their butt, so I assumed you meant yourself since I was talking to you!

I usually just look at people's Steam wish lists and randomly buy a game.


You are complaining about not caring about basic nutritional understanding with those manboobs?

Whoa Empty!

Being gay is strictly prohibited on Holla Forums

Test is gonna ban us!

my compy can't run the games i want

Well we can always take it elsewhere~

I don't like any of these new niggas itt

But that's gay though

I'm not ;;

My arm gets sore sometimes but then I just switch sides tbh

It's not that bad when you remember to take medicine :^)

Put a complaint in the complaint box.

You run Ubunto or some shit, don't you?

I've never seen it, but I can't say I'd trust you even if you did post it.


wind hoes 10


What are you using though that you can't run games?
Or do you just want high end games that are just stupid?


Calm the caps man, you could have just said that without the caps.

Look at Veevee.
He can't even live right. Rolling around in his messy diaper of a life.

You're a mess.

iunno but ds3 don't work and that's all i care about


I held shift like a real autist tbh.

Outlaw Canadian eggs.

No low res mods or anything?


Cut for me.

You mean you fat fingered shift. Lets face you didn't hold it.

jesus christ I hop on steam and everyone wants to join

Why dont you just lay on your tummy and put a pillow under your chest or boobs? Doesnt that normally work?
I usually do that sometimes when my back starts to hurt

I imagine you pound down bottles of pepto bismol like I pound down tequila
Or do you take Tums?

I have boney hands tbh

I meant my be to be honest, but yeah steam works too.


i shouldn't have to do that bullshit

You wouldn't have to if you didn't post from a cup of ramen.

Now now, Cartman. You don't have big bones, just accept it and be done with it.

Also I meant bed, but it's whatever.

mayb later
i'm sleepy


No my hands are small and not very manly tbh. They're like cold disgusting skeleton hands

always triggers me when people dont know what sheets are

Post proof.

Seriously fuck sleeping on a bare mattresses.

I think you may be autistic Moogs

It's just comfier for me on my side tbh.

I have prescription stuff, Tecta.


Switching to phone


This is weird angle it looks like it just keeps going.

Post your ass.

Fuck off BULLY

Post rashy ass.

Post your ass

You don't deserve it.

This is your opportunity to impress everyone with your callipygian figure.

I was talking to Darwin

I don't really care either way.

I love your apathy.


I love you that way though :3

That sounds ultra lewd dude

Those side affects dont sound fun at all D:

lmao that's a throw back dude
I'm trying to remember the opposing team tho
There was one more lol

Surely you are jesting.

Post tiramisu then please.

You're going to defend to the death the idea that you knew this word off the top of your head, huh?

Post your girly voice


Gunna play PS4.

I might buy one tomorrow, or I might make one if a friend is up for it.

I taught it to Lloyd about three years ago.

I thought I ran into yttrium playing warframe but it was just some rando

What the heck?

I didn't even read the side effects, I don't think I've had any tbh.

Uhhhhhhhhh, shit










How meta.





DarDar, it's Puncay's birthday today, have you wished him happy birthday yet?

Is he streaming?


Would buy a beer and talk with/10

Quit saying heck, be a real woman and say FUCK.

Oh, what a relief.
It was some pretty brutal shit dude, like hives, rashes, bloody/watery stool, stuff like that.
Good to hear you ain't poopin out blood

lmao I read that in Bruno Mars voice
"24k Magic" has been stuck in my head for a while now

I can't remember man
Those were some dark days lol



Forgot the thing.



What are you up to man?

I think it's supposed to be hell, instead of heck tbh.

Jesus, no thanks.

Yeah, I deleted all my shit but I sorta wish I that that

that that

He butchered the pronunciation of bakemonogatari.

He's from Kentucky he butchers the pronunciation of everything.

You dont really swear much do you?
Being around my dad now I realized how much he swears and my grandma is even worse
No wonder I'm so foul mouthed

I wish I that that that too man lmaooo

Talking to some cute Brit poster and cute girl on steam

Friends are sending me videos of my drunk friend on fb

Shitposting on here

Multitasking fam

He has not gotten a record in so long. What a shitter.

What a buster

Not really, unless I'm upset or passionate about something I guess ^^

S-Shut up! You know what I meant!


Oh snap, sounds like you've got a comfy night ahead of you.

He had it coming.

He'd beat you up though, you're old and frail.

Stop being creepy

I am just curious.

For a friend, right?

Just looking out for that other guy who is older.


I need to save more webms from /gif/
Some of these make me lol way too hard

comfy af

Jeez, what a good girl :3
I wonder if you cuss your older sister out when you make too much noise when you're nerding out lmao

Of course, I did.
I wasn't going to just let the opportunity to make fun of you pass by tho

I had to close it because those beasts were using emotes.

What? The PogChamp after OG cannonless?

Eh? I don't... I say sorry if I make too much noise and she gets mad

This is why Subtle is a better osu! player than you.

They are all horrid.


Jesus Christ how horrifying
Sounds like you're the youngest sibling that gets bullied by her older siblings for doing nothing wrong
Maybe she just bullies you for being a fuckin weeb?

I'm sorry I'm not good at AUS
I think I'm just not weeb enough for it :^)


There was a guy riding his bike and it was playing some recording of some guy yelling "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" repeatedly with like two second gaps in between

I guess it was to constantly announce the presence of the bicycler so cars wouldn't hit him and stuff

China is full of wonders

I mean, I was being loud so I was being annoying and such.

Subtle watches like 4 series a season though


you're in China?!

I need more fiber in my diet.

eat shit

But you're always annoying lmao :^)

Also wow, are you accusing me of being a weeaboo?
I'm a normal young man who enjoys watching hockey and playing the guitar.

There's a part of Paradise Lost where Satan has to journey through pure chaos to make it from Hell to Eden

Kind of reminds me of walking down the street in a place full of Asian drivers

I was saying I would be for months

You should listen when I shitpost semi-insane life plans; I'm still going to live in the wild for a while eventually as well

No thanks.

Thank, you too

Talk to me about the Alex Burrows trade ;;

I do not see your other post!


oh darn

Why is there a board about jewesses



Who are you?

ooooohh it's a secret teehee

its 10x

That sounds.... Interesting. Also what if I told you that it was in fact literally walking down the street in a place full of Asian drivers?


Wow, you're supposed to bully me back

Oh shit I forgot you liked Hockey
Yeah that was a big fat lie
Though my aunt is a huge LA Kings fan and has invited me to go with her and her bf to see some of their games but I always have to work

nice name dropping Paradise Lost

I'm sorry, I'm bad at this ;;

I feel so betrayed.
Kings suck anyways, be a fan of a real team

bad emma

I linked my Nico folder to Scoots the other day if you want to steal it too

Eat my ASS, DOROTHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At length a universal hubbub wilde
Of stunning sounds and voices all confus'd
Borne through the hollow dark assaults his eare
With loudest vehemence: thither he plyes,
Undaunted to meet there what ever power
Or Spirit of the nethermost Abyss
Might in that noise reside

I did a 20 page essay on it in college

maybe I will bug him for that, I do like nicoposting

why does everyone keep saying that to me today :c

Could probably just find it via search

FF15 has an awkward spike in combat difficulty between areas.

Almost as bad as the Canucks lmaooo
That 3 - 2

Daijoubu bby, I'd never lie to you :3

Maybe because I taught them to

I mean, 3-2 in OT vs 2-1 in OT.
It's pretty much the same thing really.

don't teach people that you monster

You give off such subby vibes

Still lost though

Only time I really get passionate about sports is at a sports bar and that's cause me and my friends are drinking
The Superbowl was fucking crazy dude and seeing my black friends get pissed was hilarious too

What's sports do you play btw?

Kinda wanna make Erio my subby bitch

But he's too chubby and not enough subby

big whup

I don't know how to stop

Mexicans are destined to serve the superior race; go do my laundry or something

There's also no need to project your weight issues, Pablo

Why are you interpreting this as bragging? I just like Satan, so I picked it

I don't think you want to stop

What the fuck kind of prescription do you have in those glasses that make you perceive him as chubby?

B-But I'm a Guatermelon :^)

You remind me of Tsuchi with the entry level Mexican names but the projection is new and refreshing.
If only it were true lol

I dunnooo


Mexicans can't afford good glasses

I do

COMEME EL CULO ANTONIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You're getting rusty Darwin

Kind of want to go for a Master's degree eventually and become a proper Satan literature scholar

-slaps your ass-

You are eating my ass.

When BD tries to internet fight with me I just reply with RP like he's tonguing my ass


hssssss don't touch!!!

I can touch it if I want to

The whole ass?

That's more than the daily recommended serving

so grabby

koreans prefer chest size over ass

I prefer ass

You love it

finger me

I will if you get on Steam

do it in public

Come on 10X dont be a bitch

Like, I've already seen your dick anyways



Yay my phone is bricked

that sucks

from dropping it?

It's funny how my sexuality swings back and forth like a pendulum between being mostly straight and being particularly into feminine people with cocks

Exhibitionism is really characteristic of the Age of Pearls Before Swine, don't you think? That ended almost a month ago

Yeah I think I'll need to borrow my roommates to talk to my parents

From leaving it on in my hands and then accidentally falling asleep


bleh. hope you can get it fixed or replaced easy enough. sorry subtle.

yeah but exhibitionism is hot tbh

well now you get to buy yourself a new phone at least


did your big hairy hands overheat it and fry the circuit?

Sucking cocks is NOT gay!

-pets your hair-



how did your phone stay on?

w-wow, thanks

but you are


No it just ran out of battery

I turned off the thing that makes it sleep after 5/10 minutes because Pokemon

Tell me good night, Subtle.

You know this is sort of embarrassing..

Good night and sweet dreams~

so its just outta juice? what kinda pokemon?

That just makes it better.

I guess I'll go sleep too

doesn't make the fetish not hot.

nini spoilers.

nico nico nini

sleep well 10x

Yeah but when I plugged it in the charge it would come on for a second then go black again, and repeat this about 10 times. I'll plug it into the wall instead of my PC and see if it helps.
Pokemon Go ^^'

You should thank me more often

I don't think you bricked it. plug it into the wall and don't try to turn it on for like an hour.


Wall chargers are good.

:o thats the exact same problem i had, but the wall fixed it for me. i think its cuz my phone charger fast charges in teh outlet
only normies play pokemon go

It worked
I feel dumb for overreacting

See above :c
Yeah, well.. it's ok to have normie tendencies

hey, don't feel dumb. if you've never had a device go all the way to zero charge it can be scary. the first time my tablet ran completely out of juice and did that same thing to me I freaked a little.

It can happen to the best of us!

Good morning.

i had no doubts for your phone :)
you probably dont abuse it and use it in the shower like me
are you a master trainer yet??

wow, hi cherub, interesting that you're here, is this where you normally are?

No I actually originate from a board called /lewd/. How are you Poppy?

It was more of a social statement or something along those lines

But I guess fetishes tend to come from transgression of social mores; that's one of the main things that can make them hot

FUCK!!!!! that flag

the taboo is definitely something that has a high kink factor. not into everything just because it's taboo, but there are some things where that makes it hot as fuck. like incest

Woah, a real Cherub.


I'm okay, I came here randomly and saw someone neat was posting.
how about you?

Fucking horses.

Erio, you wouldn't happen to be in possession of a Koakuma folder?

I know, its incredible right?

I'm a little groggy but okay. Its funny how people come across each other.

getting fucked by horses

Why not both at the same time?

Hmm.. what time is it for you..?

It's happened to you then?

Do you even take care to stop it getting wet?

Kinda. Still not level 30. My dad is :c

Would you sex any of your relatives?


I think so; I'll check

yess, there's been some very unexpected meetings happening recently!



Now I still need the fucking rest of all things.

No. I did soft-brick things though but that's because I don't read instructions


Soft-brick, how do you mean?
What switches are those o.o

I have some koakuma somewhere

wow don't be a degenerate

almost 3am

nope. it's strictly a fantasy fetish. not that I personally see anything morally wrong with two consenting adults taking the proper precautions doing what they want, even if they are related, but I have no interest in any of my relatives at all. stories and porn and stuff is great though.

oh this is fantastic. saved.

Can I "borrow" it if you have it?

Its pretty nice if you ask me. Its funny because when I discovered your threads on Holla Forums I already knew someone there.

Awesome. Can I have it?

Cherub is everywhere, stealthily hunting for semen


You're lucky my Dropbox hasn't gotten full enough for me to delete old folders yet

Gateron Clears

Very light linear switches!

Soft-brick is flashing wrong things or changing wrong things on your phone and it doesn't boot but it can still be recovered.

of course. im kinda salty i didnt get the old waterproof model

your dad is ultra op :O im only lvl 23


I am the degenerate.

Thank you. Also I don't hunt that much since I know where I can get it.

They look nice. Do you have an opinion on the Ducky Shine 5? It's a kb I really want.

So how exactly did you do that?

You don't even have to tell me I already know what you're watching on it

Yellow team? :3

oh my gosh go to bed squash

yeah same

My first crush was my cousin, but I was like 8

Where's your semen reservoir?

i dont watch videos in the shower. the audio is terrible unless i bring in earphones. i used to do that when I had an actual bath tub tho.
I chose the edgy red team cuz their emblem looked cool.

Located on various discord servers. Are you thirsty perhaps?

No. Fuck you.
I have no reason to sleep. And now that you're here I have someone I like that I can talk to.

Oh I did lots of wrong things like flashing kernels that weren't tested for my model or using Xposed modules that might conflict with a ROM I was using.

Duckys are nice, go for it!

I use Steam groups for ERP because I don't like changing to new chat programs

I even didn't start using Steam for a long time when everyone else was, but I think that was partly because Dewgong was being a HUGE gay on Steam

that's pretty normal I think. when you're young you haven't been taught what is "wrong" yet.

plus crushes at that age are innocent as fuck anyway.



You should consider it though. You're missing out on some pretty good stuff.

I saw her butt and liked it

Someone on warframe asked for my discord to try to cuddle me

well then you're going to hell, brah

What exactly that I can't get on Steam?

yo revy gimme them discord digits girl

I dunno about him but the main reason I use it more is that it has a nicer interface, works way better as a chat service than steam, has super easy picture and file sharing and is overall just nicer. plus you can go invisible on discord and after a billion years you still can't on steam.


I didn't notice you.

I usually go by avatar and I don't know that one.


thing is, I was planning on playing some bideo game soon. gonna try out axiom verge.

was only joke.

Wait a second.
That doesn't play to what I want though.

But now you made it weird

Are you gonna do it then?

Basically this. I am in three pretty large servers that offers a wide spectrum of lewd.

Ah, that makes sense. And yeah this avatar is pretty new. Her name is Aria Wintermint from a webcomic called "The Crawling City"

I know. doesn't bed sound nicer now?

doesn't feel weird to me. you pop in complaining about someone adding you on discord and being cuddly so I reply to that post with a pretty obvious sarcastic ask for your discord. if anyone made it weird it's you, for not understanding pretty basic humor.
g o t t e m

Someday I'll have an anime avatar like the cool kids.

Nah, fuck that.

So what do you do with it?
I should've known. You are kinda edgy after all..

Sounds like you basically tortured the poor thing

It's unavailable on Amazon :c I'd get the red switches. Maybe one day.

alright well try not to miss me too much while I play then.

This isn't anime though. The artist behind this one is danish. Though right now she lives in Japan.

Hell no

No I got that but you should have kept the joke going and played it off so that you didn't have to say it was a joke


It's got that feel to it.

We're all jokes.
Laughable to a fault.

Oh okay. Who was it? I know someone who plays Warframe.

Yeah kinda. But don't worry about it. I actually like when you post Asgore.

I masturbate to H-books. touzen desho?

Which way I flie is Hell; my self am Hell

But the mind is its own place, and it self can make a Heav'n of Hell, a Hell of Heav'n

Maybe some day I'll feel motivated to use it

Still not sure if it's more efficient than Steam groups

Asgore is bae.
I feel like I act a lot nicer when I use him.



Oh well I hope you get into it eventually.

Yeah pretty much. There is a positive comfiness when you use him.

It could be the lack of angry or threatening images.

It still lives! Kinda.

Don't they sell anywhere else?

Why's that?

Also I think you removed me from Steam; not sure

wow subtle i ddint know u were streaming PoE there at the bottom left

Anyhow I probably should turn in for the night.

Night, Cherub.

Hmm, who knows.

I did. It was back in november because I had a little emotional breakdown.

Sleep tight Squash

They should never give you an innocent new phone again..

Probably, I haven't looked into it too much. I think red switches might be the most popular one ;;

I don't get that many viewers :^)

Ya really ought to kill yourselves. There'll be nobody to mourn


I thought you loved me

Oi, I treated my next two phones much better.

Yush, red because gaming people stuff. This might help

Lots of resellers.



Ehh... Not really. I don't hope it happens again. My life is going a little better than earlier.

Ouu my dick, they're so nice but so expensive

The white edition is ahegao/10

Iunno some guy who was talking about tits in larunda

That webcomic is very cute

What if I can find something related to that in Skype logs? :3

You're a very subtle femboy

Buy buy buy!

Couldn't find the red switches though ;_;

Drunk banter doesn't count

Why does youtube audio frequently desync?!??????

Oh no
Why did I go on Overclockers UK
This was a mistake

Oh, what a perv. I know right? Its pretty good actually.

I thought we spoke if this. I'm not a femboy. I don't have the physics.

You need a better computer

RIP wallet?

but it just started happening recently.
my computer is fine :)

I want to be Chomosuke

I thought we had something

You have the spirit

t-that's too close, bully!

You need at least a Core i7 at 4GHz and a GTX 1080Ti to play 360p youtube

You know it :c

is a random office computer nearly a decade old that good?

Can someone make a new thread?

I don't believe it.

Hey, I'm no bully. Or are you enjoying yourself perhaps?

Don't you want to discover the mythical post limit like the brave heroes of that other board endeavored to

yes, I know~ I'm glad you found our new spot too

So tired.

I need to gather some things to make my keypad and it doesn't look like it's going to be cheaper than having bought one.

No you need MORE POWER

Or just uncrapify your thing!

but why do i need more power when i dont do much anyways?

Are you baiting Alice again

Sounds like you might want to KILL YOURSELF

Time to sleep!

Whoa, cool though. What other things do you need?

No, no sleep for me. Need to fix the sleeping schedule, if I don't it'll forever be ruined!

Yet another person who radiates subby vibes

Do you mean when she said we were e-dating? Lmao

I radiate subby vibes? What makes you think that?

Thanks of the (You) Jack.

I just don't know what to say in OP.

Its actually quite lucky I did it, because I was accidentally clicking the first thread and it turned out to link straight to yours.

Wow Megumin is smol

More YouTube, of course.

Wiring, probably
Case or something to make it not sit with cables on the desk

Keycaps are so expensive >_>

New thread.

New thread.

oh wow, that's sort of how I'm here right now