Fartrape is a serious matter

Fartrape is a serious matter

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i believe my own eyes and ears, and everything else gets a teaspoon of salt


Curved swords.


Oh, so does this mean I'm invited?

The smallest sized people fart the loudest

tbh the only thing inches are good for is measuring oblong stuff for posting about on the intrion

Fart fetish is horrendous and disturbing

I don't know. If there is another cause I don't see which one.


brb showa

probably that you care too much about what others might think, ergo anxiety.


look at this beautiful cockpit

Her voice is the cutest when she does that

Makes me want to fuck the shit out of her

That's actual audio from the anime?


absolutely disgusting

Plausible. But don't you think my social void is a very aggravating factor ?

glad to see it wasn't just me who hates that kind of thing

I think it is

Ikt would just lie to us like that


I get angry every time I look at it.

Why not fix it

Why not ky

so milo is still a good guy or no


He advocated sex with minors.

Does that make him a good guy?

I wasn't asking you, bitch nigga

Soto does that too and he's a good guy.

depends on who you ask. i watched both streams, and though he deliberated on the issues with consent and age, his ultimate position was 18 is a reasonable age of consent, and kiddy fiddling is bad, and yet people are still screaming pedo from the high heavens.

why would you do that?

It is only because that is the focus point of your anxiety.

But he isn't

How dare you insult our friend Soto?

Idk if he still feels that way about underaged kids

He seems to have turned over a new leaf
Still tho he's one of my best friends so I can shit talk him all I want when he's actin a foo

Not the cause ? I mean, what I desire the most is to be loved by someone, so it is natural for my lack of social skills to arise anxiety, since it gets on the way of the accomplishment of this desire.

I officially have no opinion on the matter of milo as I am not informed enough to make a decision

if only everyone else was that sensible

Then it is the desire that you shouldn't pursue.
If you have no means to obtain it, and if it aggravates your desire then you should lower it's priority.
Might even want to try and treat it as an addiction, try and stop needing it. And maybe in time you'll get it anyway.

Such as?!


aaa my screen for instance Iwould hate to put a ruler on it to measure stuff and have it be damaged

Get fucked qt you nazifag

Wow Mordin I leave to go make coffee and I come back to you shit talking me

What a friend

wusn' me.

If I let time decide for me I would stay alone my whole life. I can't just let myself fall into that.


That's absolute bullshit.
Since when can you predict what the future is?

Maybe you're just being tsundere


No efforts give no result. So I have to try.

Wanting result but having the means gives no result either.

Not having the means you mean ? Then I have to acquire them, that's all. I just need to know how.

These means are not something that are just granted, They're an integral part of your thinking and mindset. But because you seem to not let go of desire being integral too you won't achieve any change.

I'm not sure I understand. How can a desire can prevent from acquiring the means related to it ?

so simple yet so effective


Hey Grim. Sorry if I'm a little down today.

Seriously dude

It's like Jimmy Neutron knew this was gonna become a meme lol

I haven't noticed

What's got you down pup

slap slap slap

Actual cig ad in indonesia

god damn its like the 1950's there

Heckin' HECK!
I need Horizon!

Fuck what was that faggots name?
Bolby? Golby?
I just remember him as the weird foreign dude lmao

Dude, its bad over there
Kids smoke like nothing over there
Have you seen the Vice documentary about it?

kinda obscure
Let's say you want to be cheerful. but the desire of drugs keeps you down.
You'd really wish to be more cheery but you believe those drugs are needed to be confident into talking with people. pop a pill to talk to your boss, snort a line to get that paper done.
Your life might work now but it's going downhill.
Trait one desire for an other.
Maybe if the guy gave up the pills he'd be more cheery and slowly but steadily get his work and confidence with time too. but first he needs to let go.


let's hecking heck rinrin
i'm redy bby girl

I totally just compared drug addiction to being needy.

fite me


I saw some pics of kids doing it but nah havent seen the vice doc

im gonna ask manaka if he smokes

they both affect the same areas of the brain

Oh shit I was somewhat right

Manaka doesnt smoke but he says he kinda likes vapes

oh bam slamelam my gut told me so

What the frick frack kitten!?
That's heckin' lewd!

Grim would know
Being an addiction

Long story short, female friend I had high esteem for and some degree of affection turns out to be kinda dating 4 guys at the same time, one of them being the brother of her best friend who has feelings for her. I'm now doubting the integrity of every human being and wondering if this world is worth living in, which adds to my social anxiety and reinforces the conviction that I will spend the rest of my life single and miserable.

Me too, but have to finish Batman Arkham Knight, Final Fantasy XV and Persona 5 first.

Yeah, but in your case the drugs is a mean to reach another objective, being cheerful, fulfilling objectives, and focusing on this bad middle objective is what causes your downfall. But here, I'm talking about an end goal. I desire love more than my happiness see ?

My little sister would fuck my shit up not pout like a little bitch tho

it's k no one has tin know but me and you

Woman are known sluts and gold diggers

Might as well make that 5 son
Get in there dude

I was addicted to vidya in my HS years
it was rough

thank you for the complement tho .//.


I've tried vapes off of coworkers

tbh the only one I enjoyed was the one with the bud in the bottom :L

holy shit
welcome to reality my boy
people are
fucked up

yeah its worth living in
out of the millions of sperm YOU made it ofc its worth living in

just because some girl is dating 4 guys at once doesn't mean you will be single forever

7B people in the world, at least one is going to wife you

only you

oh right, looks pretty neat.
and super good since killzone

what the friggin heck

Is this like a decent copy cat of Shadow of the Colossus? With a lot more small ones too.

if you have to choose between looks and personality choose personality

she might be ugly but she'll stick with you through thick and thin

coke eye

don't call me that

Or just go after any possibility, take it from Grim some day it will work for you.

I'm the possessive type. That would only end badly. And my feelings are a big mess right now, and I lack the charisma to accomplish that.

I hope so Grim. But, you know, now I feel like the odds that my wife-to-be could be a cheating whore are way higher than I expected.

I mean, they're both essentially the same thing for me, so it's hard to make a distinction. But at least with love I could make one person happy beside me.

Do I have to choose ?

Proof ?


just because there is a chance doesnt mean you should take it

if she is going to use/abuse you it is not worth it

even if she offers sex

remember you are a man
you are worth something
you dont deserve to put up with a bitch

But if there is sex
Take the sex

neither do you
but if it comes to it, remember my friendly advice

bro you have your entire life ahead of you
dw about it
you're gonna meet the right one, just live life with your head held up high and your back straight

when you are sure of yourself, people will notice and itll be easier to for you to approach women and vice versa


you can just be like fuck it and find a nice rich cougar to be your sugar momma

man hes not ready mentally

To what I've seen, not really.

After the sex smash her skull in with a wrench

Yeah the weed vapes/wax pens are great dude
Regular vapes are okay, but I'd prefer an actual cigarette


I'm just saying if she's gonna be a slut might as well

that usually always ends badly unless you find a really clingy girl
Can't you just kill your feeling for a day or two?
I do that all the time only it's not a day or two but more like 5 years lmao

That's what Im saying

bad scoots

Proof that it works? He claims to have some internet girlfriend Manaka so there you go.

Old times, horse back archery, giant monsters, open world.... I do not know much more about it but so far it has a lot of connections to that sort of game.


Why am I tempted by the second option ?

But, let's just say I have trouble having a straight back when I'm single. That's kinda lame, but I can't trust myself if there is no one to acknowledge my worth.
Urgh, I just hope Persona 5 comes soon so I can at least have some waifus.

Who, me ? That's a whole different matter.

I can do that, but I mean, you were talking about being part of my friend's harem. You can't really expect me to do well in this situation, right ?

Wuuut ? I didn't even know Manaka was a girl.

He is when he wears a skirt.

It's okay, lol. It all takes time. Find yourself, you have lots of time for it.

If you say so.

As for what spoil is spewing, it's some shitty meme because my gf is Indonesian.

Manaka is a very close friend, but not my gf.

It makes sense

I mean, sure, technically.

Not so much in practice, given how the colossi don't pop unless you're hunting that particular one.

I don't think we had mechanical monsters in old times.

I've seen one that I'd really call anything more than "large" and that's the tall-necks.
Incidentally, that's also the one I know of offhand that you can climb on, but the game isn't out yet for me to have played it.

Think more along the lines of a good Far Cry Primal.
To what I've actually seen so far.
Game comes out tomorrow.
I may, or may not, be able to have it then, and if not then soonishly. Probably.
I can be more exact on a comparison then.

nice name.

die tho

You're really idealistic about this.
Being together by no means fixes problems.
Self worth and such comes from the inside, other people should be a help to keeping that up. But never the norm.

the latest model can do liquid and grass, but that Pax 3 pricetag. $275


Remove yourselves from the gene pool and take your bloody gonorrhea with you

what jack said

Just look at scarjo
She says monogamy is alien for her



Just use a condom smh

How's the competition look? Are the other dudes handsome af?

As for the slutty bimbo, how is she anyways? She must be pretty cute and a slut if she has 4 different dicks getting rammed inside her.
Even if she tries to pass it off as a Polyamorous relationship lol

She probably isn't worth it for all the work you'd probably have to do to get with her and maintain being with her
It'd be worth to just bang her then be done with her if you really wanted to though

lmao holy shit dude, Brandon had the PAX 2 and that was really cool to smoke grass out of but it broke I think
Yeah, they are pretty pricey

But i wanna feel you
Rubber isnt the same

I poke holes in all my condoms in the hopes that they'll knock up my boy pussy. .///.


It's been a while though that I'm looking for myself. I don't know if it's because of my Asperger and the issue I have with identifying emotions, but I really can't see when someone appreciates me, uless I'm really in a relationship. So I rarely get fuel for my self-esteem.

How to I put it for the sex subject. I think I can differentiate love and sex, but it's still very difficult. I wouldn't mind it I guess, but I know I'm desperate, so it would only work with someone I know would never love me to avoid any false hopes.

My self-worth is somewhat locked without anyone around. I really felt free when I was in relationships, and I was able to be way more confident. Win-win. I don't know if I could find this feeling again though, relationship or not.

I don't know, never saw them.

Tanned asian with big bust, very rare in the South of France.

Probably, plus I'm an emotional faggot, so initiating anything would be just devastating for me.

I hate the term 'boypussy'.

It was ope world as far as it could be at the time, even gta only had a city sized map and in the end only specific parts were used for story. Barring like 4 and up I think?
Also explain their clothes if it is not old times. Are you suddenly saying weird alien robots cannot show up in old times? I am sure there are many other works of fiction that do that.
One giant monster is also a giant monster singular or not.

Like I said though, from what I saw in that one video that is all it looks like. I do not know more than that cause this is the first I have heard of this game.


nigga is a klutz you saw what happened last AX

That's fine. Don't be afraid to get therapy for it or w/e. I heard people use weighted blankets for anxiety, makes them feel like they're being hugged whlie in bed.

You can make one for a LOT cheaper than they go for in stores: imgur.com/gallery/pPcsn

Even worse
It's just as terrible as 'asspussy'


Jesus was a commie


Interesting. But I don't live by myself, so I'm not sure how I could justify it.
And I don't think anxiety is THE main issue. Thanks though.

Just post more tan girls.

If the feeling was there it can be there again.
I suggest you at least try and find a way for self worth without someone close to you. At least keep thinking about it.

tbh I thought it meant ponos

I made anise milk.
anyone want some?


I recall another one that was pretty funny but I forgot it.

You think of ponos a lot?

ik its not
but every now and then we could use a hug
I forget if you're averse to contact though, ik a LOT of people are for some weird reason


I thought you didn't want to be more feminine



nnn I do not

he is like this because of the estrogen-charged anise milk he was raised on as a chlid


Oh yeah that mishap with his phone was lolz
Dude got mad at us because he got too drunk and did all sorts of drugs and couldnt even walk

I was like Nigga, if you can't hang then dont go overboard with the alcohol/drugs
I wasn't about to babysit the nigga either lol
he made it home safely to the room tho lol

Why though?
Were you spoiled a lot as a child?

What would you call it then?

Stir up my boypussy [email protected]!!1!1

it makes me sleep better.
But on that, iunno.
It's not like a conscious decision, not gonna like chug beers and go to a monster truck show. But I have also really cross dressed less and less. I'm p much just letting it flow and see where it goes.

I hate them tainting our name like that.

Of course he was. Only USA can be the most Christian country on Earth while going against all the teachings provided.

I'll try. The main issue though is that for an action to be perceived as positive, I need a feedback. That must be why I like videogames, they give an objective signal when i suceed. But I can't think of any other thing that could tell me clearly 'Hey, you're doing great !" without those words coming from someone else.

Averse to contact ? You mean, disliking physical contact ?
Well, that's one of my issues. I get weirded out by hugs coming from men, and hugs from women give me false hopes. And with my family, they would start wondering what's wrong. I basically can't do it without being in a relationship.

Not really. Quite the contrary I think. I grew up with so many contradictory signals that I have no clear idea of what is right and wrong, and an emotional fragility.

SoC only came out in Q4 2005, man.
It could have been much bigger if it were a triple A game, and open world games were hardly anything new at the time.

Hell, Halo was bigger than SoC and that came out in 2001.
So if they wanted it to be actually open world, as opposed to "Yeah you can go anywhere, but there's almost nothing to do there," they could easily have made it such.

true gender neutral

has he gotten any better since then or what

is that cuz of your dad? being averse to male physical contact

You should assassinate hime
They wontblock up a tranny

plant ponos

I'm sure that's it. Naturally in combination with the homosexuality enhancing atmosphere of animus.

Ass? It's a great term that works for both genders.

STOP this



how often do you get this wasted neru

oh this one is better

> if (controller.IsButtonJustPressed(controller.StringToButton(ControlXbox[static_cast(ControllerControlType::Throttle)]), buttonState) || controller.IsButtonPressed(controller.StringToButton(ControlXbox[static_cast(ControllerControlType::Throttle)]), buttonState)) { return Controller; }


My hips are moving on their own!

Maybe. Dunno. I think I was also so concerned about my behavior during school breaks that I tried to avoid anything that could be a sign of weakness, so I guess I'm uncomfortable doing anything that could be associated to "gayness" because of that.

Tokai is just a really wimpy guy irl who would benefit more from trying to be a girl but doesn't like taking it in the ass so he wants to be a guy instead

Why not just start drinking and doing drugs, then turn yourself into a new, better man and leave the old adachi to die?

Eh, somewhat
I haven't kicked it with him for a while cause he lives so far away

I guess that works

If I were your irl friend I'd give you backpats every now and then and the eventually move to a brohug once in a whlie tlil you'd be comfortale with it LOL

nah but like
hug your mom
or your sis maybe?

I cant believe my little sister is this weeaboo

420 blaze it

oh yes

If you keep going, I'll lose my mind for real!

i should go to bed

Tokai is a real boy.

That's like Manny levels of fucked up

But surely you can see feedback on your own in terms of happiness. If you feel bad it's bad feedback. And with others its honestly better to poke at them whilst fearing reaction than just not knowing what they think. I bug people all the time to know where there borders are.
Yeah they can get mad for real but that's part of it.

but tbh I would probably stop completely at like 40 etc. Cross dressing is nice because I think I look good in it, but as soon as that starts to fade I would probs not continue.
Kinda like skinny jeans but then you get fat.

Lol dude no, this country doesn't need ANOTHER assassination.

You should really talk to a doctor about that Alzheimer

Halo from start to now has always been thin pathed maps with specific areas bigger. You could barely go too far without falling off the map.
I do not know what you remember.

Tokai when will Wilders get assasinated

You are also constantly loaded in and out of maps in Halo.
How in the heck is that at all the same?



And I'd appreciate it.
As I said, I don't want to worry my family, so mom/sis is out of question.

But love makes me happy Tokai. Love dammit !
But really, I have trouble finding out what makes me happy. Videogames give mitigated results lately. So I wait Persona 5.

The problem with borders is that I rarely see them. And I can't help but feel that "poking" is always deteriorating a relationship. I know I tend to see things only as "positive input" and "negative input" only based on what is "logical", so all that is problematic for me.

fair nuff

Except those bigger areas were about as large as the battlegrounds for any land-based non-Malus colossus, and had a wealth of targets to fight.

Fun fact, if SoC is decently coded at all it does the exact same thing, only without telling you.

Because that's actually way safer, and easier on the hardware than loading the entirety of SoC's playspace at once.

GTA definitely did the same thing, and that's why things don't appear right if you cheat to go too fast.

Minecraft does that too. :^)

Half-Life 2 did it as well, but they were slightly more crafty, in that they always made the loading barriers in corner hallways, so you would never see the game load and render the new playspace.

worry them by asking them for a hug every now and then?
you wouldn't

Or the time we tried to take him to the Mall when he couldn't even walk straight

What time is it over there?

Oh shit, you shove things up your butt?
How lewd

Rin won't even do that shit and he's a "girl" lmao


Whomst'd is a real girl here

Don't know. My life is weird you know.

Rin is a tranny?


I really hope he doesn't.
And tbh he's just staying home now his security is breached so not much chance rn.
It'd be better if he wins.
Then people realize he literally can't do anything he promised and get booed off.

Love should not be the basis of that, I already told you to try to look for something else.
Happiness differs per people, and lots of people have no idea how to achieve it. So it's okay to not know now, but you have to keep searching.

That's why if you poke, you try and be nicer to even it out. Buy someone something, or try and be interested in their day.

been a while though



I nearly got like that in 2015


in spirit

try it out

Long story short, SoC is commonly seen as an open world game from it's time and Halo has never been seen as open world.
You are comparing apples and oranges to prove that a seemingly apple like fruit was not an apple. I am not even sure how this works.

Okay, but, the idea of feedback is important to me. How do I get feedback on my actions without relying on anyone ?

Oddly enough, I have trouble with the idea of gifts. I always feel like it's some kind of emotional blackmailing.

It's late now, but maybe tomorrow.

Or he'll become New Hitler!



It's more I'm pointing out that a game whose given play spaces are as large as, and more packed than, SoC's, four years earlier, is evidence that claiming SoC is as open world as it could have been was retarded.


How long anyways?
Did it hurt?

But you had a hell of a good time though, right?
I got your back nigga lmao

Everyone else considers it open world, Rin considers Halo the open world of the two.
Well golly gee, I imagine I should take your word for it. :^)

"It's all they could have done at the time."

"Even though many many other games on the same system did way way more."

"But it's open world."
"Even though there's nothing to do anywhere you aren't supposed to be going."

Yeah, sure, it has an open environment.

But not an open world; SoC's actual gameplay is a line of just going from area to area.

You aren't even attacking my arguments, or points anymore.

The point is that SoC has little in common with Horizon.

"It's totally open world"
"And you use mounted archery in both!"

Oh wait, let's go back to that idea shall we?
Have you actually tried to play SoC as an archer? Because it's physically impossible to get past even Valus if you're trying to beat the game using archery.

You have to use the sword, and trying to use the bow for more than getting attention, or other very specific, and scripted, purposes? That's not going to work out.


Wow grow up salty fags

There is no points, you stopped making it about the connections to Horizon and SoC. Instead you decided to go on and on about how Halo is more open world than SoC despite one being widely considered an open world game and the other not.
As well you are getting very aggressive given I only said by the looks of the one trailer it LOOKED like it.

It feels like I insulted your mother by saying a game I only have seen one video of looked like it had aspects of SoC.




You guess and hope you're right.
You might be and might sometimes not be.

That's pretty cynical.

There are not political nor legal means for that.

let's not go there

I raised the point that any given playspace in Halo is as large as any non-specific on in SoC, with infinitely more going on.

Then you decided to twist that as me saying Halo was open world, when my argument was that SoC is...

Not the best they could have done at the time.

And if being fully willing to have a debate about something is "getting very aggressive," then you should probably avoid any social interaction that might include someone who disagrees about something.

But I wanna get in there, literally

visa invalid
entry denied

I don't know honestly. You know, people have this idea of fairness, that when they receive something they have to pay back somehow. So I'm afraid giving gifts is just a way to buy affection. It's something that disturbs me a lot honestly. People find me cheap, but in the case of gifts really, it's because I don't want anyone to appreciate me for what is basic manipulation.

I am just going to ignore him for a little bit and not speak of video games in his presence again. This is way too much over an innocent comparison.

Wanna see a rwby meme?

But you are bad at ignoring spoilers

daily reminder

I'm going to take a page from Erio's book and claim this as a victory.

you cant outargue rin

but emt is shit cuz of her personality

You can
They have piss poor intellect
Tranny hormones

Wanna bet? I will ignore you exist for one week. Starting after this post. Please have a good week though senpai.

That was towards you and Spoilers

Just drop it already, Jesus Christ
This kind of autism is worse than your "Don't post the same pictures of my avatar" kind of autism
Arguing like kids over a video game triggers me so much, you have no idea

Just grow up already

The fact that Soto has to tell you to grow up is pretty fucking bad dude

You can, though.
I'm hardly immutable.

GTA is a good game.

...She had a personality?

Soto, I know that was in regards to me and Spoilers.

I was agreeing with you regardless.

Like, am I not allowed to find it funny that I'm willing to be autistic enough to have that conversation with someone?

It is. Especially hilarious online.


a sliver of it, yes

Must have gotten hit by that family in Get Out.

I admitted being incorrect the other night when Darwin pointed out that Neru uses trout for mouth.

If buying someone lunch or go for coffee or a book that reminded they might like or vidya etc is manipulation then all relations with everyone is too.
Essentially might even be so, but fortunately that's not how most think and just accept and like that someone thought of them.


or get someone a book*

which is nerdy yes.
but I have nerd friends so shut it

I hate those types of people with a fucking passion

Did you at least cum?

Not on my watch lmao

Shit, guess I better fake filter you.


Pyrrha is adorable also.

But it feels so wrooong. It's like parasiting a person's image with all this usless shit. It's hard dammit. It'd be already hard for me to buy something for someone to show my appreciation, so buying stuff to make someone appreciate me makes me want to puke. Dammit.

Time to sleep baibai

Gotta get over that dude.
Trying is the first step to anything.
Anyways, I wish you the best of luck.
And I believe you can really get somewhere.


How cute
Gimme a kiss before you hit that fake filter button tho

lmao gross

Night! Sleep well.

I hope you're right. But, I just feel that humanity is uglier than I thought and it's kind of killing me.
Good night Tokai.

Slaap zacht

“The more I love humanity in general the less I love man in particular."

Humanity is all right individuals are cancer
See for example
This fuckin' board


am also bed nana

Well, I'm going to bed too. G'night everyone.

Hope I don't get fart raped.

Is Jack still mad nobody joined his Holla Forums "raid"

Do the world a favor and don't wake up

dag dag


doei doei

Sleep well.



I'm thinking of making/buying a new cosplay but don't know what to choose

A butler cosplay would be pretty cool
I mean, I'm already a spic so I could probs pass off as a good butler

How does caffeine interact with Dextroamphetamine?

Best part is I killed alice and jack did nothing... again!!!! Hahahaha

If it does, I mean.

Nigga you did what


Caffeine may increase the side effects of dextroamphetamine, but Id say there isn't much to worry about unless you have a weak heart.


lmao amphetamines are pretty much caffienes onii-chan

Ty, druggy-onii-sama.

Yes, thank you Soto.

Oi Subtle.

they do near the same thing on completely different scales.
combining substances is never really smart even if it is just caffeine it can cause even worse tachycardia and HBP. It will probably feel sorta nice though. I don't recommend it though as it can lead to cardiac arrest in severe cases.


That bitch is alive and well
None of the dickless whimps here will do shit other than pointless faggotricious blogging and mundane waste of words and time

How are you doing?

Someone buy me Rimworld and placate my autisms.


is this about tossing salads?


Stressed, tired, hungry

Yeah dude

Caffiene is the cute little imouto
Amphetamine is the somewhat cute onii-chan
Methamphetamine is the buff, scary looking Otou-san

I've had bad experiences with tachycardia and irregular heartbeat a couple of times, but that's cause my dumbass was doing lines of Otou-san and washed it down with 2 cups of coffee, then smoked like half a fuckin pack of cigs

I surprised I haven't died yet lol
My heart is made of fuckin steel or some shit

its easily pirated

Iremember yttrium playing this itwas pretty fun to watch but

that is more expensive than even my facebook games

Why not get something to eat then nap?

I guess.

I bet you're more expensive than my escorts. :(

so do that

Isold myself for a cappu and a pastry in highschool tbh

it was for helping somebody with an assignment butt still


I'll buy you cappu and pastries to-
Never mind.

Friends inviting me to play games so couldn't eat
And can't nap because then I'd just sleep for ages

no, it doesnt, because if you ever want to write code well you write code to be read first, run second

how do i acquire passion for comp sci?

I did half oz of pure cocaine after eating like 3 mega potent home-made weed brownies. ended up going into severe tachycardia and blanked out a lot like I actually died.
I went to the hospital that time

I can't smoke weed anymore because it gives me severe panic attacks because of this

was that before or after you saw demons

get lost in thinking of applications of knowledge
never get actual assignment done until last 2 days
cram it in 24 hour session
get an A-C regardless
be too tired to think of more applications and just sleep instead
suddenly next assignment is due

Oh. Well I hope you feel better, Sub.


thats more or less what i do, only i generally barely scrape a pass because i havent left enough time to actually debug my shit, and sometimes not even enough time to implement the full spec :/

you should get clean if you aren't already


it is a pretty dank life in between the assginements

not when youre constantly at risk of failing


yeah that can be problematic

university was a mistake, im a terrible student, and when my bf was working he was actually fucking earning more than i would as a software dev with a few years of experience.



Thanks :3

Dragon loli too cute!

wat do

Man I get this feeling so much
Like how much could I be earning now if I went for something like an accounting internship right out of sixth form

Pat on head and put to bed; she has school tomorrow.

See picture.

When u n>>1670430
early died and u tell the nurses to push you around the hospital so you can catch

*When u nearly died and u tell the nurses to push you around the hospital so you can catch


Oh yeah, what lvl are you then

just lvl 24 =\. I didnt have a phone for a long time when it first came out. I also live in a dead zone for pokemon

Try not to push yourself to stay up too long if you get really tired and worn out.

I've calmed down since then

Now it's just the occasional weed
I still drink don't get me wrong nigga

Oi cunt

Yes, hello.

Hey hey hey Spoilers, how are you doing today? Doing well I hope!

Hello there Soto, how are you? Like above I hope you're doing well!

People who smoke weed are so fucking degenerate I swear.

The new age smokers are just as bad as vapers with their shitty mods and how they never stop bragging about smoking weed

Well enough! How about you Empty?
Might be a bit slow to reply, Overwatch match.

I'm okay, just been lazy today. Had to download my visual studio again which took sometime, lost interest in working my project, just I just made decks and face people online.

What about yourself?

Friend of mine works in a vape shop. Shit's annoying when I try to eat something and a giant cloud of Pineapple fruity tooty ruins whatever I'm eating.

I bought a gun yesterday.


Smith and Wesson sd40ve .40 cal. With 14 round mags. Gonna buy a tactical red dot and laser too

Just tell him "I get it, you vape dude... I'm trying to eat in peace."

welp we know how ui is gonna die

I already saw this coming

also inb4 something else about suicide

"Bro it's just water vapor, it doesn't hurt anybody" is his inevitable reply. I rebut with "I could walk over to you and rip a fart onto your plate and say thing to you man." To which he has no reply but to laugh and vape again.

It isn't just water vapor though.. Tell him it actually diminishes the air quality by creating c02 and it is actually not much better then cig smoke to be breathing in.. He can still get bronchitis pretty easy doing it. Also it's annoying to everyone else around him to have to smell that shit

I want to get my restricted firearms license.
Not because I particularly want a gun, but because I'm a hyper autist and I just casually prepare for any kind of apocalypse.


I diminish the air quality by breathing too. So that jab won't work. I usually just tell him to fuck off if he keeps it up.

I'm not going to disagree with you on that since I have a few friends that are some what like that, either asking to bum a couple of bucks or a couple of cigarettes. They never really have stole from me but they are moochers and dont like working cause they're lazy stoners.

Most of the people I smoke with dont really smoke tree, all of them dab and have their rigs so I usually just take one then I'm good for a few hours.

Pretty good m8
How's Empty doing?

I've cleaned up my act
Thank you very much

Not concealed carry.
Canada doesn't have that regardless.

To get a handgun at all, I need a restricted firearms license.

Iw an tt ok il lm ys el f


I'm doing okay, been lazy like I usually am, reinstalled a lot of stuff, lost all motivation to carry on, so I stuck with playing yugioh online.

What are you up too?

when people light up a cig when ur in the car with them..


Reminds me though, I need a new knife, and bag.


oh lmao. I walked into a store and walked out with a high caliber hand gun with no prior training within 45 minutes.

I can legally open carry anywhere in this state and I can conceal carry in like 12 legally

I don't mind if people smoke or w/e but if you know I don't smoke then you should know I don't wanna hear about it

so dumb when smokers do that

I'm not so super concerned about open or concealed carry.

I'm a hikki so it's not like I'd be caught away from my emergency gear if shit hits the fan anyway. :^)

The most my smoker friends tell me is "You still don't smoke, right?"
"Good, stay that way."

Holy shit.

I'm the sweet summer child that all my friends seek to protect. :(


You have friends?


I don't think you have any friends. Enjoy protecting yourself.

Tulpas count right?

some feets to please you

Your project? And decks of what?
I just got work over with, then since I have been home it has been vidya with a few friends and a side of relaxing.

It wasn't a group link.

It was just two, real, indistinguishable link.

My irrlicht project, where I have to build and make a game scene, I'll do it on the weekend, also I made a Destiny End Dragoon deck and I'm in love with it, also you sound like you're having a comfy night, I hope it continues that way.


neru, from a design perspective, would you consider something like this sensible as an implementation of agent BDI?

/* given an agent */
assess_goal(Agent, World),
decide(World, Action),

assess_goal(Agent, World) :-
goal_satisfied(Agent, World),
retract( goal(Agent, World) ),
decide_new_goal(Agent, New_goal),
assert( goal(Agent, New_goal) ).
assess_goal(Agent, World).

decide(Agent, World, Action) :-
goal_satisfied(Agent, World).

decide(Agent, World, Action) :-
action(Agent, World, New_action),
simulate_action(Agent, World, Action, New_World)
decide(Agent, Resulting_world, New_action).

i can tell you from experience that unless youre very lucky or very qualified you wont get an apprenticeship in any kind of skilled profession unless youre willing to wait years for it

drink tea instead, or horlicks depending on your mood

Oh nice, you a huge fan of yugioh?
what did ya reinstall?

Just chilling, gonna have lunch with my sis in a bit

That actually hurts man
Then again I guess after all I've told you guys it must be hard for you to believe I've changed

Because people don't.

This is absolutely the worst thing. Fucking hell.

I'm not a huge fan, but it's a fun thing to spend time investing into and playing with others, I've got 4 decks in real life, and I'm in the process of building my End Dragoon deck, which will be my most used one.

I had to reinstall Visual Studio 2015 so I can do my work at home, because it kept breaking when I tried to debug my work. Also that sounds pretty comfy to me, I hope you enjoy.

I still drink, smoke, fuck traps, and am autistic as fuck

I just dont do meth or blow $200 on coke when there's a con going on lmao

Isn't it Total War: Warhammer?

I guess he isn't in the mood today?

So, you're a smarter idiot than you were previously.

Yes, but fuck that, Subtitle: Total War will always be better than Total War: Subtitle.

tfw no lexi in here rn

So text her.

I suppose.

You are the best.

Oh! Yugioh deck?
I hope so too! I hope your night stays decent and gets better as well.

Why did they have to ruin this image with all the whitel lines?

I've learned to say fuck it and look past the censoring, but cmon man.

Yup, it's a Yugioh deck, Destiny hero with Elemental hero + Mask/Vision heroes, main boss monster is Destiny End Dragoon.

Also thank you Spoilers, I appreciate it.



I also calmed my drinking down a bit and drink usually on the weekends rather than 7 days a week lol

I never really got into Yugioh but I have like 3 friends that are really into it.
The majority, I'd say like about 10 of us are into Magic tho.
I dont have a deck but my friends always have some spare ones to let me use

What kind of work?
Yeah, we usually chat about life lol



I fucking LOVE SUSHI

thanks for announcing it. cool bro

Oh good, you can stop posting images of you drinking then.

Well I have a few friends who are really into it, and I follow suit one of my friends tried to get me into Magic, but it's not something I could support given that I'm playing yugioh.

Though it does seem a lot of people I know are playing magic now, so maybe I could test the water, once I get this End Dragoon deck built I think I might play it competitively, also I was working on my project for university, but I'll do some of it later on in the week, also like I said before, I hope it goes well! ^^

it's hella dank

That sounds pretty neat, I was never too good at the whole making a deck back when I was more into that. Though if I had have done it, the deck would have been just me trying hard as heck to create the best dragon deck ever.
Cause fuck yeah, dragons!
And anytime, Empty!

So should I start posting pics of me drinking water/coffee now?

Sashimi > Sushi

Though an occasional Hot Night Roll is nice every now and then

What Strain?
How many Gs?
How much shekles did it cost?

It's a pretty good deck, don't know how it compares to meta decks, because all of the people I play against are running none meta decks which I enjoy.

Also most of the decks in the meta are dragon decks! So you would love this meta right now. Also thank you once again!

Not the implication.



you payed $120 and you don't even know how much you got?

I really want a hug

I really want someone to give nezi a hug


Jfc m8
That's like 2 eighths


Yeah dude, card games are fun but they kinda cost money and I ain't really planning on spending money on cards. Id rather buy alcohol or a new cosplay lol

Oh you gonna enter a tournament?

in theory


You usually do.

A meta of only dragon decks? Wew. Yugioh has it down right then.
Somehow this is more the year of the dragon than the year of the rooster!

Yeah I'm going to enter the regional which are held in the town that I'm currently studying in, so it's going to be fun, but I'm only going to have fun and learn not to be a tryhard.

Also new cosplays nice, I'd cosplay but I can only do macho men! :^)

Yeah, the main deck most people are running in the UK is Blue eyes, and I really despise blue eyes deck. This is why I stick to my Heroes and Actors.

Hopefully you didn't get gypped lmao

120 worth should last you around a month or 3 weeks at least

How do you know each of the decks so well? Are they like put up on some site or something?

yeah i go through it much quicker than that lol

weed lmao

I just go off what I play against, and I tend to play against a lot of meta decks, Like Zoodiac/Metalfoes, Blue-eyes, Red-eyes, Magicians, Kaiju.

And heres me playing like tier 4 decks like Abyss Actors and Digital/Inzektor decks


not really

I'm fine a lot of the time now

but every once in a while I really want some physical affection

I used to want it 24/7



Nigga you are probably getting gypped
Unless you live in a state where there are strict laws.

Or unless you get super fucking retarded high everyday

Does magicians have Dark Magician SlutGirl?
If so that is a nice deck too cause dayum.
I really like the Destiny End Dragoon though so your deck sounds kick ass.

*hugs* Anytime for you, nerd.



how are ya?

whats good, welma?

i can get cheaper but it's way less convenient. i'm basically paying for not having to make much effort

Depends on the player to be honest, I know a friend of mine loves running Dark Magican berry girl and what not, but it's all about user preference.

My deck on the other hand is all about draw power and discarding to get the pieces to Dragoon and various other Heroes fusions and end from that.

Not much, just chillin.

doing much?

Watching the gf rebuild her barbarian in diablo whole I freak oit over aelf esteem issues and certain reddit posts.

Tell me just how well it works in the future, I am quite interested!
Is it true that Monster Reborn is not tournament legal? Cause if so this rocks my childhood of watching the show. lmao

no I'm serious

I'm not physically need like I used to be

I'd say it's actually uncommon now

I'm okay, washed my car today ^^


A lot of cards are not viable in tournaments either because of ban lists, and Pot of Greed is still one of them, Monster reborn depending on what tournament type you play is either limited/banned.

Thats me.

Keep it up then.

theres always going to be someone whos got a problem with you, regardless. the best you can do is take anything constructive on board, and ignore the rest. after all, youre clearly good enough for someone.

the joys of being a car owner eh? well i suppose youve gotta take pride in your shit unless you want to be that guy with a car that looks like shit.

up to much?

ok good i was just making sure

Don't worry, I've finally arrived.

post dick

Took you long enough


I'm glad I moved on from that

not really

how about you?

Post cute freckles

You have already seen it.



That is quite interesting. Never understood limiting aspects of a game or banning parts of it.
Seems like after awhile the game stops being itself. Like just in my opinion, I get the reason for it though.

one of them doesnt even watch anime

I wonder how mindfucked they'll be by the time they finish it

its to freshen up the meta and make way for design space for new cards that would break the game if they synergized with old cards

Oh, sort of like how my friend "Gifted" herpes to his ex.

im reading about tree search algorithms for AI, hoping the section on reactive agents isnt far off

yeah, but post it here

Watch they tell you it was garbage and the ending was bad lmao

Well because of certain combos which are very broken, so they ban/limit several aspects of the combo and force people into new aspects! I like it to be honest. Also what said.

The time has come and so have I.


I'll probably get one or two that are like

fuck this, too much thinking

Oh you too?

Yeah, it's totally 2deep4u.

Yeah, like "Why is this teenager not mad psyched to be piloting a mech again?"

why does tsuchi try so hard?

Who wants in on this? I have a guy and a girl I'm willing to ship off with.


To impress us.

I'd like to be a random person you capture and add to your squad after you land!

also make sure they can all do dumb labor

babbies firs psychoanalysis

nah man
I warned them they can't watch it multitask mode

give that one to george

Eva is the Donnie Darko of Anime :^)

All that faith placed in your ability to be here, lost

Which one?


I sincerely want to the first one to have all the dumb mistakes. :^)



This is probably the most apt description of it.
Or BioShock.

Also, it's not pedophelia because I'm actually over 700 years old. :^)

if you dont pay attention you get lost

Yeah that's a good indicator for something that's not wholly flawed or anything.

having, like, one that can't is fine

which ever

hauling is very important

more of a tip than a rule..

lol those names are so autistic
Can't there be a normal person, with a normal name, with normal skills?

That's literally anything that isn't a children's show.

Why would I do that ?

Right, sure.

What the fuck is this.


What does that fall under; construction?

That'd make for a boring story, though?

like moving items

That's paying attention and is valid for everything though.

Actually thinking about shit with evangellion is just asking for disappointment come the end though.

Anime inside anime.

That doesn't have it's own heading.

Or did you just mean that as a general statement, and not a statement of skill to keep out for?

come now.. you do need slightly more attention, it's easy to miss things because eva is big onto screen flashes of easter-eggish stuff


What happens if it's an anime inside an anime inside an anime? Is it just the most cancerous saccharine shit?

You're making mountains of molehills.

They can have "Dumb Labor" under "incapable of".
But hauling doesn't count as dumb labor he's just being dumb.

tbh having someone who can't do dumb labor is fine, just make sure they don't all share the same "incapable of"'s

You get this


grom, help, im being retarded, how would this algorithm actually return a solution?
the only data structures i can see being maintained are one list for unexplored nodes, and one for explored nodes. i cant see how exactly it returns a solution, because it stores bad nodes in the same place it stores valid ones



Not really
What do you have against normies?

I never played BioShock
lmao who the fuck plays vidya nowadays

Fucking lol
That's the best way to trigger a Eva fan
followed by calling Asuka an annoying cunt and Rei a boring bland character

We need to nuke Japan again.


Oh, that much felt like a no brainer.

Having at least one person without the same incapable ofs as everyone else felt like, you know, a blatantly obvious thing to do.
Heck I actually feel uncomfortable having two people incapable of the caring and social, but first runs are made for mistakes.

The boring stories?

"Soto worked hard and had a drink today."
"Rin read a book."
"Moogs made a thing."


Wouldn't you rather

"Soto got trashed and raped Rin in the fields."
"Moogs had a psychotic breakdown and murdered Rin."

"Soto fucked Rin's Corpse while tripping on [insert space drugs here]."

Also fuck you Rin

We are Number One is a true piece of art

Too bad the memes got so cancerous it gave Robbie Rotten cancer irl lmfaoooooooooooo

Daaaaamn, spitting super hot fire there.

new tred

new tred

new tred

new tred

new tred

new tred

new tred

new tred

new tred

new tred

new tred

new tred

new tred

new tred

new tred

new tred

new tred

new tred

new tred

new tred

So who wants to be my pyro doctor?

Whoa bro

Do you have fantasies of me raping you often?
That's not normal
Kinda hot tho ngl

I don't want these memes.

Then it would get even worse.

you got me good nig

>expand dong node, and add the the new nodes to frontier if they haven't already been explored

I think thats a simple enough explanation

im2hype about it

There's a new thread.