Calm, peaceful thread

calm, peaceful thread.

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This place is dead.

cute pic
saved :)

If Grim and I went to AX would you go?




I will calm and peaceful you.

what did u eat today?

I still click those fucking thumbnails even though I know that I'll hate it.

If I could.

Squash is going to AX just for me



Would work keep you away?

Right, you may have changed jobs by then.

Weird question but I cooked up some simple stuff like pork chops and some rice. Nothing special, felt lazy.

we must secure a future for our white children

Yeah, and money is a big deal.


If money's a problem all you would have to pay for is a ticket and anything you buy there. I'd drive you there and I could probably cover the hotel.

If scheduling's a problem then nothing we can do. Got a few months to figure it out, it's in July.

I will likely be in Alabama though.

Ah, dammit.

Thank God you won't reproduce.

sounds good enough :)
hopefully it tasted good enough to satisfy you.



while you're busy being disappointed, I also won't be going.

I just want to die.

oh puuuuuulease. there is literally nothing to be gained from meeting me in person. you get the full experience but better through the online version.


i'll go

But I can't be the only lightweight there !!!


If I go and Luka goes I'm literally going to just beat the shit out of them.

I'm a lightweight in relation to how little alcohol it takes to get me drunk. I can handle myself better than most while intoxicated.




Bad dog.

I can be a loud and annoying drunk, but for the most part I manage to not do that anymore.

Mostly I just end up laying down on the bathroom floor hating myself.


as amusing as that does sound, it's not enough to get me to go. the reasons are many and varied, but the prevailing and most important is that I simply do not wish to go. perhaps I'll change my mind later, but doubtful.

Test is an adorable little fag when intoxicated.




It's bad to lie.


I don't know what to do right now and I feel anxious because of it

games don't interest me

nothing is working

im gonna explode

Masturbate while playing games.

i don't do bad evil things...

I can't watch youtube videos over a roughly 4-5 minutes long or my router has to be reset

no joke

You wouldn't be able to go Luka. You don't have much money, and also you won't even talk in a voice chat, so I don't see you as the meet irl kind of person.

Odd. It's just some soft jazz and the sound of rain. It calms me down.

Just listen to something ambient and calming.

oh okay... i guess i can't go then.

*exhales* girl.

does this count


yay it's the raspy girl song!





I prefer girl penis.


Still haven't heard any japanese music with vocal in it that I thought was good

Every time I want music from Grim all he links are gook tunes.

Listen to better music.

Maybe because he really wants to be Japanese.

am here.
Praise me

Why would anybody want this?


I'm sick. Kill me please.

I will kill the tyrant and usurp the throne.

Japanese pucci though I know more Dutch people who don't speak a single word Japanese having Japanese wives than I know weebs who were successful.

Being Gaijin is deplorable

tfw no snuggles


Frank Ocean - Lost

I can't listen to this ^^;

Why ;_;

You'll be getting none with that attitude.


It won't be you who killed me, but rather God.

I took some NyQuil so I may fall asleep at any time. I'm still too congested to lay down, though.

What's so great about the Japanese pucci, baws?


Ask the Indian with the yellow fever yo

I haven't been sick in so long that I forgot how uncomfortable a simple head cold can be.

I don't know if he knows the answer himself.

*soft head pats*
Shoo, head cold.

I dunno, it just doesn't appeal. Why don't you like death metal?

Had the flu recently
I legit wanted someone to kill me.

Rip MrKrabs.
Oh boy board civil war soon

Link death metal you like :3


This is why you get your flu shots, kids.

why hasn't anybody told me that it's not done to unironically like eurobeat

When the King dies, obviously. We've rival claimants.

that filename is strangely fitting for a randomly generated one

and what is that clip, edited? not even sure where they got that one of her in the sand

unless that's a shoop too

stop posting brutal murder of crab

This little fucking girl creature from the "flavour of the month" anime is really annoying.
Typical lolicon/pedo trash

This just makes me want to play Warband.

But I've sworn it off. Bannerlord when.


I don't ^^

The dream lives on.

It's Dragon Maid + Gabriel Dropout mix.


tbh as long as it isn't classical music or shit that keeps repeating on the radio, I'm fine with most music.

I'm going to lay down and cough a lot and not sleep.

Good night.


pls no eat me 2 :)

Good luck

timmu for breakfasstu

ah, I haven't seen the second show




Rip Ryzen

whats point in net

That's how the kids in the books do it.

Holy shit 2hu eurobeat is even better than dorifuto eurobeat

brb nom

wuts it taste like

Like so.


It's Rem all over again

dragon loli is disgusting

Got home early.
A calm and peaceful thread is needed now.


t h i c c

What is that anime?
I always wondered.

boku no pico

Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid

Thanks my dude

I've seen that already, dumbass.

np bruh



Subtle post cute butthole :3

Isit cananada time

No, don't.

DM it to me instead.

7:34 in the only timezone that matters.

I don't think next season's waifu will be as cute as this though

Honestly who

I'm in my pjs and my horrendus wool jumper.
There is nothing holding me back now.



yo canadians
whats the deal with maple syrup. isnt it just sugar

Maple Syrup is as bad as poutine imo

Maple syrup is like... processed tree juice.


I never had sloppy poutine.
Like... proper poutine.

Is it easy to make it at home?

Maple syrup is nice, a bit sickly if in too big a concentration.

Its difficult to get in the UK, you usually have to be a resteraunt owner or have financial means to get it from farmers.

No, it's refined from maple tree-sap.

I love to run my fingers through this hairy pussy

soto ffs


Post cats


Careful, someone with a hand fetish could be lurking.

Fuck off Rin at least my hands are cuter than your boney ass manhands

I would post cats but exif


I wasn't even saying anything negative about your hands, tho?

lmfao pussy ass bitch

I'm just jk bby :3

You're supposed to flirt with me



I mean, um, that is, uh...

I know, they only make posh versions of that shit.

I'll just bring in some cheese curds and ask my local chippy to put them in with my order of chips n gravy.


So there should be. Good food deserves craft and a proper hierachy

All professional chefs are insane, tbf.

I know, don't you think it is a little fucking crazy though?

That we perfected harvesting and cooking nature's bounty to such an artform; chefs are both grafters and artisans. Like blacksmiths.

but poutine seems good

is that the same tree as the flag one

so it taste like caramelized sugar with tree innit?

That a meal, if cooked to such perfection, that it can actually instil a strong lifelong experience that one will take to the grave... I just find that bonkers, personally.

Absolutely understandable, but fucking nuts.

More like it tastes like caramelized tree sugar.

Can I pet your pussy

Can I be your pussy?



GabDro comes out on Mondays right?

Kill yourselves inane blogging pretentious piece of worthless fucking shits
thats all



happy sunday
praise jebus



Oh hallo thar, whats good?

I love how he claims he doesn't care about us, but then feels the active need to let us bug him so much that he reacts violently to our mere presence.


nm man... fucken. been a min

hows things?

how u doing bby ;)

living is suffering

Now that you put it like that it happens all the time

Busy. Gotta secure a good place at work.

yah... i despise my leisure impairing activity, you can have it jack

Now that you've noticed me...

Eromanga-sensei airs next season right

*pet* ^^'

I'm so sad... I don't have biscuits...
I gotta make do with buttery toaast. ;w;
At least I got tea though.

Its kinda fun to laze around with 24 hours of free time.
For some months.

loli emilia p cute tbh fam ngl

id go nuts after about a month


I'm drunk

Check out this neko tho

And once again kys niggers

I did after two
Gotta go buy something to cook, laterz

later jack

Clean my room for me please.


But why?

If only I have the space to freeze all that meat.

invest in a chest freezer

Oh, hang on, no.... £1000

Think I could eat a whole cow?

I made a mess but I'm also very lazy suddenly.

Seems like you've almost completely moved on from Megumin.


you should try it anyway

I haven't! I'm just too lazy to switch back.

I like to live dangerously.
But another idea crossed my mind.
Found a website where you can buy freeze dried bugs which are edible in the UK.

I can mail a dead tarantula in a tin can, ready to eat, for £15.

I could totes eat a big spider.

... might have that with chips and gravy or something on the side. .3.

the Catholics ruined what was left of my sleep

*carnavalsmuziek intensifies*


same but instead of catholics it was the dutch




In one sitting or over the period of a single day

yes to both

do it on cam

That reminds me. I need to invest in a new Holy Bible.

waves of wakefulness or something

never underestimate the power of the scouts chode

Because gezellig.



but tomorrow is school

of ocurse you would talk avbout chodes

Le mature fais

I finally got myself We Happy Few.
This should be fun.

Tomorrow is Metworst Maandag.

why would I

to be fair it was only the page that said you shall not lie with a man as you do with a woman.
My progressive mind could not deal with that.

ooh ye that looked fun, also kinda scary tho



do I download and watch something cute, something exciting or get over myself and finish one of the series I picked up already.

hmmm cultuur

You do know I love my spooky shit~
Bioshock 1 best bioshock

oh fuck

Bioshock 1 IS the best bioshock

oooh well enjoy then, but watch out for nightmares

I never played System Shock 2. ;-;

However, as a kid, Half-Life was my jam.
Id be playing that whilst listening to Kanye West's graduation or Gorillaz.

Shit was as dope as it was horrifying.

I like listening to horror stories before bed.
I don't get nightmares from my spare time, it is work which freaks me out.

I wanted to like Infinite
but it just didn't have enough spooks
and too much plot fuckery

linear as fuckk too

gonna play like poo

Tomorrow go

Watch Initial D

the raffle bit where Booker kills those two cops with a sky-hook was pretty rad

it was all downhill from there

rip :c

tomorrow where.
nooo thats not even on the list

That's why you should watch it!

rn im kinda thinkin either Gi(a)rlish Number or Youjo Senki or megumi.
but some are still airing iunno

You should finish the things you start if you don't have time to keep up with them all.

mhmm that's also true.
ill go clean out my anime folder and finish like nichijou. cause having 4 things are currently watching becomes excessive.
like rn I have 6 books where I read 100-150 pages (^:

Nichijou is k
Girlish Number is ok
Megumin is ok
not sure bout youjo

I hope I find out soon. but first showa

Youjo's amazing.


You're amazing.

Get well soon, Ken!

who here plays VNs

playing vallhalla rite now



Fick off gooks

Gooks gtfo


tfw this weekend is going by too fast

I played KS if that counts

im looking for a perverted VN

A VN about you?

Why were you Canada?

if theres a bunch of girls in it sure

Get Rondo Duo


You saw nothing.

Should I watch One Room?

So much choices! Can I conquer them all?

You should watch one episode just so you can experience it. And then never again.

Technically only 3 games different games there, just different uploads




This is Cat.


lmao gta v does not like having no hard drive space

looks fine to me

i dont get it whats wrong

The world isn't loading!

modern GTA feels clunkier than SA tbh

that looks like one beat up pussy

Modern gta 6x better

ur frames must be rly high den

I wish the spawn distance in saints row was bigger

He was a stray. Now he headbutts me if I don't pet him.

Fucker better learn to control himself I tell you what

Are you taking him in?

Well he's been staying here a month. So I suppose so.


oh shit

well he's your responsibility now loco

take good care of him

does he have a name?

80 and you get that shitty service?

leap down their throats


Loco is going to kill a cat.
Its going to happen

the whole telecom market is just an oligopoly in the USA because of archaic utility laws and endless lobbying by those companies



Poir cat. Rip

I just call him "Cat".

I just want to be able to do stuff.

Hopefully it'll do the right thing and leave. For its sake


I'll be your takumi.

I used to call mine cat too
and my bird bird

I feel you man
season 3 I had fucking dsl and I bashed every level of customer service verizon had and then switched to optimum, haven't had many problems since

you need to be on their asses and tell them you're paying good fucking money for this shit and you won't tolerate it

coordinate with other people in your neighborhood too

I used to call my woman woman.

Used to.

I don't want to cause a stir...

my animals passed away ;~:
thats why used to

I named my marimo tho
Selene and Helios

enjoy your shitty overpriced internet then :/

That would require squash to be socially adept

How do you even select hard drives
so many choices




Selene always makes me think of this fat beast of a woman that I knew growing up. Arms like jelly tree trunks. Always stuffing her facehole with biscuits and cakes.

I'm assuming the name is like a sun goddess or something? Should've just called them Moss and Roy rly

holy shit

im sorry about that memory

roman gods of the moon and the sun respectively, since the smaller one is more rounded and a bit darker than the more brighter one with raggier edges

wow original af
I dont get the reference either

oh wait selene is greek

either way


Helios is Greek, and the Roman moon goddess is Diana. Artemis would be her greek equivalent.

Moss and Roy are the guys from The IT Crowd.

I'm not one for 3d comedy besides Seinfeld

So what are you doing in Ireland atm?

with your pops or something?


I prefer the proper egyptian gods, NiggeRameses, we wuz gods n shiet

Isn't Ireland just some England province.

*Laugh track*
*Laugh track*
"What's the deal with airline food?"



Whats the deal withe the holocaust

Why would you watch comedy that isn't 3d

How can it be funny to bonk someone over the head if it's a cartoon

And I'm in Spain. My sim is irish.


Isn't Vietnam just some soviet province


Isnt holland a trash dump in brussels?

Holland should go back to being underwater.

Like donald trump, smash the dykes

sometimes I watch skits on youtube
and mr bean

slapstick is great

ah I see

are you vacationing or

but then no more tokai

lmao triggered


oh oops


Yeah but imagine no more ikt

No one would care

and nothing of value was lost

Watch Arrested Development, Flying Circus and Mr. Show. You aren't really a person until you have.

Or Blackadder if you want more Mr Bean Man funny actor man :)

And no. I saved up a few gees to live out here a year in my old house and practice art.

I thought no more ikt was a good thing.

don't patronize me because I enjoy crude humor on occasion

that's rude boi


living the life

you have that whole balcony with the easel overlooking a landscape thing going on?

When you're 5'9 and just go under peoples legs.

I wasn't patronising one of my favourite youtubers is videogamedunkey

And nah. But I have a big garden with trees that are blossoming right now. And a house to myself.

Remember when loco turfed out a family for s house by himself

that's beautiful
kinda wanna see a shot of you painting by that tree
would be art in and of itself

the world of basketball is a world of giants

Sometimes sheep come to visit.


And 5'9 is also short when your around normal people.

why does it look like somewhere in afghanistan

1inch below average = short?

That family I turfed out left me ten dry olive trees.

I will take my revenge on them in the years to come. Ten lives for ten lives.

I was imitating Luka. Blackadder is great.

Don't you dare hurt those trees.

Because its shithole spain
The asscrack of europe

Below average = short

Yes, thats how it works.

Just shows what a contemptuous little douche loco is

Spain is on the border of Iraq.

At least you're not a virgin.

ahhh ok


barely below average = barely noticeable = pretty much average
is how it works in reality

now if someone was 5'7 or below that would be nearly half a foot
and noticeably short

but maybe im being biased cuz im 5'8

gotta ask more people


Recommend me a image downloader. I cba downloading 120 images manually

By that logic no one can tell the difference between 5'7 and 5'8 because its only 1 inch.

No one is short.

The Mediterranean is a lot smaller than that Irl. It's like a pond really.

Also lmao I'm taller than you. Lmao.

where u trying to dl from

its very hard to tell from 6'0 and 5'9
but the shorter you get the easier it is to tell
thats the logic we're working at here

a bunch of people are
I don't really mind

I've never seen it talk before.


I don't know about that my dude

holy shit

Not looking like that, they are not.


I used to ride a packed subway a lot man
an inch vs a foot in a moving car



metric system and si system

disregard my past 10 posts ban LOL

I've been working too much with the metric system lately wew

Only a manlet would suggest that theres little difference between 5 foot 9 and 6 foot


She sounds like she's trying to surpress the ghost of richard nixon

You just can't see it.






If that is what winning looks and sounds like, I do not want to.

Its just trying to get into Trumpo-samas pantsu.

and what was that whole car crash fiasco about

jenner was smoking or texting or something and ended up killing someone by rear ending them into traffic

I want daddy to tell me I'm pretty and then tuck me in

No she didn't ahe transgender

Sankaku channel. But I found the same artist on gelbooru which should make it a little easier. Recommend me one there?

You're pretty, sweetheart. Now tuck it between your legs.


I swear

You have a face.
*Does not tuck you in*



Is this good?

Will try. Thanks broski

its okay

hella good download

upload is just ok


I just want it to stop cutting in and out so much.




thats line quality my dude

is this for private trackers

They should just give me Google Fiber.

Say what?

probably not thenn

I just sounded fiamilar

It was a live chat.

holy fuck if thats available in your city you should snap it up

every 4-6 months I get free money from zappos

amazing company



I've been watching a lot of primitive technology channel on yt lately

the sheer act of bringing forth flame from nature is stupendous

500/500 mbit when


muh dick
i want to own a patch of forest at some point

he's in australia
you can hear kookaburras in the distance occasionally

guy gets $5k from patreon per video

then he makes 1500-3500 on top of that from ad revenue

guy puts out 1vid a month

thats 84k a year

now that is amazing.

Soon! :3


fuck that, i want a cheap ass patch of forest land in the middle of the US, somewhere with very lax gun laws

not here :/

PT's amazing

if you're not wearing bright gear you might get shot by someone hunting hahahah

Didn't that guy blow up from reddit?

Fuck konami

not sure

I remember discovering it from a guy at work who looks just like the guy in the videos though

Got a mail that it should be up by the end of 2018 and they start putting glass in the ground somewhere next August.

Yeah, popular on /r/videos, got it from /r/all meself.

not if i put a human level electric fence around the cunt

they say that, but, in my experience theyre generally full of shit



THey showed internal presentations and stuff and all partners agreed and stuff.