I was told to make a new thread

I was told to make a new thread.

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Well hopefully the new link summoning will draw games out longer, so no one get get OTK/FTK every game, since it restricts the extra deck until you finally do the link summoning.


big pimpin'

blind your opponents w the shininess

quite understandable!!

one think I like about ygo... there so many rarities and secret versions ^^

what are you yelling about nooww?


go eat your dinner


I'm having Lukas feet for dinner.

Yeah, I like that about it too, and I manged to pack a card worth £55 the other day, which was really good. Only spent £3 on the booster pack, felt so happy afterwards.

Oh yeah, GoT is quite good at that. Though a fair bit is surprising, I still laugh at the King and the window.

Why would I bully? If you said the game it came with I would laugh some but the remastered one is a good idea beneath the bad one.
They need to stop going forward in time.

all that ravioli sauce

I will clean her.

I'm on the final season, and it's still as good the second time, I might pick up the Walking dead again.

I think I'm gonna try to sleep now.

Good night, far quads.

Goodnight, sleep well.

it's cooking.




*spins in my chair*

oooooh nice going!! that is definitely a huge part of the fun in magic too!

if wanted to switch over you could get lots of money if you sell your ygo cards



Yeah I could change over and sell my ygo cards, but I like the game too much just to sell them up and leave.

Some guys at the card shop I frequent wanted me to get into Vanguard and that game seems pretty good, have the top ranked play in the UK working for the store too, which is fun to see.

I would suggest starting with like near the end of last season cause it was not doing amazing before they introduced Negan.
Even the first half of this season had a few boring parts but since returning from mid season break it has been damn good.


who that?

Icame as soon as I heard you had beaten the elit four

Fire Emblem character.

Oh I saw the end of the last season, I just didn't bother carrying on with it, because I was like "Mreeh, no point now!"

But seeing how it's going, I might pick it back up.

A game someone told me about is Force of Will, it uses sorta anime art and is apparently really fun

youu're right tho, more than 1 card game is too much to keep track of

das so easy

I beat them in the sixth grade.



git gud. I beat them when I was in like second grade.

i should play that some more some time

I beat them when I was a baby

Yeah I also got told about that too, it seemed fun and all but I'll just stick to YGO for the time being.

Oh hey, you reversed it for me, thank you!

A new banner is probably coming out in a few hours.

Pretty sure I beat them when I was like 5 years old


ever see a yu gi oh like this??? :D

I just win both of these, waiting for them to mail to me

I beat them when I was still a twinkle in my parents' eyes

the delet 4 are hard

no I saved this from someone else. also your version is hand drawn, take a look at it. but yeah, other than that, enjoy.

Wait why are the cards like that? What the fudge? Is that MTG?

Oh, nevermind then! It looks good regardless, and I saved it!

gosh I wish that were me

You're already a pig.



Kami-sama hasn't informed me yet.


It had taken me that long to steal pokemon silver from another kid.

You must have been a smart one.

I beat myself at 2nd grade :^)

I meant the one getting beat when I was a baby

oh I was talking about pokemon red. I'm old as shit. the earliest I could have beaten it was when I was five, because I was five when they came out. didn't have a gameboy until my 8th birthday though.


oh you mean some kind of banner thingy in fire emblem?

still remember it too. it was the dark green gameboy pocket. and thus began my decent into video game hermit life.


Its how you get new people.

It's mtg and they are cards that were made wrong! Very, very special and rare printing/cutting error that happens in the factory where they make them

Don't let your dreams be dream bae~

I knew all the secrets

I shant retract my jab.

3rd gen was all about the trumpets.

Rin you should get thicc

help me make them a reality then.

if you did I would ask what alien life form had replaced you.


Well damn, that looks pretty cool how much would they go for?



lawd have mercy

if your dream is beating Pokemon as a baby I don't think we can accomplish that

Then he'd just be Fish.

the operative word is "beat"
and I'm sure we could work out a way to make that happen.

I would recommend it then. It has been pretty decent and is building up to like the best parts of the arc from the comics. The actual war part.


and people say im crazy for dropping massive dosh on statues

700?! WHAT?! Well fudge me, I've probably spent half of that on 5 different decks alone.

Ohohoh, well when I have time I'll go and watch a few episodes!

I like dropping a lot of money on figures, but I'd never go that far.

10x didn't live with his parents when he ordered it.

The most I paid was $750 for one piece.

We both paid for them with our own money. I don't see an issue here.

Yeah, the most I've ever dropped on a figure was roughly £103 without p&p, was £125 with that applied.

here she is

my baby

my precious thing

I'm def gonna keep an eye put for Lucoa cosplayers at AX this year

A guy from here got me into figs surprisingly
he sent me the little chibi rei you see in the bg

oooooohhh now I see what you're driving at lewdie :3

that spoiler wasn't for you, dick!!!

It's a lot I won't buy anything else for at least a month or so... they've super special though I like them



much easier to spend a bunch of money on something pointless when you still live with mommy and daddy.

took ya long enough

Well damn, that does look pretty cool I'll have to give you that, but $700 for it, jeez.

Oh nice, I got into figs because of Jojo SAS and then I branched out into Lewder ones.

Well, I can understand that if they're special.

do you know how much rent is in nyc


a month

if you get lucky

damn that's awesomeee

glowing parts and e'rythang!

I only played yellow sinceI am not undergabeb&

it was just a statement. I'm assuming that was what tsuchi was getting at when he pointed that out. I'm assuming your parents didn't have you pay rent.

I will never into lewd 3dpd like that

just seems trashy imo

but yeah that's a rare piece that came out in 09

I think it's worth 2x rn

I bought mine in 2015
that value increase, man..

The gloss and shading on that image is really adorable.

I have my own apartment I pay for by myself! I hope I'm not included in this meanness ;__;

sorrryy I'm slow rn

kinda feeling crappy, I think I'm allergic to cats lol

you're special~

"share that baby dragon with your trans friends, please ♥♥"

well alright mom, whatever you say.

this post is for my trans friends only. from my mother.

ok but you have to try to understand

someone in college at the time wouldnt even be able to survive in the city itself let alone be able to spend anything extra if he was renting, even if he worked at the same time like I did

if it was some other non high profile city you could agree


Sheeeit not bad man. At least the price went up. Also mine aren't that lewd like completely out there, just enough cover on them to make it seem okay at a first glance.

I can feel my cheeks burning up now with that comment

LMAO oh wooww

shh don't worry
I was not talking about you

got a bunch of cats around? man it would suck to be allergic to cats. I love them way too much

I wasn't knocking it. I chose to move out as soon as I could because I like the personal freedom, but there's lots of benefits to living with your family after high school. one being a fair amount of excess cash.


Figures are for cumming on.

much love

you're for cumming on >:(


grim wants to cum on ban. confirmed.

how straight of him.

cute o.o

and they keep piling on top of me when I lay down... I feel mean pushing them away cause they need attentions, they're just kitties

so sniffly tho

I have a hot glue gun

Look at that dyke with the red hair.



I never said it had to be from me

I'd cum on/in Ban

get some of that ole allergy medicines and then you can have a big cuddle party with kittens. that's the dream, man.


grim confirmed for yes homo


Good, don't sell it, it can only rise in price, which will be even better in the later years!

Please, the compliments are too much I need to let my cheeks cool down.

this is where almost all my trans friends are. figured that would meet the requirements of her request.

I don't even get the purpose of the request.
It's utter nonsense.


I would hate to let it go tbh
F4F is coming out with stuff that might potentially beat this light job with varia suit and possibly dark samus

but even then

Phazon Suit is best suit

I don't really question my mother's eccentricities anymore. she's a sweet lady.

Well considering it's rare, and probably wont get a remake, I'd be happy with it, and especially if it's the one you like I can justify you paying that much for it too.

i don't understand anymore.

Wew, you should. Tonight was a quite fun one.

that's a great idea I'm actually gonna raid my momma's medicine cabinet

thanks fam~

i wonder if we have met before! Have you posted here lots or for s long time?


its upsetting but they really stick to their quality

check out the one I have on preorder: first4figures.com/collectibles/metroid-1-4-scale/varia-suit-exclusive.html

Are you Testing me ?

I cannot explain it to you then.

you failed the test.


Ihave not lost the game in a while tbh

I lost it today
And not even because of this post

Ohohoh, well I guess I'll have to now, have to finish Game of Thrones first, then I'll get back into it.

I've posted here before, under the same name, but that was like 7 months ago, just before I started up my second year in university.

But this time around I've only been here for about a week.

Well snap, that one looks fucking great $430 for it as well, I can see why. The quality of it is out of this world.

the game

It's in polystone




good luck. hope you find some antihistamines



Where are you at in your rewatching anyway?

Ihad a year or two I think where I just
completely forgot it was a thing
then I read something about it and
after a while I realized ohwait I was supposed to lose


Thats not the Test I care about though.


I can't.

RIP your wallet, also rip mine too, because I'm struggling to even pay my rent and bills.

So rip me.

I'm at episode 3 season 6 in Game of Thrones, so only 7 episodes left for me.


Been watching a lot of the AI Channel videos cause its somehow showing up in my fb meme feed

Better than that First 4 shit.

I have more than enough income to burn on her this year

sorry about your situation dude

what do you do for a living?

idk wtf im watching when im there


Oh yeah, wow. How long did it take you?



end its misery

Ikr? Its weird af yet still kinda cute lol

Kills me I can't have that Okami fig.

theres an amaterasu BUST bro

I want this guy in Fire Emblem Heros

I don't do anything for a living, I'm still a student and living on brass buttons for change at the moment, but I'll try my best to survive, I've been skipping out of food shopping for sometime to pay bills and rent.

It's taken me almost 2 weeks on and off.

not really but almost
sned helpI keep falling asleep every day

where the fuck do you get money

what a horrific disease

Not too long then if you were also taking fair breaks.

you sound like a smart person, I bet university is fun

I was not very good in school >.>

Mission accomplished!!!! Now I'm kitty proof... how's ur night going so far cupcake?

jokes on you I'm totally sterile.


Well I get paid like every 5 months from university, but I don't get much and I work on Saturdays, but it's still not enough to carry me through to the next pay days even when I budget. Hence the job

Not too long at all, but I had my roommates to watch it with too, which was fun.

Pfft, I'm not that smart I just wanted to further my education and it's backfiring slightly.


Sho sweepy

now you can cuddle the cuteness without fear.

pretty good. it's been a nice weekend. nothing special, but that's how I like it. got work tomorrow. just relaxing, watching netflix. how about you?


god I wish that were me

fucking shit bro you need to find more work or higher quality work

cant starve man

I know right it happens so often

bet is sho goo~d


Yeah Uni pays me, but consider my parents work and what not it goes against you and you only get a certain amount because they're like "Well your parents can support you too!"

In my case, only one of my parents work and she barely gets enough to pass by herself, but I mean I can survive!

daily reminder that why is neru

It is too late, you have to take responsibility now.

God yeah, watching anything especially marathoning with friends is top tier.
Makes me wish my friends and I all had matching work schedules again. lol

Well it's fun, but recently we've been skipping out on watching because the other two are dating one another and are going out more often, so I'm just left sitting in my room watching it on my own!

what's backfiring about it?! What do you study? I like learning new things too

watching cable TV bc I don't have it at home heh

tryna pile all 3 cats on me at once, they were doing it yesterday it was funny

that makes no sense at all!

I am very jealous. I just have the one cat. she's very cuddly though.

Post cats



Her eyes tho :3

What's his/her name?

His cat is agender, bigot.

you've never seen my cat before?
her name is cupcake, funnily enough. that was the reason my ex picked her over the other cats when he got her for me.

That is lame but how it goes. Surely once they have settled more into being a couple they will be back to chilling out to watch some stuff.

It only does not make sense to you because you are not making sense!

well you know how we women are so crazy and irrational

that's what's important! I'm used to just 1 too, this is a total overload


i agree

Because I don't have the funds to support what I'm doing.

Yeah it's lame, and possibly I don't know. Most of the time it just phases out and I just stay in my room and what not..

Exactly, now get your ass to the kitchen and do kitcheny stuff sugartits.

Trust me on it, I am a Doctor. So I just know these things.

Because I already did once and you didn't understand.

Oh also I forgot to tell you what I study, it's games technology.

Okay, okay I trust you, but only because you're a doctor!

bleh, true enough, that is never a fun feeling to experience.. that sounds awesome though, is that, like, designing video games?

Mhm, it's designing and programming video games, it's a good course, but tedious at times, but I don't mind it at all, just wish I had the funds to support my cost of living.


Good! Cause I totally am.

you may have to start hooking o.o

or selling drugs!

play doctor with me spoilers


Or just full-time employment. That seems more logical.

Hmm... I'm starting to wonder about you. I'm doubting you're actually a doctor!

I can't do any of those things, I'll just work on saturdays and get by somehow!



you should, uhh, perform a full battery of tests on me

They have to spend their time with lessons and studying tho!

OK that will be safer and you won't get in trouble

Do you like your job?

I loved my kitty ;~;

I like my job, I work for the card shop I frequent on a saturday, so it's really fun at times. Plus I get to know a lot of guys there and play YGO on my breaks.

I got bad news for you
2 words

overworked and underpaid

That is just proof I am a doctor. You only doubt reality, you could not doubt the matrix.
So doubting me is proof I am telling the truth.
Aaaand I will never do that again. lol

I do not see why not!


nice spoiler

you goofd

Yeah I already know what I got into when I started the course, that's why I'm hoping I can get full time at the card place that I work at. It would be a better alternative.

Uhh, well damn you've got my brain in a pickle now. I'll just go yes.

oh shit. didn't even know i named it that. i saw something about cats and then looked for one to post.

woooowww that would be SO fun

I'm totally jealous!

I put my complete trust in your competence and professionalism doctor ^^

Oh god that gif, even just the following the bug as it flies by is stupidly adorable.

Good girl.


damn mannnn

better be ready to be a code monkey jic

Oh shit. I just remembered I was suppose to make the Sim 4 house of this place.


someone else did something like that I remember setting something on fire


Goodnight boys~


Don't be jealous of it, it maybe fun, but at the end of the day it's still work!

Kanna is cute full stop!

I'm ready, I've always been ready. I haven't I just had no other course I really wanted to do

wow I unfilter tsuuch and response and that nigga can't even response? tssss

for you

nini ban


I'm going to make some of the most ill functioning people here and Test all live in a house with no intervention.

personally I started pre-med
then cs
then finished up with a bach in ce

now I work in a lab for an above average salary and im practically lined up for a 10% increase in pay+promotion in the next 3-6mo


the only issue is that im so used to working with the metric system, the SI system sorta slipped my mind today


I know someone I could put in it.

Damn, that sounds pretty good, especially the 10% increase. I wish I could have something like that, but I know mine is going to be something like this:

"Do this for 12 hours, don't hit the deadline, well you're fucked and don't expect the pay you want! Buh-bye for now! x3"

This is why I want to go into something else afterwards.

Ijust feel terrified of everything right now idk if Iam ill or sleepy or what but Ihave a pretty intense oberbearing premonotion of uneasiness

all four differences oh no

Isn't this like your 4th sleep related post?

Iforgot maybe itis I just kept thinking how spoopy it would be if I started seeing stuff and then I felt more spooped worrying I would

sense of impending doom? it's definitely cancer

but I hear noises

neru go to sleep holy shit

too much cappu

only need one to look like a baka :(

Do they make you learn about all card games or do you get to specialize in yu gi?

This thread is irrecoverable.


just make sure you learn marketable shit man
think outside the box that is uni
talk to profs
get to know them

Oh no you used calories instead of joules?

new board when

I worry I might have cancer and stuffs

soooon (maybe)

actuallyyy I have not had too much cappu today but ta


Fair point, very good one at that.



o wow its still up

let's take it over

I'm learning Vanguard with the top player in UK at the moment, but I specialize in Yugioh at the moment, and that's what I like.

That's what I'm trying to do, but I'm terrible at networking since I'm not exactly the most sociable person in the world, but I can try to do it.

I make the greatest points every, sometimes.

It's my old board.

you're fine buddy
sense of impending doom can be indicative of literally anything
including too much caffeine
like you might just be stressed

you have a problem. you make too many boards.

I am waiting to take over.

nice brown pill OP

watch yt vids on how to human
fake confidence until you actually start feeling good about yourself

I have been there tho
like guero said sometimes it just happens
best thing to do is to do something to relax yourself or just ignore and sleep it off

you insidious usurper.

I'll abuse you.

maybe hepatitis

lucky duck! I bet they'd let you work even more if you wanted too, more than jus Saturday!

fkn so dank

you make a compelling argument. I will follow you, new leader.

I want to leave some of the retards behind.

but will he abuse you as hard as test

where to heck would you get hepatitis, neru

wow don't call me a retard that's rude

probably. test doesn't even look me in the eyes when he abuses me anymore. sad!

This is my new home now

I bite

This is why I have my therapist too, so I can actually become confident with myself talking to other people.

Well considering they're only short staffed on saturday, I don't think I can work more dates because all other time slots are full with a two man team, only saturday has one guy working and I help him.

Imight eat dindin nad try to sleep it off Iguessss

you've already kinda been here more than anywhere else. but congrats

bite wat

don't sleep
You'll die

poor game nerd


Death to pone! Long live hoomens!


oh man
so you're that deep huh

kay gl


chewy stuff


Every time I think of the name "Gamenerd" I feel I need to make fun of him for it is but then I remember that just addressing him by that name is making fun of him.

yeah fuck those pones anyway


Uhh, you could say say I am, but I'm trying my best to overcome it and what not, and it's slowly working, I think anyway.

Don't even say that name! It's cursed.

Well...maybe SOME pone...

that's a weird use of that stuffed toy.

what is the alternative

nothing wrong w/it
some ppl just need a lil help



A legit grill actually posted on the /mlp/ board. A rare phenomena. Had to save.

Call me....Game Addict!


Yeah, a little help can go a long way, and I'm happy I can get it, considering most don't and what not.

wow. and she was posting pictures of herself to get attention? color me surprised.


I want therapy, but I take psychiatric drugs every day, that sort of fixed me too


So says the poster formerly known as Game Nerd!

That's what happens when daddy doesn't bond with his teenage daughter.


I wish I was Canadian so I could get free drugs.

it does not seem like a great replacement

Luna is worst princess.

this is just not true.


You know what, would you like to join that category?

whatif your brain lets you stop your heart like theree was a way to think to just completely bork your body


so much bonding

n-no. please. I'll be good.


tl;dr no

Good girl, fuckin' better.

go to bed neru


I'm always a good girl.

Speaking of sleep I should get some, I might go soon, maybe not. I don't know yet!

Until you're not.

hey now. that doesn't happen.
who you be, anyway?

if you should get some, you should go get some. silly.

Decide on one


Ido not really habeeb there being no way to controll any of that

But the decision is hard, maybe I'll go bed at 6 like yesterday, yeah, I'll do that.

Wait it is.


new thread

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new thread

your body is a highly evolved thing

you can have some slight control with breathing and mood but it wont stop unless theres faulty wiring combined with a sudden shock

Introductions, please.

Who are all of you?