Loco thread

Loco thread

are indonesians even gooks? I think they are a combo of spics/gooks and wops?

Another thing I'm glad I'm not a part of.

retoasting because everyone loves racism.
RiceNiggers though

asian mexicans

???? WHAT

loco pls dont filter me i just want to make a connection with you T~T

some are pure chinese or korean and just live there

the natives are pretty dark and are either 10% endogenous or mixed


not sure who's jumping through hoops here

Hi Sci

I mean, they do look almost as disgustingly filthy as their streets. Guess thats our fault as priv westerners.
Heroin, not even twice


dude guero did u finish homestuck/how far did u read?


I have way too many calories from protein. My heart will hate me by the time I'm 60 because of red meat.

Everyone looks disgusting when you're white.

Also, can you tell cirzel from Scoot - "Go fuck yourself"

scoots isn't even white

he's a jew

Does "she" have a vagina

Thank god I am so white. I am so white, bigly white... my genetics so yuge white.
Did a test
I am 99.99% white
Thats very FUCKING white

Why would you want to talk to him?

She's okay, dude.

are you perpetually depressed and lonely

yo ban whats up my brother :)


All nonwhites are disgusting to even nonwhites.

Are you deflecting

Its an in joke, given thats why grim kicked me from le discord. Honhonhon

Or is it a "the answer to both questions is yes" thing

like test wtf was that
super aggressive and then complete drop
are you on drugs?

the answer to your question is the answer to mine

Some jews can blend into white society and go completely unnoticed.

we cal these day walkers

the nose and the inherent greed always gives them away

I remember 4m linking me a 50 page pdf on how to identify jews

shit was cray

Just gave a second picture since you spoke of it, now that I know who you are though just going to ignore you.

Jesus grim. Didn't think you'd sink that low. I mean how long do you think you can surpress the violent urges.

me: actually upset about loco over here

Well, I AM greedy as fuck, stinking rich and have a bit of a snozzle.
But I can pass as a gentile... unlike grim who spends his time passing as a GENITAL


I'm going to release them all onto you and bury you alive in some field in spain somewhere.

Has he given me a reason not too?

I know some people you talk with who like little kids IRL.

I'm not even sure Sci actually does though.

I'm just having fun and thats pretty much it.


Yes, maga

like all righty then byeeee ; DD

You are going to release your urges into me?

don't you start, boy.






nah i didnt
I got to that big hiatus hussie took and got disinterested

Sci Is a pedo
when we banning?

Thats what I typed.

Sci doesn't like little kids. He posted pics of ghostie that ghostie took and shared when she was 17.

That was Boo.

And a 14 year old girl.

when he was 15

its like 50-50 he did it for attention or hes a legit pedo

people dont want to find out

Is your indonesian flower pretty?



Is she muslim.

Of course they are a muslim

how else is grim going to keep HALAL

Sci is as much of a pedo as Grim is a homosexual.

I tried dating a muslim once

shit went sideways

she is gorgeous

atta boy! thats the way to do life
tee bee aych i just woke up (almost 8 pm!!) and i feel like a loser! im gonna have to stay up for like 24 hrs now to flip that shit. also ive been doing this thing where ive like been improving myself??? and increasing intensity constantly and thats p sweet. lovin that shit

good because I am 100% straight

have you seen the vagina

On Sci's board. Or sci on his own board. Whatever.

i have no interest in children

im only interested....in loco

100% straight with homosexual tendencies.

Both deny but are completely. Fitting.

Thank you for explaining the joke.


Grim did you have a male best friend in elementary school ?

I mean, I wouldnt want you to go to indochina and murder someone

idk when that was, was it in act 6 tho?

uhhhhhno? it's 100% im not a pedo
dude wtf
whos been feeding u shit!?

I'm happy for you.

I mean he insults everyone, baits constantly, and does nothing admirable or kind in general.

Subtle? Cup?

You ever hang around the gym

Oh, Squid is also a good bet.

have you ever downloaded a bear WINKIEFACE

You are welcome.

He doesn't do any of those things to me.

Its none of the people you listed to my knowledge.

yo wtf whats with all this fresh hostility against me i dindu a nuffin lmao

Anyways I'm back.

really missed you

I'm front.



Welcome back, goat.

Yeah he was black, his name was Roy


A lot of ppl

ty :3

I didn't think about you.

Good. Now bend over.

who did squashie think about

well that shits shit jsyk btw fella

Thats good because that part where I said missed you? I LIED

you told me

I'm going to sleep away the pain. Goodnight.


Liars get beat.

oh i did? a'ight coolcool word to ya motha

Give daddy kisses before you go.


he perished for your eternal sin

Never wake up
never come back

then beat me daddy

I won't say anything I'll regret and give them away though.

Roy Mustang?

That boys done it now.

gn i love u ; w;

loko you dont even know what i look like h ello??


AHAHAHAHAHHAHAhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHhahahaHAHAHhaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHhahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa holy shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit hahahahahahahhaha ya'll are fucking retarded holy shit what the fuck grim ahahahahhaha

I still have your cover of that one 2hu song saved

pick another one from my musical faves list and cover it onegai

ill link u on steam

So glad that Loco has to "pawn" their phone and this wont be back ever.
Or atleast for a day.

I am a good dog and do not sin.

You don't deserve my touch.



watch out rin,

Bet elma so happy they never met up with him

Nice post.

is that thunder
no its a flaming retard crashing into the thread

I hope this isn't true

he saw everything

I sin under a blanket where he can't see me.



whoa wait it's late at damn night my brother im not beltin out a tune this moment jeez-o-pete!

don't fuck with jesus H christ's xray vision

im gonna send him some money so he can post
once I have money

pal its 8pm

yeah i know!

How about you dont do that.
That is a waste of money.

Is he trying to check me out?

I mean, how about I give sci money for posting here?
Its as "sensible" as that

early as fuck
and on a friday

didn't you give luka money




thanks it took no effort
why you harping on me my dude

hi anu cheeki breeki

Santa can sleigh my ass.

yea but i dont want my family to hear and think me a silly boy
speaking of friday


Nope, never given luka a penny. Ive shared free trials of CR.

you know what I mean fam?

why are people always bullying you

yeah it's pretty fucking ridiculous

hopefully he was just kidding

scootaloo ur wrong bro loco is a gr8 poster nothing like me


oh that's why

Giving a literal spic free money to mooch here. Nah. I wouldn't bother, I mean couldnt that money be better invested in THE WALL

it's a motherfuckin mystery to me friend!

hi teeps

i cant believe you were only using 10% of your power all along

or like anything else

Tracer, Rein and Pharah really.
76 is pretty boss.
et tu

I already forgot what I did but its probably all my fault.

lmao stop replying to me now

Pharah and 76 so far but I have barely played
I will probably get into Dva, I feel

In booze, i mean imagine the booze... lost...

cringe!! :DDD

maybe it has to do with you saying really awful posters are the best posters all the time

just to irritate people

hello my love how are you this evening my dear

its brtety casual sci

I am a thirsty slut.

they nerf'd the poor las, though they are still aite, last few plays I have been dominating dVa... DOMINATING A KOREAN my favourite

cool it ban you're out of control

yeah dude like the cost to keep a loco connected for a few days vs getting blacked out

pretty easy decision there

I had a very productive day at work today, whistled on my way back home

now I am shitposting and writing some correspondences

I'm going to have to tie your hand behind your back if we ever have to share a hotel room LOL

as long as her performance isn't too bad

koreans are hella pretty but super materialistic

but i genuinely believe that... >:\ im not trying to annoy anyone by having an opinion!

what, ow? yea i know i played it for a couple months right after it came out but then i was bored of it

wow i cant believe this! i am so betrayed, my best friend boo had betrayed me for the last time waaaaahhh
nigga i didnt even do shit to you this timne, infact i wasnt even posting, i guess your typical sandnigger brain finally snapped and went social jihad? poor baby boy

I have to much pent up aggression.

Getting blacked out, atleast the feeling of shame and grease afterwards doesnt mean aids.

VX dat pussy


L I T E R A L L Y WHO is this


angry gf of guero



both of you had it coming for a long time tbh

blood chan on a proxy.

Grim's new Wish.

when you start shit and grim takes the bullet for you


Kim jong nam was killed by LOL girl with VX
Highly deadly weaponized bioweapon
most likely developed by the North

These simple children.

you walk home from work?

that's pretty neat

your opinions about posters are objectively mostly wrong

except your feelings about me

which are spot on

are you intentionally mixing up your to's and too's

it's triggering me a bit

yeah man at least there's some fleeting moments of joys mixed in with whatever the hell happens

beats throwing your money out the window aka donating to/enabling posters

test's twink gf oobles

thats what thought ty

uu-uhhhh *sweats*

What you do?

Maybe if these posters got a fucking JOB

I would much rather just type "to" for everything and forget


ikr? you know what though?

i hope luka NEVER gets a job

like we wouldn't know what to do if that happened

lol youre such a goof! are you goin soft on the patriachy or whatever it is ppl have here? the gaytriarchy?

you've fucked it up twice this thread

pick one or the other then

we'd have to then pick on some other NEET

had what coming? petulant abused child throwing a pussyfit on an internet image board? the idea that you think your words carry any weight is literally laughable

You live in a strange world.

i am so genuinely hurt

patriarchy? what do you mean by this

I want to be Test's twink gf.

I will miss your mommy dearest shouting ANUUUUUUUUUUUU so sultry in the background din of your mud hut tho

What are my options now boss ?

remember when i was friends w oobles

im an operative against the animus gaytriarchy
good poster are systematically oppressed by homosexuals!

it's not like we would have to look far for the next top victim lol

i did that cause you actually knew who it was

to goof ya!

and you probably want to get up in that irl

you're more of an otter i think


VeeVee looks like an adequate replacement.
If Sci wasnt so easy.

thats some cold war era nerve agent right?
her shirt had "LOL" on it
rip in rest

some of it is walk some of it is public transit


why are you still here
you've been 100x more abused than I ever have by not even having parental figures in your life lolllllllll

but no I'm talking about how after the main drama, I just wanted it to end quietly but you two wouldn't stop throwing cheap shots here and there like fucking kids and ended up getting served together like roast ham

now shoo

my parents live in a $2m house
thats the kind of money you wont even dream of ever owning at once ever in your life kiddo

brb fam

i donno like just use to then

misusing too is the worst

some of the best posters are gay though

like based grim

Wish I was a bear.

You warm my heart.

how long has that been going now? six years? le wtf is with these internet fellas never letting a joke go!??

No, thanks.

whistling on the bus is kinda not looked fondly upon

last year i had to ride with the blacks to work for a few days while my car was in the shop

it's not that fun to be with the common folks

imagine being this delusional
my wealth is in the form of my hindi daddy not beating me into submission and permanently forming me into a husk of a manchild lmao

i must kno
how could you do this to me? guoobles. same person, just different gender. i speak for us both! you have hurt our feelings so greatly... such a good friend lost to thje ways of social isis.............

*missuses them*

Now what, ningen ?

imagine living in your mommy's 2 million dollar new york apartment and buying a samus statue with her money instead of working on literally anything useful


Why so toxic?

u kno what... im gonna upd8 my list tonight


get going on those carbs bro

what joke

have you ever been to canada?

i've only been to niagara falls and toronto myself

toronto was pretty cool. i would like to go back

i guess i can't do shit

you'll just report me if i try

also, teaching children how to play minecraft and fucking them on the dl LMAO
you didn't report that kid who threatened to kill herself cuz her parents would have found your prophet muhammad ass trying to fuck her in the texts


Hey, squash.

aisha abi bakr 2.0

imagine not being a bully ;_ ;

grim gay thing

awhile ago /lewd/ called us toxic so i just started spamming this

rip ;;

Wow that true?

when I called you guys practically the same person, it was supposed to be a compliment at how good you two are together, sorta like the two peas in a pod thing, you know? But it was said at the wrong place and time, so that was my bad honestly

but the way you handled the entire situation?
You've got a long way to go in terms of maturity
and thats coming from someone who is often immature

maybe if you keep saying something itll come true
try a bit harder, you're almost there

tfwI make more money in 3 months than you do in a year
tfw I bought that statue with 3 days worth of work

hi who is this

My sister wants to go to Canada after she graduates.

No one important.

There is a lot of hostility tonight.


umm liike you should have some pride in urself buddy

How are you all doing tonight?

i think the better way to phrase this would be "borrowed from mommy's purse"

also, I love the damage control on this shit you told me in confidence being blown up aha
everything i've said was something YOU said to me
feels weird when it happens to you, eh?

who is this now?


Cosmically speaking, of course.

fuck you

and im buying another $400 one this year
you know why

because I make the disposable income to pay for itπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

oh it's soome furry runoff

for moog

oh no i am be preach about virtual inbteractions and maturity i am sorry i am just literally retarded i am on OMAP and evrythinbg oh no i am crying how could u eo this be so mean and insult me about my weight and everything i amn so sasd we were supposeed to go to medival tines and everything ;_;

Hi I'm Sinni!!


Ningen, you're powerless.


Feels so good.

Run before this place makes you a dick too.

hi tallgirl

#trufax, I have the pay stubs to prove it

yeah man literally the same on you
we both have a treasure trove of shit to fling, it's A+++

Get out while you can


i only say that cause he thinks he's 100 percent straight

it was before grimmy was a mod so i don't think i even got banned

who doesn't


i'd like to check out the bc scene

seems serene and maybe i could crash on luka's couch or something

pretty good person

what movie is your offensive avatar from

forget about cosmically we're on the human level rn

whats your thing?

Fact: Grim talked to his underage students on skype for MONTHS after they left his tutelage
Fact: Grim defended Sci for posting CP
Conclusion: Grim is an actual pedophile


Not really
We meed more cute homo posters

Midna a best.

I have no idea who the fuck you are.

oh i guess it's not that offensive he's just a stereotypical hippie not a stereotypical native american hippie

What the fuck?

Why would anyone do this?


but he has a gf even!

is this le ironic ?

grim got an irl boner in real life when his prepubescent female student jumped on his lap


Oh then I'm very important and make a lot of money and have several friends also my dick is huge.

This dude had a CHILD tell him her thoughts of committing suicide and didn't report it to the police OR her school
Definitely some texts in there he didn't want them seeing.


Hi Grim!!!

Hello I'm here forever, get ready cause I'm the new cool kid in school.

It's Harvey!

Do I have to have a thing? I don't like being pigeonholed

Hi I'm Sinni!!

get the fuck outta here

Anyway I'm going to go play some shit.
This is getting way too petty for my taste even.

Fact:With their parents' permission
Fact:When I thought it was a one-off thing
Conclusion: Literal nigger who omits information tries to be sneaky snek but can't slither through this time

I used to play league with him and tutored him, his pops appreciated it


lmao who the fuck are you even talking about now

hows ur friday going

That is legitimately disturbing.

but have you watched as i was moving ahead occasionally i saw brief glimpses of beauty

Thats cool
Im the residents jew
Oy vey

i am not privy to this reference

i mean it seams vaguely familiar

but that could just be because it's in the cultural ether

dude that's a bold faced lie



No, I'm more familiar with the 1999 classic 'While We Were Falling up the Staircase of Exuberance'

Let's be honest.
It was probably a dude.

have you ever been in trouble with the law?

i spent a long time constructing that post

glad someone appreciated it

Why would he want to stop the child's reincarnation? Seems dumb.

Good! I got to stay home today which was pretty swood! I didn't really do anything though :v. Playing some animal crossing at the moment. How was your friday dude?


Harvey is an animal crossing character; he starred in the animal crossing direct awhile ago which is where I get most of my pictures.

That tends to be the case in this place.

dude that's just racist

ive done some illegal shit at ax esp but never got caught :3c

oh cool
do you go to school or work?
It was good I had a really productive day, just shitposting really hard rn

have you checked out draggo meido anime yet?

holy shit I chuckled hard

But it should be fine as long as I do not use the N-bombs, right?

weird how none of this was mentioned originally
it's almost like you're lying to try and damage control

We'll welcome to the hell hole.
Hope your weekend is looking good
Half tempted to grab a jd and get idiotic

why do u have to do this man

tru fact

everyone has a thing it's not like it's by design thats why we are all....individual!

yea neither have i
whats that one you said about?

isn't animal crossing a video game?

i'm afraid i may be already in deeper than i want to be

weird how it even should be because its implied you fucking mongoloid

real talk you need to stop grasping at straws before you make an even huger ass out of yourself

Hell if I know. I assumed you were making up shitty pretentious movies.

This drama
Pouring a drink
Squash needs to MTFU

guero is fake news!!!!! >>>>_

I'm still in school but I'm training to be an athletic trainer atm so I guess that counts as work? Also idk what that anime is. Is that dragon loli?

Thanks for inviting me! I hope your weekend goes well, make good choices!

Idk my thing is that I'm a swood dude, or something? I'm not sure how to play this game.

Yeah man it's the best video game.

Ok, something needs to be done about people who are posting non animu pics.

I came just in time

And with a 12 pack :3

Eeeeeyyyyyyyyyyy it's Friday

Stahp fighting you're both autists

I hope she is brought back into the games somehow. Someday.

oh yeah you did fucking acid

lol at how you went from like 0 to 90 like that

cultural tolerance is crucial to a thriving online community

talking to BC on steam does not really count

so they just throw in video clips of furries and asian hippies?

seems a bit odd

so like the people who help train people at the gym or like that but for pros?

if you get paid for it, its work imo

yeah the name is miss kobyashi's dragon maid

lucoa is my fave

suspicious bjs

not even acid πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Not seeing that it's weird to continue contact with children after you no longer have any affiliation with them is just more concise than anything I could possibly have to fucking say, lol

It'd be funnier if any of this was baseless
It's just starting to feel mean, shitting on you this hard

We live in Trump land now, though.

Soto was the bottom in this, wasn't he?

I gave Grim coke

Cause Im a good friend

Im sure it'll be fine, so long as I don't upset more than 2 people. Any less than 2 and ive done well
Vidya weekend


no thats a real one lol

idk what that means
im just an awkward mofo trying to get to know u!


it's funny cause you don't understand what the fuck a tutoring gig is, but let me explain it for you

its a contract where I get paid weekly to teach someone specific skills or subjects

it's got absolutely null ground because it's all wrong
but keep on deluding yourself that you're winning some kind of e-argument here


Where is Trevor

Well then, here we are.

Shut up John

i actually tried to move a few of my anime folders over to this computer earlier but my thumb drive is all fucked up apparently

what? i thought you were frying

oh shit that's right you were blowing rails

lol that's even worse

trump is a bozo

kinda want him to declare martial law on chicago

lol my hometown is pretty much trying to succeed from america. it's pretty funny

who is trevor again?



Do you remember when we called everyone in the pony threads John?


Yeah, a fine way to hone ones autism

is discord corrupting threads?

stay in this place with me whats your made up movie about?

sometimes i forget that test was a fulltime horsefucker once

Funniest presidency so far.

Do you still have absolutely no alcohol?

That Ban guy.

I still don't get it.

Nah, Harvey is a character. He runs the campsite and is one swood of a dude.

Nah I help train athletes & what not. I'd like to travel with the cubs one day but atm that's unrealistic. I like helping people who work hard to entertain others!

I believe in you!!!

If you want to know me just play like 20 questions. I'm Sinni, I live in Chicago, I turn 19 in April. I like the color white, I have a boyfriend uwu.

I thought that was only through constant vaccination.

whoa wtf thats completely news to me

doing coke is like so bad

i would probably not admit that to your parents until you are much older

Wow fuck you guys

lmao that fucking picture

You wanna share one?
That'd be an indirect kiss though


I completely forgot Test liked traps and Rin was a tranny
My memory is p shit dude

Would telling his parents he likes penis or that he's done coke be worse?
I'm assuming the penis.




I posted in the pony threads before they died and I moved to the anime threads a million years ago.

I still have none and I work saturday.

thats gr8!

I work in a lab and we work on state of the art components for up and coming technology

its amazing but I have to type up a lot of stuff, so it gets tiring at times

I know
only did it once, don't plan on doing it again

lit af

Christ alive.


And to think, you started while underage and didn't end up with a 40 year old man/woman like the majority.

Momma making you a tripcode by the by

The great migration

I'm far too sober to be creative.

I'm sorry.

I thought he was just some DnD nerd who looked like a metalhead cause of the long hair and wore scrubs

Dw Test, I'll drink with you :3

How's the fri coming along?

yeah for sure

like it's exhausting

i woke up to hearing that he wants to ramp up our nuclear program

and thought like, lol he has done nothing but terrible things in like a month

this is going to be great\

oh right people have such boujee names around here

i don't get it though

why is he 3dpd

is that a cosplayer?

also i am in the chi too btw way

yeah it was also weird once test came out of the closet

it was kinda like when colbert did

they seem like such nice normal people

mmm probably the penis


you didn't have fun?

i've only done it a few times and i was so drunk and high at the time so i can't really tell you where one thing stopped and the coke began

hashtag whitegirlwasted

Coke? OwO

That sounds awesome as fuck! Keep working hard dude you help change the world with that kind of stuff.

Idk what that means.

ayy chitown represent (or something)
It was just for the nintendo direct to introduce harvey & what not. He's just a developer of the update & it's cute.

Wow but its not weird when I did

Fucking double standard lol

Don't be a bigot.

what media do u like and consume most sinni guy?

tfw losing ALL RESPEC T for test v.v


A secure name
Essentially so people cant fake being you
Look how funny mine and others names are



I had a LOT of fun

but it changed my personality a little

thats scary

Ugh how can my Dad drink this fucking garbage

Budweiser is like Steel Reserve's baby brother

It's so much easier to chug than 211's tho lmao

I'm not entirely sure how to answer this? I watch netflix a lot. I end up watching way too many documentaries about like weird shit. Recently I've been watching Chef's Table which is an awesome as hell show with 3 seasons of quality gold.

Oh that's kinda sweet. I'm slowly becoming one of y'all.

Are you 15?

it feels gr8

ethics issues are pretty big and once im higher up on the working chain its gonna be tough to deal with them

I just hope supercomputers that make major decisions for us will exist by then

You're always drinking so does it really count?

How am I supposed to hit on a SOBER PERSON

I have never heard boujee before just now.

How lewd! Maybe.

oh i see thanks for explaining i guess

what area are you in

i'm in berwyn

you were always kinda bi though

it didn't take long for the traps to start making your doki go donk or whatever

wait like permanently?

or you thought it was weird how much you acted differently on it

eh i did it last sunday

permanently yeah

something was shaken

Yeah yeah
Sure momma will explain and help if it's something you need

that's really weird man

i wonder if that's common with coke

i know it is with acid

wonder if colbert feels eternally different


Sounds stressful! Keep working hard and hopefully you'll get a sweet spot where those ethical issues aren't so bad? Idk tho just keep doing your best.

Atm I'm living out in naperville with my fam. I have a few more months then I'm boarding to attend Depaul (that or if shit goes south, heading away to attend waubonsee)

Thanks for letting me know dude, I appreciate it

it pretty much just made me more aggressive and quick to anger in general.
It was by a minuscule amount, but enough that I noticed.


aww thank you

I'm rooting for you too tallgirl


NO BULLY!!!!!!!!

Im the Bigostest

Dude, it was so funny
Sam, Manny, Israel and my sis went to TIME, some nightclub in newport and went to see Sander Van Doorn

Sam and Manny had a bunch of molly and Manny gave his last one to a cute asian chick he was trying to get at and Sam ended up getting with her

This pic tho lmfao
Manny didn't see them kissing and when he saw it he got so triggered

Sam got the kill, Manny assisted lmaooooo

We went halfsies

My dad loves this shit so I got it since I dont really care what kind of beer
Besides the old geezer only drinks like 3 and he's pretty much falling asleep so I finish the rest lol


Well that makes sense

it's always funny when boujee rich white suburbanites try to rep chi

Woo woo
Deep dish amma rite

You've done it before.



good on sam he deserves it


hmmm maybe it just opened a door in you that is hard to shut now

maybe it's a good thing


it's just so far out there

i guess naperville isn't as bad as like barrington


bud is a fucking catastrophe
my family has been drinking it as long as I can remember and it genuinely tastes like skunk piss

Atleast it isnt Texas



It's part of the chicagoland area dude, no bully


You just want the fucking ego boost you jerk.

hello mother of my child how are you

The imp form is the hottest. Her 'human' form is meh.