Raging erections

Raging erections


I tried to make a thread.
Fuck if I do that again.




my fucking sides


Das nice

that's not my image

I made a post saying I was making one, I made the thread, and I linked it before you even made your thread
come on man

Now the mods just need to do their JOBS and delete the FAILED threads

Fuck you I am still beyond upset.

*pat* You're nice!

Anyway I'm school again.

we dont do that

They're my images.

they can be reused you MORON

wow wth abuse

Going to play Fuckle Fantasy.

says who

They have failed.
They deserve to be ''culled'.


I'm all shakey from low blood sugar or whatever and I hate it ;___;






[email protected]/* */

did you see my post earlier?

What the fuck is MGTOW

Hey Elma, how's it going?
Sorry I sorta stopped replying
I was having a bowl of cereal with my dad while reading the mail and seeing the specials at Food4less and Ralphs.

We were having a lil giggle cause I asked him if the beer cheap there? and he was like "You know it's not always about alcohol, you drunk" (in spanish) then he turned to the next page and was like "Oh shit the beer is super cheap here" (in spanish) lmao

They must be purged.

Must I really say it?
admin abuse

Please come on over to the only real thread.

How can clocks be real if time isn't real?

Says me.

I don't accept this

las cervesas mucho barato?

No worries I GUESS

what kind of cereal? Forgiveness depends on your answer.

We linked you Scoot's steam.

You have no excuse.

You don't get a choice, pal.

Yeah I do
The choice to just annex the picture like russia annexing crimea

Then I guess I'll just be like the rest of the world and block, delete, mute and ignore you.

You and your hms.

Cause who would not eat her ice cream. Duh.

Ay chingao, estan bien barato los missiles jajaja
Or something like that
We sorta call beers missiles cause of some old joke and it became a meme and we just call them missiles now lol

My dad's a die hard Honey Bunches of Oats fan, I'm pretty meh about em but I'll have a bowl just so I can sit with the old geezer and chat lol

lol nice Honey Bunches is good shit. You got lucky this time^^

Ah, that reminds me that I gotta get back to my dad. He felt the need to text me yesterday asking how everything's going so it seems like he's trying to come around or soemthing. idk

Phew lmao

That's good, at least he's hitting you up lol
Is he cool with you transitioning?


what the fuck am I doing

brb watching tons of shit I never finished

Night bro.

Having fun.

That's what I'll have to find out.

I'm leaning towards no, but he decided to message me, so like I said, maybe he's coming around to the idea of being okay with it.

wow RIP

I hate how messy I am sometimes

I like things to be neat and orderly

and then I mess it up sometimes

I'm still in shock that Soto has a dad

He is not black.

He's like the black of South America tho

I thought those were the huehues.

Like, I mean, maybe he isn't too crazy about it but he wants to support you ya know?
He's probs just doing it at his own pace
Still though he's your dad
Dude just wants to see how you've been

I'm right there with you

I mean maybe. They did say they wanted to be supportive in the same sentence as uninviting me to Christmas this past December, so I'm tentative at best to restart any sort of dialogue.

Everyone falls through on thing sometime, you adorable dork.

I giggled

Oi you cunt

When are you gonna stop by and say hi, and meet the old man and my younger sis you've never met?
Its been so long Ian

Damn that kinda sounds rough
Who is more okay with it though? Your mom or your dad? Are they still together?

I have no idea. I don't really talk to my family. I'm not sure if my mom even knows. They are not together.

Ah, makes sense.

My parents aren't together either and my moms been out of the pic for ages so I feel you on that
Talk more to your fam tho

Elma is here?

Meh. We'll see. Been trying to think of something to say tbh. The gf's helping me with this. It's a slow and painful process.


Nothing at all.

As expected.

jfc my dick

Emma cosplay Lucoa if you're THICC enough

And what about you? What is up with you?

That's good your gf is helping out

Hopefully it isn't too painful lol

Listening to Cannibal Corpse and playing my cellphone game before bed.

I meant that my family is emotionally painful.

I don't know what the cellphone game is.


I dont have a gf either and you dont see me crying

would soto be loyal to a partner

Welfare, antidepressants, and 999,998 calories a day?

th-thanks user

It's a racing game.

Step 1: Be cute
Step 2: Get gf
Step 3: ???
Step 4: Profit

a million other things only a therapist could have input into but I haven't seen a therapist in a month in a half because of scheduling error after scheduling error.

Racing? With a cellphone? How deliciously absurd.


Probs Wondercon tbh

I already know you want to fuck your brother, so I'm basically your therapist already.

If I legitimately liked her I totally would be

Once upon a time I was loyal af to a girl that I supposedly loved but she ended up cheating on me and I got so salty I took out my anger on other girls lol.
Then again this was when I was in HS lmao

I haven't really bothered to get a gf since then

I'm not meming right now

Sounds good

Whelp. He'll never achieve that.

What scheduling conflicts could even you have?

*you even


wow such a baller with one of them girlfriends in highschool

why neo? :)
tell me more.

first time was dentist, second time I was sick, third time my cab wasn't set up right and didn't get sent, 4th time she was sick. I was told she would be calling me to reschedule but I've got no calls so I need to call them tomorrow


i'm usually not one for choclatte part of the neo politan

who are you again, btw?


Who knew a weeb could get a gf

noepolitan ice cream is bomb
the soursweet of strawberry goes good with the mellow vanilla and the bitter chocolate refreshes your palate

i thought only the popular kids could do that. unless it was one of those cringy weeb circles


life sucks

I dont like Ice Cream and everyone gives me shit for not liking it

Rightfully so, you have some kind of major malfunction

We already knew that and it didn't have anything to do with ice cream :^)


[MLG horn goes off]


I did not know that

Probably just mommy issues.

Sorry I did not say so earlier then.

i'm usually not one for chocolate part of the neo politan

I am getting burnt out on Final Fantasy.

Why do you keep replying the same comment to him over and over?

Probably because Spoilers keeps replying to it.

oh come on already

god damnit japan and your laws n shieet


He didn't reply to it.

You obviously follow their interactions closer than I.

I literally just got here and noticed as he was posting it.

I just got out of FF so I'm not sure what's going on in thread.

it's ok

you don't wanna put a name on? it would make this easier for me

Wow what a bully


Well that's kinda sad.

I was busy shitposting fb about VNs

One of the other admins is just finding out about Saya no Uta and I'm like 2000 LATE

Truly the bottom of the barrel for replies.

Story of his life.

Why though?

I probably should, I only did not put something there cause by the time I thought to go tripless Bard had flipped out.
It was just more fun to bother him without doing anything.
With him gone I might as well go back to it. lol

it's not sweet

yay ^^

I do not get how that works.

*Shakes thread a little*

yo i just realized the shota's name in dragon maid is Shouta

I fell asleep before 9pm and now I'm awake again send help


strawberry and vanilla are sweet.


why isnt kanna's name louli

sorry i dont actively prey after little boys like you

Want to OW?

Lucoa/Shouta doujin when

thats not a thing that i want

nah. I think I'm gonna watch anime or something until I get sleepy again. gonna lie back down on my bed. you should get some sleep, squashy.

fuggign... damn

I have no desire to rest.

They're already out there dude


because you touch yourself at night

correlations how

I'll explain when you're older





yeah but there's still various applications where single core usage is more important and not really measured in benchmarks

tl;dr just buy an i5 there's no need to even buy an i7 ever



that's cute funny ^_^

lol I think I should be fine for a little bit more

Even tho I got a shit AMD FX 6300 Nigger Edition lmao

Yeah, probably
I'm just saying like, nobody needs an i7, and even the AMD chips that people will tell you are better really aren't.

But how will I brag to my normie friends that dont know shit about computers and explain it to them that I'm a fucking god and have a godlike CPU even though I dont?



Luka post beard

i'm not a boy.

if u had a beard how would u styl eit

You tell the funniest jokes sometimes Luka

i wouldn't have one.

what about moustaches


fucking normies


she has weird eyes

i think itd be pretty stylish

are u too young for one?


idk. i try to shave once in a while

you can't grow one.

of course i can im a manly man

ur hawain tho

am not
what does that have to do with anything anyways

you don't live in hawaii?

just because i live in hawaii doesnt mean im hawaiian

but you're on hawaii!!

its a different matter

it's not anti-matter

whats anti-matter

not matter

yup a different matter

Post more Saya

was dagashi kashi shit or worth watch

quantum matter?

its not a physical matter

It was complete shit dude
I still watched it cause I would get high af and the OP was good.

But the doujins are fucking 10/10


i think ill just stick to the porns. although i kinda dislike reading porns for series i havent watched

im not speaking with a scientifigy stance

u are

i was talking about me not being hawaiian tho

hey ban

u live on hawaii
u stand on hawaii
u post from hawaii
the food you get is on hawaii
the people you know are on hawaii and live on hawaii

and you are hawaii

He's like Mongolian or something

The ones that eat dogs

im barely alive
i usually sit
i dont mail people
most of the food is imported
i barely know anyone irl compared to online and im barely alive

im not hawaii

y dont u want hawaii?

what do you mean by want hawaii


ur afraid of hawaii

but im not afraid of hawaii

Hmm... :\
im unsure about that.



if i were afraid of it i would be pissing my pants right now


Kinda wanna kiss Rin as soon as he wakes up so I can get a taste of his morning breath

Is there a greater fear than clicking into a VM and realizing you don't actually remember the escape key?

just hit the power button on ur pc

early morning relaxing on youtube playthroughs.

u are

You have issues.

On a side note do you shave your legs?

Pretty sure you knew that.

i can assure you my pants are dry

I wouldn't be asking if I knew that
Wait, so like are you trans?
Am I late to the game on this? lmao

By some description.

Damn you learn something new everyday

I don't know how you didn't know this already.

clean pants

I mean evidently I solved it if I'm posting

ima go shower and change them!

yeah but my solution wouldve worked 2

fuck the world!


kef the world

okay you instead. is than user soto or what?


Wait which user?


id 346be4


okay you took so long i decided to scroll and find out. did something happen to him?

konnichiwa bitches...

le why bother it's completely dead here now...hello.

and what depravities are you fine ladies discussing today...

le hai

That is why you'll never be a good poster.

like uh whats up?

so ill never be a good poster so what

we like... post to make it undead

contribution and whotnot

nm, morning routine stuff... coffee going

hbu user

as if i have anything to say! im just farting into the void

i might get some coffe too forfirst time in long time. waiting on a call what im doing
it's sci btw


you seem upset... wanna talk about it?

wtf sci
y u no tripfag

i mean at least i know im nothing too many ppl make the mistake of thinking theyre interesting

sci too cool for persistence of identity

whoa... hey im interesting!

ah nvm bubbo

i think im mosty just tired but ill more fully guage my emotions tomorrow
but maybe you are right! what do you do toget in like your happy place anonsama

today is hereby canceled due to lack of interest

alcohol and black vageen...

hmmm i dunno that seems more like distraction


get lit sci, its 5pm somewhere

I know I'm uninteresting.

That doesn't mean I can't try to, like, I dunno.


Who dis

Typing mannerisms suggest sci.

i thought you were a wise old man youre supposed to reveal your secret meditation techniques and show me the righteous way!


not everything is about u bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

u like my ironic lingual switch gate?

...the secret to true happiness is to deceive oneself into believing you can be happy. this method is functional through maximum self deceit and denial of reality.



oh i see. maybe it's like the acting confident in order to become confident

But if I had any ability for self deceit and denial of reality, I'd probably have a tulpa by now.

my tulpa dumped me :

dat (me)

saddest part is my tulpa gf was me but female... not even i will date me!

most effective through the use of ethnically diverse prostitutes and cocaine

ummm ill just imagine you said it's different for everyone and then not pursue those specific things

breh if i were here id give you a hug

OK... life is a hateful cunt not a bunch of rainbow unicorn kittens. escapeism is the only... escape


I c. Everything was revealed with a bit of reading

Hi sci. Not banned?

sorry I died
Shit man I dunno

hello thread friends

blog: im reading homestuck again and i lost track of time reading it last night but i got like 4 hours of sleep so imma try to power through the day. brb
also im almost halfway throuhh good stuff

u are a tru sweetheart sama ppl dont give enough credit

ur losing me a lil bit. getting a lil unhinged one of us is

from here i havent been banned in a while. but ive been posting somewhere else i like better and now im banned from there for a while

im glad u came back from the other side
i figured out it was soto i justneeded to look at top of thread (im on phone so i didnt wanna go through hassle such)

buenos dias

what sort of gypsy wizard curse is that?


Howd u get b& there

...i thought id flex my internet prowess by being a douche and expressing a greeting in my non-native tongue to demonstrate my remedial knowledge of another language

You don't need to flex your e-peen with me, I am already scared of everything.

What's it like living life like that? Is it like being hex maniac

*flexes epeen anywai

rawr fear my electronically transmitted p0n0s

i honestly didnt do anything wrong this time you have to believe me. some of them just dont like me for some reason. a lot of them really

my chocolate melted in my bag ;;

is chocolate good for you

Crai abuse

What's the chocolate for?

Nah son.
It is like a kafkaesqe nightmare over here.

I'm kidding, I just mean I like... live with a tiny sense of perpetual DESPAIR

i cant for two weeks . i dont wanna evade and make ppl even more angry

Maybe in small doses

to sooth my depression :^)

Despair is one of my favorite anime tropes. Now I'm jealous

Play mabinogi with me. :(

fucking why?

Hug me first

Sound like a weak community. Or you are really hated

You shouldn't eat too much choco. Is bad for your teeth

what do you do to make everyone like you, subtle? whats the secret?

so that i can become an internet suparstar and be featured as a true badass on tosh.0

probably i am really hated. genuinely i was always the absolute friendliest person i funno where i went wrong

Just a few do
I'm sure there are some people who think I'm vapid

im ready for my closeup tosh...


what? like who?

youre great and i wanna be like you whatre some tips brother?

Perhaps you have some sociopathy and don't realize when you spew bullshit?

I'm afraid you were just baited and I have no intention of playing mabinogi :3

i though ppl who had that kind of thing were aware they had it? i mean i liked to imagine i was one of those guys in high school cuz i was edgy af but im p sure imnot really.

Wow, fucking serves me for beating up that burglar last night.

pls dont skip me im in a v vulnerable state atm...

New thread.

I did research, and apparently hanazawa kana is #1 VA. I didn't expect such a niche voice to be that popular

People that realize it are probably the smart ones