Does Holla Forums ever worry about mass immigration and its consequences...

Does Holla Forums ever worry about mass immigration and its consequences? Most of you seem completely blind when it comes to this.

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are you a dumb

Mass immigration is the logical and necessary result of capitalism. If you don't want mass immigration, but still want capitalism, you need to read up on economics.

Most of us want open borders. It isn't immigration itself that is the problem; it is capitalist exploitation. The capitalist will use immigrant labor to drive down wages. They grind away the safety net and the proletariat is forced to fight with his contemporaries who should be his comrades in the fight against capital.

Mass migration is merely itself a consequence of a bigger problem.
The ruthless law of capital and its imperative: labor as cheap as possible (migrants are helpless workforce)
need for ever growing markets to keep profits flowing (migrants consume).
Everycountry slighly richer than its neighbors experience similar phenomenon.
Turkey have large immigrant population, Saudi have them, even Japan is slowly preparing the minds of its population to bring in more migrants.
Why would you focus on a symptom rather than the disease?

No, i worry more about how everybody seems to be more and more americanized, watching their game of thrones and other hollywood garbage, while listenign to retarded american pop music and drinking coca-cola. Even people starting to include a couple of english words on every setence. Now that's really scary…
How the fuck did we allowed for a cultureless country to dominate the fucking planet? How?! Soo the whole world will be as retarded as the americans!

hello Holla Forums

immigration is a symptom of capitalism, a reaction to gross and systematic exploitation

where are you from?

and yes the american cultural hegemony worries me as well


Wow you people are retarded. Most migrants who come to Sweden live on welfare, they're not here to work. They're here to replace us and transform our country completely. The people in power know that these Africans and Middle Easterners are useless for anything else than the destruction of white people.

gee Holla Forums why do you think capitalists hate white people?

Holla Forums only cares about having a bank account sufficiently full enough to be able to purchase hormone therapy and drugs and cheap fast-food and cares for nothing else and projects this onto the rest of the world

of course they don't view immigration as a problem they're empty materialist husks of human beings the very epitome of the capitalist system they make pretend to rail against

Most people in the rest of the world aren't strongly predisposed to autism.

Of course I do.

What am I supposed to do about it? The porkies want to have it while the righttards want to kill anybody who tans well.

This Holla Forums are just a gaggle of fuckwits who have no actual idea what they're getting into and are content with that.

basically, those productive forces and market expansions have to come from somewhere.

how can that compute in one's mind?

In capitalism mass immigration is inevitable. Porky needs cheaper workers.


liberals and reactionaries finally admit they have common ground

yep, i'm thoroughly owned

retarded idealist

noones telling you to live here beaner


or greater capital investment - innovation, less labour and more constant capital, all of which can be forced by simply not letting fucking niggers in and not letting """"porky"""" outsource but you wouldnt know that since you havnt read your own literature cuck

Immigration is done by the terms of capital, so obviously I worry


I haven't lurked at all: the post

What did he mean by this?

You are paranoid, Its a wonder that the rightwing which constantly talks about culture is still less capable of creating a decent analysis of it than the average leftist. You guys are truly dumb.

You own nothing about "your country", you decide nothing about "your country" and you probably also contribute nothing to "your culture". Sucking up to some rightwing porkies will do nothing to help foreigners to integrate and raise kids without retarded traditions and spooks.

Hello newfriend.

Larger reserve army of labour for the capitalist to exploit, immigrants often aren't members of the unions or have no institutional tradition of the union which makes the problem much worse. Social problems due to insufficent integration efforts.
These consequences of mass immigration I do worry about.

muh niggers, muh mudsliems, muh raes mixing, muh rapefugees, muh lazy bums etc. I don't give a fuck about. Get the hell out retarded idealists.

non white go home we don't owe you anything least of all bending over backwards to help you "integrate better"

One of these is a reasonable argument that people around here agree with, guess which one it is?

how do we fix unions?

No, we support it. Emptying out the third world to the greatest degree possible and welcoming them to advanced countries is a decent short-term palliative measure for the horrors of global capitalism.

Stop worrying fam, there won't be immigration anymore because there won't be jobs anymore.

There are no problems caused by immigration which can't be solved by organizing migrant workers.

Kinpatsu !!

Did I hit a good spot? Tell me how you keep your culture alive and work in your community? Did you write a book? Engage in the arts? Can you sing any of your traditional songs? Do continue any old organisations? Or do you just consume shitloads of american media designed for international mass consumption and shaped by profit motives?

Can you explain why your culture is superior? I can because I dont deny universal rights and values in comparison to you undereducated retard.

That faget thinks he can magically make people not want to have more money in a system encouraging it lel

by kicking out neoliberal succdems who swallow the ideology wholesale
then again this whole turn to "gig economy" makes unionising hard/impossible
unions should also become much stronger in the emergent information economy, but there is no tradition for them among the educated middle classes, IT people have loads of lolberts and worse among them

Honor killings?
Oppression of women?

There are no problems caused by immigration that can't be solved by first ending western imperialism

unions in the private sectors have been systematically destroyed pretty much everythwere i look and the only ones standing are public sector and thourogly infected with socdems

there's been an attempted precariat union where i'm from, but as far as i know even they are socdem to the core

By definition, these will go away under Communism as they are products of bourgeois society.

We can't, read the infants.