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New thread.

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this is fine too

dan dan kikoeru

And it keeps getting worse.

its legit after all
AMD Ryzen 8 core in my rig when?

Good girls can post in new threads. :)

So how's today?

How are you doing this morning?

doing alright, thanks for asking... and yourself?

But can good girls assist suicide?

Good job clicking circles, Nerd.

*anime noise*

Are you a good girl?

Bored and a bit drowsy.
I think I'll grab a cup of coffee.

What is an anime noise?

work... later

I'm not a good girl I can't post here

Good boys are welcome.

Only real anime girls like me know

Please record the anime noise to share this knowledge.

Literally why do people badger you to share and then just NOPE when its inconvenient. People are the worst.

I think I am going to go live in/with a colony of cats tbh fam.

If I am not on Cat Island in 5 years there is something awry.

Just because good girls can post in new threads doesn't mean anyone else can't!

That would be bad!
And anime girls can't be bad girls!

Aren't you literally posting an anime girl subtitled as The Evil?


This sounds suspiciously prerecorded


I personally prefer

how do I become a good girl


Well it's not you you you


I should make a nico folder. Just for posting with you.


Stormblood looks interesting enough that if someone got me it to have someone to play with, I might just take it seriously.

It being FFXIV

Well first you can't be meany to people.
Only bad girls are meanies. :(


YES okay, from now on I'm only super super nice.
no mean, ever.

m e m e politics



They win elections.

W-why would you ever doubt me?
I've just been posting this cute little Demi-chan.

how?! you dum- nice sir..

but in the eeeeend

You're all wonderful.

I don't know why this caught me off guard, but I quite enjoyed it.

Time to tame Atila, show him who the REAL scourge of god is.

I dunno about that, I think you've been posting blonde haired anime girls of all disciplines

That's not true!
I haven't been posting any with loose morals!
Or any with sizable... erm... bosoms.

Finally back into student housing with better internet.



Wait, what?

Speak english anime girl noises
or dutch, I doubt there's many examples of that to just steal.

*of all disciplines present in blonde haired anime girls from currently airing shows

I have not been posting this young lady.

You have now.

Rin confirmed for loose morals and sizable bosom.

How in the fricken' heck does that count?

You're just trying to slander my good name.


Well why on earth SHOULDN'T it count?
You posted it, after all!


I can't even tell what that SAYS

Because it was done as an example of the type of woman you were accusing of not being in any airing anime this season.

Posting a single image as an example is not the same as active posting.

D-don't mock my accent please sir ;-;

I have this one too.

Use it on these bullies!

Oh, I will! But you can use them now too!

like this?

Yeah, exactly!

What about like this?

You're saying you'll NEVER wind up posting her again?

I'm mocking your JAPANESE accent, YES

That's good too, I think!

Help it's 2am and I feel like cooking something that uses like half the different things in our spice rack but no idea what to make what do

I'm saying I do not care for the character near enough to actively post her enough for her to be considered a part of my posting habits.

im wet

i hate school
don't go to school tomorrow
some of you are ok


Yay I did good!

s-stop please ;--;

thanks fam gon watch it l8er



Now that's just rude to her

at least you're presumably CLEAN for once



Yeah you did good, my eyes are sore. Maybe I should go and nap.


i shower every other month

Rin are you cute?

Not really.

tbh i dont rly need anything

you know what is cute? ikts screen resolution


me neither, but, want

Holy fudge cakes, it's SD!

Hm yes maybe full AMD build

but still

i'd rather have car :3

I need to know who I fap to.

i dont want a car, itll make me 2lazy :/


not banning me is basically admin abuse at this point t b h
I suggest moving boards

but i7s have never been in my budget range

Hey hey.

Wait, wait, wait, you got some material there?

oh it smashes a 6900k

How have you been, SD? Been sometime since I last spoke to you.


Same old, just a bit tired currently.
And I only woke up now.

Sharing is caring.

You can have her after me.

Oh, nice. I've been doing the same old too. Just with added assignments and stress.


Now I get to skip half the game for an achievement then have to go back and do it all anyway. :^)

Wow, cruel.

Do you at least have any time to relax?

if i can land a job at some point in the next few months, i may have to make some space in my budget for an 1800x

Thank you ikt, I appreciate it. ^^

Yeah I do, but with deadlines coming up thick and fast, not as much.

Both at once?

i want a 1800x too

gimme one!

What's stressing ya/

Deadlines and work in general, just usual uni stuff really, oh and money issues, but I'm being productive about that and actually trying to find myself a job.

thats like a weeks fucking wages fam, no can do


Just do like me and ignore money issues

You can pat me once.

But money is important part to living, and if I don't pay bills, I can't live in my house!

unless you plan on being my sex slave for a week it aint happening

Thick and fast, eh?
Well, as long as you can relax on the weekends.

No objections.


Move in with a sugar daddy.

Oh well, I'll tank along with my good ol' 4690K for another 10 years.

just as well, you can still run w7 on that

Yeah, thick and fast and not in a lewd way.

I mean I get enough time to relax, but most of the time is spent working on things.

If I had the option too, I would, but sadly I don't.

but windows 10


time for do nothing :3

I haven't had a single problem with a stock speed 3570k until just recently with attempting wii u emulation.
There really just isn't much that needs a fast processor these days.

Well, you know what they say that life does to you, so of course I had to assume something.
Oh well, might then need to wait for a vacation.


tbh i also just want a laptop with no gpu and decent to good cpu with low power usage most important would be good i/o and a good screen

Exactly, I'll just do a little bit of work soon.

Pfft, I know and you were right to assume, but it's not lewd I promise.

Also that's what I'm waiting for that nice break so I can relax.

oh my.
I had a bad day.

I can never be sure.
Any of those coming up?

What happened?

Got one, next week I think.. yeah next week only for a week though.

My wristscanner thing what I use to work wouldn't scan shit; and I wasted half an hour dealing with it.

And we're on an item target so... I'm boned.

However, this video is so good I can't stay salty over a shitty day.

Good girl is back

It's still something, no?

Have you told your superiors about it not working properly?



Are you a good girl


Oh, they know, but my pick rate is still gonna suffer.

tfw you randomly decide to check your replies and see subtle repsonded less than a minyoot ago




How are you?

idk if osu even works on anythign but wodnwods

No, I sexually identify as a T-55 medium tank that was modernized in the 60s by the DDR with a newer radio.

No replacement devices?

It's OW all over again :c

A bit up for looking for a bit of despair; playing DANKEST DUNJIN and listening to schmucks; you?

It is the wireless network that is at fault, not the devices...

just annoyed cuz I had a stupid pallet for an hour because of this shit.

I feel alright I let out a lot of bottled up shit last night and now I'm just listening to music

Somebody was playing around with the wifi to cause that?
Or just a bad day for the ISP?

I hooked up computer with ethernet cable a while ago, smartest decision I've ever made


Donno. ;-;

Does that make the internet on it go faster?

If you have a shitty router (like I did) yea a lot faster

bad girl

Look at this graph

Maybe someone's downloading something with the workplace's interwebs?

Yes you are.



Or not enough routers.


I saw many dead animals in the warehouse.

A stack of lamb legs, each cage has 4 legs, all weighing up to 8 kilos.

... this stack of cages were taller than me.

So many lamb legs...

Ree blocked on copyright grounds

I actually like nickelback

nuhuh I'm a good girl.
..stop bully

*grabby hands*


Fucking corporations.

Hey this is pretty good


nickelback is underrated.


Beyonce is overrated.

New Stars Wars movie was mediocre

if you liked it then you should have put a ring on it

is botnet

me too, i cut my finger with a breadknife and now i cant shower til the cut heals enough for it not to sting like fuck if i get water on it

Who runs the world?

wrap it in plastic or a condom


Fuck, that sounds like something I would do. I'm going to buy some of those just in case I'd get fukt up.

Because that sounds fucking horrible. Poor qt. ;-;

If it has worked properly before, then there's enough of hotspots, so I just assume someone's using the bandwidth for their own good.

Now you're lying tomatoe.


Dear God let someone I talk to be here.

why wouldn't I be, meany

getting mixed signals about this new poster

Does anyone seriously talk to you? I've only ever seen you hitting on fat people and talking about shitting your pants.

Have you considered talking to more people.
That seems like the simple solution


i made the mistake of buying in a sheet of cut to size plasters, forgetting i have no scissors sharp enough to cut that shit effectively

I'm usually in call with most of them during the day.
I get my fill there mostly. We were all laughing our asses off when we were harassing you.

I talk to enough people.


Aren't we all jewish?
Why doesn't Neru hate us?

Nu-uh, selecting who you talk to is srs bsns, it's not like deciding what you're gonna put your dick in, this is some next level shit.

Something wrong?

Wow, even admitting it straight up.


Sounds like fun.


Sounds spooks.

Bored. I don't really talk to the morning crew so I have little to do.

I still can't get over the fact that the only Jewish person I know screwed my entire friend group over and became a radical communist.

I can't make this up.

nuhuh stop mean.
I'm a good girl, that's all there is to it.

You must not understand how this place works.

Maybe we can be comrades.

True, I absolutely despise communicating with anybody I haven't already let into my clique yet.

Were you laughing from maniacal depression at your sad lives? Is that what I'm misunderstanding?

No surprise there tbh

Im 2 rad to be sad.

There usually should be some of the NA crew in here by now, but I guess it's one of those busier days.
Many hours till work?

I am not mean at all.

good morning!


Those dead animals would be so much better cooked.

take mine. i'll eat later

I have like 3 hours.
Not sure I want to do anything 'till then. Guero and them should be around soon so I'll wait on them I guess.

I would've much rather those cows and pigs go to steak and porkchops than to a 1000 calorie burger

Guero was in voice with Oobles about an hour ago though.

okay, do I get to have the most money?

then say I'm a good girl

Yush! thank you


I always forget that this game has a little girl with a mustache.

did you just assume their gender

She calls herself a girl, so no.


Well I guess they are in call in private or something. I'm not worried either way. People show up after you wait.

No. The state has the money.


Who's a good girl?

How's Tak?

They were in the open-to-all one in Discord, no clue where they went to though.

A) It was a bad joke to begin with.
B) How the fuck did I miss the joke? You were making a pass at the retarded people on tumblr.

We do that basically hourly here, like.

I am the state!!!



Yes you are.

Still on the journey to achieve nirvana?

Send free meat pls.

I had a coffee and now I hunger.



No problem.

can cum make you pregnant

I'm pretty sure it's a very situational thing but yes.

only if you're a guy

No just can, but it will.

My boyfriend cummed in my twice and I got double pregnant. :(

good music apps for android?



we're having quadruplets


I use BlackPlayer because it was the first I downloaded that wouldn't mute other apps while playing.

Why do meteors always land in craters?



The fact that Rin's butt is a virgin gets me really turned on

I think this is the part where I quit threads for three years again.

Let's fucking hope so.

n-no please

Nothing will have changed when you return.

idk how I feel about erio pulling me back

Wait, Darwin, is your waifu cucking you for Erio?

dragon loli is 2 fuckin cute

..lewd pic


It's Hikari squatting and making a cute gesture with her hand????


b-but she's not covering up proper!

I am too sleepy to question it. I just play along.

What are you, some kinda pervert, making every image lewd?

The area's gray in a one-two-three way



she's the one with the upskirt!!'

I'm right there with you fam

You're the fricken pervo makin' it lewd.

good girls cover up!

thanks, horriblesubs

wow, why are you looking up girls skirts you fuckin perv!!!!

you get what you pay for


that fuckin ID

the fuck is this shit?


Say's the pervo.
Pervos are bad girls.

Is that CP?
I feel like that should be deleted just in case.

I'm not clicking them.

either way its spam

I waited until after it was deleted to submit my report.


I'm not pervo!
I'm good, she's the showing one!

Sup diggies~?

Google tells me that the top link is Скачать файл Alisa
Alisa download file.


ayy wellams

Doctor strange was okay
Prisoners was pretty great

hey qt. What's crackin'?

the scab my fingers trying to form


Chillin. Watching the gf play some Diablo without me.

What happened to your fingers?

you have a gf now? neat

i cut the cunt with a bread knife trying to make a sandwich

Yup ^~^

Why are you using more than a butter knife for sandwich making?


nice, its nice having a stale partner

faggot french baguettes

doing much besides watching the gf play vidya?

A stale partner?

I'm looking through all her old porn stuff lmao ;3

whoops, im not sure how i missed the b in stable

kek, anything good on there?

OH lol

Yeah, there's some good stuff. I like the pics with me involved the best, but that's biased to say the least.

those ones do tend to bring back fun memories, mine and swords early days were pretty fun thinking back

im gonna go lift in 10 minutes or so, and hope i can adequately grip the barbell with a plaster on my finger

good girl nap

Shut up, Tokai.

Iam struggling a bit with tim
when idk it is messy

Sometimes I wonder if you're assblasted off sedatives or high af cause of the way you type

Sup diggy

soemtiems I feel that way

Drink more cappu

hey Soto-kun

Kanna's definitely best.

The eater of crabs, and worlds.

and bugs


Kanna - Eater of All


I wish Kanna would eat my DICK

No, just no.



Why would I not respond to my waifu?

Rin, does Weeb-kun come out in this ep?

How's it going Elms?
How's life been treatin ya?

Oh nice, ep 7 is out?

Anichart lied to me and said it was coming out tomorrow

No eating just light nibbling


That was Echo, not Emma.


As long as she eats my cummies and calls me daddy, that doesn't sound too bad.


But yeah from what I've seen it looked promising and it delivered.
Now give me another.

It's going. Mentally preparing to leave for work in a little bit. Ugh.

Life's been okay. Trying to decide whether or not to message my little sister to see if, like, we're cool or not. I miss her.

Sounds good enough to me

norm of the north


You are not allowed to make suggestions.

And you just ruined it.


a scanner darkly


He has a bit of time so far, he's why they go to Comiket.

That is what you deserve for the sass.

Aww hell yea

I just started watching this show and she is SO fucking cute

holy shit

I actually like this show a bit too

Now Echo knows that I am cheating on her.

Day drinking is so tanoshii

Sounds like fun lol
Still at the same place?

Oh, I never knew you had a little sister.
I've been living with mine after not seeing each other for like 3 years, it's crazy how fast they grow up dude.

Awwww yiss
I swear that guy is like my twin dude





ohhh you have seen it




Also, Kanna eats some more bugs, and crustaceans.

She is not going to let me go swimming in her.

Yeah, unfortunately the same place. I'm really trying to hold out for a raise or some shit soon.

Oh, I bet. I haven't talked to mine since September so I dunno *shrugs*

Satania is the only person worth swimming in.


No wonder she's so thicc

Hey man at least you're working lol

Oh okay so it hasn't been too long
You should kick it with her one of these days and catch up


To be fair, she had an assignment or sheet of some kind about catching bugs.

She caught them.
With her stomach.

haruka and the magic mirror


or enter the void

I do not see the appeal.

Do not.

Right, catching up.. That's what I'm afraid of. Seems like none of my fam is talking to me still cause of the whole trans thing.

better than birdman tbh

Of what? Vaginas?

They are both equally unwatchable for different reasons.

Satania, but that too.

There is no appeal.

Would you stop shitting on birdman already

You don't exactly have a great track record though.

Yes, mistress.


Well good thing yours is something to be proud of.

Not going to deny it?


There is no reason to lie.

>tfw you fail your last set

Sounds kawaii as fuck dude

I haven't heard anyone use the word "crustaceans" in ages, and you reminded me of one of my fav HS bands album "Pink Crustaceans and Good Vibrations" and man this nostalgia is hitting me hard

I can't believe I used to listen to normal english music once upon a time lol
Then again I wouldn't call Rock/Reggae normal lol

Dude, how old is she anyways? I doubt she'd judge you if she's young, it's usually older people who have a problem with that kind of stuff cause of their old fashioned beliefs

That episode was the best by far
Fucking house blend man

forget it.

That's not as bad as you think tbh

I don't want to search for a laughing anime girl so have a smug.


Hey man can you tell me about your house blend?

Imean the cinematography was okai

No, actually Silversun Pickups was actually my number one fav band throughout HS

yeah, I was that type of faggot

No wonder I ended up like this lmao

i only managed 5 of the last 10 reps

You thought it was a superhero movie

That's fine. How many sets?

enter the void was not that bad


But do YOU like Wes Anderson?

I have no regrets.

No, it really was.

25-30 reps is fine, it doesn't matter you failed, failing just means you're pushing yourself.

I would if I were you

well, i did push up the weight by a couple of kg


Watch konosuba and kanna today?
Watch one today and save one for tomorrow?
Watch both tomorrow?




stop sniping my shitty scores :(


Life is too short to feel bitter about that.

Watch it.

Both today obviously.

You don't want to fall behind.


Yeah, you're practically on your death bed.

granted I was sleepy when I watched it and it hit me a few times in various ways but Iwould rather rewatch it than watch norm ever again

It is quite comfy.

You end up losing no matter what, though.

Okay master

taste like any other coffee

This basically means don't.

Who the fuck watches Movies nowadays? lmao

I only go to the theaters to make a move on some chick and maybe get my dick wet while trying to not get caught
Shits doki doki af

Drink and watch anime

That's the essential way to enjoy anime

Oh and Gabs squeal when Vigne puts that shit on her made the episode 100/10

nnn it was kind of comfy not sure if just nostalgia or pretty colours or other stuff or mix of all of it

I told you to watch Prisoners, though.

You were dazzled by the colors.

Come play comfy osu with me.

Thank you slave.

I have goldfish memory, I don't remember.

You also told me to watch Barton Fink and Norm

osu! is too much effort.

Mind games.


Nah you probably assumed I'd think Prisoners would be shit too.

starcraft is ez

Shut up nigga

You got that Kona garbage shit

Dude, how can you forget this?

Starcraft is easy.



it was dark and draggy, neru would hate it.


sorry i dont actually drink coffee. its unhealthy for kiddies to drink it

aw noes forgot to make welcome.webm

She hates everything.


raid this discord with autism