Nice freindly thread of goodness

nice freindly thread of goodness

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Andrew. Eat my ass.

please head pat

*head pat*


I'm bored.





I don't have anymore cute things in boxes, but I do have this.

moar pls ^_^
they are pretty and cute.


A-okay! I mean my folder is pretty small.

I spent all day cleaning today actually
like 5 loads of laundry and a mountain of dishes and some scrubbing and vacuuming
i gotta stop letting chores pile up but im SO LAZY


you mean your anime girls with animal ears folder isn't at least 5 TB?


C'mon now, you need at least 10 TB to be considered a pro.


I had to microwave all my hard drives

yeah... i know that feel.
thankfully mine doesn't pile up bad.

any is good

more chibi pls

Casuals, honestly.

Absolutely disgusting. I bet they didn't taste nice either.

chibi is trash

mine piles up bad because i also clean after two other people and neither of them actually do any chores :(
i cant rly complain though, i live here mostly for free

I know all about your shipping containers full of undertale porn
you can't hide something that large

I didn't eat them!
you silly goose


A-okay, I'll keep going until I run out, which will be soon.

Uh huh, sure you didn't. Why else would you microwave them? huh?

Not a single character in that game is attractive from any angle.

to melt them down and use the new material to build a statue of Araki

what else would you do with them




Uh huh... I know why you really did it. Don't you lie to me.

you think you're better than me, don't you?

LITERALLY just a skeleton.

A cool skeleton, though.

Not at all, I just know I am! Hahaha! HAHAHAH!

yeah, exactly.


What? You knew I'd come out with a reply like that. C'mon now Rager.. c'mon now.

rude af

Nu uh, not even.

Because of you the fucking discord I'm in is Undertale diaper and sounding porn and I want to fucking kill myself.

Its hot.

don't blame that deviancy on me

Shoot me in the fucking brain




guys pls

I dindu nothin

Hello there!


Almost posted all of the neko folder, if you're wondering, only got like 4 more after this.


I should really rebuild most of my folders again. Mreh, but to lazy too do it.

Holy shit. Way too much Final Fantasy in one sitting.

don't fap to video games




wow... free.


stop me

Hello Squid, how are you doing today?

Almost done with the folder now.

i know that feel

more tired than I should be, force feed me caffeine


you spelled friendly wrong

On purpose.

I've deleted and rebuilt folders so many times, it's just meh at this point.

I'm somewhat tired too, but that's probably because I'm not doing much and just sitting in bed.

hi test. you scare me when you post jojo

You scare me when I see your disgusting fingernails.

Isn't that the story of his life?
"Fucked up somehow on purpose."

My god!

Its.... its... f-ful of......



And folder done, now I take my leave to make breakfast.

its okay i cut them


I'm sorry, I can't bully Luka anymore, I'm on probation.

Thank God.

Who neutered you?

Bob Barker.

yup theyre only 2/3 of a cm long now

Is Squash parading you around on a lease like his new emasculated dog?


Yeah, that.

Odd that you measured them. I just keep them cut to the finger.

JEALOUS !!!!???

I am thankful it seems more disturbing than anything, for both parties involved. BDSM in general just seems more sad than anything.

Wow, look at this vanilla faggot

Don't kink shame ! ! ! !

Hi, I'm a level 14 Grineer Lancer, and I am having a hard time killing the Tenno that come into my base. They just one-shot me, and my weapon doesn't seem to hurt them at all. I've even tried teaming up with 150 of my friends, but we can barely take down their shields. So far the best tactic we've used is for 40 or 50 of us to get stuck in a hallway

it was an estimate. because americans are capable of metric units too!!
also i meant 2/3cm off the finger. not 2/3cm of nail

just hide from the tenno if its a survival mission. that will kill them all the time


It's less about being vanilla and more about just not tying my worth and enjoyment into someone else being above or below me. If a person can only enjoy it when either they're treated lesser or if they're treating someone else lesser, it seems more that they have no validation.

Just intrinsically the concept seems odd. I can understand physical parts of it to some degree but more of the psychological shit just seems sad.

You kink shame me for having a dwarf fetish.


I better not make that joke.
I'll be perma'd


It's because of people like you that Gordon Ramsey's dwarf double killed himself.

yup youll be an eximus lvl 145 bombard in no time

You'll be found in your closet with a noose around your neck but fortunately for you, it'll just be assumed to be a suicide and not the reality that you accidentally strangled yourself with the rope you were using to get off.

What a complicated narrative.

Also my closet isn't a walk in.

Hurr hurr David faggedine

Who doesn't have a walk in closet?
Pretty much standard for any house built since the 80s and anything that's undergone updating.

They're nowhere near that common
Just because it's true for you doesn't mean it's true for everyone.



Hurry the FUCK UP ECHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In America they're fairly common. My "job" mostly deals in construction and real estate so yeah, I'm fairly aware of how common they are.

I thought you lived in a generic subdivision from the 90s.

I do.

Those usually have walk-ins for the non-master rooms. Just one with two sliding/folding doors?

Ahahahahaha it feels like my skull is trying to claw its way out of my head through my eyeballs
I may have a caffeine problem afieph


just like
don't do any for like a week or two
the week or two will be hell but I find it resets most of that shit

Captcha trying to make me look stupid by posting in the text frame and not the captcha frame

Hell no
I'm sitting on my kitchen floor in just my panties drinking a Dr Pepper
If this doesn't help I'm going for the monster in my fridge


I legitimately hate those because cats can and will open then.

This sounds like you're on more than just caffeine

I now have my grandma's cat, but we have to keep him confined to the master bedroom because he and the dog don't get along yet. Hopefully this solves itself eventually, they're both sweethearts with people, and the dog just wants to sniff the cat, but the cat is fucking terrified of the dog.

I drink that much caffeine
Every time I try to stand up to get food I start to vomit and now I'm stuck


This does not sound even close to the effects of caffeine

Enjoy the cat being an asshole, opening the door, then getting sleeping on whatever happens to be in the closet floor, somehow locking itself in the closet then pissing on whatever it was asleep on.

I love when people call me over literally nothing


I'm sitting on my kitchen floor and I can't stand up because I'm too nauseated

I haven't had any at all in the past 24 hours except the Dr Pepper I just drank and the chocolate bar I just ate


Trust me when I say it's fair.

I guess I'll just have to get a bungee cord.

Both of those have pretty minimal caffeine content

crawl to your bed or something fuck

I legitimately thought the guy in that webm was cup for a second there


Because I didn't have work tonight so I didn't drink a monster and I only woke up at like 5pm so I didn't drink any tea

I know I'm just trying to abate withdrawal without actively poisoning myself
My head is hurting a lot less than like 20 minutes ago

the laugh is fucking identical

I laughed a lot.

Cats are assholes.



I have acquired my balance and food


playin' fast and loose with the ole definition of the word "fair" there, aren'tcha

I had the bigget gay crush on him when I was younger.

On Test? Who doesn't?

I don't have a crush on test

You missed a pretty lit voice chat.

Not as much diapers. But we were approaching yesterday's velocity.


Well, you like girls who want to be dudes.


I was busy finishing watch underscore dogs 2 and then starting rise of the tomb raider, which I'm already super enjoying. 5 hours of my life just disappeared out of nowhere but it feels pretty nice to be able to enjoy video games that aren't just overwatch again.

glad ya'll had fun though.


Cup is a fucking casual.


I know, you want the admin to abuse you, I get it.

My kokoro is brokoko

I've dated some, that's different than specifically liking them in general

Fucking homo.

it'll never get old test.



squid hows your rimworld

How is that anything but straight

mislink. the comment I thought existed doesn't seem to actually have been written. I think I just hallucinated a post. but test is p qt.

At the very least it's confusing.

It doesn't have to last forever.

It's not old yet.

this forced meme HAS NO WEAKNESSES

Still seems gay somehow.



I have done literally nothing in it so far


this was some quality banter. should do it again sometime.

alright, I'm going to bed. see you all tomorrow at some point probably. byebye.

How on earth is it confusing at all?

Nah fammo
Completely straight no matter how you look at it
not saying I'm not a faggot though, there's more than enough proof for that

You'd enjoy it too much. Like Cup. That's why I only did it once.

Good night.

Maybe you shouldn't both be FREAKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! of NATURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'd purposefully dodge the joke ban to see if I get banned for evasion at that point.

The bedroom logistics. Who does what to who.

But neither of us is Scott Steiner

Depends on who's in the mood for what



Feminine penis in masculine vagina.

My number one fetish.

I was trying to make a professional wrestling reference but I think I fucked up

100% not gonna happen


How closed-minded.

I'm neither gay enough nor white trash enough to watch wrestling.

No taste.

are you calling your president white trash?

Considering how his signs of wealth are just plastering everything in gold like a trailer park denizen who won the lottery, yeah, probably.

Blame trauma on that one

Most people I know who watch wrestling have aspergers

just saying it is vomitous enough.


If Trump sends all the mexicans back, who will Gil buy cheap meth off of?
Really makes you wonder.

he probably just has an infinite supply already


I would not be surprised. He seems high as a kite all the time.
What a life.

Okay so maybe I did not say every tiny little syllable correctly.

he just seems like an obnoxious retard to me

Thank you for making my night, dwarf king of animus.

I try not to use such harsh wording but fair enough.

what's up wirh you

Pretty darn tired actually, just got done playing a ton of vidya with a friend. Probably going to hit the bed soon.
What is up with you?

just watching youtube
i'm starving tho so i might cook something soon

That is a good plan if you are starving! Been well otherwise?

Have you just capped every character from that show?

What will your job be when the robot overlords take over?

Will have UBI and shit will be cheap so it doesn't really matter

But British user, however will you get that money to buy the cheap things?

Oh. Nevermind. Sleepy economics is shitty economics.

Is oke. You should only feel optimistic about the AI thing.
How was your shift?

I will have my mind copy-pasted into the internet and then the robots will probably grind me up for being energy-inefficient or something.

Was short. Ended up coming home four hours early and going to sleep for the rest of my shift.
Which is bad because now I'm up at meme hours. How has your life been as of late?

Sounds like the Matrix, but we're ground up instead of batteries for robots.



The idea of humans being batteries is ludicrous. So much more energy would go into keeping us alive than we would ever produce in terms of heat.

Something something combined with fusion.

You awake already or still ?

All my doubts are laid to rest.

Why didn't the robots just make us all brain dead?

No, actually woke up at a decent time

Well, both of the Wachaylajdflkajdflk Brothers are trannies now so that probably explains why it doesn't make sense.

Everyone would be like The One, then.



Subtle, tell me good night.

Keanu is braindead.

A-Are you sure you want me to do it?

But the blue pill and the red pill and other overreferenced materials!

Well done.


Holy shit they're both trans now what the fuck

It's a virus.



Very certain, Subtle is top tier.

It's why every tumblr reject now just talks endlessly about how the Matrix was about nothing but trannies.

What the hell

Jeez.. alright
Good night and sweet dreams

Jesus dude is that supposed to be challenger

Thaaaaaanks! Night Subtle.

Clearly if both the directors are hideous trannies then the movie can only be about trannies, bigot.

Probably masters
Considering he's supp main

sleep or no sleep



Sleep too. Also night.

lie in bed but don't sleep

Easier said than done.
Apparently talking about it makes you even less likely to actually complete the act, but I can't google the statistic offhand.

Don't crush people's hopes and dreams.




so beutiful~

mhm 💜

Man all I've been doing recently is eating and sleeping

sleeping alot

Allahu Ackbar!

scoob, have you seen this shit?

You called?

I want two comet sue a side.




That's adorable.

good morning forum

The fuck did you just make me watch?

Hola, papito.

ded here.

Hola mi hijo

cómo estás

will attempt to make it slightly alive for the next... 25 mins

Stacking is the dumbest fucking mechanic I've ever seen in a game.





the most red of pills

World of Final Fantasy.

hi buddy

goddam, that webm... again

hai bard, sup dude

aw shit, i don't know much about that one.

It's alright so far.
It feels like a spin off though.


u know i love me sum tittays mff

maybe they'll throw a twist in.

time for my leisure impairing activity...
*le sigh


later on

marceline soo kewl

Otters are cute.

I'm doing alright, yourself?

That's um.

That's because it is.

Tfw you remember that the World of Mana series is a Final Fantasy Spinoff.


What was Jamie Hyneman doing in that pool?


As in the mechanics and shit feel poorly thought out and could have been more polished.

Spin off games rarely get the same treatment as main entries.

delete this


if the cable downstairs gives me 300 mbps
but the wifi upstairs gives me 20 mbps

Does buying a network adapter of
2.4 GHz, 5 GHz with transfer rate of 833 mbps significantly increase the speed upstairs when plugged in a pc?

Mac doesn't have this problem
does buying this help having a somewhat decent speed upstairs

That's so expensive.


No, you;d just have another wifi receiver with a spotty connection. Just get a wifi extender/access point or something.

like this?

That goes via lichtnet but should be okay if you can't pull extra cables.

I have

Actually its a repeater so idk

but the whole thing is that I can't get cables upstairs.
so if I plug that thing upstairs it'll have to connect wireless to the router downstairs.

Get a lichtnet thing.

So a lichtnet thing.
+ cause there's desktops upstairs an adapter cause they can't do wifi on their own?

Or this


internet !




That was pretty much me today, god I feel so lazy right now.

i'm close to that too. i didn't get much sleep.

Why is cancer hamster even a thing?

Ah, you should try to get some sleep now if possible, if it'll help you that is.

Even better.
Why is it STILL a thing

Why was it ever a thing?

Like, someone looked at this and was like "How do I ruin this for everyone ever?"


I'm Umaru

I thought you were Emily.

cute bratty anime xD
cola bazinga!

real soon.

Real soon sounds like it'll turn into another 3 hours awake constantly thinking about heading to bed.

Why even live?

awright, ill see the mediamarkt morgen.

Finally gonna have the desktop upstairs, no longer will I be disturbed.


Good fappu tyme!

Show battle station when you're done and stuff !

I'm just more happy I don't have to turn my screen so people see my animes.
oh and I can voice anytime now instead of at least midnight.

nah, i have a fem coming over later on. It won't be too long before I wanna fall over.

yeah really. I'm glad I'm not there.

To be fair it's not really a thing anymore

Aah, fair enough. Well when you do head off, I hope you have a nice sleep.

Tell that to my 15yo brother who recently ordered a umaru plushy

Why thank you kind sir.

UMR S2 when

>ywn shout your other family members down again YOU TURN IT DOWN, NO YOU TURN IT DOWN in calls

Who wants to be a digimans by the way?


No problem!

Well, what do you want to be? Like.

what are my options


Keep these lists in mind; I'm playing Dusk, because Dianamon is more bae than Apollomon.

I wanna be Gatomon

I think he's on there

Okay, nevermind.

..It's a good choice right?


moar plz

i wanna be Angewomon


Uhh, I don't think I have anymore like that, I'm sorry.

Rin. Other than Sora what DLC will be limited time only shit on World of FF?

Cute pouts

May or may not take a bit.

No clue, I haven't really payed much attention to the game since I beat ending 1.

cute pics of any kind!

I really should get around to building my folders again, lacking so many pictures. Gah!

...would Lilymon be easyer?! ♥

or maybe sakuyamon? :3

Oh, well I have a lot of those! Plus gifs too.

I need more megoomin

gifs make me smile ^w^

I don't have any megooooomin, I don't think anyway.

That's good to hear!

I can get a tana/palmon super easy, so yes.


good luck


I want to sleep more but I can't

Thank you for the pat!

Quick, what's a difference between local and private variables in an OpenCL context.


*puts hands over your eyes*
now sleep

You have failed me.


I'll be back in a few, going to see what I'm having for dinner!



How long is the bundle?

George, get in call.

im scared

Now I can't sleep AND I have some fegget pushing on my brain

remove sighs

it is the best part

I will do this until you sleep


sighs are for nerds

Not a bad deal tbh

im a nerdy gurl give me money


'“I love mankind, he said, "but I find to my amazement that the more I love mankind as a whole, the less I love man in particular."'

Really activates your neurons.

If you have a frownie,
eat a brownie!

Really activates your neurons.



What would you do for a Klondike bar?

Really gets that noggin joggin.

I am currently a NEET.

Really kills my neurons.

Through alcohol consumption or lack of stimuli and crippling depression?

i woke up just too late to do something but really early :/

pet want

what's a Klondike


By doing the exact same thing every day.

But i'm waiting for the result of my job interview so i guess there's still hope.



It's a bar, obviously.

Read a book or something. Or don't.
I go to job and school and I do pretty much the same thing every day as well, except I learn things and get money occasionally.



Aww, my original board is so dead there's cuckold spam on it now.

Klondike is a brand name for a dessert generally consisting of a vanilla ice cream square coated with a thin layer of chocolate, often known as a Klondike bar.


ew girls


thnx bro

Calm down.


Why the ree?

i dunno...


now sleep


do something about it

Hmm, fair enough!


There always needs ree

But I already woke up

meow *hugs*

Like ?

*pet* good kitty



I wanna kiss Ban irl


*pets cute eared thingy*

And getting pets too. I feel like today is complete!


satisfy my hunger

For what? Dick ?

u can't feel 'Empty' anymore

No, for food. The last thing I ate was a burrito 18 hours ago.

That's very true indeed! :D


I cannot help you with that.

Klondike is also this.

This too.

This is also Klondike.

This is another Klondike.



stop making fun of ikt limited eigo

are you saying you can help me with dick?

what horrid country


But what would I be feeling if it isn't emptiness? Fullness? That would be a silly name for me to have!

What's wrong with clone dykes?

This is pretty much hand holding hentai.

I didn't say anything.

they're probably banned too.



not lewd

original product

what if i had a hunger for it

New thread

New thread

New thread

New thread

New thread

New thread

New thread

New thread

New thread

New thread

New thread

its even got the X-ray shots