Its time

Its time.

Could it be?

birb season

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Good boy then! You never know on the internet.

My skates don't fit.

That's very true, but I can assure you I'm a boy!

idk what nerd stuff tbh ^^'


was good, love nora-ren.
THough I really want them to just be together now.
I was expecting they'd end with that.



dis is the ANIME with that one osu song

is this cananon wish?

i didnt start that one yet

Hmm, that's fair enough, if it wasn't for yugioh I wouldn't be in any nerd stuff to be honest.

emma but yeah

Is really good! :3

What other stuff do you do?

Now I know and knowing is half the battle.

Yeeeees, that would be great though I can see it story wise not being shown to be too obvious.
I mean you would not want to rub a relationship in the face of your third teammate who lost his love interest.
Also that letter to Yang was pretty depressing in ways.

Heelies are superior anyway.

Her name is Wish, not Emma.

It says so in the WishxNymph logs

I play Dota, and spend most of my time binge watching series and what not.

I'd play more video games if I had the time, but I make them for a living, well that's what I'm learning to do anyway, and sometimes you get put off playing them when you sit there for 8 hours on end making them.

That it is! But what will you do with the information now! That is the true question.

I mean ice skates dummy not roller skates, and besides I already have heelies I wear them everyday to school to impress all my 3rd grade friends

hehe xD

i prefer fish

tensai weeb-san

just like loli thighs

I prefer poutine.

I just watch everything

I'm a fat ass mother fucker but even I don't eat poutine that shit is fatty as fuck

Kanna thighs.


That's true. It wasn't even a kiss yet, was just nice, and really fitted the backstory.
Ye, but also empowering towards the end.

poultine is shit

im eating poutine burritos

super weeeb
are you neet rn

why are they so thick

Finally have food. First meal in two days, whoop.


eet smakelijk

Same thing we do every night, Empty. Try to take over the board!

Yeah just that one part "Bad things do happen.... All the time. Every day." that was like wew.
It did end much higher in note but darn. High hopes for Volume 5.

You monster.

Blessed KyoAni


Thank you I shall!

Lets do it! Also nice reference! :D

Like I said above, I will and thank you.


Sleep, probably.

Good night girls.


no u

night homo

Sleep well!

true, sigh.
months and months to wait ;-;


my room is so hot

I am glad someone got it. I am usually firing off bad jokes and references with little reaction.
It is like my poor excuse for a sense of humor is failing me now.

Sleep well. Good night Ems.

Really?! Jeez. I had not been here during any of the other breaks, I was hoping it would not be too long.

Ditto. Turn on a fan, fam.

my room is so cold

degeneracy at its finest
gud night

u have occupation?

get nude


Haha, it's okay I'll probably get most of them, but not all of them. Plus I like silly jokes they make me giggle the most.

there's a lot of vaginas in this ed

what do you do?


fan on, window open

nothing more to do

but that's lewd


So good

on cam



soto ruined select weeb phrases for me

2 slutty 5 me

Fuck you too user

Deadass Oishii af nigga



Shut up cupcake
You are an invalid


Shut up cupcake
You are an invalid




What do you do when you take an Asian girl out on a date but she's not accustomed to the culture here. In the restaurant, she started playing with random switches and talked about hentai outloud. On the drive home, she forced my car out of gear without the clutch being down.

She's cute but she's weird, I couldn't show her to my family she would probably strangle my dog.

Thanks /weeb/

I know! But still my point still stands!

Thank you for agreeing!

Ironically there's this thicc White chick I know irl that's called Emma and we sorta have messed around a couple of times.

I sometimes pretend she is Wish while we fuck and it fucking gets me diamonds but then she calls me "Anthony" and it kills my boner tbh


You have woke the dragon


So lolz

Pics m8


i wanna keep losing weight before I take pics and stuff

I've woke the dragon... what?! How did I manage to do this? I'm an innocent human bean! I don't know what I'm dong!

me too
too bad im not currently loosing weight

let's fight for a bully free board


P-Pretty creepy right?

A-okay, but will that work though? I doubt it will, but I'm willing to try!

I'm feeling pretty awake right now, i-if that's what you're getting at... I feel like I'm missing the point so hard.

Makes me want to kms

That's it a cultural issue. She's just not socially mature

How old is she?

I could help you lose weight through s-sexercise~

Not a cultural issue*


Write me a song to sing

everything's worth a try

bitch on my dick, bitch on my dick.
shawty shout so loud imma cum on her snout.
Rollin' down, cruising in my volkswagen polo, riding down grandma jones on 70cc down at the halo.

That's very true, lets do it then. How do we even start?

At least you're cuter than her

Everytime someone bullies we gang up on them!



well, either way one of us has a long bike ride first

This shit has me dying lmao


A-okay! Anti-bullying rangers! Got it.


These sci mem getting outta control

Though she's got you beat in the oppai/oshiri department

But I dont care about that
I care about what's inside, their personality :^)


oh my fucking god I'm dying.

It's all okay in this 2D world, tits flop down and up rocking up the boat in this hentai world.
I love to go around and make my momma proud, by jacking it to 2000 year old vampires.
I don't care about those 3D girls, all they do is steal money from my purse, like they're black or something I don't know. I love my hentai world and I love pol. heeeeyaaah

like the power rangers


Yeah, cause you'd know.

Yeah, something of the sort. I'm super sleepy, maybe I should head to bed now. Decision, decisions.

mhm how much sleep would you get it you would?

I thought ampty was a swede

Well I'd put down money on her tits
But they're not really rounded they're like sagging ovals.
She looks nice with a push up bra but when she takes it off its like "Fuck, put it back on"

Also her left tit is smaller than her right for some reason.

Girls boobs sure are weird

Who is ampty? Because some people seem to think I'm them, when I'm not.

I'm unsure, probably a few hours, I did sleep for like 8 hours before hand, but I'm unsure if I could fall asleep again even though I'm tired.

Didnt you just wake up a few hours ago you god damn lazy fuck

They are a massive faggot.

ampty was cool tho





Yeah I did, but if I fall asleep now, I've got like a 30% chance at fixing my sleeping schedule, which in my opinion is very worth it.

Seems like most swedes tend to follow that trend to be honest.


i do not like the new guy. He is british.

You aren't wrong


maybe just rest a bit then.
or go read or watch something in bed.

That was amazing, you're the next mozart

Wth kind of reason is that

I hate spics. Theyve ugly mole faces.

Mordin, Inga, Casper BTFO

Well it's in their nature, so it comes naturally.

Hmm, I could do that. I might watch something and see how I go on from there.

Well I've never met a nice Britishman
And that's not fucking surprising mate
Cause they're a bunch of miserable bastards man
And they hate muslims

I can't remember who wrote that but he had it right.

Cums naturally


The RA tried to murder my da'
Fuck the Republic.

halo 1 on legendary is going to give me a fucking aneurysm

if only they'd succeeded

Give a shotgun a deepthroay and get BTFO

Ohohohoh, I see what you did there!

Don't worry Soto, you look great, do listen to the bullies.

Deletes and blocked

Yesh, go do that.
and who knows, you might feel active again after a while

I like almonds

get out



What about French



It's possible, time to spend some time watching streams and relaxing, thank you. ^^

Sont unes putaines de merde

Putaine pomme du terre bâtards

"Oui oui je voudrais du fromage et du baguette, la langue francaise cest la langue du les faggots"


Will do fam

Become the bully

have fun

I meant don't, gah! I'm sorry. I was trying to be supportive, but I failed. Maybe that's the signal for me to sleep again.

hey anyone remember this shit

Fuck this I'm quitting forever again

Subtle snap me if you want to see me ass spanked raw

see you next week

Fuck this I'm quitting forever again

Subtle snap me if you want to see me ass spanked raw

Loco please die in a fire
Your hair is stupid

Fuck this I'm quitting forever again

Subtle snap me if you want to see me ass spanked raw

I guess I have to try and snap you then

friendhsip over, subtle. Goodbye forever.

Wish you should cosplay Kanna

You could pull it off better than this slut



Disregard that drum track

It's good but not what I wanted to post

Hahahahahaha loco fumped.




I'm not loli enough for Kanna

You are a moron




Bash the fash
Wonder when the local anti fascist annual meet up is this year

This is a good point. But at least there are no stupid radical political stickers.


they can all fight that shit out in Amsterdam.
This is a neat town, I clean my neighbourhood.


Dude, it doesn't have to be spot on ya know
You're cute and skinny and literally that's all that matters
You can literally cosplay anyone

Collaborating with whom


Yoko it is :^)

Yoko from TTGL?


With the Van Wilder consortium

Inwill not atop bully.
They cannot BAN bully

w h o

When a cosplayer's parents see them, do the parents just get a deep seated feeling of shame and wonder how their kid ended up so wrong?

Shed need annoying personality traits down to tee tho?


y no revy fam

I'm watching star wars II attack of clones

wish my luck

Jk, I could never pull that off.

Isnt wish blind?

Thats hot

Imagine not telling your anout to blow your deep filled pie and you just straight up pork sploosh them

Heyyy... dont i know you?
From like... 5... maybe 6 years ago?



your're a gril too?

Ouch you slut.

I dunno man, my parents haven't seen me in cosplay or in general so I couldn't tell you.

Though my grandma has and she asked me if I have always been that weird and I was like "Yeah"

That's not even that bad, there were some Angel Beats cosplayers that were with their parents which meant they were underaged since they had to be accompanied by an adult.
I took a pic of them and was kinda awkward cause their mom was with them but their mom was actually really nice and even asked me to take a pic of her with them with her phone.

I dunno fam lmao

I didnt find one that year

Has your friend even told you what shes planning making you?
I remember you told me you both share the same tastes
I hope you guys do a group cosplay
That would be fucking badass

Me and my friends can never do a group cosplay cause of our different tastes

ew why did u take a pic of that

Cause I was a con noob at the time

did u atleast get any hot pics

He probably tried to sleep with the one that has braces.

I am male. unfortunely?

I can onfirm

Has thinking in geopolitical terms and national interests ever predicted with any accuracy the outcome of a nation?

I just can't understand why you consider Duterte or Trump to be micro, or how macro you think in terms of.

Perceptions, politics, culture, technology and idiots can change nations (and people) for a generation.
Things can change radically in a generation. Affecting where the next generation will be.
So how can you predict what will be in the next generation?
Geography determines many generations, but how useful is that?

The micro and individual perceptions of reality accumulating in substantial votes and cultural control, matters.

Mistakes made now could mean damage that lasts our lifetime, and it's cold comfort to know the right, stabilizing laws will be passed decades from now.

Aren't political theories still being made and debunked? How can anyone make any predictions when it hasn't even been a century since WWII?


I like how i checked spoiler and it didnt bother.
Thx Holla Forums

Here's a Rosario Vampire cosplay

I chose this one since I figured you actually like the anime cause of your shit tastes

LOL dude come on she's like 16
Look at her

Don't encourage him Ian

Have you ever thought about just giving the FBI anonymous tips?

She looked 14.

For a furry you're actually pretty handsome

are there any cosplays with actual good anime hair or are they all shit

/me encourages harder

well, everyone that comes here is a gril until they're not.

Same thing :^)

fucking nice meme there hawaiichinaman


Thank you

You're doing God's work.

May you end up in prison soon enough.

Good thing i had proof on hand?

Oh yeah Ian lets go to Wondercon

It's right here in Anaheim, you could park your car here and we'll just uber back to my apartment and crash here


Goodnight everyone, have a nice evening/night!

Take care.

Not yet, no.

This fucking wigger

I'm staying in an apartment in Anaheim now
I was just talking to you about the job offer my Dad is trying to get me yesterday but you were probably too buttblasted to remember, oh you also took that edible and went into hyper space lmao

Thanks bae ;)

Your welcome, I guess
Though I'm not interested in penis unless it feminine

maybe. LOL

Thinking in geopolitical terms and interests predicted the Annexation of Crimea.
It predicted the rise of America as a global superpower. It predicted the regional hegemony of Iran. It predicted the annexation of Tibet. It predicted the sectarian violence in iraq.

However as I said before, it's not the deciding factor. It is however arguably the biggest factor to drive nations. Idiots like Hitler or Stalin were indeed big factors for how those nations played out. but in the end they are yet again confined to their destiny. and asking questions about how anyone can make predictions just reeks of ignorance in this field. I could link you another channel but I feel you'd not even watch that either.



holy shit I almost forgot Sakurasou was a thing and the delicious shut in NEET trap

As I ponder how a penis could be feminine.


Really gives me nice memories.
I binge watched it in Germany when we were camping and it rained all the time.
super comfy and cute to watch.

smh this nigga really think he can come up in here and be a furry and insult feminine penises

I love which direction that webm went.


Does she at least have good tastes?

I haven't seen it since like late '12 - early '13
But I remember I really liked it but completely forgot about it and I dont have it dl'd on my HDD so i havent rewatched it
I need to get on that


I remember the job thing, idk if you ever talked about the apartment

Of course, how could i have not clued in?

I wasnt thinking rest of body, just the dick itself. Mah bad.


Dude it was raining all the time, my little tent even got destroyed so I had to sleep in the car.
I downloaded all the ep's on my phone so I could watch.

ye rewatch, I want to do that sometime too.
though it's also kinda heavy in some ways.
all shouty

nee nee

Post like the manliest photo of him.

That is no fun, poor Tokes....

Why do people make porn threads on Holla Forums? I remember when Holla Forums was a bit of fun but now it's just horny 12 year olds posting weird fetish porn or ugly women naked.

the FOV on older FPS is pure cancer

America becoming a superpower seems like it was inevitable now, but that's a vague assessment.
asides from raw resources, what kind of superpower could you have predicted it would be, less than half a century ago?

Who the hell could have predicted computers? Advancements in pharmaceuticals? Spacecraft? Medical advancements? Organic chemicals?
Who could have said those things were going to be like that? Nobody. It's too random. Certainly won't find that just looking at geopolitics.
Yet these things clearly define the US as a superpower.

if the annexation of Crimea could be predicted, why didn't all the scholars and theorists in NATO act in advance to prevent it?

the annexation of Tibet was totally not predictable a decade previous. nobody had a clue the CCP would get that big, and it didn't exist before that!
anyone would have guessed the KMT with all its resources and military and international support would have been ruling for decades more.
but they didn't. Mao won. and Tibet was annexed because Mao won. it all turned on a dime. the world still turns on dimes.

They're made for 3:4, not 16:9.

She enjoys all the moe slice of life series at least :3

At least you didn't sleep in a tent where the middle was all puddle and your sleeping bag was wet for the whole week.

still fucking cancer

I moved out here with my dad and other sis
At least we're a little bit closer now, it still is a hr and half drive tho lol

Yeah dude
Its pretty great

Yeah, I remember it kinda hit me in the feels a couple of times but was super comfy

Rewatching it is gonna be a mission tho, I remember it being like 24 eps

The first or second OP also bring me back

Gimme a sec, lemme find one

Post more snek.

snek snek

I just expect him to look like a token gay Asian when he's not in drag.


You have a DAD?!

lmao who tf has parents lol dude it's 2017 only losers have parents

Here you go m8

This is the manliest i could find, not even kidding

O fuk son

New Game group cosplay when?
Does she like Idol shit?

I know pretty crazy right?
I also have a 17 yr old sister you have never met either

You'll meet her soon enough

He has two of them.

Did you smash him?

Gooood. How are you doing?

It was one of the worst trips yeah.
But I did see and hang with my german cousins again which was neat.

He swings and misses again.
You're completely overthinking this.
Those things HELPED, but they did not define power. They're byproducts.
The US did not act immediately because they desire the conflict. Instead of having ukraine in the influence sphere, or georgia, or moldova they have to make due with little separatist movements. the annexation of tibet was inevitable. you're limiting yourself to time frames. all that civil war smuck doesn't matter, what matters is the location. I reccomend you read Prisoners of Geography by Tim Marshal.
He can explain the basics better than I ever will.

yeah but that's army life ~
I came there to relax not suffer.

also godamn they animated it amazingly.
just fix a couple of eps and you'll probably be hooked again.

Who Matt?

lol are you seriously asking this question Tsuchi?
I knew you were stupid, but like come on


Damn dude, I didnt know you watched anime
I thought you were just some gay non-weeb dutchboi who started posting in threads

Oh right I forgot Mexicans breed like horny rabbits



I will refuse if it's a Nico cosplay.

Have some a lewd to make up for the sucky part at least!
Were you in germany or did they come to camp there?

Welcome home.

More so the under-equipped life, because there were no wooden platforms left to put under the tent.
Relaxation by camping is a ruse, it doesn't exist.


Sounds like i need to visit and come back with something.

I'm not an avid watcher but watching anime is like the reason I though these thread could be neat.

t-this more than makes up for it

yeah all in germany. the southwest

we'll have to make due right?
why didn't you tell my parents that


what's good my boy

SD, bro.

That is so cool, is Germany decent? I always wanted to like see the old war areas and the black forest.

Had yourself a good day?

How can these theories be so hotly contested by other award-winning authors and social scientists?

How come these theories can be overturned in a couple of decades?

How come future events don't always follow these theories?

How come respected social scientists are proven wrong so often?

I will read Why Nations Fail, because it's famous, but why read this dude's ideas?

This is true

Also I live right in front of a In n Out and right beside a Carls Jr, like literally
A liquor store is like 10 feet away from my apartment

Its pretty cool, though it sucks cause I dont know anyone but Tyler and Qrow who live out here

I have talked about it several times

Oh shit, dat weeb hivemind
u wot

Whats wrong with Nico?
She's decent but not as garbage as Maki

hey at least youve seen sakurasou

missed resident evil final and it doesnt seem to be showing the rest of this week...

but I did fix up sissys laptop and had pork katsu curry with her, was a good couple of days away from it all

Because they didn't ask, common sense Tokes, common sense.

Just watching dumb stuff from Youtube and drinking chamomile tea before bed, you?


u wot

Dude, MFF would fucking drown in his own cum if he heard about me cosplaying Nico.

the anatomy is so bad here...

Mostly because of events happening outside the realm of foreseeable actions. Usually it happens because weight was misattributed, mostly factors downplayed than anything with exaggerated weight.

Nice, my In-N-Out and liquor store are like... 5 mins away

How fortunate for you

I was too lazy to get a glass so I just poured orange juice directly into the bottle

5 years on still talking about it.
Some things never change at least.
Good grief.




Oh yeah, I forgot you were sick
You never did tell me of what exactly though, hopefully a common cold

Nigga calm down
Well then again he wouldn't leave you alone for a good while lol

check your fb


It already is out of theaters? Damn son.
When you say sissy do you mean sister or an actual sissy? Not accusing, just have to be sure sometimes here cause it is animus.

Kind of missed seeing you, have you not been around or am I just on at bad times?
Disregard that I am just too dumb half the time to just message you on discord like a normal person.

I long ago stopped picking out anatomy issues in anime related stuff. Cause of Code Geass's noodle legs.


also unwinding
got a dr pepper chilling in the fridge rn

shit was 2 bucks fam


ooh I was in the black forest.
although we also got lost there in the dark once.
Really gives you that old Germanic feeling.
So I totes recommend it.

Because those people are locked in their own field. Social scientists will view things from the people's perspective. Evolutionary scientist will view it differently. That's just not an argument.
These theories in the long run have also not been overturned, they have just been reviewed.
One could've argued the Netherlands would've not stood the test of time. But the interests of other established nations overturned that.
Yet political power is only a temporary one.
whilst geographic power lasts as long as the landscape lasts.

Because this dude tells you what you refuse to grasp.

I can link you my myanimelist so you can see what I've watched

I had to go to christian camps ;-; we needed to get up at 6 and say praise.
how could you do this to me

Straight from the bottle?
Like a boss
Nvm, I have stupid friends, ignore me.

I'd rather you link me nudes

Yeah, just a cold. Easy peasy.

He would literally just keep asking for pics then find a random Nico cosplay and pretend that it was me :^)

It's the whole argument of hard vs soft sciences. Speculative social sciences are the most fringe of anything scientific because it has some observable metrics and data but it's hardly objective since there's too many variables to ever reliably distinguish their individual effects. Anything at such of a scale as an entire society is just applying micro principles to a macro model.


No clue really, although I've been a bit more busy as of lately.
Well, that could work too.

Sounds goods.
Can't really remember when was the last time that I had any dr.pepper though.

Only ever did at confirmation, but even then we had a cabin.

Factors either downplayed, framed incorrectly, misunderstood, or come up with for temporary convenience.

Yet they're cited and talked about confidently for years by many people, til it's all proven wrong.

Psychology has been brutalized by trying to be scientific, having entire generations of people and scientists citing studies and ideas and 'facts', just to have it overturned by reality. Only now that they've gotten to a biological level can progress truly be made that lasts and is useful decades later.

Social sciences and political sciences have it worse.

The book Tokai reccomended wasn't even by a social scientist or political scientist.
The dude is a writer. Doesn't sound like he makes any predictions.
But he does talk about things that happened in the past (like the Annexation of Crimea) as if they were inevitable.

Either he makes very soft predictions, or he makes them with poor reasoning.
He's not a scientist.

This is not an answer, sister I guess?

One day! Is it creepy as heck at night?

It is Spoilers, in case my avatar changing might have left you confused.
I do not remember if I had spoke to you after switching to Neo from Ruby.... Maybe I should not drink so much, I keep forgetting easy to remember stuff. lol


a-alcohol is technically poison!!

Oh dude, you got this.
Just drink lots of water, make some soup, and wrap yourself in a blanket

Just tell him to fuck off m8
Like I have met some chicks who can't do that to creeps that won't leave them alone and I'm like "dude, if I was a chick I'd be a huge asshole to niggas like that"
Girls are too nice sometimes

Alcohol is a poison.

And there's chemicals in the water turning the fish gay

You can't spend your life worrying about these things

your humor is not appreciated but yes sister


nectar of the gods

Oops didnt mean to post that vid

mp4 related

shit was 2 bucks fam

So... technically Nezi's right?

That's essentially what I was just trying to say. I wasn't commenting on any specific writer, just anything basically being "psychology applied to groups far too large to ever have any metric of its veracity". Sociology can only ever speak in broad trends but it's always tried to be presented as concrete, especially from people trying to peddle their beliefs for some gain.

But osu

He's not that bad, dude.

I recall several videos of this guy on 4chan. Was funny.

Yo Ian I think Angel is still mad at me


Well that's a no go so

Let's just not go camping in the future.
it's sucky.

Yeaaah, but that might be my own thing.
Dark Germanic forests have that wild thing going on.

What, that cities are built by rivers?

That the biggest ones are by water?

That seasons in Russia affect what ports mean what cities thrive, or why none exist there now?

That seems very easy to grasp.
But it sounds like geographical revelations could have predicted Ukraine in 2014.
He probably writes about it in a way that's akin to rationalization.

I didn't even read that part
but of course he mentioned something so trivial

I predict they're not going to build a thriving metropolitan hub in the Alps.
I predict LA and New York and Vancouver and Shanghai are going to get bigger and wealthier.

So I was right when I called it slow moving.
If this is all you have to say why you think Dutertes and Trumps are trivial than I think they are, this is trite.

That's not very lady like.

The Alex Jones Show is my favorite anime

Grim. No Grim. No.

I would not be surprised if that was the case


suck my ladylike dick faggot

No thanks, I'm good actually.

hello, good to see your name again.

He's actually fatter than you even.

Haven't changed it for a while.

You put OJ in there?

Holy shit you still Osu, even when you're sick?
Fucking hardcore dude

Then why you trippin?
Go full Nico Nico Nii at AN
yo but send me a pic of your cosplay tho :^)

I figured

So hows life over there in the Netherlands anyways?

Like dude, shes mad at me for being with other girls when she has a fuckin bf


Now that, even I find I hard to believe, unless those weren't HRT titties in that vid he posted.


yeah it's like half vodka half orange juice

vodka's 70 proof

It's easy on the eyes.

Yo but ky tho
We'll see what I get :^)

I havnt been around in awhile.

I'm staying WAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY out of that one lol




Sociology is way worse, actually. You can end up stupider just by taking a class in it.
When you learn about the fundamentals, you learn about popular theories that require specific framing and selective information to keep them relevant.
Even the macro model is retarded. Sociology downright ignores the advances in psychology and neuroscience in predicting the micro.

They'll say deviancy comes from a range of complex sources, where a poorly wired amygdala can predict risky behaviours magnitudes better.
Sociology is full on NURTURE.

When you learn about the fundamentals of psychology, you learn stuff like the limbic system.
That shit ain't going anywhere.

I assumed.


I have to wait for the dvd now anyway TT_TT

Kind of got that, I mean, you've used her for a good while.
Practically why I'm taking a longer break from it all too.

Pretty much, just hasn't passed my mind to buy more of it sometime.

I have sworn not to, had enough of that as it is.



And I confirmed.



order it online 8D

You know what your biggest weakness is?
Your dismissal of new perspectives and information. Instead of analyzing you blob the information to your own bubble. Which is admittedly the damaging culture in intellectual society today.

That those cities will be wealthier is not the point of the book. Implying that that's what I'm saying does more harm to you than me.
This isn't about facts vs facts, this is about taking in another perceptive that is given in this field. Since I've seen your inability to do that way way before I doubt you would ever grasp this.

Should you decide to search out those sources though, ask me again.

P stressed out.
but I have a college break now.
Also saved up enough for my drivers license, so I'll try for that in the summer.

heh I can imagine.
what would your ideal holiday be though?

The kind of funny thing is even though neurology observes countless abnormalities of brain structure in studies, most still fall into the same thing of not really having definitive answers outside (admittedly a much more founded) speculation that gets revised. It's just weird to see any science related to behavior be discussed by active members of the field and anyone outside it. Most in the field will always try to assert their postulates are correct or at least supported but rarely that they're absolute or unchanging. Then pretty much any writer or peddler that talks about them as exacts and unerring, usually just to make money or gain relevance.

Damn dude, sounds like it will rek your shit

lmao nice meme my dude
Up to how many hours can you play Osu for anyways? I can only do like up to an hr then I get such a fucking headache

Wow pls no bully
Is she savvy at making cosplay or is this her first time?

Same here dude lol
Im all out off beer so I need to get more
Ugh I need to walk like literally 10 feet
kill me now

I know, I guess you will have to punish me.

It is not humor, I was actually curious because like I said you can never know here.
People are into some things here.

Either way, so much want. The beauty and creepiness of the wilderness in that place.
It is almost evident in the pictures alone I can only imagine in person.

It can cause that? I was somewhat joking....

you know me better than the average animus poster

I drank a gallon of water in like 6 hours I am going to need to piss so much for the next 4 hours if I don't die from water poisoning





you'll be fine

Just as I remember him.
just had to imagine the calvin detective pictures.

hey who are you. test wants to know because he's autistic.


I play with the hidden mod so I don't see a lot of notes
Depending on what I'm playing I can usually go for 4-5 hours but I get angry long before then :^)

Yeah, she's pretty good. Like she showed me her cosplay picture from last year and it turned out I already had them fav'd on twitter :^)

But they sell it at the corner store nearby.

Kind of attracted to very desolated spaces.
Like how this one town in Austria was with ~1k inhabitants.
Although metropolis cities are great too because there's service 24/7

Well, not that as a main reason, mostly just because excessive use.

oh shit go right now nigga

you'd fucking love it here there's towns with literally like 50 people here

Stores aren't open here at 3:30 am, Grim.

Well go there on day, but doesn't Canada have enough forests?

Wrong continent for that tbh.
Then do city trips!

I feel like that's the type of a town where they shot the first Rambo in.

Pretty much, just a whole lot of European cities with no nightlife at all here.

Pls no bully m8

Jesus christ, you're hardcore.
If you'd see me play you'd probably naver stop making fun of me at how bad I am at Osu

fucking christ dude, how do you do it?
I also lol'd at you rage quitting

Oh nice, that's good at least
Are you excited to actually cosplay for the first time in front of a bunch of smelly acne ridden weeb?
You should drink a bit and cop yourself a handsome cosplayer at AN dude, but then again you dont seem like the kind to do one night stands

that was the rest of my alcohol though

Most of NA is towns of that size.

London's amazing for that.
I have such good memories from there.

dey named an ep after 2hu song

First furry from 4chan pony days, 6 years ago? Fuck maybe more.
5 years ago i touched base when i was in quebec with nothing better to do, often talked about Ubunto...
That guy on the east coast of canada, in NS.
I used the Dj pony alot... fuck whats he- Scratch! Right.
Hows things Cupcake?
Is wastelander still around?
**wana help me kill blewberry?*



brb gonna get more beer

Nah dude that's way to fucking big, I don't think you really comprehend the complete lack of planning these places have, most of the shit was originally cleared and planned anywhere from 200-400 years ago and people just rebuilt the houses when they got too old and run down

That sounds very comfy, although I feel like the people living in there don't appreciate it as much.

I've been thinking about that too, besides a quite cheap place to travel to.

I am not sure of that, we have never really talked about ourselves. Minus the time you asked if I have ever lost someone.

Ah, yeah maybe at least cutting back a little would be decent.

We have a fair amount but none have the same feeling that it gives off.
At least it seems like it.
I have not been everywhere in Canada of course.



Time for brush 'n bed.

Do that, especially Italy's nice.

mhm that can be true.
Go travel one day then.

You haven't convinced me this is information worth letting into my bubble.
Even the author, who is a journalist and writer by occupation, and not some sorta scientist, doesn't make predictions.
Except for a potential team up between Russia and Germany if France starts sucking.

If I'm getting this right, the content can be boiled down to:

In his own words:
with few accountable institutions, power rests
with gangs disguised as ‘militia’ and ‘political
parties’.  While they fight for power many
innocent people die.  It looks as if it will be that
way in Libya, Syria, Yemen, Iraq and possibly other
countries for years to come

His ultimate thoughts being:

Tell me this is worth my time. How is this worth anyone's time?
Writing about Crimea in 2015 isn't insightful.
Writing about Tibet as if it was inevitable isn't insightful.
If all he is bold enough to say is that GEOGRAPHY IS TOO OFTEN IGNORED then I'd say he's wrong, and it's certainly no reason for you to ignore Dutertes and Trumps.
Or Viktor Orbans. Or Erdogans.

I don't need to dismiss it. But given what you've told me, it's pretty damn safe to dismiss.
My bubble already encompasses more than enough to consider this a waste of time, and the reviewers seem to suggest at best it's a good read for anyone that hasn't thought about rivers and mountains factoring in to events in the world.

But this started off by you saying geopolitics and large scale laws are the reason you don't care at all about Trump's rhetoric, or the lies and measures of temporary politicians.
In the scale of time. Geography will play less and less of a role, but an enternal one no doubt. Totally not a reason to be so macro. It isn't even convincing macro when he does make bold assertions, since he's sorta explaining the past from a limited perspective, which many other theories do better, but are also wrong.