Why NazBol is unironically the future

With liberal world hegemony accelerating it has opponents on both the far left and the far right, albeit for different reasons. What we're seeing and what we're going to continue to see is a coalition of "extremists" on both ends of the spectrum to overthrow the prevailing order. This is why ideologies like Strass.erism and National Bolshevism will be the natural antithesis to liberalism as they unite both of these political extremes under a common banner. People are desperate for change and strange bedfellows will emerge out of this desperation to overthrow the neoliberal world dictatorship. With that said, this is a serious thread, pls no bumplock.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

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I'm not talking about memes. I'm talking about the fact that both sides are interested in overthrowing a common elite, they're just looking at the problem from different perspectives.

If NazBol is the future, why do you post the flag of Strаsserism?

Because they're considered the same thing by normalfags.

You can see a similar development with people making the dichotomy "globalist universalism vs self-determination". You see rightists complimenting anti-globalist leftists and vice versa.

Libaralism has dug its own grave with its universalism. Every country has to adopt liberalism, everything has to brought into the world market, everything has to be commodified. That being said, communism is just as universal, but it actually makes societies self-determined when it's applied.

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I would unironically support Nazbol (by which I mean socialism + nationalism, not authoritarian governance) if they switched from ethnic to civic nationalism at least for certain ethnically diverse countries. Mostly because ethnic nationalism in the U.S. or Canada or even France is just not feasible without a huge amount of unnecessary bloodshed. Other countries like Poland could pull it off though, as long as they are sufficiently ethnically homogenous that they wouldn't alienate large sections of the population.

How are they different exactly?

Isn't globalist universalism our future no matter how much do anti-globalists bitch and protest? It's just how capitalism furthers itself, so the only thing anti-globalists can accomplish is trying to slow it down or roll it back in a given area by a few years, which ultimately amounts to nothing in the grand scheme of things.

Nazbol is specific to Russia, as far as I know. Asserism is just the left-wing of Nazism.

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there is nothing wrong with universalism
if laws are good they should be good for everybody
if they can't be for everybody they shouldn't be laws

I didn't use "globalists" anywhere. I said anti-globalists(I guess I could say alter-globalists too), which is a valid description seeing that there is a group of people who call themselves such.


OP is broadly correct and all you faggots are the reason the left has remained a self-mutilating movement too frightened to seize political power.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with authoritarianism, it is the nature of a revolutionary movement.

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