Time to speak plainly, with feeling


Time to speak plainly, with feeling.

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There are plenty of ways to defend those without pretty much burning our constitution and cultural values.

-Trump in Florida



That has literally nothing to do with globalism. That's just capitalism. Electing a literal buisnessman, focusing hatred and blame on other demographics of common people below you rather than the people above you, and pushing anti-intellectualism in favour of mindlessly following an ideology is doing everything in your power to keep that system in place.


Next time i break my leg i am going to consult google and not my gp because he IS AN EXPERT AND WHAT DO EXPERTS KNOW


The more I learn about politics in action, the less comfortable I am, because we're all so susceptible to things like propaganda and catchy promises.


muh gundams

Eh if I could find the motivation I wouldn't mind looking into the field. But I would probably end up like Corbyn.
Plus i would just end up punching fascists instead of listening to their drivel



I like economics which coincides with political policy a lot. It's really personal interest-y and all about constituencies, so in the end ideals often get lost in translation.

Fascists are like communists except their ideals center around a system based on race, or culture, or something. I haven't read all of Mein Kampf or anything of Mussolini's so I wouldn't know.

Plague Docs are the best of bros in Dankest Dunjin

Bash Trump all you want just tell me this. Type it down say it to my face.

"The media is objective, un-biased and completely free from any influence."

Like, go ahead. Do it.

Does this means you could successfully integrate muslims into your own society?

True, can't argue with that. Except
Niggers, fags, gypsies and the likes are ABOVE me. They can't get fired that easily, they can always say MUH IM THIS MUH IM THAT
I can't. I am sadly, white, heterosexual and middle aged. It means I actually have to work for what I have. And its time those coddled twats too

It seemed rational to be anti-Russia. Turns out that could be dropped like it was nothing to aa ruling party in an entire country. So long as their constituants don't react poorly. You could say that those people are all acting rationally given what they know, but irrationally against the bigger picture.

For example:

To climb a mountain, rationally you must move in an upwards direction towards the top of the mountain.

Eventually you come to a point where there's a chasm in your way, so going down the mountain becomes rational.

Now you have to decide to go left or right, and given this is a mountain you've never climbed before.
Left and right are equally rational given you can't see around the corner.

So you start heading right based on the knowledge that right and left are equally likely given you can't predict much further.
It would later be known that heading left would lead to a bridge. But you couldn't have known that.

Your interest is to get to the top of the mountain alive... hm, I started off this example thinking to disprove you,
but if your goal was to get to the top alive, you'd cycle around and head down, and embark again knowing the better route next time.
Maybe pride was the reason you had to reach the top. Or maybe you knew there was something valueable on the top.

Okay. I trust what you're saying. But I'm saying pride can make someone climb a mountain,
or an entire public screaming for you to go right when you have a map says that the left will bring you further,
can dictate what actually happens.


The media isn't free of any influence, but politics often feels as if I'm just trading one truth distorting drug for another.

It ultimately feels as if it just comes down to a battle of opinions, and whatever opinion manages to secure the most votes or kill all the other people who could be in power gets to say what it wants.

Well. Fascism is placed on the left spectrum given its economic policies being socialist/socialistic in nature.
Its just the whole culture/race/nationalism section that confuses some.
I studied that area in history and it is a fascinating topic.

Yep. Nailed it. This is why I hate politics by the way. No matter what either party does, if the opposition wins, they have to erase every trace of the other, even if they did something good for the populace. Its a bloody battle of pride and prestige.
What a fuckin' mundane charade

Everything is biased unless you are an idiot.
If you cannot look at the news/media with a handful of salt and discern truth or read between the lines then you are an idiot.
If you claim you are going to unite the people but alienate them from one of their main sources of information then you are a bad leader.
Ironic you have FOX News criticizing you, a republican president.
Trump is a mess
He is in disarray
The impeachment is coming

I am friends with successfully integrated Muslims.
I know more too.
However significant amounts of Muslims do indeed cause a ton of trouble. Because we neglected that they did not grow up in the nation state. It took us ages to build those things and we still can't manage it perfectly.
Also doesn't help that the cold war made the middle east a playground of proxy wars.

That opening is incredibly dumb, it neglects what I said about Duterte. Trump will not cuddle up to Russia, simple as that. That's why he said Crimea has to go back already etc. Russia and America have conflicting interests. Even if they are calm against each other they are destined to be rivals in the future.
I'm trying to wrap my head around that mountain example but I unfortunately can't really make sense of it.

Well, time to get ready regardless.

I mean, that's what I've gleaned from it. Stalin and Hitler both had a lot in common, besides from their whole ideal system. I'd still like to read the texts themselves though. Mussolini used to be part of the Communist Italian party himself.

Oh well. If climate change is real, we'll all be acid in a few years, so if you needed that idyllic sense of closure.

Fun talking and thinking about it, though.

It still is a playground for proxies.
But replace superpower involvement with islamic sect involvement.
The Saudi/Iran conundrum, with a side of Israel for flavoring.

I didn't say it ended did I.
Cold war didn't end either, we just weakened Russia. Iran is in the sphere of Russia and the Saudi's + Israeli's are in the American sphere.
And all that chaos has bred those Islamists to rise up.

We studied alot of mussolini and 10s/20s italy with his rise to power. Funny, him and Franco grew out of a similar environment. And with hitlers failed beer hall putsch/march on berlin being inspired by mussolinis march on rome its pretty interesting.
Some interesting modern parallels.


The Cold War did end, but the superpower stand off merely took a break.


you have been following the recent events regarding talk of a deep state coup, right?

And because America supported those Islamist's who are in turn a huge threat to Europe (me) I support the Russian influence for now to regain stability. When that's ended it's great to finally cuss out the enemy of the west.

mhm yeah that is a better wording.

So you are saying that the media consists of spineless manipulative whores and Trump is at fault for not dealing with them as such? You are right!

Oh god I'm surprised nobody brought this up before.
On terms of enviroment and science Trump is retarded. Really retarded. Outrageously motherfucking retarded
Don't forget the preach the "Ode of the employed" to your colleagues, have fun

First the brits then the yanks, look what the good old western chaps accomplished over there
So, you'd actually give a fair chance to the islamic lads over there. Mighty emphatic of you young 'un
I don't know enough about Netherlands to try and prove this wrong



Just end me now

I give some the chance.
The huge growth of muslim communities whilst they're insanely well connected to the chaos in the middle east is a huge problem. We used to have muslims since the start here, in few numbers. They didn't cause any trouble.
That's the key, minorities need to stay relatively harmless minorities with equal rights.

but they're just a proxy

brb dinner

I doubt Jack has met more than 0 non-slav people.

Nobody really thinks they're an idiot. Maybe they think they're smart despite discerning the wrong thing entirely.
People can live and die discerning the wrong things and being too lazy to correct themselves.

You're saying Duterte is a blip in the grand scale of the interest of the Phillipines.
I'm saying a Duterte and Filipino people can say buck whatever interest the country supposedly has, and do otherwise.
Maybe the people vote in different people if the media talks about the loss of money.
Maybe the people vote in the same peeople if the media hides the loss of money.

The mountain example is a class game theory situation.
You want to reach the top of the mountain.
You need to make decisions to reach the top of the mountain.
If how and when are factors, then those influence the decisions.

Going up seems rational until you reach a chasm
then going down seems rational
turning left or right are equally rational given you don't know the mountain and lack a map

Why you embark could be spurred by pride
or a demanding public
or national reputation
all of which seem rational given how much those things matter to you
you'd put the resources towards it
maybe you'd spend a month planning
another month training
perhaps risk your life towrads it
maybe after those months, some disaster happens that changes the public demand

It's goddamed possible to predict, and emotions like pride and dumb ones can affect decisions of nations. So Dutertes and Trumps matter if they are chosen to matter.

Nigger its 10am

They are merely, cleverly, disguised as one. Using Russia as a means to an end. Why toil and suffer in military autarky when you can simply purchase the relevant materials from someone. As you both have the same enemy it cant hurt to "ally" with them and let their material get some use.



play with me

scoob, what do you make of this stuff regarding a supposed internal coup brewing in the US?


I met Greek, Turkish, Cypriot of both sides, German, Italian, English, American, Romanian, Slovakian, Bulgarian, Russian, Serbian, Croat, Egyptian, African, original orthodox Israeli jews
I won't try to remember more. Worked with half of 'em too. Black workers can be pretty cool
Have to admit, never really met or worked with muslims before.

So they work? They speak the language? I don't know about muslims at all. I know gypsies are the worst minority on the globe.
I never really heard about your country brought up as an example either by conservatives or by liberals so you guys must do something right.
Netherlands kinda starts to interest me now

Well, is this the "trump being impeached and pence becoming president" line, or is it a new line which is heavily FBI/CIA/Republican party led?
I mean. Its interesting. Shows the kind of climate we are in.


I'd rather live with Muslims than tokkies

the stuff involving CIA and NSA people running their mouths about him not being a problem for them in a year or so on twitter and the like.

Saw this coming from millions of miles away

time to go afk for 10 minutes


So like Nixon and Kennedy

Nothing is sexier than a full opposite lock drift at high speed

Hahaha, well it was an obvious thing from a long mile off.
The Republicans have supreme power and are unlikely to want to relinquish this gilt edge moment in time. Plus if the president refuses to acknowledge that he is an inhibitor and a source of increased confusion to the security of the nation it is the CIA/FBIs prerogative to perform "tyrannicide"

It was literally already a known thing before he was elected
Thank you infowars

what about muslim tokkies?


But now they can't do it because people will be even more pissed
One thing we can all agree on
Finally we live in interesting times

That doesn't exist.


help me convert him then

Depends on what they trump up against him. Thats what all this racket it from the president. A smoke screen and an attempt to sow seeds of doubt before an attempt to oust them.


What did you apologize for today?


honestly my biggest source of concern isnt that these things were being said, i half expected that much, what really worries me is that they seem to have been able to make these statements with impunity. maybe im naive, but i would have thought thinly veiled discussion of treason would merit a knock from someone or other, but weve heard nothing come from it, and the secret service also seem to be far from unified in their purpose.

Reminder that Grisaia was a 10/10 VN

The anime adaption was utter shit though

He must surely have a trump card tho
Guess we'll wait and see

It isnt treason though. If they believe credibly that Trump will do America harm, then as it states in the constitution/OoA they must act.
I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I will bear arms on behalf of the United States when required by the law

What a time to be alive


Also mindfuck

At least its not nuclear holocaust yet
I was promised nuclear holocaust WHERE IS IT



take a gander at this gem

Chris-chan best

its still a coalition of shady deep state actors ousting a democratically elected representative by force, could it not be just as easily said that circumventing the democratic process by any means in a liberal democratic nation is treason against the people?

how do i filter politics

The remix is better tho :3

alt+f4 on life


Guys I brought back an old poster :3

Hitler was democratically elected

? I don't see nobody

Your country would be sentenced to a slow death under the supervision of your enemies you'd elect Hitler too

Moral of the story was don't back any country into a fucking corner

no tokai replai

honestly if the people will in a dictator i think the only really acceptable way to deal with things is to force the people to solve it for themselves, i am strongly against anything that asserts the arms of the state get to just circumvent the democratic process at their whim.

Tsuchi, Wish, Luka, Bard, Chiri, and Darwin still post

Amy and Kon rarely ever post tbh

Hate to break it to you fam but Louise was just darwin in disguise to catfish Colbs

He's being sneaky :3

least of all the germans

Tokai was essentially making the point that personalities of politicians and perception and culture come second to rational national interests.

I was making the point that
A) what is rational is based on perception, which is filtered through emotion
B) Trumps and Dutertes can shape and determine what is rational, as well as act irrationally


I'm watching a documentary about General Tso's Chicken.


I don't even know what the fuck they were thinking with those "treaties" in '19-21

Im not saying its "right", just theorizing how they can justify their actions.
That reminds me, i need to finish my Rosa Luxemburg reading. The Mass Strike. I would suggest, even just as something to make one "hmmmmm" given its hella communist.

Don't worry about it fam

He seems to suggest that the macro driven by money, geography and oil, dictates far more what will happen than mislead publics, or poorly informed leaders with term limits.

Don't post about it then



Give it some time

I'm helping her out
She forgot how to use tripcodes, it's adorable
Like teaching someone how to walk again

Who is

Chii? Kuus?

Kuus hype

Go back to talking about politics

Don't mind me



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But who is it


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Soto is bluffing.

brb for long time

I gotta be with friends so can't really continue.
Have an Azerbaijani source I use for some of my theories.

yogurt? LOL

It matters not if he doesn't
The hell will change the stale and moldy attitude of this place
Will be the same old inane blogging day in and out

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Peng Chang Whey invented General Tso Chicken in the 60s.


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I accidentally prounouns

Sleepy, having another human go buy me cigarettes.

Pretty sure you don't because I stopped posting because of... reasons and then you came around or whatever.

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Did you by any chance used to do vocaroos in September between 2010 and 2013?


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Eh, it's old as shit, but still kind of relevant.

When you post tummy.

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But I honestly don't know how you like to dress
Not to sound like a dick but some furries I know irl are huge slobs and dont dress nice at all

2013, late July. I am pretty sure that was the last time I posted.

Most importantly, does Subtle has a feminine penis?

I still have those vocaroos. Might find yours...

Does Monster Girl Quest has non-ironically good story or is it just a good fap?

I usually wear just whatever because factory and single, but I can clean up well.
I wish I could pull off sweater vests.

For anyone wondering what the hell is my country.

I just hovered over your flag to find out and then didn't care after.

entertaining? yes

Eh, I don't know you then, probably.

Going to shower and go see my dad.

Gosh heck it

Yeah, he's just a feminine person in general
He practices TaeKwonDo but he's still a huge wimp
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Can't be helped lol

lmao so thats where that smug face is from

Don't you have a set of clothes that you set aside for going out?

Theyre terrible if you do.
Also recognize your tripbut no idea who you are. Lithuania posting is familiar too. Glorious NATO

see u soon squash

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Anyhow out now.
Back in like 2 hours.

Might give it a go. How long is it if I read everything and get raped by everything?

Same. I hope we can be friends... or buttsluts at least.

I want to take him home ;~;

I will find them... When I am bored as fuck. Never arsed to name those vocaroo soundtracks properly.

Lithuania is the country with the 4th highest suicide rate in the world. Second highest for males.

That's all I really know about it.



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Grim is my little husky.
You heard him.

Couldn't resist. Seriously leaving out the door now.

he's gonna stick around for 1 or 2 more posts

Yes neat

That's all I see when I watch that webm

Good job Mordin

True in reality. Those statistics are real. Also alcohol consumption is high... and a lot of children get killed, thrown into wells, beaten to death, mothers killing their newborns.

I think I found one of them.

Are you a messy person?

Organized messy, how about you?

Tha aint me howbowdah

Me too

Those pics of your avatar bring me back dude
Like late 2012
Holy shit good times



Sounds rough.

Did you mean "Yamete"?



Did you mean "Yamero"?

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You are fake memes


gonna check out the japanese curry joint in the city

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Afternoon, new guy.

korone is not krone

Messy, til I can't find some item, then I'll tidy up, like a good Xe I am.

Could you describe your voice in more detail? I have too many vocaroos of anons.

Remember that time we were a couple? ;~;

Too many alcoholics is the main reason to be honest.

Sup dude

Yesterday was so lolz you and Cup going back and forth was hilarious

How's your Sunday coming along?
Glad to see you pop up without someone mentioning your name

pls see

You dumbass newfag lmao
If you shitposted back in the day you'd understand

I am firstly british
I wouldn't worry about it



*pat* I have everything laying around but I know where things are until when I clean up I don't know anymore.

So what do you do and stuff

Did spoiler and cup argue?

That isn't Spoilers.


It's like any other day. Except for some.

Ah, good times man
I used to autistically trip on people and cyber like a mad man back then

I actually still have my Kinji folder
Its ancient



At least let me believe I'm not as autistic as I was 5 years ago

Sounds like you live a pretty boring life lol

How often do you do things worth talking about?

Everyday of my life man.

Or at least I think it's worth talking about, maybe I'm just really optimistic and think highly of myself which isn't necessarily bad.

Then whom is canada

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Him and Cup were having a fat-off to see who was heavier yesterday night while I was drunk af

VeeVee won by having bigger tits than cupcake but in reality VV wins tbh cause at least his spine isn't fucked up lol

>tfw only British accent I differentiate from all others is SCANNER's

I am being edgy by using non-defining gender pronoun. I am in Computer Science at university.

I remember how I autistically used to stutter and get embarrased.

Please get your autism back, so I can ERP with you.
Anyone want to hear vocaroo where they make fun of Chen?

Optimistic is not the correct word for it.

Turkey is shit, every single time I have had turkey in my life it was dry trash. I also mean the country too just for good measure fuck Turkey.

yea that was fun


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Back then stuttering was way more acceptable
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I'll consider it ^W^

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Self absorbed? lmao

It was so much better while drunk tbh

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Pretty sure you are mistaking Turkish girls for Indian ones, but Indian girls are pretty qt 3.14

I remember you being sexually shy back then.

My sleep was fantastic. also hello!

well you have a tendency to be very harsh

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Anything but white or Asian girls are gross. If you mean Really really white Turks or Indians then MAYBE

Good """morning"""

Thank you, and a good 'morning' to you too!



shut your mouth yogi bear you don't know me

like that.

I know... I didn't go sleep at a normal time and traveled back home, managed to get sleep around 11:30 and just woke up. It's been a cluster fuck of a sleep schedule.

And a good morning to you too, how are you?

Well yeah no shit dude lmao
That much is common sense
Do you know how many pictures of myself I have on this computer? Unhealthy amounts lol

Like everyone know's that, and that's like my shtick
Do you dislike it?

I always give them treats or food so they fuckin love me lol

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Oh my, how much I have changed
You should see me now


Back home for what?

I even get turnt with cats too

Heyo Soto, how are you doing today? Well I hope.

To visit it my family and to visit my doctor about various things. Then I'll be back at my other house on Wednesday.


Pretty good, woke up with some cotton mouth but nothing too bad

Showered and might go out with friends later today

I still see good in you though loco


Loco is all bad.

Sounds good to me, glad you're doing well, also if you head out with your friends I hope you have a nice time.

I am okay, how about you?

Just do not be too rough when petting the pussy.

Who is Loco

Who is Empty

I wanna buy a cat and call him Chomuske

You've been super duper nice ever since you took those shroom m8
I heard theyre good for treating depression or someshit

You gotta be gentle and run your fingers through the hair

Who is john cena

For uni?

Pretty sure, still they are qt3.14 and short.


Technically Indian girls are asian. Still they are kinda ugly tbh.

Do you still like buttsluts?

Cute girls being bullied is cute.

This needs to happen.

I'm okay, I woke up not too long again, feeling groggy, but I have a coffee in my hand and I'll probably make some food soon, not sure what though.

Hello, I'm Empty. Nice to meet you.

Yeah, they really helped last night, feeling more mellow today, but I'll probably be back to normal sooner then later, but even then I'll still be nice.

Yup, then in may I'll be done with Uni and I'll be back home again.

Hello to you too! How are you?

I mean far east asian, even south east asian are pretty nasty looking if I'm honest.

You're a cute girl.

Hello I'm ikt

You aren't new here, are you?

Of course, just look at this "girl"

She's my favorite buttslut irl

Matthew a fag

I've posted before, but not regularly it was mainly one offs, but since /lewd/ is somewhat dying. I thought I'd relocate. Also nice to meet you ikt!

Wait is that boy?


Should help you feel better in the end.

Ah, a /lewds/ peoples. Hi!

I would actually do it tbh
Chomuske is a silly yet cute name
Though I wouldnt get a black cat, that's too plain

That's good
Glad to hear youre still in a really good mood
Whats your plan for today?


It's helping so far, it would help if I didn't spill my coffee all over my bed sheets, but that's a quick fix.

Mhm, I'm one of those /lewds/ people, but this place is pretty comfy, so I might post a lot more regularly.

Uhh, well considering most of my day has passed me by and I spent it in bed sleeping I'll probably just pass the time by drinking and talking, since I don't have anyone back home to chill with.


It does need to have some black.

The more the merrier :3

Contemplating my life choices and lack of qt 3.14

She's kinda cute and I think she hides feminine penis under that trench coat.
Anyways see you guys. Going to play some vidya.

Who is Chunchunmaru

So are you up too much tonight, or are you taking it low and slow?

Oh I do that first option all the time, I know how it is! Also enjoy your vidya games.


Take it easy fam

I'd like a spotted Gray, white, and black one

Or brown and black

A white one would be nice too

Gotta train them it to do this too

If I go out with my friends I wont be shitposting so i might be gone all day or maybe even for 2


Dude, that was fucking sick

I always though rollerblading was gay af but I guess it could be the cool kind of gay sometimes

The best.

Low and slow, already not looking forward to Monday because classes again. I want a break...

Brown and black would be cutes and not too far off.

Chomusuke best cat.

Oh snap, going hard with the friends then? Well I all I have really is shitposting until Tuesday, then I'll be out most of the day.

Like I said I hope you have a nice time if you do go out with them.

Low and slow is the way to go, also I feel sorry for you. I only have classes two days a week, and that's Thursday and Friday.

Yeah I would avoid spilling it. Especially on yourself but the sheets too.

brb In n Out

Well it missed me completely, and just went all over my sheets, like a cheek bugger it is.

Enjoy your In n Out.

Just back from my internship, so school is meh again. 5 days a week, but at least the days are short. Shame it's all early days though :/

So are you going to stay up during the night? You just woke up lmao

Ooh, I've got my internship after this year, or I might just take the year off and travel. Those are my two options.

Yeah, I'll be staying up all night and enjoying the night life side of animus as well as other places.

Shit sword 2/10 wouldn't bang

You should try it for treason. Also that gif is adorable.


I've tried it for treason, it admitted it was guilty, the punishment was me drinking it.

I have a lot more where that one came from

"Surprise me" is probably not the best attitude to go to classes with.

Night time Holla Forums is American Holla Forums, probably. Never experienced it, so enjoy!

Have you looked at getting a place yet or are you leaning more to taking a year off?

Show me your Excalibur.


Honestly, I'm looking to take the year off, travel for the first half and find a part time job for the second half and make some money.

I want a comfy job and I have a few in mind in my area, just have to hope they're accepting part timers.

Grim, wanna tail alice?
I have enough info it will be ez

i need to eat but im fat


Fiber and protein.

its almost fucking guaranteed to cause the US to fracture though, at least for a while

ill add it to the long list of shit i really aught to read

Sounds like a comfy plan, good luck with it!

I just wanna be done with school first but I still have two semesters and one internship left. :/

lift heavy weights and get swole

Don't be a damn woman and EAT

emi i fixed my fucked model m btw

What happened?


A fitting punishment!
Wew and they just get cuter too.

Also I'm going out to eat then im headed back to my place

remember I was only back to fix my sis's laptop

while helping me figuring out how to reshape the plastic my dad noticed the bits of plastic i thought were used to elevate the PCB actually had notches in at the bottom to slot the PCB into.

Comfy is my middle name, it's all I can ever be at any given time, also thank you!

I wish you the best with your semesters and internship, I have half of a semester left and one more year left, hopefully I'll pass at the end of it all.

I like myself some cute things, what can I say?

I told my dad lately that I'm stressed out.

He sent my antistress pills and bible quotes.

Love the bible belt

All this Ryzen hype, even Intel is scare. Is Ryzen that good?

I don't really follow but I'm happy for your fixed keyboard :3

Thanks! Good luck too c:

I've been lazy all weekend, blah. Still feel tired somehow.

If you let Jesus in, no more stress.

Thank you! Also maybe you're over sleeping when you do sleep? That can cause you to be tired!

Or maybe you're not eating properly, a lot of things can lead to you being tired.

as in, the fucking thing wasnt fitting properly because the PCB was a centimeter higher than it should have been, and now i feel like an utter cock.

it looks good, but the physics score has me worried as to what the fuck is going on there, a score that bad is completely out of place considering it has higer IPC than broadwell, possibly even higher than skylake.

If I told my dad I was stressed out he'd tell me to fuck off and man up. You have a good dad

1. Trump disagrees.
2. That's also how it works with gays

Nobody will know

p sure im just tired of living or school or something

Oh, so it wasn't bent to complete destruction? lmao succ

I'm only paying a tiny bit of attention to this thread so idk what's up with that. quick rundown and opinions pls


Open your heart for Jesus.

I told my dad I was stressed out and he called me lazy ,_,

he's even seen me have a panic attack before...

Don't give up on living nor school. Just keep on trucking and it'll be fine in the end.

I told my mum I was depressed and she was like "I know you are, son. You'll have to take pills for that"

That's all I have of these stories.

SSRIs are fucking garbage and make me do weird shit, why do so many women think they can just take a pill and make all their problems go away?

Yeah, I guess so. I should probably look into moving out or something.

nope, it was just me being retarded

and yeah, all these leaks seem to corroborate the idea that this genuinely is a good fucking product, we may well be seeing this decades athlon 64

I don't know to be honest, but it's what I always get told and what not, but I'll just go with what I feel like would be the best for me.

Well if you do move out, makes sure you're committed to it, it can be lonely on your own very lonely.

that's pretty harsh

egh boring

your dad is taking the piss

Do you take SSRIs? Do they help you?

well that's life.

That's hot.

Hmmm, kinda wanna upgrade though I do have a Haswell and performance should be on IPC-Haswell+10%-level?

What will you do

More opportunities to do things and go out. I live in the sticks now.

Never stop. For the sake of all things.

Oi Tokes, how you be?

Nope, because it's a recent thing and I haven't visited my doctor yet. I'm visiting on Tuesday maybe.

Well that's true, I mean I live with 4 other people, but heck I still manage to feel lonely somehow, part of the reason I picked Yugioh back up, so I can go out and socialize with people.

Yessir or ma'am! I'll never stop at all.

when ive got money, ill sell my current rig, and build a completely new one around zen if i can actually run a useful, non-botnet OS on it.

good morning to the superior parts of the world

True, it's also nice though.

relaxing in the evening, gonna play some games me thinks.
also I finished rwby

Honestly I wouldn't. Just like... Try harder... Or something. I don't know I just don't trust mental meds

Wait how does Yugioh help with socializing

Hello comfy hawaiian japanaese

im not either of those

It's fine, I know what to do, but I can't put it into action yet. So it's the next best thing for me, I guess.

Go out and play against people who are at card shops, get to know them, meet up regularly for duels, go to sneak peeks and what not. Believe it or not a lot of people still play and what not.

whats that one dark anime called thats airing this season? the one with romance n shit

hawaii tho?

dragon maid


nerd stuff


Boku no Pico

doesnt mean im a hawaiian :T

i already caught up to dragon maid. im looking for the romance one with the serious looking art


Yeah, nerd stuff! I like myself some nerd stuff. Also you don't have any nerd stuff over there? :c

Get into Magic or 40k and then you'll realize how much nerd shit there is around

Kuzu no Honkai?

:D denks.

40k figurines are ungodly overpriced.

I love the books, and the video games are pretty good, but holy shit the actual tabletop game isn't worth.

It's why you have to be autistic.

I remember wanting to get into it when I was a child and seeing that getting 8 Tyranids was like £12, I instantly noped out.

I haven't been skating in so long and I used to love it so much. I wonder if my skates still fit.

I'm a laid back SoL bitch ^^'

No ;_; Not in my tiny town.

No thanks that's too far. I'll keep it at weeb stuff.

Ah, small towns never really have nerd stuff in them, hopefully when you move you could find a good place for nerd stuff if you're into it, that is!

Good girl or boy.

How did you enjoy the final episode of the volume?


salut bud

Boy, well last time I checked I was a boy anyway.



:O its animated by the zankyou no terror people

how about ecchi