Whom do we support? Who is going to win?

Whom do we support? Who is going to win?

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Macron will still win and we don't support no one.

likely macron

We support the rioters.

If you're French, please vote for Le Pen. The European Union must be destroyed in order to re-build a better union.

The current union is a grotesque financial beast that sucks living blood from the nations in the periphery. It is a new German empire in disguise.

The only way to destroy it is with a counter power. Vote Le Pen, please.

I prefer Le Pen

Fuck off

In her latest major speech Le Pen actually dropped any reference to leaving the EU. Likely because the more traditionally right-wing, economically-liberal faction within the party (lead by Marion-Maréchal Le Pen, Marine's niece) won out the electoral contest in the end.

The proletariat.


le pen

No one

Le Pen because she will empower the far left.

i strongly dislike stalin, but both are worse

I don't even know what accelerationism is but

would be the actual reason

and let's not forget

The FRENCH left supporting the most openly liberal, pro-banking and anti-public services candidate so far in the whole EU is something that'll get tons of people out of this train, myself included

And i'm not even shilling for le pen, i just fear the left that's siding with macron

I am with greek demigod anti-EU man on this, but remember the legislatives are on the 5 of june and that every vote there will be of immense importance.

No one on the Left has endorsed Macron, including Mélenchon. Unless you consider the Parti Socialiste "leftist".

I posted this reply to another, similar thread.

Varoufakis is a liberal shill

Le Pen as she will discredit herself, if Macron wins we'll just get (another) Le Pen later
Whoever wins, the people lose.

Who isn't nowadays

Le Pen will get close, but Hollande II will win. He'll keep the same thing going, and Le Pen will easily win next time.

Support neither. Build a movement around Melonchon as a rallying point for people leaning towards socialism, take it further left, secure the gains, educate the movement, organize.

Macron is the actual accelerationist candidate, but I slightly prefer Le Pen because of what happened to Nyaa. Nationalism is still shit though.

I also have a feeling National Front getting close here and more of the awful status quo will set up a big win for them next election.

No one. Porky.

Still I rather Le Pen win now than subject France to more neoliberalism and have Le Pen win at the next election.

Yeah you're right, you can only be anti-establishment if you are on the far right. :/

Le Pen is not a blatant banker shill towing the line like Macron. Plus she's a civic nationalist and very kosher with the jews, not even remotely what the "right" wants. I wouldn't be surprised if once she got elected she would apply anti-Islam laws to real nationalists, label them terrorists and so forth, and probably take their guns away too.

Democracy doesn't work in general, we need monarchy and a guild/craft/agriculture based economy.

Macron, because Le Pen is a fascist.

Stop giving a shit about elections.

Macron of course because national states must be destroyed.

Macron, because it pissess off the international alt right and alt left.

wow something that doesn't exists


Well, i mean alt rightists who pretend to be leftists.

wow really leftist

reactionaries and traditionalists always rejected capitalism and marxism, they're not really any different….

how the fuck do you think you can revert to your feudal fantasies?

Make France Guillotine Again

Macron because
1) no fascists. Not because Le Pen is a fascist per se, but because who side her are objectively fascists, and the last thing we want is to legitimize the fascist thought even in europe. It will be more dangerous than you think.
2) stop giving Holla Forums positive reinforcements, they must see that they are less influential than they believe, and their leakage everywhere is because Trump won and they feel legitimized now. They must retire in their board once and for all.
3) in 5 years the "altright counterculture" will be completely dead (already since 2 or 3 years in my opinion), and if Macron fails it will be a "normal" political battle without screaming kiddies.

I don't really support either one, but I think Macron may win. Or, he might not? We will see.

looks like macron is winning

Whoa whoa whoa context comrade.

The rational part of my brain says Le Pen is terrible. But the part of my brain that wants the world to burn says Le Pen best.



Don't be so sure about it.
Take a look at the results for overseas France.

In my town, I went twice to the voting building and there was almost noone inside.
All the people I asked to voted nota or null.

Heil Le Pen

Let's make France white again!

wtf i'm going to my local polling station now

This. EU must be destroyed!

Overseas voted basically completely different from mainland France in the 1st round so I'm not sure they'd be a great indication of anything.

only correct answer ITT

none of them and Macron gonna win 63% to 37% with a high rate of abstentions

neither, macron win, fuck them both, in term of second turn choice, we're literally at usa level now

Here's mine: radiolondres.eu/

damage limitation I like it. So Macrons won it then. So how big do you think Macrons lead is gonna be? 20%? 25%? 30%?

Anywhere 15% to 25% would not be totally out there.

I'm going by the Belgian and Swiss media, they projecting a share of the vote for Macron between 64%-60%


The main information of the day:

Emmanuel Macron receives 62.5% of the votes cast according to sources within the French Ministry of the Interior
The surrounding area and the Louvre press room - where Emmanuel Macron gathered his supporters - were evacuated due to a security alert that was quickly lifted
The participation at 17h amounted to 65.30% , according to official figures of the French Ministry of the Interior, against 71.96% in 2012 and 75.11% in 2007.


i dont get it…i dont get it

That's nothing new. If anything, mainstream conservatives and reactionaries are the real retards as they fail to realize they have become the exact thing their political philosophy once opposed and unironically bitch about liberals whilst being liberals.

Look it up fam, then realise why those slips are in the bin.

Capital wins and both are good choices for the accelerationist.

neither but we want marine to win

not a fan of this meme

Fuck off crypto-fascist nationalist.

hey have you checked your source of recent its got Macron on 65% now.

This 2nd round is p u r e accelerationism either way. Pretty good.

Fuck off pseudo-leftist.

When do polls close?

26 minutes from the date on your post

I think they have, except in the major cities and I think they close in the next 30 mins.

Le Pen. Socialist on economic issues. She's anti islam and "racist" but islam is just a religious form of fascism.

If you voted for a slimey Rothschild investment banker who will rot our country even more; kys

So she's calling for democratic workers control of the means of production?

lol of course not

Then tell edgy accelerationist teens to stop saying she's socialist in any way.


Why are all the world's shittiest people doing that meme hand symbol now?

I swear I'm starting to be convinced that they are all demons and that it means 666.

American elections need to be held on Sundays. It'll never happen though because that would mean workers would have time to go to the polls.

They don't reject capitalism, they just want an older version of it.

Sorry, you undialectical reactionary fuckos, but this train does not go backwards.

He's a Templar cosplayer from Holla Forums. Sage and ignore.

Live feed in English



Macron will empower fascists though.

Fuck off. This is a really retarded way of thinking. Destroying the EU under the current circumstances does not benefit us. Destroying the EU does not magically turn Europe socialist. It will just replace supranational capitalism with national capitalism.
I can't believe how many people here support breaking up the EU just because it is a capitalist institution. Are you autistic retards aware of the fact that even under capitalism there is nuance? We can't have fully automated luxury gay space communism immediately, Right now, we have to take what we get.
Accelerationism is bullshit, and so is your opinion of the EU.

I also bet that most of the people who make posts like this are actually Americans.

Supranational capitalism is far stronger than national capitalism. It must be dismantled. Sorry EUfag.

I'll keep striving for fully automated luxury communism and /r/socialism can keep their shitty fully automated luxury gay space communism

Thank god.

nigga if Russia was in NATO or the EU your ass would be bootlicking those institutions

We don't support either. Porky wins, we lose.

they still blaming Melenchon for Macron winning almost 65% share of the popular vote. cunts wanted Macron to crush Le Pen beyond doubt.


Is 65% not beyond doubt?

The primary goal of the center/center left is to keep the left from gaining power. That's why it is imperative that they lose.

Where is your chaos demon god now, you fucks?


What did he mean by this?

That bitch with the glasses on english france24 is pissing me off, neoliberal Macron cocksuckers

I like the qt black girl mentioning the losers of globalization looking for answers.

He means that he is a class collaborationist cuck who doesn't want to his up his visa free travel.

Someone start capping the Holla Forums reactions

Macron wins with 65.1%

That's a fucking shit load right?

Président Macron - 65.1%
The war is only focused on him now and it will be a long one

The EU isn't even class collaborationist. It's straight out class warfare of the rich against the poor. Macron is a literal unironic Rothschild banker wanting more austerity.

What a choice! Only thing I'm looking forward to is Holla Forums sperging out.

seconding this request

Does anyone have the Hamon landslide image from the 1st round thread?

Macron is going to win by 30%

Still not as bad as her father.

He already won

Great job faggots. I hope you enjoy straight up facism because that is coming up next.

Surely you dumb fucks were saying this about Holland and Sarkozy too?

How were they not right? Have you seen the growth of the FN?

I wish this was true.

What did he mean by this

As opposed to what, a neoliberal with a dogwhistle for morons like you?

Do you really think Le Pen would have done even a third of what she promised? Have you learned nothing from these paper tiger shitheads like Trump?

A win for the far right is a win for the true left as it severely weakens the center, which is what we want. Liberalism needs to die.


Are you fucking retarded? They could have voted for Melenchon you absolute dumbass

Everywhere is like Burgerland where Kabals control the state instead of the president
No. Brexit is happening just as well


Oh, you are mad that someone in here is actually ŕealistic and not a LARPer who does not realize that this is not 1917?

Because this would be different without the EU. Right.

I assumed all our tears about the first round had already been shed and you were talking about what actually just happened.

I agree, melenchon good, hope his peeps do good in the national Assembly elections. (I feel like those should be fairly easy to predict by looking at who got what vote in what department first round, to be honest…)

Le Pen won't?

france get your shit together ffs

Yes? When you don't share a fucking currency and same supranational organisation you can't be choked by the EXACT SAME instruments of coercion said supranational organisation has at its disposal.

What, so you think if the EU wasn't there they would have sent tanks into Greece? Are you this fucking retarded?


isn't it obvious? no, they haven't.

until you fags decide, your country already got invaded by muslims and your whole family killed

Life must be hell when you're spooked as fuck and afraid of everything.

It will be really interesting to see how France will do with more austerity.

Germanies turn to the right in the 90s under Schröder has absolutely ruined the welfare of the entire country. I expect France to be hit by this even more

Not with the exact same instruments, autist. But the outcome would be the same. Greece would've fucked up even without the EU.

Friendly reminder that the bourgeoisie got 100% of the vote and anyone mourning for Le Pen or celebrating for Macron should be purged.

Nice liberalism you got there.

nice spooks ya got there

Let's be sure that the MSM KNOW's he's gonna win just like they predicted Hillary.

She says derogatory things about brown people. That's enough for a Nazbol moron to throw his support behind a capitalist.

Friendly reminder that the bourgeoisie got 100% of the vote and anyone mourning for Le Pen or celebrating for Macron should be purged.

25% literally said 'no'

Which is the lesser of evils, Nationalism or Neoliberalism?

She is an Eurosceptic piece of trash. That is reason enough for hating her.

Given her party's history and other factions she's more likely to keep her shitty promises we don't like than her kind of okay promises we can grudgingly accept

Well, yes, my hastily made point is that both Macron and Le Pen are bourg candidates.

I have a special kind of hate for european federalists. You're on the same level as fascists for me. Fuck you.

neoliberalism needs nationalism, nationalism needs neoliberalism

Come on Holla Forums, you're not even trying.

Hilary lost on a 2% polling swing. Honestly not that unusual a swing in american elections. We're at Le Pen needing double the largest polling swing in french history to have a shot.

muh EU, slobber on israels cock

EU is of neolib leach

Remember when the corporate media said that Hillary was gonna win?

That's nice. You obviously don't know what both European federalism and fascism actually are, but whatever. Go back to sucking Varoufakis' dick now.

What does Israel have to do with anything I was talking about?

Neoliberalism is fascism with a human face.

well Macron just won so what now?



Nationalism can (and does) comport with neoliberalism just fine. Neoliberalism simply means the marketization of everything under the sun. That market doesn't necessarily need to be global, and while France leaving the EU would have temporarily impeded that global market, it would not have stopped global capital as whole.

People need to stop deluding themselves and, I dunno, read a fucking book or two.

Now we wait for the legislative in June

I used to have some kind of respect for leftcoms, but these times are long gone now.

I guess you can't be arsed to provide any argument for that.

EU put Greece in a headlock once they elected Syriza. Make an argument on how Greece with their own currency would have been raped the exact same way. Otherwise, fuck off.

lol Holla Forums

ermmm…he's won, Le Pen has lost. All thats in doubt is if his lead is gonna be 30%, 29%, 28%…

USA isn't the world…


You'll stop at nothing until you ruin my country and you'll get what's coming to you.


Fuq! Remember when Trump called on the 2nd Amendment people?


Macron won though.


Why do I only find retarded right-wing blogs as source of this quote? And even if this quote is real, it does not automatically make the entire EU somehow involved in your fantasy conspiracy around Israel and Palestine.

You don't provide any arguments for your claims about the EU, so why should I do so? Do you really think that Syriza's Keynesian policies would've changed anything?

This this this, there is no real antimony between nationalism and neoliberalism and the original neoliberal theorists were nationalists. False conflict in which both sides presuppose each other, just like liberalism and fundamentalism, meanwhile capital flows unimpeded.

Can we spin this on Holla Forums by telling them Melenchon would have won and defeated globalism?

Holla Forums supports globalist capitalism.

What does globalism mena?

Don't ever go to a casino, you'll lose all you're money m8y.

Guess what? The cancer remains regardless.

Reminder that the best way to hurt the far right is to actually elect them because once in power they can't do any of the shit they said they would do and this makes people realize that they are just simplistic rhetoric spouting retards offering simple "solutions" to complex matters.

I don't need to provide arguments for facts. Was Greece not forced to privatize state property and to cut the welfare state? Was this not done directly through coercion by the troika?

So what, maybe Keynesian policies wouldn't have worked, they for sure as fuck wouldn't have to be forced to sell out everything