Alright, never knew why Rebel Absurdity was taken off and I'm not looking for answers...

Alright, never knew why Rebel Absurdity was taken off and I'm not looking for answers. Hoping to procure a file for re-upload. It was such a great video to help people over to the socialist side and now it's gone. If anyone has it would be lit. Fuckit, if you're out there rebel I'd literally just accept a script so I can remake it myself.

The Capitalist System's Grip over Science and Technology

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would also accept a really good video with the same concepts being discussed.

He took off because a bunch of his trap photos leaked and it turns out everyone hates him because he's a bipolar prissy little drama queen even when alcohol and depression aren't involved. Can't believe I defended him for so long

he's a shemale now apparently

The trap pics were cute though

He is not a shemale, he is a transvestite homosexual and sadly due to his love of unprotected anonymous sex with strangers is now HIV+

wtf, really?


That's actually old news I think he's been HIV positive since mid-2016

I refuse to look at them so I can't speak on that

Is that why he uses Kierkegaard as an image? As a cry for help.

Oh yeah not to mention that time he plagiarized that one user's post in one of his videos. The one that went "Karl Marx was a deadbeat professor peddling a radical baseless ideology, oh wait that was Friedman. He was a failed philosopher who died without any acceptance in the philosophical community, oh wait that was Rand"

What the fuck would Kierkegaard have to do with his sex life? He used Kierkegaard as an image because Kierkegaard wrote a lot of vaguely socialist Christian populist stuff and he considers himself a Christian (LOL, but that's none of my business)

The being Christian and a homosexual part. It seems a bit contradictive.

This is totally tangential but this is why I tend to oppose promiscuity. Unless you're some kind of nymph sex is usually only really fun when you're doing it with someone you actually like and trust because of the emotions and intimacy involved. I mean do some stuff on the side if you want, it's always fun to land a 10/10 every now and then, but for fuck's sake use a pill and try to have actually emotionally significant sex too. I don't know how people feel comfortable letting people they just met play around in their orifices but it doesn't personally interest me at all.

Well you'll certainly be alienated from the Christian community but you can easily be a private worshipper and gay, contrary to popular belief there's no part of the Bible that really condemns that. It's the promiscuous part that would be frowned upon and for decent reason, when the Bible was written we didn't have birth control or STD protection. Even modernizing the philosophy of the Bible would lead you to the conclusion that promiscuity is a form of dangerous hedonism and should be shunned because of the social erosions it tends to come along with and the remaining risk however small and leads you to be less interested in your love interest. So yes maybe.

rebel was decent but his problem was that he had the ego the size of mount everist

wait, the HIV part isn't a joke?

You might want to get checked :^)


Lares, I don't need advice from someone who's underage.

reading that with the context that he's a teenager is second hand embarrassing


You think there's a chance he'll come back?

Doubt it.

yfw he was the user that wrote it

BTW his soundcloud is still up if anyone is curious

He didn't give credit where it was due.

I've considered it but it's doubtful since it wasn't the right flag.

What's he do on there?

I live surrounded by sex and sexuality, everyone wants to get laid as much as anywhere else. I know enough about it to formulate my own frameworks and conclusions.
I don't have a problem with "casual sex" I have a problem with hookups, fuckbuddies are all well and fine but it's destructive to never see whoever you bang again, and there's been studies on this.


So there's a study on a general tendency so everyone has to conform to a sexual behavior because that's best for you?

GTFO off my board you fucking normalfag.

does someone have the pics


LOL normalfags are the ones having hookups

'Course not do what you want. If you want to smoke and count on being the minority that doesn't face any health repercussions be my guest to do that too.

Oh shit I didn't realize Nasu was Rebel.

This gave him away:

Or her? Now I feel bad :(

I think rebel is just a crossdresser not actually trans
That being said I think this is a better online presence for him and not just because it's hot this sort of thing doesn't require him to get into a lot of beefs and he can just relax and listen to guys drool over him.

Rebel was a huge attention whoring bitch, I'm not shocked he embraced transtrendism, it goes well with sucking cocks of random strangers


Actually somebody mentioned that he admitted to taking hormones on his curious cat account before he deleted his twitter and youtube so I don't he's just cross dressing

They wrote they were on HRT

He wants to be the girl he wants to have.

That's weird. Whatever if he wants to be a girl I don't have a problem with that.

Here are the archived videos so far:

thank you faggot for reminding me that people have interesting lives full of excitement and I sit here playing fucking solitaire

Also another thing that gives him away

Pro tip look at the bookshelf

Is that a Kierkegaard book? I don't get it.

It's the same bookshelf/books in both pictures


Welp I guess I was wrong I hope she can stick to cute pictures and doesn't try to get back in to Chan drama

At least you don't have AIDS. Bareback is better but I ain't catching something from thots.


rebel is that you

Honestly all I would want from Rebel is for him to reupload all his vids. Idc what he does other than that.



epic, simply epic


I could fucking bet my kidney the worse one that Rebel does not have a gender dysphoria.

so he was a girl from the very beginning?


More like he has been a suicidal depressed alcoholic rotting inside since the beginning

that's rebel? doesn't look like a trap to me

That's the old pic, back when he was still promoting religious existentialism on Holla Forums rather than blowing random strangers.

Rebel is bullied and autistic, he idealizes his sense of meekness and subjugation into an identity that allows those feelings: he wants to be the little girl who get's fucked by daddy.

anyone have more? also rebel if you're reading this

Somebody should go contact him through something like a private message so that they can obtain all of his videos and then upload them to an archive channel

he probably wouldn't give us them but idk

Whoever does this should be sure to be kind and not bully him

Is Rebel like a protagonist of your typical christian tale about sinner seeing the light, except the other way around? He started as a good boy loving Jesus and ended as a manwhore sucking off random people


I agree, the sad thing is that he seems to move from one thing to the next in order to get continued attention.
not LOADS, it's just I can get it when I want usually so I have more than most people. I think maybe I'd like to get back in a faithful relationship
u mean other than rape?¿ It depends how far you´re willing to go… my limit is my eyeballs being damaged
nope, unfortunately not
he's ok, he's hot at least
does rape count?
I kind of went out with the purpose of it though, I guess I wanted to prove I could go through anything and have it not traumatise me, and I was right. It was a dark period in my life.

Leave Rebel alone tbh. I wasn't a fan of him when he was around here but he wants to move on with his life and hasn't caused any serious harm to us so we shouldn't bother shitting up whatever life he wants to set up for himself.

I knew Rebel was fucked, but this is kind of on a different level.

Seriously, what the fuck happened?

Rebel is really impressionable from what I remember, fuck whoever lead him down this path.

His mental illness lead him down this path tbh

what in the actual fuck

So, is every Christian Socialist on this board an masochist, AIDS-ridden and cross-dressing faggot?


then it was not rape, but a roleplay

I don't know what's more disgusting, the fact that he thinks foucault is hot, or that he got raped.

I didn't know Holla Forums was inhabited by a bunch of reactionary puritans.

This doesn't give you point for the oppression olympics, though?

That's ironic that he or I guess she has a rape fetish because I joked about Rebel being a rapist once in a thread because I thought he kind of looked like one in the picture. I guess my instincts were only a little off since from what I can see he's the one who wants to be raped.

I seriously doubt that's what he's looking for.

leftypol bans vanilla femdom hentai, what else did you expect?
bet it's full of 100 something old geezers that hate life

Then why did he mention it while being asked an unrelated question?

Yes, they're merely diametrically opposed. You are a sharp operator, user.

because he's an attention whore, he clearly doesn't regret it, or ask pity, he's in it for the kicks.

I don't find that appalling, I mostly doubt his desire to be a girl has an origin in dysphoria, what's stranger is the fact what kind of persona he put up before that
but finding Foucault hot is really degen

wew, you SJW twitter kids are fairly messed up.

foucault is hot, tho

Mischaracterizing a consentual roleplay as legitimate rape and bringing it up while being asked an unrelated questions is pretty disgusting to be honest.

I heard that AIDS was a social construct…

It's pretty vague tbh, he could've gone wearing skimpy clothes in a dark alley at night to have sex with strangers like my anime girls do.
It's not strictly rape because he went there with the intention or rought sex but the if the rapist was not knowledgeable that it was roleplay is it really roleplay?

stop vitrue signaling.

I don't think he engaged in a roleplay with safe words in case if the D went too deep

It's just like my japanese hentais!

How long is it until Rebel buys a live octopus?


A) Nasu is serious
B) Nasu is actually Rebel

Non gross edition

ah yeah it's just that other kierkegaard loving crossdressing christian socialist

Consensual roleplay might be in fact much more real, for it is so real that it can only be accessed in the language of theater and fantasy.

Post your face when he hits 30.


Not entirely true. It's not mentioned much, but there are about 6 or 7 passages in total that are commonly interpreted as condemning it though the extent to which they condemn it and whether it's still off-limits now is a topic of heated debate.

same bookshelf and also said she used to be a content creator but doesn't wanna talk about it. I have doubts.


Wait was Rebel the same Christcom poster I remember from a month or two ago that disappeared? Was one of my favorites here tbh

rebel namfagged so probably not. There like two or three christcom posters on here tho. I was one but I took off the flag a little while ago because people will generally badger you with "muh opiates" shitposts when you post with that flag. I'm not sure what happened to the other christcoms.

no. different guy.

this describes me and I'm fine with that

And to think I just wanted his video.

see for videos of his that have been recovered

rebel just wants attention

i remember being in one of the chat rooms with him and he posted pic-related and everybody was all worried and stuff

Finally someone responded to OP's request instead of all this gossiping shit. This is why e-celebs are a cancer upon this board

Is it because he looks like a Sonic cosplay in the first pic?

wow that's new on me

When are you gonna drop the namefagging Lares? The first time you did it, it was alright for that thread, but now its long overstayed the welcome


Still working on that YouTube show, I'm looking at finally cucking myself to a Boss Man so I can buy shit I would need for it and THEN I'll have a good excuse. MarxistMedia does it too.

Jesus, taking pictures of himself covered in fake blood for attention is just sad.

if you go through his twitter and curioscat, he still mentions christianity, identifies with it and talks about the works of the Doctors of the Church like Augustine and his works

So Christianity is the reason rebel turned out the way he did?

Obvious case of feminization fetishism and autogynephilia. He tells other weebs on twitter to "take the pink pill", dress up, take HRT, etc.

he didn't respond to my message T_T

yeah but mm is at least not 16


the revolutionary Holla Forums warrior everybody!

idk, he is an attention whore


wow leftists finally found someone with a more pathetic life than they do

I don't think it's fake. I know he does self-harming.

he's a young man living in the the current year ,trying to make sense of the world just like all of you

give him a fucking break and move this thread to e-celeb trash


He isnt, its irony on kierkegaard level.

n1x? is that you?

I never figured that you saw rebel as a mentor.

Start shit-talking transsexualism and you will find out.



Guess great minds think alike

why am i not surprised

post feet

Do you have HIV too?

mfw still waiting for his video on post-Keynesian economics

Please Allah forgive me


Anyone has any pics of him?