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rip animus

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best anus's in the biz


what what in the butt


drugs is dope yo

i find the very idea of binding contracts between governments contemptible, a governments first duty is always to its people, and it should have no binding duty to outsiders, besides those outlined in lockes concept of natural law.

so i should just take my gains as they come, and not worry about pushing up on the weight? rippetoe and the other stronglifts guys seem to have this idea that as a beginner you can add 2.5 kg to your previous weight on that exercise with every session, and i just dont seem to be capable of that.


sup TP



he's been talking to you all this time now.

holler. what's good emma

cute picture

The state governments and the states themselves are not sovereign.
They possess no power in relation to any foreign entity outside of their combined powers, the federal.

That is a SL 5x5 idea and no matter if fit wants to admit it or not that's a fucking meme, 10-15 kgs a month is good for beginners

but he's taken and not actually a qt.

I'd rather not go to muslim land

cute pic~ :)

yo dude fuck the feds they aint got shit on chi

This is all I've been listening to for the past hour.

yeah you're right

one would think that qt would actually be cute

but i guess it's supposed to be ironic or something

Oh you know, gettin' turnt af tonight as shit. You?

cute image :)

i have no idea why i saved that

are you really?

that's what i'm doing!

this week was horseshit

is Emma qt? Please tell me who is qt so I can speak with them.

correct. the people are sovereign, and they elect officials to exercise their sovereignty for them, and these officials form a state, acting on their behalf. are you telling me these people have no right to leave the US?

but whats the rationale for doing that? i seriously doubt rippetoe would just pull shit like that out of his arse.

i dont blame you on that tbh

don't tell emma this but I kinda want her to make me a sammich while cosplaying as nico. I SWEAR, I won't get a boner!


emma is a horrid dyke


emma is HELLA qt

who is veevee

I don't know the rationale. They probably assume you're not completely weak, the problem with this if you are you will add 2.5kgs every workout until it gets to the point you hurt yourself and lose motivation. By the way do you mean 22.5 kgs without the bar or with it?

That's fine man, I'm that gorilla dick nigga. I make dyke pussy wet.

well now I am receiving conflicting reports

some new guy

tp speaks no lies


They can leave but they're allowed to petition the government and asked to leave. If approved, they would leave but it would require 2/3 in the Senate, I believe, for it to even be considered to pass. They simply cannot leave without asking because of federal debts and infrastructure they owe.

some underage b&

he was going by like veelee the other week


that dude from yesterday who was thirsty for ass


trust me dude she's like a solid 7.5

who are you

Vylee visiting Luka

oh alright

i wasnt in thread yesterday i dont think

I was not going by VeeLee the other week, I literally just started posting last night and I am 22 if you must know.

shut up subtle



Yes. Stop pulling things out of your ass.

i see
22.5 kg inc bar

thats fucking retarded, especially with the concept of national debt is taken into account.

oh it was vyleee

who the fuck can remember such weird names




wait isn't vylee, licky?

i'm so confused now

Yeah probably.

What happened bae?

u so kewl mff

subtle is being a pimple

the canada dude is new



Well just keep at it and you'll get it, the most important thing is not hurting yourself and enjoying yourself when you lift.

This letter is for you.

It reads:

bitch, stop pulling shit out of your ass.

i wish

well today wasn't too bad actually cause there's a bank holiday monday and a lot of people made it a 4-day

it's just been ridiculously backed up at work and it's tiring making excuses and apologizing to customers

and like people in general are stupid and exhausting

and it's good to be home

dude it's not even intentional

why are you so offended by the new dude being called underage?

most new people who find this place ARE UNDERAGE

it's a pretty fair assumption

I mean, you owe the federal government for its expenditures in your state.
If you want to leave, you're obligated to allow your debts with the federal be accounted for.

those trip 7s tho

Nice digits

I know but that's the issue
70% of people under 20, let alone under 18 here on any imageboard are fucking shit, they don't know how to deal with people

i dont disagree, but the idea of the federal government ever being able to say no to a state demanding secession is an affront to the very values the US was founded on.

lol yeah they're so immature

aren't they so funny?

us old people can just sit back and laugh

They need to socialize irl

The federal government is a coalition of representatives from states in the union. It's other states voting whether to let that state leave.

I don't know how to deal with people but I'm not under 20 so am I "fucking shit"?


I was told drama was happening. Doesn't seem like any drama is going on here...

and they should have exactly zero fucking say in such matters


Okay, ily too.

It was like a week ago, you fucking retard.

Why didn't you tell me you fucking wrinkly old shit?

yeah or like get a damn job

that was so anti-climatic

beepop did not pull a luka

the end

That's not how a Republic works.
Your representatives are your voice in government. If you don't like it, then elect new representatives and rally support from other members of the Republic to vote in your favor.

Wow. Lame. I wanted to be there for the fireworks.

Did you know that people think we're an oligarchy now?

lol i was so pissed when i woke up that saturday

i was like thinking "are you really board changing on my birthday"

and laid into beepop and alice p hard. good day all in all

there was a clear right side

so like it wasn't as fun as it could have been

wait who the fuck is apache?

i know of an adachi

I still would've played devil's advocate, at least...or maybe not. Just who ever was more fun to shit on, I guess?

I don't think you want to remember.

I mean, it's not inaccurate. This country has historically been run by the small minority, be it rich people or just our founding fathers who didn't really speak for anyone but themselves during the revolution.

oh yeah i was making fun of the other side too

cause like sqish is always in the middle

and we all know what happens when he is in charge

we end up with beepop in charge

you have a built in fucking constitutional law for the purpose of dismantling the existing government by force should it become tyrannical, this is a direct assertion of the sovereignty of the people, not the federal government, and of the peoples right to revoke the sovereignty theyve imbued the government with by force at any time.

No, it isn't, but it isn't 100% an oligarchy by any stretch...

Nice. We have a pro-bully in the building. Kudos.

I like how this britfag probably knows more about the second amendment than most Americans these days.

wait are you null?

yeah we don't keep up with american gov


What made you think that?

bama was rated like 14th best prez by 90 historians

i read it on yahoo

kinda disagree tho

he's my fave

typing profile

not many people space like an autist

Some guy who didn't do much.

it's like colbert and null

and yots

Obama is shit, just like any governing body/person.


I got busy.

think it's null

i'm still listening to that animal collective

it's grrrrrooooovin

weeb music best music

dude what about that new katy tho

Clearly not if you post here.


You only think...? Come on now. You're being dense.

Although I admit I like shitposting a lot more now, so I do that more often than cuteposting these days.

Also you fucking bet it is.

yeah he's a trickster!

lol you cutepost?

are you a gay loving homo?

It's the weekend. What else can I do? I mean, I guess I have work tomorrow...buttt, whatever...

More than I'd ever want to admit ever. It sickens me sometimes.

where did emma go i actually like talking to her



wait so do you like have a whole schtick where you stutter and pretend to be hyper-fem?


Uh. Depends on when you catch me. I am kinda prone to doing that sometimes, yes.

Although I don't really try to pretend to be feminine at all. I cringe if I realize I'm doing it. But it might as well be second-nature at this point...

I just broke my nose.

so you cyber hella dudes then, huh

How you gonna do me like that, TP? Right in my GOT damn face

nose breaks are like


not much to do really

it's not a bone

In the good old days, sure. Now I'm just a washed up whore.

I fell on it and I had to like put it back into place and it cracked and shit. Now it's bleeding



Attempted with the help of someone to actually get an irl fuckbuddy but it didn't work. Fucking normies I swear.

Excuse me?

lol i'm just razzin my man

what's goin down

who are some of the more notable notches on your e-bedpost

surprised i even called it

but as i said not many people use that spacing

oh that dyke war veteran used to

forgot her name

oh and black kon

he did too

Cowering inside clutching a bottle of rum because of the torrential rain outside

How bout you?

Good one there fella.

SAO season 3

yay more garbage

Speaking of garbage.

Be nice, Nully

haha man like it drizzles down there and you guys think the end is coming

it's was like 60 today

maybe the end is coming

there have to at least one

it's more funny that people watched the first season

at least be one*

Make me.

Nope. None.





Yeah I see you.

Its pretty awful.

Get a fucking car. How old are you?

Ex-cuse- me???

You didn't even pull off the comeback well...


*erps you into submission*


alright name some of them anyways

so cato is assumed


everyone on /lewd/

probably desu

who else?

i donno like people who talk a lot about SAO

in my experience are not cool people

so like


I can't taxi without a taxi, I use some other guys car in the night, that's how we do it, and he's not answering my texts or my calls. No need to be rude jeez

I. Actually don't know anyone but Desu, and Desu was annoying.

Who do you think you're talking to here?

You're honestly lucky you even got a reply from me.

You're just annoying

Goggles likes it

wait it can't be the official name

the weather channel names them and i doubt they picked lucifer for L

but that damn shit up north is no joke

kinda sad how we like try to control forces we don't and will never fully understand

No excuses. Time to steal one from an Indian. Survival of the fittest.

O-oh, t-thank you so much for your reply!!! I appreciate it oh so much!!!


Lucifer is fucking our shit up over here in Anaheim fam

My favorite fag, Nully


Man this sucks I make a fucking killing on Friday and Saturday because of all the fucking drunks, but now I can't do it at all.

Indians in Canada are like all doctors, unless you're in Brampton

Ventura was hit first, so we've been dealing with it longer


Not gay. Definitely not your favourite.

Paint your god damn car red you lazy shit.

Well excuuuuuuuuuuuuuse me, princess

lol you cybered desu?

i bet it wasn't even a pity cyber neither

i really like these tiny desk things

does anyone actually like giggles?

besides darbear?

oh you'll be fine

i am more worried about the people under the oroville damn

you survived the battle of LA

i'm sure you can survive a little water

Gross. Also when was the last time you saw a fucking WRX with a big ass spoiler on it taxing people around?

lol i keep trying to spell dam

Did you know that mean and Goggles are dating now ?

I know, but I'm definitely staying inside all weekend

I want to order food but I'd feel bad making people deliver to me

But did you see a nigger cut you off and then lose control like you did in your jeep years ago?

Only this nigger was driving a Cadillac on 24s and did like 3 spins when he lost control on the 57

Me and my dad were pointing and laughing at him
Ah, like father like son

No, excuse you.

Nope. I bullied him on threads. That's pretty much it.

I meant start running over Indians. And I don't know, fucking. Uber. Uh. Cars. You'll make more business for standing out, trust me.

We don't have Uber here, and hailing taxis doesn't happen here, people just call the cab company.


I drove super safe, I'm not about to get into any accidents

Work on Monday is gonna be awful, people getting into accidents like fucking mad

I excused you first, fag

Actually last week I ended up driving a homeless guy somewhere.

I'm surprised I'm not dead.

Start your own fucking RedTaxi business. These are all excuses.

Oh, thanks. I'll take my leave then.

i am so sorry

you must be devastated

eh don't feel bad dude

once there was a literal parade separating me from dominoes

so i thought it would be funny to make the delivery dude cross it

sure enough he was on time. i was impressed and tipped hard

that guy makes rin look manly


Yes ?

ban do you have any real power or just the cool sig?

About damn time

If I do end up doing it I'm gonna tip the shit out of them

Do NOT insult my BOYFRIEND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yeah man you gotta tip






Just as I thought. Lazy.

Yeah. He annoys me a lot, actually.

Okay but I'm not leaving because you'd like that too much.

Goggles? That brit dude? He tried really really hard to ERP me all the time. Okay guy but I wish he didn't try doing that so damn much.

his whole thing is being an annoying sub

the best way to deal with desu is to humour him and he gets confused quickly

You guys don't know

I know

I'm special


Are you telling the truth?

business taxes are fucking insane here and there's so many cab companies I couldn't do it. Plus I don't have enough money anyways

I always tip well, but I'd tip even better for this occasion

Nigga it's a normal Monday for me

Wow, you don't even follow through with your commitments

What a fag


There's nothing like spending ten minutes hacking up sinuses and lungs full of mucus and phlegm just so you can breathe normally again.

I hate being sick.


Stop sucking all that dick

I see. He should just off himself instead.

What. I'm serious. Okay guy I guess.

Yeah Canada -is- pretty shit. Also get more money retard.

I never said I was absolutely going to leave, so shut your damn mouth.

is he bigger than a bread box?

yeah man if shit is sub par i tip 20

it pisses me off when people tip less than

I am not dating anyone.

when I say I'm too poor I mean the .001% heeb in me makes me not want to spend any money. that's why I live in my parents basement and all my shoes are falling apart


It's a cold.
A friend was sick and I kept trying to avoid contact with her while she was sick. I still ended up sick and they're back to normal.

oh you know how things are

people just trying to shitpost and get attention

by switching names and shit

you know?

I never thought that was a lie.

Shes like 6 inches

w-want to change that~? x///x


Pardon me?

TP don't you DARE date him when i'm still SINGLE

Aren't you like sick always constantly?

Please come to where I work.

You need to start. I'm sure there are some non-normie girls out there somewhere.

Fucking disgusting...

Whhaaaattt? Who would even do that? Sounds like something a retard would do.

You think I can't get fuck or something?

You still said you would, don't get caught up in minutiae

Yeah, 20 is kind of the standard. I mean, on $10 it's only $2 extra. Like... you don't have $2 extra to give to the person working a shitty low pay job?

I also like looking homeless tbh, people literally buy me shit in McDonalds and stuff it's great.

Google "Large clits" and hit images.

Oh i'm sure you can cyber some other loser.


What the fuck. That's horrible. Freshen up.

Everyone here is a loser, yeah.

I'm never actually sick or impaired. I have a chronic thing but that just requires maintenance medication and ends up within normal ranges for anyone. I just have a horrid cold right now.

so dingo fucker is a girl?

i guess that would explain his evasiveness

and i guess darbear is technically not full homo


it just takes knowing people who have had to work for tips to appreciate it

like my step dad seriously tips under if the service is bad

i got this haircut the other day and tipped the ho fat cause it was like clerks


Its not gay to suck on a clit that just happens to look like a dick.

But shes flat sooooo


Same thing, punk. Anyway get better quickly. Or die. Either one.

I'm serious though come to where I work to eat. I need the fucking tips.

I'm clean, 2 showers a day, brush and floss my teeth, etc... But buying old cheap thrift store clothes and wearing them until they wear out, just makes you look homeless. I like it tbh. You know I really enjoy it when they see me leave and get into my 30 thousand dollar car and drive off because that's just hilarious.

that's gayer than fucking boypussi to be totally honest.

so your type?

hey steve


seriously people who stiff tips piss me off so much


Pretty much.

oh i thought it was established that you were steveAn

my bad

shame really

that guy is a god amongst men

Oh. Good. Yeah I do that as well. But I'm -actually- poor, you see. And I don't know how to not look like a hobo apparently.

Yesterday I got 18 dollars in tips after we had a packed restaurant. Several families with little kids. Fucking disappointing.

Yeah, my sister worked as a waitress for ages so she kinda taught me all that shit. I still clean off tables and stack dishes at restaurants too

Probably cause you can't ollie

i have to be in a special mood to fap to a-cups

I hate that I've not really reliably slept in days because every time I try to sleep, my sinuses get pressure depending on what side I'm laying on and after a while, there's just so much congestion that I barely can breathe and have to sit up to let it all drain, as gross as that sounds.

It makes sense that you'd think so. "Great" minds and all.

Miss me with that hetro shit.

if you suck more dick your body will reflexively widen your sinuses to allow you to breathe more


Old clothes, disheveled facial hair, long hair helps but is not necessary, etc.

mexicans and/or blacks?

lol when i was a barfly i would always stack chairs at last call

i guess that was selfish too so they would let me chill after hours

you're not brian tho


I'm sure that sound medical advice was given to you by a 40 year old man in a panel van.

Traps are not gay. Jesus confirmed.

Ah. I know how that feels. Sometimes my sinuses are like that on nights. Although I'm sure your shit is fucked to a much higher degree with this sickness.

I get rid of the facial hair. And I kinda have long hair.

Facial hair is groooossss.

NEITHER. Which is surprising.

It was all old white people, mostly.

I was accusing your mind of being roughly equivalent to stevean, not saying anything of my own, you idiot.

Squiddy is his name.
Just some random gay ponyfag that got bored of mlpchan and ended up here for reasons unknown.

I'm too apathetic to shave most of the time.

Sounds really fucking edgy. Shave retard. How can you be a cute hobo trap if you have a beard?

I have narrow sinus cavities but it's not bad or detrimental in any real way. Just when I get sick it makes any congestion at all completely block everything.

Never hurts to get in good with the management of places you go to a lot

I'm on pretty good terms with the lady that owns the liquor store down the street, she gave me homemade rum balls at Christmas

Miss me with that hetro shit.

Miss me with that hetro shit.

I'm 6'1 and my shoulders are nearly 2 feet wide, I'd make a pretty shit trap, I just want to cuddle a trap and make them feel safe.

Gilga please.

Fuck. Fair enough.


oh... see like if they were really old

they get a pass

my grandma would not understand tipping etiquette in this day and age

oh wow







i knew that before

maybe i was just too high the other night but i could have sworn that he was steve and that other aussie jimmyjohn was brian

and i was like

alright this is kinda nice

for sure

i've been smoking out this bartender for some reason

but for some reason i was all paranoid last friday and was really standoffish with him

it will be kinda interesting what happens tonight

By nearly 2 feet wide on my shoulders, I should point out I actually mean just over 1.5 feet but I round up to be an internet tough guy.

holy shit orange soda is an amazing mixer for vodka

I can chug this shit like water

Not super old, minus a few couples, and they actually tipped at all, compared to most people who just....didn't. Also I didn't know you autistic spacing now.

Regardless, apparently you want to be the one fugging the trap in the street, not being the trap fucked in the street. Whoops. My mistake.

I'm saying it's not bad when I'm not sick since it doesn't really do anything or affect anything major. But just when sick it makes them get clogged up easily. But I'm rarely sick.

See above. Most people in general have minor developmental issues with their sinuses but it's never really anything that requires correction. Pretty much everything in your face is developmentally flawed in some manner in most people from cheeks, jaw, sinuses and teeth.
The difference being it's always within acceptable ranges.

fizzy screw drivers

Jimmy whatever is BRIAN.
Any Aussie that posts user is BRIAN usually.

I guess we'll see

It's called a screwdriver, and yes it's a common drink

grape and vodka is the best

purple jesus

grape soda and vodka

fizzy purple jesis


Gilgamess admits he's ugly, more at 11.

Are you gay?

Can I fug you?

40 yo is pretty old
they must be wise so you should use that advice as well


This is implying I'm a trap and homeless.

I said orange soda you nigger not orange choice


1, I am not homeless, nor do I care if you are
2 I don't care if you are a trap so long as you could potentially be one
How tall are you?

what about like sperm?

you know that feeling when you write a long reply to someone and they come back at you with 4 words?

and you totally forget what you said cause the reply was not engaging in this least?

i kinda do

too thick tbh, very salty drink 0/10, only good in small quantities

this is true

5'9 or 5'10.

Last time I went to the doctor they measured 5'10 but my shoes add like an inch or so.

Also I don't fuck degenerates sorry BUD.

not tipping is inexcusable

honestly i would stand up in a restaurant if i noticed someone not tipping at all

love that dude

Look at the prevalence of dentistry, orthodontics and endoscopic drilling. Almost everyone's face is asymmetrical and otherwise flawed from genetic variance. A protruding chin is technically a flaw because it means both halves of the mandible didn't fuse properly. By definition, it's a defect but still considered attractive.

Same to you :^)

You left the big cliffhanger at the end of the story man, I need to wait until the confrontation

do you consider a trap that fucks girls gay?

my brain is glitching out, think I need a reboot tbh

meant orange juice

I'm no degenerate, I am a pure virgin who just wants to love someone. Also 5'10 is good enough, post butt

But in the extremely unlikely event no why would that be gay?

Yeeaaahhhh...I'm just trying to get buy and pay car insurance and shit here. I can't run off of 18 dollars a day.

Yeah okay kid. Say what you want, I guess.

Ask someone else for my butt.

Why would someone else have your butt? Honestly that's your problem, you can get your own butt back I'm not looking for it.


Yo VeeVee if you want a cute trap to send you nudes ask Miia the !Lamiaqzl/A

She's quite the adorable trap and will gladly give you nudes

Just add her on steam or discord since she likes to send em in private ;)

You can thank me later


but you know what i mean

sometimes like a convo is going so good you don't need id's names or images

lol i'm getting kinda drunk

lol what do you do for 18 dollars a day?

even luka does better than that

My butt was stolen ages ago. If you want me to post butt, I need to find it first. So you'd better get looking.


this also her voice is not fish-like

I won't lie, I'm a bit concerned.

Darn that must suck to be you.

I can tell lmao

So am I, I'm right there with you dude

No, I'm explaining basic biology and how variance works.

nice meme

I'm a waiter.

No not really. If you saw it you'd be glad it was gone too.

I don't understand are you actually cute?

I would never lie to a Canadian, trust me

I swear on my moms life

Give the guys nudes already

lately my nights have been ending in tinychats with fish

please don't let that happen again

although SD was there too last time

and he is pretty cool i must say

what is your yelp rating?


To one who clearly didn't care, and willingly chose to seek meaningless petty insults against basic information and opinionated concepts of image.

I have a nice face but the body of jaba the hut




As much as I hate not getting tips I do feel like I deserve it sometimes. I tend to fuck things up a lot.




By the way if you're fat I doubt your face is nice tubs.

Looks like she could be axel rose's daughter.

on purpose?

oh it seemed like a lot of times

what are you doing later?


Only God can save you from that hell.

minus SD, obviously

Yes hello.

No, of course not.

neru how do you feel about the pewdiepie drams

Check out my hairy pussy
Pretty cute right?

How can you be qt you have no butt!

the what

I make up for it with my AMAZING personality.

sometimes i just don't care man

it's actually pretty nice

liberating if you will

get your shit together dude

stop checking your phone

Then talk to me. and post nudes

just note that I said nice and not perfect

well right now it looks like I'm gonna be getting drunk and playing either darkest dungeon or halo 1


people called him a nazi

and it's like a big deal on youtube

he lost his shill show

Are you a really ugly girl or a really ugly trap? I can't tell.

No but really I do try my best. But I'm just a shitty faggot at everything, I guess. I make sure to ever check my phone unless I want a quick update on the time.

Okay hi. Here's nudes!

not playing that and getting drunk

why do you ask?

That's called being drunk


Yeah right? So, whaddya say? Are we best friends now or WHAT.

Yes please, but you have to let me lick your feet in a non-gay non-sexual friend way.

He's a fat dude.

yeah there's nothing less appealing to an employer than checking your phone

unless checking your phone is a part of your job of course

no real reason

yeah it's pretty nice like letting loose

He doesn't look fat, but black clothes are a fatties best friend.

Also I need people to play For Honour with.

Deal. No idea why you'd want it to not be gay though? Isn't licking feet gay? I don't think you could manage it any other way.




never mind you're not my friend now.

He really doesn't. Must be angle or something.


oh so i got perma'd again from lewds

this time for advertising

the board didn't have a fucking post for a day so i thought it was dead


hashtag bam

'nother perma

this is the most slimming outfit I have

I'm 5'5

I weigh 216 pounds

I am FAT

jews ruin everything