Are most people spooked as fuck or is it just on internet?

are most people spooked as fuck or is it just on internet?
seriously, everyone seem to work on emotions and completely ignore facts when their not going their way.
thats genuinely terrifying.

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it's not just the internet pretty much everyone on earth is spooked as fuck. the internet just channels certain spooks heavily.

People are very easily spooked. 50% of people in the US vote.

I'd argue that people are more spooked in real life then on the internet. Just hang around a party full of parents, and you will hear shit so retarded it makes youtube comments seem smart.

A lot of internet folk are at least semi-aware

facts don't exist, this is mythical dualistic magical thinking that nu-atheists and rationalists have bamboozled all the secular people into believing. there are no facts, emotions are just one thing in a spectrum of things which affects people's thoughts (which are themselves a spectra of phenomena, many of which we haven't studied and don't understand at all). This idea that facts exist out there, or there are "facts" to look at is ridiculous.

Spooks are a part of human nature. Denying spooks makes you automaton.


the answer to your question is yes.

this is how positivists are born

this is deeply upsetting

it should be, if positivist-fuelled autistic STEMfaggotry gets any stronger we'll be engulfed in a wave of ideology

humans are emotional, not rational

it takes learning and discipline to be rational in the face of stress and hardship

that being said, feels aren't always a spook.

feels > reals 90% of the time for humans

I still think there aren't facts out in the world and that information doesn't necessarily exist independent of turing machines or minds.

I agree, but if facts (or the "real world") fundamentally exist or not is completely irrelevant.
Information, when defined vis-a-vis data cannot by definition exist without something to process it.

I'm sure you think that, but the thing is, its always relevant whether or not truth is real and the world is real.

good that we had this conversation
real enlightening

This tbh.
Truthfully I hate "facts." I love data, but facts are ugly little things. The problem with individual facts is that minus context they're almost always outright lies. "It's a fact!" is one of those phrases I'd have people shock-collared for if I was in charge. (Of course, I construct and deploy facts too, usually with the full awareness I'm being misleading as hell but nobody will have the data to hand to derail me. Don't like bombs much either, but in a revolution? hand me some fuses and I'll get to work.)

The worst is during Brexit or Scottish Independence where the morons in the public go "oh, we just want the facts!!", as though there was a fucking fact tree that all the politicians had hidden from them, as though the seer of factuality was locked in a cupboard at conservative central office. uncertainty doesn't exist anymore, there's no act of political interpretation that's necessary - indeed, the uncertainty as to how we proceed isn't the notional reason we're having referenda at all - no, we're much beyond that now, politics is all about managerialism so bring forth the facts!

U fokin wot, m8?

welp, i guess i should just move to a desert island and watch the world burn


People are dumb as shit, if anything they're slightly smarter online. I can't believe I have to share a planet with these people.

lol this board, /lit/ is a lot better

They are spooked, after all Trump did win.

everybody thinks everybody else are working on emotions and ignoring the facts

Don't have to be spooked to see that in the rust-belt the election was essentially a zero-sum game.
Either Trump makes things good again, or Hillary's continuity with Obama sees you finally die of a heroin overdose like the rest of your neglected area. If Trump doesn't make things good? Heroin's still waiting.

christ capitalism is such a shit fucking system, why do we still live like this

its like saying agnostics and relligious are the same because one feels there is a god and the other doesn't.
being agnostic isn't about feelings