Alice is a man who likes to dress like a woman and make threads about cooking on Holla Forums

alice is a man who likes to dress like a woman and make threads about cooking on Holla Forums

the more you know.

I just made a thread God damn it cup

I'll be sure to care a super whole bunch about that


not with that image hell no

It was way too low energy, to be honest.

Holla Forums is different from Discord though

I feel like you think I'm out to get you or something
Calm down dude

I've calmed down a lot these past few month for some reasons I'd rather not tell you.
I dont drunk post anymore

I'd join you but I hardly have any alcohol left to get a nice buzz

Because they're somebody I believe I can trust. Honestly. I can go more into it but that alone I believe should be enough for you.

You've tricked me too much.

You dumbass
Alice doesn't even have a pussy for you to put your dick in

I don't trust them.

I only trust you so much.


Your thread, I was expecting "I HEARD THERE WAS UNREST".

Alice pls response

Alice is a GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Ian is a girl


It seems I have came at the right time, good thing I have pizza.

Step off my man, Lenko.


[9:15 PM] Lenko: I don't wanna post as much anymore

If I gave mod to everyone I wanted to fuck then Cooki and Lexi would have been made a mod
Come back when you have something real to say

Why not?

Have I ever done anything for you to lose it?

Maybe if I was posting on the reg

Go be paranoid somewhere else



[9:15 PM] Bebop: KILL ME

yeah bye


wow the first sensible post about this came from Ian
yall should be ashamed

It's past midnight where you are you retard

Hey dumbayuss ping pong ping pong ping pong is that a good chinese cartoon?

You know how bad Alice is though right?
Like what she did to bard

I am always the most sensible

Where did you find this pic of me
Reported for dox

I shouldn't be suprised but you guys STILL have not chosen a perma mod?

It's only paranoia if it's completely unfounded and delusional. If you have a history of doing something then it's not paranoid.


ruminating on the lessons ive learned from "Bing Bang Bonk No Sakumoto: My Little Sister Could Kill Me So Easy" a true postmodern masterpiece

We couldn't really "choose" it, the board was made by faggots who passed it on to faggots in a total drama shitfest and then passed it on again to Bebop who I'm not even going to get into and then everybody just stopped caring

I am unrest.

hey ching chongs yall makin some ping pong posts on this web site?

Are you going to allow him into you instead?

So civil group never?

It's alright, how's you anyhow?

ching bing, ding dong ding. bing ling, ching

Dude calm down.

You swear like I'm a mod :^)

Go bitch at Alice
He's the real threat here

Bebo if Alice bans someone for having bad character will you support them

I have my ups and downs in life but I've been dealing with them fairly, other then that I'm just gaming on my spare time nowadays, I don't know what goes around here anymore.

your hairline bitching is at you dude

Alice is omnipotent.
Her spies are everywhere.




yall talking about ching chong cartoons where the little girl is like bing ding pink bink bink




No. I don't. We had a talk about this too how everyone always says she is so bad but nobody actually gives me any detail and how it's left on a "trust me"
Well guess what, I don't trust many people here at all.

Even those that I call friends here have lied to me in the past or just broken simple promises and tried to justify it all by saying that I shouldn't care because oh we're such good friends and blah blah bullshit

something something agent of chaos


I love spyin on retard chinese ding dong ching chongs

I'm not sure if I finished the first reply or not, I'm playing a game right now so it might not be in full

While we're shitting the bed here, make me mod too.


Mordin pls


y'all know how to post hcing chong to faceblack?

Ok so basically she banned Bard from her chat cuz he was mean to sci

She said it was because Bard had developed a bad character that wasn't welcome in her chat

What's stopping her from doing it here?

Big issue is none of this happened in Alice chat, it was on animus but he was punished in Alice for it

Alright I've seen enough! This thread's over, I'm taking you in!

Glad to hear it's holding up somehow.
Things tend to move quite a lot, but I think it's due to the whole drama as of currently.
Wouldn't really care about it too much if I were you.

Why does everyone say that?

My hair is fine

You should see my friend Boston's hairline
He's 25 and already has had hair implants lmao


spying for someone who's a high functioning autist/retard must be a good gig.

I do not see anything wrong with that.
She doesn't own this place.

Alice is stable and has all his marbles in his head.
Not one issue in that mental factory of idiocy.

I told my roommate that evangelion was a lighthearted anime

Gonna watch some with em tonight

It's gonna be lit



Has nothing to do with me so I'll just lurk in the shadows with popcorn

Alice is probably god of RP though.
Them reward cummies must be out of this world.


just keep saying that to yourself
it wont stem the bleeding but it will lower the suffering :)

She has a cult
It is frightening

you were the "leader" of the bronies and can only get it up if a dude fucks you in the ass while you dress up in panties and a skirt.

yet someone else is an autist.

You're under arrest. This ends here.


We having horse steak tonight

You bitch of a son



well gotta do something to keep up the cult of personality. being a cyber slut has always worked for me~

*de facto leader

never asked for it. and I don't have my own lovely little cult that I selectively pick and choose only the people who lick my ass the best to populate.

That's right; I'm using my anime powers, anointed upon me by Alice, too summon Pizza Pockets (Note: Not the same thing as Pizza Pops)

Any real problems with Alice being a mod?


That's a really good choice.

did he ever tell you about the scat fetish he has? He loves shitting in diapers while wearing them and being degraded.

yes you did. You're literally lying right now. You 100% surrounded yourself with ass lickers and people that would e-fuck your ass and shit on your face.

Yeah but you can't get it up unless you're in panties and a skirt.
So I can't really trust a fag.

I mean, I'd fuck him in the ass IRL, but gas is spensive.

I don't judge.

Good to see nothing has changed, tho still kinda sad at the same time.

I did? huh. funny, I always just called those people "friends" and never expected them to do anything for me. but of course, having a network of people to spy for you is totally the same as having real friends with a two way bond of caring.


Leader, do they suspect a thing?


your fucked now. prepare(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

Cup isn't my friend because he never bought me pizza.

Also I saved this
It is 2adorable

Dude same

OMG that's sick! Can't you get sick from that?!

Only time will tell
Tick tock

I am as the good lord made me.

gay as hell.

you act like anyone spies or actually cares and they don't just shit post and make fun of your hypocrisy. And yeah you had so many friends that you ignored and dumped after you used them to just jerk off :) Yeah dude you never did nothing fucked up like that ever. Kill yourself.

I will come to your house and shove a pizza down your throat you little buttlicker

still running this bit huh?

I need to sleep and stop making these now

It happens all the time, best not to care about the big things.

I feel like Jerashi's not part of that whole thing, but they're probably in some small Finnish imageboard thing.

Jerashi posts once in a blue moon

I play Mh with him and he sometimes sends me pics of his long hair

for someone who seems to know a lot about me you certainly seem to know very little about me.

Okay suckers, if you have any real qualms take them up with the big man, the guy upstairs, the big man upstairs, the big guy upstairs; the one and only Prophet Muhammad.

Why would I ever come in here on a regular basis also who is Jerashi?

Not my fault your memory is so shitty from huffing the fumes of your own shit for 7 years.

That was me in college lol.

I have a whole folder of these vids :3

Naw, just humoring the peeps you're talking to. How is Cuppers tonight?


What's up chucklefucks?
I have a riddle for you.
What makes a sound like a duck,
and smells like fucking doo doo?

If anyone has any real problems with Alice being a mod then speak now or forever hold your peace

I don't think they'll join our circlejerk this year, as much as you want it to happen I just don't see it.


well I mean, my 6th year anniversary of joining the pony threads is this month. and it's not my fault my shit smells so delicious. you'd want to smell it all day long too.

Handing the community back to Alice would be a betrayal of everything Bern shitposted so hard to do

/my take

Don't let me go squashie

It amazes me you people manage to create drama, we're all internet chuckefucks, how do some take it seriously?

But we already bitched about Alice being mod.
Come on, man.

I can't retype my oppression like this.

I wasn't even here when that happened

Bless bern

like a week if not now
Geeze what the fuck is wrong with your memory of literally six years ago

Jesus Christ

I have a penis.
We can never be.

The god of bullshiterry



pee pee

Did you fap to it?

Jerashi = Enthy or whatever that Kurt Kobain looking trap is called

They're from that group

Christ where did time go

Because internet is a srs business or something.

More dota or sleep...

No squashie
We are brothers who share a fraternal bond

You do, nigga, you do

I have no problem at all with someone who's literally never here because almost everyone here knows what a snake he is and refuses to interact with him being a moderator here. if he starts banning unjustly, bebop will remove him, or we will finally have the reason we need to migrate to a new board and the whole happy slappy process can start over.

I'm fine, just enjoying the chaos.

I'm gonna punch you with kindness

why am I not surprised that people who either have been sent by alice, or are just pretending to have been sent by alice, are even more braindead than he is?

Don't get incestuous on me.

a black void.

Wait Jerashi isn't enthy

And no I didnt
He's good at mh tho


Really goos

Beat me.

Demon Lord, you posted in the pony threads first, right?

And I'm enjoying your bants. keep em coming.

B O i

I'll beat you with my big fat ponycock.

this is accurate.

I'm fast losing interest.


It has come to my attention that Jerashi is Enth. She has left our ranks for vague and strange reasons. Never contact me about this, never attempt to communicate with me in any way.

Especially you. You wallow in your own shitty diaper all day, retard.

Goodbye everyone. We president now.

Eh the only time I'm "serious" is with someone on discord dm whom I MAY or may not see in person..



tell that bitch to 1v1 me.

I saw two posts without links to mine but I'm assuming they were complaints. I didn't read them though because no links and I have no time for it because I'm playing games.

I would love to hear any stories of them that you have because so far it's been the same one that nobody will actually tell me.

Aw...probably for the best anyways. Even you're too smurt for drama.

I already knew that, nobody in a voice chat with me believed me though.

I am but humble babushka doggo.
I sit by roadside selling potatoes for modest price while I wait for son Demetri to come home from war.

"no u"

top quality banter. the kind of thing I can always expect when dealing with alice's ilk. take care.


Alice must be giving you the god succ for doing this.

tbh if grim is scared of somebody becoming mod it might actually be kind of bad

Ok babushka

I'm gonna go back to reading, have a goodnight

Well then, that's alright still.

Get some sleep Larf.

what a bunch of IDIOTS.

I'm pretty dumb. I just get bored with most things very quickly now.

I have no interest in dredging up the past. whether you believe me on this issue or not is of no consequence to me. I literally could not care less, and personally think that alice hasn't even been made a mod. and if he has, I still don't care. nothing ever happens when a shitstorm regarding moderation happens here, and I fully expect this trend to continue.

Mel Brooks needs to make a new film :(


It's only 1 AM. Also this coffee is delishus.


People like you should be gassed


Same. I'm finding it harder and harder to play vidya at all these days. Probably because there's no job or school to give me stress atm.

Guys I think this whole Alice thing is kind of a good thing

This is gonna create more juicy drama and we honestly need that since this board has been kinda bland lately

I'd be down to dox Alice for a little ban


you mean like fart torture? oh baby, yes, sign me up. nnnnnnnng

just gotta find the vidya that gets you back into it. overwatch is a fallback for me. you got the game recently, play it more.


What are they, newfags?



What are you drinking?

unless you have a really good reason. such as "I wanted to"


Point and laugh at them




I mean, I'll still laugh.

Been thinking about just doesn't stick to me as much as it does to you, but if it means I can continue stalking you outside the threads...


you'll find ways to do that regardless, I'm sure.

I'm gonna dox u

Some Howard Maclaren scotch whiskey.

Are you drunk?

They have done no such thing but I wouldn't mind
She did something for me that nobody here has done, though.

Okay. Well, if you need to see my trip I can put it on but she has been made a mod.

Doxing is not only against the rules but also illegal in some states. You're from commie central so I fully expect it to be where you live.

So is fucking underaged girls

You dont see that stopping me

pointless, as I really don't care.

tbh everyone just thought you were a reject from somewhere else even back then

Because you showed up and talked to like one or two people and everyone else just laughed at you

I am offended that you would accuse me of such a sin

Aw shit, I had to type in my password manually for and I forgot what it was again. This is gonna take a while to figure out.

Whiskey is the way to go

Nobody cared until I shitposted about Ethanol and after that I became irrelevent so I fucked off for most parts.

So you literally are just doing it for the succ.

You disgust me.

To be fair, you're all newfags to me. God I'm old.

just have them send you an email.


I do a lot of illegal things
Doxxing a ladyboy is nothing
Calm down there buddy

This is all the work of an enemy stand.

Jesus Christ, guys.

I love you too babe

thread drama HAS NO WEAKNESSES


no fun

This applies to what you asked

Does it really matter in the end


I agree. you should ban me before alice decides to do it for the crime of finding him repugnant in the extreme.

So does that mean yes?

But before they do that, you have to type in the answer to a security question, which I don't remember.

I got it in any case. I was just not hitting the right keys as i thought.



forgetting your password is just silly. I never forget mine because it's so simple. it's           

my shitposting HAS NO WEAKNESSES


which face is supposed to be indicative of your attitude towards my post?

If only I was 14 and a woman.

Still think you do a lot of shady shit with the board.

The world will stop for me.



Cry harder faggot

hahaha no.

Whichever one you see fit. Both work for me. I have no real expression going on with my face right now irl. I feel nothing.

I know you do.

You should read more into that post if you honestly think I care.

Blame the websites who keep throwing curved balls by making me have to use at least one capital letter and one special character. hate that shit.

feeling things is for women and queers. why feel when you can just have a big gun?

but it's for your own protection. it's significantly more secure to have those.

no weaknesses

Maybe stop doing shit literally just to start drama.

I'm fucking dying

I am shitposting and there is literally nothing you can do


I wish I was drunk.

diy home defense

Won't protect you from me, child.

Why can't you be?


Time for a shower

I'll post pics in a bit for Kyle

Someone told me to spam old jojos memes until it's too uncool for even the remaining autists to cling to


HIV is the opposite of a defense.

ougi is cute

that scene left me in dire need of a new pair of pants afterwards. I came so hard I nearly blew the crotch out.

I feel only for one person right now. Everyone else is all just based on whether I respect them or not.

It's like you didn't read my post from earlier.

I fucking lost my shit so hard

Better show dick.

You know this goes back further than just today.

I'll go to bed tonight wondering which category I fall in for sure.

I've come to liking spooky more lately

It really doesn't. We're all trash, why is the trash at the bottom of the pile better than what's on top?

As scary as it was suppose to be, i smiled the whole way through as he bulIdozed through those weaklings. can't wait till the dvd release so someone can upload that last scene and I can replay it over and over and over.

shes not spooky at all


If you mean doing something that you do not agree with even though the strong majority is then kindly realize that people wanted something else and I just listened.
If you mean something else and want to talk about it then I'm all for it.

From everything I know, you are one of the ones who has not lied to me or done me wrong.


/a/ calls her spooky

yeah no kidding. it was pure eye candy for star wars fans, really. it was amazing.

I rarely if ever have a reason to lie to anyone, whether I like them or not. I prefer honesty and transparency, or if I don't feel like being either of those, I prefer to shut up.

No one in thread wants to see that

Maybe Alice does...and Cupcake...and Mordin...and Elma...and Test


"Loosing the admin account to anons"
"Modding people randomly"
"Posting in the old Steam group that you aren't admin anymore"

Yadda yadda.

Darth Vader trilogy when?

I can't spam because I'm playing videogmaes help

spooky ougi is just a meme

hopefully never


Like you seriously do this shit constantly.

Well I may or may not cosplay as spooky

7:12 on a thursday morning.

post it.

not soon enough.

speaking of, I recently got that star wars humble bundle. mainly for the old n64 star wars rogue squadron game, but I'm actually interested in trying out those force unleashed games as well.

That was called the prequels.

We tried it once.

how they managed to make vader even edgier is beyond me
but they did it

darth vadar trilogy. not "wussy piece of shit who is forced to act horribly and makes us all wish we'd never found out about darth vadar's backstory trilogy"

It is a shame that not many people here will say that and actually mean it. Most will say that exact same phrase but turn right around and lie all day to you and expect you to believe every little piece.

Nothing bad happened from it and those who knew were the ones who needed to know.
Grim? That wasn't random.
lol I didn't think people actually looked there and I was leaving a few groups(because I'm in 400+) so I thought it would be funny, nobody said anything about it because they either did not care, didn't see it, or didn't believe it.

Anything else?

Two posts about one thing? Did this honestly scare you or something? Not even Luka noticed/said something about it and they are usually the most worried.

aww. why not as ougi?

But there's so many good moments from the comics to recreate irl.

Uh oh, sounds like another interesting bundle I missed. What all did it have?

I mean Darth Vader when he's NOT Anakin.


Now I have a depressions. Think I will go to bed early.

Anything else?


that's why I tend to take almost all my online dealings with a healthy grain of salt. it's just better to mentally prepare yourself for the inevitable.

it's still going. just go check humblebundle right now.

k goodnight whoever you are. feel better.


c'mere and let papa wash your back

are those canon now

God I wish that were me.

That's what I ment, well in /a/ I call her spooky

If you can't act like a moderator should then you really are just Chii's ultimate fuck you to the board.

It's not like your reply is some kind of trump card.


anything else? :3c


Oh aight, good call.

In the mean time, consider watching all episodes of Star Wars Rebels. The CGI may be crummy, but it has some good Darth Vader moments too.

I thought some of them were. Not sure which ones tho.

I'll consider it, then likely not bother.

well they'll probably figure something out

disney is too afraid to do anything far from the original trilogy so we'll prolly see more of him

Damn your timezones


I just hope Star Wars doesn't get into KH.

I want a lightsaber keyblade !!!

RIP Kevin Moore

Ian. When are we doing Chalice Dungeons?

I'll lock your hole.

Well then I guess you won't have more darthgasms and will spend your nights alone and unsatisfied.

Unless they decide to just include those moments into the CGI star wars series.

Whenever you want, I have a fully leveled strength and dex character

that would be a really dumb decision

I think my member ship runs out this week so after Tuesday would work.

lock it up tight daddy uguuuu~

I'll just reread my fanfiction where he gets it on with luke.

Just lemme know when

Bloodborne hm?
Damn I just started NG+++

I'm going to pretend I didn't just hear that.


I use the scythe now.

I'd rather just play it with Ian and some others.


I remember you, Larf.

My str/skill character is just getting into ng+, my other character is skill/bloodtinge and hasn't gotten to ng+ yet

Burial blade is neato

I'll pretend that I was joking haha

excuse me? I have never seen that tripcode in my life, nor that name. do not expect me to just magically know who you are.

I'm cupcake. nice to meet you.

Suit yourself.

Is there even a point in going meta level? The game seems pretty dead to me.

I enjoy it.

It's a Souls game, there will always be people into it

I haven't tried it yet, I need to build a new character for it

You know better than to rile me up like that.

no no. I know *best HOW to rile you up like that.

There isn't anyone in Demon's Souls


Well yeah, it's fucking ancient



I am larf. Also, I am passing out. Time for old people to sleep.

It's not too late to change the path you're on.

Help me do a full blood tinge build.

the pleasure is all mine, I'm sure. goodnight.

yeah but I prefer not to change this late in the game.

Start with strength, build up to Ludwig's holy blade minimums

Power through til the DLC, then get the Bloodletter

Then pump STR/Bloodtinge to max

Only using cannon.

Off to Overwatch


Going to go play Titan Fall.

Yep. It's why I'm telling people to talk now and not later. I hate it when people are cucks.

I am asking for your input and you are just attacking me. I understand that you disagree with something I have done in the past and dislike me playing with people but that doesn't mean that something has been done wrong. Maybe I'm being too diplomatic about this? I mean I am all for fun too, which I feel people can see based on things I've done in the past so it can't be a lack of fun.

I want something to keep talking about otherwise I will stop replying to you. Would you honestly prefer I stop replying? Based on your actions I assume you would just think that I am either butthurt or too full of myself.

I hope there's a torb and symm on every defending team you come across.


Then get 38 str and disregard all other skills but vit and end

well sorry I don't care enough to talk, lol. I'm very certain nothing will come of this, but people do like to play up the minor scraps of drama we get around these parts these days. starved for it, the poor things.

have fun ya nerd.

Not when I'm genji carrying


I just switch every time.

I also worry about killing Bastion as Genji after the bastion update.

With the damage reduction he might not lose his entire health bar in a quarter second of getting deflected at. The bastions with 2 IQ might survive pretty easily.

I've been finding phara works rather well, assuming the rest of your team can push in while you kill the turrets and harass the builders.

so of course, they do not.

It's fine. It has happened with every decision every admin has made in the past so it is not a surprise to me.


I have very little play time on Pharah.

lol look guys I'm healthy

Also cup this is your bowl
So kawaii

that looks kinda vertical for a bowl. is it supposed to be a cup?


Idiot's back from the dead, what did I miss?

Cooking with Alice threads are still a thing?

well I have lots and she's very fun so go suck an egg.

oh sorry, I meant to say, next time we play together and run into that insufferable defense combo I have a fairly decent way of dealing with it as long as I have some party members I can rely on.


Honestly Broccoli is best vegetable out there

followed by Spinach then tomatoes

Debate me fgts


IKR?! :3

Did you not see the lol at the beginning of the sentence


Its one of those jap miso bowl thingys
I just bought the 3pk cause it was cute
The portion sizing is small as shit but at least helps me stay skinny

Broccoli > Cauliflower > Corn

Cook me a burger

some people tried to meme drama into happening and failed

l m a o i n g @ u r l i f e

Because violently shitting less than 10 minutes after eating is just the best fucking thing ever...

Some things never change, I guess.

too much work.

change is scary for us internet denizens.

does have the cover n stuff too?
you can be full weeb if you eat your breakfastes everyday like that


Califlour is great too but we only eat it steamed or dipped in egg whites then fried and served with a basil tomato sauce.
Same goes with string beans and quesadillas

Its pretty damn good

The how do you expect to be a good waifu?

I need more beatings before I'll be any good.

It is officially classified as one

Fatass Mexicans

Oh right, how selfish of me to not help you first.

wat? Explain

Yeah, I guess so...

rice r veggies 2?


quite rude, yes.

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

They're technically a grain, like Wheat and Barley... I think...

Oh and Squash is pretty good too

yeah lol

I'm not kidding when I say I'm a weeb