Anime/Japanese songs' thread. Do your best!

Anime/Japanese songs' thread. Do your best!

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you should cycle over here bb

thats probably a good idea, ill be off to bed myself soonish




yw fagit, now send nudes


That is cheating.

yeah I'd love to ride with you


how fast do you have to pedal in order to cycle across the ocean?

twitch x wolf

probes x minerals


neru x terran

Ihate terran

incompatible dna.


subtle x sleep

Hot Widow Mine action. >///<

That is the point.

subtle x subtle

Wth I'm foreveralone in that

subtle x cake

But they would keep trying to mate with him/her/it thinking it would work.


It would be more akin to rape as Neru stands there helpless, much like the games.




x your army

Actually I just got up

zerg x zerg

well shit

I remember watching davidangel64 play sc2 all the time. He was fun with commentary.

terran nerfs when

fite me

not right nowwww

Yes, Master.

subtle x rin's feet


smelly feet

The other thread seemed like something Grim would like.


Ogre feet.


Darwin I sent you a love note, did you like it?


>clockwork's unclean everything


Kill me.

really faaaaaast

sorry internet died


I want Test to eat the stuff off Neru's keyboard and snowball it into my mouth.


well if youre ever over here, weve always got room ;)



But fam

even though I'm ugly? ~

kimochi warui


I'm on the wrong computer to cute post

I'm not memeing when I say the thought is a tad sickening.

Don't oppress me.

No swimming in Satanya?

I must feed.

i have jpegs thay say otherwise

The clean keyboard was not as memorable.

but my face is broke

Didn't neru also have that chair that looked like it had been overused by hundreds of people?

This is the only image I have on this computer ;;


Why live?

Does it have something to do with osu!?

didnt squash smash tho

That came out way more serious than I intended

Want folder?


You can't be me.

Yeah, it's my profile pic.

Nah, I'll just post images from my osu folder :^)

Your 'Death' folder.

Do you know where it's from?

Don't make it gay.

The live action death or the cartoon one?

The former is from The Hogfather. You'd have to ask TB about the latter.

I didn't have to.

well if you'd have me, I'd love to hang out with you guys and do some light snuggling and stuff

Emma is a meanie baka.

I stumbled across it last like in a dreary haze.

It's Death from the cartoon Soul Magic

from Discworld.



Cee Loo Gold

So it's the same character, then.

holy shit doomfist leaked!

It looks like he is channeling a Mayan god

"I'm coming for you, power rangers!"

gold e'rythang


He was a kang

and shiiiiieeet

dat dude epic slick fam boy





Do you not know Pratchett's embodiment of Death?

I wonder what Mordin's saliva tastes like

...This is Pratchett's embodiment of death that I'm posting. They both are. That's why I said it's the same character.

Nigger balls.

Remnants of old men's jizz and putrefied fish.

same as everyone else's probably


Just nod and let him tip at you.

just got sent this


What does yours taste like?

Probably like Kalles Kaviar, Hard Boiled eggs, and unwashed dick lmao

Sounds salty

Yakari is Garbo nigga


oh you already have a valentine...

open your mouth and find out bby

trash dove

You aren't even worthy enough to spell her name correctly bitchass nigga

You can be my thread valentine
But I want a card

Who is your pick of 2hus

So uhh, how do we do this

Do you just spit in my mouth or do you stick your tongue out and let the saliva drip on to my tongue?

Oops I misspelled it

I meant to spell YUCKari




electronic or store bought or whaat??

I'll spit in your mouth and then give you a nice kiss on the forehead ^^

You posted them.

what, you'd do that for me?

I'm touched.

Electronic will do.

Bonus points if it's something of a top tier meme or of a theme I'm particular to


I'm tired af and its barely 6:40

get more sleep

or go eat something

Will you kiss my other head too?

so much pressure to get the card right x.x

pls clean

You've made more than a great first impression. You'll be ok.


So you're a slut deep down lmao

where's the lewd

this thread needs anime tiddies

That's why you're here.

I duuunnnooo

thanks qt

I've only seen what Casper has shown me.


Ian is a good girl.

That's a MEME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, I am a princess

Show me yours


post lolis

anyway, its bed time for me


I remember you or test showing us a picture of like a little office wheely chair that looked like it was torn to hell and abused with a rear generating the heat of 1000x suns.

but I want new content!


hmm....they're all on my truecrypt drive and I also don't really look at loli anymore

-tucks you in-

sleep well

theonly chair I have posted is not mine

That's the chair, I think .

I am content with new content.

my chair has a bunch of hairs stuck in the gap between the pillow and the armrest though



besides, I already uploaded my whole lewd folder...

You can kind of see the reflection of who took the picture.


people are just bearly getting over my keyboard

what's the keyboard look like?

For me, then.

I'm not black.

Neru how about you try to be clean and not a disgusting slob for once

someone post neru keyboard

is this soto

Maybe he's just a hoarder and it's A REAL MENTAL ILLNESS, BIGOT.


probably full of pastry crumbs



Norwegian crumb hording is no laughing matter

That shit is srs af

What a shame

bby you already know~

How's that card coming.

What if it's just dried jizz all over his keyboard?

Neru transcends the bounds of having to impress anyone.

everyone keeps mentioning this keyboard but I have yet to see the picture in question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Subtle are you cut or uncut?

Hopefully uncut so we could dock sometime

are you fkn retarded

Soto confirmed for wanting that BBC.

I woke up with a doge on my bed today
It was very cute


Pulled a Squash, eh?

I'm looking arounddd


Seems more like a good thing.


No she was just curled up at my feet on top of my blanket
Someone needs to tell squash that dogs are not for sexual

Lloyd x Soto OTP


I'd ship myself with strawberries so that I could eat them out.


Lewd as fuck.

bananas > strawberries

Even lewder.

It's the only path to an aftermath of bliss.

I'll trade you my banana for your strawberry.

tfw bananas are harder to milk


Monkey food.

yes fine


Prove it.

Wew. Lewdest is you.


Don't be a racist.



Monkeys aren't people.

What did black people ever do to you?

I kinda like bananas, though. ;;

the store used to have banana milk and it was amazing but they stopepd selling it the only thing they haev left is a tiny 200ml one and itis usper expensive for being that tiny so not really worth it and idk how to make my own since bananas are so goopy rather than with juice

Why do I keep seeing them say their lives matter then.

Watch for the flashing headlights under the bridge at 12. Come alone.

Make me.

Strawberries are better though, right?

Thoroughly correct.

Probably nothing.

You only eat the small ones though right ?


You just side stepped a devastating disaster.

Both sides of my family owned slaves.

You have bested me, old man.

I knew it.

I have mexican maids and they are pretty much slaves.


Banana Nesquik was pretty awesome, though.


I will admit banana nesquik was the better one.

Hey there.

You owning Soto is no big deal.

Ionly had chocolate tbh>>1647534


what's up?

He looks good in a dress.

Maybe if you did not live in a shit country.



My white privledge is building... overflowing

THe others were just too artificial in taste. at least the bana did it in a delicious way.

I don't know.. trying to do something with my time. I think I'll just catch up on game of thrones.

What Tsuchi said

I couldn't make it out through the viscous vomit blood and tears.

Boo who?!

What Soto said

I heard the last season was good

Boo you!

Boob you.

Today's yuri releases.!bwZUHJDD!zoR7bjiE3w5XA82-Fl38rFWuUtIzoCxvdYMdmjqKj2s

(C88) [Xpanda (Zasha)] Cnml♥Grphx (THE [email protected]/* */ CINDERELLA GIRLS) [English] { u scanlations}
(COMIC1☆10) [INS-mode (Amanagi Seiji)] Watashi to Kanojo to Ai to Yoku [English] { u scanlations}
Shakunetsu no Takkyu Musume [Vol.4] - 0012 - Our Table Tennis [English] by [pingpongscans]
Yokosuka 16 Big Sister, Little Sister (Asa, Kiyo, Hayashimo)
Yokosuka 16 I Am an Onee-chan (Hayashimo. Kiyoshimo)
[38-shiki] Office Lady Akagi-san and High-schooler Shoukaku-san [TZdY]
[Gyuunyuu Rinda] Torotoro no Koi ch05 [TZdY]
[Kodama Naoko] Zankou Noise [TZdY & lililicious]
[Kuzushiro] Kimi no Tame Nara Shineru ch36 [TZdY]
[Lazy Lily] Sakura Trick Vol06 - Chapter 02 [9ECE33DB]
[Momono Moto] The Love Relationship between Mai-chan and Ecchan -prologue- [TZdY]
[Momono Moto] The Love Relationship between Mai-chan and Ecchan [TZdY]
[nak.moo] Shells and AlternaRock ch01 [TZdY]
[Nekomura] Desire [TZdY]
[Reinette (Ichico)] LemonyLip Lovers (Aikatsu!) [English][Lazy Lily]

(C90) [*rabbit (佐久うさこ)] みゅーずあらかると 9 (ラブライブ!)
(画集) 藤真拓哉画集 Takuya Fujima Illustrations ViVidgarden
(砲雷撃戦! よーい! 28戦目) [百葉箱(北村鳩)] 小さな鎮守府の山時雨 2 (艦隊これくしょん -艦これ-)

who makes these?

Probably Luka.

dick you


Why not just hire Fish since all you'll have to pay him is a can of ravioli per hour?

You disappoint me user-kun

In hopes of rekindling and past passions, I wouldn't care if it was good or bad.


I haven't had canned ravioli in like 4 years

Am I missing out?

Because Fish will just eat the food and then not do ANYTHING.

Some people have a taste for it because childhood.

Otherwise, be a grown up and buy your ravioli in packages.

Yeah but he mutilates himself so you can just beat the shit out of him and say he did it to himself.


You don't buy your chicken in a can?

I think I'd rather keep my hard working mexican ladies.


That is disgusting.



Is it as awful as it sounds?


You didn't respond to me earlier.

It's a british from from my understanding. It is also very gross.




Only time I have Ravioli is when I usually go to Olive Garden tbh

And even then I usually just go with Chicken Alfredo with some Gnocchi/Chicken soup

Speaking of that it actually sounds really good
Though I always end up getting full with the Gnocchi and breadsticks before the Alfredo gets there

Turns out my livelihood is in jeapordy. I didn't know it was Death.

I just saw the whole cartoon. I love Death.

Looks like a birth.

Classy fuck. I've only Olive Garden once. Very generous portions.

how to git dug
pls respond



There is also cake in a can.

Get better, whiter maids.

Now that sounds dangerous.



The Hogfather was great. It's a two part made for tv BBC special that's an hour and a half each, it's easily fun enough to watch in one sitting like a movie.

I only have really sweet stuff left
and a bottle of jack

Anyway, I'm home.




lol do you know who I am?

Yeah, that's why I love it.
That's enough food for the whole goddamn day
Kinda pricey though, well not really but I always end up having beer with my food

lmao nice meme

Those don't exist.

So you don't want to get good.

Fighting me.


I wouldn't trust a shitskin as a maid tbh.
I'd just be afraid they were stealing shit.

At least get some chink instead of a spic.

He's cool in the books. But you don't get the voice, but you get the humour. Read them about the time I was into Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Very similar in their wit and commentary towards life.

If you haven't seen the speech Terry Pratchet gives in a library, about death, and a year before he passed... you should watch it.


Why do you type like that anyways?

Are you trying to be hip like Alice but in a different way?

Oh yeah, I keep forgetting you're not a minority

What even are you anyways?

Well spics are more trustworthy than niggers but not as trust worthy as white people

White people are harder workers than niggers but not as hard workers as Spics

The only acceptable maids are french or jap


I understand

tpyign is hard ok

Fuck if I know.
I think German or something?

Whatcha gonna do?

You employed these days?

White people work the hardest but just not in manual labor jobs. Anything more complex than "just hit it with something until it works" kind of stumps spics.

I was undefeated.

Race traitor.


animus does seem like a good first checkpoint for that sorta thing.

Maybe all those crumbs make your keys stuck which explains the shitty typing

I think you might be Mexican tbh

You certainly dont work like a german
You work like an illegal immigrant
Thats a compliment btw

Youre on a roll tonight Gilligan


I moved so I quit since I didnt want to commute like an hour everyday
Also cause I wanted a taste of that NEET life

It's not like there are many shitters posting lately.
May as well.


And now you piss away your hours like NEETs tend to.

Been there. You'll feel better not doing that.

I remember our early games


haha soto is a dirty NEET.

I fucking hate white people.

oh nooo the ones where I tried all the stuff like dts and building pylons on the area in the middle and warping in stuff but you just walked over me

omg soto
we can both have rotating sleep schedules and watch the same animes together now!!

It took you like an hour to get DTs.

He does not allow you to test things out, he must hit his TIMINGS.


I just want to stay home and play VNs and shitpost while I get drunk and not worry about a thing for like a week or two

I just showered actually

No hablo

Can you send me nudes but state that you're 18 while you send me nudes so NSA-kun wont bully me

k and thanks

Oh hey, Luka.


why would they?


maybe not if you rely on F2 rightclick