Girthy thread

Girthy thread.

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so tired...

been outside doing labor all day


Like who? What? What? What? Where?

old thread exploded on me

Like you, Master.


S-Stop calling me that..

Forgive me, Sir.

That means don't stop, baka





Cum dumpster



Echo is jealous. Pay no mind to her infelicities, Master.

darwin pls pet me and call me a good boy

*drys humps too*

Master would not approve of this.

Are we supposed to believe that?

I do not approve

I approve of this though



Hes literally always here.

Don't trust him.


*pets Master*


Pardon my skepticism.

does anyone else eat tortilla chips plain?

Tor tilll uh a

Also it was a song


my knees are weak

arms are heavy

Lose weight then.


Goddamn it.



workin on it


dicks are the most nutrition thing you can find.

Or, y'know, just actual food of subsistence.

Yeah, Gilgamesh only sucks cock for fun! Never for something as retarded and faggy as subsistence.
Jeez user.

Or, y'know, the whole point of a diet is to lose weight.

So you swallow so much that you could not lose weight only doing that for food?
Wew, your skills know no bounds Gilgamesh. Cups must be jealous.

Yeah Gilgamesh you goddamn candyass


I'm eating healthy

and not a lot

There's almost not nutritional value in that.
You would die.

I hope you choke on TP's chode.


im extremely tired from not sleeping much and physically exhausted from doing yard work all day in the florida heat

i feel really weak and shaky

Why not go lay down for a bit?

I did but it doesn't help more than not laying down.

couldn't sleep either


Oh well that is too bad. Maybe a warm shower or something?
I really do not know what might help.

already took one
just gonna drink water and take it easy until I feel better

How many calories would a gallon of cum have anyway?


Go spend a few days with Tokai and tell us.

mashed potato can be used to replace eggs.

Google seems to say ~5-6 calories per discharge/tbsp.

Multiply that by 256 to get that in gallons is ~1280-1536 calories.

thats like nothing for a whole gallon

will it still give gains?



It most assuredly will not give gains.

You'd probably burn more calories getting that much, uh... product.

but the milking process probably attributes to gains

Please abstain from touching me.

According to wikiped there's on average 5 grams of protein in 100ml of cum.

The more you know.

I mean.

You'd get better gains by actually doing something instead of just blowing a gallon's worth of discharge out of a bunch of dudes.


Which part?

I finally get to relax :3

The looking that up part.

190 grams of protein is a lot



shit nigga I musta blasted out like 40mL today alone
better regain the protein

thats MY obnoxious toho


I don't doubt that you are now going to test this.

rin is only lewd on the internet

she is a puri irl





I got 2 new pets

wanna see?

his banality never ceases

I wanna be a minority

I don't need your authority.


Are they chicks with dicks?

I expected it to be Arrested Development again.

no no, that's "her?"

Aren't you that by being white in London?

woah lewd

I still need to name them

but his anality does

the heck am I looking at here?

nah that's also constasnt


rare kinds of algae that naturally form into a ball

they respond to light and co2 levels by floating and sinking and the wavemotion of their natural habitat - lakebeds - forms them into this adorable sphere of chloroplasts


huh. that's pretty cool, actually.


normally they only grow 5mm a year but can be accelerated with nitrates and extra CO2

they reproduce asexually, literally just split off from the main one

minimum light/ 50% water change every week is the only maintenance they need

maybe rolling around occasionally manually if you don't move the jar

I expect that to be something that grows on Neru and/or his belongings.


marimos are fully aquatic plants tho

You thought of it too. Do not lie to me, Nii sama.

neru probably molests it, too. the damn dendrophile.

are you going to end up with a whole jar full of them then?

I don't know where the irony ends with him and I pray to God I never know the reality of it.

isn't that your stance on like 90% of people here?



hopefully not

yeah dude I was on mless and the first thing that popped up was this passable trans girl creaming in her gf

I was like
cmon man
im only here for the amateur asians without dicks

also I dont think im qualified to have that title

I'll scan the papers for stories if you suddenly vanish.

"local brown man goes green...but it's much more terrifying than you'd expect. more on page 7"


anyone else see Melissa McCarthy on SNL as Sean Spicer?

theyll attach micro tendrils that grow straight into my brain

if I become their slave, burn everything

its true

I just want to be loved. Is that too much to fucking ask for?!

allahu akbar

im turning into a white person eating dinner at 7pm

help me

I always feel like the conversation is halfway through before you decide to include me in it.

are you a racist?

used to be

big boom

clean burn

are you having a hard time transitioning away from it?

Naw, I just do that for the shock value...I mean, i am a lonely fuck, but you know.

not at all

you don't have to lie to me, this is a safe space.

I used to really hate hoodrats and chinese people but then I realized its not the race, but the lack of intelligence

so I just hate stupid and rude people

ah, so what Holla Forums kind of agrees on. the difference between a nig and a black man. gotcha

beating the shit out of someone because he has a stupid opinion is not ok tho

You were the first to bring up the notion of consuming gallons of cum!

That was just one of the results that came up when I was satisfying curiosity.

I don't even have the equipment to test that, like.
Like, I'm not a chemist.

Brown people can't be racist.
They can't really fight over who's the better/worse non-white.

we can and we are by majority

of course. we live in a world that is supposed to be free and with that comes freedom of speech, even if it is stupid you're not supposed to outright attack someone for it(though threats of any kind are a different matter but the justice dept is for that)

is this a joke or are you racist?

feel like you're being a bit down on yourself here, sport.

How does that even work?
"Well, we're still not white but at least we're not as bad as black people or the Chinese"?

I hold unfavorable views of most people.

You're right. I have you. We can be lonely together.

sounds like a plan. try to cheer up man, it's gonna be okay.

I missed this post.

eck dee vague phrasing to first insinuate you don't have a penis then to clarify you meant lab equipment
funny jokes

Asians are best non-whites, then it's blacks > hispanics > sand people

Slowly but surely, I'm getting better. Spring can't come soon enough. I need to run and lift this energy outta me.


You're a Slav.
You don't even count as white.

Nor do the Irish.

Nor Italians.


Well Irish are kinda too white actually.

All Celts are shit.


Do NOT git on OW.

The freckles ruin it pretty hard though it's like they're put in a really dark room when they're born with a fuckton of tiny air holes right under the sun.



Just think: Subtle's children will be brown.

I can't even remember which shit tier "white" you are since you've gone between Ireland to Hungary.
Are you a Slav or a Celt?

They probably taste disgusting

Also don't listen to darwin-kun

I have scandinavian roots so I am the purest white.

I never do.

Post white skin.

They're going to be beige before long.
Germania is still best white.

of your feet


Be above the influence of peer pressure.
Do NOT post anything.

Defy both sides.


Except for me. Obey me.


If you claim pure white, but don't post any feets, how do we know for sure you're pure white?


Filthy footfags


But that looks more like lloyd

Don't be a fucking racist.
That image came from Google and that's apparently a Cambodian.

nah dawg


Nice soundtrack.

I'll link it



That is by far his worst skin.

McFrost is pretty cool though
no pun intended

Are you sure? It's a scrooge just like you :3

Sushi is a sweet guy, he's just misunderstood, it's all a sad result of some highschool trauma.

Kill yourself.

His AMERICA, FUCK YEAH skin is the best if you exclude his default.

I had the terrible affliction of normalcy and relatively sociable.
It was truly a hell.


also indians despise pakis

and the more fair-skinned northern indians are sometimes racist against the darker "uncultured south"

dem headshots


something about trashy slavs.

Which are the ones that still shit in the street?

It's funny because eastern europe's biggest problems are these
looks familiar?
pun slightly intended

but they arent slavs

those look southern

and im psure its the libyans and syrians doing that shit

syrian girls are drop dead gorgeous tho phew




What about it?

random major took my red hare


CTF should be a comp mode


It would be the one mode where Sombra is useful.

It is just defense meta the game at this point.

Symmetra/torb pickers deserve to get shot tbh

At least the Torb/currynigger can attempt to play the midfield.

She really is not. You would think she was but the enemy has to have horrible defense for her to survive getting the flag.
Torb denies her.

In that mode, pretty much. They made ctf really boring since you have to like slug your way in to avoid death by multiple turrets of differing kinds.
God forbid Bastion be there too. Wew.

dva soo op!

I'm in love !

does Tsuchi play OW?

With a decent team that is basically the best way to get a flag.
Without one, it is just a waste. We have stomped teams with that move but when solo queue I have experienced nuking the flag and then everyone else standing around like dolts.

For the Tower Control Room map, her EMP will cover all turrets that could be placed there.
It's more about just using her to instantly strip defenses and have a tank actually grab it or take the fire.

Bastion I don't see that often but he can outplayed easily, just shield or kill him
torb can attack from two different angles though, and symmtra from a fucking bazillion

just playing into draw, hate that too.

Shield is way more valuable than ult.

Symmetra is just broken period.

i basically can solo hold the defense point with dva while my team pwns them with a 5 person pressure!
especially with a torb or symetra to aid me!

enemy try to back door and 1v1 me? i jus nuke them at the right moment for the perfect defense~

That is legitimately terrible advice.

Rarely agree with you but yeah it is.

This is assuming a ton. Like that there is not a Sym and Torb sitting there with their turrets, which there most commonly is. As well as your team playing into your timing of the ult.
Unless you are either on voice or with a team of decently smart players, that last part is a rarity.
Instead, you could use Junkrat and ult the room which will actually remove the issue.
Sombra is a very useless hero as she stands. You have to be really good at her for her to ever be a better choice than anyone else.

Same fam. That is why it will not get comp status, sadly.

No, she is not. The trick is not to run away from her 1v1. As long as her beam is still getting charged to it's strongest width, you will kill her with decent aim.

Yes Dva can do that. So can a Rein with a well placed ult.
Other tanks not so much.

Wait, you meant use the nuke on defense? What?

rein is only one directional ;~;

at least diva is aoe, no escape!

Did you mean your defense or theirs? There is a big difference. If you nuke your own flag or to win a 1v1 then you are misusing the ult.


You can walk behind a fucking post and as long as it breaks LoS fully between you and the mech, you're safe.
Or the half dozen ways to shield from it: Reinhardt, Zarya, Zenyatta, Mei, a res from Mercy afterwards, Winston, Roadhog hooking it away.

Or they could just disable the aids heroes
Or limit their abilities

oh my gosh, subtle kun is so cool~

5 attacking the enemy flag
and me on my own flag defending from a back door steal!
at the very last seconds! boom they not allowed to take our flag... because nuke is right on top defending.
EZ win

Aside from seasonal events, Blizzard has stated they do not want to limit hero choice.
Since they believe in a no-meta-all-heroes-are-useful Overwatch.
Maybe one day they will see the usefulness of it.

Uh minus if it is like overtime and they are on your flag, using it to defend your flag is a horrid idea.
You would be best off using defense matrix and diving around to keep them off it.

As a note I want comp Lucio ball, whole different ranking system.
That shit was entertaining.

Some of the arcade shit does.
And it's all terrible.
It's either all Soldiers for one, only snipers for another and other stupid shit.

they cant get on my flag, cause of nuke!

Actually yeah the best choice would be to just tweak the mode somehow, move the flag or make the spawn area silenced idk

I meant outside of the obvious.
Does anyone even really do the brawls anymore?


I only ever play the random shit for the lootboxes because I don't really want to play no limits where it used to be a team of 5 D.Va's and 1 Mercy before her armor ratio was tweaked to nerf her.

That is a horrible use of it.

It probably would turn out badly but you could make the cast bar for picking up the flag not get interrupted by being shot.
That would at least remove the problem of Torb. Sym will just be a "check for mini turrets before entering" thing no matter what.

it work tho...

Random heroes is both cancerous and a great place to train. Seeing as it forces you to be a hero whether you are used to them or not.
You can always suicide to change but ye.

No, it doesn't.
It's legitimately retarded.

So does not healing your team so you can get a large resurrect as Mercy.
Just because it works does not imply it is also a good or the best usage of something.

3v3 is fun but it takes too long and its EXP rate is fairly slow, even if you're winning.

but in the end... it still get the job done.

Just a reminder that Theseius threw a ranked match for no reason other than it was ranked.


Yeah, found the same problem with 1v1. Lots of time for not a huge reward.
Still entertaining though.

And then you actually need the Dva bomb and suddenly you do not have it cause you wanted to stop a person from trying to take the flag.
Dva honestly should not even be defending a flag. As proven it only takes a Torb or sometimes and Sym to defend the flag.

they arent tanky enuf and got easily killed.
i picked up their slack.

so sleepy

Does he only play D.Va because he jerks of to the character?

"Dominate me, Mordin~"


Google can't even.


Magic girl poopy sure is ugly.

Oh wait thats just Poppy

Pink Poppy best Poppy.

I want to go swimming in Takanashi Hikari .

She looks like a juden in that one.

jews have noseswirl

Well, there it is.

I bet Darwin's jewish


honorary jews exist

I have no idea what that is.


I am tzadik, perhaps even a Tzadikim Nistarim.

A man beloved by all; a man who despised the frivolous.

I get the first one, but I'm struggling with the second 'cos I'm retarded.


It is supposed to be a group of holy people who justify the existence of humanity or some other nonsense.

jesse eisenberg is jewish

He's the acceptable kind.

Sy Ableman was jewish.

MHM, that's true~! eheheh!


also native Americans were all witchers for some reason

I think I still have the Lex Luthor caps.

and daniel radcliffe

Idgaf about Daniel Radcliffe tho



I gave someone a pentakill

my team called me a nigger and told me to kill myself


I would have done the same.



I am so mad right now.

You're a nigger and should kill yourself.



No, I mean I would have given him the penta.

Hang me from a tree daddy.

Oh okay

No tree deserve that, you get a cross.

IAM finish toothbrush I will BED!!! right now in fact so nana

lulu nbiuffs and porotos buffs twhen

Are you? Should you?

nana ;~;

I bet you are still here.

Its made of tree.

I am.


you get a plastic one.

Hey fag. How you doin?


Good, that is the only way to be.


I don't want it.

You don't get to choose.


Do not sexualize this talk, Trace. Jeez.
Gay as fuck.

thanks cup and echo x~x

comp when

A non-ult potg as Mcree, good on you.



Shut up.

Make me.

Weekend maybe..

Ty ^^


ty for carry :3c


You got some good aim so keep it up, Sub!

Night fag.



That only tells me you like it because she herself said she was having fun.

He hates being reminded of things he likes.

Is he still mad at you?



Actually they got sort of bruised at tkd today

She's my favourite
Those white triangles on her head, I don't even know what they are
Also I'm ambivalent :3

Why would you ship her with tentacles, OTP is with Veigar.

Post bruises. :3


Cause tentacles.


She's pretty based, definitely my favourite as well.

Not nearly as favourite as Tanya DegurecHaff , though, unfortunately.

Echo knows what is up.

I made a thread

Maybe tomorrow

You should rename all the pictures in the folder!

nini all

I plan to.

Nini, M A S T E R.