I rolled a 20.

Take a guess and it will probably be right.

I hereby post in this thread.

This.. is my curse.

Rolled 1 (1d20)

Pistol packing never slacking bitch killah
Pistol-pistol packing never slacking bitch smacking killah

lol you rolled a 1

now you gotta do it

no u did

You literally just rolled a 1 though.

Fucking sucks don't it


lol nice pajamas nerd

Please, they don't even cum or do lewd things.

Been wearing them



You must live quite the exciting life

Rolled 10 (1d20)what are we rolling for


is there a season two of this out?

I didn't want to do anything.

You played the game and lost!

now pay up !

too tired to guess/care ree

Its Saturday though

Then why are you asking ?

My day off for much needed relaxing

1 season
episodes are less than ten mins long...


I have to go to a place for a thing. Laters.

well Iw as curious
then I guessed
then got tired

huh. I watched it as it came out. I don't remember all this. should rewatch I guess.

When you get a vasectomy do you still cum or just get the feeling

*revs chainsaw*

Post the swimsuit pictures or else

rawr x3

Q. Will I still be able to ejaculate after vasectomy? A. Yes, semen is made in the seminal vesicles and the prostate gland. These are not affected by a vasectomy. Sperm make up only 2 to 5 per cent of the ejaculate so you will not be able to notice any difference in the volume of your ejaculate.

shoot blanks

Literally say any name in the thread and its probably right.

clockwork is an obvious

cup idk
he is a pone
and he is into degradation
so probably


feku maybe


idk if u 2 talk

its cute, i think you'll enjoy it ♥

It was me.


It was Darwin and only Darwin.


What did I do, again?

Quick before I go to bed.

eat your own semen

Yes. Yes, I did that.

I've seen it already luka! I know it's cute, geeeez

I had a feeling you did for SOME reason


luka told me to post fat anime tiddy

I was a baneling and I busted all over her.

I am so turned on right now.

this is disturbing

goodnight homos


you are cute

It was such a hot and sticky mess.

We don't.

*grabs tiddy*

Your Lie in April is so sad uwaaaa


*squish tiddyy*

*feels tiddy lovingly and softly*

Likebags of silicon




*looks at your boobs instead of your eyes*

Hellllooooo nurse~


*defeats u*

no nurses are supposed to cure things

oh ok.

The only cure is MASSIVE anime tiddies.


Yeah like hers

who needs anatomy when u have titties


i want video games.

Send me anime tiddies and we can play more video games when I get up in the morning.


maybe i should just subnautica or something...


i'm going to bed very soon so i'm not gonna be playing anything tonight

oh okay.

brb lasanga

Why can't y'all be less boring?


whats silicone like?

Clear this up for me, on King's Row defense isn't it better to hold near the point rather than the choke?

First point that is

He is no longer with us.

Beasts all over the shop...

You'll be one of them. Sooner or later...

What's that smell?

Oh, the sweet blood

It sings to me


No wait, it's just a Snickers bar.




I wish Plague made more videos.


More animations, I should say. I'm not gonna watch art tutorials.

like, even assuming that's true for grandmasters and shit, it's certainly not true at our mere mortal skill levels


First point King's Row is Widowmaker heaven.

Squash is not a sniper main by any means, and he always gets a pick on attack just by taking widow to the top door and looking at the retards below.

He's too busy building fences in Kentucky or wherever the fuck



is that actually a common strategy yet?

or has there not been enough reddit threads about it yet

It's the most common strategy on that point.

At least in competitive. There's literally nothing you can do to her up there, and if you don't hide your team behind the hotel she'll just rip you apart from one of the highest perspectives she can get on you in the game.


I might chairnap like sit in my chair and nap actually force myself to toothbrush and in bed instead like instead of on chair halfway into bed if you catch my drift

Except peak over the stairs and snipe back.
Fire rockets like hell into it.
Ice wall it if Mei can reach, not fully sure of that last one though.

Sounds uncomfortable.

only the first one is really a viable counter and the risk/reward is not in the defenses favour as the offensive sniper loses virtually nothing by dying

itis kind of comfy for the first 1-2 hours but maybe thatis just because Iam champ napion like challenger tier

I tilt my ikea chair backwards and huff a pilow and lean with my legs on my way taller than chair bed and I sit sortof in a Z shape


Also she steps back like half a foot and heals back up to full health. Pharah's fucking dead if she's trying to fight a widow up there.

How bad is that for your back?

One player not being able to push causes a big issue. Even being able to re position quickly you are still left unable to truly follow through with your team.

You do not know of the staircase inside the building straight across from the spawn? Literally the easiest thing.
You can sit there and snipe her and barely be visible as you do it. While she is open enough to take random shots at from the ground too.

no idea
I do not think I have back problem since I sit in pretty varied positions

Do not do that. Go to bed and get more comfortable instead.

brushing tooth right now

willI ever get good enough at sc2 that I can toothbrush while winning

Tricky Towers handicap, you mean.

Play Zerg and a-move while you brush. :^)

I just don't know which staircase you're referring to.

Do you mean in the MOVIE THEATER? That's SO bad to be in there as a sniper, you'd be collapsed on for SURE, and that's if you DID snipe the offensive widow before she got you.

Just the one tooth?

were you holding back your sayian tetrsi skills on purpose to make me feel likeI have mastery at at least something

Nah, I was playing awfully. I am still not sure how to recover from crooked structures or if you throw spells at me. They are different games.

No the one in the building where the payload is. How do you seriously not know where that is?

the reward from killing her is literally as minimal as a reward from a kill could ever be in the entire game

pretty much one of the poorest fights you could choose to take

all 700

maybe I could beat kissy and dong that way

aaaa you could nudge pieces into place with the left/right nudge thing or hope to knock them off or hope for good whitemagic spelsl

Yeah but when tard wrangling, having the enemy far less spread out, like what you get at the choke, is far more important. We're all shit remember, and to pull a random example, highly likely to do some dumb shit like have two people off running through the buildings on the left chasing some flanker, another person or two in the building on the right failing to kill some tank, leaving the team too spread out to combat an effective push. And that's not even taking into account the more simple advantage of funneling them.

Being shot by a widowmaker and losing someone occasionally (assuming they don't get out-sniped because they have a total like 2 meters of possible position), really isn't that much of a problem in comparison.

Mordin quit.

You would be able to beat Kissy in that fashion if you can get your macro into muscle memory.

I had no idea nudge could do that. It was the first time I ever played.

Oh the building with the large health pack.

The offensive widow still has an enormous advantage if you're hiding on a staircase while she can stare at your entire team. That could get you maybe one cheeky kill on her, and then she'll go back up, and whenever you're not peaking trying to snipe her SHE'LL be shooting your allies.

High perspectives aren't really that much of a good thing when it comes to ability to actually hit your target; A horizontal shot has like one who less dimension you need to aim in, after all. And actually hitting is the primarily limiting factor at our skill levels, moreso than the amount of area she can see over, but much less limiting at competitive skill levels.

The reward is simple and big. You keep them down one player consistently.
If you cannot see the difference in pushing through a defense with less players and pushing through one with your full team then I do not know what to tell you.

I am just going to come out and say it, I am far from the best at the game but never have I seen a widow up there that has not had their ass handed to them.
If you are managing that position or losing to that position then you are either playing against or with some bad players.
The day an offensive widow on kings row ever gives me a problem I will concede this.

to be fair i'm in a situation here of trying to explain to someone who thinks putting up a mei wall to block sniping is a good use of an ability

it's kinda hard to not just call you a fucking retard you know

You're getting incredibly nasty about this.

As you tend to do whenever someone disagrees with you.

I play Widow on attack all the time on KR for the out the door pick and then just switch off.
But I have seen a good lot of them do well on the first point.

The fact that she's high up means she can shoot OVER Rein's shield, dude.

The statue is fairly good at "funneling" the enemies.

You sure proved your point.
Taking the one option I said I did not even know for sure would work, then focusing on it to call me a retard. Sure showed me.

No I am just stating, I am not great at it and I have never found an offensive sniper on Kings Row to be a danger.
If you take the fact that that means those who do fail to it must be worse than me as being incredibly nasty, that is your problem. I am just stating a deduction from the facts I know.

yeahhh itis kind of a thing that requires reading the instruciton page ish

oook I finished tootbhrush is bed

WHAAAAAA mordin quit?

was that last game that much

argh stupid randoms
dragging me into 'ranked' games without my knowledge
hmph how dare they...

they deserve that loss

I will try to be better prepared for next time. I jumped into it blind.

A combination of things got to him.

no mercy healz for them



I found out cold makes it easier to breath with my fucked up neck.



you said you are unsure if it would work because she might not be able to reach

i am ignoring the fact that i have no fucking idea where you think that wall is being placed and where the fuck the mei needs to be to put the wall there

what i am bringing up is the fact that even if it DID work, it's still a fucking bad idea, you gain nothing from doing it and have just wasted a cooldown and put one of your players out of position

ur fuckin dumb m8

I am curious as to how I am the incredibly nasty one in reactions here.
Go from talking about strategies in a game to one person trying to tell me how I am being while the other tries to insult me.
It is almost like some people here cannot accept differing opinions.
Riots are next.

i'm sure he would say i am being "nasty" too

whether i am doing so or not, does not change how you have been responding to him though, which is what i assume his comment was talking about

why the fuck do i have to explain social interactions to you

how have you not picked up on this shit over the past 15 years or whatever of your fucking life

god damn man

u got a serious case of thinking problems

I would advise everyone just drop the whole thing before it gets to be a pissing contest or something.
It's just a game.
It's just a thread.

Come on.

Anyhow I'm going to bed.

I already have.

Good night.

And do tell, how exactly was I being incredibly "nasty" in my response to him? So far I have just had you both claim I was without saying just how.
I am sorry that you two cannot accept differing opinions, I will keep my nazi hatespeech patriarchy rape apologist speak away from your liberal universities from now on.

Night Squash.

i don't even play the game or give a shit about it

this isn't about the game

it's about how his mind works

frankly i am scared for my life, when someone comes to conclusions so wrong like this they might think that if we ever go to a meetup and i go to handshake him that i am actually trying to attack him and then he like pulls out his fucking weeaboo katana and bashes me over the head with it because it's too blunt to cut me

i'm fearing for my life here

i never even fucking accused you of being nasty, why the fuck are you trying to get me to explain his accusations

what the fuck is wrong with your head

"Frankly dear, I do not give a damn."
Okay dropped for real this time.

here have another goodnight you colossal dick gargling faggot.

Cup doesn't believe me, that's my boy BRIAN, right?

That is James.

wow way to put fucking words in my mouth you sjw piece of shit. I expressed surprise because I figured BRIAN died from chest implosion at some point while I was missing in action. I never said I didn't believe you you nazi fascist.

Nothing can kill him.

like a cockroach.


I hate anime

long time no see man. how ya been?


No, it's not fucking "cool".

Except Boku no Pico, you love that one. Secretly.

i been good yo

Like a God

Please kill me

do it yourself

I'm not entirely sure how else I'm supposed to react to a completely out of the blue statement like that.

both can't be killed by nuclear war so I feel like either works.

this pleases me.

I hate Canadians.

Okay, here's the translation of that statement: I hate myself for trying to be a helping person but then get demonized for it because I fucked up somewhere.

I'll never get my Catholic funeral like that.

I'll meet you halfway at "cockroach god".

I don't really follow how those things are related...or understand what you're even talking about...

Frankly I doubt many Canadians lose sleep over that.
It is good to get your feelings out in the open though.

compromises are for pussies.



That fits us perfectly.

Never mind, then. You probably weren't watching the chat an hour ago while playing Overwatch, and for sanity's sake, that's a good thing.

Ya...that's one way this community has helped me a lot. I vent with texts until I've calmed down enough to think of a solution for my problems.

don't lump me in with you you sjw.

hmm. yeah, I wasn't. sorry that something happened to upset you though.

Jesus Christ

I would suggest getting a therapist for that, not a bunch of people that likely too need help in their own ways.
To each their own though, as long as it does whatever it needs to for you.

told you a million times that I prefer "cupcake"

ticked off by those stupid randoms still... -_- made my night horrible by dragging me unknowingly into a ranked mode instead of qp

The fact that i was in the middle of talking to you didn't help either. Don't worry, i'll get over it eventually.

I've been considering it. I just like to think i can solve any problem on my own because manliness.

Cupake, got it.

Win or lose?

alright. hope you feel better soon man.

keep it up. I'll bust out the cupake trip and add your name before it with the ♥ instead of tsuchi's.

Do it.

I will. I'm fucking crazy. don't tempt me.

There are much better places to fix it yourself as well, however as long as it is working for you.

Oh no, people throwing hearts at me on the internet, I'm too masculine for this.

no you fool. it implies that YOU are the one who is throwing hearts. you will look like some kind of gay. ONLINE.

That's even worse !!!

too late now fucker. you reap what you sow.

i didn't care if they win or lost, i just wanted out, but a red thingy saying stuff wouldn't let me leave the ranked game 'freely'

i made it a 'Draw'
and got the heck out of there, after waiting the whole match in the back lines doing nothing.

I'm over it.

Jesus Christ, you're toxic.

you're no fun. at least tsuchi acts like it bothers him.

Gonna have to agree with the overly sensitive girl. There by choice or not you should actually try.

Don't be passive aggressive or I will get mad.

nah, they deserved it.
they were the one that made me play a 'ranked' match.
i thought they were only doing QP's

but... i guess it was my mistake to trust randoms. u~u

rip the skin off.

How absolutely mortifying for you.


To be fair, in comparison to what you called "incredibly nasty" this is like far beyond passive.
I might as well have taken Poland.

bring it, overly sensitive girl.

Man, I sure wish everyone was just an sjw libcuck like me.

just make sure to treat anyone with a different opinion than you like they are scum and you're golden.

meh, the second half they told me to pick mercy, so i did.
but i only used pistol the whole time on first point in hollywood defense.
that's the most they'll ever get out of me, a 'Draw.'
so yes... i tried.... a tiny bit, the least amount of try i could do.

on attack though it kicked me from match for just standing around in the back lines as diva doing nothing. innactivity.

but it wouldn't let me move on to QP

all i was allowed to click was rejoin match.



i never asked for this.

did you get a shiny border and a fancy rank

That is actually straight horrible. You might as well have picked Genji and solo dove their team over and over to try to steal potg.
About the same amount of use and normal behavior for anything.

Bunch of fucking rapists, honestly.

I know you probably genuinely couldn't sense my sarcasm, so I'll spell it out for you.

It's the exact same ruleset as quickplay. The only difference is you have to play more than one round. What do you lose by trying?


i have 2 / 10
placement matches that i never asked to play.
and both of them are unrecorded leavers or draws.

so its like they never even existed!

ur a rapist.

you should finish them so the number becomes even agen!

nah... i didn't want to be a Feeder.

i'm afraid of being ranked... by a number.
i'm afraid to play ranked.

but then it will turn into a rank. :\

cant you lose a bunch of games and make it go to 0 or something?

You already know it would be low.

Being a feeder and not even trying are in essence the same thing.
I am glad I stopped playing that game with people from here, this is weirdly way too normal.

not really?

variables being, my team carrys me, and it becomes a win on my pristine clean unranked record.

and even after ten it will still give me a ranked number?

you say that why?

I've played with you.


anyways... what do you play now?


can't believe what a bully test is. should get banned tbh.

then you should get a fancy rank if thats the only other option



Multiple things. If the question that follows is what I think it would be if I named any, no the answer is just no.
That turned out the worst of ideas.


i love cuppers~ ♥

or letting the season end? and it resets to 0?

ecks dee
anyways.... family life ok?


what are you even talking about????? ._.

It will make more sense to you sooner or later. Do not worry about it too much until that point comes.

We adopted my grandmother's cat. The funeral isn't until Friday.

There might be two funerals. One at the church she attended before the alzheimers, and one put together by my aunt's family. They aren't allowed in the church because my stupid cousin, who was in his twenties, was sexting a 16 year old girl a few years back while on a mission trip for the church. Besides that my family simply doesn't get along with my aunt's family. Complete family feud.

you're talking weird.
something wrong? you could always pvt msg me about whatever it is on discord...

my grandma had two as well last year. two different spots.
do you like the cat? yeah.. family feuds are troublesome.

yah but how long will that take

I mean let's be honest. it's like the bible says "let he who hasn't sexted a 16 year old while in your 20's on a mission for the church cast the first stone"

we've all been there, mang.

i'm not sure....

Nah I am going to get some rest before the sarcastabowl and frankly I fear for my life.
Really though, night.

...i'm sorry.
goodnight spoils... u_u

sneak em in with a disguise
its not like the church would care anywayss

maybe delete your account and start over?


I like the cat, but I'm worried about how he'll get along with the dog and bird. We're keeping him in my mom's room for a few days.

But that's ILLEGAL !!!

The "we don't like them anyway" part is important.

in a fair few states 16 is plenty old enough. that makes it a moral grey area at best. should get off your high horse there ya snob.

yah but family is a one time thing and it would be a shame to have later regrets


they can all smell each other right... maybe slow gradual introduction with each other will work.

What is pain to a person who knows they're going to die anyway?

an annoyance.

Sex is legal in those states, but sexting remains illegal even in those states. Legally it's still child pornography.

I'm really not on a moral high horse, 16 seems like a reasonable age of consent to me, but he broke the law and got caught. The fact is he's stupid.

Is this Socks?

it's good you explained this to me because I was being very serious in all my posts.


why didnt you have fun with the ranked game though

basically I'm serious one gorrilian percent of the time.

goodnight thread.

Same, basically.



Goodnight Cup



Hmm hmm hmmmmmm It's a good thing cupcake left, they might've gotten jealous

because i didn't want to be in a ranked match.
i never asked to be in a ranked match.
and i was unknowingly dragged into ranked matchmaking.

nini cup

wai did u play with those people?

they added me during QP matches
i played a couple with them...........

but then they did the unforgivable. they made me go into a ranked game. so i removed them.

but if you treat people like that you lose a lot of potential friends!

I just read all of Luka's posts and I don't get why they're so angry/frustrated. Honestly.

they are the ones that tricked me.

and who are you?

was it their intention to trick you though?

they wouldn't tell me that.

Professional bamboozles

Do you own an Arduino/is it worth?

Why would you WANT an Arduino

but cant you tell what gamemode it is in the queue?

heres a video for u

Hell if I know

no you cannot tell what game mode you are queued up for.

that's why it's frustrating.

Why tho

I do not know! I watch a short video about them and had heard many things about them in the past, I thought you may have some experience with them and could tell me a little bit about them and well your response said enough.
tfw you just want to impress Ikt with your knowledge of computer stuffs

Tonight has been weird, that's for sure... It is so odd to help people then watch the consequences of your good deeds.

It's a microcontroller to control things like leds en motors and do shit with sensors, not really a use for it if you have no projects. Maybe fun if you want to fuck around with a bit.


What if I want to fuck around with you?

Become an anime girl.


sounds like a bad game problem


who r u btw way

The same person as alwayss


Why not use a name?

itsa bleepboop

you should sue them for your troubles

Yus. Where I'm currently posting from it isn't permitted

oh. so it was bebop.

can't afford it.

How do you mean so?

I'm not actually posting from Holla Forums right now, I'm just posting on it.

yup ^.^ hes very one dimensional and easy to tell apart

show your distress for the situation by not playing their game for a while

Stop mysterious.

I'm also one-dimensional!

you do realize that this is griefing and not only do 99% of people agree that it's a shitty thing to do to your teammates, but it's also liable to get you banned.

if you are queued for Competitive, the search queue banner will be purple.

If you are queued for quickplay the search queue banner is blue.

Kef pls

Working on heavily edited browser for advanced shitposting.

But they tricked her! lol

Euh ok

didn't work.

they griefed me.

i hope this is true.
if so it'll be useful.

Does this mean Luka would be the kinda person to brake check on a straightaway and claim the person rammed them.

yah but ur actually special

btw my steam msges were replying to your post

are you still playing it right now?

just sitting in main menu doing nothing right now
waiting for someone to invite me to something.

You probably know of it if you know of that horrid browser a guy from /g/ works on.


I figured but I still did not understand.

Retarded going to a special school-special or just special?

why dont you try inviting them?

its okay to be below my intelligence

preciously special

I don't do /g/ any more!

You're special too *pat head*


but you cant reach my head???

whoever you are willing to play with

i don't know anyone willing to play with me...

Smol Feku is canon in my head.


It's stuff from like a year ago last I saw it
Ikt pls I saw your post about wanting to be like me .///.

you can say that all you want but the EULA/TOS, vast majority of players, and the company that made the game all disagree with you and you will still get banned if you keep doing that.

I'm literally like 200SR from top 500

why would I not know these things lol

Wait what

youll never know unless you try!

im a cannon in your head!!!
can i destroy ships n stuff?

pls no hate just jodan beiboop


Boat girls.

time for stuff bai

:3 nothing

ds gbosdgbosbad

Make sure to clean up afterwards!

i wanna demolish a boat grill

why do you always spam a similar sequence whenever you mash your keyboard?

lol I don't know actually most of the keys are on the ol home row but I don't even type that way normally


i disagree with them.

nobody can know everything.

i tried, and it didn't work.


: /

are you inviting friends?

what freinds?
the majority are, either: away, sleeping, or busy.

Don't you think, i'd be playing if i knew that already? -_-

im sorry T_T i didnt know that
i just assumed they might be reluctant as well?

what game we talkin' bout

The Columbine Massacre RPG game someone made on Newgrounds.

this is me irl

sigh... sorry. just tilted right now.
nothing personal, you kinda tire me out sometimes though.

maybe they are, i wouldn't know. hard to get a response back from most people as is.

Games you don't care about.

Woah so cold

Is that a dragon dildo on his laptop?

close the game so it doesnt bother you

I'm bored.

now what.

Snek loli

Ruka did I upset you

those streams holyshit

watch cartoons

His hands shake at 5:30 or something

also that lmao at the end


meh...... don't feel like it.

What game!

watching that mkes me wanna paly agaen

youtube videos?

Did you stop?

i cant play that game
my palms sweat like crazy

The game 'Let's all use this Megu lovin' neet as a cumdumpster'


tuning my headphone equalizers to some flac files right now.
prolly will youtube a song to check.

Maybe you should git gud first.

Do you mouse can everything or do you tablet?

pls no

Nice-u! I have it but don't have people to play with ^^'

im ded

rip me

k ;w;

I'm also interested in this game... but I can't afford overwatch.

big words idk

but but

To the flesh pit you go!~

Just get an osupad like Emma did.

what's up buttercups

I need an adult.

sounds like a rip

also pen broke


Mouse and laptop keyboards are good enough anyway

I'm an adult.
Wanna see my big ol' dad dick as proof?

Scanner wtf stop

...you have it???




Yes, but after buying it I realized nobody EU plays it here I think.

and all the other EU play it though... :|


mouse is decade+ old

i like music


You always gotta prepare yourself for ANYTIME I appear, with a head full of weed, hangover and DESPAIR

me too.

sup ruka

just relaxing in thread~

very nice

Really? Noone answered when I asked!

So are you :^)





This 80's synth shit is the shit

Everyone is gonna get the SCANNER treatment.

yeah: sd, jackspicer, subtle, scoots, echo, and any other EU person you can imagine.

but... you know... you can play with NA people too? >_>

making folders?

Holla Forums knows your love for fat bears jerking off.
Gave you more for you thirsted.



layin in bed
I should prolly eat soon tho

Nah, you didn't watch much then. One of them hairy fuckers was sucking the cum right out of the fucking other's meat straw. It was fucking great, George.

Hell fucking no it's not.


Doesn't ping make problem?

I'll reinstall OW and see what I can do.



heh, eww.
Not my thing.

you and subtle live on the same country? or something?
because EU has pretty good ping on overwatch...
SD and subtle both have been able to play pretty good.
EU net is pretty solid.


I mean EU to US


Major Degurechaff, reporting.

I hate procreation and I hate babies and bears scare me.

Please don't create my own personal silent hill room.

that what i was just saying.


got work later but that's pmuch it

reporting for coffee?

what do you work at?





Life is harsh on the front lines.

Don't you have places to be, private?

what's wrong?

....i dunno.

Ye, the shower in a bit.
But that's about it, you need to go further

Set up a livestream.

don't b sad

ok :)

but I suck at games

Of you showering.

whatcha doin



meh imma shower

meh imma wiutcher 3

Fuck, I still gotta complete one and two.
I heard it is one of those super deep rpgs.

erect penis

playing video games.

what ones?

meh just leeg aram
was playing overwatch earlier... but it got boring alone :c

at least vyle is able to aram with me...


wai can i not gain pp but i can lose ranks????
im playing at the same level right before i quit :

Because you can't stop other people from improving their gameplay.

They should do a rank wipe and bump me up 50k