Yay anime

yay anime

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that's also true


This means I'm out of games to play.

Well, time for some frustration with Finland Simulator 2016.


The best.

noo but wuzzat game

ya never know though. there could be a cute anime girl under there.


You pretend to be Finland.

Why do you think it said betrayal?

depressed and cold?


awh but you shouldn't do that

A pink skirt, obviously.

A-Are you ok?


I am not sure.

that works


that's quite a bad shoop


How is it shooped? I don't particularly notice anything at a glance.

This wallpaper maker is great.

look at her left side

Yeah, maybe some stretching on the sleeve. Meh.

You're great.

The one you showed me was funny.

My Summer Car.

its p bad


It doesn't detract from my enjoyment of the picture.

Are you sure ?

Zewg Wush is probably the cutest looking mod for starcraft

No, fuck you.

Fear not, for your commander has returned.

And the truth comes out.

that shows.

commander, can I warm up some leftover pizza?


Sup Liam? I'm worried about you, man! Why are you avoiding me so hard?

Yeah, whatever.

Also an apt reaction.

Are you staring at my bulge?

Sup Liam? I'm worried about you, man! Why are you avoiding me so hard?

owo what's this


That would appear to be a female human grasping one breast while pushing down on a skirt.

You're the best commander!

what no

Liam, it's Will. I'm still not mad at you, but please talk to me.

I've just been busy with work and stuff.

Then how is it showing?

Please msg me on FB or accept the snapchat request. You are not alone.

Liam do you hate me?

I do not.

How about me?


Oh thank goodness Liam.

Want to yiff?

Pimple dogs.

Okay you start.


We're not the same person, Liam!

*grabs your tail and rubs it warmly and lovingly*

s-so soft >~

Is this Socks?


It's a sad kid who misses his friend.


I guess I'm supposed to kill myself... That's not going to happen.

You're quickly becoming the village idiot, you know

I want to roll with a baneling and get covered in its goo.

You think I give a fuck? I'm not even supposed to be here.




One could even say... go swimming in them.

Why the cruelty? I got sucked into this voluntarily in an attempt to help Jack. I tried my hardest to be nice, but apparently that wasn't valued because nobody here seems to think life is real...

Your fetishes are getting out of hand.



Do unto others as you would have them do unto you...


Are you erect yet?

god dammit

Darshan, what's your favourite letter of the alphabet?



Yeah I have a yuge lady boner

Why u?




Because it rhymes with "you."

I am content to live it all again
And yet again, if it be life to pitch
Into the frog-spawn of a blind man's ditch,
A blind man battering blind men;
Or into that most fecund ditch of all,
The folly that man does
Or must suffer, if he woos
A proud woman not kindred of his soul

I want to go swimming in Takanashi Hikari.

Linkless post because haha so cool

Is it a rhyme if it's the same pronunciation?

Me too.


What's you're favourite colour?


To be honest, it is R because it feels funny to roll them.


Why not E?

Yeah, why not E

Yeah why not E?

Because Echo starts with E, duh.



C then.




German disco is so sweet


My erection has died.

FINALLY got my Chikage

Oh god. All I've been doing in Titan Fall is stealing batteries for my team and I am amazing at it.

Wow, Finland Simulator is hard.

funeral for the erection when

Press F to pay respects to Ban's erection.




I baked a cake but it took forever x.x

I think it came out pretty good


I'll see you fucks in the void.

shit I fucked up

Was it a piece of cake to bake your pretty cake?

It's not a cake, it's a fish with three green eyes. A rare delicacy, no?

Of course I'm still just fighting myself.


are you okay ._.



what's this

what isn't this

At least Darwin got it...


The Lil Jon version doe

Never heard that one, actually.



not watchin that


@all of you
Started from the bottom, now We are here.


CUT WHAT !?!?!?!!?!???!!?!?!


Is this your perfect image?

your gay shit

I got a haircut imma send it to you in private, gimme a rate


This vid is 4 u! We're gonna be such good friends once I eventually die, but the righteous anger is coming back so I may make it after all.


your price is way too high

you need to

cut it




It's free*!

This kind of animation is why I can't play JRPGs anymore.


fun fact I have never put a razor to my crotch

The thumbnail creeps me the fuck out for reasons I am not too sure of.




sounds dirty as fuck

its going to visit you at night now

yet disturbing


iunno why people see body hair as nasty


its easy to clean


I got a sweet ass Bloodborne artbook at ALA :3

Literally killing self.

I saw the gojira stuff but not the BB

show show





Because its dirtier than not having hair.

ye sqush the last jrpg I played was ff7

Not a necessary info.

A paper bag would fix that right up, from creepy to something sexual.

The last one I enjoyed was Eternal Sonata.
Polka was still a bitch, but Jazz and Falsetto were bae.


Ketchup on crotch.

Tfw I'm literally not my dad's son.

This one flew over the cuck's nest.



never heard of that shit



I think it's on PS4 as a download.
Get it.

Shower. BRB

I dont have a tv and I dont think im gonna buy one


gangsta in town


can i have hug





Hug slut

did you want one too? he asked nicely so I figured it couldn't hurt.

there is no physical dirt/grime tho?

MFW you still haven't realized that I've been telling the truth about this situation because you're in such denial.


are you colbs

good because I wouldn't hug an old man like you anyway HA

Like I'd let that tangled mess of hair near me to have the chance is laughable.

No, but he's our advocate.

I brush my hair all the time so it doesn't have tangles so DOUBLE HA

ok :(

thank you c:

youtube.com/watch?v=kXYiU_JCYtU is a good song after dying in a traffic accident 5x and then crashing your van in a lake because you were looking at the map on your phone

np qt

>when you use messy hair cream from 2013

youtube.com/watch?v=kXYiU_JCYtU is a good song. period.

fixed that for you.

Any good magical mystery tour ends in death. It is the most magical of mysteries!

Let's see how a state like Florida will handle "Untangled" hair like that.


I mean, arizona is also horrible for hair and I manage, so...



I have not even cum in days, so you're false

A swamp ass state is considerably worse.

well that would explain why you've been so bratty lately. all backed up.

well I'd never live in that dumb place anyway so TRIPLE HA

but that emo

Do you not realize that Holocaust (Dark Heresy style) is a re-usable skill I unlock next time I die? Do you know what it does? Do you know that I've already done it?

pssh like that'd effect me

linkin park's first two albums are genius. pure and simple.

18 shots in.

it clearly does.

I feel like that's an excessive number of shots.


noooo it does not, you don't know dumbdumbooo
I'm forever pure



is for the weak.

don't you dare laugh


M8, I'm getting reincarnated as whatever the fuck I want, wherever I want. I'm already a Librarian in WH40K. That was granted to me before I even died again. I just spent an unknown number of turns chanelling holocaust. I finally ended it, and now look at the gameboard.

cup do you use tresseme


I was gifted two bottles of peach schnapps.

18 is a low fucking number for 15%

oh la la~

no. I use head and shoulders because it's surprisingly high quality and helps a lot with the excessive heat of my state.

I'm above this smugness

RIP Jack, fell for the oldest trick in the book.

ah that's true. but I didn't previously have this information, sooooo

you're adorable is what you are.

( ° ʖ °)

A win for me.

maybe in your crazy skewed rule book, sure. in reality NO.

Call me..."whisperer".

I refuse.


humm, thankyou

l e w d

go to your room.

Follow the rules, faggot.

No hm's, three weeks.

*Anus whisperer.

I used to have dry scalp issues and used HnS, but it ended up making my hair rely on it solely and that shit is expensive

what actually was happening was water was too hot and that just evaporated my natural hair oils

+ I didn't really brush my hair so it couldnt distribute it

now I use shampoo with aragan oil or w/e every two days (every day will end up drying it out)

works beautifully as long as the water doesnt get too hot tbh

I have heard of people not shampooing their hair at all and its crazy pretty

okay okay I'm sorry you win geeeeeeeeeeez

I refuse.

nuhuh I wanna be at the computah

Aren't we a little too old for those kind of jokes?

You're startin a fight you can't even finish

Anus whisperer is talking a lot of shit.

huh. I didn't even think about how hot the water was. I shower ridiculously hot. I guess I should turn the heat down. I only wash my hair every other day because of the natural oils and all that good stuff. I couldn't imagine not ever using shampoo though. I mean, by the time I'm at the 36 hour mark since the last wash I'm itching to wash again because my hair starts to feel a little greasy and there's a LOT of it so it's very unpleasant. at least to me, but I'm pretty persnickety about my hair.

this line was clever. well done.

I wasn't aware I was starting any fight.

what happens is that it overgreases because its so used to having the oils stripped by shampoo then it levels out and the natural oil just adds an incredible shine

You're never too old to play make-believe!

You mess with me, you mess with the entire federation.

well yeah, it looks amazing no matter what stage, and gets shinier on day two before I wash it again, but I'm sure as hell not gonna stop washing it every other day.

I can take 'em.

God I wish my neighbor didn't give me this fucking garbage

this is probably my most unintentionally lewd folder

Well said, anus whisperer.

you don't have to drink it all you know.

There are two things in this one that I can't get enough of.

The first is this OTP.

The second is that face oh my fucking god it's so amazing.

how even

I feel u
is it the dryness of the climate or the sand

What are you gonna do? Strangle everyone with your hair?

...I'm never using code names ever again.

made me giggle.
it's indeed great

probably had some eh falling out so to say

that face dum.

I've no way to cook it, and I can't let it on my bar.

So into the remains of whatever I can find.

Because "Deepthroat" was such a fucking cool codeword too.

tiddy slips

How do team attacks work, Rin?

I hate sand...

no but really it's mostly just the dryness of the air. also the sun is really intense, but that's not a problem for me because I never go outside L O L

probably. who knows what I'm capable of. that's what makes me so dangerous.

hmm. that just seems silly. why not hide it behind the bar or something if you're so ashamed to have it?


what a pervert


Don't you mean "Deep Toot"?

I'll remember to pack my bulletproof armor when I come down to visit you, then.

Star Trek vs WH40K. Rip your butthole.

n-nothing perverted here.
l-look, ice cream.

boolets. I have no need for boolets.



I reserve my hiding spot for my good stash.

And I'd be ashamed for someone to find it.

What the fuck are you talking about.

you entertain often?

damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn son where'd you find this

s t o p
b u l l y

am pure
look she just changes


Your fists, they're made of steel?

I dunno, I just suddenly thought of the Fairly Odd Parents on the subject of secret codewords. When Tootie called herself Deep Toot.


don't stare, that's rude and lewd.
you're the real pervert!!

Change the name to "Never leave Darwin alone with your shoes"

probably. who knows man.

Not since most of my friends decided to be assholes and get married or get jobs out of state.

.....So you don't know where the term comes from.


what a bunch of pricks.

well then you should have no problem keeping the horrible schnapps out in the open.

Well...I think you're a scrawny fgt.

Deepthroat? If you were making a reference to something there, it completely flew over my head. Sorry.

I wouldn't stare at something so ugly anyway HA




how dare you!!!!!
say sorry or I'll uh uh

iunno, but itll be bad!

Friends Birthday on Monday.

Well Anus Whisperer, I'd say you have some reading to do.

sorry for what? saying the truth?

gonna get him something nice?

I'm yuge.

lemme get that folder for research

I made five gallons of beer.

I am not cute

yes I remember you mentioning this. finally done?


It's been a while since I read a good book that wasn't school related.

No, you're thicc. There's a difference.

sorry for saying mean things or ill tell mom!

its kinda trash though,
but ill send you on disco

dang that sucks

thx boo

I'll crush you with my thighs.

I am your mom, remember? just adopted you today.

It's done fermenting. I just need to bottle it.

It's a reference to watergate, but sure.


actually I kinda forgot how to share folders, which program do you use?

mooom, you're being mean..

that's p cool famalama

I'll be sure to punish myself accordingly.

rar it or 7zip it and stick it on mega.nz


I made apple pie bourbon too. Which he's deemed his favorite.

I feel more excited than threatened at that thought.

Hmmm...how ya enjoying your Saturday night?

I'll drink poison tonight.

niiiice. that sounds pretty delicious. how do you make it?

you pervert.

I can't help it. I'm part masochist.

got it

nooo mommy! ;-; don't

Whenever you would stun an enemy, there's a chance you'll set one up.

IT's the grey crossed swords above an enemy, or if someone else sets it up, or you're playing solo, orange crossed swords.

On a controller you hit RB to use one on an open target.

Drinking peach flavored water.

By putting apples, cinnamon, vanilla beans, and whiskey in a jar for two months.


I'll drink so much. that should teach me for being mean.

huh. sounds simple, but delicious.

Oh.... So it is not like actually a team attack? I thought it would involve many people.

nooooooooo! quuuit it

Most things are.


It's not like Volume 2 when they brought down the mech, no.

It's more a teammate creating an opening for your attack.

you seem to have missed the joke

the joke being that I have the folder

do you want it?




gonna start drinking it now


mommmyy!!! stop!

There is no escape. The escape rooms are a lie.

You have learned only spite.



what he do

Gave me the hairclip folder

I'm gonna drink so much I get sick. I need to show you how serious I am about punishing myself.

punish another none lethal way!!!

too late. wish me luck.

*depressive breakdown*


what abroski


I love Darwin


0920 tbh




tfw drunk on amaretto


Sometimes you just need that major blockbuster to only be a minute long.

Why are you not in bed.

I mean it does make it easier to watch.

..cause I don't read time
I'll go get ready

I'm going to make all my ringtones really great songs so I never answer the phone.

Would you give your dad the dad bean ?

The fuck is a dad bean?

when u give your ad the dad bean he likes anime and doesnt make you get a job


i got ur frickin dad beans right here...


...its papito tyvm

I love having money to spend

I can buy stuff like this beauty

the champion of this arena is literally a bear

you have to fistfight a bear

I love this game



spending money on rocks


I like beautiful shiny things

Sue me

filing suit... this is bullshit

please fill this out and resubmit



oh please... luls to be had and whotnot

Incident/accident reports are the fucking worst thing on the planet.


its like... standard with me, so

u told me u were gud
how did u lose

I have to log everything I do for the whole day in a report because someone fucked up filling one out.



ahaha sucker... er

me too actually. all actions with detail have to be recorded at all times. i have to account for every second, literally


thought I had that one

They're designed to make someone out as the cause.

Even though sometimes you just get a bad roll and shit happens and there's nothing anyone really could have done about it.

FUCK YOU MARIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thats literally what i'm doing.

I want to be shot in the head.

is it cuz ur support


I remember at one of my workplaces, one of the entries on the accident report was "How could this have been prevented" or something to that effect, and, like.

I'm prone to random ass injuries that make no sense, so sometimes I'd be sitting there staring at that box like "Beats the ever loving fun out of me."

Normally I have subby people to support me.

"Not be there"

sorry i cant support you im too good for you

"[Alex], You're bleeding."
"Wait, what? Shoot."


I've taken to blaming that stuff on the workplace gremlins.

yeah I hear you're a beast

want a hummer and a beer...

#daddy bean problems

you could support me tho
attack damage support is a pretty popular role

...the mage/healer role literally never gets any glory

Best you can do.

The heal slut is there to suck cock and heal, that's it.

ingloriously honorable profession...



I fit into only two general ideas of roles.

Either full support with absolutely no offensive capability, so I physically can't be too aggressive, or full aggression because FOR THE FATHERLAND!


warrior role for great justice...

I regularly got told I was overexposed whenever I played league.

It's probably why I like playing Anarchy Gaige in BL2 so much.

Right, I'm gonna do whatever and get ready for bed.

See you fucks on the flip side.

that feel when youre leveled out to max on offensive skills making restoration skills irrelevant


me nezumi and colby won!

well good talk... nite party ppl

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