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fuck you, not reposting


Oh god no...

Canada needs a Trump president to kick Luka out.

wait steingate0 gonna be a whole cour? i thought it was just a special


soto and his boyfriend are on


It'll be great.

Kevin O'Leary's gunning for it.

It's starting to sound like it'll be a whole season.

But there is absolutely no reason to keep touching it.

But the VN already exists.

the mayor had nipples

Here ya go TP


Bat needed more screentime


echo come on cam


I'm good.

at what?

nothing :^)

shit (´・◡・`)*


they live streamed the whole first steinsgate sounds like a recap for a new series

Well yeah, it continues from episode 23

test is starting to have an accent because he's so drunk


guero come here

tons of traps

"god i love crawdads" -Test just now

Wish my friend said you are stupid

Tristain just left

i'm already drinking in another call man i couldnt pay attention

Yeah I am stupid.


ring ring

I just wanna sleep.

jk Ems ilu tho

My friend just got mad that I said theres a girl out there that watches more anime than him

tho its kinda true


you guys need like your own show

i wasn't adding anything

so sleep

Did you show him my MAL? (´・◡・`)

Gotta be doing shit in 3 hours.






take a nap?

Nigga were just drinking
We were literally just drinking
No fucking tv show here fam


But then again he'd get pissed and just call you a lifeless loser


wow this retarded midget girl is really impressing me with her violin stylings

I sleep now I'm dead for the rest of the day.

Well I don't technically "have to" I just "should"

I'm still missing something like 700 series on my MAL too :^)

Fuck, (´・◡・`)*

friday went bo so quickly

I will miss you too much.

half an hour til saturday!

You missed us taking shots to Gabriels OP

when she says HAPPY

i got all paranoid

i don't like being looked at and the weed outweighed the boozed

what you been up to?

nah dude you'll be even worse off if you don't

you have time to power a two hour nap



lurking and watching twitch streams

hey luka do you have netflix?

they remade voltron

it is pretty cute

i think you might like it

Thank goodness I missed it.

No doubt.

canada netflix... :|
not the same selection as america netflix.

Wow you fucking stoner piece of shit

We just wanted to chat

kys you normie pos

b u m p ~

Just play along, you dingus. I want to make Phil jealous.

that is bullshit luka

netflix search voltron

it's not even that good


The heck?

But you just ruined it.

if it's still up i'll come back

also you were kinda ignoring me

He will feel it regardless.


Yeah we're just lisdtening to music
When you join we'll turn it off

Its loud weeb shit

i deserve diva status shut up

I'm too weak for that.

oh well.

You've always been weak fam

Sorry for ignoring you
Its just Manny's dad came over and chugged beers and took shots with us
So we are blasted af


Yeah, I know.

it's cool bro. the real reason i left is cause i'm really fucked up

jodan jodan
Pls dont hate me

Yo dawg, i heard you like Felix...

I actually have this one, but thanks for thinking of me.


so you lied about not having voltron?

honestly luka that is some fucking bullshit

Nigga same
Im so turnt rn

Anything for you, boo.
I even started watching the anime he's from.

Naw man. Totes a grill.

What's up, nerds?

felis best girl


get some heads in there

get some drinks in me

who knows my man

That is gay.


it's a pretty good anime.

Not much, nerd.

How goes the party life?

Your dick doesn't know what gender is.

Ya, nothing like I was expecting. Kinda generic, but cute.

why do derks do this


it would have been slightly better if i spelled dork right

fix it


I fucked up
"fix it" was meant to be at




are you just lying again?

That is gaaaaay.

I am about to, with sleep. Easiest fix.
How about you, what are you up to?

cronic liars don't even realize they are lying

it's a thing

sorry for your condition luka

oh fuck he's going to filter me again now

i really tried but he's an idiot



Not much
contemplating the best way to get drunk for like 12 hours

Alcohol enemas.

Not all of us have as deep buttcravings as you, tsuchi

Being perpetually drunk for 12 hours would just have you perpetually vomiting at that point.
It'd be the only way to actively get it in your system.

hi tp

I've done it before without vomiting.
The key is periods of only minor intoxication and lots of water.

Life amongst the bogans.

I mean my primary experience drinking like that was on new years days' listening to weeb music all day long
not very bogan


What are you even hmphing at?

whenyou already toohbrushed so you can go straight to bed

but that means nobody to distract you from toobhbrushing


I think I distracted you from toothbrushing because you had to do it during game.

noooo I finished by the time the rounds ifnished


Aaaaaah, wait.




Did you draw this?

holy shit this has been a rollercoaster

My best friend tried to fight me he didnt believe I was his best friend but then again hes a drubkj alcoholic like hardcore

So I drank so much with him and he finally accepted me as one of someone he trusts
He punched me a couple of times and we finally become friends

Feels so good man

I mean his dad tried to fight me


Darwin fucking killyourself already

fuck off you fucking weeb bloke

soto pls



cute pic

Cute pic.

No pics are cute

You're cute!

my elbows sore



scoot scootaloo


lewd pic

i like her face

Hail Satan.
Hi Vy

Your lewd.

do you think erin would hug me


Er, well... I dont see why they wouldnt...


what should i fap to

You're too far away.

Nadeko getting it.



Slaapkop hallo.

mornin tokai
put kettle on


Don't go elbow deep next time

anime pls go

its hard not to when your wheel goes between two planks




i changed my mind
ima wait

do you have more with her snacking


Wouldn't have happened if you did multi track drifting.


you know, those things you heat water with

i cant drift on a street bike



what do you think this is
some sort of animu thread

and granaatappelsap!

a water cooker

so what


not lewd im doing other thins with my hands too busy to lewd

watcha doin


well, you need hot water for tea

Pro hacker stuff probs



bluh I'm doing coffee

naw just video games

good night

tea is nicer tho

Maar caffeïne

Nice desu what game

go on then

space ninja robots

No it's not you heretic


but you need to be punished for false accusations

I can'tthink of any game I know





You can prove no such accusations.

have you ever had a proper cup of tea before?

and it's inferior

Tea with the amount of caffeine in coffee would be literally the perfect drink

Take a caffeine pill and drink whatever you want.

does that mean semen can be caffeine

what brand, and with what additives?

Yes I can, scroll up


u wot m8


Ugh it's you

Take a caffeine pill and drink whatever you want semen.




My page up key is broken

and thats why its shit

Please enter your formal complaint within a time span of 30 days.

...YOu cheeky

you shit




Morning, Maggots.





How's you?

Yo, how's things?

I'm sorry I don't live in the PAST, maaaaaaaaaan


Evening, human

That's Captain to you, Maggot!

no i am

Enjoying a quiet day.
prolly gonna get skullgirls cause it seems fun!
or some other cartoon stuff.
hbu bby?

psssssh hippie

captain confirmed for not human

I was going to play along here but then I realized I don't even know any stereotypical hippie shit other than extended "man"s

Don't make me punish you for insubordination.

IIRC, doesn't skullgirl have a really high skill curve, even among fighters?

Just the usual for me.


that's pretty nooby of you

u-uhm iunno, I just thought it looked good.
the only fighting game in that style I played was super smash bros.
is Shantae easier?

buuut dndddd



Shantae should be easier, if memory serves, it's a Metroidvania.

Been wanting to play those games five ever.

Ye, DnD is the usual, bwaka.

Yes, soldier?


ooh, then I'll sooner get that.
not that into super hard stuff rn.

nuuuh dnd is weekend

Have anything interesting to tell from your DnD experience?

pants are stupid, the real way to move about is with a blanket around your waist

Glad someone understands. Though, I'm just in a really long t-shirt with a blanket around me since it's cold.

Goddamn more of you fuckers


What does that even meeeean?

That works too!

that you're a nooby boy

This isn't an explanation


It's Saturday.

I once had a wizard throw an ice spear at someone for calling her a boy.

Beyond that, the only particularly entertaining story is the one time where we circumvented an encounter by scaling a 5000ft cliff with an immovable rod and psionic dimension door.

Hm, okay.

Did this animu turn out to be good?

oh I can lay in bed again!
carry me?

because you wouldn't understand

Enlighten me
I believe in you.

I'm loving every second of it ep6 when.

I need to be getting up and ready.

means you are a noob, and smol.
so nooby

Fine I'll get you up, how do you want your eggs?

I don't even know why I'm up. I mean I should be up, but I should have slept, too.

I have like ten of the things and they all go down to like the middle of my thigh or top of my knee. Thank god there are people taller than me or I wouldn't be able to enjoy this.

Pfff, what the fuck? Was it really that bad of an encounter to avoid?

I'm still relatively new to it all, so I only have like three little stories, the first from a different campaign than the other two. The first involved the party sleeping off their trek in the dead of night at a campsite they made when some wolves showed up. Our mage was the first to respond since she was on guard duty and instead of something simple, she casted some meteor spell that nearly killed our warrior who was still shambling to get up and ready. The other two was in shadowrun where I played as an escaped science experiment turned murder hobo with a satchel full of chems and a saw axe the DM allowed me to have at a reasonable cost. I couldn't hit shit, but pretty much everything died once I hit it. Anyway, the first bit involved sneaking into some enemy base where we quite literally caught them with their pants down. Our friend found two soldiers fucking, somehow accidentally made one kill the other, this sounded the alarm and he accidentally stabbed the other one, knocked him out and shot him, all an accident of course.

After that there was some sneaking into a circus where I had to dress up as the strong man. We passed the test and were on our way in, but my character had a tick where he didn't like to be touched, so when the ring keeper slapped him on the back he nearly killed the guy with his punch. We stashed him away in some box and walked in.

Fertiliz- I mean, uh...
Over easy or sunny side up is fine.

No, but blinking up a sheer cliff is more badass than fighting whatever it would have been that we fought.

I am neither of these things
you will rescind your words, sir.

Yeah but
Why are you here?

bad morning

I just kinda crouch on my chair to have a total wrap.

Don't make me get that natural harvest cookbook.
Salt & Pepper? slice of jerky too?

You are BOTH

Please provide evidence to back up your claim.


I gotta do grocerieeeees

I don't need evidence


Well I can't fault you there.

Why not? I've already made a close friend out of it.

I'm too tall for that sadly, or my chairs aren't large enough. I need to invest in a lazyboy computer chair, or some sort of desk/chair/recliner hybrid.


Take care.

What makes you immune?

Since when have you even been here?

Also who?

Months, I just never really post.


lurking doesn't count

Also he was already a horsefucker come on.

Meh, it's kind of fun watching people prattle on about absolutely nothing, because sometimes something happens.

Never really had a chance to talk to him back then. When I finally decided to start talking he was getting burnt out and Aries was digging his claws into him, then he went away for like three years. Just bad timing, like much of my life.

ruse, the eternal lurker

yeah but the point is

Lurking is filth anyway.



am i filth

No you aren't going to watch Tanya the Evil?

If you have to ask, I have bad news for you.


anshinshite I already know I'm not filth xd

No lurking isn't filth
And that too

If you have to be the one who says it, I have really really bad news for you.

if u were the one to say it, what would you say?

Lurking most assuredly is filth.

Fair enough, based off what I know about you, it doesn't quite seem like your cup of tea.

A for Effort.
F for Execution.

F stands for Filth, btw.

I bought a big choco muffin ^ ^

I'm also a people watcher, so yeah, pretty much. Not sure why I do it honestly.

Comfy filth.

Also I used to own a horse, still kind of do.

They're not that bad.

what was i efforting, and how am i filth?

Horrible bwakafefts tbhh

Got me there.

Trying to trick me into saying you aren't filth.

nuuh I also had a bread.
and pomegranate juice!
so I'm super healthy, but also a treat

That's not a particularly balanced breakfast.

but what if i dont consider myself filth and its just you

I dunno, someone who does lewd with bananas probably doesn't warrant a particularly high opinion.

y-you're not a balanced breakfast
It's fine awyaaay, saturday is fun day!

Lurking got me my name, led to some interesting relationships with people and allowed me to witness some pretty fun things without getting involved.

but all i do is eat the banana
it would be gross to stuff my butt


I've ridden horses a bit down some mountain trails
was okay


lol. I like white jokes. Everyone should be equally trolled and plenty of trolling of everyone else here.

Buy me pokemon cards.


wow don't be racist
I'll report you

is digimon okay


The whole point of my post was to not be racist.

This meme is shit even for you
feel ashamed

how could you?!

Do they still make Digimon cards even?

They probably aren't, 'cos no one plays with those around here.

I used to own a digimon comic so I remembered

Did your internet take to long to load the image?

Once upon a time when I was a wee little thing, I had something like three decks of Digimon cards, and was able to play well enough to teach people how you're supposed to play it.

Those days're long gone now, though.
Kinda wish Digimon caught on a bit better than it did.




Is this legit?

Like, actually legit?

Don't you still have the decks somewhere then?

I'll thumb you up

sexy underboob

could be

For Damascus, Palmyra, Jerusalem and Constantinople.


wuts better guys

dragon loli or dropout?

whats better guise onahole or boipucci?

No, I lost them in the process of growing up.

Kinda depressing, tbqh.

But now I collect pokemon cards, since they're what I enjoy, and my cousins collects them too, so it's fun to talk about.

I hope so.

Dragon loli, obv.

also good morning...

dropout loli



how is it obvious? i just looked at a few images and they seem pretty same

which one is that

straight up


well then the new cards are a joy.
play the games with them too?




Kanna turned NEET.

What a time to be alive.

yummy stuff

wat animus should i be watching


[que that sound hannibal makes after dining on liver with fava beans and a nice chanti]

like dis? XD

I'm not actually watching Gabdro so.

But Dragon maid is pretty nice.

The pokemon TCG? Yes, I play it.

Whenever I get the chance, though.
One of my friends wants to get the Lunala ETB, so he made me get Solgaleo.
But I also want Lunala card sleeves and dice so...

I wanna make a Lurantis-GX deck.
Maybe another kind of deck too sometime along, but Lurantis-GX is the big one rn.

yes... precisely

well memed my friend

I also need some XY - Fates Collide and XY - Ancient Origins for the kind of deck I'm looking at right now, though.

Or to just buy cards individual but that's less fun.


also they recently hired this super kawaii chick at work which vagely looks like an anime character... except the huge eyes thing, thatd just be weird

i appreciate your less biased answer

but i already am

so a martian?


nuhnuh I mend the nintendo stuff.
I remember friends of mine would play gameboys against each other or something




a martian... literal space alien

gtg... work


oh my
why do i deserve that?


it was an image to see, not at you.





that simply isn't true

Don't you dare poke my cheek again

You should already know I play the pokemon video game.

but with theeeem
like do you play against each other


*autistic fit of rage*

More rare since I'm more fond of raising the pokemon than actual battling.

So I'll have a lot of good teams, but I just never feel like putting them to use.



heheh mother syndrome.
okai then


you promise? .//.

I should be getting changed and stuff now.

But first I'm going to put my pokemon cards back in my bag, hue.


okay ew nevermind

heh you should, have a lotta fun.
Imma read up a bit of my book.







Sup, babe?

dn't call me that faggot

Maybe the reason I can't see new posts here was that I didn't have the thread open

omg finally

Alright. Let me rephrase.

What's up, bitch?


breaking 100 wpm?

you had to get a smaller keyboard for your small hands to do it

Yes :3c

Yes :3c


What loli in a nazi uniform do you want to have bully you? :^)


good jab





Tank you!




pls no run me over with a tank

Run you over with tank girls.

bored again

Why are mechanical keyboards so hard to type on?


what tank girls

bored of WHAT

They're generally not

Keep in mind you don't have to bottom out on them. The activation point is marked by the bump on browns or click on blues or springs.

u jus suk

Panzer Vor!

Or this

what a plot


did girls und panzer get another season?











See that's not getting run over by tank girls
that's getting run over by girls in tanks