Racists, sexists, anti-gay, right wing bigots go away!

racists, sexists, anti-gay, right wing bigots go away!

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purple is pretty

what will?

so........ calm..........

stick it up your butt

what do you like to do now?

veri floof





then you gotta make the most of that


sup diggies~?

remove calm



fat kitties

AdBlocker installed


they have a cute butt and stuff


Post FACE.

They've shown that off enough, I think.
More than their face.

Later, nerd.


i am bed

The greed.

is the video glitched for anyone else
it stops after 6 seconds for me

It is glitched, yes.

Day 5 of being sick.
Send me death.

Good on you.


How's it going, Cananon?

Swift or slow and sensual?

can't make anything


Slow and sensual.


This is all incredibly gay.

Spoilers. It is chill, got some rum and vodka in me now. Feeling alright now.
How is it going for you Elms?

That is the only way I know how to do it.
Barring when it is not.


Awwe hihi!

That sounds like a nice night you got there~

I'm doing amazing, thanks :p How's it been with you?

To quote something I cannot remember, fun stuff is fun. Surprisingly.

About as well as it can when you ruin another relationship and lose an unrelated friendship in a matter of days.
It is okay though because drinking is a great distraction.
Really good to hear that you are doing amazing, during my time not posting you were one of a few I was hoping were doing well. So that is a plus for this night.

I'm sorry to hear about that :(


you sound like a blob of nothing


Thanks Elms. It will be fine though, always is somehow. *hugs*

unblob yourself



and find more things to do


you should add some more expression

i just made massive strides in guitar playing with

THE CAGED METHOD (method method)

its a way of looking at the fretboard and it is ablt to be used on scales other than c maor that lets you see all the notes in the key aall the way up the fretboard

I thought it would be about Nic Cage and got excited for a moment.

ded thread

ded community



are you still upset with me


andd just who the heck is this

nope. and I apologize for the last remark I made. it was highly unnecessary. it's not even entirely you, you know. stuff sometimes builds up for me. you couldn't have known it was bothering me.

i appreciate the apology thank you

its ur ol pal jimmo

ol jimmy

ah yes ole jimmo
jimmy boy

jim belushi

are you still upset with me?

howz it goin buddy

the apology fixed my bad feelings about it


feelin hungry my dude
whats up in your world my man
my brother

oh not much, not much

you know how it is haha

He probably stubbed his toe.

Your name looks like kirby.

yeah dude that is so fucking you

its my rotten soul


I expected it to be more limp.



i always stand to deliver

Prove it, deliver straight to Gilgamesh.

i would prefer a fatter ass


too smelly

not all brown people are smelly you fucking racist.

just most of them


or he is too hairy or he'd kill me because im not a real girl


there must be better options


more pics like this pls


i like it
retrofuturistic scifi goodness
dat painted style too


wouldnt say no

so its easier for people to talk to you make buddies

BUTT buddies

You're all nerds

hai bart


mfw feku talks to me

You're the nerdest

umm fuck you

how about that



actually this is the nerdist

You wish

that looks awful, whatever it is

hmm Im not sure why i know what it is
but that name sticks out in my mind

you cant just spin words like that you fucking fuck faced cunt

cuz u talked to me first

ur doing that ding agan



pretty girl

are those one of those social eating people or is she just a fat fuck

actually shes really cute and small
but she eats so much!!!

so one of those social eaters?
wats her yt

im assuming shes on youtube

yeah nah I'll do what I's fukken want ya fukken shitcunt

What is with you and japanese foodgirl

fair nuff



shes just so fucking cute

damn straight


I want her to eat my cum :3

But will you be able to give her 7625 kcal of semen

I want her to cut me up and fry me and eat me >/ //

rolled egg is considered sushi?

the first one was prettier

how does she eat so much burgers


fuck you bard i found what im spending my night doing


oh well.

im watching the 7eleven one and im kinda jealous japan's bentos are more diverse

also there was a kimi no na wa reference

was it the same girls?


I might do a secret nap



I cannot read this. What?

mfw neru eats alot of pastries

she makes me wanna go make something rn

how many moments ago did I last have respite from the sleepiness

tree fiddy

WELL I will insert into bed and nap for secret amount of tim


i second this



Hashem does not approve of your hurtful words.



Niggers go away


A man pours an entire bottle of prescription pills into the blender. He mixes it with milk and a banana.

Hours later, you watch him lie awake in bed, checking the clock and tapping his fingers impatiently.

You watch him sit at his laptop and google “How long does it take to overdose?”, checking the results against the back of the pill bottle.

Eventually, you watch him print out a document. The name of the document is:

“Suicide Note - Fourth Revised.doc”


Trump cucks get rekt

it feels like someone is drilling into the right side of my skull

I want to pet Tokai like this neko

why is this human taking a picture of me
i just wanna lay down and napnap
I fucking hate this guy

should pet neko like that neko

How does it feels to LOSE


I never lost u faggot

pic related europosters

Nice cock tbqh.


you can't pick me up

this is my ultimate fetish tbh






how smol is your hand?
i wanna compare to mine



did someone hack anti-fa's website?


jesus christ

wish fish would die

I don't listen to jack. He is fake news.

dont b rood


cute and small



yeah but do you have calluses from fapping like me?

no :3


did i hear something about cocks?

wait ive only been alive for 17 years
are calluses from fapping not normal?

You're not normal.


wew lads

so everything I do isnt normal?

SPecial Feku.


yah but what kinda special do you mean?
people use that word for retards you know

i usually only fap once or twice a day tho
and even then they only last 2 hours at most


It's probably not the fapping that's doing it, then.

does that mean im retarded

i mean i used to fap way more but i just started noticing the calluses

probably just cancer

or calluses from being a nerd who spends too much time on the internet, depending on where they are

It's okay

im 2 yung to diee!!1

the base of my fingers

thats not okay to say im a retard

me personally, i don't think a person who thinks you can get calluses from masturbating is the kind of person to actually know what a callus is


idk. the skin there is pretty rough a little yellow

hopefully it's just cancer

I'm not saying.

You're saying.

but im veri yung still!!

am i a retard?


but does that mean yes


shut up Janet,you fag,you suffer.


Feku is precious.



RB26 in your AE86

I should get up and shower but I just wanna go back to sleep.


Hello E-emily...

Yes hello stay sleep

Not an option, I have stoofs to do today.

protestants are just alt-Catholics right?

But no! What kinds of stuff?

fight the power

nah im average banana bath time

Your bananas.

mmmfghrr.... :\

maybe if i got snuggles too, i could get some good sleep nini

am i allowed to be?

Snuggle a body pillow!



You can be a banana boy.

...no snuggle?

ok... u~u

nini thred.

remove bananas


I will eat this banana with pride


Noh is gud for body


I got bored so I did this thing again

used to be WAY farther left

Why is it not left right up down

Kind of?
But don't say it to their faces, or anything.

Run to the mall with a friend.
FINALLY get my SIM card replaced.

Maybe other things I don't know of yet.

no cats

remove them into your body

that quiz is retarded and horribly biased, pretty much everybody that isn't a walking meme gets bottom left

left/right originated in physical left/right in old British parliament iirc


Yah but what's a direction gotta do with politics
I don't really care about these stuffs


But what it mean

CHanging phones?
*pat friend*

This board is full of fat girl-boys.
My gorge is rising


i weigh 140 pounds

Yah but what's it labeling

Why does dtk hold his guns upside down
Wouldn't that destroy his wrist?

Finally changing my sim over to my OP3.

My current SIM doesn't fit it.
Shauer time, dewa.

Oh you have one too :3

ikt, whats the correct exception to raise for no suitable functionality found for the given input in c#?

InvalidArgument prolly

rubber bullet machine guns and sarin gas being used on crowds when



ooga booga where the white women at

Getting fucked by their lover while their husband is at work making money to pay for expensive ass to go shopping.

i havent written many unit tests


making a meme gimme a sec

What the fuck is that flag?


talk to me nerdy...

yep. pretty gay.

either the red shield or blue cross or something.

its fucked... wat do

there are no boys on the internet...

I spent like 60 wqhole seconds on it

troll them back.

i found a game for us maybe

horrible subs are horrible...

que: pleasuring self with fish or sending dudes to the netherlands

buy they got the powah

havent we already done this once?


...no level of caffeine can save me today



fuck me daddy

I feel like it's going to be like Astroneers where we burn through everything in 2 days.

i am teh lememe master...

ok bby

it has increasing difficulty so thats something.

speaking of astroneers do you want to see my update pitch to the devs.


I don't wanna fly across the country just for some fucc but also finding men I find attractive is rare as shit


we rare breed nao...


you should just fly out to phoenix and get a motel and I'll just be your sex toy for like a week

You seem to have given this a lot of thought.

i have autism

u nasty... reminds me of a certain fish i know

i thought he was 'straight'

I've seen the light of anal

im not talking about you

he was talking about me...

Want to sit in call so I can play PS4?

you can do that anyway

i wonder where that fish did go

....fish fish fishy oooh

Well I'd like to hang while not having to change channels every 2 min.

I turned into snek

you can go. im fine

sneaky in disguise fish

everyone is a vagina girl until proven otherwise

Well, I still want to chill or something.

show him your penis fish

self delusion is a helluva drug

i find myself to be much happier when i lie to me

same man

what do i say

You don't have to call or anything.

fucken... time for work

que leisure impairing activity

auf wiedersehen

Hello, Holla Forums.

How are you?

I got a job interview Tuesday, an important event I gotta go to tomorrow but forgot what time; also I was invited to the church of Mormon, and plus I'm high as fuck.

I need an adult.

i was merely saying the opposite of when "there are no girls on the internets"

Can I be a penis girl

Penis girls best girls.


Rolled 3 (1d10)
Let's just consider a nat 10 is a dubs and a reroll and another nat 10 is trips and comes with a Yamato.


Rolled 175 (1d1024)gib chuuni

Rolled 7 (1d10)

tsunderes are gross

I thought she was wearing a soiled diaper.
Now im disappointed.

PS Hitler was right.


haha freak

gimmie your best meme



Hey you

Yes you

Wanna come to a new thread?

I'll swap your waifu for mine, if ya want.