No algerian anime virus threads allowed

no algerian anime virus threads allowed

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The fuck?


I am forced to ignore you.



Slovakian Emma. KEK

$20 is 15 pastries



MFF, she just gave her folder to him

Because you are being mean.


But I'm always mean and it was never a problem.

I know.

We could all use a little change.

oh, okay

I would say the only similarities betw the two is that he can be frigid at times

lulu q buffs when

But I like the current me.

lulu will always be a subpar utility champion.

stay gold

That is the way you like it and you will never get bored?



20$ is Neru eatng 15 pastries out of your hand.

I'm nice occassionaly though.

With all the crumbs falling on the keyboard.

I was just quoting Smash Mouth, really.




10/10 OBS recording


they all come tumbling down tumbling down tumbling down

Why did you not take this one during the day so, like.
It'd be worth looking at, instead of just darkness and shadowy illumination?

Hello, darkness my old friend.

I think the theme of the day will be song lyrics.

gelion is overrated trash tbh

cutscene took place at night, aint shit I could do about that

Calm the fuck down.

Did you just fucking bait me?

Cranking the brightness in video settings is also a good, and valid, method of, like, making it visible.

Darwin, this is bait.

I am too tired for proper judgment.


I'm doing a full perfect trilogy of the witcher trilogy soon so I'll be cranking out as many top quality memes as I can

emma ignores me 80% of the time when I try to talk normal to her so it's all the same to me.

get plat without being a trashy 1trick pony who can't cs then come back to me

how awful

it's the same rate as meetme so I'm used to it.

better than being a fotm metasheep

Not if you don't make sure your "top quality memes" are visible you won't be.

Hatefuck when?

Yeah, because Rene and Kayle are fotm

look up what fotm means buddy

God help you all if I actually got into Leeg.
I'd be the biggest, baddest tank.

I remember you played Aatrox when I started.

play sion

he turns into a fucking train

if you are talking about me
Ido not like ketchup


I have learned from my mistakes

only the dankest of meme's shall pass these lips

You can put custard on him.


yeah hes trash
too squishy, no real strong suits, easily countered by multiple items

in ranked tho its srsmodo

crocodile that shit up


I'll be the one putting custard on neru

if u know what I mean

vi tho

He could still work in ranked up until like mid plat or something, maybe. Nobody knows what the fuck is going on.

Wow, you got all serious on me. Sorry.

I have no idea what your filthy mind is conjuring up. I am pure.




I like the look of Mundo or that robot guy who fucks the turret.



oh shit

ITT: car bombs



And Aatrox isn't that bad.

excuse me


If your mechanics are extra polished and you find ways to get ahead, sure.



The left really wants Trump to win his second term.

was anonyone there when /egy/ got trolled??



it was pretty bad, I think veronika lomax pissed off ISIS


gave em her address and city and country too

vxyz :)

I will feed on him when the urge to play returns.

Toothpaste would be better.

Velo is such a faggot amiright or amiright?


You missed a letter.


underrated post ;)

and you should have seen the images they posted.
dear god.

infedelity is the least of it

you get them champ

I swear to god every time I'm masturbating someone fucking posts something like this

What is this shitty art



happens every damn time amiright?


and for fucks sake this is an underrated post, someone fucking acknowledge it and i will move on.

oh hell yeah.

Imean some of it is sortof good


niggas i will literally kill myself alll over this goddamn thread

Heterosexuality is not a bad thing actually.

how dare you

yall negros fr fr right now?

I have this weird impalement fetish


I want to go swimming inside you .

Is it.

I am literally dead right now

Source pls too. .w.

i just fucking drank that fucking coolaide


Some of it is not miserably incompetent.

I'll get heterosexual with you.

got it from 4chan man

it's what I finished to

Being homosexual clearly means you're anti-heterosexuality and want to make everyone gay.

Niggas keep ignoring me and shit.
feel like im in a god damn box

That's more accurate.

If I had the excitement I would too

Hey babe

of dicks

i will come 2 your house.
and blow your brains out all over the counter


I was planning on just finishing and going to bed but now I'm not tired and I just beat witcher 3 and need a break from it before perfect trilogy so what the fuck do tho

with my glock

This is going too fast for me, sorry.

and then ill swallow

Playing easy on Mongolions on Civ V just for something to do.

I need me some good fucking

Let's hold hands in public!

For fucks sake
How much of a faggot do you have to be to base your entire comp around defending the flag
Do you just accept you're shit so you try to play into draw on purpose
What is this

later 2 night im going to go to a pizzaria.
and throw a bunch of garbage into their faces


its going to be amazing.
music and everything

Who are you again?
I forgot.

W-wait but...
b-but what if I get pregnant!?

... monster

I found a bunch of garbage they put up on mozart st.
i'm going to make a huge scene

its going to be bad.

Tokai will take care.

so fucking bad


Literal retards like Swedish Fish deemed mentally incompetent don't even have to pass background checks to own guns in America now.


the address is: 3525 W fullerton ave, chicag illinois

fucking anyone can buy a gun at an auction with no background check and no gun licence

check these dubs


I thought you were the one that wanted the Netherlands to start letting people freely own firearms.


I'll create a board and post the details and the time, when i get it there, BECAUSE EVERYONE FUCKING IGNORES ME HERE NOW



fucking noobs

plebeians you plebe

don't get cocky

Holy shit. You actually spelled something correctly.


I am now thoroughly convinced she does it intentionally.

you live in chitown? this is the second screen of there i've seen posted


Oh, ok.
I can impale you if ya want


If only you knew.


He does it to go full Luka because "xd girls type all cutesy and its not autistic at all".




mushy words :3c



veronika lomax lives in chiraq sometimes.


I don't think I want to.

Or, you know.
Neru's actually ESL and has an excuse.

But that makes too much sense to be a valid answer.

Yes, Hi.

What's ESL?

Darwin, have you turned Neru's legs and feet into a toaster strudel yet?

English as a Second Language

Him repeatedly misspelling words that are in posts he's directly responding to is clearly a language barrier issue and in no way intentional.

Half this board is ESLs though.

your face is extended shity lives though


You pay a lot of attention to everyone's posts for someone who could supposedly not care less.

Some people don't learn as well.

I know what else you can fucking link 2 u fucking nigger

That's basically everybody!

tbh itis not like I sit anc refully rub my hands like a jew and decide muahaha today Iwill type that word just like that and then I sit and careuflly push the buttons just like I planned
here cunt, the person that actually has the balls 2 fuck can see this and no one else.

Yes, because passingly noticing posts while in a thread takes a totally high amount of effort and concentration.

bannable offense eh?
please kill yourself

Shh. Don't confuse him.

please kill yourself

Caring enough to take the time to process response and comment, however, takes significantly more than not.

Nah, Neru hates me.

You really got me there.

I would hazard a guess that Neru just does not care to fix typing errors, like how I did not care to punctuate or use capital letters. I am sure if they wanted to be anal about it they would sit there fixing everything before posting a thing.
It is the internet though. Who cares.

tsuchi cares

autists notice patterns

It's just a forced quirk.



You weren't aware of that before?

Electronic Sports League, you know, CSGO and stuff.

neru pro :o

peener weener

it doesnot take any force at all tbhh

everyone has their thing
neru fucks plants and types weird

ikt has a massive dong and fixes computers

i want to pat hikari

TP gives HANDJOBS to Chris Larson.

if only

Never cared enough to actually be worth consideration.

can you stop please?

If autists notice patterns then I would say Gilgamesh is free of this as he still thinks I am someone else. Even though he has himself pointed out that the other person changes names when they leave and come back.
I have taken multiple breaks and still have not.
But true story, everyone is an autist here. Bar no one.

I got that game. Only did the first level so far.
Thee combat system reminds me of the recent Batman games. Not bad at all.

oh lawd
that be a feisty drink

TP fucks dogs, too.


Campaign takes a few hours a run.

Boss is a pain on solo 4player.

JNPR DLC seems totes worf, but idk, haven't gotten it yet.

Yeah, Neru's got mad aim when it comes to popping heads.

Kind of a given though.

I have extra chromosomes :D

I wanna be competent too


Sushi pls no bully

I got it for the fuck of it. Nora and Pyrrha are great to begin with, can not go wrong with adding them.

Do you have extra chemical X?

As I just said, I didn't really care enough to consider it before now.

Couldn't be more relaxed right now if I tried.


Pyrrha combo builds really stronk.

Jaune is also ridiculous if you build his special for team damage, and have a Pyrrha or Weiss in party.

What is this game and is it fun

I want to know this game.

I'm sorry to break the news to you: your boyfriend is a bit retarded.
And your side ho fucks dogs.

it sounds like weeb stuff

You sound like weeb stuff.


RWBY: Grimm Eclipse

I like it, mostly just play with Tokes tho.


Oh I thought RBWY was just a 3d animation anime thing


Become the next pro.


A joke.

Go figure, Jaune is good with those two of all. It is almost as if they knew what they were doing.
A lot of people in the reviews whined about the game, which is confusing given it is quite a fun game.

i fell asleep early because i didnt get my nutrients from banana


yup potassium comes from banana

hey guys im back

What about my other side ho

I'll live.

yeah that actually is pretty weeb..


Glad your detective skills have yet to falter.

I just want to say that i'm a cancer posting weeb faggot

Someone made a fan game with KH style combat.

Then RTX decided to take that and make an actual game.
But it's not as good as the april fools demo.

If it were up to you, everything would be lies.

It's more that just 100% damage boost on two of the best DPSers is...
Definitely worth note...

Ruby might also be good, I spend a bit playing her last night since I need to max level 2 characters for Rank 6.

I haven't checked the reviews recent, but they might just be old reviews.


Lord no.


im just super smart when it matters
a kid genius.

A true prodigy.

nerf weiss

i would like 2 suck many dicks, its why i smoke fags

I can't think of anyone else you e-dated.


I'm gonna take your word for it.

how can people not like onyans

How ya doin

Nope, it is the newer reviews complaining that the game is nothing like the show and totally is not worth the money paid. Both concerns do not feel like they fit.
Especially since is this not Rooster Teeth's first game?

how can people not like cheese

Rooster Teeth made an actual game?


i cant decide whether i should eat banana first or actual lunch. also i just realized i have to brush my teeth first


please fuck me

I'm sure he just Slav squats on your face.


RWBY: Grimm Eclipse. It is a beat em up based on their 3d animated series by the same name minus two words.
Both the series and game are quite decent.

spoilers did you enjoy the new season though.

im so loney because everyone thinks i just shit post but i actually mean everything

please someone shoot me with a bullet...

Huh. Glad that small community exploded the way it did then. I was on their forums on their first season. Left when they were on their third season I think. Is the game any good?

a tracer bullet

I wouldn't know about RT's other games.

But I don't know what people were expecting with complaints like "It's not like the show and is not worth buying."

RWBY is just like a weeaboo trying to make his own SUPERIOR JAPANESE ANIMATION show.

in my snatch

I voted for subtle too tbh

please notice me senpai


I'm going for the free food

tired as fug


yeah okay whaaaaat,
I think they made it a meme.

Don't worry hes dead now.


I'm glad that chink fucker died.

Stop being jealous. You cannot compete with Subtle and his toxicity and ogre feet.


The only person I've known IRL who liked the show was one of those super weeb black guys.

The bit about Weiss' damage wasn't in the patch notes.

I added that.

This bully..



Shhh, I am on volume 3. Just saw Penny get wrecked.
Still recovering.

It is. I would not call it anything special like it should get awards, however it is more than worth what I paid for it.

Honestly I think they just sucked at it and got mad. I will be honest, I died to the first group of beowolves like three times before figuring out the trick to survival.


Why are you hanging around niggers for?
I thought you lived in a white part of California.

I see, interesting.

If you can get the timing right you can dodge out of other animations.

Also counters are really good at slowing things down.

might as well have been real.

oh alright, I'll keep my mouth shut then.
just eh, hang on tight is all I say.

I don't hang around him.

He lives in Texas.

no ogre could be that good at osu even if the league toxicity might imply it

Are you sure he's still alive?

He only has ogre feet, not hands.

He's too short to be an ogre anyway.

I'm about to install the funnest game

Aren't you like 5'6"?

YUGE hands


Hes not gay.

I could've swore you were a manlet.

He likes RWBY.
It's pretty much a guarantee he is.

Where is this even coming from, have you been posting the towel picture again

Nah that was grim.

uv light makes all my colourful sticky notes even more colourful

What the game

No he likes white women. A LOT.

this thread makes me want to die

Wasn't he gay for you at one point?

please someone come to my house and murder me

That's a question for him.

the best sanic

Is he like most black dudes and get rejected by white women because, well, they don't like black people?

I am surprised you were a fan of them though, somehow I did not see that coming.

Yeah, took me a few to figure that one out. Once you get it down the attacks are rarely dangerous.
I cannot get enough of doing Ruby's combos, the spinning and slicing with the scythe is so fun.

Thanks! I am looking forward to an intense ride.
How are you doing Tokes?

that moment when ur in a full thread but you are still talking 2 yourself

I get it. It's a "don't ask, don't tell" agreement between you two.
I'm glad you two were happy.

speaking statistics, how does that even happen?

woww 300 rplies already

i think i need to smoke more "cigarettes"

I quite enjoyed their creativity and ability to work around limitations on Red Vs Blue. I believe I stayed through until the end of Season three and enjoyed quite a bit of it. But then they started expanding a bit too much with other projects, and the humor became a bit more predictable. So I dropped it on season four. Was fun, though.

Ruby handles best when you spend as much time as humanly possible in the animations for Crescendo.

I've found, anyway.

No, he dated short and chunky girls.

It's like someone's spamming the thread or something.

I figured it would be like the ones here.

stop your evil clone!!


I just don't want to speak for him, I honestly don't remember if he ever felt attracted to me in any way but I doubt it.
he'd hit it if I was a girl though

you fucked up, thats all i needed

He's still using my name?

I filtered his ID a while ago.

New bread

That's not even a requirement for him.

hell yes.

come on you dont think he actually did that right?

does that mean he cant see me righ now?

my god first

I feel so honored.

I would like to thsnk the academy, and of course my loving and undying fan base

here hold up i got a video in the converter, wait 4 dat shit o drop any minute now

i see tits

whats that your smoking there son?

oh damn i didn't kill another hread did i?

get me 40 cc of anime and a shot of lewdness


i will literally kill muyself if you ever leave me


lol i guess i did.
and in other news i figured out im suspected in a criminal case, trespassing on private property :l i need to go check with police headquarters tommorow to get an official copy

thats the life, rite?


i got a snapchat 2, its lit, if u can find it then u a faggot :)

velo out

There's a new thread, you fucking retard.