Sideways snow sucks

Sideways snow sucks

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Black Lagoon is a bit confusing at times, but the weird humour makes it better.

Yeah, exactly. Just a super simple thumbs up or thumbs down and it knows what's up.

I'm glad you still talk with your father.

Squashie I send you memes at least once a week


I lack a picture of this character vomiting violently.
I trust you to use your imagination.

Out of curiosity, QT, you've played Chaos;Head and Chaos;Child, right?


might have to try that cause i always end up listening to the same stuff all the time cause that's what youtube gives me

maybe this catboy then :3

Reminds me, I have to finish those myself.

i should watch it at some point

i dont generally play VNs

sometimes i wonder if i am. mans too lenient for his own good, which generally means when he snaps and shit goes sour i have to put up with the drama for an evening or so

Like, I get you probably aren't the smartest kid on the playground, but shit.

The entire gimmick of them is that the MC is delusional.

There's a gilded irony in posting the cat of this comic when the dog plays into my name more.


YouTube sucks tbh fam

Eh, it still beats being disowned and shit *shrugs* Take what you can get, diggy.

It's one of those that doesn't really get boring because the pace stays the same, but there's like 12 episodes in both seasons totalling 24 episodes, plus one extra "spin-off" season with like 5 episodes telling a whole lot different story.

it gets worse and worse every day

I have decided on Nekoro.
I have combined Neko and kokoro.
You are the cat of my heart.

Sounds familiar... *looks around at thread*


Never fiveget

life is cruel
i wanna sleep but my hair wont dry and now my stomach is complaining about hunger


thas pretty kawaii~

it only gets worse when certain people are posting

[A response]

i know, i watched the anime

rip pizza

where im from the only acceptable reasons for disowning your kid are things along the lines of serious child abuse and shooting heroin. disowning your kid for anything else here results in you being completely ostracized from society because no cunt will want anything to do with someone who wont even stick by their kids.


Nice clap back, Liverpool heathen.

You will have to make daddy happy to earn it though. I do not throw out nick names willy nilly.

I can leave if you'd like.

That's neat I guess.


Not you, QT.
I'm speaking about my secret lover Scoots.


y-yes daddy

i would not like that

i know

just saying it seems out of order to me, i cant fathom a decent reason for a parent to treat their kid that way.


Oh. Then I shall stay for a bit.

You and me both, qt. I just wanted to go to Christmas. It was kind of important to me and I thought they were better than that.

Oh well. On the plus side I don't need to stress over holidays ever again lmao


oh well, if thats how they want to be youre better off without them, wellams

been doing well?

I know I am, thank you.

Well. I accidentally dumped 6 portions worth of pasta in to boil. Guess I'm going to be a fat lard today.

Exactly my thoughts. I wonder if they'll be butthurt about it next year though x_x



Scoots, give me your phone number so I can never use it because fees for out of country texts.

Oh shit. It's pay day. I can sugar daddy again soon.

i never can seem to estimate the amount of pasta required correctly

heres hoping, people can change a fair bit in a year

Relatively. I'm getting pretty serious with this older chick, so that's pretty neat. The feelings are scary, but it's a good scary.

Sup sup.

Yee naw,
Otherwise my bounty hunter will pay me a visit.

Yeee got my pay today. Shit so fly.

If you've seen jormungand it's kind of the same.

i have not

It is hit or miss most days, but I can eat whatever so it's not an issue.

I should probably save up after I blew os much though.

Tumtum gonna disappear soon

I'll take progress pics every week though

Whatsapp is a thing

Polnareff is my fave char from that series :D

never underestimate the power of the scouts chode

My downfall will be my need to be the bigger person if they want to see me again.


I use Steam already.
Why would I want another app?

Ah well, that's another good one if you're into military humour and gun porn.

That Teemo knows how to pander to me.

International. Fucking. Texting.
And vid/voice calls.

Thinking the same. Ive kept back a good third of it, a bonus helps that though hue.
Ive ended up buying more kitchen equipment... welp, atleast when I get broke I can cry into my up-to-date cooking equipment and steam my head.

How goes Welms?

Again, I have Steam.
And we talk on Discord. I have no real need to talk to him in voice outside of that.

I mean, it's not bad to buy shit like that so at least you're not buying cocaine like some dumb ass or something.

probably my favourite protagonist from stardust crusaders, but i do prefer battle tendancy


maybe some day ill watch it

I really should not be drinking this early.

Iwont really ask

It goes. I used some of my tax return and got a new computer :P


The sheer portability and that it costs nothing to do traditional phone interactions with anyone else who has it is why you should use it
Not just for him

Not getting charged for a single text nor minutes

I would run out of data and it only costs me 20 bucks a month for 100 min and like 5 cents a min after.

gay bestiality is different from bestiality

Also whatsapp requires an internet connection to be present. So it would just be the same as having steam/Discord.
I have designs on making hella cheesecakes this month.
though tbh most of this months pay will be spent on 2 concerts.

GG, have you not begun fine tuning the CV?

What kind of computer?

Laptop? tower? Advanced killer ai?

Moi... well... atleast it isn't snowing. Mundane and mediocre day, barring the paycheck coming through.


Who still gets popped for each individual text/minute nowadays


And cheese cake is hella bomb.

People who never actually use their phone to call or text.

You North Americans call them Resumés.

older ones are the best

What's the point of the phone then???

Damn Daniel

Drunk calling friends

Absolutely. It's awesome in a lot of ways lmao


What's the point of the prawn then???

What's the point of the lawn then???

I always work through temp agencies so I don't need one.




I can feel the harsh judgment.

I just spent forever looking for my flashlight and it was right next to me all this time unless some fairies hid it while I was looking or something I swear I looked and it was gone but I found it that tool like 15-30 minyoots


I too have trouble with gay men hiding my flashlight.

thigh chaffing is god's punishment for not finishing off the jews

Ive never have, and hopefully never will, drunk dial.
My drunk-self is far too sensible for that.
BUT drunk posting, however.

Ah well, that is positive. Are you still in your current work? I wasn't really paying attention to events yesterday. But I recall the evening before that that you were considering other opportunities.

No you're just fat

or too many digestives

The Jews are a punishment in of itself.

I am. Right now the whole line is hell, but I can keep up. It would be hard to find a better paying job right now, and I only need it for a year or so.

what ways?

jews are god's punishment for thigh chaffing


But it's ok I did it a couple of times too
Idk if they were with you per se

Also drunk tcs

Whole other playing field

the best way to fall asleep is to have a good fap

night thread

She knows what's up, basically lmao. Refer to the french fry pic

I use to drunk call George a lot.
And you got the feet eppisode.

oh my

Ah right, well, just got to get through it. As fletch used to say; "Don't let the bastards grind you down".
I tend to have the yo-yo at work at the minute. The "ah, i love this job" and the "Fuck this job".
Now that my nemesis has left I dont have SO many crises.
God damn capitalism and its relentless march. Forcing man to "work" for his "existence".
Superflous ego stroking before caving into the mortal folly.

Normally I would have just tried pacifying you but I wanted to see your reaction

It was priceless

I want to go swimming in Hikari.

Yeah, you should check out these nipple pump thingies. They're so ouch but so hnngh at the same time lmao

"Don't you mean 'with'?"


chub rub
I learned a new word today

nipple pump thingies??
that sounds like something in a hentai

I like the people at my job.
Just not the job. But I have a high tolerance for work so it's whatever in the end.

You played me.

Why not just stick it on your dick

10x better

I want Satania to go swimming in me.

Like a damn fiddle

Disturbing developments

welp, I'm tired as fuck

time to break in my new bed by sleeping for 14 hours straight

nini nee nee knee knee nu nu noot noot gnight


Ah well, either way good luck.
Drink and be merry.
Rum is giving me a siren call.


People still give a shit about 10x?


I will struggle through.

She looked so excited to on that beach trip.


sup scanner

Her mouth does that part. Duh.

You've seent the pic

I haven't watched the new ep yet

Struggling is half the fun.

not sure how i'd feel about those tbh

It aired 24 hours ago though.


how are you?
I'm doing fine, listening to let's plays and playing Endless Legend.

Lost my army so I'm salty.

I just want to struggle as a big strong man holds me down and fucks my ass all night and then cuddles me after.

i'm too lazy to look it up right now lol

They only hurt for a little at first.

lmao yes way

then what?

idk if I wanted amazon to associate that page with my ip

One day squash. One day.

Way kray kray

Why not just use something like Taiga to download them?

like wat

Then the pain becomes pleasure, obviously.

lmao rekt


I runno.

sipping tea, contemplating a chicken burger, trying to watch Chaos;Child, hoping it picks up some fucking pace and isnt a let down like everything theyve done that isnt Steins;Gate

these are starting to sound better

i don't think this is necessary

Gonna play dota2, sorta wanna watch Two Best Friends Play Silent Hill 2 but in an allah ackbar mood.

speaking of allahu ackbar, guess what i picked up the other day for a few quid

Your nips are like SUPER sensitive after you take them off.

in the painful or the fun way? asking for a friend

A bomb?

Mostly the latter. It's great.

I have an awful memory so it downloads series for me and updates my list for me :3

one of these

how would you describe the sensation?

Bomb a Mosque.

bacon bits bomb when?




what's it feel like?

ur a baka I'm just super duper lazy

If I remember correctly, Rousseau was reviled by the "system" at the time.
Well. Atleast by the clergy. Which was one of the more powerful estates in France.
Visionary, indeed.

Tingly and extremely sensitive to touch. If someone nibbles it's like back-arching hnngh material.


all i know is he has some interesting points on the relationship between the individual and the state

if i remember rightly he also called the english delusional for thinking they were free for longer than one day in every 4 years.

hnng in the good kind of sensitive nipple way, or in the "this stings" kinda way?

I suppose you only watch like -3 anime a season anyways.

The first one.

Afterwards you'll get nipple itch sometimes, but like that's cause of the vacuum lmao

I was quite ready to scoff at such a notion as I had mistaken his nationality.
But really... Given the Social Contract can anyone who considers themselves apart of "society" trully claim to be free?


ill reserve judgement til i learn what the fuck locke is getting at when he says that in order to inherit the fathers land we willingly surrender our natural rights to him

oh my .///.
i nevr knew you were so lewd

I don't really watch a lot cause most of it is the same.

I've had a bunch of sexual liberation over the past couple weeks lmao

That is essentially the social contract.
Surrendering ones 'absolute' freedom and liberty in exchange for the securities and comforts of lawfully structured communal living.
Our natural rights essentially being(super dumbed down) the right to do ANYTHING without punishment/reprisal.

i can tell

well, i have to imagine its a little more complicated than that, given how weve developed under this general philosophy as a nation

Like I said, that was the dumbed down version. It has been years since i've read enlightenment philosophy, so forgive me if I am rusty.

Pokemon duel is fun

oh. sorry lol

yeah, ill read more locke in a bit, then ill move on to the social contract

did you ever read anything by robert hooker?

I don't recall their work immediatley. Maybe. Nothing springs to mind. What did Hooker propose?

play reborn

is k :3

One dick, Two dick, Seven dick, Ten duck

he wrote Lawes of Ecclesiastical Politie, hes the man locke refers to as the judicious Hooker in his second treatise

She's gonna start this job that gives her $100 worth of sex toys per month so it should be fun to be a guinea pig ;3

Oh! I see. You see I half recognize the name. So I have probably read over his stuff years ago. But my memory of him is far too fuzzy to be authoratitive on being definite.

One dick, two dick, three dick, four
Five dick, six dick, seven dick, whore

You think Holla Forums would be big on Pit People?



i kind of want to read it, but i also dont want to drop fucking £300 on the original leatherback volumes from the fucking sixteenth century

don't know what that is.

I am envious

pokemon reborn
it's a fan game that is far superior to anything the main games could ever dream of producing

The struggle!

Envy is bad, mmmkay?

That's only six dick.

k sorry

Man, once you get a team of max ranked allies before the 2nd area it kind of makes for an easy game.

Jack and Jill went up the hill so Jack could lick her candy But Jack got a shock and a mouth full of cock Cause Jill's real name is randy

laughed way too hard at this




Who has ever played Guilds 2?


Not as good as the first one

they ruined everything

So buy the first one if it is on sale?
Is it good?


I was supposed to call you all nerds there



yeah ended the fight with more hp than you started with.

Close one.




Well, life was nice while it lasted.

The "wake up and your car is gone" game is bogus in the extreme. Can someone give me a clue?

bogus in the extreme

sorry bro but I don't like your cut of jib


Watch out because the boom's gonna knock you the fuck out when we tack if you're this bad at being a team player.

You know, this isn't the first time this has happened to me, but it's the first time that there's been the possibility it was like legit stolen

The boom doesn't exist.

Read the bible



Uh, read any guide to sailing.

The Bible is a lie.

Fuck you, Sam Carson. I know this is your doing.


Ah, and we found our culprit. It's amazing how easy it is when you know all of the usual suspects and are the one most like Soze.


kinda wanna see the whole replay of Darwin on yasuo

I saw an Apache Helicopter get WREKT by Kek in a dream once. It was incredibly easy, like eating a fly. Unhand my car, pls.

It was first blood only from what I remember, so it was over after that.

it ended after fb tbh

Nah, the artillery strike also failed.

How disappointing.

Anyways, it was never about Kek. It was about the coffee, and I got to the treasure first.

I deserved it after all the SC games she has to endure.

Oh shit :x

whoaa I forgot one of my recordings on for almost 80 hours

Why do you idiots still think this is a game? Are you just mentally deficient?

Neru should main Lux lmao

Lemme touch yo skin


Come to the nightmare, come to me...

*touches and savours how you feel*

Demon prince of Tzeench is pretty rad, fyi.

It means that having my car moved was part of MY OWN plan.

How can people even lack a simple instinct to want to win? What sort of failure do you have to be to just accept losing as perfectly okay?

Apathy is a powerful thing.


I'm more of an Orkz guy myself.

every time i search something on google it gives me results for the exact opposite of what I am looking for no matter how i word it in the search

It is incredibly sad. Such people should not be allowed to do things that involve winning or losing.
At least if it has other people with them.

Yup. Literally the same battlecry always, "It is just arcade/quickplay".
I guess I missed the part where blizzard said you cannot lose or win in those modes. Despite one of the two awarding boxes for wins.


Saying that doesn't mean you don't want to win
It's just means you can care less

tfw dark librarian saves you

So search for the exact opposite of what you're looking for.

I go where I please, and I please where I go.

Tell me where my car is and I'll go do research for you.

That game was unplayable with my ping.

Sounds like why I was low rank in BnS.

Do not like that?

No it is always said in order to explain away them not trying, never is it said about not caring.
If they tried and we lost anyway? Cool.
If they are not going to try, why play?

Apathetic to it.

There is nothing to win, idiots.


Ees onli geim
y u heff tu be mad?

Help regarding car location, please? Waking up to no car is just absurd.


Fuck off.


Now if your team weren't trying and they threw in something that mattered, like a tourney or something, then you can be mad.

rip ;;

high ping sucks

Look, I'm not going to kill myself so you're stuck with me.

Who died?

I don't care whether you're alive or dead. The only thing that irritates me is your endless inane banter.

Fuck off.

I feel like you have the right to be mad if they do this in ranked, but not QP, imo it's fine if people don't tryhard there

Fuck this game.

If God is real, I'm its sense of humor.

What's the point of even playing qp

Having your heal slut work your health bar big and strong for warmups.

There's a difference between not going full autism tryhard, and completely just fucking around.

Gotta find that middle ground. At the end of the day you are there to play a game; if you're not trying at all you're just wasting everybody's time. But at the same time winning really isn't the point.

Was that a fun interlude? I did it to myself.

lmao fucking nerds

I only play games to escape from reality.

Maybe you have ranked anxiety (me)
Also playing with people you can't go ranked with

Games are going to trap you in purgatory or hell, girl.


The truth is disgusting.


Does not matter what it is, if there is a winner and a loser but you do not even try? You are a waste of space in said thing.
Like anyone could replace someone like that, including like an easy level bot.


They do it in ranked too. Especially if you take their main or they do not want to stop playing their main.
However, I am not asking people to try like qp and arcade are comp. I am asking that they at least try. That is all.
Plus if qp and arcade do not matter, why do they have a winning team? :thinking:

Chores suck.


people are so tox

Sometimes you just wanna watch your teammates burn.

how nicely fitting with the music.

He's more :3

In OW, yeah, I'd be so sad if I lost my diamond

Suble is the mostestest toxicest with his fucking "GG"s and "I had fun"s.

Fucker can't even recite the gg ez word filters from memory.


itis amazing how often the music syncs up with what happens ingame

I feel very, very small... please hold me...

Mommy says kids my age shouldn't suck our thumbs.

Please Mommy, just one more game?

I'm struggling with some insecurity issues in my life, but thank you all for playing with me.

Not a coincidence.

That they do. What chores specifically though?
Or is this a simple in general statement?


Well, that's one at least.


why you heff to be mad


It would piss Grim off so much
So lolz

Let's play OW
or vent on NA

Well there is something happening all the time
I am amazed at how kshway can keep making videos without a single break running on sheer stupidity of people.

Cleaning bathrooms and kitchen. Tile specifically.

I'm 0.01% jewish, and glad of the Inquisition.

Pissing off Grim is not exactly a difficult task.

I have crap all over my desktop and tons of crap programs installed I never use but I'm too lazy to do something about it somebody clean up my pc for me

How are you doing?

Or you could just have a skirt on and have a dick. That accomplishes the same thing.

Wew that sucks, even worse since it is one of those things that has to be done.

My worst habit


Need to go get dinner too.

Only if you cook Vietnamese food for me

Its not actually but I try not to do it often
Cause that's kinda mean

Good! Watch Dogs 2 playings.

norf norf nigga

To be fair though, I don't think I'm allowed to talk about getting mad at games, considering I got so mad at Tales of Besteria last night that I just stopped playing until just now.

But I wouldn't be a cute girl if I tried to trap

I'd be like Fish or Rin tier ;~;

That's what my desktop is for

also my downloads folder



How do you get that mad at a jrpg
what even happened?


Yeah but your desktop gets full eventually.
This is a folder sitting on my desktop that I throw the rest of my desktop into repeatedly


Yeah food is sort of needed to live.

Is that game fun? I have not even played the first.

You would not be as pathetic as Fish though, so that is kind of a plus.

Every once and a while.

Stunlock bullshit.

It's actually really easy to get mad at an action RPG if you struggle with the concept of gitting gud.

I have no plans to hurt any of you, but I think Jack is pretty pissed RN.

Seriously, I still love all of you.



Mhm also we all need to drink more often.

hey baby boy
whatcha doin?

I do, anyway.


I asked rumia to marry me and she said yes !

Then yeah

I was expecting long ass boss pulling bullshit at the last second sort of thing.


Also terrible vidogams

oook I ploughed through my webms

Same. Hm.

boys are a myth


In Tales of the Abyss I almost solo'd a boss while woefully underlevelled using Natalie dealing only one damage per hit.

He had something like 100k HP.
Needless to say I gave up before I hit this thing that much.

baby boy
like "baby boy you stay on my mind"

I'm just cropping mius
finally found a cropping program that is not garbage or too tedious to use

Hm hm hmmmm.



You can't though, diamond is one of those ranks where you can't drop out.


Out, back later.



It's anxiety which gets to us.

So if you are on 3000 and you loose a game.. nothing happens?

Why did they make that a thing again?

It was awful when I played.

All it did was make people not care in low diamond.

overwatch is dum
windowse is dum


wow weeb


What renz

The biggest pain
Why would you do things like this

girls are a myth


What program?

Seems like she'd just get in the way of vidya.

Why do you persist on quoting Mordin.

no no they're not.
read the facts



Was it the loose that got you?

there are people in gold mmr with diamond, yeah.



Iwas gong to suggest lets go starcraft again but I might be too sleepy so

Chill out?

Jeez, don't loose your mind :\



Prove they exist then, faggot

Sounds gay
maybe I should try it at some point


Because I wasn't planning to, was playing on chaos, and just kinda started using her the area immediately before the boss without switching to who I was maining at the time.

The facts that she used ranged attacks, and was one of the two party healers are what made it possible to even consider.


brb overclock attempt

look at this creature

Calling it


clearly shopped
I can tell by some of the pixels


or this one

I need that shirt.


That's a tiger though

I have been playing if you want to obs.

Like this?

fine you win happy now

Not yet!

I mean 4.6GHz worked before I just can't remember when and what settings.

Yes very
I'm glad that both genders are proven to be a myth

then what are you

I don't exist, clearly.

I don't believe you


What else would I be?


a bogan

er, failed overclocking that is
I just realized those two replies look related

Good afternoon/evening.

Bogan isn't a gender, tokai, what the hell?

My internet was out for a whole 30 minutes

I was so scared

oh oops

Yes ;_:

Allahu Ackbar

Subtle will you ever plan to go to a con or is that too autistic for you?

yeah nah ya fukken shitcunt

what a rip
how badly did you need the faster speed?

*or are you too autistic for that



then it's fine

He'd probably have a Grim moment around any of the traps.

Trust me, you will never be too autistic for that. There's always someone you see at the cons and it makes you feel so happy you aren't THAT bad

The London Anime/Gaymen Con is in Feb and the seagulls say its a pretty enjoyable con overall

Might as well embrace your inner weeb and join the blokes going to it


Oh man, that sounds like he's gonna be having a hell of a lot of Grim moments then.
Like 1 in 5 people at anime cons are traps, some are super obvious and some are cuter than the rest of the girls.
Their voice usually gives them out though

Should I go on friday, saturday or sunday?

At lot of things can happen between now and never


You probably are that person.

None of that

Nah, I don't call enough attention to even be that much.

Ugh this pos app deleted my response so I have to type it again

Dont go Sunday cause its empty af and no cosplayers go that day, though merch is cheaper
Go Sat or if you're rich buy the full weekend pass since you get to enjoy it for 3 days for a couple more bucks. Just rent a shitty room by the con and walk to it.

If you are going for a day take a backpack with your charger, snacks, Maybe a small bottle of liquor, etc.
Cause food trucks by the con Jew you for so much money

If you want to socialize and meet some seagulls let me know and I'll introduce you to some British weebs I know from the seagull community and maybe they can show you around and party if you're into that
Or you could just, ya know post in thread

any of you US fags want a $20 mechanical keyboard?