A thread that just isn't Cupcake's

A thread that just isn't Cupcake's.

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This will never stop amusing me.

Fucking finally!

I just drink a bunch of coffee in the mornings so I don't die.





You going nerd? :3

Fuck Timmie's and Poutine

They're shit

I didn't really take much pics

I was too busy getting drunk, Ian's phones got destroyed so RIP his pics



hi squid

physically destroyed? haow

I dont know man
Lots of Jaeger will do that to you

I like living.

She has some thicc ones




That's not very edgy of you

only sluts like luka say no like that :(

Only sluts like feku are this obsessed with my dick

Killing myself would be like taking the easy way out.

I need to suffer and live out the rest of my days.

you've finally found something more edgy than killing yourself


*paws ur thigh* x3

is it big tho

Not as edgy as showing underage boys your dick like you are though

hello dears

im barely underage


when you turn 18 though


hi stranger... havent heard from you in a while.


I'm not showing anybody anything.

What's up?

What is this about underageds?

this year

no need to show just tell


Might monitor.

I actually thought you were nezumi pulling his autistic bullshit.

Not that this would change my sarcastic response.

3 feet long, twelve meter circumference

change sar chasm


Hes about to expire though.

lol did you just call the girth the circumference

Always too late.

That is a common term

we've both been hibernating...
let's watch succubus anime


i guess

what succubus anime?


I'm exhausted and going to bed now.

Good luck with your boy hunting.

this one.

i've been up all day.

you fell asleep on me last time... kept me waiting.


whats that one

Good night, Master.

who is this goddess


sorry... one of us wakes up right as the other goes to sleep

Succubus from Demi-chan wa Kataritai.


uh huh

mm i see


succubus do lewd things

kys luka


bears hibernate.
let's watch it.

drinking water

playing games


she's modest and careful about letting people get too near.

but wont she die is she doesnt lewd


that's you.

:| i've'nt done lewd things ever

Death must be coming soon, then.

are you trying to get me to do lewd things
ill have you know im underage

No thank you.

*reports all of u 2 fbi*

do i have immunity in this situation? im underage

My dad owns Nintendo.

my dad is a nintendo

idk im not tha fbi




Leggo my Nintendo

threads boring as shit



What games?

Yellow, model, chick
Yellow, bottle, sippin
Yellow, Lamborghini
Yellow, top, missin

Howdy pals! I told you guys... This isn't my first rodeo.

Can you actually roll your tongue like that?
Try it now

Do not start with that.


I'm gonna call it the death rattle...

no but i really wish i could




trying not to derank outta gm

but teammates keep throwing lul

You're still a faggot, and scientology is CATEGORICALLY bullshit. Otherwise, Xenu himself would have killed me.

Are you going to spam again?

wow I should have listened to that first. be careful, it's very loud for some reason.

bait ;~;

I'm not really a Scientologist.

You probably didn't believe that ironic shitpost, but I don't want to put up with this meme either way.

has it really been a week already?

Teammates throwing is the worst part of Overwatch.



It would make you all sassy like a real bad bitch
You should practice


Rock n roll motherFUCKER

*pets bunny*


loading that shouldn't be too taxing, but it wouldn't be worth it if it's any trouble. also turn your sound down first, it came out super loud for some reason.


haha you think so?


yeah same

Oh, you too?


yeah same


Ah, so you lied to me? Misuse of your punctuation.

woof woof


Your mic is not normally like this, just so you know.

yay you're back

I know. I have no idea why that happened.


hey i can do the same


I got good at it in spanish classes in high school. of course, I retained almost nothing after three years of lessons. oh well.


Ok I got it
Was cute

Yeah for real
Rolls are sexy
I used to know someone that rolled every R they spoke and it was really great

I'm assuming you lied to me with the shaman shit. And a lot of your other posts.

I do my best with punctuation most of the time, but I'm no English major.

damn you want a bitch to roll her r on that dick huh

A guy or a girl?

Who plays enough overwatch to hit grandmaster what the hell


Have any of ya'll seen Texas Red?


i was never able to
i just can't get it down lol

I mean, yeah, he did kinda JUST say that

If I said it, then I meant it.

He has 592 hours.

Not trying to spam, but where'd you get your M.D. or Ph. D., Doctor?

He's an outlaw loose n runnin

It just triggers me how such a casual game is treated as something serious.

he got it on the streets, nigga. school of hard knocks, booi.

Ignoring of course all the times you were confronted on something you said and then "lol it was just song lyrics IDIOTS".

I am not a doctor. This trip was a gift from someone else. They liked it so I acquiesced and used it. I am a junior studying business administration.

I imagine people that can are great at fellatio

A guy
I don't remember if I was attracted to him but I did love to hear him speak


I know I'm not to good at it either
I can do it for like .5 seconds and then I sputter
We'll learn together


Please don't repeat my post


haha yeah me too


l learrrned thrrrough the interrrnet


the internet is the best teacher.

yay one more year closer to my death♥

could probably do some lewd things with this technique

It is your birthday?

I can roll my r's, but my voice is not all that attractive, so it lacks that effect.

Please don't repeat my post

You're killing the meme here.

test you trippin'. your voice is like honey dripping over warm kfc biscuits.

I'll never understand why so many people love Popeyes more than KFC.

That's not a qualification. The only thing you get at the school of hard knocks is brain damage.

I mean we both already knew that you are right

Find out for us soon

Oh like what?
Tell me :3

I dunno your voice is fine to me

bad taste is a world wide epidemic.

damn straight. or gay.

Was that person a doctor?

KFC Worker here

FUCK popeyes biscuits

Absolutely not. If you're actually studying to be a doctor you'll likely be the most educated person here.



I've never even had their biscuits. The only reason I've even eaten Popeyes at all is because of their 2 piece Tuesday special.

could do it while making out or giving head

"Damn gay" doesn't have the same effect tho.

Does that idea give you any motivation to learn?

Ph. D. in English... A Spin Doctor.

Is that an offer?

yeah. this fucking heteronormative world. can't wait for the straight genocide tbh.

And yes, I already kissed the rose. Let's bury the hatchet and get along!

Sorry for double post, but that "silence is the most terrifying" meme was awesome.




Tsuchi STILL asshurt over this?

Then yes, you'll be the only person here to have set foot in graduate school, near as I'm aware.

I will likely go for an MBA when I graduate, though.

I am willing to do that.

You laugh but your voice is so much gayer than mine.

Yeah we need a genocide on all straight people so that we can use the phrase "damn gay".
Solid rhetoric.

How you gonna offer test and not me? Literally uncalled for

Yo bro, I was worried you were one of those two that got the axe...

killing the meme

Can't help this endless charisma.

? What

Roll a D20 to determine your REAL charisma stat!


Wow suddenly I want to give you head
Funny how that worked out


My voice isn't gay at all. It's just really annoying.

thanks man. I was a little nervous at first but now that I can see your sincere approval of my serious thing I said I feel better.

Rolled 1 (1d20)
It's Socks.


Super gay.

Sorry I'm saving myself for marriage.

he is always asshurt

to see what he would say


Yeesh, sorry bro.



Oh right. But what axe? Did we begin the repatriation of Constantinople already?

seems about right tbh

That's where we're going to build The Golden Throne for Trump The Younger!

This image quality is giving me cancer.

All I remember about Shinobu when I watched this show as a preteen was her black lace panties.


What does that FUCKING dice know about me anyway?

You guys think I'm kidding about WH40k being real... Read this:

It's the 'Nids, probably.

happy b day nezi

I have it burnt on a dvd LOL

capping myself

also shinobu is a shy deredere BITCH

Su is mai chocolate waifu

I'd like to remind you all that I love each and every last one of you!

lol rekt

You should name that image "laughing whores"
That's always a quality filename

And he didn't say anything.
Looks like you made the wrong choice buttercup.

Was that a real thing for you?
I remember someone here was doing that

I remember my best friend in high school's description of my voice: an angry, less nasally Gilbert Gottfried.

apparently a lot, since it fukken nailed your ass.

Hahahaha the fuck


Why would nids be eating nebulae
That doesn't even make sense
get your own shit straight at least

thought about it. been going with a song lyric theme for a lot of my new images though.

In case you guys missed one of the most brutal reamings I've ever seen online...


o god

I'll get over it.

It is not. I don't really like the idea of "casual" sex, though. I like to believe romance isn't dead, so being in a RELATIONSHIP is important to me.



Got any Snoop Dogg?

that voice actor is funny

no it's surprisingly comfy.

I don't listen to rap and hip hop, personally. more of a classic and prog rock guy. some punk, some metal. a little indie now and then. mostly rock though.

scary image...

Yo, is the maggster enjoying this D?

That voice actor is funny

I've been in calls with you, haven't I?
I have posted vocaroos plenty of times and usually am in calls with someone.





Just vocaroos. I don't think we've ever been in a call.

I'd invite you to the discord if it were really up to me, but I'm guessing you wouldn't even accept.

I was talking about Scoot.

He didn't copy and paste the post. He typed it out.

What does test need from a partner in order to call it a relationship?

Snoop Dogg did an EDM feature once
He also did a song with Katy Perry
He'll honestly show up anywhere he can get a check

ITS OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


if he gets in I will make it my mission to fill the voice chat with graphic descriptions of homoerotic acts until he leaves.

woops my bad

yeah he's kind of a whore. I've seen him in a few shows I like and he's definitely a cool dude. I'm just not into that kind of music, like, at all.

Yo, I've gotten super into the Ruinous Powers lately. Have you praised Tzeench recently?

Vid is a must-listen.


cups racist

a lot of people don't say anything

pic related
it's snoop dogg

Aint she the worst?

shes rood



I'm guessing it wouldn't take much effort.

It's irrelevant, my relationship with Ban is eternal.

whats that supposed to mean

I hope not. effort is definitely not my thing.

no-one laughs or cares when you point this stuff out

Only Lloyd can say migger
Cuz he wuz kangz and sheit
He aint gonna be a scapegoat for the whole damn machine




Literally no one cares about anything you post.



Its been too long.

Moogs post asshole.

i kno
only memeing u , dawg chil out :D


I care deeply about everything neko posts.




Did you guys enjoy that mass exorcism today?

(((Memes you kindly)))


Smart Person for President

is it memeing to call you a female



Why has Moogs became Chris-chan for?

Yeah I dig ya
Can you dance?

I always say stuff I think

Comma splice
Also is this a confirmation?
Imma call TMZ


sorry. didn't mean to be rood.

lol no. I'm white, remember? but in all seriousness, no. never learned, and my back would be a problem if I tried now.

I'm going to murder Darwin for even making people think about shit like this.

It's just a joke. We don't even talk much. I got drunk and hit on him twice.

ur fake news

yeah you say a lotta stuff

there are like 9 people with that avatar on pchan

Bigger men than you have tried.
All have failed.


you;'re into alcohol huh~?



*splices u*

He'll never see me coming.

I was going to say "someone post asshole".
But then realized tsuchi was already posting.

I was the original user of both human fluttershy and ringo.



Once a week.

A swordsman dances with his hands. Do fencing

I think it was Discord that was always in my ass about it

If you hit on him while drunk isn't that just true feelings coming out?
Lets get you drunk and if you hit on him again there's some fishy business going down

Are you IMPLYING something?


thats sexy~ 3

i know

that is still an activity requiring standing and lots of movement. the pain would be unbearable.

you damn better know it, kiddo.



I imagine human fluttershy has a voluptuous wide librarian ass

Lazy American

that you're a fag

Did you guys ever notice that the badass guitar dude in Fury Road is blind but is still a completely capable fighter despite lacking eyes?



the book of eli

It'll be like Jurassic Park.

human pinkie clone is in this show
she's pretty kawaii

are you a grill

My dad fenced. It's not as nerdy as people think.

My feelings don't matter much in situations like this.

oh? picture?


I fence!

Sabres are more fun than fences.


Fencing is gay as fuck.

if i touch you will it burn

'fencing' is code for gay anal sex

I thought itd be more a frotting reference

oh wow. yeah, that's pinkie.



yes she is adorable

Oh and I just remembered there was a point where you ended up against Georgie in OW quickplay and you STILL haven't played with us at all.

I've never been interested in it, or any other sport for that matter. I'm a small guy, I'd lose by default simply thanks to my reach and shorter steps. My ego is worn out enough as it is.

I wouldn't know.

Fuckin hell m8
We're gonna get you one of those bionic spines that glow blue
I've got a bounty hunter on my Rolodex he'll hook us up

A fag that gets head from an "R"-rolling cat so what's good


I like watching it at the Olympics
I'd watch a fencing movie honestly

I'm sorry I'm just teasing ;~;

Sabres are wired differently for contact so it's actual force behind them to parry with the heft the "blade" and not just the tip counts as contact.

Oh gee, didn't mean to get all emo there.

what is the cat wearing?

Sounds a lot more dynamic and interesting on that alone.

like u

noice. you get me one of those and then we can do it standing up for once.

time for bed. not tired, but I need to at least try and sleep.
goodnight for now thread.

she's naked

Nah, small guys have an advantage there. I keep my ego in check by getting willingly crushed in all but the contests that matter.

what makes you think that



Byyyyyeee preitty


Is that a puddle of puke?

It's Cup.


yes mugi?


There's two types of sabre fencing, double edged and single edged and I honestly cannot recall the different names for even that division.
I had fun with it sparring at a few camps and a friend that went to a private school used me as informal bouts.
Fencing sabres are just blank blades with electric on either one or both sides that count for contact and they hurt like hell even in a padded jacket thing.


Dude, you killed it the other day. Your boy was on his game so hard!

Poorly drawn flowers. Yellow flowers are a running theme in the game because the character I'm posting committed suicide by swallowing a bunch of buttercups.

just that picture

Is this a Miss link?

Yeah well you DID so APOLOGIZE for killing the mood of jokes at your expense

Braids and an eye patch

Nini space Cuppers

As someone who still plays this game when bored from time to time, it's fucking awful.

Moogs fuck my roast beef

Foil or GTFO.

Except for the point there would be no dance


Yes, you.

It was many months ago, do you remember a guy named Sonnemuz asking if you were Lloyd in Overwatch?


i hope it has a kitty on it

please no



if a grill is hot and you touch it you will burn

I have no idea the specific divisions and types of fencing other than sabres, foils and the weird French name pointed stick.

gays cause autism

Epee to you, m8!

I think so. I don't really focus on the chat in that game it's kinda hard

That's up to me to decide
So yeah, it does

Why do you even humor him?
Even joking references to him being a girl has him jerking off that someone finally called him a girl.

i forgive you then

Why do you get autistic about other people calling other people what they want to be called?

There is a fencing academy in my area, so I guess I'll think about it if I have time this semester.

Georgie was in a voice chat with me and Guero and was playing by himself and commented on a guy on the enemy team with the name Waffles or something, and we told him "ask if that's Lloyd, that's someone we know".

Georgie said he responded with "how did you know" or something to that effect.

i like it when people jerk off because of me

did i tell you about that time I got someone on omegle to jerk it for me then i told them i was 11


so will i burn if i touch you?



are you calling yourself a hot grill?

Forgive me? Were you mad at me?

I have played with you guys tho
There was a mcree that was aimbotting and I was being terrible at the game

I don't remember that. Was I there?



Hmm no I don't think so
It was guero and some other people but I remember him the most

I'm sorry ❤

This is painful.


Yeah, guero and Nezi are our best players because 3000 hours of counter strike.


so sleepy

conceited bitch


Belated happy birthday.


show me your toes~

why did you take this out of pm you slut


you brought this upon yourself

So go to sleep

Only 3000? Not fucking enough

need more attention first

Enough to school the rest of us.

Test is one of the better players too tbh..

Are you toxic in that game too? :3



maybe someday subtle will call me a good player... u_u

I did tell that guy he should go and play arcade mode
Please no report

I'm gonna go to sleep now too so you'll have to find it elsewhere
Nini nay

I'm glad nezi found a good way to ingratiate himself and fit in
Better than the self-degradation for attention
Night night

I'm too realistic to accept this as fact, but I appreciate the compliment. I do hope to improve.

He teabagged me. The monster.

Why are you such an AWFUL PERSON?

Neenee, Roid.

Am not
This isn't a true reflection of myself ;;

Well, I have heard you in voice chat, so I guess that is true.

Everybody was calling him soft and cute and I could barely hear a word.

do you like attention?


Actually yeah I'll turn it up next time


The accent is what gets me.



from nice people......

post bloody sheets

You mean any female, right?

im super nice


Celebrities and Hollywood aren't allowed to have opinions on politics if it doesn't agree with you.


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