This thread is a new thread for people who want to post in a thread that isn't old. until it's not new anymore...

this thread is a new thread for people who want to post in a thread that isn't old. until it's not new anymore, then I guess fuck you.

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stop saying true things, got it.

It would just end up being a hot mess.

I didn't ask that!!

you're practically begging me to strip you in public. it's downright lewd, tokai.

me too

Guess I hit a nerve.



I know it's really weird that you'd suddenly start coming on to me so strong. rin should get in here and put a tighter leash on her dog.


A hot mess?

I-I do-.. wha

yup, thats what I typed

I meant other than science

Stop doing my job for me, is what I meant.

you're gonna be in so much trouble when she gets back.

Yes but memes.

Also no.

If you desire to drink at some point though, that does sound entertaining.

right right, my bad.


I dunno man.

not a clue

you're the one trouble..

you seem so confident. I'm sure you're right.

Bird butt.

mmm. burd butt.

No what ?

Chicken legs.

Don't go forgetting your place again any time soon.


and now I'm hungry. should drink to stave that off.

I-I-I-I-I-I'll do my best!

I have chicken legs in fridge. Can make something.

And since when has that been even nearly enough?



since never!

you definitely guess

Literally always does though.

Don't tell him that eating will help keep a buzz up at an appropriate level.

He'll get too fat.

Fly here.

And no talking.

..stop confusing me!

That image weirds me out.

Stop making it laughably easy.


Fuck uou!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




oh my. so commanding.

what tracer said.

Ahh, now I get it.

ONE time

That's why I like it.

Got it, boss.

Did you know that eating will help keep a buzz up at an appropriate level?

I don't play ow

..I don't

He doesn't want an appropriate buzz.

He wants to be blasted at all times.

This guy
is Tracer.

I know that eating will make it take more alcohol to get suitably drunk, which is why I rarely eat before drinking. I wait until I'm good and sloshed, then make an amount of food I normally can't eat because over the last six months I've eaten an average of one meal a day, if that.

thread tracer.

Not until I tell you to do stuff.


Ass blasted, maybe.

oh my

Well it is small looking a blue thing too so I guess it fits? How are you doing though, Test?

I'm not always talking about you btw.

And you seem so shocked that I know you so well.

That's after the alcohol, or during.

Clean my kitchen, slut.


pfuh don't teach me

you're a bed racer

ahahing is for nerds

Jill me

What happened to you being the best drunk?

not shocked. pleased, if anything.

maybe laaaaaaater

now you want to race in bed? goodness tokai, I know I flirt with people a lot but you're really taking it too far today. rin is going to be so disappointed in you.

Being confused is for whores.


Confused whoresrs

Shame Prof didn't seem interested in my idea. Oh well. I'm too sober for that anyway.

Do it or no cock, er, chicken.

I try not to drink two nights in a row and I also only drink on the weekend, so I only drink one night a week. That was last night, so tonight I'm doing absolutely nothing because everyone in the discord is FUCKING DEAD.

Nothing changed.

I said you are ! doesn't mean involving me pervo!

im a pure taken boy not a whore

too late. can't tempt me with that stuff because I'm busy drinking.

I slept through the day again :c

izat cupcake


trying to backpedal won't help you tokai, everyone can see how thirsty you are for me out of nowhere like this.


Then I must conclude you were talking about me.

Pure token slut

The difference being I cook fairly well.

And limit your talking, not excessive like that Tense boy.

Think what you want I guess.

not true
liar liar pants on fire


I will be so silent you won't even know I'm there.

I was doing that without your permission, thank you very much.

Weren't you going to go play videogames?

That.... Makes my current drink on all days that end with y idea look very dumb.
Squash's discord?

Just because you're not hot doesn't mean you're not a slut.

That worries me even more.

le ignored wow!

don't twist my words!

Try linking the guy who's obviously cupcake this time and ask him if he's cupcake.

Squash deleted his Discord because of drama.

Ooble's discord.

no way xhe's icky haha x)

Don't know what to play.


heh, watch dogs 2 is neat but still not up to gta iv - level neat

It's more cringy that just calling Cupcake a girl, really.

le cringe!

Oh, well. That is actually pretty sad. Drama really should not kill off places to converse.
Then again it is the internet so that is sort of an iffy rule.
Did this happen while I was taking a break?

I want to play videogames but also have this problem.

We could attempt to fix it together if you desired.

but is it osu neat

I suppose so. Little less than a month ago, maybe.


dude like get me in the oobles discord bro

only osu comes close to osu

Ha ha ha


you're on the permanent ban list, actually. no idea why.

idk how 2 hack irl actually

somebody teach



-ay bby gib ur password lol


Ask Grimmu.


I've an inkling as a reason why.

overwatch is my life! pls!

me --> rekt

this dude spoiled it so i didnt get to enjoy the fun of being let down :\


You don't have a life.

me --> rekt again

So yeah, likely during a break. Shitty that Squash had to go through that. He is a really good guy beyond everything.

Cause he is a creepy pedo.

I accept.

Yes yes.

Stop lurking and focus on your animu.


What is this from Darwin?


like the state i think of uh my le e-rep

still gawna marry cupcake

not if I do it first bitch

make my bed


then ill marry loco

CupxSubtle otp tbh


Blow me.

What a slut

ew gross

me thinkink of cupcake or loco whichever:
me normally:

; w ;



;;;;;;;;; w ;;;;;;;;;;;



jokes on you my computer is in korean


Not really.




So I will hack you instead.

Hey Nezbae.

im bored bye

I'm gonna go take a 30 minute shower and video game cuck you instead.

Wow rude

welp time to an hero


It is gonna wreck your day! By making you unable to do anything considered skill worthy but not base action related, for a few seconds!



am slep

Revive it, Trace.

Hi slep, am dad. Night.


Fuck this place.

nini emily

You raise a fair point.

Always do.

im so tired....

hi user

hi user

Who might you be?

Sleep then, nerd.

Tracer Bullet.

mordong sent me lewd messages on steam fufufu

Oh, you changed your name suddenly back to user and I got a little lost.
Should not drink and try to keep track of people. It does not work.


Well at least someone's drunk.

Sorry, I wish you could join in on the drinking. I would not wish being sober for long upon anyone.

he's a known slut.

Oh well.

Monday is near.

Says the slutty princess.

he wanted me to cum in her butt

It is. Just gotta will it to get here faster.
It will at least distract you until it gets there.

I cybered Mr.Dong last night and his E-penis is huge....hope I don't walk funny.....

Be still my fucking heart.

When are Tracer and Cupcake getting married?

No, I am okay with not going near your heart.

File not found.

The path around it is rather easy to find, I do not think I'll need the files to find my way.

Admin access not granted.

More like you sent something stupid and I chose to ignore it.

Why are you trying to tell me to go to your heart? This is getting weird.


what a whore

hush you

You're welcome to quote me where I said anything to imply I wanted you near myself or anything of my person.


Oh great, now we're back to Cupcake overwatch reply intervals.

you're the one who told me to talk less.

subtle kun is so good at overwatch ./////.

Maybe you just need the old Vegas thing of taking hammers to your hands so you can't type.

Well I am saying I am going to go around and not go near but you keep essentially saying "Access Denied". That implies I am not allowed to avoid your heart.

seems painful. and not in a way that gets me off.

You're jumping the gun.

And you're not talking, you're typing.

Ah, my mistake. Didn't see the original "Not" in your post.


Says the one carrying every game..

It is no problem, I miss things quite often so it would be really rude of me to hold a one time thing against you.

Holy heck that was rude.

Would help if I was inebriated.

He called me bad friend.

you ARE


Well he is literally THE WORST at being friends with anyone.


except I'm not ohmygosh

No, I am.


I'm literal at all times.


Would it really?

God wills it.

Thats because everyone always gets a crush on you and end up fighting with the other potential mates.

A harem of female elephant seals on the beachs of Darwins hear.


ruined it

Figuratively literal.

I'm less talkative then.


I would doubt that given.

I tried my best.

I prefer one worded replies while inebriated.

When you miss one letter and your friendship with Darwin ends on the spot.


it's hard to sleep after I've been working...

so tired though...

At least I still have you.

You have only gave one word replies for a while lately and you have been sober? Really makes you think.

So sleep.


Not really.

Tracer, is that you?


Now if only that was worth something.

What's your poison?

As much as I deem you're worth having.


i already said it ain't gonna happen

No point in reiterating how tired you are then.

Dude, that's me.


You're water?

gg, no re

I'll be back stronger than before.

You're no Jedi.

I'm drinking water as we speak.

You crazy Australians.

I put some lemon tea in mine.

How wacky.

They only say that and then become faggot ghosts.

How does that even work?
Or are you saying you ice lemon tea?

'More powerful' my ass.



Speaking of my ass, there she is.

It only makes sense.


Which one am I?



Is that a problem ?


If it were up to me, the left one. Purely platonic.



Why would I be the one hugging?


I just think it would feel nice.


No problems here.



Nothing said that you'd be the one getting hugged though

see above


Me in my office

Wish, update your list.

I know I'll be higher now.


Don't laugh.

I suppose not.

That's spoiler.

I don't.

it's probably dirty and smells bad

Oh, Gomen, spoilers.

Why did I click this.
I knew it'd be terrible but I wasn't expecting it to be that bad.

no one cares tsuchi
kill yourself


I don't have the files.

If I got to choose, I would pick Darwin

Oh, I don’t really think that you will ever understand
The person that I was, the person that I am, I'm different now



congrats on transitioning ^^

Spoilers, Gogs.

It is alright, I apologize for not making it clearer for you. How has your day been?

No one cares about your opinion on anything.

I'm still can't figure out if it's ironic or if you legitimately do listen to edgelord music.


It's just started, I guess.

What are you missing ?

Hopefully I make a better guy than a girl.

My new dick is great

Suggest doing the helicopter, it's great.

who are you gonna use it on first?

Forever 13.

Aussie time zones confuse me.

*purrpurr* :3

You'd be okay too I guess.

Somebody made this html file thing for me where you had the images in a folder and then you made a json file with the numbers and names and it did it all for you magically.

I'm missing all that.

I woke up at mid-day today.


I need a guide.

I haven't thought about it yet.

This amuses me greatly.

Its forever 21, retard.

Just paste the picture in MS paint and do it the hard way.

No problem.

But that sounds hard...

I am saying you are forever 13 years old.
I can't think of anyone older than that who listens to that sort of shit.

Adorable ^^

i redownloaded the disgaea animu btw

Google it.

Its really not that hard though.

Thats okay man.

I'm gonna like what I like and you can just have your opinion on it.

Good talk buddy, thanks for sharing your feelings with me about it.

I've literally never seen or played it.

That would be a mistake.

Don't know where you're expecting this guide then.

ACLU poppin off

draw one in MS paint

How is your evening going?

yeh and you're posting it
etna is like kyouko in every way
even uses the same weapon

Blow me.

I don't know what people were expecting.
You can't bar people that already have obtained visas.

I know you are, but what am I?

Do it for me.

It hasn't been to bad, I sucked really bad at all the games I played today though ^^

How about your afternoon?

Nani ?

I haven't seen the magic girl anime too.

It was your idea for me to spin my dick around in air.

Did not sleep well or went to sleep late?

Princess Trunks. Hi Grom.

The ACLU barred Trump from barring refugees.

Give me a list of names and I'll make a list for you.

It was a suggestion, as it's the easiest way to impress women.


i was talkin about you .//.

p u r e

I'm surprised you weren't stopped for being brown and asked for your proof of citizenship yet.

How are you doing?

It's not going to be the same list, is it?

But that wouldn't be true at all.

It's just started but it's been really hot. My friend wants me to take him to a japanese restaurant.

It was well but late.

I see

So you smack them in the side of the head with it next?

Well everyone who avatars from that show is shit sooo

It would be a list of who I think you like.

im ok
my roomate keeps going to sleep at fucking 10 or 11 its so aggravating

but hes so polite so I just go full silentmodo when he goes to bed

neither would the other way


what's good bubba

Close, you aim for the cheek. The goal is to knock her out with your girth.

i'm not tho

Hmm, are you going to do it?

Would the list only contain you?

I don't believe that at all!

it's true

Those eyes have to be fake.

I spent like 1.5k on stuff for my room and i'm waiting for it to get here tomorrow.

Then whats the next step after you hit a home run ?

But the other too are pretty shit.

I would put myself in the very middle or at the very top as a joke.

You should not stay up so late, nerd.

Sucks but that is one of the downsides to roomies.

it would be a good idea though

You take your prize.

other too?

dude shes a sith

what did you buy?

is this because of the bird

Since when do you put good ideas into action?

there are some really broken people on fb :(

I dunno which bird you are referring to

if I get some buffs to help make it less of a clutch squeeze

ook nevermind then

Shut up Darwin

Mmn, then who were you talking about if it wasn't me or you? :3

But the middle of a one person list is the same as the top.

Given the situation I've found myself to be in with him, I suppose I have to. Reluctantly.

You can't tell me what to do.

which ice

50 bucks well earned


A tv and huge dresser thing for it to sit on

In what way ?

Hey man, sushi is sushi. Don't bitch.

hell yeah

you got link to the tv?

I dislike ice itis too cold


Do I have to?

Playing with a handicap will make you better when you get buffs.

No, do something entertaining.

Cool people:

What do you mean by link ?

why dontyou play with 50% handicap protoss


Well both of those are still an upgrade.

like an online store link that has specs for it n shit.

sensitive teeth?

[mumbles angrily]
That's like the hardest part of saying no.