Girls can't love girls

Girls can't love girls.

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Girls can only love girls.

You forgot your bag

Girls can't love

not all

If women can't cook or sleep with women while people record it, what are they good for.



He's a big girl, yeah sure. But I don't think he's tsun :3


I've seen you in stocking, I think.




You should see him when we chat in private.

figment of your imagination perv

I'll take the instantly shutting up as a no.

I enjoyed it very much. saved it, in fact. more like that would be lovely.

You should definitely not see me when I chat in private with her.


You must show me sometime!

You don't want to know anything about my imagination.

It was just a random image in my 'pet play' folder. Should add more to it, seems to hit the spot for more than I originally made it for.

List is pretty small.

Why not? :3

He says I can't.

It usually goes:

E: Kill me

D: But there is so much to do, so much to see.

E: Kill yourself

I don't question their methods.
They get me what I need.

why not?

I'll sue them!


That has not happened in all of January.


He just posted a TL;DR, now you can post them without feeling bad!

This doesn't explain the tsun part. I must see more.

If you're really trying to convince me that you're pure, you can't bear what I think of.

swear to god m8

Well from what I can tell you wouldn't


wouldn't have the slightest clue who to sue*

Why did that post halfway through typing it?

Doesn't "NO YOU SHOULDN'T SEE" already exhibit the tsun part?

Don't take the lords name in vain.

It made me remember a lot of good memories.

It was wrong though.

I can bear anything.
I have holy water

then keep the info safe xc



Can girls love girls who love guys?

stop not telling me things!

You mean all the anime you were watching at the time?

TL sucks again...

Nope, that's part of the fun.


Yeah, sure.

random bits and pieces of lewd is just teasing


If you are actually being serious, then it makes me happy.

you're the worst!

I miss Demolition D too.

Just checked. How did they let TSM get all the dumb heroes? Don't they have 10 bans in pro play by now?

It's the best!

Not gonna apologize but I didn't mean to post that.

The world must share on the near 24/7 dickcam

stop me faget


pet play is fucking lovely. and so is the saliva aspect of that image

straight men ask so little of women and they still manage to fuck it up so much of the time.

About remembering anime?

I mean, the only one I'm mad about is poopy poppy

It's the worst.

Naisu mikan

It's a damn shame for me. It's too difficult just finding one that can cook.

I refuse.

well no one is gonna be able to meet your standards because you went and learned how to be a great cook yourself already you dumdum.


Ryze, Rengar and Poppy are all complete bullshit tier I think


A true American hero. Rest in rip.

keep up the good work, loods.

I'll lower my standards for one that can fucking clean, Christ sakes.

but I have it covered

Kha is just as bad.

And Cass is pretty nice vs Ryze

gonna need to lower them even more you poor, straight afflicted man.

Well, he lives in Florida and drinks Laphroaig, so he might be me.

Can't. Unable. File not found.




toru a cute

enjoy the bachelor life then, bucko. or go to a gay conversion camp.

by which I obviously mean a camp to turn poor straight people like you into the superior sexuality.

she looks autistic

I'll just keep my excess money for the time being.

Band camp?

tokai, our resident autism expert

good plan.

and good one.

you're autistic faggot
kill yourself

well he's not wrong

I have endured bans, polls and whining
I never surrender.
Who is this btw

Yeah Khazix is also dumb. I can't seem to play him worth shit though, but guess that comes with being trash

homosexuality is wrong

cupcake. and I'm glad you've stuck around.

Just stop being trash then.

Yeah it is.

For not sending my genetic material out to the world, sure.

Only place I assumed you were taken.

That's what I fucking thought.

Maybe the stream is from the inside of your pants?

you know it

but look at her faaaace

underwear though

that's why I have daddy pence come 'round every weekend to help shock it out of me.

you wouldn't want to do that anyway. the world can only handle so many hmms.

I've never been to any camp like that, actually. summers were always spent wasting time as much as possible.

ooh you swap avatars and trips so often!

because it takes one to know one.

You're trying to stop being gay?

You're so clever.

is that why you called me?

excuse me? I'm not gay.

I know, I'm the worst. to be fair, this current avi is basically my original one. back from 2011. I just finally updated the folder.

I'd still like to have at least one.

Curious. Guess we'll never know how the Cup got so gay.

O-Oh, okay. If you say so!

it's cute

Ryze is busted holy

That Ryze ult

I'm just saying...

pretty sure I was born this way, my friend.

that's right. you'd better just believe me.

New Migos album omg

Too much estrogen in the milk, got it.


Wanna go out to dinner bbg

they told me it would be good for my was great for my boner. for men.


I would be happy to go out to dinner with you sometime. as friends.

don't be rood.

Would make more sense if you weren't the subbest of sea vessels.



how does that not make sense? it's just so hot to submit to a big strong man.

cute like a down syndrome

saying I'm the coolest ever and you're autist??

is that not satisfactory?



I am saying the opposite and you know it.

Bjerg busted :3

Nevermind, I don't want to go out for dinner.

it gets hard for me

Guess I'm too big and strong to understand such impulses.

Off to bed. Good night!

maybe a friendly lunch then.

all I hear is alalallalallalalalaaaaa tokai is really cool.


KFC 'n Tendies

I don't eat lunch that often


ur fake news.

probably. I mean, it's hard for a dominant to understand the appeal of subbing.

goodnight loods.

should get your ears cleaned, cutie.

Now what about the album?


it could just be a light lunch, then we could go to the mall and find cute clothes.

Tiny cameras

Master of prediction.

I'm fucking bored kill me.


ew I don't want my ears licked

I'll smash them

That wasn't a "slay me daddy" so i cannot.

I haven't had KFC in forever.

But the mall is always crowded and annoying though


what is this

get hard for me daddy uguu~

really? feels great for me. one of my most sensitive spots is my ears.

nevermind ignore that gg

I can only handle so much.

then we could just chill and watch a movie or something. I don't much care for crowds anyway.


yeah that's what I thought, nerd.

I played a few games last night and was still unimpressed with overwatch.

I had KFC for like the first time ever last christmas or something.

do you hate me

you started it ultra lewdo nerd
still doesn't make me uncool

of course not. I'm quite fond of you, as I reassure you every time you ask me this.

it's too casual for a hardcore gamer like you.

tokai you are so cool

What movie?

You're so Japanese.

There's a new album called Culture and it's great
T-Shirt is a good one

something funny I would hope. I'm a fan of comedies.

To be fair I've only played as McCree.

h-heheh I know right!


I am the Japanesiest.

Should have paced it ooooooout

I need to torrent it ;;

he's my second most played. 45 hours I believe.

someone should give you a medal.

hope you feel better soon man. love ya.

no. shaddup.

give me a medal

I get all my albums from audiocastle
Google it

is watch dogs 2 any good

i want to be a hacker

how to hack

I wanna watch a horror movie.

W0w are you Kinoshita Yuka dessssss


I'm not an official medal giver.

I've been enjoying it quite a bit. better than the first one in my opinion. and I liked that one a lot as well.

thank you

im fond of you too

i liked what i played

I enjoy a good horror movie. what do you think?

thanks man, I'm glad we're friends.

-hits you with a sword on the shoulder two times-
you are now of dutch royalty and knighted

medal me

*which movie do you think

to clarify.

DLing now
If this works you're a god


but if you had the authority to authorize this why not just give yourself as many medals as you want?

I like how his gun goes bang bang bang

Whoops, wrong image.

that's not the same!
now gimme medal


why ;;

So if I visit KFC more often will I become this?


Great! Hopefully my comp can run this one better.

I never think!

Yeah, pretty much.

its really bad and for homo hipsters who suck assasins creed peen

fresh out of medals, darn.

it definitely has some issues now and then. sometimes it gets laggy and I just have to stop playing for a while. it's annoying but it usually runs well enough.

He's the only one I enjoyed playing as.

*excessive crying*

At least you've stahped

What the fuck.

With your raging cock?

that's good, thinking is dangerous, especially for girls.

well I see you haven't tried any of the others...

mmm...delicious tokai tears.

How would you know when he's the only one you played?

can't stop won't stop

Training modes don't show up as played time, you fucking nerds.

*anime sounds*

wow wtf

give titan xp pls

no with huge balls duh


But you already have

that's not a good way to understand how the characters play in a real game.


you give me one first

shhh. semantics.

huge balls, tiny dick, got it

That's sexist.


also first watch dogs sucked huge hobo peen so yeah.

I don't make the rules I just enforce them.

I find it hard to care that facts sometimes come off as sexist.

It's a good way to get a basic feel of their movement and actions. And if I don't like them in practice, I won't like them in play.

To be fair I haven't tried the two new ones yet.


watchdogs wasnt bad the car shit just made it too unbearable for me

well chances are good you won't like them.



i only have moni for a 6600gt


wow u suk

just gimme medal!!

my dick is not tiny

I'm a pretty rude person, honestly. not sure why anyone puts up with me.




just buy more moni with your monies

I'm all out!


Because there are worse people.

at least not as much as ubisoft games

make new ones

out of material.


get new material

give me money so I can.

Take my word for it, on the fact I'm usually right about things.

deze haat

small loan of a million dollars

b-but my lunch money

It's cause I stuck with them for so long but now am so done like holy fuck.

that's my line, punk

just to get me through these tough times, you understand

eating lunch is gay.

Fine, geeze.

Plan on doing anything else with your weekend?

Who did make the rules, then?

That's what they all say.


gonna get some alcohol soon methinks.

don't be rood.

idc I'm gay for only one.
now gimme medal already

well noone can exactly proof so

The voices inside my head.


are you saying it's gay to love rin? that's pretty bigoted of you.

never stuck with anything

i just want a cool game bruh

fuck this pretentious indie shit


am play then

pirated version of course

you don't understand. I need it.

God I wish that were me.

well naturally. I'm sure I would be less impressed with the game if I'd paid for it. it was a christmas gift.

So do I.

Am alcoholic.

Live the dream.

well gay means happy in french so you're a lewdo pervert for thinking like that

indie games are dumb too yes but ubisoft likes to bend people over

alcoholism isn't actually a thing.


everything is gay in french because they are a bunch of faggots.


I can't see. my eyes aren't real because mirrors aren't real.

that is also true.
though you know what I meant

Ouh neat

ur dum

Wow, what a topical joke.

this picture is adorable.

do I? you are frequently very deliberately vague.

I like to stay on the cutting edge of references. I'm the king of the world.

ur neat.

Fair enough
Just don't go overboard you faget

I mean
I'd think you could.

they lie to you



I suppose Russian loli tank girl is alright.

Still want to drink.

Even if it's shitty wodka.


I am as clear as water always.


drinking is pretty awesome.

uh huh

water that someone dumped a bunch of mud in I suppose.

I have no idea what you're talking about.


No mean mister muddy pants.
when have I ever been not super srs?

that makes two of us.

haha that's le funny doctor man. scrubs' friend.

literally every second of every day it would seem.



I mean, if anyone could, you could.

I feel like the path moth has coloured me as far too much of a drunkard.

/pat pat
I believe in you, cup.
You can figure it out

You've a butt for every folder I see.

not so much you as a drunkard, just as one who encourages heavy drinking in others.

butt of course.

Is that some sort of vocaloid thing? Looks like a recolored outfit from Miku.

Closest thing to being straight you'll get sadly.

That sounds fun.

I'm gonna play video games now.

loving a nice butt knows no sexuality.

What encouraging have I even done!

Cup pls.
I can't ALWAYS be degrading.

Sort of


Also what videogames, fgt

Yep, heart shaped asses forever.

what if I'm srs rn!!

huh how

Sort of? Is it a knock off?

that's why I pick up the slack, because those things are pretty factually true about me regardless.

I seem to recall just before I got my job you telling me to drink so much I got sick or something along those lines.

that's the good stuff.

you sure aren't acting like you are, soooo

I have no fucking idea.

Are you trying to play something with me ?


how do I act srs

I wouldn't know. I'm almost never serious either.


give me something to do
am bored



why noooooo?!


you have to learn to fend for yourself.

ty :)

How would you be the best one to prove the size of your dick?

It's a fan made character that was officially turned into a thing that's not a vocaloid technically, but is the shittier, freeware version of vocaloids.

>not even telling me that I should be calling you a useless slut constantly
God, you really can't do anything right.

That doesn't sound like me.
Was I incredibly fucking drunk at the time?

If you didn't have a videogame in mind, yet are specifically telling me you were going to go play them, I'd guess it'd be the other way round if anything.


I think you were pretty drunk at the time actually. you're drunk a lot...a mean drunk...

iunno you're the biologist


Awful, truly.

do it for me

no tokai that's the whole point of you fending for yourself.

I don't wanna

I have a feeling I meant slam booze until you feel like you're going to throw up and then not throw up but did an awful job of it.

I've been drunk and talked to you like twice ever.

you are little child.

I don't really ever throw up from booze anymore. I'm very good at drinking.

Oh well, I am surprised they have not filed a lawsuit over it. They would lose but usually companies do anyway.

Hold my beer for me, I am going in.

You must be drunk.

I am neither of those AMERICAN words

I'm a biologist now?

I think the first thing would preclude the second.

I luv RO

you are small girl baby.

words words WORDS

Nerds not even able to keep up and they call ME drunk


it's not a matter of ability, more of getting bored.

well yeah why else would you inspect such things

I-I'm not those either!!

adorable little kiddo.

Raging oranges

Raping oranges?

You've never even seen me drunk.

I'm literally the best drunk.

How rude
I don't blame you this has been going nowhere

True, what POSSIBLE reason is there

A) I think it's the same company
B) one company can't own the idea of voice bank based singing software
C) laws work different in nippan

Can you read?

almost all of my interactions are meaningless. in the thread, doubly so. comes with the territory of being so worthless.

d-don't make it embarrassing


you have done this yourself.


I did not know the first part, the second one has literally never stopped a company from trying and the third is just sort of obvious.
I am sure copyright still exists there.

Can I reap? :thinking:



well take it off


Link someone already.

48 more hours.

i only need a wingman for basic interaction irl thank you

That's what they all say.
You've yet to prove that.

Cup pls, stop that.

take what off? your clothes? goodness tokai, asking for such things in public is indecent as hell.

it's lit. :fire: :fire: :fire: :100:

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