Ui thread best throd

Ui thread best throd

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why did you come back


tfw comfy in a size XL hoodie

u must be fat

I thought you quit forever
wish you died
ui a pedo

tfw comfy in a size XL hoodie

I will never leave forever. You might as well pack your bags first :)

Nah, you are a pedo.

You must be a faggot

why not ;~;

is jodan


no munnie

o/ herro

tfw clothed under blankets

vroom vroom

move away from hawaii then?

hi :)

i ned munnie to do that

How has luka been? I missed you



where is the money?

thanks :)

locked inna bank

use ur key 2 unlock

I slept too long.

I slept too little

Then go back to bed.


murderbro is the only guy that i know who posts Nadeko.

Have you had enough people to talk to to keep you occupied? I've been very busy irl myself

Why not?

i haven't


bank has key

do u love me


There's things to watch

I've been having to juggle real work and volunteer work on my free time, and somebody just called me asking me to reagent/lab test their substance that was said to be mdma, but I bet it is either bathsalts or methalone/MDMC :( ill see ya later

yee I wanna stalk you


please do !


aww... :c

is locked for another more yaers

are you watching anime?

not right now

are yiou watching anying?

52+ youtube vids

how long will that take?

a couple hours
but new vids might be uploaded
so it could take longer

also i watch vids in 2x speed mode
so almost 3+hr's of vids on normal speed.

isnt it hard to keep up like that? and arent you just consuming more media which will eventually lead to nothing to watch

people upload new thigns every single day

20+ new vids each day.

and every minute i'm not watching a video, means more to watch later since it all piles up and stacks.

so i can't fall behind or else.


What are you upset about?

maybe you are watching too much people?
do any of them get boring?

I tried to draw a tummy but it sucks

nope, i pick all the kewl stuff

I'd think they'd be pretty haaaaaard






does it at least have potential? :c

nah it's comfy in bed

Get out of bed ya cunt.

lol that kind of music...


how do you pick so much cool stuff

i watch them

and analyze them
and pick good and pass on the bad

I'm different now, you're distant how, will we ever work this out?

I HATE ponies

Welp. For a 2 and a half hour game, KH 0.2 is pretty fun and full of shit to do.

the tummy doesn't really look like the problem part

I know little about drawing, I dunno about potential, but I see no reason you wouldn't have such.

Why should I?
It's like 6am.

The Roche Limit: - Google Books Result
Jonas Vesterberg - 2013 - ‎Fiction

I only run from the police

Well a tummy is attached isn't it.


You should of slept when I did like a normal person.

Nani ?

Is it because you're black ?


vroom vroom

hey, you playing anything fun recently?

Then I don't get the joke.

I played Pit People with an annoying cunt.

jk yes it is

what tattoo is not gay

it looks weird
what made it fun?

A) that wouldn't have been normal, going to bed at 6pm
B) I went to bed less than an hour after you

yeah, but it's fine itself
I think?


Its to hard to explain

Then you have no reason to be in bed.

I woke up less than an hour ago

and scribble nauts
and turn based combat and

uh... ummm... card game-like special peices that do things on stratigy map?

not one

More fire-emblem meets battleblock theater/castle crashers meets pokemon meets a huge clusterfuck

I got up 6 hours ago and I only went to bed an hour before you, faglord.

Its more like Fire Emblem


Does Stamper narrate Pit People as well?

I was just joking silly !

Everyone knows black people can't be racist.


I mean come on !

Its 2017


I sleep for ages sometimes

/pat pat

He's no as great as in battleblock though.
Also, there's not much of him yet, it's lacking a lot of content.

i've never tried Fire emblem before.

but i think xcom and advanced wars gameboy advance sp


They're similar then, yeah.

teach me

arent they fun to ride

i wanna

i'm watching some guy called nezumi akbar mayans on youtube

wanna what?

What do I have to do to get you up ?


My dragon girl avatar is from Fire Emblem

I guess if they don't do something stupid.


Damn right


oooh link link

just punish them if they do

This is good.

she's kinda cute.

I mean it is 2017.

Kick them with my spurs

I think he does like a lot of the voices in the game.

I dunno
What do I get out of getting up?

Yeah but try FE or try pit people
Because I'd recommend the former but currently not the later



i dont understand whats going on

is that clash of clans?>

while sucking their cocks right

Also that was so few petards
We need to do that with like, hundreds of the fuckers


keep watching


Stepping on it.

You can't do that from bed.

I want to rub rumia's tummy


but i finished it

so is it clash of clans?

hi squid
let me have myfun

will you eat it after


I mean I could
I've got a mouse here

For real though I'ma make something to eat

I'll just kick them in the ribs instead.

go take a shower.

i want chips

not funny



Tbh thats me in the middle.

i would let stamper kiss me on the MOUTH son

would you ride them again?

i dont understand the game


i miss test
hardly see him any more
is he alive? lol

u should

Who's that cute guy?


[tired actual pic of the spl00ky here]
I dunno if I slept or spaced out for like 3 hours or what, sup thread

Good murrning.

he just hangs out in my discord and plays video games

a tiny viking named LÖRSEN


ree fun

That comes after food because I'm really fucking hungry

I don't understand

You never woke
this is a dream

I would not.

Its normal

[worried laughter]

I bet he fucks like a man.

About to head to work.
Then I'm off for the weekend.


you have your own discord now too? ._.

maybe someday you will.

teddy loid!

do not worry.
this is not a nightmare.
this is a good dream

Stop being so messy then.

I can make webms and I choose not too

what ?


Why did I smirk at this?

i stopped playing clash of clans at town hall 3 tho

you never said hi to me :(

a pro like you cant handle a horse cock?

the cute song lulu co

i dunno wat dat is

Anyhow see ya all later.

Do I get people to talk to in it

Cool cupcake

Can you handle a horse cock?

thats me

can i help you

I would literally die.

Did you watch that show ?

like me.
the dream fairy

Have a good one, Squash.

Being hungry makes me messy?

I did assume you had the basic competence to do that

never ever

You can use your cupcake powers to make me not a sleepy!


This is an okay thing


only ep 1
where her dad become ice

why ?

hickory dickory doo

please awake this jew

It is very wonderful.
what will you ask a fairy?

No making me smile, that wasn't part'a the deal! >~<

I'll ask a fairy how their day's been! ^^

Oh fuck, wait, I have coffee here now

if u dunno wut it is how will i?

how about half?

:D time to pretend you dont exist until my next hi

my bad

No you just make such a messy the only way to get clean is by hopping into the shower.


this fairy went all the way to Amsterdam and then went back exhausted, then created a blanket fort in the room and watched moe.

cause u said it first

what are you going to do today?

Did you just get up too tho? I forgot to say good morning when you popped in

Amsterdam apparently has wicked nightlife, is that true?

woke up about noonish

jack off



You mean the chaos emeralds??????????

mhmm.. cities in general never sleep.
buuuut since everyone calls it the city of Sex, drugs and rock and roll it might be even more

it's friday

but you linked it first

im gonna do that

Tell that to the cities here.

12:55PM here, got up somewhere in the realm of 40 minutes ago, idfk
Good nooning, cuppu!

Do you ever save up for like two weeks for the hell of it

I'm so used to small towns that I can't imagine a place active 24/7

im not really cup

well your cities freeze at night so bluuuuuuuh

This is a very informative chat!
mhm though I prefer my small village where I can be comfy and hang by the lake ^ ^

So you're false china?

Small places are comfy and welcoming!


me 2

Big city life

i guess

My dude

Crowded and dizzying!

So its the BEST time !


ooble has a discord
i just use it

here you can stare out the window and be comfy.
oh oh and walk around without being hit by a scooter

Not really small towns, but like cities of 500k people here.
Been around places abroad, and the cities that never sleep seem the best for me.

Don't think so, it has been like 0C every night for a while now.

I mean good nooning regardless if you're srs, but noted o.o;
I feel silly

I remember getting linked two discords and joining both but I dunno who the hecking hell Ooble is so I'm not sure if I got the right ones




oh okay.
i wonder if it's fun.

no big deal

i forget i put that trip on


More to do?
Also similar temps here :T



well what kinda youtube videos do you watch

do you ever wonder how mcuh rubbing you do in your life

wow even we have it colder and we're south.
godamn chinese global warming

those are the most annoying things!!
everyone should just walk or cycle


grrr gonna getcha

♥ yay


funny stuffs
smert stuffs
pretty stuffs
artsy stuffs
popular stuffs
game stuffs

I haven't seen hamplanet scooters in forever



How do I give you?



edit: I also got banned from one of them, someone isn't good at using words

I'm confused!!

i dont think you're in this one
it's basically just for overwatch and shitposting
you can have the link if you want either of those things

wouldn't be fun for you i dont imagine
it's just voice and you don't like to use voice

skinny privilege is so neat huh

Well, it's more convenient when you're really drunk and after drinking at a bar for a few hours you can go to any place for some food and water.
Plus no such things as rushing to the store as it's soon about to close for the night.

Yeah, the cold air stopped coming from Siberia, so no more -20C until next year possibly.

Luka used : Confusion
it was super effective!!

oh well.
no other notable qualities to it besides voice, eh?

nothing nevermind

Is that how I do it ?

I wouldn't mind, though if it's called sekret place or whatever, the admin's got an issue with me I think


That makes sense, I still think so many people in one place is scary

Rolled 9 (1d20)
Spooky rolled for perception!


they probably burned too many gulags there

though a little fat on the right places is improvement

what are you doing?

aw... only 9
less than half
RIP spooky 2017-2016

It's not really scary or anything, but the traffic is dangerous as hell.

Or probably some natural gas pipes blew up.

you said gimme but i don't even know what i'm giving?

what artsy stuffs


I should work on the butt

RIP, forever conboosed x.x
Wait, did I go back in time!?

What are the restaurants like over there?

not really
a lot of porn of chubby ladies and bad memes and a quotes channel
nothing you'd be interested in, bub

I think that one got deleted.

but that's boring

A good grab is a good butt.
but that means squatting righ?

I'm not an object thats for sale.

toga absolute for fug

Well, the big city that I was in was Shanghai, so pretty much casual Asian restaurants and garage restaurants at the streets.
Cheap as hell though, probably will re-visit again during my lifetime.
Here it's just all the same, although I prefer to get kebab for like 6€ instead of paying 20€ for something finely made that won't even fill me.

Or maybe it's neat as hell.

Makes slightly more sense

I'll have to look into it, I have no idea

Not yet!

For some reason I'm not getting (you)s, this is gonna be weird
Also I hear you on the last bit, paying a ton for something that doesn't do what food's meant to do is like, what

stuff like:
nerdwriter the master movie science
printing a gif stupopmcdoodlepip
ojisan no lamp youmo lotn
marzia evening skincare relax
binging with babishka Inglorious strudel nazi strudels
gits ost - quasi state living block
1000 yr old wind turbines NatGeo
tasty loaded potato and cheese sticks
joel win 10 destruction vinememe finale
leviathan teaser

and more

yeah you went back in time to today
welcome home

That's too bad.

what are you?

i think i saw some of those
will that make me artsy

not you
but you will have seen some pretty thigns mhm

Blame the site overlord like everyone does.
I understand it in like celebrations, but for the everyday reason it's such a waste.

Thanks-- wait!!

I'm hungry but don't wanna leave this room, it's warm..

You're all gay
Daily reminder


I’m just a loser

i wanna be smart now



Just train stuff!
just eating will make it big too but in the wrong way


you deserve to be gay if you think thats attractive



Fuck is that


don't wait

ur not falling in reverse yet

maybe one day you will

What is this even cosplay of?

Gay for butts

Wear the blanket as a cape/robe and get food like that.

Says the person drinking rum.

I don't
J-Jodan desu yo

I am though

boxbox cosplaying arcade riven


more like rising in forewards

why want a bigger butt though

this is a might.

what has that to do with anything??!

But I just went back in time!!

It's a huge ass blanket and I'm only 5'8!

I'm old here and don't know who that is

did you?

mkae it today

now you post two half naked men
how gayer can it get

ew league

gay for being butted

I mean it's pretty small right now I think... I wanna curve!

[choking injun noises]

Your perception of neat and cool is off because of that.

That doesn't change anything, wrap it around yourself!
boxbox is a male streamer that crossdresses and cosplays as the LoL game characters whilst playing on stream.
That's all that I know.


i bet those cat girls have dicks

what is being butted?

heheh curvy aesthetic
would that be comfier to sit on?

nuhuh untrue
ask me anything I'm cool

not yet

what is that word?

Now that I think about it the opposite of what I intended

Oh well

Sounds like a faggot, and alright, I'll brave it...


That's the word for confusing white people
Brb, coffee time, wish me luck and good warms

Don't insult me.

nice anime tiddies

whats your favorite u2b channel?

But that doesn't make the things you think are cool, be cool.

Probably is.
Become the Roman emperor of blankets.

Is there such a thing of non-nice anime tiddy?

but I still wanna know

test it when you have it!
and do like those science experiments off youtube

but my thinking is the real thing

ur not a white canadian? ._.

am not ;~;

who is "u2b" ?????


hes not white hes a midget nigger redskin

I mean logically it'd be somebody using their butt on you.

Look what you’ve become
All the damage done


this aussie posted something

Aw fuck yeah

That's because I don't have the anime tiddy

Barring the like bigger than their head and shoulders together. That is just weird.

how do you use a butt on someone

I try!

I brought the laptop down too because fuck it, coffee in the makin'

The what? o.O

It only shows if I'm in the sun for an hour
Pic related, subpar tho

This guy is a fucking god


I lied, all anime tiddy is shit

Take your butt and force it onto people


Get some so I can look at them.

How are you sure?

Don't think I've used my laptop in a year or two now, same with the tablet.

Bamboozled! Bazinga.

like test it

but thats ew

I am sure because of me

Right I've booked the breast implant surgery for next week, but how do I become anime?

It's handy

Sit on hard things?

i don't really have a favorite channel
but i do enjoy funny comedy stuff somewhere inbetween (new) pewdiepie & idubbz
and stuff similar to that.

red skin??? what's that?

ur not a loser.

ur not brown.

Which doesn't happen much here it seems, I haven't seen a single hot day. Alberta a boring
I turn into a fucking french fry in the sun though

whats new about pewdiepie?



That's pretty egoistic.

I only really see it handy if I leave the country.

Son of a cunt

Snort lines of cum.

Oh no, i'm a loser.

I'm a fucking loser.

What if you leave the room?

Get rekt

Depends on ones particular flavour of faggetry.
Some people, are into that.


your egotastic

french frys are tasty


huh? wat that word?


Then I have to go collect the cum though, and I'm far too lazy for that.

That doesn't seem hard

[jesus christing intensifies]

whats the difference between new pewdiepie stile and old pewdiepe tsyle?

hes one of them tribes red people

K'omoks best nation

Then I would leave the room, why?

Tokepls, you're too drunk.


imma walk doggo for 5 min

it shouldnt be!
though it is hard if it hurts

Well you're too finnish so hah

I will get you back for this trickery, Squid. You will rue this day.


You’re always telling me “yes” but your answer is “no”

I thought you didn't have to try though.

Tokes, have some responsibility.

I'll just rub it until it stops hurting

I just like to be able to do stuff outside of one specific room, kek

These are called 'virgin killer sweaters'


Same, but I don't feel the need to have my computer with me.
That's like going to the gym and browsing your phone on a bench for 20 minutes between sets.

Oh Japan.

Thank god I have no phone :whew:

What a rip

What do you mean?

you said something about people wanting to do stuff with you all the time

Start ruing.

Truly a place of marvel


i'm not religous
what? no lewd.


he's not red tho? ._.


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I think I meant at that specific time.
It comes and goes.

In any case they usually want me to put effort in, and I'm not sure I'm in much of a "put effort in" mood