Ironic shitposting

Ironic shitposting

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Ooooh wooooo

Forgibbu, tired


But what IS it?

How do you like sake?

I only use mine to check all the whatsapp groups, call people if necessary, and to play music.

Very little.

Disgust.'re native?

like hwat?

I'm not drunk you goofball
I walked the doggo fine

that works I think.
not too hard though, that makes it red

I'm not willing to wait any longer.

What do you listen to?

It doesn't show very much, does it?

May disappear, I have to get dressed and deal with some things


they talk gooder
and say stuff funy

what do you do?

You might be fine, but what about those 10 bushes that you fell in on the way?

Pretty much anything goes from melodic death metal to big room EDM, don't have a specific taste.

What are you waiting for?

heheh thats from that monster girl game

3/4 of the housework, getting kids back from school in like 50 minutes, getting a pot roast ready, and figuring out what this asshat outside my house wants


My nigga

huge anime tiddies

they want to borrow a loonie for a smoke and ask for a light on their cig

Are these anime tiddies huge enough?

Electronic dance music.

s t o p b u l l y

did you see the monster girl island game?


kek, sounds like every other person back in HS

Oh, not much for that unless I'm playing vidya

Yeah but I haven't played it

Jokes on you

I was merely PRETENDING to be


They will do for now.

It's okay scoots
You don't need to pretend

The fuck is wrong with you, they're awful.

I'm not the one who fell in the bushes on the first place.

The festivals for those are a lot more lively than metal festivals.

You're right. Post the blue haired cat girl again with the smaller tiddies.

I have no idea why I saved these pictures of rule 63 kamille

They do not want a looney

me neither.
but I might when everyone else is sleeping cause I'm so so curious holy shit

nobody fell in bushes!!

You knew I would want them at some point.

Why do you desire these
they're shit

must've had a reserve nearby that they lived on.

You don't get to know.

I'll be back later.

Also half of them have rule 63 CHAR and holy fuck why does THAT exist

Later nerd

What's going on/in?

what's going in is this SHOT GLASS



You're going in

You sure?

hrrmpfh ill hit you with these flimsy thin hands


So how are you tonight/today?


forgetting there's is a life outside my bedroom.
also drinking a little and watching it's always sunny.



Eating pizza, getting high, half attempting to do chores.

The usual.


what a chav

I can't be a chav.
I hate addidas tracksuits.

Lewd as fuck.

tfw i cant hikineet comfortably cuz im not sure if im home alone or if my dad went to work in another car

sucks to have 3 cars in the house

Wow, nothing wrong with burberry, adidas trackies and listening to a cascada DJ Cammy mix

they're comfy tho


Anything about angry gorillas is funny.

Jumpers are comfier though.

I know there's nothing wrong with that, just saying that shit ain't for me.

You tellin me you dont wanna listen to lady sov, smash a bottle of white star and cause bother in the town centre?????? u wot

No, I'd rather listen to super old sleepycast episodes and add mayo to everything.

Is this your new tales game?

Those Earphones don't match that shirt! D=


That's the base colour so the only way I can make it match is by making them black instead of yellow. 3:

What on earth are those key commands though


Rolled 2 (1d2)Bank

Rolled 11 (1d20)
Rolling to boost your action

test stole my fuckin mp4 i hate him

I see porn link!!!

Test stole my heart.
I hate her.


it's redy

I'm down.


Thank you very much.

I don't know how ironic you're being anymore or if your mother actually does give you chicken tendies.

where can i give it to you that's not here

it's great right

I don't watch hentai though, gayboy


rawr x3

Into the trash it goes.

watch this one

might have to cap it

if you give it to darwin he can give it to me.


wait wait wait they animated otokonoko delivery?


But what about that other ghost story one?

Rolled 18 (1d20)
It is a shame that I'm not in the mood for gay shit.

i don't want darwin to have it

which one is that?


[email protected]/* */



Toshi Densetsu

It means I love you dinosaur x3



I'm not a dinosaur

Sent ^^


i liked the third one

I haven't watched it, what is it

I want to die. Still.




What a pair we make.

Test is a good girl and dindu nuffin

it's cool ive given up on trying to murder me

I am though.


why do they call her the anal idol


Because she stinks of butts

I will use her from now on.

I wanna put things in her butt


What kind of dinosaur?

Well that is certainly a plus, I think.

Big lizzer

owo what's that

this makes me happy

me and my dad

Is Wriggle a boy or girl ?

Kawaii desu ne

I'm not >~

Odds are a guy.

wrong ! She's a cute girl !


She said it herself :o


Yeah you are tho

Its all a ruse.

I have been summoned for jury duty

just be racist

Tell them you hate black people and get out of it.

Oh good, I don't even have to pretend.

Be a functioning member of society and do it

Don't worry I already know.

You're a ruse!

Dun wanna

We watching every move you make
Nigga this is real, black
Triple six
Telling you hoes to watch your back


That amazing moment when a female transitions to a male, then whines about not getting into things that are female only.
So they want to be respected for their choice to be a dude but also get the thing they would if still a female.
Really makes you think.

I know but its like 70% of the fun posting.

I'm sure you understand what I mean.

jury duty is dope af

Rap and hiphop is largely shit


your shit etc

Clearly that just makes you a racist for not liking black culture.

I listen to the whitest fucking music.




This is objectively terrible.

It IS shit.

It isn't.

donald glover disagrees with you and imma go with that nigga

My shit?

I'm a dane, I can't be racist.

I listen to the worst fucking music



This thread is too black for me.

It probably has some weird goat horns in it.


ikr? a whole half a black

I thought you hated other Scandiniggers.

good morning!

I don't understand a thing!


Not really.

Jackson made you like this. I am certain of it.

No, worse.

What of it?

I don't really hate anyone, I just pretend.

How come?

how about fuck you?

wishy i can't believe canadia has like 7 hockey clubs. how did i miss this

Wouldn't Neko and Lloyd add up to like 1 and 1/2?

Oh yeah me too.

Like ?

How did you not know???????

I always thought Danes hated Swedes and Norwegians.

how's it lookin?

oh i didn't realize lil neko was here

so one full black then

wait kuroneko is black?

Sort of like how you hate a sibling but if anyone else hates them then you get upset.

what happened to that skynet bot thing i used to see all the time

i recently realized how little i know about hockey

like one of my bosses is a huge penguins head and he mentioned that there was a team in colombus ohio and i was like no way colombus has a team

then i looked up all the teams and i recognized like 2/3 of them


It is a meme, love.

Well if you want.

It's in the name you dumb nigger

Did you know they're adding another one? :^)

I dunno.
Obama was just considered black and he was half.


Shitty meme.

But what's your name?

oh god i'll never catch up

i guess it's because some teams never make it deep in the playoffs and that's when i start watching ever

same with basketball. except at least i know most of those teams. i think hockey is too white trash for me tbh even though i'm kinda white trash

self-hating trash

yeah i guess that's true

then two blacks

black trumps white

For anyone to call hip hop shit they'd have to understand to some degree how expansive and subdivided of a genre it is
None of you have that understanding even marginally

pretty sure he was just baiting brahv


Some might, it's mostly just like Mordin said, they poke at us for talking funny, we poke at them for enjoying cock. I don't think there's any genuine hate.

It's still shit.

i mean 99 percent of the world thinks eminem is a fucking rap god

I don't mind that.

Well that is because he is.

So you know the Penguins, Bruins, Red Wings, and Blackhawks? :^)

So it's kind of like the US and Canada, where you don't outright hate the less successful sibling because of similar history but constantly make fun of Canada.


Without listening to at least 15 other artists, mind you.

yeah there wouldn't be many posts per hour without bait

he is pretty talented

i know about any team that has history

and the ducks


quack quack quack quack quack

he connects the generations

cause sick fast flows bro

See this is why I wish I could filter on mobile lol

You are a shitty meme.


But you understand that

The Canucks has a history of not winning :^)

Probably, yeah.

Fuckin one million internal rhymes in one verse sick techniques braj

You also listened to Green Day, Good Charlotte and Panic at the Disco didn't you? :3

Got a new job today, so pretty damn good. I should be asleep though.

I understand that I know nothing.

that's your team right?

i would rock the leafs for sure if i were you

wonder what that dude's doing right now

probably like writing a movie script or some shit

oh sweet congrats

doing what?

i finished a busy week today

it was nice


No, those casuals can't even scream.

I like it though.

Look at Socrates over here.

I don't understand.

I'm going to jump ship tbh :^)

Wow, what a pleb.

I was thinking more Plato with the cave allegory.

Probably writing some more shit about his estranged wife and his daughter who is probably super embarrassed by the songs he's already written about her
Seriously if I was Hailey I'd be mortified

For thinking you' are not so bad a meme? Yes. Yes I am.

yeah definitely the leafs

or the winnipeg jets

i has a nice ring

another team i just learned existed today

I will be making in depth how-to guides for several IT solutions. It's pretty cool since companies will have to pay my boss in order to see them.

You gonna drink?

Can you scream?

At least it's like 250% multishot on the akzani

If only I grow that bread.

Huh? Whats are you say?

As long as you're aware then.


Don't worry, I've got that handled.

lol watch her become a musician or actor

wouldn't surprise me

makes me wonder what francis bean cobain is doing these days

for sure i'm already going on that

damn nigga so you must be super computer smart, huh?

at least you don't flaunt it like long dong


I would sound manly and buff like the guys from Pierce The Veil.

How often do you get food stuck in it ?

too bad it took a $120,000 education for me to figure this out

Very. How are you, Trace?

The Jets used to exist back in the 70s and 80s but then they started existing when they bought the Thrashers.



I've admittedly only learned anything Socratic through Plato so that's probably why I'm misattributing.

Not really a problem. Food ends up on it as much as it ends up on a bald face.

The only thing that was ever a problem was marshmallow fluff. That got well stuck in it.

Were I her and I kept track of the shitty life my dad was having I wouldn't want to be a musician

I can't understand you.

What the fuck?

Everything Socrates only still exists because of Plato, to be fair.

Waiting for Monday.


the thrashers?

now that is a dope name

yes love?

but all the inherited talent

think of the waste

You'd waifu akimbo auto pistols too if you knew how fun they are

Was trying a fluffernutter.


HI LUKA!!!!!!!!!

I'm going to have to disagree

What even IS this picture?

I try, but it's all a big messy pile of shit and nobody truly knows what they're doing in the world of IT.
It's not really all that interesting to talk about though so yeah

What are you having?

I kinda imagine you having a slightly higher pitched than normal voice

Do you just eat that right out of the bucket when you get sad?

Probably a good idea.

*snaps fingers*

TP ignizzle

Do not enjoy the weekend?

Hey Luuks.

Is talent inherited?

Atlanta Thrashers.

Cool name, shit team.

Not while on call.

I got it off some Russian website and I have no idea what it is.

I sound normal as fuck.

hi cutie face user


And it comes in a JAR.

At least somewhat, but it can also be singularly yours. And besides that passion for an art is worth far more.

I am teasing.


i really kinda skimmed your post cause i knew that i would not understand any of it

cause i'm not a dork

revy is most certainly gay

i think

not sure how she/he works exactly actually

standard merlot and shitty beer



what just happened

not really sure

i guess like there's creative and smart genes and then those are fostered by the whole upbringing thing

lol it's always weird to think of hockey teams in crazy hot places like that


Pretty sure I've never eaten that.

Quot trying to jape me.

Do you feel a burning sensation ?

If my dad was mad talented at murdering people
And I gave it a go
Would I probably be decent at it?

You are not Lenko right? I apologize for this, just peoples names here confuse me at times.

I hope it is at least relaxing despite that, I would not know that feeling though. Book stores do not tend to have you "on call".
I mean they may call and ask if I can come in but it is in no way something I have to do.

Spoilers! How is your day going?




Going to bed. Good night!

Aight man, enjoy. Well deserved!

A little resistance is good for you.

You're russian, got it.

You're gay, fuckboy

No. I am not Lenko.

But (can you) understand me?

Georgia? I don't think it'd be that hot there, would it?

I don't get how California has 3 fucking teams though.

Why hm?


Usual rebuttal.

That doesn't really seem like something you can be "talented" at. Unless he did it with guns, in which case yes, spatial recognition is something you can inherit.


Yes, I piss vodka.

What ?

I didn't get to congratulate you on your promotion, Teepee.

This no longer even sounds of euphemism.

will you sleep

What anime is this webm?

my day is going calm and peaceful gentle rain outside cloudy


What ?

Black Bullet.

Season 2 I think.


owari no seraph

not particularly rn

yeah you probably would be

what an awkward topic to bring up to your dad though

he dad i know your rapes and kills are epic

any pointers?

i think she thinks i was being ironic

thanks dude

rest well etc

im like 15 percent gay tops

georgia is where they film the walking dead

it's hot as fucking balls there

like next level want to be naked hot

oh thanks sabrina

yeah i figured you got reprimanded at work for farting around

did you get yours?

I was trying to make it sound as gay as humanly possible

Attack on Titan.

I was thinking like piano wire
Real creative piano wire murders

stop injecting alcohol into your veins then

Huh ?

Couldn't tell you :)

They haven't made an official announcement yet, but I've heard from a few folks I'm getting it.

But...I'm not counting my chickens, ya know?


Do NOT gay the Test.

How can you really keep that fresh and creative.

It burns when I pee.

coming in to steal some sabrina reply before bed.

What Luka said, Owari no Seraph.

I fookin' wish Black Bullet got two seasons.

Isn't it right below Ohio?

Huh ?

Rebuttal with more words.
Or at least hm me long time.

Yeah I thought not but to be fair he has used trips and names that do not have Lenko in them before.
Plus the number of people that tend to reply is small, given you have before I just got the thought. I did not mean anything by it.

Rain is nice, do you live nearby water?

Maybe? I just thought I would give my bro a sympathetic (You).

I'm kidding.

It's Darker than Black.

yeah it's better not to expect it

i got a crazy big raise, like i wasn't even expecting half of what i got

i'm almost making a respectable amount now

Luka told you the name.




You're not Cup.

not really dude

did you know there's a candian border in northern ohio?

neither did i til recently

This is a jape.

Get away from my waifu, pleb.


Cup started that? Now I do not want that.
So rebuttal with more words.


thanks bro. so still posting the dogfucker and horsefucker shit i see?


Go away.

Whenever I see shows or movies where the parent teaches the kid about murder they just kinda grow up with it

You can strangle someone with it of course
You could choke someone with a bundle of it
If you tied it to someone's feet and the other end to some cinderblocks that'd work
Setting up a trap so when someone opens a door a bowling ball tied to piano wire hits them in the face
Piano wire injections probably aren't good for you
Stuff like that

IS that a joke?



Joke's on you, we're already engaged.
She is my midget, thank you.

mountains,lakes, rivers, forests, valleys.

Howdy, Doodad! You're really off to sleep, hm?
Hope you have a great night!

We'll be swimmin' in gold coins like Unca Scrooge any day now, Teepy!

Hey, is that Scream Queens show any good? I heard they did a little tribute to The Brain That Wouldn't Die.


Oh, it's right above Florida :^)

I don't think there's a bridge or anything though.



not yet

she's pretty

mission accomplished.... nee nee,

You wanna learn to speak English ?

What a freakin' goobah!


Are you looking for Lenko?


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I mean burning is hot, xd, etc

I dunno, kill me

Wrong thread IDIOT