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PHILA ND HOLLY WON AN AWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






sit on my face you disgusting beast


my electricity ran out so i made this petrol stove so i can have tea

i feel clever



need a hexicooker tbh

or a gas camp stove

this bald eagle taking a long hard look at itself is not a metaphor in any way

same awards scarlet moffat got awarded at last night?

I believe so. Scarlet lol.


top candidates all

everything in this picture is fucking disgusting

clean your shit yo o.o

one of our own that scarlet

10 years of not cleaning in one picture
clean your shit you disgusting welfare nigger






my mess has stories fgts

*freeze frame*
Yep. That's me, America. I bet you're wondering how i got myself into such a sticky situation?

I don't understand, you aren't able to clean because of mental health? why not hire a cleaner?

or are you saying something else

no bully pls

i am saying something else

its only days old at most and you are a disgusting urchin

brb getting fresh air because you are a fucking sick cunt


scoots knows. he has recently had the privilege to watch a mess form first-hand in my house.






what are you saying then?

why can't you clean it?

i didn't say i can't clean it


it basically just got there and i am in zero rush to clean my cooker for.. what? my own viewing pleasure? fuck off. i am not a dignitary.

also yes mental health. my OT says as long as i clean my dishes and pans after i make a meal, that's all that matters for now. it's on my homework

how does it get dirty so fast? that's a lot of hair for just a few days

Please be nice scoot I am not informed of the situation and had to ask questions

i have a dog, and up until yesterday, i had no vacuum cleaner.

why is this of such interest to you

i'm a millennial living below the poverty line

i have a less-than-spotless house

there are no prizes for figuring out this mystery

I was just wondering.
People are interesting and complicated.

I like learning more about people.

actually Erin's Dog is my spirit animal

I would be forgiving if you hadn't charged in with such a ridiculoiusly vicious tone.

silver-spoon faggots living with their family into their twenties, assuming that vacuum cleaners just spawn in houses without them, ignorant to the fact that somebody who is paying for your entire life also payed for the expensive vacuum cleaner you probably don't ever touch yourself

fucking get a house of your own, be independent for a month, try and live without the freedom to bring home a real wage, let's see how clean your shit is


ghost dog







wrong meme sorry



I apologize for my harsh tone in my initial statement.

I'm smoking loud excuse me what you sayin


nick is sleeping forever cause he is on mountains of painkillers for his ass

fs i'm bored


Too cold out, pls send help and comfys


the tv show?

Maybe now I'll have the strength to get some food shopping.



Summer when?!

Fuck summer

Fuck the heat, fuck the invasion of bugs

it hasn't even been snowing here
it kinda feels like fall again

Fuck crodws, fuck sweating, fuck the increasing prices

Fuck the expensive and overrated beaches, fuck mosquitoes fuck allergies too

Fuck lava hot pavement, fuck working in 30+C

FUCK the sun and FUCK SUMMER

Hey, fuck you buddy.

Oh, and fuck rolling around in bed all night long being unable to sleep in the deepest pits of fiery hell.

I yearn for fall! ;-;
-2C is something I can't handle.


Summer is SHIT
Literally everything about it sucks
Not a SINGLE positive thing about it, not one

git warm

That's because summer is way too hot in your country.

Come to England, our Summer is damn comfy.

And I don't think mosquitos are a thing here

Hey man, it gets up to 50c here and I LIKE IT.

Its hot and lasts for 8 months, fuck that

Bloody masochist

Jesus fucking christ, are you even human?

+30c heat is only nice either in italy where you stroll those lovely streets or when you're hanging by the lake in your isolated village.

-2C is only cold if you're a pussy.

I mean don't get me wrong, I like it being cold like that, but saying it isn't just silly.


Guys, turns out Squid's a pussy.

I'd wear a t-shirt at -2C and no one here would question it any more than any other day I opted not to wear a sweater.


rip internet

This was known.

I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt.

What sort of takeaway should I order?

But I want -2C weather.
I'm just saying

help me, I don't know what to do

Well, as you can see, I'm basically not doing anything for the next few hours.

So Idk.
Maybe geemu, or watch something.

i want

heheh I saw.

Well I don't wanna bingewatch again.
but which game

Fuck, now I wanna play and complete xcom, fuck.

I got enough games to complete.

65$, assuming you don't have Symphonia or Zestiria.

XCom. :^)

XCOM 2 just got long war

but what if i have zest

10% off.

oh cool

I don'r have xcom

I know, I haven't played civ in a while.

good morning thread

my doggu woke me up with the sound of barks at feral cats outside

This game will unlock in approximately 6 hours

oh so ur just predownloading rin?


⠀⠀⡻⢿⣶⣤⣾⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⡄⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⡄⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠸⡄
⠀⢸⠀⠀⠀⠀⢸⠀⠀⠀⡞⡇⠀⢠⠃⢱⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⢠⠃⠀⡇⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⢧⠀⡇
⠀⡼⠁⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⡇⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠤⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⢇⡀⡼
⡼⠁⡔⠸⡀⢄⠀⠀⠀ ⢸⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⢆⣀⠤⣀⡠⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⢀⣵⠃
chuu chuu~

Neither, actually.


No, that's just being a shitter.

it has cute wolf lady...
im jelly...
i want her

It's a pleasant weather.

though right now I'm actually pretty hyper.
I keep getting up and walking around and clicking.
I need to decide what do

group ahegao mind_break yaoi crossdress english

calling the cops now


whats wrong with you
yaoi is gay!

mind_break body_swap loli shota rating:Explicit

I could never get into the Tales games.
They just bore me.

The crossdress makes it straight

hello soto


There are people who search without these tags?

The further back you go, the slower they are, and Symphonia didn't age well at all.

Zesty Rita was pretty well paced. You know, for an Action RPG.


Should I pick that up too, btw?



I don't know. It's not even that. Just that most JRPGs have the most cringy voice acting. Not to mention the models trip me out a lot. They just don't look good. Like, they're can't move very well, but at the same time they move WAY too much.

Once they put on girl clothes they are girls.

H*ck yeah

Sorry, I'm done ^^'

Well, fair enough.

I'll yield that some of them could definitely have spent more time/money/effort on getting animation right.

Loli Cow Tribal Goth Loli Dragon is unironically best dragon.

But Fafnir is best girl when she plays Dark Souls on Xbone

I remember Eternal Sonata did this too. The shift to 3D never went well.

I did like the gameplay though. Of ES that is.

I have waited too long for this comic.
Shame it's only oral.


whats your favorite part of furry porn?


I actually haven't played ES, I don't think.

Thick tales.
If dogs weren't my favorite it would be otters probably for this reason.

Probably one of the only ones that the combat was fun as well as the story.
Very pretty game though. JRPGs are able to get that right at least.

okay im no longer interested but thanks for entertaining me

what if you replace everything with lolis



[Image post to bait replies]

is yuri loli purer than just yuri?

I remember this.


that's all i can do to get those lurkers to post


I think most people are just at work right now.


You weren't lurking, you've been posting!

work.. when will people learn they're exchanging their live for money


not you, you should go

It's better than being hungry or a NEET.

Money isn't just money, it's the desolate poverty that money pads you from that people are after.

Don't be a bully Manakaface


Yeah, but.

then there's this you-get-money-if-you're-unemployed thing, I wish we had that in my country, there was time i was neet for 3 months

poverty wouldnt be a thing if they dont make money at the first place!

lunch money, now!


stop playing other games other than borderlands 2


Yeah, it's nice, but not when people abuse it.
And a lot of people here abuse the shit out of it.

we wuz kangs
n sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeit

how much is it exactly? more than minimum wage?

But there are no real reasons to post.

We wouldn't be able to play because Subtle is busy the whole day.

I think it depends on your situation.

hello fellow kang

Tales of Symphonia was so good.

Yes it would be, because there will always be bullies like you taking the equivalent of my lunch money.

I can't get NEETbux because my uncle makes 150 thousand dollars a year and I live with him
not sure I could stand myself if I got it anyway, already feel like a leech

not unless you're heavily disabled, p sure
it's usually less than minimum wage i think

Nothing wrong with the safety net of welfare fam.

Im laffin, because the producer or some shit, for The Walking Dead is called Angela Kang
She wuz kangs n shit.

hey dad

see! someone has to post blank imagepost to lure all the lurkers!

it's always about subtle isnt it!

okay let's see, say I just graduated college and I havent found a job yet, 23 years old and live with parents. how much would i get?

just for using big word like equivalent, you get a wedgie!

how much would i get, dad?



Subtle's occupied today anyway.

Symphonia didn't age well.

I really liked it when I played it way back when, but it just feels really clunky to play now.

It may have just been ported poorly, Bamco has a tendency to do that.

Nice. I love wedgies.

Well, I only really posted because of you.
It would be unfair to go on with the story since we started the playthrough together.


I think I perforated my ear drum or somethin
whenever I swallow or move my jaw at all it makes popping and clicking sounds

hey kiddo
whats up

0 dollars because you are a contributing member of society

good morning moog


Walking KANGZ

that's a bedbug

Sounds pretty perforated. Does it ache too?


watchin comfy art stream twitch.tv/ketsketch

water u doin?

play games with me tooooo!? ;~;

how come do you guys always know what subtle do? where is the fanclub page i want to subscribe

why are you wedgie-ing yourself
why are you wedgie-ing yourself

let's play a game, SD

but like, what if i had no job, with college degree and live with parents?



not much
sleepy and bored
doing fucking MATH HOMEWORK like a disgusting normie

tokai do not tell me there's a bug in my ear im gonna scream

nah there's no pain at all actually

fingering my ear aggressively and working on my GED
literally want to die

would depend on how much money your parents make anna
your "household" earnings are too high = no government help

I ask when he's free.

I was also talking about what we'll start with next time, but I said "Tomorrow" instead of next time, and he said he was free basically any day except today.

i also wanna die

Because I want to impress you.

fun stuff

ever consider taking a class for it

I want to subscribe to your fanclub page Manaka ^W^

It's not telling
, it's hinting

I'm not too hyped about playing games in general.

Well, we told you to join the VOIP, but nooo.
I'm assuming you mean OW?

Aye fucking Glenn, re-watched from beggining as didnt see any of series 6.

Rin are you having an affair with Subtle?

Tokai you let this happen

Shame on you

aww... :c
you guy only want subtle?

there's got to be a fansite devoted to everything about subtle and you guys just hiding it from me

hmmm let's say both of parents work a steady job with a little disposable income and we never struggle to pay bills.

i'm not impressed
try something else!

here it is pastebin.com/eY9u2LmP

NO there's got to be a fansite you guys been hiding from me

yeah let's play Overwos

Well he's like the cutest twink in the threads tbh

Followed by Emma then Ban

tbh I was just waiting on it.
like who is even left at this point?

what makes you think this

Ha. I ate all the cereal and was kind of upset, but I had orange cinnamon rolls to cook.
Fuck yeah.

Shit has taken a real nose dive in the quality section since Loco's departure.

i'm jelous, they get to be the popular ones.

oh yeah where did he go
I completely missed that.
was there drama?

just stand behind me when i shoot myself in the head and we'll both be all better

have no way to get around right now but yeah i've thought about it
im just a nervous wreck when it comes to the thought of going back into a class, like the level i can do math is genuinely embarrassing

i will literally cry if this is true eugh

probably nothing then
am not exactly an expert on this but I think currently being in school also helps you get government aide

The original herd is rather slim about now.
Probably why they began FtWD

They decided to move back to spain and make a family homeless.
Thank fuck.

MAN living in US sounds like heaven if i get government aide by being in school

I kind of miss Loco to be honest.

Well, we're going to play OW with Manaka, want to join?

Not really, we just talk between games about when we're going to have another session, so we can clear schedules.



I don't miss that slut. Hope he froze in the wastes of Grenada

i didnt notice he was gone

Will you see a doc if it continues?

true, I watched like 3 eps of that.
but the only thing that made me stick was cute meth boy. ohh, alright. thats kinda boring.

I know about cheating

I'm a master at it if I do say so myself

There's no more cute traps man
Pre-gainz Ethy was the shit but then she stopped posting.

What happened to all the cuties?

Dont worry you have Vylee
You dont have to lonely :( anymore lmfao

Wow I got such a shitty tier ;~;

Makes me miss Amy as well.
It's like the Sab/Loco/Amy package is broken up.

Kek, eh I thought it was a fresh spin on things.
Still reckon they ought televize Road to Woodbury

They got ugly.

who do you have?

One less drama for me to deal with.


but what makes you think it

hell yeah.
or just more spins on zombies etc.
they've come too much

Damn right. Have to find cuties elsewhere fam.

Maybe they ought just take a break from the zombies... its getting a rather dry well atm.


My real life friends


Hahahahaha what the fuck
Magnum dong

what other popular monster can they use though?

He seems more interested in him than you 80% of the time

That's a red flag fam

Oh man, I'm most likely gonna crash in the same room with Ghostie tonight

And that nigga is still pissed at me

Still hype for ALA today




Cant do vampires... that has been sucked dry.
Maybe leprechauns?
I mean, they could go retro and revamp(kek) Buffy.

Is it a con day?
FIlm drama xD

That shit made my day fam. Daankie.

Yeah, Soto.
Having IRL friends is bad. Only have internet lesbian lovers.

lol you should try to get some irl friends

They're better than online friends, that's for sure

Hey, guys... I am a Lesbian.

I can get you the link later.

cant find em


That'd be neat as fuck. Should also share in discord. I have a feeling it could be a hella meme device. Especially for "other quotes"

Be my lesbian lover Squash

Yeah man, today is Day 0


I'll be sure to take plenty of pics
I probs won't post until Sunday though

Will do later.


Just sneak into their house while they're asleep and take a picture of them and post it on the internet for others to see


pretty fans

how quiet are they

hi bums


iunnoo, interest seems to flow in periods.
like I can go for days purely being with my friends and not talking to her or anyone here.
being like intensely interested in each other all the time isn't manageable.

yeee buffy would be a go go
maybe trolls!
you ever seen troll hunter?

Nah thats good, gotta dump em all in one go xD Especially the fat lip ones lol,



The norweigan film? Yee if its the one im thinking of
was pretty legit.

hiiii how u

hi scootbabopo

Another day. Another dollar.

yeeeee that was great a big.
imagine a series like that.

They're super quiet and they change color
Its like rainbow road up in this bitch

Sounds like you're getting cucked

Yeah we still gotta drive a good amount
Its only an hour so it ain't too bad


I'm well, just eagerly awaiting game to install 'cos it unlocks today.

How you?

that's only if you're aware and allow it to happen.

is that a rip on zestria

That would be hella.
I need to finish penny dreadful tho ay

Good luck, and dont die.

In a few hours.

The struggle

What are you on about now?

just a question

the title sounds a lot like tales of zestria

Yeah it is

another dick to dream about!

oooo ganes
im ok, just eating a bagel

It's a prequel.

Bagel sounds good, I might do that.



why u gotta sass me
i havent played any of those games and zestria is the only one ive heard of

also nice canadian net :^)

It's the Timmies sausage bagel.

\thinkin about penis

yeah do it.
I've gotten stuck in the netflix bible and roman series.
was really bored but now I'm in the story


Breakfast ends at 12 now, right?

'cos I don't think they do all day breakfast.


Timmies does all day breakfast.

Well they are pretty neat.


Not according to the website.

Which means it's probably just that store.

Stop what?

"Just that store"
Better wording is "by the store"

It's eh

A.D kingdom and empire
Roman Empire
Reign of Blood

ye, penises

Bagel's are all day. It's the biscuits and wraps that are breakfast only.

too much furry porn ;_;

Gunna keep doing it.

I was thinking of getting a bagel BELT, but if breakfast ends 12 then they won't have the egg for that.


They should still. Timmies will usually serve it if you go in and ask

RIP glorious rome


No judging.


Depends on if they have the thing available or you're willing to wait for them to prepare some.

I'll probably just go see if the close one has pretzel bagels, because holy shit am I addicted to those.

absolutely vile

can you at least spoiler it you freak




he's only gonna do it more now you know.

Nobody spoilers the loli shit.

I'm just gonna filter u for a bit

Actually I'm only in this folder because I'm too lazy to change out.

I am indifferent.

Pretzel bagels are all I need in life.

Everything else is secondary.


oh damn.
I thought I found the pattern.

they do when i ask
except for ui
don't be a prick

Hey, sexy.

Nah. Just lazy.

It's not being a prick. I just don't care to spoiler. Just filter me if it's an issue.

spoiler your fat midget porn while we're at it

i figured i wouldnt say anything despite it being against my taste but i guess it's cool to do that now

IS fat non midget porn ok?

You meant to put the emphasis on NON rather than IS
for future reference


I actually just had a moment of holding shift too long.
Factory fingers cramp up a lot.


He didn't mean to put emphasis on either and just held shift a keystroke too long.



all u got to do is ask
i usually spoiler it so sorry 4 when i forget

I always forget this guy is Canadian then he says shit like "Timmy Hoho's"

How dare you speak for me even though you said what I did.

Carry on
Are you going to develop arthritis?

Haaaaai nayko how's you :3

How did you know that?

DO NOT spoiler those

is horns from daniel radcliff a scary movie?


i honestly wouldnt mind all porn having to be spoiled
i dont want to see your animal fuckery or the loli

watching youtube videos
also brb

what if it's borderline lewd


You meant to say starring, not from
And I've not seen it because Daniel Radcliffe is BRITISH and they make me feel INSECURE

its not a scary movie

Also you never ask Kaybe to spoiler his shit.

Doctor says I won't live past 40 at this rate though so it's whatever.

He is so ugly, though.

Absolutely the most vile of crimes.

Because it's something I've seen everyone do, and it makes way more sense in the situation?


we can still take back Constantinople though

why would he make you feel like that

Get on your knees and ask daddy to forgive you.

Tokai Lovecock

this is why it'd be hard to enforce but still
giant animals fucking eachother with cum inflation is not something i want to see on accident


there's a reason it's hidden under a "shitposting channel" in the discord

Go get me a french vanilla and a pretzel bagel with plain cream cheese please and thank you.

I think I've seen been to boards where they do this and they're always no fun
Are we the FUN police now

Just listening to music I've got some work in an hour or so
I'd ask what videos but I can't watch them shrugs

When is Kaybe here? Bring him now
Also are your habits that bad what is wrong?

But it is the accent.

Do what I said.

They have interesting accents to me for the most part and I wish I had one

iunno I don't like seeing it either.
but I kinda got used scrolling past gross stuff.
and it's not worth to change the whole thing I believe.

I'll get the boat, be there in a bit.

you know what guys honestly i dont want to see any of your pictures they personally offend me can we do something about this?



For fucks sakes.
Just filter me if you don't like it.

You can have 2 daddies.

There is nothing outstanding about it or his voice in general either.

Let's not forget you didn't tell Lloyd to stop posting puffy cat anus.

Shitty heart and bad eating habits.

then practice it?
throughout high school I always focused on getting that London accent. Lost it now due to never speak it much but hey.
it's obtainable.

become a CODING NERD and disable images on certain people's posts
That's probably a thing that's possible

wow I really raped that sentence


What happened yesterday to the site was funnier.


Okay, I'll stop posting pictures.

S-sorry, Mod-sama. .///.

Yeah, but that means either Mommy's a slut or Daddy's gay.

What happened I wasn't watching.

I'll be your gay slut.


Spoilering images made them auto-expand in thread. People were mad.



This sounds beyond hilarious.

Why can't that be a thing all the time? :(

Egregious administrators.

I want to Eurobeat but I can't hear the pace notes

Well Radcliffe is a bad example. But I can't think of any English actors with great voices at the moment.

This is because everyone loves momcat anus

Practicing an accent sounds pretty tool. Like maybe if I didn't have to interact with people as often it'd be possible but to suddenly just speak in a fake English accent to everyone I know would be weird
If only I could stay inside and cultivate :T

Oh wow they should make that an April fools thing somehow


Yea ok that makes sense, i'll just stop posting any images

My boyfriend Benedict.


Eh, it kind of looked prolapsed.

I need those shortstacks omg


This is how I feel every time I play dirt rally

I want to osu! but I can't hear the pace notes

Are you feeling gay yet ?

Last I remember this man cannot dress himself and always has bad outfits
You're right tho good voice

That's what we call a donut hole in the showbiz

He didn't even stop posting the fat guys so why would you even
Is this just pouting?

like really you can just spoiler it because your friend asked you to like kaybe does because its curteous but this is definitely a cool hill to die on

Just try it at home and be able to switch


I dunno. He looks pretty dashing in a Starfleet uniform.


sauce on game pls? mabin?

Even at max volume?

Sounds pretty swanky

But courtesy and friends are for lesser peoples.

That sounds questionable.

Or just don't police me and what I want to post.
It isn't a "hill to die on". You would rather make it an issue instead of either ignoring it or filtering me.


nice meme


She's my main, and this is her usual outfit.

I don't know what a pace note is!


she haz cute outfit!

If we spoiler images I might as well just be posting in the pony threads.

I think we are.

Wait, why are guero and squash fighting?

He didn't dress himself in that did he?

I'll give it a go and let you know then

Yeah well you're a prudish cunt
Gaping ass is the future

If I wanted to be a dick about this I would post bestiality.

I'm gonna go get a bagel, be back whenever the fuck I feel like posting again.

Me neither to be quite honest

It's bad to post porn that doesn't cater to people's taste.
I don't know. I don't really care much either way.

No. I only see him in tuxedos and formal clothes outside of films, so I do not see the problem.

good going

have fun, be safe.

Yeah me too

ikt save us

No it can get much worse.


Rather not have that experience.

Yo I feel this on a spiritual level

My friend thinks Maid Dragon is autistic as fuck and refuses to watch it.
He deems it Umaru levels of autism

How do I convince my friend to stoop to my level

i scammed u

Who cares, more Kanna for you

..rally driving pacenotes?
If it's to do with cars, he will know

Nice shots ^^



But I don't know what that is either.

What's a pacenote?

We need to make all the mods pony traps.

I noticed.

Fix this.


what am i watching


*hugs tight and doesn't let go* ^ ^

Were they all traps? I only remember Starshine was.

I once saw a whole thread of him just being out in public and every image was a different tacky outfit


Damn, that is true.

Also Im so jelly of this guys open case
Its fucking beautiful
The Mikasa fucking ruins it tho :^)

just wait for the dust

So what happens if you bump that computer and the girls head goes into the fan and gets chunked to hell?

Oh, who gives a shit in that case? I reason he is trying not to call attention to himself.

It's really ugly tbh fam

And whys that ?

I'll post anime tiddies after you do.

I remember it being something people said but I can't remember how true it was.

Oh yeah. furries should spoiler their pron... like everyone else and their porn....

The panicked guy screaming.

Good teamwork.

Um, this

They didn't like me and always banned me.

I don't hear one of those either.

Either all or none, but I'm not spoilering just because someone doesn't like it.

Unless it's pics of someone here or some shit I don't think policing other's posts is cool, or being a dick if they don't spoiler.

I got banned by anonthony

hes a cunt

spoilering porn worked so well last time

I mean, Luka kind of forced us to.

agreed on point one.

The directions the co-driver gives!


Oh! The music they play when they go fast in a racecar.

He permabanned me for posting the Lexi image.

What's a co-driver?

Dont give me that shit

Ms. Plain black case

That would be fucking comical lmao

RIP those pretty fans though

He has like a bottle of grade A lens cleaner and 3 bottles of Air Duster

He is ready


Which one? With penis or without penis ?


Next comp I build is going to be white with gold trim.
I want to be disgusted by it.

Person who gives directions!

But if he's a celebrity looking tacky will bring him more attention so I'd say no.
If he was able to dress himself well and this was just a trick it'd be dumb. He should just wear really plain clothes then

does this count
its one of my favorites

he looke dlike a pro
why was the dude screaming in his ear



I need to watch this anime.

As if, mine has a window and blue lights!

With penis

It's a racecar, it just drives in a circle!

I would nee to see how tacky they are, but I do not want to exert the energy to go on a search engine.

I think so.

new thread

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