New htread before bed

new htread before bed

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I like chai.

Also good.


I'm gonna Vote for Subtle.


Apparently everyone. :^)

Fucking copycat


I unironically voted for [Redacted].

And you too dad.

It was Subtle.


who the fuck voted for me


WHO is that artist

I voted for as many people as I'm attracted to in that list.


Oh cool I got one :3

I forgot.

Probably a miss-click lol

well how many people was it ?


Also where is this voting thing?


When you dodge the list again.

I will say I voted for Mommy, because she's so nice and I really respect her.

It's kinda unfaithful to the question, but still.

Like I said, I ran out of space.

Those being?

Are you addicted to strawpolls, rin?


ara ara~

Cute by fags and normal by normal people.

So I just assume I sound normal with no redeeming qualities.


Sometimes it's for the better.

Nice! ^^

I linked the poll to someone and they picked Bebop


Even Eisen and qt made this thing but not me what a rip


And like 4 other people that don't post anymore.

You can at least call me cute y'know.

I refuse to believe.

Not when you're posting that.

I did not vote at all


I already posted cute pics.


A vote for me is a vote for me.

who voted for erin srsly

Truly dividing stuff


I'll take that as a yes.

I am currently unable to comment.



you would not be my choice

You strike me as the kind of person who doesn't even talk in voice chat.

308 Highway 76, White House, TN

Come kill me.

What artist is ?

vote for Subtle and Darwin like I did.

you can't go wrong honestly


Darwin let me see how cute you are so I could crush on you too

I wanna see you!

He showed me and


hes a qt

That seems like an odd idea to have.
I'd be curious as to why


I have literally no reasoning behind it.

step up senpai

I don't have crushes on either of them, though.

Everyone's seen me
I'm just that asian looking spic

I wanna pull on her gray hair

It's incorrect.
I talk too much.

I'm kinda obnoxious really.

But you voted for me, right ?

Who do you though ? You're too Tsundere

I wanna brush his grey hair

Classic Aussie


not telling you

The bes

I should've voted for Fish then :^)

I voted for a significant amount of the list, regardless of actual crush status.


It honestly has been too long since I've had any real connections with yall nerds >_>

Rude, I told you who I voted for.

Wow okay rude

Keep it that way.

post butt

When I see people using fire emojis and the 100 symbol and the ok hand all at once
Where does that come from

I haven't yet. Though asking for that means I should prolly post my own face


Black people twitter

What is rude about that?

what a nerd

Wow. Racist.

What about
People saying "thicc" where is that from

I connected pretty well to the furs; I haven't had any real problems there. A guy actually sent me a pizza with a ton of sausage.

You missed it

I know right

People being fucking dumbasses.

What about Amal? :3

my crushes are a secret


I wanna go out and have drinks with him but he finds me annoying or something


Post wallpapers like the good ol times

NYC memes

Deadass B

I dunno. Facebook or some shit?

Its like the black man's xD

Just vote for me and only me instead next time.

Or so you think.

Soto, get me more booze.



Well you don't really use the terms so I guess you wouldn't.

Hold this L

It is what it is; you can't win everyone over. This is going to sound cliche, but I'm actually glad it's finally all over. I would worry about every thing I posted in that discord bugging someone, specifically Amal. Now, I'm in a Discord that always has people in voice and people don't flip their shit over the smallest detail; I enjoy it.

Got it boss, I need to take some time to update/make new folders.

You miss understand him.

Hes a busy guy and he never leaves home.

Yes, if I can not find any I riot.

I like to blame social media for all those terms I detest.

Good job. I hope those people appreciate you more.

I dont know what kind of liquor you prefer though

When I say it was 100% Amal, I mean it. I've talked to everyone else on a 1 on 1 basis and they've all told me the same thing. I'd like to still have that platform to talk to everyone else, but yet again, it is what it is.

why should I do this

It's common enough.

That cannot read so they just rely on pictographs.

I guess.
But my issue is that many people don't know where in social media they come from. Subtle and Soto did, but they're like actually sociable people so it's not surprising.

who do you think i have a crush on

Give my ego a boost, duh.


Rum or vodka would work really but I am flexible.

Maybe. Maybe not.

You have a cute avatar face

Gee I can't think of anyone.


Hows life been anyways man?

Yeah I hate going outside as much as the next guy
Only time I go out is when I go get shitfaced or when there's an anime con which leads to me getting shitfaced

For me.

When people say as much as the next guy that always irked me
Like what if the next guy is the exact opposite or has no idea what you're talking about
Then you look bad fam

I feel you.

I hate it just as much as the next guy.

I kinda like it.

This is why the statement carries the implication that it is a commonly, or even near universally held opinion.

Racist grandparents are the best.

You fucked up


So let's talk rum

You can only choose one and There are only 4 choices

Kraken, Sailor Jerry, Bacardi Black, or Flor de CaƱa

Which do you choose?

lol quit getting triggered


Yeah its me irl.

Been good. Classes started near a month ago and they're going okay. I have my first exam on Friday for calc 3. How are you?

Thats what I said.

Oh shit B
I didn't know that

Your assuming of my trigger status is triggering honestly

I was laughing so hard at some webms I dl'd off /gif/

Gotta love those YLYL threads

I think you were supposed to comment on my alcoholism rather than my weebness but hey whatever works man

I'm pretty normal irl tho

Oh man, I miss college
Those were the days
How old are you anyways?

No. Just no.

For you?

Oh huh. Maybe Flor or kind of Kraken?
I would honestly drink any other than Sailor Jerry. Though varying amounts of enjoyment.

I've several.

You have a dark side though.

Sucks to be you then

19 man, turn 20 in May. Drink plenty though.

Oh so you did have a crush me ?

I knew it.

Several you? Sounds like a party.

It was moderately funny to have political conversations with one of my grandparents.
He was a hardcore dixiecrat and would say the most utterly racist shit (and actively thought less of those groups). He also voted for the black guy and had gotten into fights during the civil rights movement because he favored not actively discriminating against people and some mentality of "it's unfair to fight on unequal ground".
It was the weirdest things to hear his beliefs.

I want to swim in Satania

Shitty party if so.

Ha Ha time for RE7

go swimming*

Shut up you goddamn Texan
Its delicious
Though honestly it usually goes

Cuban > Puerto Rican > Dominican > Venezuelan > Niggeragua

Flor is tasty
Kraken is also pretty great but cause of its spices

Sailor Jerry hurts to drink but I still drink it cause I like hurting myself
Pretty edgy huh?

Yeah, but I dont go around telling everyone about it
That would defeat the whole purpose

Damn you're making me feel old


Drinking was really fun at that age


You could've saved yourself.
You chose this path.

I want to swim in go swimming*

It's good so far

Wow, it's like they didn't even do any research.

Says you.

Great game, neat story. Would shoot again/10.

You are braver man than I, in that accord.

But I already know about it.

I would know.

I hate you so much.

I don't even think there's major Cuban rum available.
Almost all of it uses the same shit as Cohiba where it's using a Cuban company's name but none of its sale or manufacture is related to Cuba.


I want to kick a door on Satania

You should see me when I get drunk at family reunions and joke about how I voted for trump and would say "See how China has a wall and they dont have any Mexicans over there? We need to do the same!"
My aunt was about to go off on me until I told em I was just jking
Niggas were getting pissed tho
I guess joking about deporting Mexicans to your somewhat illegal part of your family is not a good thing lmao

Is it spooky?


By that time grandpas gonna be a real gril

If it gets you drunk and you dont go blind its drinkable

Well cause we haven't met and probs won't meet irl
So I can be autistic around you and not worry about it

Lmao Cohiba cigars are nice tho

I saw a lot of footage from that today. I saw two bosses get stuck on small objects and doing the thing where they walk in place in the same playthrough of the early game. seemed pretty buggy.

The spooks are happening

not even close silly

Just started it up a few minutes ago, we shall see

Gab bullies her enough, you don't need to copy her!


I'm gonna meet Colbs instead and treat him like a dog.

Then you should care if I know who it is.

You've already told me more embarrassing things.

It seemed sort of silly.



Its okay Ian I'm here for you


Fair enough, still get me some booze you nerd.

i don't wanna say cause iunno if they are lurking or not


DM me



Ian, how far are you?

no lol

10m or so

When I first posted was basically when I started

DM ME, then

if ur gonna link a new thread say its a new thread u butt

We don't play by your rules.

Fucking fag.

wai is it awoo

what if i told you i voted for a dude

"don't be fooled I was raised by wolves"


no way

If you don't tell me i'm just gonna assume its me.

what are we voting for

Next time we'll put a giant electric road sign for you too

crushes again




Lemme tell you bout this house blend coffee though

I had to pause the ep like 4 times and kept going to get some coffee cause the soothing jazz and coffee porn made me want some so bad

Are you a furry?

Quit turning me into a racist Tsuchi

This is all your fault


I voted for Neru

I know better.

do you have more cute doggoes

i was all alone for an hour ;_;

it was subtle

Aw shit they pulled a Blair Witch with the guy standing in the corner



Just wait until it goes Texas Chainsaw Massacre on you. You would think I just mean a chainsaw but no.

is this all the active posters?



thank you
at last somebody understands

No there wasn't enough room

No I'll just keep posting this one.


Subtle stole all the hearts

I voted for subtle cause his ears are small and cute


But true.

So when you get off is it considered inking, Squid?

I'm finding this site's working when I need to polls

Insufficient evidence.

You have it too?

They are here with you now.
And by they I mean me

Brb housework, people are yelling at me

now i feel deterred

What are you?

You're not really a weeb or a nerd
A hipster perhaps?
You do live in Newport

Yes hi it me

It was so sweet that he finally got to explain his coffee to someone who was interested.

I was half expecting it to bust out into a third season of Gochiusa though.

Wow you know what
That would explain Ban crushing
Because of the squidgirls

This was all I ever wanted

Only if it comes out black.


This is normal.
It'll pass here shortly.

So I've been told.

it only happens around u

it should be obvious
it's not you


Why bother?
Kind of ruins the feeling of a crush/attraction poll.


By who?

Its probably something stupid like Wish.

For your side, yes.

Mhm. Like I said, great game.
Feels a little shorter than thee original games but I think there was another line of events to go through so here's to hoping.

Ban and I are totally twinsies, so I know this stuff.
I can also tell when he is ovulating.

You might need a doctor, fun fact! I am one.
But I prescribe some odd things.

I voted Test because he's so smol and will make the best girl.

Them lurking.

I've the most evidence for my argument.



I barely talk to wish

Some random person.

Are we ever gonna play Pit People again?

Do you actually wanna do the side stuff?

It will probably be better in voice.


just here

Blat blat, watchin bitches drop.


uwu face
Don't say that

My knowledge of myself.

Hm hmm.

Dang you work fast

Don't spoil anything (pun intended)

Soto, buy Test her HRT so they can go full Licky.

I made all the ladies drop their panties.

why do you want to know so bad?

Objection! Sounds like circumstantial evidence.

You've none to support your theory.

please fuck off

How do you do it?


you don't even know who it is anyway

cause why?

Yeah man, I almost started crying with the guy cause no one would give a fuck about him being a coffee autist until Vigne loved the shit

Oh and let's not forget Gab's moan when she got poked in the back
I dunno about you but that shit had me diamonds THEN vigne bullies her over it


Man, this was a great ep
Confirmed AotS, get fucked Seiren and MaidDragon

Wouldn't care much regardless.

I ran out of booze. Or so I thought.
So I had little else to do. I will not spoil anything but you will probably love the game if you liked the older RE games.

I do, I am objective while you suffer any possible bias toward or against yourself.
Yeah babe.

God wills it.


hey 3 other people like my gf
i like her too

I'm nosy.

While forgetting you don't know me.

What person were you asking about what I desire when I blankpost? I'm starting to think you're lying to me, ban.

I would be interested in those two things, yes. And it probably would be, yeah.

Probably not today though. Feel pretty bleh. And am probably contracted into playing some other games with somebody. Tomorrow?

I bet you just hope it's you~

Well if the bible is telling you to, you make Test your girlfriend. God speed, little buddy.

I know you, nerd.
You are Tracer.

Mind control.

It's really effective.

Yo same actually.

Dude, School Days 2.0 is still really interesting for me though.

I'm free all day tomorrow after I get home from work.


I think he counts under whatever ooga booga of lepers.

What do you prescribe for black semen?

What was my first Alias.

Isn't that every day?

Please, I got 3 votes on the crush list.

Why am I immune to it though?


It's probably the same as when Luka and Lucy were dating: they're both dudes but lesbians. Somehow.
Because the internet.

i do not care
that list is trash

No its not.

I pick my sister up from school and take her to and from work some days.

You're not immune to it, I just haven't tried it on you.

the power of megabits is real

asi es.

Yeah I had more on the last one lmao

How would you know if you've never tried it on me ?


Truly, the biggest roadblock for things.


Was there a super shitty "shooting gallery" arcade game for Resident Evil?
For some reason, I'm remembering there being one at a local pizza arcade.

The power of reality denial is just 2stronk.

Luka will break up with Vylee if he finds out what they look like.

that feel when subtle ran off to play games

hashbrowns are NOT intended to hurt

It has never failed before.

dont ruin their special thing thats mean

i forgot to vote for you since it was multichoice

It is rather annoying at times.

I don't get home really until 6ish some days.

so its 6am to 6:30pm

congrats on getting dudes on the internet to fawn over you, I guess.

Seiren is pretty great too, I just hope they dont fuck it up.
The whole scaring the teacher away with a boner was 10/10
Konosuba ep 2 wasn't too bad I guess
The loli in maid dragon is adorable

I like how you and Subtle are the only people I can really weeb out with

Is it something like this?

+so many

It will fail.

Its all built on lies.

a house built on sand and blah blah blah blah

I would of voted 4 u too


I wouldn't know.

Okay, I guess the fights are enjoyable.
Despite, (or maybe because of?), the weird animation and colours.

someone told her to type 'eat my ass' and she said that instead

i will vote 4 u next time

Probably but you might want to be safe and go ask the priest at the nearest church you can find.
None of that Jewish temple shit though.

Chop it off with an axe, put on a dress and start anew as a female.
Hope you do better this time around.

Cock Socket?

Minus the silly stuff.



that's only because you pretend to be a girl so i do no care



The colony of lepers is Jesus, not the Torah/Old Testament.
What actually happens in the parable I've no idea. I just used it because Test is short, like a leper.

another line for your permanent record!

that's fine, subtle. go ahead and win your game

I remember when they doxxed Lucy

Poor guy

Nigga never posted after we saw how he looked

No chingues

Queria decir algo pero voy a tratar a no ser "bully" lmao

tsuchi is someone that just really needs to die

Aren't you normally home inbetween those two times though?

Yeah, certainly seems to be the only possible option there.

Dont bully my gf

That was me.
He posted a bit ago to try and encourage Licky and Luka to date.

What does Lucy look like anyway?
I wasn't around for that.

but i'm supposed to be ur gf :(

I will stick my lesbian penis in your lesbian asshole only if you wear a skirt.

tfw Subtle hates you

Yeah, they can fuck up School Days 2.0 pretty easily but I like where it's going so far.

I still didn't really care for it, but it was a lot better than the first episode.

I still have 6 episodes of shit to catch up on tonight, kill me.

But since it hasn't yet I'm still on a perfect record.

Okay real try this time. Um, did it start with a P?

Yeah, despite being in church when I was younger most of that stuff went in one ear and out the other. Not even gonna pretend I would have known that.
Hey you like Rick and Morty too right?

That or marry Ban.

What do you look like? :thinking:

Generic white dude.
Just not a girl.

I will never understand for the life of me why people pretend to be girls online and lesbian ones at that.

Jesus fuck.

for short bursts of time


They kinda sillied themselves out with RE5


I think it's kind of impossible to not like Rick and Morty.
I'm not too miffed about Season 3 being delayed, though.
I'd rather they not rush it and force a subplot and humor.


Me irl.


Implying :c



But it's not just attention.
It's such a false facade and waste of effort.
You were from the same threads as me; you know how 80% of the threads claimed to be female when of that group, like three actually were.


You've been ignoring me all day and you even called me a dumb baka stupid earlier!


fight me, colbs

Gun Survivor 2?

I hate you sometimes, you triballed shit.

That was on the console.
I'm trying to find the one that was an actual arcade cabinet.

I don't fight girls.


Miku's the only one I can remember who was actually born female off the top of my head.
Were Holo as well?


I'm getting sick of that
why is everyone calling me a girl

kinda want people to draw me but kinda dont

House of the dead is the only thing coming to mind then.

I liked the little action hero era they went through. It was a change, not a great one but it is something few series have the balls to go that far in.
And most that do fail far harder.

I tried. Honestly I would try to get to know you better but this place is not the best for that aaaand you strike me as a bit distant from that sort of thing.
No offense meant, I guess? Maybe.

I have a kind of stupid webm of it if you want it. Slightly funny.
The delay blows but like you put it, best not to rush perfection. That kills many shows in my opinion.

You have red hair?

We have to out-YURI Luka and Vylee

You are my one and only bby~


so lolz tho

I can sorta see where its heading at but like hey I'll still watch it.
The MC sorta triggers me on how autistic he is sometimes. Like holy shit I think you have more ovaries then this nigga has balls I swear.

Megumin and Onsen is always a nice mix

Damn, what are you catching up on anyways?
Hopefully you have some drank to power through them. Nigga that's 3 hrs

I think the bigger mystery is why some people care so much about what people they only know over the internet and don't really interact with call themselves.


better be
or i'll give you three balls like colbs

More brown.

Kinda wanna dye it red sometimes.

And blonde other times.

Me irl

Because you're constantly PMSing?

Oh yeah, I still love RE4 and 4 and even like 6 mostly, they just kinda abandoned the theme of the earlier ones

Usually takes a year before I attempt to add anyone on Steam or use other private methods to communicate.


the same reason why jehovas witnesses try to convert others

Hey, I drew you

but that's wrong



choose red
blonde is shit and red is goddess tier

Who said I didn't?

It was post-game!

I would never do anything so rude..

Holo was a dude.
The only females were Miku and Nia.
Everyone else was male or non-transitioning trans.

I ended up just searching for "zombie arcade cabinet" and yeah, it was a House of the Dead game.
Because it had a lot of cheesy dialogue.

I'm fine. I don't post R&M other than the image of him drinking and looking at Jerry condescendingly.

I have no dislike of Lucy or anything.
I just couldn't figure out why he pretended to be a girl and then hit on other girls as a "lesbian".
I'd known for years before posting it.


I can do it too

Holy shit.

[sounds of glass shattering]


What, be wrong and PMS? Because you certainly do that enough

Good enough

Why would I do that, and how would it help.

Didn't you want that?