Lets all love manakins 2017 thread ITT:

lets all love manakins 2017 thread ITT:


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that is such a cruel punishment!

more what!? more color? more food? more drink? more.. lewd? more less often?

now u have!

(adorabel sd pix dot com)
we have priests now?


that OP

no more long hiatuses

Well, maybe you shouldn't knock my coffee over.

We always had, but they left, like everyone.

the record still goes on and on

you said more!

uh oh.. say.. what will happen if instead of coffee it was vodka and instead of a cup it's one bottle and instead of table it was toilet.

we should all hold your hand

missing you i cannot bear it

Then I'd have to confiscate both hands.


good morning thread peopls


they must return! ;~;

seeing you back make me smile~

i ate a mc wrap yesterday when you asked 4 threads ago

is that the mcdonalds burrito thing?



except it has real eggs
and canadian bacon and ham
and a hashbrown inside of it and sausage
and white cheese

all in one yummy wrap

That is pretty odd, considering that Rhymesayers uploaded that.
I mean, mostly they just upload full-on hip-hop and rap.

They most likely won't.

there are.. six of us here and I only got two..

I may or may not have always been around :3

how do i function through the day without my hands..?

so.. if i disappear your smile would also disappear..?

That is not my problem.

hi sci. watcha up to

so it was like a breakfast burrito? whats canadian bacon like?

the last time i ate a wrap it had chickens in it

why not? ;~;


people can die because of what you do!

dont worry, you have found someone who can bring better smile upon your days!

yeah a yummy burrito in the morning

canada bacon is healthy and lush and full and powerful and natural

yeah chicken wraps past 11 am
breakfast wraps past 6am

who? ;~;

Because they quit for good.

Now you're just overreacting.

interesting videos and i've been having trouble sleeping lately

lewdest thing ever!

idk what to do but i want to cry

brought me to a v interesting profile close taste to my own hasnt been on in over 60 days i hit add as favorite may drone later

who were they?

Maybe, maybe not.

Bear, he was studying theology.

You know who!

for example, how would I drink water?

you have to turn off the bright lights! yes including your monitor!

tryyyy going to sleep at normal time, it will boost your mood!


It's still an Aesop project, that's probably why.

I like how that's spiritual sounding.


eh when i actually get tired my monitor doesnt bother me cuz i use flux.
video is over but now i need to look for a vps cuz the video inspired me to do old things i did(it helps that i've been talking to old friends again too)

i hardly remember bear now ;~;
like a faded memory.

i do?
show me! :DDDD

i do go to bed at normal time! bed from 9pm-5:30am last night. it's the best, youre right. you have the best advice.

whats new, portugal?

but does it taste like real bacon? I bet those wraps do so much good in the cold of winter

i understood 30% of that sentence

i meant.. getting rid of all the distractions..
or not, telling people to sleep is the hardest thing ever!

I wouldnt need to!

but isnt it around 3AM at your place?

Also if you're interested Sci, BC is in 4ch Holla Forums's waifuthread as of currently.

I didn't think this through.

Well then, the music video at least seemed like one.
It reminded me of Far Cry 4 and the odd drug testing missions.

You'll find that one someday.

Well, they weren't around for that much, and kind of lost interest when Ariel left, because they were good friends.


also its like 630 where Sci is

So what you're telling me is to unleash the wolves

Dont encourage him

this is my favorite defense mechanism when i dont want ppl to know what i do i explain in the most confusing way possible!

no 6:38a we're somewherebetween 11 and 13 hours apart i believe

omfg ty

okay whatever i guess you hate me

you have to sign a contract that says you're going to sleep soon!

oh, right around breakfast time?

What do you mean by this?

But aren't they always looking for her?

Just checked it and noticed that they're there.

I dont know.. i've always seen it as something bad

they do good
they fill me up.


ariel was an okay person, i'm sure they both are doing okay these days? u_u

all your questions will be answered on that wonderful day!

I think it's better to let one follow their heart in these things.

I haven't heard from Ariel in a long while, but I still casually catch Bear around in the late evenings, he's doing alright.


Didn't realize it was you, cool.
Not much that I want to talk about. Got anything interesting or funny to distract me?

Shoot me in the head, I never played FC. Or 99% of the good games out there.
I like that.

no i am incapable of hate also i thought we were e - dating ?????

it might be breakfast time...if i ate breakfast! now i am picturing the banana slices in cereal gross. breakfast is the worst

in blood?

i could tell irc bros to do as they please there and kill ittt

i guess..

but.. it's great to get rid of morning laziness!

ink will do..

nothing fills me up anymore
nothing taste good anymore

stop making weird and disgusting assumptions

there's a special day? ._.

>w< SD fill me with joy! make me want to shout i love SD!!!!!!
sorry u~u that's just what my feelings are wanting me to burst out with feeling and say.

yey good to hear~

try other things.

not that much things available to me
the best are instant noodles, but they arent very filling for what its worth

look for more availible

FC1 was alright, 2 was meh-malaria simulator, 3 was the best out of them and 4 was tiresome, but it had some neat missions in the fantasy/drug settings.
This one reminded me of Tame Impala.

Why would they do that?

I don't know about you, but I feel like it makes them feel better.

That's a bit, ehm, I don't know.
I'm not going to pressurize them into posting, same as Astra, Pan, and all others that have disappeared during the years.

nothing jumps to mind so i guess instead i will bore you!

can it cure all-day laziness?

"disgusting" :(

how many different foods are your favorites?

well duh
im not gay so it would be disgusting to into dudes

because the threads are as much against the rules as animu threads and gfur threads are(lol)

yeah same but being on the internet theres hardly anything else around so it's like prison

you cant buttfuck people on the internet

Not like anyone really cares anymore, it's pretty much the same mentality as 4chan being a secret club.
The ideology kind of died in the process.

hmm? :3
who are you going to pressurize?


I meant that I'm not going to ask them to come around, because they most likely wouldn't want to.

i understood that much~

the celeb threads have been killing that place too. SOON

Oh well.

Celeb threads?

tell me more

Drugs are something that intrigue, I'd probably enjoy that portion of the story too.

I love videos with art like this so much, if I had money to throw away I'd make a bunch of t-shirts from them.

Pretty good song.

Hah, good luck with that, I don't remember when was the last time I felt that.

maybe you cant

cant remember the last time you felt boredom?? that is amazing! whats your secret

as long as it doesn't taste gross or bad texture or icky sour or raunchy

i like it.

*snuggles happily*

yeah... sorry my dick isnt smol enough to fit into the usb socket like you

so like

An assortment of hobbies, addicting games and a little bit of autism.

Well, they're more so filters and changes to the lands to make it seem like hallucinations, then you run from another point to another when that spiritual tibetan music plays, kind of like Kula Shaker.
Also I forgot to send you this one.

people posting pics of dif celebrities as their avatars and basically acting as if they were the celeb from time to time, all to get each other off. that and some obsess over them way too much(kind scary tbh)

le burned...do it again

like a dash of autism lol i like that. i think everyone here can sympathize.

are you into that??

no idk

Mmmhmm. Sorry, at this point I feel a bit empty and I can't into conversation about something I know little about.

Seems to be the case with every imageboard circlejerk.

give me a blue haired cat girl and ill stop

why else would ppl do this in place of real social interaction? also fear

okay i guess

Long time no see, DFC

Manaka can fucking hang themselves

I know normies with perfectly healthy social lives that come to these places once in a while, maybe I should ask them.

Been a while, WoW takes a big chunk of my time.

theres a difference between unwinding here and living here! two totally separate crowds. but yes get the normie inside scoop.



with good seasoning and stuff yes


That sounds like the old chlo/b/ros that we had.

Everything alright?
I recall that you liked Delta Heavy, so did you hear this?

like salt and pepper?



Imageboards are circlejerks.


Yea, just feeling a little melancholic.

Nope, didn't hear that before, wasn't even aware that they actually released a full album, makes me pretty happy since looking at all the short EPs in their discography always demotivated me from downloading it.

Great song, amazing pixel art in the video too.

True enough, but I could argue there's circlejerks inside these circlejerks.
Or should I just use the term general?

so whats luka doing today

Model Hanne Gaby Odiele reveals she is intersex to 'break taboo'


Hopefully that passes soon.
Just saw it one day in the sidebar and thought that I hadn't listened to Delta Heavy in a long while, so gave it a go.
Yeah, they really can make music videos.



are you gud at it?


looks like someone hasnt gotten off the bandwagon

i experienced all kind of stutter, tearing, audio delay and performance drop.

Don't lie.
You only played Mercy and you were bad at that even.

what band wagon?

Oh well, our teams were pretty bad anyhow, considering that our DPS constantly did less damage than me.

the one heading to dead man's cape

that's better than trying to fly as pharah but hit a street light instead.


i tried my hardest on dva ;~;

They constantly solo res at awful times.
Nobody in the group could take it.

Anyway sup with you?
You back for good now?

never heard of that one

Gabriel dropout ep 3 was fucking hilarious

LMB, but I meant on the rounds when we had a Genji, I don't quite understand how you can't do more damage than Lucio as a Genji.

You did alright with the ultis.

Wish manaka would get mangled under a lorry in a mooed accident

ah ahah, i'm new at this, dont mind me i'm just blowing meka at my team because i mashed button but dash was on cooldown.

well i'm just checking the water, see if it's good enough to get dived at

better not, that train barely moves.

hey give him some rest he is bringing sword into gunfight

at least i was the one getting gold on objective time stopping them in their tracks at that one spot ;~;

me: nooooooooo!!!

Scoot, you feg.

it's a train?


im still here

it moves on a track and can be derailed.

Mananka, can you make me some tea or coffee, please?

I downloaded KH 2.8.
It finally unlocked and has to download each individual game as well.

But he is a cyborg bringing a sword into a gunfight, if we've learned anything from games previously, cyborgs with swords are awesome.

Well, we mostly just played the support role, and the DPS role failed.

i don't know

even though you shouldnt ask a high ranking officer, but i'll make an exception just for today

the only good cyborg with sword is raiden!

haha look at me ! electronically enjoying the company of others :) who knew!

Don't I out-rank you?

i guess that shows that we have to be the carrys~

I am not really sure what you are saying.

Not in naval battle you dont!

this is nice
what a grand ol time

I might be back if things have changed for the better

Genji's pretty much the same.
I wonder if they'll make the game more laptop-friendly for you.

Perhaps, but there are usually the mains on DPS roles who refuse to play anything else.

What's tie favorite character

It hasn't and won't.

But I'm the Rear Admiral, and I've met the Vice Admiral and Commandant.

this cutie is mine

Going to go play KH.

Or not.


we'll do what we can to baby them :P

Wogood luck
KH good yo

genji cant climb walls and he still stucks with throwing stars!

the game is light enough, it's just my laptop dont have enough cooling system

i'm seeing things have changed though!

you've never went to real battle!

Well, not recently.
They say I'm too important for that now.

What's your favorite character*

My slide to type phone keyboard has bad accuracy

I'd rather not bother them.

But Genji can, you just hold space and W whilst facing a wall, same as Hanzo.
Did you get a cooling pad like I told you to like 2 years ago?

That's what they say about all paper pushers in military.

dont u just admire the beauty of it all sometimes my aim is to hug and squeeze love like the weens this can be real to us lets take it for granted dont ruin the illusion i feel connected to the dead mornings are perfect people only hate it if they have been tricked into thinking they should be up at night candlelight horse and buggy trying my best to hear it all no worries it will never be make thr best of i love you!

I could stream the cinematic thing later if you want to see it.
2.8 is just the 3DS game and 2 new things.

It's the same people as the last few years.
And the first thing would be more you than here.

mercy > mei > Diva > Anna

making a folder of her

what do you mean? ._.

I'd imagine so.

here's your coffee and get dressed!

I will never admit genji is in the same level as raiden!

I did, it's called notepal and to be honest.. not much air come out of it

they just changed names?

Mighy have to tomorrow
Currently working

I thought everyone hates Mei


God damn it.

guys...im going to start reading books again D: let me finish this album


that was like my third most played :]


Annoy them by telling them to change characters.

And they usually say that too when asked why won't they come to camps, but it's commonly known that they're just lazy.

But he is.
Oh well, maybe you should try cleaning the insides of your laptop someday, since dust could be the problem too.

At least im not one of those people

it's 3 years old, it's probably due for thermal paste change.

im still in mild pain from falling down the stairs yesterday laundry never again!

What's the rank

Why past tense

two trips are better than one trip with falling down the stair!

i got bored of the game months ago

huh? what are you talking about?

I miss Manaka

What's your games now

What rank are you?

I just always play whatever the team is missing, since everything works equally good.

Most likely, should use compressed air to clean the modules whilst you're at it too.

me too

yeah i have a can around.

Its the worst babydoll

yes this is wise... but it all fit in the basket mostly so i figured what the hell
good lord i cant wait for summer!


Then you're all set for the task.

I don't have a rank.

i just pick whichever will feel funnest to me.

only professionals are allowed to overfill the basket!

here comes the anxiety

Ah, that explains the Hanzo pick on offense then.

Just watch a video how to do it and be more confident with yourself.

kinda blew up on my lil bro and left without him to visit family cuz he had me waiting for him to get up. i waited for like 40 minutes! papas on my side and mamas neutral so it is net victory for me, plus the vacant seat held my fudge stripes which was nice AND i could smoke in the car! but still hes upset and i wanna make up with him what should i do animus

What spend days doing

Why not?

it's my only working one and if i mess it up it's all over

pew pew scatter~
shoot underneath that one car into their defense point!

i don't know.

i was a fool to think i could launder with the best of them...and i paid the price

post on image boards watch youtube videos asmr etc listen to and rate music albums
thats my existence in its current form

Well, you could always let a professional handle it.

Ah well, I've never liked playing Hanzo, or any of the snipers in general.

Suck his dick.

where did you get hurt?

yeah that's what i'm thinking.. is SD a professional?

How will i know you are good?

That sounds boring

It's probably the better option.
Yes, why?

no joke responses thank you!

my back and my right elbow

Blowjobs make everything better.
Therefore if you give him a blowjob you'll make it better.

help me clean my laptop

how bad is it?

it's all right. would be better with warm weather. ive been wearing sunglasses at night when im alone

i just like it for scatter and potg dragon :P
yeah widow iz underwhelming i agree.
anna is best

But I'm not physically there.

make it happen

They're pretty gimmicky, so if I ever end up playing a sniper it's either McCree or Ana.
Although McCree isn't classified as one, but works just all the same really.

I'll fix my situation and see about that.

That sounds pretty autistic but i also think it's cool so i must be autistic

I cant

bring the most finnish thing you can think of


Did...did they think this was ok?

such pretty eyes~ ^w^

fun gimick
mcreeeeee long range dmg drop off tho
only closer range is powerful
to far and mc reee's bullets only tickle them


maybe if i were a female not related his gf his age and we were both a little older it would be in the picture...off by a hair!

no reason to complain rly

yes im v cool. i think i freaked out my cousins gf a little lol


But Finnish things might just not exist.

not a living thing!


oh shit it fuckin works
hooooooooooooooo fuck yes


Idk, but SD told me so so it must be true.




ya hi
look at my new trip

Gimmicks seem a bit useless, unless they're like Lucio's ability to wall-ride.
Got to hit them in the head for that reason.


But I'm not alive.


because SquEnix.

I'm not allowed to stream the title screen of FFXV because I beat the game.

Nice, Mommy.

My computer is poopy

Pretty sure it's just autism

i find them fun and useful. u_u
sounds... tough to do.

make it stronger

there's got to be somethingggggggggg

just bring something from your house! and we're fixing that not alive thing

Can they even enforce this?

That requires spending of funds

Oh well.
Not really, just got to find that perfect height on the distance and then only move your cursor sideways to hit them in the head.

But there's so many things.

nah im clean trust me dont worry about

tbh im still disapointed in u but hi


ur rich?

they left left to right..... but then they also move forward and backward ;~;
meaning you have to move cursor up and down too! :|

I am not

The maps aren't that big that you'd have to do so, since the difference between your cursor and their hitbox doesn't change even if they move forth and back.

we'll find a way
surprise me

Wait is everyone supposed to call you Mommy?
because I can get jiggy with that

I dunno.
Maybe a hug would bring it to mind.

Well, the PS4 share button disables function during those screens.

As for actual enforcement, hmm.
I can think of a few ways.
None that any sensible entity would pursue, but there are some.

How's your morning going?

What's so special about a title screen that you can't stream?

I hope so.
But surprises are so hard.



I think the backdrop animation, and it has the game's title art, which is apparently a spoiler because it's the last scene of the game, or something, I don't know.

I will never claim SquEnix makes sound choices all of the time.

hey i went on my music rating site and used some special algorithm thing to calculate albums ppl with similar taste enjoy and found that the underground compilation vol 1 by three six mafia is very popular with them so im gonna give it a listen soon
keep it up boyo!

c-calm down lloyd
idk it seems to be a thing
so i roll with it

i do not feel well and have to cover a shift tonight so bleh

what u got?

y r sum heroes things circles, and others a plus symbol cross hair?

It could also be the track that plays, I haven't idled on it.

But they tend to get pretty uppity with Prelude, these days.

Eugh, covering shifts made me hate my coworkers, tbqh.

I hope you feel better before you have to go.

The best song to get introduced to 3-6 is Now I'm High part 1
I've not had a chance to download that album yet though

You must own up to it.
It's the truly maternal thing to do.

2k in my account

wow! lotsa cash... ur rich.

Because their shots scatter in the area of the circle like a shotgun shell, and others just shoot normal projectiles.

It's in savings


ty my darling daughter

i mean, sometimes i do
did you not notice the discord names? or see my scolding people who DO DRUG? COUGH COUGH

I... have a new name... uwu''

If I'm not mistaken, wasn't I the first to be calling Oobles "Mommy"?

Is that girl legal?

how come soldier doesn't have a circle thingy? his shots dont perfectly stay in the center of his cross hair when hold down the trigger...


saving up for a kewl powerful computer?

I did notice those, ye
You must be proud to have such a huge family

Because that is recoil, his first shots always hit the middle, so it's easier to pick enemies from a far with taps instead of holding it down.

The circle thing is called a reticle

Why did I not look at these names sooner?

what are hit scan thingy? and that other uh.... definition?

many types of reticule tho?

what names?

i cant see!

you were! hence why you're "Rin my Darling Daughter"

I-I guess....

He has solved a lot of things by sniffing the right places.

Hit-scan means that the bullet instantly hits the enemy when you click on them, the other has projectile travel time such as Zenyatta's orbs.


Yeah I was keeping track of that... I think Squash might have been about two minutes off, and Ban actually tried to coin it the next day but he was too late.
Was some enthralling shit



Speaking of hitscan, I wanna see how Anarchy gaige handles eridium rifles.

Because those are basically hitscan.


A server.

Every single type whether circle or dot is called a reticle, yes.

sooo umm... like a lazer?
which characters have no travel time? (i bet they're super op!)

how2 git gud


lol lulu is so funny :)

Haiyuu what's poppin

lulu buffs though

adorable pic
me on the left in black~ ♥

We need to get you the Chopper.

Yeah, kind of, Soldier 76, Ana (when scoped), Widowmaker, D.Va, Bastion, Tracer, Reaper, McCree and Sombra.

;_ ;


why do you keep posting that

huh? but i see the physical bullet of soldier fly past me ! it's not instant! it haz a travel time... u_u
does that mean everything have travel time???

That's the animation, but it pretty much hits you when he clicks on you, got to have some visuals like how Ana's rifle leaves the trace too when scoped.


I work best with a shotgun when I can get it down to a single shot between reloading.

That's how I stack so fast.

S-sorry mommy :(

Wow! i can't trust the animations anymore...


Iwanna go swimming in jam

it super sticky! and hard to clean...

What a life.

Because I like it
No big deal


Remember back when every game was hitscan because it's easier and doesn't take as much to do?

Think of the possibilities, 4x(1000:6) 666? bullets going 360, possibly nuking everything from a room, unless all of them land in the same spot, which would suck majorly.

Always got to know what goes behind the scenes to get better at it.

Quake doesn't remember.

what a time to be alive

7.2 comes out Jan 25/26

Close Enough is 50% ricochet at 50% damage.

Plus I can only get things spreading that far around me once I have a not-insignificant number of stacks anyway.

Youd think that your kids would have more reservations about telling you that shit

I dont wanna waste money

Rolled 2 (1d2)1 - Remod FO4
2 - Just play Skyrim
3 - Get some hookers and blow




yeahbut that was cancelled


At least I stay out of the hookers and blow.

The AP ratio increase yeah but not the mana cost decrease
And they said they wanna buff her more

When are you going to medschool??????????????

Look at rin... perfect daughter of the family... no beatings for the nerd ;-;

Well, we could always try it.

Don't worry mom
I'll never tell you about all the strung out hookers I have illegit children with

it's not even best girl tho


what else goes on be hind scenes?

you're out of date tho ;~;

i want her :c

Four? Five? years ago.

I would have been a psychiatrist if I didn't drop out.


I know but at least it's cute

Just a correction

but spending money makes me a burden



At least you tried.


Rolled 723 (1d1000)1/5- Breton
2/6- Imperial
3/7- Nord
4/8- Redguard
9/0- Reroll
Dubs- Find a mod race
Trips- Find a not op mod race

More specifically, the course I was in certified me for employment in any mental health field in Canada, but I'd need two or three more years of training in field to be permitted to write prescriptions.

Kind of glad I dropped out, 'cos otherwise I'd have to put up with people like Fish saying I suck at my job because I'm doing my job properly and not how they want me to do it.

yeah, i wanted to be a PSW then i came herel mao


a burden to wat?

making a pretty nord lady?

im dependent still

where are you from?

the us?

oh... ok.
sorry i missed this post... u_u

want to be specific?

Coulda made Sci jealous and been a child psychologist. :^)


us, HI?

gonna be sneaky archer
or brute force lady
or a magic person?
or maybe just uh make potions and throw them at enemys?
a traveling looter or uh... a bard, or umm... a exploring pascifist healing girl?

right back at chuu?

um sure?
i meant the state tho?

I'm probably just going to be a smith in one of the holds or something, holy shit.

At the very least I was attacked and left for dead. :^)

i don't think it's very cute

why did you swear? ._.
smithing, a pleasant past time ^ ^

state? oh we call those thingys.... Provinces.
You're a surfer boy on a tiny island? sounds luxurious!

... no
i dont leave my house

why not?

scared of stuff?

i guess
but i dont really have a reason to leave the house anymore

why is that?

cuz i can survive in my house

Americans are so fucking stupid. Like. Wtf.

Out of character, I think I got fucked by RNG.

I spawned in on Solstheim.

not for ever tho?


what happened to the intro on the wagon leading you to execution and then dragons attack that keep and save you at the start?

Alsuin is a cuck



niiiiice a tan surfer boy trap

A mod that lets you start in a different way.
Instead I was attacked and left for dead on Solstheim.

Dunno why I'm here, nor how I got here, but I know I can't take a ship back to Skyrim unless I can raise some money.


I'm fucking dying

God bless /gif/


probably not

stop im a yellow skinned asian that doesnt see the light of day

[Inhaling Anime Girl Noises]

Get out in the sun more tanned azn grills are great


im a boy :U

sounds kewl.

sounds like a black smith has to get working~

idk? kms?


well idk then. oh well

you don't even school?

im done with it

I was exploring this mine because I figured I might be able to get ores in it, but I'm starting to think this is above my pay grade.

megumin has a collar wut

what minecraft mod lets you have pay grades?

She has a choker.
This isn't new.


oh i never noticed
all the doujins i read either have her fully nude or focus on the lower bits

what is your future like?

too dangerous?

that's not new.
her choker always there always cute

you can never be too sure of that

onetime i knew a dude irl that would wear one
he was pathetic

Rin post butt

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boys make the best girls