Grim is heterosexual

Grim is heterosexual.


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white people should be illegal

we should deport all white people to a new galaxy where they can flourish in peace

If you have to force yourself to not be gay then you're just gay in denial

We should just murder all 250 pound failtraps that leech off welfare.

A) It isn't more
B) It's not a matter of more or less effort in terms of what you are technically doing, it's a matter of the effort involved in going to the new thread compared to the effort involved in making sure you don't leave the thread open and are constantly remembering to refresh it

Come on man even by the standards of my arguments this is dumb and petty.

Who's more in denial Subtle or Grim?

Place your votes now folks

oh noes the computer repair guys are gonna find my torrents and send me to supermax prison

oh well

end of the day I'm not doing anything with anyone who has a penis and that's good enough for me


Subtles not gay because its a female penis.

It also does not count if he is aroused by Asian boyz.

What about people forcing themselves not to be straight?

There's literally no logic to this whatsoever.
"It's more passive to have to scroll down to the bottom of the thread to find a new thread than simply refresh the tab."
I legitimately do not know if you're just being contrary to be contrary or just pretending to be retarded.

Just say you want kids instead.

Easier to defend.

Then they are still gay.

what am I defending
what am I defending against

archives what the fuck

I'm not going to bother trying to continue this.
Learn to read.

This seems biased

That face looks like the face of someone who legitimately enjoyed Prunus Girl lmao

Oh so he's like Soto levels of gay

Now the real question is cut or uncut?

think about it

cynical threads are really dum

Enjoy making no sense to anyone but yourself then and just making passive insults because you can't make your point.

these are dark things I do not want to think about

3d print it and you're good

I'm making the rules though so I don't care.

I will gas anyone who has a problem with it.



Personally, the twenty odd times during this conversation you took the first clause of a sentence and then asked a question answered in the second is enough to be pretty secure in my version of events.

To nap or not to nap

That is the question

Kind of can see why your threads are dead then.

orjust moulds


To shoot up a mall.

c-come nap with me soto-kun .///.

what, are you going to use silicone?
that stuff is costly

If you're going to own a 3D printer, why would he use it to make dildos?


I do NOT like loli feet !

Kill yourself.

to fuck himself with

Which mall should I shoot up though?

The Moreno Valley Mall is too small

That sounds amazing actually

We could keep hitting the bong until we pass out on each other lol

duru duru duu
duru duru duu


Whichever is the blackest.

darude jokes

Jackson, I cybered Subtle the other day

Get fucking cucked

Who appointed you leader?

I'm not sure your gas chamber will be big enough.

Christ, now you're making me want to keep going here.
Just how defensive can you get?


Good for you

I'd rather smoke a fat blunt

I'm not even defensive.
You are arguing the utterly indefensible.
You can say you prefer one way but you can not say that objectively doing more is "less work".
It's fucking retarded and you just keep playing the "whelp, I lost, better just say that can't understand my illogical position without backing it".

TOothbrush and bed

San Bernardino it is then

Though Im not gonna lie if I do end up trying to shoot that mall up I'll probably end up getting shot myself lmao

Awww it was better when you would get mad :(

What flavor Swisher/White Owl tho?

me too

I made myself the leader and I will fucking kick your ass.

How big are you ?

game blue

tbh 3d printing stuff is not too good because of ridges that are hard to clean etc

use a high printing res.



Kill them all, Soto.
Kill them all.
Make California brown again.


I'm challenging your leadership.

You're on completely the wrong scale here, Nez.

doesnot matter

I went to get toothbrush

maybe that is what was in my keyboard too toothbrush

Because you've yet to explain how it's less work.
That's the whole point of it.
How is it less work to do more? You have to scroll down to the bottom of any thread to get to the most recent to post.
In what way is crossing multiple threads easier than just scrolling down to the bottom of single one?
You've yet to explain how it's less work, other than just repeat that it is.

Hello, upside down anime girl user.


you messy child


Anime titties are trash tier.

So you're a midget huh ?

I'm honestly not surprised.




I was not the one spilling stuff all over myself




I have finally found the correct thread.



I hope so.

I keep mistaking Neru for Licky and I don't know who that's offensive to.

I think I see what you mean now about the diss.

I remember I was triggering Subtle so hard cause I feed my friends cat more than I should just cause I like how fat and fluffy he is

but that was on purpose.

You're just dripping paste everywhere with no control.

cute pic

anime tiddie > anime titty

please shut the fuck up


Yeah you're dumb

It offends Darwin the most.


I just went back and counted like, five times before getting bored, there was probably more. It's legitimately like you're incapable of actually reading an entire post.

I have not learned how to do this.


No one likes cyclops breasts.

That's honestly the best part about a fat cat: right in front of their back legs, there's love handles you can jiggle when they're standing up and it pisses them off.

Kill yourself, nigger.

How does that offend Darwin?

You've yet to prove any assertion.
All you've done now is say you've totally proved it without ever specifying how more work is more passive.

what do i search for that?
anime lolis upside down?

Swear to god mate I'll be gassing *you* in a second here.

Do you desire something from me?

but I have choked on toothpaste and drooled it all over though

I will not reveal


you first, shitlord.

eww a chiyo

I've always wanted a f a t a s s w o o f e r tho

This ain't a dog but its just as good I guess

Besides its just a cat
Who cares if it dies
lmao jk dont tell PETA

It is time to stop posting.

Nothing wrong with a lone, disembodied breast.

Actually no, I directly answered that point at least five times, and you didn't even address it once.

Its not my problem if you're left out of the loop, loser.

I'm not your mate you fuckin' bogan.

Tell me your desires, and I may attempt to fulfill them.

Yeah nah I'd be calling you me cunt if you were me mate, ay?

At this point, I've convinced you're just trying to be contrary for the sake of it.
Enjoy just pretending to be retarded, I guess.

I apologize for not being an underage boy to be in his harem.

Where are the love handles tsuchi?
All I see is a big round ball of fur

Maybe he needs more food

yes I just finished tootbrush


I wouldn't dare disagree with your opinion, senpai.

Stop this right now.

What ?

You know.
You'd think I'd learn Strawpoll doesn't like quotes or apostrophes.

So how does the shota harem go anyways?

Goggles > Cupcake > Licky > Mordin > Neru > Ban > Tsuchi > Kisshot > Fish?

Only because the bogan accent is even more cancerous in text than it is vocally.

why am i even on that list




What are you, some sort of fag?

? ew a you

That list.

And you sound nice in text but awful in voice.

Because dicks are still just dicks no matter how "feminine" they are.

Are you Noct in this image?
I need to know to properly formulate how to react.

Basically, yes.

I completed tootbhrush and all that stuff is bed now I wish it was friday

sakura is not a loli!!

who voted for me
I'll fight that faggot

Ergo, I'm not a bogan, QED.

Why am I even on here?

That's my funday.


the only ungay dick is my own

sorry but he likes me more

I still haven't voted, lol.
I try not to vote in my own strawpolls, unless I'm voting for myself, or Gween Tea.


why is every aussie super gay except for dags?

I do not want to be on this list whatsoever.

I would crush you anyways.

I will one day be at the top of this list.

Thats a promise and I don't break promises.

Its my Nindo, my ninja way.

Why is every poster super gay except for a tiny minority?


Dont be mean
Ogres have feelings too

That's the o spot

Obese spot lmao

10/10 amirite?

There's no escape

I'm actually straight

Herp showed me his dick and made me send it to Bready one time before they dated.

every poster is gay the rest are just in the closet

By the way, if anyone cares, I got a chicken salad sandwich, a french vanilla, and two old fashioned doughnuts, one plain, one sugar.

Well, yes, but I wasn't aware land whales counted as either ogres or shotas.




Post pics of meal.


well, I've already ated most of it ;;

but I was so hungry ;;

whats a french vanilla? sugared coffee?
what does a plain donut taste like

Yeah but herp's some kinda hyper fag
I cannot understand him.

Well, that dags guy would just be in the closet too.
Point stands.

who sells donuts and sandwiches at the same store?

Eat it and then go vomit.


I fricked a 3d girl once

how do you dislike a fucking chicken sandwich
Literally what?

You guys fucked yet ?

Calm down there Mordin

I'm not posting a dork

Holy shit, Subtle, I'm basically bitch-princess-chan.

I'm always hungry and can eat super filling meals every moment without getting fat.
It tastes like a plain cake doughnut.

Timmy's, duh, lol.

Wasted money.

⠀⠀⡻⢿⣶⣤⣾⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⡄⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⡄⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠸⡄
⠀⢸⠀⠀⠀⠀⢸⠀⠀⠀⡞⡇⠀⢠⠃⢱⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⢠⠃⠀⡇⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⢧⠀⡇
⠀⡼⠁⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⡇⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠤⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⢇⡀⡼
⡼⠁⡔⠸⡀⢄⠀⠀⠀ ⢸⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⢆⣀⠤⣀⡠⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⢀⣵⠃
chuu chuu~

have you tried darker coffee

He's mostly just annoying.

Sounds awful

user pls

some of you seemed triggered over a thread meant for nothing more than image dumping




Yeah but it probably doesn't take a lot to be filling for you :3


please what

Can't stand it.

It kinda is.

It's funny.

Depends on the day, really.

I'll probably be really fucking hungry again by bed time.

Pls note the Chicken SALAD sandwich

I'm a lover of chicken sandwiches but when its a chicken salad sandwich its usually with mayo, sometimes egg, and all this other garbage

Why can't people just be old fashioned and vanilla af like me and just go with chicken bread with lettuce and tomato some mayo and grey poupon

Oh my bad

I heard Frick and thought that was you
I'm blind posting ATM


friggin retard


Also, Cinderella is my favourite so far.
Though all of them are pretty great.

when have i ever pretended to be anything other than a faggot?

THis is a god thing.

how much sugar and cream would you add to black coffee

I dunno.
After I passed Subtle I just started including whomever the fuck came to mind.

Case in point: Cupcake's on it.

I'm not sure.
I think I had a point then forgot.

So I've heard.

How the hell is being annoying good?

I have a crush on you desu

Depends on the roast, and flavour.

i wish i was here for it, though you seemed to have told people a bit of what i would have.

ur asking a child
they usually dont drink coffee

just pick and tell

do anything and learn what you like or don't? you don't seem shy of experimentation :^) so why not

Because you haven't fucked him.

I can't see images on this app and I refuse to use the other chan browser I downloaded

I like posting like this though
Kinda censors out all the autism ya know?

But Rin is also a child
Even though he's 25 lmaooooo

I do not believe such a thing is even possible on a technical level.


Fuck, I'm already yearning for the weekend.
I can't do this shit, I want my NEETdom back. ;-;

what do you mean by that?
is this open to deeper conversation

dont reverse child meme me

I was fb friends with Desu and almost put him as my bf and made it fb official >////

I dunno, are you saying you DON'T want to force annoying people to shut up by dicking them?

Also, I will note I only ever knew him after the whole accident thing, which apparently changed him somewhat heavily.


Wew and I am younger, guess it's time to go back to napping during the day.

good one

why feel sad when you know that if the universe is truly infinite there's an exact copy of yourself out there that's happy

Here have nudes of a girl that's your same age :^)

i'm saying you should try your coffee any many dif ways to see what you like
uhm sure if you wanna

Stop stalking me.

Don't we all?

You're nice.


I have a crush with the poster below this post.


I'm not 25 yet you ass.

I know I missed a lot, and probably worded a few things poorly.

With the cups I use, in a general medium roast pre-grind, I'll have about 2.5oz of cream and two to three tablespoons of sugar.

It also depends on the cream and sugar in question.


Oh hey Eva

Long time no see


Outta sight outta mind

you did fiiiine

It's a good thing I don't remember your name just right now.

I just got back from watching a bunch of tv, you hush.

I'm too lazy to do it


you are too

Hi there Hank. At least one of us is already drunk, obviously.
Going to follow suit though.

You just want me to say that about you instead.

Also I knew him before the thing happened and he seems the same now but with maybe a little more booze in him.

i never got nudes before. thanks!!

oh okay you just meant coffee. i drink coffee once in a while when im bored of tea. my family has like 3 different kinds and i usually just pick the black one and add very little sugar until it taste like tea

one time i added salt to my coffee because there were 2 containers of white seasoning. I tasted one and it was salt so i added the other. they were both salt for some reason

I fucking love fb images

Well, thanks.

My name is "I fucking hate Scanner can we ban him?"

Say my name, Daddy.

you can find someone's profile by using the filename but I forgot how to do it

Here have some Harambe nudes too

I remember the one time Soto and I lowkey met.

I'm glad he doesn't remember it, because it was kind of romantic the way he gazed longingly into my eyes, and that kiss, nnh.

Except for all the text autism

See I could believe that, or I could believe that the booze called to you, and the latter is far more likely.


Why would I WANT you to call me annoying, what the fuck

Pls don't ban me
I promise I'll be good and stuff and try and aim for 'ok-tier'.


We're the same age at least


I-I'm 21 now.


Stop being so fucking annoying, holy shit.

That's a lie, but shh.

I'm just fucking around, I've never met Soto.

lol i just went and got tea but it's how i drink my coffee

Oh god that image made me laugh for some reason at first.

thats fucking disgusting
do human beings find that shit attractive

well i cant say much about salted coffee because I only added like 1/4 a teaspoon of salt

you could definitely taste it, and it amplified the bitterness of the black coffee


The idea that I am nice is humourous.

No, fuk u nigga

okay. why do you talk like a faggot

squid wanna smash?

He stinks of cigarettes

I did start drinking about an hour ago. gonna go hard tonight booooi

I would not doubt it.

Don't you do this every night, you drunk?

I must've accidentally copied and pasted something.

I'm dumb like that.

Are you gonna get Divinity: Original Sin 2?

im fucking dead bebo

Yeeeeeee boi
I am also abusing this last chance to clear the rest of my alcohol out and abuse my currently mostly empty household.

good job

Various reasons.
What are you referring to specifically?

Why do you do this?

Probably, eventually. May or may not have a group lined up to play it, however. In any case, what sort of fag would play an RPG in early access, and it's not leaving that for a while.

oh I'm gonna make the last week look like a fucking warm up tonight.

That would be kinda scary especially since I do lock eyes and kiss with lots of girls/traps I barely even know at cons

I always have a fear of like finding someone from this community here while messing around like that at cons
Like the whole ordeal with Chelsea and how I ended up hooking up with her and not knowing she had ties to /jp/ /lgbt/ and on here lmao

Fuck me, right?

Nice fucking meme Rin lol
You're older than me by a couple months though, what an old hag :3

Are you supposed to be jealous or something?

Dont be gay

Lmao I like how you just ruin your own joke by saying it never happened and having to explain your self

I smashed that

Shes cool but ugly
That is what you call a practice chick kef
Take notes

I actually drastically cut back on cigarettes
I haven't touched one in like 4 days
Though I do smoke a ton of weed

chill with the trump wall esse

you type like darwin desu

I beat the early access like 3 times.

The first one is like one of my favorite games of all time.


Should I join Cupcake and break in this lil shitter with a couple of bottles of wine?

Define 'break in'

I'm a MAGA-fucking star boi

And how exactly does he type?
Mid-range on effort and with an occasional tendency to overdefine pointless shit mixed with a lack of care towards profanity?
Because that's pretty much what my self-image on how I type is.

Muh finished EXPERIENCE

The first one is one of those things where I originally bought it to play it with a specific friend but then we never really did because we're both awful at playing things, and then he died for 5evr, and I feel locked into not playing it with other people because we both still want to play it, we just never do.

a thing was done on Holla Forums btw

Tell y'what.
If you ever try to pick me up at a Con unwittingly, I'll keep it my little secret.

What month were you even born in.


Shitpost as hard and as fast as I can until this laptop breaks

ur kinda cute

at this point i rather into dudes

yes. then break me in

lordy, nevermind

I yearn for a non-verbal bro relationship; let alone with jet pilots.

This is an awful idea, you should do it.

Also what the literal fuck is that laptop?

that tummy

fuck god damn ow son of a cock

break in dat boipucci

if you think about it not a lot is holding a person back from joining the air force and ripping through the skies like pic related

Yeah that's what I fucking thought, user.

I played the first 1 with my friend but he tried to quit playing in the middle and I had to force him to complete the game.

I don't really wanna do that again tbh

Fuck the bottles, you'll need rum, gin and anything stronger than paint thinner for this one.


My body is ready.

Yeah but you're playing divinity OS solo
Why would you do that

My vision is holding me back from it. :/

Fuck this cleaning shit, let's turn me into a birdmandriverthing!

Yeah but like
If you want to get into somebody's pants, the most efficient way is rarely going to be literally just saying "let's fuck" repeatedly.


No I just got him the game and forced him to play it with me again.

actual reasons like that suck

unless a person has actual reasons like say vision probs then there isn't much holding them back other than themselves
dont let your dreams be dreams!

Waiting for it to be available online so I can dl it is suffering.

don't those games suck or something


world saved

... fuck, I'm a tad short sighted.
I always achieve my dreams, it is a shame they are all nightmares.


5 and 6 were lackluster, but I still liked them. 7 is supposed to be way different from them tho, it's getting pretty great reviews

It's actually a dream to have my pilot's wings one day.

I bet, should be quick though given it is a big game.

im doing it in a jokingly manner


it make me very happy when u use mi art


Should we do a fluky or a strawpoll to decide which poster we nominate for this batshit crazy idea?

Nice meme Rin, the only time you go outside is to DnD and stuff your face with Timmie's lmao
But I'll be sure to keep an eye out for you

Dec 24th
Dont you remember the whole Christmas eve meme shit?

But I had to see you damage control to Subtle
It was great :3

This is where you fuck up
Practice girls are a necessity
You dont learn this shit in a couple of minutes, it takes lots and lots of practice.

And also thigh muscles and cardio

Ara ara~

Its garbage I found that ended up working

Its still garbage but like hey it could be worth a few bucks

Hoo boy
We funna die tonight

It looks pretty spooky
The family in it is more calm and argue less than my irl family tho lmao

Three fucking times?

i'm not sure how it all works but i think taking a few Gs would fuck it up even more but only for a short amount of time

maybe they can work something out! like my spine is all jacked but they dont seem to actually give a fuck

keep the cute tohos comin

I am excite.

Your family's probably killed more people tbh

Jokingly is an adverb. Joking would be the adjective you should use there.

Hey that me.

Girls with dicks are best girls.

The only reason is why they wear those pilot masks is because if you go up that high, that fast, unprotected... your tears will boil behind your eyes, and the saliva in your mouth.

Sounds like you.

Three times? what?

I only got him the second one.

inb4 I get v& and taken to guantanamo

Desu post the "her feet marinating in my semen" one

So fkn lolz

im de 2hu master

Who do you think would be the prison king in The Bay?


also to like help you breath, though you shouldn't completely need it cuz training. high altitude fucks you a bit though

already sent it in

I mean, if we all get v&'d and got sent to Guantanamo Bay, who would you think would survive and who would die the fastest?

yeeah memes haha

I just hope it is not another one step forward and two backward situation again.

Also you're never ever sarcastic so that test is wrong.

I forget if that one gave me Dandere or Tsunshun.

Or to go to the mall, or to go to dinner with friends or family, or to go shopping for foodstuffs and/or alcohol, or...

No, I don't really pay enough attention to this place to commit much to memory anymore.

LASIK is basically the only hopes for me to be able to get an aircraft license, let alone my Pilot's Wings.

And, like.
If I'm not mistaken, LASIK is way out of my pay grade.

I remember that day you came over to visit and my grandma and grandpa got back from drinking with some friends and they were plastered and started arguing over corn

They were full on arguing too

I was like yeah Ian, this is my family lmao

It hasn't come across as such

I have it on good authority I'm not the only one to have interpreted it as such either.

It's good art.
She has kinda a weird expression on but a useful kind of weird, if that makes sense?
I dunno, I'm weird about the exact faces expressed by my avatars. And see lots of meaning where there is none.

Bleh, I completely fucked up there.

How much did you pay?

cute kitty~

sekibanki is underrated

Its okay.

I'm used to you messing everything up already.

won't the gov't pay for that though? idk how canadian stuff works
i'm sure you could be a drone person if you're fine looking at screens, sure it might not be the same right now but we have jets that are being built with the capability to have the pilot not only fly them but to also pilot drones on their screens.
warfare is changing and the one who dominates the air seems like the true king right now

This is the first time in our entire interaction in which I have ever done anything wrong at all.

That was pretty hilarious

sry sometimes my inner dom likes to steer the wheel


Literally found this in the closet and reinstalled windows

Could probs sell for 50 to 70 bucks

The only time I go to the mall is to get drunk at some lil arcade place they have there and play billiards

Or maybe buy some clothes from Sears or PAC Sun

High in the sky,
below to the deepest depths;
there are so much fucking nasty stuff out there that fuck you up. Void above, void below.

I think I'll just stay here on the ground, where it is safe now. ;w;

Your judgment is just extremely clouded.

Yeah, "inner dom", right.


If I were fine just piloting drones, I'd probably look more towards buying one as a hobbyist, lol.

As far as I can remember, I've never been the best with heights, but I've always wanted to fly an aircraft.
To be honest, I think the biggest thing stopping me is the fear that I'll get carried away and end up owning a jet and paying monthly to rent a hanger. :^)

I window shop a lot, plus I have family that works there, so.

yeah and scary

sometimes when i imagine getting sat on
i wanna do the sitting

The pain for us all and Capcom would be harsh.

Also nigga who you rooming with for ALA?

Me, Dan, Chovie, and Sam


Manny, Brandon, Nathan, and Ghostie

Let us know which room so we can all plan this shit out Manny is going day 0 but fuck that
Were going day 1


A Loli Ass?



Imagine have a multi-million dollar drone at your fingertips though!
Have you ever been in a plane or jet before? I've met many people who say they are afraid of heights but are fine in planes(as long as they don't look out the window for too long)

also if you're a real nig and wanna go higher than high then watch this

How old is it, anyway?

My judgement is objective and eternally true

This is the weakest definition of dom I've ever heard.

I have not.

I'm a bit of an adrenaline junkie, though, and that completely replaces the acrophobia.


im pretty subby

I can't stand window shopping

My ex would always do that and I would always tell her she'd literally just be wasting her time looking at stuff you can't buy
Literally cucking herself lmao

She would get pissed

Aight, you dont mind pitching in a bit for the room right?
It isn't gonna be that much I think like 50 for day 1 - 3 at the same place we stayed at or Brandon kicked you out, remember? Lmao

Holy shit ALA is already this weekend

I'm sure Capcom has all our wallets in their best interests.

Sometimes it isn't "can't buy" and more "don't want to buy."

Case in point, I'll walk into a book store to window shop and end up walking out with 100$+ worth of books.

When have they fucking EVER not?

That's gay yo

Nah, I told Daniel I'd pitch in holy shit you have a terrible memory


It has an 86 on Metacritic over 40-some reviews, I have high hopes

Watching those two videos is what keeps the dream going, to be one of the few who goes deeper than anyone else has gone and go further than everyone will go.

If you ever get the chance you should go, it's amazing. I've been on a plane at least 3 times every single year of my life.

The second one is especially beautiful. Just looking out my window now and not being able to see a thing fascinates me and I wish to go beyond the stars.

but im not a gay!!


I've an opinion on them for sure.



Rolled 61 (1d100)evens, I just take sleeping pills every time when I wake up until my computer is fixed

odds I deal with it and just play shitty flash games

Ban had a dream that he let you come inside and he didn't regret it.

Feeling inspirational tonight?

Why can't we just be nice christian friends?

Why do you make everything so gay ?

This would be why you were in the strawpoll.


Was it a wet dream?

Probably gonna be a dick to us all again, that or it will just be Silent Hill: Resident Evil.

I was probably drunk lmao
You coming through day 1 after work?
Just kick it have a few beers then crash
Day 2 is when we gotta go hard

Ah man, just a few more days

U wot m8

I'd rather buy clothes and nice shoes
Well to each their own

Rolled 57 (1d100)
play vidya in my sleep

but how?

No, there was some context involved but that's the only part I committed to memory because it was funny to take it out of context.

Oh hey Subtle

Didn't see you there

How the fuck is being correct gay, nigga?

i am just bad with faces

its not gay to be into girly dudes


I get embarrassed when buying clothes.


I might, yeah. What's the parking situation gonna be? I have to work on Monday so I'm kinda fucked lol

Oh. Disappointing.

Get high on sleeping pills, pass out.

read the bible and I think you'll find that jesus christ is your nigga

Cut it out

I only get high off of trazadone if I'm lucky and fight it


Wew. Though critics of media, especially gaming, are highly suspect.


What are you talking about, the media is the most trustful source of bullshit.

*tail wag*

True, but 86% over more than 40 reviews makes it more believable

Sleep is gonna be so good tonight.

If you are trusting them for bullshit yes, yes they are.

I want to believe, Ytse.

Still not trustworthy.

is okay
it's good
is useful

I do too, so much.



I made coffee three hours ago.
Think that pot's still hot?




kinda horny now

that one is gross


Why though?
I act like a huge faggot and talk to myself and ask myself if this goes with that or that goes with this
I dont care what other people think or say, I'm still gonna look fresh af

What you need is a friend to help go shopping with you
Aka me

Remember how last year the parking structure had parking for several days, the place where you had to go sleep at? You should be good there
I think Daniels gonna park there too

The motel 6 is kinda far away from there but we can just take a few trips on the car and drop off all our shit

I'm just kidding
Jeez you get so moody over this
Come on gimme a hug and I won't bother you anymore :3

*pulls fluffy tail*

Forgive me for my sins

You're right.
That's how I get any of my clothes shopping done, ever.

What is going on in that picture?


I actually feel the need to go to the deepest point we know of on Earth, Challengers Deep. As for going beyond the stars, have a space station that orbits Sol itself and not Earth would do it for me.

I bet you kiss "girls" faggot.

No, only punishment

ive never kissed anyone in my life


Nail me to a cross and stab me in the ribs.

Really? thats kinda sad man

Oh okay, good. Maybe I'll pay to park closer for convenience or something. Since I have to leave Sunday I'm gonna be drinking ALL day on Saturday lol. And I do mean all day. I might even come down Friday night if that's cool


Niel Breen is rubbing his face and crying about his wife that was assassinated seconds earlier


You know.
I often forget that's our star's formal name.

Why can't we name it to something cool.

It was a very strange dream.

Sounds like it, I wonder why your mind put my head on a dog

Hm, babe.

Oh, it looked like ketchup.... Weird.

If we changed the name of our star then I think we would also change the name of solar panels as well, unless we did it just for the memory.
It's like you don't want to be a space cowboy

Because you're loyal or something.

why should I get resident evil 7 ?

I want a new game to play really badly

J'aime Aimer.

I'm just moody in general

As gay as this sounds I'd totally be down to give you a makeover
Straight up

Then fuck you after I'm done

Yeah man, Fri night is cool with us
That way you can still hang out and you would still have a place to shower and sleep.

I never really had much of a space fantasy, admittedly.

You had my attention until that last line.

Too sober.

i call it innocence

It is not a particularly well made film

Iunno, maybe. Get it if you like survival horror, RE is THE survival horror series

Yeah exactly my thinking. Good stuff

I literally just had a moment where I was listening to Last Stardust for the seventh time in an hour and was like "I really love her voice." and just started blushing for no fucking reason.

Send help.

Me neither but I gotta keep up that image

You're talking about fucking a guy in the ass.
It doesn't get any gayer.

Genki genki

Dont be such a moody brat
I'll buy you a freddo if you cheer up



Is it odd that I'm left-handed in basically all of my fantasies, and dreams, and yet I'm mostly right-handed?

Escapism is a hell of a drug.

But you're a pervert that wants nothing more to get dicked by a "girl".

The last one I played would be Dying Light

Spooky games aren't normally something I can do alone

Was gonna go to bed, but remembered life is too short; so I got myself a cup of tea and some foul tasting noodlesoup thing I found in the cupboard.

I'mma stay here and actually make an effort to complete my backlog of games.

If you think you can handle it, I recommend

Maybe you should try doing things with your left hand more to make ur dreams become reality

when did i say that?


Why are you so boring?

Yeah for sure man

How long of a drive is it to Ontario from over there?

In a year's time, you're going to be a token faggot, aren't you? Like, full Cupcake.

Why aren't you drinking? Jesus christ man.

Fair enough, so how you doing babe?

a few times I think

i'm unsure

On call.

I think I'm in love desu


Alright, work was sooooooooo busy. So much shit to do holy fuck. You?

Believe in the me that believes in you

Maybe I really should.

Because that last line is what interested me the least?
I dunno.

I only played alien isolation for about 1 hour before I got spooked

Is it with either: a) some Touhou's feet from a /jp/ copypasta or b) another old dude?


In love with rumia !

You could also get someone to beat you into using it, that's why I learned to do anything with my right hand tbh

That's like only enough time to see the xenomorph assuming you aren't afraid of the dark in a video game


What do you do anyway?

Down from before but trying to keep things up. Giggity. It is only having varying effect.


Oh hey, Flan.

Pay Soto to break my right arm so I basically have to use my left at all times?



I was thinking someone could just yell at you any time they see you not using it and maybe slap you around, breaking bones seems a bit extreme.

Wasn't Flan the one that always autistically grr-ed at people?


Nah that means I'd have be a sub wouldn't it?

RIP Colbs

At least you'll be able to blow off some steam

Oh yeah I forgot you dont like any sex of some sort cause you got raped as a child or something like that

Or was that Revy? Eh, same shit lol

Combine a and b obvs


i am not a thread historian desu

You're probably right.

I also wanted to train my penmanship to be neater and maybe a bit cuter.


i have the worst headache :((((

both of them


Don't become a faggot.
Have some self respect and not go for whatever old dude gives you paternal affection.

Well that ain't gonna improve itself outta nowhere, you best get started asap!

drink water and eat bettr

I'm sure you'll stay erect - I mean uh... things will start looking up soon

Yeah and I don't mind driving too much so it's not ah huge deal

You are useless.

Great talk. Really informative, love.

Take something for it then lay down.
Also we could fuck, apparently that can help.

Probably, just takes a stroke of good fun.

'twasn't me who was raped as a child.

I'm the one that plays up their disinterest in sex for humour's sake.

Yeah, I suppose so.

My plan was to take my notepad and separate it into fourths and write that font sentence in cursive lowercase, cursive uppercase, print lowercase, and print uppercase.

Innuendo is fun

my dinner was grilled chicken, rice w/ onions, homemade cornbread, yellow squash, and black beans

been drinking a ton of water

I don't think sexercise would help much

Usually am.





Image is upside down

When are you gonna though?

Oh. Well idk then cuz that sounds hella good


Also it isn't particularly cute.
It just isn't chicken scratch.

After I've died.

Is it not? Just the best.

Then rest, you get better faster that way. Staring at the screen is probably the worst choice.

it was

the best

I'm getting good at cooking ^^

i'll continue to stare at the screen as per your advice :3


Around. Nothing's ever gonna keep you down.

I'm not emo enough for that, honestly.

I thought he was supposed to be a Mary Sue hero, not the villain.

I'll be sure to not fall for Darwin's tricks

For sure man

We gonna have 2 doubles and a King bed
So everyone can sleep comfy

So you laugh cause you can't get laid?
Lol how is it humorous?


My phone always does that

Sounds like reviewing notes would be a pain

Bad girl.

Don't start giving pictures of your feet to anyone that asks, not even Subtle.

make me dinner pls thnx

I don't think anyone here actually is.

The last person who said that to me got cucked nine ways from Tuesday, so I don't think that's it. :^)

I just have never enjoyed sex any of the times I've had it.
It's not that it actually grosses me out or anything, I just... it's not for me, y'know?

Not that I'd be unwilling if my relationship partner wanted to.


Subtle has seen more than just my feet


Give me feet pics. :^)


Woah, there, Desu.

I'm sure that's what convinced him he was straight.


I dunno man, maybe you rarely get laid and when you actually do its not as exciting or fulfilling as you expected it

Also you're like a tranny of some sort so you having to Dom a girl sounds like something you'll crash and burn at.

I can sorta see why you kinda dont like it I guess

So are you one of those weird sexualities from tumblr?
What do you label yourself?


gotta set em straight somehow


maybe you should spank me~

I'm sure even Cupcake would go straight after seeing that.


I need to show Squash then

Lord knows he out of all of them needs to be set straight