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There's always new material, Cup.

And damn.

Someone seems a little pushy today.

Fuck you join my church damnit.

It would be neither of yours in this case, so no worries there.

I could do some work on you~

Then my issue would be the quality of the alcohol and food.

actually you have a point. I rarely if ever find old stuff no matter how much I enjoyed. the allure of the new is strong.

no I don't want to be molestered.

I don't believe you.

It's artstyle triggers me.
It's like it's trying way too hard to be done in the style of those guys from newgrounds who did castle crashers and battleblock theater.


Princesses don't get molested.
Only little princes.

These 18 year olds all stay the same, while I get older and older.


I think we both know who would do the molesting, heathen.

id love to find out

Thats because its done by the same people...


I will never bee another's Spoilers! No agreements!

Jesus, you're more nitpicky than some scene girl. How are we supposed to fuck with all this negativity?

Then she's safe.

I would have expected to already have it memed at me by then, then




that's the best thing about them.

what is this SLANDER?!


I doubt you meet my qualifications to be a sexual partner.

Tsuchi raises a good point.

Pick one.

I'll take not getting molested over Cupcake.

slander. lies and slander.



Well, none of them I've met knew how to cook or clean or be anything but a brat. So I dunno.

I'd hardly call it slander...

In any case, join my church please. It's called the Divining Light of Eternal Flame. Yes. I did make that name myself, and YES, it is fucking cool. Glad you noticed.

I meant fuck the women that show up to the party, why are you so focused on me? Nerd.

Buy it

play it

Hey I raised that point first


I meant fuck the women that show up to the party, why are you so focused on me? Nerd.

RIP household.

I don't want to room with Apache.


that was all. I had no follow up.

yeah women suck. sucks to be straight LOL

I feel like you're putting a lot of words in my mouth here. doesn't really bode well on the possibility of other things being put there. not looking so good here.

Do not leave pastry crumbs on my bed.

I don't want to room with Apache.

Hey I raised that point first

I doubt you know any women.

Nice hiccup 8ch.

I just want your attention uggu~!

When would we ever room?

Because you keep bringing it up.

Well, it's better to aim a bit older.


It's like $15 though and it's one of those games I know I'll wind up getting super cheap at one point later from some bundle type thing or another.

More like a full on lobotomy.

I think I'm dead guys.



It's just a 4x4 room for Grim to cry in when he inevitably sees a penis.

just don't let him see your penis.

all women suck tbh

But you'll get the great honor of playing it with me.

Just the majority.

Whoa. I was included in something.

Also I'm not that bad, you know.

I think I probably know more than most here do. Given that is not a hard thing to accomplish.

We have to put it down.

I think you are making things up.


I'll go to cupcake's room so guero and oobles can sleep together :3



Would we fuck?

Put me down.

vast majority.

aww. you'd be a good roomie, I can just tell.


You need to hide me if he sees a penis because he has a security room right beside it.

Then again, so do I.

Guess I'm getting changed in the bathrooms from now on.

I think it says rin actually
but that makes sense too

en.genzu.net/heimen/?n=tracer cupcake apache wish darwin ban meriipu qt rin squid nezi guero grim fekku oobles squash ikt tokai scanner subtle


I'd sleep in my kitchen.

Only if you initiated. But I don't think you'd really be interested, so, the short answer is probably no.

Is that your way of saying he'll give you a reacharound?

Grim and I both have a security room.
Incidentally, they're on either side of our shared bedroom.

4 feet by 4 feet.

Grim's security room is 2x4.

Where are you about on this chart?

whoaaa you are right

I never noticed

yeah the bathroom situation in that house would be a fucking nightmare.

kitchens are not for sleeping you silly.

no I was deliberately trying not to imply there'd be any sexual contact. I mean I'd be down if he was but I'm fully capable of not getting it on with literally everything near me.

Skinny fat.

Better than rooming with someone.

You can doubt all you want, it doesn't really change that it is true.

We have to do it for each other, at the same time.
Like lovers. Just minus the love part.


having a roommate isn't that bad.

I wonder if your hypothetical medical office in that is just full of those braces from The Dark Knight Rise.

I never asked for this.

Well maybe you should have had something
fucking christ


This sounds like a good idea but also not. Maybe I'll start on this wine and then reconsider.

Haha. Ok.

Yeah that's what I thought, pink.

I did find it amusing that I get the medical office. seeing as I'm such a deviant and all.

I'll continue to doubt until conflicting facts are presented.

Yes it is.


It doesn't help that half the bathrooms only enter from outside the house.


Holy shit, I have a twin

It was auto correct I swear.

You do not even take me out to dinner anymore, Squash. You made this the loveless marriage this is.
Now lets do this suicide pact or I am taking the kids.

hi spooky.

you're right it's basically hell on earth.

that's for our own safety. makes it less likely grim will enter the bathroom when one of us is using it, and since so many of us have cocks we can avoid the inevitable blood bath for longer.

You have made a single, yet insignificant typo.
I understood what you were trying to say, but I will now only focus on that one word.

I have won.

Plus I can cook and sleep in the same place.

If you wait to long I might replace you with someone else.


Nigga, I'm sterile.
I can't have kids. You can have my cats though.

Swedish fish victims after he eats them


I'll never be able to fucking live this down. It'll rip me to pieces.

I mean...this is a good point. I always am saying how upsetting it is that I have to walk all of 8 feet to get from my computer to the food...

Holy shit.

I'm either locked in with Grim, or I'm locked in with Fekku and Squid.

I'll go with Fekku and Squid, because at least then I have whatever weapons are in my security room.

watch out. fekku fucks bananas. who knows what else he is capable of.

AND I'm on the news!?

A grievous error.

I have the best room.


nezi and wish's bedroom

wtf wish hates me

that wouldn't work for her

I have my own security room

What do you expect? A picture of the numbers in my phone?
That is weird, who tries to prove the number of women they know.

Heck no. I am as much cat as I need, anymore and the attitude would be through the roof here.
And those sunny spots near the windows are mine. Only mine.

I kind of want to set up a Sim game and make some posters and after I build the house and get it started just see where it goes. No intervention.


Honestly I'd lock myself in my room with Squash outside. I'd be too nervous to do much with all those grown men roaming around.

I guess I'm getting changed in a bathroom or in my security room so you don't murder me. :x

I'll die before I give up my sun spots.

You know, I think there'd also be less need to USE said weapons.

This sounds like some sort of blackmail

I'm sure Rin waking up with a literal banana in his ass is better than waking up as a splatter on the wall from gay panic.

Good luck. I can pick locks.


I'm just saying the games only 2 player and one of my other friends gets home in about 20 minutes.


I want to be a part of this social experiment.

Guess we have to share them. Get ready for a lot of cuddling.

But then I'd have to socialize with you. Can't you bunk with some other people?

I hope it gets the Majesty Building.

I'm presenting the futility of telling me you know several women, what with you being such a fruit.

Only if you're good.

I can control myself around bananas atleast

this is true. it's all about perspective.

I am always good.

How much is Sims on PC right now?

And I will lick the spot to claim it.

Fate has brought us together.
We must not fight this.

Imade a new one split into two for better space and since it only takes 20

This too.

I'd rather wake up in compromising positions with bananas than -

Hey, when it's a shitty computer generated floor plan of a meme house, y'gotta be ready for the memes.

We'll see.

I'm pretty sure she'd be none too plused about that.

Should I drink and play Final Fantasy X or drink and watch Godzilla vs King Ghidora?

At least be gentle. (owo `` )


the fist one was better tbh

They get a pool
What the fk


( ゚д゚)

I was about to say I would question my ability to play this today.

Then I saw that stamper is the narrator again.

Fuck it

To be fair, that side is really limited to specific people. Those people shrunk in number but grew back about half the loss.
This does not include Chris Pratt cause he is not leaving the list anytime soon.

If there is licking involved then we have got ourselves a good time in the making.
The new one is like 40 bucks here.

Second, drink with me.

Today's word is legs.
Let's go home and spread the word.

Yeah 'cause you and Darwin were together :3

Sims 3 on Steam seems to be 20 bucks.
I might actually do this.



Yes sir

Down the rabbit hole we go

I see.

I'll have you know that my new position as a pastor won't allow this hedonism, you fucking savage.

Don't make me convert you, heathen.

just maybe.

plenty of flesh beings to do that to also.


tell me once you've unlocked the cupcake guy

thats when you get multiplayer

that sounds pretty dank tbh



That's subjecting myself to an extreme amount of indecency though

I'm not always on my knees just to pray, big boy.

I might buy it tonight then.

Oh wait, I bought Ghidora the Three Headed Monster

Still good

I think you should, at the very least it would be entertaining.

Whoa, whoa. Drink first then maybe rabbit like actions and holes.

Mhm, which reminds me I have to take care of something I should have done a few nights ago.
Done and done. You are the best reminder, Trace.

I took Darwins place

Definitely keeping you out of my holy sanctum.

Eeeeyyyyy you took the bait

oh god now I'll have to actually play videogames

Do I watch the English dub or Japanese subbed? I like subbed because the performances come across as originally intended but the English dubs are pretty comical too

Just leave it on a 24 hour stream.

I'll defile it.


The dub if you are going to get drunk.






Gods name is what you'll be screaming.

sortof feel like trying to make something like this except
less awkward for 20+ names

I don't even know what that is


Akko seriously is best witch.

Even though she's worst witch from an actual witchy aptitude perspective.

I4 eyesore.

What did you do before?

grim and nezi's bedroom?

do you even post in these threads?

God I'm glad I chose the dub. I love 60's voice acting

It's randomly generated!

oh is that the building that's curved at the top that a church was building as they got the money and then just never finished it?


He doesn't make it.

A script generates a floor plan based off the names you put in.

I dunno
I'm trying to keep up with places but instead I can't keep up with anywhere

Sorry, Neru, I assumed your gender.

I want to say so too but what explains me having my own security room



I miss no sexual innuendos, Ytse. None of them. Now come on.
You have a lot of distance to cover to catch up to my drink.

I think death would come quickly for us! Interesting to see how it would be managed though.

It is nothing just removing something that caused more stress than needed.


ah, that explains it

ye that things a lost cause
needs to be bought and finished so it can be used for something by a different company/organization




I see. Well, good on you then.

If I had the money I'd turn it into a luxury apartment complex.

So am I, too fast for you! Slowpoke.

put my shiny guns and high throughput servers in :3

Life is a pain.

Going to go play Blood Borne.

Can't sleep have to pee midday

I should be packing
sorry squashie

what did I miss?

your name is small so your posts are small so I think I miss them sometimes if you don't type a lot

makes sense


Yeah, all of that

Good luck, Squash.

Just dislike such a pompous building having no use.

You seem to be keeping up with this place.



Hey Neko. How have you been doing?

This voice acting is fucking hilarious, i miss this


hello sunset shimmer
i am doing well just laying in bed
hoe about you?


I feel you

Hah, apropos.

I do?
I certainly do not feel it

Help the download keeps stopping
Steam reee

hel o


I'm not a hoe i'm pure

Hey squid are you sleeping soon

Been better, getting drunk though again so that will not matter long at all.

Ride the three headed monster, Ytse. Ride it.

Or maybe it just seems that way because I've been talking to you more than anyone else in the thread.

Kick it in the dick

I was referring to the other one.

And you're plenty a slut, offering hj's for pets.

oi watcha doin

That's a strange nickname for a penis, but okay

How is it that I've been playing guitar for up to three years now and it still fucking hurts my fingers.

What is this shit. They should be fucking INVINCIBLE due to calluses.

wow rude


It changed
We're no longer sharing a bedroom

So, who is Spl00ky, anyway?

Calluses only help so much
You gotta learn to man up

desu moved to canada

mmh i hope everythings going well

nothing happened

Someone that hasn't avatarfagged in like two years, and is sad because nobody he knows is around


super oldfaf

he seems nice enough

That's fine just wondering if you're planning to sleep soon


I agree


I don't think there's any chance for us to unfortunately~

plus you have a bf

and im fat/ugly

what are you laughing at

Good butt.


Aw, you're just saying that!

They sound nice

I just thought of something funny right now.

You clearly lack manhood if you rely on calluses
Flay them off with a knife and play guitar without them

So you still have more energy for the day?

youre neither fat nor ugly, and its not like weve never had another guy in our bed before

That works too. Do I have to put a godzilla costume on it?
I am not stoked for that but I am willing to try new things.

One day maybe. I have to pick better relationships at times, to be honest.
Specifically close friends and girlfriends.

Fuck you make me faggot.

So now he can't hate me for being Canadian !!!

Fair dues.

Where abouts are you?
Ontario here.


[screaming internally]

Lancaster Park, Edmonton area

I didn't post often by any means, was too nervous. It was also when this shit happened on Holla Forums, I think

which would be?

you seem nice enough personally
other people said you've done some trickery but I havent seen it

Maybe just make some Ghidorah sounds and we'll call it good

You threw away any
shrewd of manhood by offering a faggot to come into you

Don't talk to me you called me a nobody

Yeah, I won't say who because slander shouldn't go two ways, but I have an idea of who that might be

I'm typing, you silly snack

Lmao this fuckin' movie

post a better touhou

Whoa whoa whoa. When did I do this...?

Don't acknowledge me

I didnt like it

Fucking, what, what movie?

Post a better trope than tsundere, first

Get the fuck out and never talk to me again, you heathen.

Auto correct made me say into instead of at you

I get this odd feeling someone out there already does this sort of thing sexually.

sorry but one does not exist

You offering hj's to people.

Yes...auto correct, of course.

Regardless I still don't see how I've lost any manhood.

it was unique for sure but it was muddled themewise

like it put in everything but wasn't good at any of them

How do you know when you love somebody?

just so they gimme what i want

Ghidorah the Three Headed Monster

I think there's someone out there that'll do just about every sort of thing sexually

sister: Oh you listen to them too?

me: yeah whats your favorite song?

sister: i'm not a vampire

me: wow me too

Right my bad you had none
You're just a little boy

You disgust me.

Slut behavior.

Ah, neat.
Seat of Nipissing District.

When I left threads were still on Holla Forums about... I guess going on four years now.

It's pretty obscure but we call it "everything"
jk ily

Thaaaank you, this is on the "watch when painkillers kick in" list


Neko offers me hand jobs all the time

Total SLUT

i remain pure and innocent

Hey hey zumi
Tell me more about your imouto



It is cheesy 60's Godzilla wonder.


Fair point but I was just thinking like two people probably went out of their way to buy full on copies of the costumes. Cut out holes for sex then fucked on a model city.
That is the type of weird this world holds now.

I refuse.


'This'll be good'

I'm not one, you faggot!

I'd do that for funsies

whenever you think of them your heart skips a beat or feels really warm, you get a smile on your face

after knowing them for more than 3 months

sibling bonding engaged


I could apply that logic to me being adult as opposed to you being a kid

Is she open about sexuality

Says the fag giving hj's to people.

You are THIS close to being filtered

I have a right to my own opinion

white opression

but i just said i never gave one

But you're -not-, you fucking queer.

I have lots of butts in this folder

I'd be too nervous for a threesome lul

Its nice

I told her that I've seen them live and she was shocked.

What? No

And I have the right to hate them

Offering hj's


I havent been to a concert in my life
I'd love to see disturbed live

you can hate them without filtering me c:

for free stuff!

Its childlike to throw out baseless name calling

So she's still shy about that sorta stuff?

Welp, that was depressingly short
I have to get housework done or no percocet for me.
Ciao all, don't have a bad day!

hi ian!!!!!!


at first glance I thought you were talking about donnie darko.


Nezi butte.

You don't have any say in the matter so your attempt to call me childlike is voided!


They are so grievously bad that I almost can't stand to see them

Hi Guero


Gross. I hate that movie

Its nice to go to one that has more than one band playing.

i will never be a slut

I SWEAR I linked that to the post. What the heck?!

So cute can i pet you?


We can smash Tokyo Tower hard.


I thought we were talking about Donnie Darko too. Kill me

I know a lot of bands I like tour together

would be rad yo

thats why we start with videogames and drink

whatta frigg :---DDD

it's pretty cancerous

Stop fucking patronizing me. We both know I'm not cute, retard.

Just how many nicknames do you have for your dick?!

Holy SHIT Grim. Holy fucking shit.

You two are dumb.

Little boys are cute

always so inappropriate, pervku

stop laughing at me! it's the truth

I'm pretty heckin' sick of you hecklord insulting my friggin friends.

If Feku says ur cute ur cute :3

I shall continue the posting of the butts then

THAT butt is not in this folder, no

I don't drink remember

How many of you lame fags have even actually seen any of the original Godzilla movies anyway?

What the fuck. Weren't you straight the last time I talked to you?

Also I'm not a little boy. I'm a fat ginger chubster please go.


you're friends are shit
get new ones

I wish I thought I was a tiger


I've seen almost all of them. Dubs and subs.

Yeaaahh, no.


Good girl.

you do with us, even if its just a little for fun

We need to educate our children these days

Oh shit you're a ginger? I take everything back

Obviously that question was not for you, dorkwad

Good. Your favorite?


Sorry, master.

Yes. Millions of cancer spots. All on my skin.


I fight for my friends !!!

YOU ARE MY NAKAMA!!! MORDIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got a boner taking about cute boots what do

K i dont need to talk to you for the moment anymore

quit it

does 1998 one count

I was about to say, how could anyone commit such heresy by hating on Godzilla

You are forgiven.

Nothing can beat the power of friendship.

Big T.

I really loved the 98 one

The cheesiness of the Mothra series.
Favorite monster is Mecha-Godzilla, though.


Go get off. I won't be expecting to talk to you again, trust me. filtered

Fucking no it does fucking not, don't you dare mention that abomination's name anywhere near the originals. That movie was fucking disgusting and a slight on the good name of Godzilla


Ke shi shi shis hishishishishishish

ok I was a kid

I seen the one about godzilla the one about the moth and the one where they fought

Those faeries are pretty fucking great

My favorite is still the original, it has the coolest name for a weapon ever the "Oxygen Destroyer"

A shit kid.

Good, good.

Friendship is a form of love.

More like my ass aayyyyy l m a o

it took place in nyc and it had a ton of ebin action

The outright worst (and therefor funniest) was Space Godzilla.

..... You are not smashing my dick, that sounds painful.

Should be in mine.

For shame, when I was a kid I was watching the 60's movies. My local library had a Godzilla marathon that my dad took me to, it was fucking amazing

Space Godzilla looks badass as fuck, but yeah it's stupid lol

The best Godzilla was the cartoon GODZUKI, whose entire existence made you want to kill yourself.

is it wrong to reply to a like 20 minute old post if you were in a ranked game


"Smash" is slang, sweetheart.

Oh god, the baby Godzilla? That shit was hilariously bad


Sorry I was in a ranked game.

I had current vhs and a ton of fucking bollywood lol

ok yeah hi buddy
hows things hows life
hows work

Good times, good times

That image is fucking golden btw, I'm stealing that for Facebook

the pin completes the image

The movies it was in were god awful and the Hanna-Barbera cartoon from the 70s was even worse.

I knew that. I totally did.
Have you seen Shin Godzilla? It's done by the guy doing the Evangelion movies.


It's alright I suppose, work can get me down but sometimes we get nice people that make it worth it. I had a lady just before I left Friday, I called her because we have to make contact with the customer on the first day and she was so happy I called because a tree fell on her car. She was so nice too, she was just relieved her family had gotten out of the car a minute before the tree fell and she kept thanking me it was so cute lol

LOL I didn't even notice it

I missed the 70's cartoon, but I can imagine lol

Suuuuuuuure you did lol. I haven't, it's on my to-watch list tho

that's a pretty high penis tsuchi



Your mouth clearly has better things to do than talk back
Seriously though, great movie although very different in ways. Fucking creepy twist at the end. I could show you an image but it's spoil the fun of it.


I do not drink.

Never have, never will.

sorry it's clASSified

how's ranked coming?

Dear sweet Baby Jesus I need this in my life.

But you swallow.

It's Scooby Doo guest starring Godzilla as a Deus Ex.

glad to hear, man. sounds like a close fucking call.
I'm looking into financing my first car atm
insurancei s FUCKING expensive for a cis white male

less than 80 points from master before some gay bullshit happened
got salty and quit

neither did i til i had a bf, then i drank a little, then i started having a few drinks whenever we have someone cute over

In need of beating.*


Indeed, I could think of a few uses

I think so, I've heard nothing but good things about it. That's why it's on the list

Bahahahahaha, that's so amazingly stupid I love it

The joke, yes.


Get to it!

After which always comes the giggity. Jeez. Keep up.

Yeah it was, they were super lucky. She said she got like 5 calls in the space of a few minutes from her kids so she knew something was up and was worried something really bad happened. I'm glad I was able to give her some more peace of mind

I pay like $90/month for insurance, and I have fucking amazing coverage. USAA is the shit. I can help you pick if you need some advice, insurance can be super confusing if you don't know what you're doing

Next time I'm in... whatever part of Canada


The giggity?

They travel around the world on a boat having adventures and stopping crime.
It's literally Scooby Doo.

yes please
the lowest price I've found so far was 280 a MONTH from progressive
just cuz im a fucking single white male???? discrimination

Why do you have this saved?


Good ol' Hanna Barbara.

Insurance rates tend to be higher for early 20's males, we're more of a risk statistically. What coverages are you buying for that price?

what the fuck is wrong with you

Soon TM.



Planning on coming to Cali, eh?

I love that Godzilla is ostensibly about giant monster fights but still has good characters that I actually care about



Be sure to let me know if you do, we'll have fun I'm sure

We never spoke prior. So Anonymous has the same effect as Spoilers.

I'm gonna lay eggs in your asshole, daddy. >///<
Also, why do you have the trap cumming in the cup of coffee saved? Shock value/ironic/not gay xd


? what

Soto here?

hey that's.....ok
actually accurate

good pun

you don't seem to understand the "I don't drink and never will" thing


lemme queue with you on my alt account


I like spanking

youll see one day

'09 corolla? not bad


You seemed really proud of the fact you swallow.

I will be sure to, I would at least need someone to chill with.
Otherwise it might be a boring trip.

You have questionable memory.
We have spoken before my break even.

Perfect because you earned it anyway.

idk this randomly builds the house really short and sometimes leaves out names from the list

en.genzu.net/danmen/?n=apache,ban,colb ,darwin,Feku,grim,guro,meriipu,neko,mordin,nezi,qt ,rin,spook,subtle,tracer,tsuchi,wish


Not at length.

Did you spend the last few hours doing this?

nnnn not exclusively

are you on something

Oh wow that coverage is pretty shit. Liability covers damage/injury to other people in an accident you cause, $25/50k and $10k is not enough at all. If you accidentally total a car or get involved in an accident with an expensive car, that shit runs out real quick. I personally have $100/300k injury and $100k property damage. UBMI (uuninsured motorist bodily injury) covers your injury if you're hit by an uninsured driver, those amounts are perfectly fine I think. PIP is redundant if you already have health insurance, but idk if you have that or not. You basically have no coverage for your own car if you get in an accident, you want Comprehensive/Collision and Rental coverage if you can get it. I can explain better in voice if you prefer

I can show you a ton of cool shit and a good time ;)

I see. I would have been mad otherwise.

i'd pick rin as my rommie

when I could have begitten gud at starcraft

Manaka kept saying he wanted to make people coffee like a new Sonata.
Then I just saved the pic because it's not hard to type tags into gelbooru.

I have a 2011 Corolla and I'm better off financially than Guero, he's got a pretty sweet deal tbh

Yes, pretty much.

it requires so much energy

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand now watching the original Godzilla again

I get carried by no man

I don't even have the car yet, so
not sure that it'll be what I get
just basically what I was looking at getting, wanted a broad idea of what the insurance is gonna cost me

what the fuck are you talking about

I have obamacare my dude
I'll drag you into a voice at some point when I actually HAVE the car and i'm looking to insure it

It disgusts me for some reason

To be fair, animus is not really the place for in depth conversation.

Making promises already? Sounds fun!

Vylee, this show is right up your alley.
If she lets go of his hand, she'll die.

It's pretty bad so far, though so don't watch it.

I'm not one to talk at length either.

Poor Neru, perpetually exhausted.

I read up a bit more on PIP, it might actually be useful tbh. Depends on how much you really want. If you don't care about the damage to your own car if it gets hit/you hit someone, then go with cheapo non-standard liability only insurance. I work in non-standard, we insure people with DUIs/without licenses/shitty drivers that no one else will/etc. so we're really cheap. Personally, I've seen too much shit to not have as much coverage as I can on myself but it's up to you

Woah woah, who said anything was promised?

forget it

how's your mom doing

this is super gay tsuchi
youre super gay

Iknow right

At least you exert energy on other important matters.

Oh, it's disgusting.



That was all you.

i bet you'd fuck a boy in the ASS

like obtaining pastries and cleaning keyboards

Says the fag.

I did nothing of the sort!

I have trouble believing one of those.



oh posting gay now?

amazing logic diagram

*we posting

Are we?



I would say bi.

You did, it has been done.


I wouldn't give a reacharound tbh.
They're on their own.
And only if they're in a skirt.



I can't remember why exactly I have a group of images stolen from Ban.

I just don't enjoy that I'm gonna be paying more towards my insurance than toward my car
shit hurts my brain

no. straight

thats gay

sorry had to do laundry and empty the dishwasher
and exercise

post more of her

a good slut pleases their dom in every way~

ooh :3
now I'm excited~

congrats 2 both of u

I can respect that, I'm the same way
gotta solo queue grind my way to the top


qt I am literally going to die without trying alcohol