Church of anime tiddies

church of anime tiddies

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I will continue to pilfer these

Where do you even find such terribly drawn shit?


The chapel of puffy velva

I have a yuuko folder somewhere actually

I have a REEEEEEEEEEEE somewhere

This would actually be the perfect time to finish my Mio folder
Rekindle my first waifu

good godamn morning

stinky feet


im not sure?

you said i'm one of them!

I could give you this folder.
It's just one that floated around on 4chan forever and lots of people have and it has subfolders of like, all the characters.

It's only really that one picture I'm reeing over


Go to church on this Sunday morning, you heathen.

Did you check with Tsuyu Asui?

I'm pretty sure we have the same folder then

I ain''t goin back to Jaku


Then that's all you need to avatarfag

they do not stink!!!!!!!!!!


ohayou ko sa di masta



that pic is gonna be me soon

Soto pls


see i was gonna say thats gonna be me too but i thought it said lives
i mean insurance too, hell yeah, but not what i thought

Yes but I fucking love Mio and my life is empty so might as well cap her
Also Tsuyu Asui is the frog girl from Boku no hero academia
Certified bad bitch semen demon extrordinaire qt


yes but why


i wish i had that one folder to troll u with again

being in there and not giving a hoot is good enough tbh

cute hair

Daily reminder than Mio is for shitposters

Because you told me Reeeeeeeee is the sound of a small frog
I'm adding some sophistication to the shit meme

It's true

Which fold... oh no.. please don't tell me..



only the best ones tho

stuttering anime girls


All of them
Shitposterest of shitposters


shitposting is a way of life

why is blue hair sooo good

dont get arrested tho

Now this
Is the best meme to use in conversation because you can create so many talking points from it

only the person who uses that pic a lot would/could get me arrested

I think I fell asleep in shower


I make it good.

zalgo ;3

I remember when I had a fever I almost passed out in one.

actually i DO still have it just not on this pc

Because bluehair is BEST

no only ree

wellll that happens

You make what good?
Mio belongs to me

just made a dank ass meem

why tho

teach me!!

let's dye

they're the only one i sent things too and illegal

If she does then why don't you come take her from me.


I don't gotta do a motherfucking thing

watch out it's a leverage

w-why not

I've got a better plan.
Let's die.

idk what she could possibly do to me with it
i'mm okay with it all tho

Then there's no problem

cus. cuz

There is but it will resolve itself

but I like life

ever heard of podesta

that's no reason!!



Teach me something back

well there you go

waddo you want teached?

Wow awful!

what he do?

Feminine cock.

Best cock.

Fekku is Blood-chan.



get exposed

How to be as sweet as you.

okay I seriously need someone to help me with this because this is frustrating as hell

for the love of god plz help. I can't figure out a damn thing and there's nothing I can do to fix it. Gonna take it into a computer repair place tomorrow, but I was hoping there would be something that I could do to fix it on my own

sorry, I enjoy 99.9% of programs working on my OS and not having to use a windows emulator to get 90% of programs to barely work

euh euh
put sugar in your coffee?

Oh is that all?


i did? ._.

tfw ur kouhai wont talk to u

he seems fine and is rich!

Good Myorning.


you said i'm a good thing



it looks like ur making Luka feel insecure about sooomething
i think she likes u


do computer repair places not charge you if they can't fix your computer?

am i good thing?


and and smile a lot!

well okay tat's true

*morning hug*

huh? ;~;


does my gf like me?

But with all that sugar, you'll rot your teeth. No smiling will be allowed.

Welcome to dispair

Honestly it's mostly just a meme to me

atleast you didnt decide im a bad thing :)

Hello, Emily. .///.

Hulla, Bebo.
What's the hiphap?

Wah, hulla.
Make me some tea.

do black people even exist though or are they just illusions?

go to the hood and conduct an interview

ya ur not bad at least.

i mean he is an idiot tho.. having his password be really easy to guess and all..

gf? :v

iunno tbh i'm really tired and a bit dizzy/sick. how is ur morning?

luka x licky is my otp

life is better if you look at the positives

Literally just woke up.

Well, I say just woke up, but I was in and out all night.


what postitives?

i'm vy

nuuuh just brush well.
then you'll have pearly teeth

memes are good tho

with sugar?

old people amirite

As long as the positives aren't on your STD test results.

You too?
I swear I woke up like on 5 different occasions, never bothered to look at my phone because I was so afraid that it would be like 10 mins before the alarm.

joey poses his interviews
you should really do it

the opposite of negatives in general :P

i mean if i live a short life im willing to fuck to my hearts content and kms before it becomes an issue

They still charge you for bench time.

Two sugars.

I think I have you beat, but I wasn't really paying attention to when I woke up.

I'm gonna go make some breakfeast to try and kill more time until my mom wakes up and takes me to a frys electronics to repair my shit.


Is there any cause for your daily despair today?

Yes, and wanting to die is a meme

Live fast, die young.

The funny part is that I was on my sleeping meds.

on sunday?

try to start it in safe mode.

its really cute i think

oooh, any plans for the day?

i mean they are older so i feel like they should know things slightly better since it was all happening when they knew stuff already but nooooo
cute gif btw

this week imma cut it a bit shorter again and dye black!
away with this brown

comin up, sending through mail with ring

but wholesome is also a meme?!



I don't have sleeping meds.

what are those?

What even is that?

That's a pretty broad cause

I assume you don't have sleeping troubles all the time?
Kind of feel like I should have just taken 3x the dose like last time.

like frens n fun n stuff

Daily dose of cyanide. Just gonna play DnD with some friends.

I eagerly await.


I mostly have issues getting to sleep, because I can't get my mind to slow down long enough to make it easy.

it would take a good while to troubleshoot it from online. If it has funky artifacts, maybe it's overheating somewhere. That'll lock your shit up. Nothing in your system should ever get so hot that you feel like you are getting burned when you touch it.

Nnnnnhhhhhh, Sundays are so comfy.

Ah, that happens sometimes.
But mostly because contemplating life choices, and what could have been.
Those are the moments when you want to shoot your brains out.

it was literally on for 10 minutes and it was 60 degrees in my house

it doesn't show any artifacts, I mean the monitors don't even show that they are receiving any kind of input.

is Ghandi alive or Dead ?

I long for fantasy to become real.

i like freinds

stuff liek this!

might take a while though x,x
excited to go?

He's been dead for a long while.

You think about things like that?

yah no frens is unhealthy

..... whut?

The actual components on the inside. I had an old celeron system that burnt my fingers and just locked up.

It could be your board is going out on it. When you start your system, can you see anything?

nope literally nothing at all like 100% nothing. all fans are working, nothing is unplugged, I really don't get it. I think the motherboard must have taken a shit or something


isn't he like alive and stuff meeting with world leaders and shaking hands with brock obama and telling of peace over in the himalayas?




ya i see that brown happy wise guy in news all the time!

some people say he ded

others say he alive

go dnd'ing!
I'll be at my dad's for my little brother's birthday.

thred needs reds

No, Mahatma Gandhi has been dead for a long while, the person you're thinking of is Dalai Lama.

You mean fantasy as in fairies and all?
Or fantasy of dying?
Sorry, I'm genuinely confused.

sounds about like it. The only thing I can think of is unplug it from the electric for 10 minutes or so. also reset the bios. Try one monitor instead of two. That might not work though. It should at least give you BIOS screen, unless it never did when it worked correctly.

osama bin laden?

No, it needs more Best Maniac

Luka, he was assassinated by a man named Nathuram Godse a while ago, I'm sure you knew this because not even a week ago I told you my alt league name was that and you knew he killed someone


so ghandi and dhali lhama are not the same happy spitritual freindly guy tlaking about peace and happyness stuff?


yeah... dhali lama guy always makes me think he's ghandi tho

I remember crying when osama bin laden died, I didn't know the guy but dutch news said someone died and people were cheering.
hurted my christian heart knowing life is sacred.

god I was dumb

well who are your frens?

Ooooh lol
the Dalai Lama is a p cool guy though

Yeah, I guess. I might get some neat stuff where we are right now.

I've tried one monitor, graphics card and motherboard, the other monitor the same. had everything unplugged for like 4 hours. nothing shows up, not even a black screen, the monitor just straight up acts like there's no input coming into whatsoever and it's not even connected to a computer at all.

hopefully I can get it repaired when I go out today. hopefully they have some sort of insurance thing like, if they can't fix it they don't charge me anything because I really don't want to be out money for literally nothing.

when it worked correctly I always had the option to press f2 right after boot to open up bios. tried doing that and didn't get anything.

Fantasy in general.
How life could be if fantasy existed.


*hugs with peace and tranqiulity*

thread freinds are my only freinds

did you blow into it like a cartridge

did it used to beep when you turned the system on and it started. What about now?

how about family
those can be frens

nope and nope


Have a lot of fun, imma go get ready to leave now.

huh? you dont like your family?

They should be able to fix it if they find the board is bad. Under some circumstances, they can just replace the board with the exact same board (same chipset) and it won't be an issue with loading back up. If not, they might have to reinstall windows to load the new drivers.



No, Mahatma Gandhi was Indian, Dalai Lama is the Tibetan guy trying to get autonomy for Tibet off China.

I woke up to that being on the radio, all I was thinking was like "Well, one guy less to hunt down."

Oh, I was a bit worried there.
I just think of life things and stress the hell out.

Have a good one Tokes.

ima watch a show then sleep, its laate. also i dropped other peoples convos when i started an ep of a show and feel kinda mean for only talking to you now but am really tired so actually gonna this time

are they both same uh....... purpose?

I believe in pantsu.

Yey bebop likes me lots! ^ ^
Sleep well litle beep bop

no purge that from the thread

Both somewhat religious leaders, but had their own things.
Although somewhat buddhist.


damn, that sounds like it's gonna cost a bunch

no pantsu is better.

cant you fix it yourself

is quote from best girl #587438


Rolled 11 (1d20)

teach me how they are... uh different
ummm.... actions uh...
they are religious? but same religious?
they both same bhudist? or is there something diffrent between the two

in your own words.


oh well
thread frens

pantsu better than no pantsu

What do you call a doggo on a bun?

A Sub-Woofer

idk man I was already planning on building a new rig, if it costs more than 200 bucks I'll just scrap it.

I'm gonna keep the hard drive and the cd drive at least. don't know what else is really worth keeping


hot doggo
hot woofer
hot pupper

demi-chan 4 when

I'm so hungry, but too lazy to cook....
I guess boiled rice it is.

Next saturday.

demi chan 2 when?

Well, think of it like this, Dalai Lama is like the pope for Buddhism, when he dies another one will take the title of the Dalai Lama, that is as long as they are suitable for it.
Gandhi was a singular person like Mother Teresa, but still driving that utopistic ideology.

is dat animu gud
i just ran out of thins to watch agen

u like doggo?

20 minutes is over so fast with demi-chan

i think i'll need to binge it afterwards

would you let hikari feed on you?

was ghandi the original pope of bhudism before ghandi oops i mean Lhama alpaca guy?


i like food

hot luka

y-you eat doggo?


woof woof



No.. because before Dalai Lama there was Dalai Lama, and before him there was another Dalai Lama, this is the 14th Dalai Lama that there is.
Gandhi has nothing to do with Dalai Lama.

truly saddening

YES please

with ketch up

Have a snek, on me.

Last week.

I am loving it.
It's not very lewd tho.

This is the lewdest so far.

Same, lol.

If you wouldn't, you're probably gay.

mai snek better

eww salty

wut why would you bring up lewd? lewd doesnt make for good animu

Because you're a satyromaniac.


Tetsuo's forearms

Subtoe, are you watching anything else this season?

Can you please stop.

bacon eggs sausage and beer

truly an AMERICAN breakfeast


Tetsuo's six-pack

Mutant forearms with electronics and pipes coming out of them?

what is that big word mean??

rin claimed her.

It bothers me, I told you that.

It's the male equivalent to nymphomaniac.
It means you're a hypersexual.

Awwww.... u~u

so ghandi was never a dali lama

weird...... if ghandi was never anything official, then why is he the leader of anything in Civ V ?
shouldn't it be dali lama in Civ and not Ghandi?
since ghandi was not a world leader of an actual country?

oi I found her gifs first

whats a hypersexual?


me and vy have to catch up some time...


I was posting her first.

i like mustard on my doggo

I found it for you, can't I occasionally post hmpf


All the "Airing" stuff
Apart from that Touhou thing

It just bothers me when other people post her.
I'll try to it go a bit now and then if it's that important to you.

I'm still legit confused, did you mean Tetsuo from Akira, or?

Because he was the leader of the Indian independence movement.
Dalai Lama's just driving autonomy for Tibet, which China still doesn't let them have, thus Tibet isn't a real free country.

That second sentence doesn't make readable help

Is Nyanko days a something good?

sub's a superweeb

Is there anything else worth watching?

Oh, well then.
I were just thinking that it'd either be Tetsuo from Akira, or that cyberpunk movie Tetsuo: The Iron Man, but I doubt anyone has seen it.

Tibet is real tho ;~;
and all their hidden city stuff... in those mountains rihgt..? utopia?

If posting those gifs is that big of a thing for you, I will try to reign it in and let it happen, though it bothers me.

Yeah the episodes are 2 minutes too

I'm fairly normal irl ;;

I'd say everything there is worth picking up tbh, but it's up to you

wow this is serious isn't it

okay I'll only post new exclusive stuff then hmpf


Well, you know what I've watched, and what I enjoy, so what should I pick up?

I considered Hand Shakers just for handholding pics/gifs

As a place, maybe, but as a country not.
Nope, that's their mythology and Far Cry 4 for you.
A perfect world that is desired, opposite of dystopia.


I think it's fair that I'm not exactly fond of people doing something that actually bothers me.

Even if I don't understand why it bothers me.

there's a handholding anime?

In Osaka in the year "AD20XX," Hand Shakers are partners who can summon "Nimrodes," weapons born from their deep psyche by joining hands. In order to grant the pair's wish, the Hand Shakers compete with and fight other Hand Shaker pairs. The top pair will then meet and challenge "God."

Seems like it.

I wonder what these two are talking about

Can always check out the first couple episodes of that if you like

Little Witch Academia, maybe, I don't know exactly what you enjoy >

I lol'd



aww... there are no more secrets left in todays world... :c

But how am I gonna show you new stuff

romeo and juliet


is okay

wow you watch alot of anime
what a weeb

Well, there's still a lot of places underwater that nobody has gone to.
Probably will find Cthulhu down there.


I giggled irl

I think Guuchimon Rabbits is the only thing I've watched and haven't thoroughly enjoyed.

But even then, it has its moments often enough that I don't dislike it.


I suppose that's passable.


I'm still trying to figure out how she got there without him realizing.


it's 90% water, really.

Never know what you can find down there.

Yeah dude, Subby's a huge sub and a weeb too
He also is a master at Tae Kwon Do

They look like they're getting along
That would be a great way to pick up a chick actually lol

Sounds so silly I might just watch it
I need to watch whatever came out yesterday and today
I'm already up but I should sleep more
Its dark af

coral stuff and rocks...
and generic fish in general. that pretend to be unique... but are really just subspecies variations on the same old tired design.



"im microsoft juliet, youre romeo playstation, let's go out."

Try Masamune-kun :3

You're so bad at this Luka

Are you still a virgin irl?

i want her

i guess...


I'll probably watch a few to decide if I like it, then decide whether to finish or not from htere.

I woke up several times over the night and now I'm putting off getting ready for the day.

I'll try your Masamune. .///.

Vampire skills

Or there could be a leviathan, mastodon, or cthulhu, so never go swim in deep waters.

Succubus-san is a good adult.


Succubus-chan is bae

Too bad.
i have to.
cause..... Subnautica
♥ pls give me hugs ;~; (without doin the whole akward questioning thingy pls? ;~;)

*claims* ♥

This isn't waifu claiming thread and you need a picture to claim your waifu anyway.


stop ruining my bullying


Its not like that's a bad thing or anything
You just need to learn to talk to chicks
Practice makes perfect

I'll probs just wait till its almost over then marathon it since it seems kinda autistic

Its 6am and I'm just wrapped in 3 blankets while phone posting

Though I kinda wanna go get food
But the floors are literally cold as ice
Fuck wood flooring and tile

Which series are you watching this season?

I'm watching

I think I'm forgetting one


Claiming Takanashi Hikari.

I'm gonna get Wendy's on my way to DnD because I'm a fat fcucking disgrace.


I wish murder and bloodchan were here

They post in waifu claiming threads, apparently.

Bloodchan isnt real reeeeeee

Never played that.

I think somebody from over there came here trying to search for BC, because they disappeared from there.

Idk what those are

Shush before I bully you

Lmao that's pretty cool you go play DnD with your friends

Every time we try to play we always end up getting too drunk and we can never finish a game, we also always get sidetracked
Drunk DnD sure is fun though

Are you gonna get spicy chicken nuggies?


*claims* saki sucubus - chan

It's really good.


Lmao wow

You liar you aren't a true weeb

When did I ever say I was

wait lemme get in the bath

She was there last night.

We have an actual campaign, instead of a oneshot.

Maybe next year for new years I'll see if they wanna just have a oneshot drunken shenanigans night because that's always fucking amazing.

I wasn't thinking of it, but maybe.
Usually I just get a baconator with a medium fry and bottle of water.

Won't lie, the one gif that whoever posted made me want to watch that.

I may just be a pervert.

Ah well, not really that big on exploration/base building games.

Oh, you go around?

i'm rly big on that kinda stuff

*snuggles in your arms* but at least i have SD! ♥ comfortable... ty

Only 'cos Murder linked it.

are you a professional minecrafter



Who are you trying to fool?
You are fucking cancerous weebtrash
I know cause it takes one to know one :^)

Oh shit we're gonna bully in the bath?
I guess so
Gonna bully you full of baby batter

Oh okay so you guys are actually kinda serious about it huh?
That's cool, my friends always do oneshots while drunk
Its pretty damn fun

Jesus Christ
Someone's hungry

Yeah Akibastrip is fun
Lots of action and fan service

Subtle, let's cosplay as fakers and sword fight to Aimer.

Yeah, that one.

hey soto
since ur an ultra weeb whats your animu recommendations for last season

Who takes baths nowadays anyways?

You're just washing yourself in your own filthy

I only take baths if I'm throwing a toaster in it tbh

It bores me really fast.
What happened to Vy?

Ah well, used to go around there during mil-time more, then BC and Nymph appeared, kind of lost interest.



That's what makes it so sexy.
You are stewing in hot water and your own filth.

not anymore.
even tho i still have my OG beta minecraft account.

Vy is too shy ;~;
always hiding in Discord for most of the time

I'm one of the fucks who weighs nothing, and not from a lack of trying, if you'll recall.

How is the action?

And is it good or bad fan service?

Someone was posting Remi last night and claimed you as their Holla Forums.


i like to take a very thorough hot shower before my baths.
the bath is just there for me to sit and soak while jerking it to anime tiddies in a nice warm enveloping environment
good relax

anything else?
did you actually like rezero?

just ask rin for help if you ever want to play heavily modded minecraft with a storyline

No amount of loud noises will save you.

Then you should ask them not to?

Ah, I was posting with another folder and name there, but I assume that's the alice thread younger Remi, talked to them in their thread too.

You actually can't mod Minecraft enough to make it into DQB.

I can only try

just ask subtle to use his piece of paper from college to do it

Mod skyrim into a DQB



Scoots, have you played SS13 yet?
Is there any games that you can recommend that are cheap and will satisfy my QUEST TO CONQUER SPACE AND MEAT?

Hopefull a game I can play with most people in Holla Forums?

I fucking hate you guys.


Please remind me who you are so I can give you an appropriate response, please?

she's a 19 year old who got kicked out of her house on Fort Bragg and has no ID or key to get back in

what if she never fucking leaves jfc

Shower time.



By asking.

Just checked, seems to be the same person considering how sporadic they are.

Put her in a blender.


this could work

Whats an ss13


I remember you!
Rin why?! I kinda like you sort of!

she drank one of my sodas so it's not liek she wouldn't deserve it

Just to see if she blends.

i did. :3


Space Station 13.

A turbonerd's version of Epicmafia and DarkRP conbined, set in space and all in 16 bits and no mics, all chat.

Become an assisistant, and ruin everything!

I thought I was going to starve to death.
All I got in my fridge is beer. But I found butter.
Rice, and a bent tin of shit tier chilli.

I think I'll be fine for food.

Beef stew with some toasted bread

Ah, subarashii

And soap and maybe semen if you rub one out real quick

I usually never really do eat burgers nowadays

I usually just get fries and some nuggers
Though If I do end up getting a Burger
Chicken > Beef
Fite me

The fight scenes actually get pretty intense and the guy takes off their clothes in order to defeat them
Its pretty great
Go watch it

Its better that way cause when you cum super hard sometimes your knees almost give out and it feels amazing
PS Rezero was good dont listen to Luka

i already saw it thats why i was wondering if you had other recommendations

bath water just feels great for me

My hero Academia

Lol lUnch button 6

Check out my laptop


coldcold aa



no blanket

Ikt does your name say "loli NEET" or "Pedo-NEET"?

Yo sere tu cobija ;)

english subs are stupid and you should know what it meant by the raw audio

be my blanket

Well Ikt is a pedo so its pretty suitable I guess

i only watch english dubs


how many underage specimen did you copulate with again?


Errybody getting lynched

Soto, I just got out of the shower, don't make me have to take another.

Remember that time Soto got arrested for banging two 16 year old girls?


Pics of wet Rin.

Maybe later.
We'll see how I feel come June.

Hell yesh

and permabanned from the local convention

Why not now


I don't want to now.


Whats in six months

I swear to god the mexicans next door to me literally have 6 people living in that house because I hear them pounding on their stairs literally 24/7

I should fucking call CPS on them. hell I'm in such a frustrated mood I'm close to going over to their front door and telling them the fuck off.

My birthday is sometime in June.

If I decide to post anything it'll be on or around my birthday.

Will you be old

So are you truly cancerous


Oh come on the semen is on the laptop not on/in you lmao

Rin's having a baby

Quit lying

Also Vampire-chan's face while they talk about sex and bloodsucking is great
Watching that shit rn


No witnesses. -w-

I can now be as comfy as I can wish.

Might as well post nudes

Sasuga Mexicans

Quit crying tho theyre just stairs


I did, and I want to cap it and make gifs/webms.
She's so precious. ~.~

Pull a Hotline Miami and force them to pay noise pollution tax with your drug of choice.

They talk about sex?!??

Know any games though?



My hypersexuality is multiplied tenfold in the bath

Morning, everyone.

This wood isn't gonna sort itself, slut.

Food solves all problems

I am no slut.

old :p

oh well...

Eat away your problems

Pictures of wet Rin in June, this has been noted down.

Probably not wet.

The notes have been edited.

Are sd card named after SanDisk

Secure Digital

Relax its just a lil mold ^W^

lol but you dont even blush enough to be posting those 10/10 blush pics


git gud you 17 year old weeb


Ahhh, everything is pretty good now.
Gotta love Sundays.

Can someone post the daddy roadhog meme pic?
I ask for a friend.

SD stands for Squared Dick


I'm going to go try and beat Micolash.


I meant the one like this but roadhog.

Holy shit that's full on 10/10

I surely hope no one real will try and bother me, my fun and my money today.

I'm outtie.

Dont die

show me


ur rich?

No, which is why I value my money the most.

Sorry, mislinked.
I swear, ever since living alone, there is always something or someone trying to take my money.

Bus stops, broken things, lost gas cards, ruined shoes... I just wanna keep my money... ;w;

why hold on to it?


What you mean?
I'm trying to hold onto it but some shit happens and I have to spend money to sort it.

I need stuff to keep me in a job to make money; like hot water... or food, or presentable trousers.

Why do trousers have to rip? ;w;

*pets bunny rabbit*

use it, don't lose it


thank you

I don't wanna use it!
I want money to buy videogames and fancy food!

use it on those


i'm sleepy

But or else I'll be in DESPAIR Luka!
Being a lone adult has so many responsibilities and I don't want any of them!

Make it stop, Luka! ;^;

buy thing to fix des pear

... ok, I'll give that a try!
How be you, Luka?

Do Canadians really like maple syrup like Asians like rice

Banana, Chocolate or Strawberry Milkshake?

I hope so, just so I can say I love maple syrup more than they do.

That shit goes with bacon, pancakes, waffles, eggs, coffee... even in booze.


Please don't be financially irresponsible because Luka doesn't understand finances, Scanner.

im tired

Maple Syrup, Poutine, Tim Horton's, and Caesars

Those 4 things make up the average Canadian

Luka get your license already

more like subway, homeless shelter soup, movie theater popcorn, and hotdogs on mac n cheese for luka

In our community, being a girl seems to be a Canadian trait too huaheuheau


Drink hot milk and sleep
Or I could pester you all day and keep you awake.

akko is thicc

I ordered a whole lotta of chicken now; life can't get any better.

Post thicc grils pls

I only just realized this.

Don't worry, I got a better job coming around the corner that will pay everything and more.

Warehouse Operative, 4 12 hour shifts each week... gonna be awesome rich.

You like them guns?

In a row?

4 days on in a row,
4 days off in a row.
With interchanging days to nights.


You're gonna get pestered so goooooood girl~

And I find it hard enough to change my sleep schedule over like two weeks.

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