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this morning sucks.

Well i'm probably just gonna space out and fall asleep soon

I did a lot today

You'll be fine.

Ihave only owned one itnous and still do it is several years old thoughI have not used it a much lot I have no tim for anything aaaaa


sounds awful


It's night time though

I feel p dead inside right now

i had a bad dream wah


Why would you think that?

Yeah me, too. You'll be fine.



dkn ingen rullestol-pv

Thanks. You too.


She's speaking in tongues.

I still have a pastry but idk if too sleepy and idk if the waiting for tomorrow to be wakier will make it older and not as enjoyable despite being sleepy today now

Yeah, I've had enough of spiders today.

Spiders are evil.

Eat the pastry.

4 y's

you seem to be in a good mood welmies

rom is cute tho


the same happened to me


Holla Forums pls


What a great movie.

would you?

oh yeah
it's a classic

maybe 2 forkfuls

Want to watch it together while we hold hands? >///


Considering starting over with a strength build.

You sexual deviant...




Whatever it is called.
It is hell.


for good reason!


Also theres a shortcut to the back of Iosefka's clinic via the forbidden woods. You might want to take it.

Allouettte gentille alouette je te plumerie

I should find the weapons.

Might get the bowblade.

getting old hunters dlc?



How goes your evening everyone!?!!!!


My day is a glass of spiders.

bowblade is only from dlc

hi nezi its ok hbu

i n o



Put small lizards about your house and they'll eat them

awful, yours?

Wow grim I'm upset
It's fine I'm just chilling listening to music

I want the saw :3



drink 12 beers on tc and tell him all about it.

It's fine I'm listening to Kingpin Skinny Pimp
Why is yours awful?

Because I'm awful.
Is that black person music? I have not heard of the skinny pimps

das coo
im chilling in a call pondering

Never post this again.


face reality squashie

face it

This mp4...

I don't have any alcohol and I'm too young to buy it

Yeah it is. He's a rapper from Memphis
You should take a listen.

Pondering life?

I don't like rap, it is scary.


the soon-to-come future

nervous about new life


There's pop rap and cloud rap for people who don't like the abrasive subgenres
What do you listen to then

What is the new life?
You getting some new job?

new job new house new city

Gormet race.



do it yourself

me too

yeah fish kill yourself

at least you have pup

♥ beutiful neru thred~

Holy shit I have 600 Blood Vials lol

pup barely even likes me.

straight up he won't even let me pet him, all he does is try and gnaw on my hand

inb4 I have a psychotic break and end up in a psych hospital again


Nice man
Yo girl coming with you?

What is their music about

do you have aids?

doesn't pup like sleeping on your chest

unfortunately no

but ill make time to visit her on the reg

kinda want her to find out what she wants to do in life before she makes any big decisions like moving in
also gives us more time to go steady and strengthen the relationship

no fish said pup likes pooping on his chest

yeah when he's tired as fuck

if guero and fool had a kid it would be this man

'hey it's your neighborhood friendly Oxhorn here'

@ (you)

koreans are weird


actually she's a cute Jap :3




Sounds good man
Going steady sounds very 80s tho
She gonna be real far from you?

What is happening

but then




What she said.

does it?
iunno I guess I'm a pretty traditional dude
unfortunately yeah

shes my dream girl tho :')

have you played kirby

now im upset

look at her. she wants you cock....... XD

for a 20 yeah

Tonight she'll let you stuff her for free though

hey sexy
do you want to make the fuc k??
r u single?

she's pretty

pretty trashy

would not smash

LOL. IRL you'll have to get her drunk. If not drunk, you'll have to pay.


Wow. That's the second time in 5 minutes I've made someone ree without trying. I should do 12 hail mary's or suck 12 dicks.

Whatever nigga I got 4 liters of 10 dollar sangria

Hail Mary

Which one
I have played nightmare in dreamland countless times and also airride
The other ones no ive not

FUCK!!!!!!!! YOU MARIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
best gourmet race


I like the name Marie better than Mary




I got jack. Jack's shit. Not lucky enough to have jack shit.



hard liquor makes me cringe
I was going to get a bottle of pinot grigio in case I didnt enjoy this sangria but I got chardonnay instead and it tastes like ripe ballsack
tbh jack aint too bad unless its straight
you dont have soda?

Nope don't think so


what is sup with super morbid people getting that weird fold down there front
I never got why that happen

That's all i have.

feels good to be free of the dry wine hell

not sure.

Hmmm what is that? I'm pretty new to wine

Type of white grape/wine. Kind of acidic, not quite so fucking dry.

Although I just relized this is 50% riesling and 50% some other obscure meme grape called crouchen.

Honestly I'm pretty damn new to it as well, but the point is whites that aren't just more dry chardonnay's and/or sauv blanc's are nice and goddamn do I need to try more of them.

Anthony hopkins is so fucking cool


my most favoritest seet wine is Mosccato d'asti
I just wish it was more alcoholic
I've never had champagne but it's what I think champagne would probably taste like :3

would you reccomend that riesling? I can hardly stand such dry stuff but semi dry is acceptable

what an oldie

Haven't really had mosccato, I think? Should try some next time. Champagne is nice, and good champagne is fucking really nice, but it's not the sort of thing I'd really just sit and drink at home. It's an even drink for a few good reasons.

Yes. At least this bottle is right on the middle ground between sweet and dry and it's nice..
At least most, I've heard they CAN run the gambit from full dry to full sweet, but I dunno.


but not regular moscato
because that stuff is just gross and dry

has to be moscato d'asti :3

what is cchampagne not a good drink?
I've only ever heard about it being memed at celebrations

and thats super lame
I just wish girly drinks were more ppopular and that people wouldnt call me gay for drinking them and then having gay sex with everybody

I can't fall asleep, but my body wants to.


get in a fight with your dick

Might try to beat Micolash.


Sounds gay though.

I dunno, it's just the sort of thing that's really good in small doses. But it is really good in small doses. The other part is that good champagne is fucking expensive.

You're gay

This feel is at least 50% hitler

why were her older remixes so epic tho

You're STILL stuck on him?

They weren't.


I have not played after I died to that spider in the nightmare.

Lol git gud

get in a fight with my dick.

I was drunk today.
I am usually pretty on par.

Just ask Grim.




I beat Ebrietas drunk and didn't even remember it

you won't fight my dick
edwin won't touch my tail
why am I even alive

But doing it so you can suck cock while drunk is

*tuches ur tail and fites ur dik*

I'm not an alcoholic though so I'm not as use to it as you are.

I am Edwin's pet.
Our relationship is sacred and he pets me when I am good.

It's not the same

You are just after his belly.



LOL that was only joke

tfw cant drink a martini and get a cumshot at the same time

He means so much to me.

who's stopping you

also aren't martini's like literally gin and verjuice

Does that even qualify as a girly drink?

Why is this the best Pokemon music ever

hmm I've never actually had a martini before either
but all my friends give me crap and jokingly call me gay about the wine :3
also idk if I'm gay irl
a-and I'm really shy

Beccause this is obvioussly

its meh


Yeah, that's pretty fucking far from girly.

Sounds like a standard internetgay to me.

I mean, that's good but.. come on. It's not even close to the Gen2 gym leader themes



yeah but idk if I'm even internet gay anymore ;/

it really triggered me that they didn't shell out enough for unique themes for eacch city

uhhhhhhh its literally the best pokemon song ????

vermouth was my first wine

so dry uggggggggggggggggg


being able to go to kanto was worth it.

Best of Gen7

I can't find any sun moon remixes better than the originals lol


lick my butt

vermouth is a dry wine?


I didn't like the Elite 4's theme this generation

It's unique, but.... eeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhh

All of you are wrong.

okay dady~

: (
repressed memories

that drop tho

yes, extremely dry

better than the champs theme


This song hits me hard.

Was a legitimately well made game.
I use to idolize HAL Lab.
Shame they got shut down.






tbh I forget vermouth is like a thing that people can consider drinking?
I think of it as a cooking ingredient. And constantly confuse it with verjuice.

> //

I wanna play nightmare in dreamland again




time for sleep

have a good one




Hello Squid, how are you?


I'm already hungry as is.

You can cook me I guess?

that sounds lewd. I think I better pass this time.

I want to cut you up into small bits
and digest you~

nanas graams

Good luck.

nah just turn on the stove, add butter and put me inside


Dammit. Stop that. I'm already on the rape rampage tonight. I don't need anymore encouragement.

I have been lightly drinking all day despite this not being an activity I enjoy


Nah~ I'd be all slippery in butter.. blushu~
and then I'd be more yummy

and I'm good, hangnig out with my little brother and his friend playing Cards against Humanity.
wanna join? Their kinda funny.


is that a dick

Um, I don't know. Could be. *I* never looked.


I got some aminalia i post sometimes. Other times it's just lewd stuff... cuz i'm gay like that.

my last game we had 3 people throwing for 2 of the KOTH rounds, ended up winning 3-2 though when they switched off their meme heroes

people throwing in 3900+ rank....lmao

I don't see what's so funny about tormenting a cat

show me lewd stuff

Sounds gaaaaaay

Nah, cah is best with friends you know

Does frys do computer repair?


I am still at a lowly 2000...

it's funny tho
I'm bored in general.

can't. your age. is a thread that is NSFW that posted a ton of stuff in though. SFW stuff there too that i posted.


ew no i only like this thread.
PlUS I'm 18 in like 4 months

this one is lewd.


lol @ laws.
illegal: send sexual imagery to minors
illegal: receive naked pics of minors
legal: "Hey come sit on my dick and ride it for a while!" *cum on their 16/17 y/o face*



Ian, if you are here this is all I see in this fight.

yeah, in 4 months.


I had to make it before I forgot.

doesn't mean the cat isn't upset and having a really bad experience because of the owner's actions

practice makes perfect


thisi video though

respect pup's badonkadonk


crazy girl. i don't know if I could do anything with her.



Anyone who gets me !ThisOldDog gets a game on Steam.


actually age of consent is 16 here

I'm legal

Here too. The penetration is the only thing that is legal. God forbid they see something sexual. It could give them vd or somethin' worse!

that was loud as shit
What's that one multiplayer game where everyone has a turn to roll a dice and move forward in a straight line that many steps, and events happen that are totally random, and you can like die, or you can go to different stores. you have items. And you can every now and then choose a song and the youtube video plays in the top left corner.

like. The board game in on the bottom middle. The bottom right is the chat box and says the like story and what happens to the person playing. Top right is invintory. the middle is where your options pops up to like, click buttons, roll dice, and choose youtube. the to left is the youtube that is chosen. and the bottom left is the state of the characters, if their alive, dead, poisoned, or like whatever.

Do you know it?

Prostituting your wallet for trips now? Shame, babe.

What if I have a game I got for free just sitting in my inventory?
I never said they got to chose so if I pulled that it would still be keeping my word and a net loss of zero.

Actually sorry, I don't. I'm more into single player myself.

I love this game

That would make you one sneaky little devil. I approve of this.

Also who is the Canadian user?

Oreo used to randomly link me lobbies of it

Sneaky hobbitis.

I need a gf tbh

You said that already stop vying for attention

yeah fish kill yourself nobody likes you

LOL when did you start calling him Oreo
thats my name for him :3

Do NOT have kids unless you really, really, really want them.

that's Wish

There is a point where it's no longer fun.



it's ok, feku pulled through

I also approve of this reference, only because of the books. Also Spoilers, the answer is Spoilers.

Why dont you have a name on?


I do a mean Golem impression.

Ah. I figured Wish and seems Bard did too.
Hope all is well though. I was curious where you ran off to the last few weeks.

Twas my meme name for him for a while

But you can't play that game ifyou're a loner

you can have my vy attention

Nah I was just meming
Wish would never post horses

You got that from me :3

I don't know them well enough to know.

I have my little brothers

wish has a vagina
thats about all there is to them

#D E S T R O Y E D



Hehe silly

I came up with it myself

Must be nice to be close to siblings

I was cacllling him that BEFORE YOU WERE EVEN BORN KID

I lost my trip, thought I had it saved and turned out to be horribly wrong. It might be somewhere in my files hidden in a screenshot or something but I do not plan on looking that deeply anytime soon.
I apologize for the confusion for the foreseeable future, I do not plan on changing avatars so it should be fine.

Do you? I would be interested to hear this impression.
I would not say well but it is alright, I just honestly could not find the time or feeling to post for awhile there. Still not concrete on it yet.


Lol bard you'ree such an old guitar hippie

I'm too tired at the moment, but sometime maybe.

And alright is still good. I would get out while you can. People seem happier when they manage to get out.

Going to try and sleep.

would you be able to enter a non tripcode name or maybe add a tripcode in the near future? Any name in the world can be a period to a (blank space) to anything your heart desires

It's cocmmon courtesy to wear one in case someone wants to filter you


Do not plan on being here a whole lot. You are not wrong though.
Sleep well Squash, good night.

Um, I will think of something and throw it on there tomorrow. I am actually going to take from Squash's lead and get myself some sleep too.
Night Bard.

Night Luka.

Post chibi maki

Your browser might still have it in there.
In firefox, CTRL+Shift+I and then click the name field.

you going to bed?
sleep well then...


sweet dreamss and a restful sleep

dammit. posted too soon.

change autocomplete to ON. hit enter. it will let you scroll through stuff that was in the namefield then.


Based boredom.

Lets bang


Certain repeated actions over the course of the day have driven my current sex drive down into the negative.


Oh ok i just woke up so i feel like a rabbit

I try my hardest to read the sfx

she's just farting very loudly

Is that just there to like
be an ornamental stand for a fucking dragon dildo?

I dont undertand this horny in the morning meme
I dont really ever get turned on in the mornings

me earlier to that kid who owed me money

probably. it really wouldn't surprise me.


im bored

Tfw bard will never §atisfy your need for fug

me to the @ponies especcially @LICKY

Do Luka things and warch videos or play vidya

She went to sleep permanenetly
-She drank bleach-

i want a vidya
but all i got are videos

What ķind

you know it's funny someone was telling me you were 18 already the other day and I was like lol no don't you remember that it's why you guys said I was a pedo n shit
also lies though

5hours straight of SS13 is not healthy

what are some mildly entertaining games I can play on a craptop?

Pretty sure it's common.
Especially among adolescents and young adults.

I've heard some shit about it being from a lack of erections being suppressed while you sleep but fuck if I know how true that is.

Pretty based honestly. If you're going to have a dog cock that big you might as well show it off.

You know im not 18 yet you abuse me tho

nothing illegal though


i've heard it's complicated as fuck, is this true?

Bebop how long is cocksinhands banned for


they are annoying but it's funny

a co-op survival game.

Maybe my noturnal schedule has ruind that
my natural cicadean rhythm is FUCKEDD

It looks like they got a 1 day but evaded so it was brought up to a week

try a 2+hours firefight in arma2

yes and no. just look at jobs and what you wanna do then look up how to do there stuff, the station seems big and confusing at first but honestly it's not hard to remember.

also can confirm cooki turns 18 in mid june

when i told this to someone they said i was retarded because 'she showed me ID'
like nigga at a certain point when you're lying this much it makes YOU the fucking creep

or maybe you just have no testosterone

I mean I've seen tits and vagoo but I don't creep on her anymore

yeah maybe not

I haventt really been very lusty for the past few years since i got MINDRAPED

LOL. they want everyone to stay away so they can bang her themselves.

you some kind of sick pedophile who gets off to underage children?

I don't think it's the best thing to go around saying you have though, intentional or not
I actually believe in a system much like the one in 1984

Yeah and guess what the dude who said it is the one who is actually probs the creepiest one here but nobody ever bats an eye at him and just looks at me. At least I admit to shit, even if it makes me go down one day.

It was unintentional lmao

When Feku stops being shota

stop it ive been awake for an hour already my libido died down

well if you know what that is you want to do then you should do it

teach me how to evade bans
asking for a friend

what system is that?

can't afford it.

when that happens

give it a few months

arent there other coop survival games you can play

on 4chan? just change your ip
if you're static like me then you're SOL unless you find a good vpn/proxy(thank god i never get banned)

not giving a fuck who someone is and giving them all the same punishment(honestly this is how everything should be now)
spying on everything/everyone/knowing everything
not thought crime though, even God didn't fuck over Satan until he did something


Is that

that must be edit


haha no it's really an image of feku eating my ass :p

beepboop what server should I go to

I'll admit. I like teen porn a whole bunch. As for CP, I won't look for it or touch it. If the pussy is legal, why not? I won't go out of my way to go after barely legal girls (and never under).... If anything, I might steer clear because they got parents that can flip their shit even though they are legally old enough to fuck. Pussy is pussy and relationships are relationships.

what hakor things did you do to find out he evaded

but if underage girls were legal youd totally fug

I don't know about that. If underage girls were legal, we're talking about young, young. I have no young girl fetish at all.

any of them that are english. paradise is nice but i mainly go on yogs

I don't know anyone who doesn't but nobody will talk about it in public. CP is weird and just a nono, I'd rather find out who the people are that do that shit and throw them in prisonviews differ for girls who are just under a year or two but only of they're the ones who take it, I still generally don't fuck with it though

I wasn't the one to ban him but I mean you can tell if someone just changes their IP because same subnet, i'm assuming they used same posting style/pics/trip/name though

oh i thought you would be the one to do the ass-eating


idk if i would ever eat a boi butt

maybe for a super cute anime girl or something

why would i eat hippie ass

no dont

you're a girl


getting older either must suck or really open your eyes
unless i have a problem

No don't?

Would you eat your special somone's ass?

do ass-eating

sounds gay

the internet lets people be cute shotas forever though

ass is not for eating

ur gay


Why are you always so curious about them?


But why not?

What's it for then?

hahaha yeah I am

me on the left

y-you on the right...?

It's dirty!

What if it was not a girl!

Whatever is fair game is fair game. Like this one is definitely fair game.

I just don't like feeling like I'm targeting someone too young. Sometimes you get some 15 year old girl that is built all womanly and is obviously experienced enough to be in porn. Then you have their dad and his shotgun... lol

There is 0 proof of this.



I didn't I showed much interest but I guess if you say that, it would just because I rarely talk to them.

you slut

usually take me about 90 proof

I've met her dad before and the first time I stayed the night he made sure I knew he had more than one gun in the house that was loaded
it's fun!

Would you eat Megumin's ass?

But I don't have one of those

It's seemingly all you know how to talk about recently.

wow some random actually appealed my ban after like 3 weeks lol



That's always what I worry about with the youngest of girls... psycho parents that stick their nose in where it don't belong when their daughter is like 22. or a slutty 14 year old's parents that 13-25 year old guys have to watch out for because THEY did something wrong and not their daughter.

I must confess I have trouble finding relatable topics to bring up with you.



Wowie lewd

especially after steamy bath

A-at least it's clean I guess idk know

they cost money too

But that's dirty.

Yeah yeah, I'm boring etc

Why even bother?

oh no s-she has

i'm glad i haven't come across that too much, i imagine there are places that just have a lot of them like that
mine were always chill about it and were like lol just use a condom and i was like lol k thnx i know

What the hell is pewdiepie's channel

it gets more sweaty

beg someone?

dont talk to me slut


Well I mean
You have an ass, I would assume.



this is lewd

can i unsubscribe

i never told my mom the first time and then the next time i was 19.

My neighbor's son was 15 a few years back, went to boot camp because his 15 y/o girlfriend's parents got mad at him.


No, I don't.

I have never told them about anything really but they just know
went to boot camp cuz HER parents were mad? wtf is that shit

damn bro
wat the fuck


okay ill stop, but im going to keep imagining it

someone rich

Would you eat Chii-chan's ass?


wow dont eat him


r u rich?

megumim jst pooped on your face lol

sweaty megumin ass?

wow perv

thats illegal


libido restored



15 is underage i guess. she was as in love with him as anyone her age could be.

a young axel rose.



you do too have one. You should post it.

wait where did it go anyway


Nico nico niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

wait but wasn't he 15 too though? or what
i mean i'd be like fine okay fuck you and kill that shit and come out but that is seriously fucked up
i know a few people who have been together since middle school and are married now, it's kinda weird(why r u having kids at 21 wtf)

Forgive me

play other vidyas

it left when it saw bard

that's what i thought too. a friend of mine's wife left him for her high school sweetheart. a really good friend of mine disappeared off the face of the earth when he got back with his girlfriend in '11 from '97. only thing i can think of is it wasn't their time back when.





they didn't work...

i need something new...


*flicks forehead*

literally can't even sell my body for money, kill me now.

maybe I could sell my kidney on the black market

you still can

stop being gross den

i will suppress libido with foods

waow how do you manage to live all day doing nothing

silk road is dead tho

just stroke it out

Well then

I guess you have your ass-eating license then.



Look, having nuclear—my uncle was a great professor and scientist and engineer, Dr. John Trump at MIT; good genes, very good genes, OK, very smart, the Wharton School of Finance, very good, very smart —you know, if you’re a conservative Republican, if I were a liberal, if, like, OK, if I ran as a liberal Democrat, they would say I’m one of the smartest people anywhere in the world—it’s true!—but when you’re a conservative Republican they try—oh, do they do a number—that’s why I always start off: Went to Wharton, was a good student, went there, went there, did this, built a fortune—you know I have to give my like credentials all the time, because we’re a little disadvantaged—but you look at the nuclear deal, the thing that really bothers me—it would have been so easy, and it’s not as important as these lives are (nuclear is powerful; my uncle explained that to me many, many years ago, the power and that was 35 years ago; he would explain the power of what’s going to happen and he was right—who would have thought?), but when you look at what’s going on with the four prisoners—now it used to be three, now it’s four—but when it was three and even now, I would have said it’s all in the messenger; fellas, and it is fellas because, you know, they don’t, they haven’t figured that the women are smarter right now than the men, so, you know, it’s gonna take them about another 150 years—but the Persians are great negotiators, the Iranians are great negotiators, so, and they, they just killed, they just killed us.

its a struggle

slow posting cuz league

could be. lately i've been seeing myself go back to people that i stopped talking to a while ago but it could just be because of my age. tfw girl who i was split with but had plans for told me she met a really nice guy she was gonna get married to and they did it
way to kill me

selling blood/plasma is illegal

you get payed for donating plasma, hence people calling it "selling" plasma

it will make me all gross tho

whats meme

have you tried a treatment of anime tiddies?

lol who plays that game anymore nerd



that evil.

*dies again*

whats not evil tho

prid Emma


well it's not paid either
am a legal dude who gets butthurt over specifics

i was gonna say you should play with me actually

oh god. It's like a friend of mine. she got married to another friend of mine. I reconnected long, long after. It only became an issue to me after a long, long time of being single. Now I can't deal with couples.

i dont play it anymore because no one plays it with me

bebop confirmed for FBI

good thigns r not evil...


da poopoo meme

cool. I think i might take necrophilia up as hobby tonight

But I was a god before so now I'm not god

You're creepy and disgusting



But it was just for tonight and just for you though.


Even playing LoL/Overwatch with people doesn't make it fun.


TV shows with inconsistent volume are gods punishment for trying ooto watch tv at 4am

have somebody take care of the stuff

But gods can't die



my sister dated a guy for not even 4months and married him, though tbh she was kinda having him on the side while dating this other dude who was a fucking idiot(idk why she was even with him cuz he wasn't rich, good looking, and they didn't fuck)
being single this whole time is weird and im trying to not be but i'm dumb about it whenever a girl throws herself at me

well how about playing with me now? :3



I woke up before 11am once


Got through playing a game with someone and now just sort of waiting to sleep.

You're a friend.


go2sleep then

I never get anyone that throws themselves at me except dumb ones that I don't like. The closest I have are ones that are already with someone.

whats your good things


stop that

what stuff im making food rn

k but im still making food

It was terrible.

I'm more waiting to even get sleepy first.

What are you making :3

Still nice.

Aren't you sleepy enough?

i just finished frying these pieces of meat
i think its some sort of pork

rice was already set for me and a buncha broccolis

rip ;-;

eta? i'm doing bot matches rn

Why dont you loook at me when we make love

Sounds good

Smakelijk eten!

i got used to it though. Still is hard thought talking to 17 year old cockteases like that dam pig earlier.


My sleep pattern's fucked.

im not a fucking airplane
i just finished
how long is your match going to be?

but we dont make love

i dont speak nordic or whatever that is

you dont need a whole fucking pizza every night you fat fuck

ye. imagine being just a few years older and living near them too. kills me
tfw was like 10mins away for 3days cuz basketball games

I fucking feel you there

saiohdf'oasfa i just started another
like 20mins cuz bot game. should spec me and tell me how i do


nobody even delivers at 4am

no chinese either

its okay i asked cuz i wanted time to eat
and lol no i wont spectate a bot game

wasn't sure if you play and eat like me
but how will u know im the best before we play?

this is your chance to repair it

it is have a good meal thing

idk i dont rank much and my rank was still higher than urs :^)

so like

I wish I had dreads

i am not the one who played ranked the most on my account
pls no report

I want to unironically wear this shirt with jeans


is k
i let other person use my acc in s4 cuz i didnt rank either
i got banned and my sweet bronze icon from s3 got revoked

Not sure if exporting/importing is legal

If your skin is off by even a little bit you'll look super bad

Nah, it's better to just be an insomniac and set alarms so you just end up sleep deprived enough for you to just pass out.

dreads are for cavemen and dumbass white people trying to be cool

only seen good dreads once on someone. it was the black night shift guy at the psych hospital I was at the first time. they were perfectly clean and nice and long. dude's name was akiri but we all called him rafiki.

is 16mph winds hihg?
its really loud and annoying outside


Not really.


anyhow im gonna too

oh well idk the google gave me wind speed for an area that was like 20 miles away so idk the actual speeds here

watcha eatin?



nadeko ass

rip bronzy

i don't know why it would be

Thanks for the blackup.


You probably don't meet anyone with good dreads so that's why you think that.
And I have seen good dreads on white people a few times.

dreads are still absolute trash tier

well it was really loud cuz tree outside my house

good taste

that was s3 when i would only play heimer a bunch

maybe it's only with the really young ones that aren't at the age of consent.


anytime bb

am out now

am confused now


Faje news




Thumbs up meng

Images using our own Parks Service's cameras on the Washington Monument during the time of the speech are FAKE NEWS.

i forgot the fucking ear

I do things all the time despite that

wait what are you talking about I missed it?

skulls in art is truly a great thing but i've not seen it done right in forever

what even is this picture?

Why would you not color the shirt?
He just looks stupid



Yeah man I only found like 10 good pics