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Because "bumping" threads isn't spam, right?

It's actually Murder's fault

Really? The co-op thing was great, and all the animal partners were super unique

Also great unique villains and that interesting link-game mechanic

Okay then I will?



I will post this girl so that I can collect all the insults.


So I won't.

It's one post in a thread.
So, no. Not really.



He does it like eight times in a row until someone actually responds to his blank posts.
Then passive aggressively talks about everyone ignoring him.

Hai erio

She is my favorite singsonger

All of your disposable income goes to your furry lifestyle.

I don't even know if you're ironically a furry or not now.

That's not bumping though, he doesn't say bump. :^)



That was the last one.

Ian buy me self esteem.


ay gurl how u?

Oh, it's a loli version of Rin from Vocaloid. The only one I'm very familiar with is Miku, because I used to shitpost on 7chan many years ago. Miku threads were the best part of the website

Thank you, fellow degenerate.

How many cute skirts do you need?!??!?!



I hope you just mean in the sense of their songs, because Rin's my fucking namesake.


I like both the kagamine twins.
I have never been on 7chan
How are you?

Cute skirts would make me kill myself instead.

What are you talking about, Pricia?

Just kidding; I know she's your namesake. :3

Fairly drunk. You? ^^

You did this to yourself

Then what would accomplish the self-esteem?

Buying him therapist sessions.


Resting. Everything is okay.

The next life, please hire someone to kill me.

Sort of melancholy overall. About half an hour until the ribs I have been cooking a good portion of the day are ready though, those should be tasty.

Honestly kind of bothered that the name's stuck so long.

No amount of therapy can cure this case

Only if I get to see them on.

I could just buy you a gun

you will on vapy

remove the safety

That's good

How's school? :3

Aw~ -hugs warmly- Hopefully they'll make you feel better. ^^ Anything in particular bothering you?

That's just how peoples' minds work. It's a nice name ^^

I would ram that dragon

He doesn't want them tho

I'll get you a specially modified gun without a safety

A few, though I do not really want to talk about it.
I like ribs, I will drown my sorrow in barbecued meats.

Thanks, you're a good friend.

I take care of my friends.

at least you're a good friend

You're not allowed to know anything about that.


Rin you mean?

Wide enough that even 300 pound Fish can slide in.

True, true

It isn't, tho

I have to actually like you

They probably will help; ribs seem to give me a nice energy. :3

How old are you?

What's wrong with just admitting that you're a shota?

Yeah, simple and kind of cute


There goes my attempt to get an anime figure off him.

Losing the respect of my peers.

I'll give you an anime figure if you give me the succ :^)

They don't even weigh that much from their pics.

How much do you like me?
Money wise.

is colby happy today?



you asked for fishdog and I gave you the fisdogs

He's over 200 so he's still fat as shit.

I'll buy one if you give me that hand holding



I guess.



ah ahaha, slay dalmatians, get swag

Man, at this point I can't even care enough about the people I hate here to get into it.

It's just beyond dull now.



Give me a fishcat.

Food is the solution and the cause of much self hatred in this world. This time it will be a solution.

I'm looking at you.

I'm ambivalent.
It expends almost no energy to call him fat, though.


Be ready on valentines day

What did I do now?

I just wonder why I bother spreading hate anymore.

I don't even know how to give the good succ.

I will.

I can't tell you.

Saved~ to my collection

Being critical of things isn't really malice or hateful.

Tiny asian hands

tfw new thread so tsuchi misses ur dragon porn

I noticed, you needy little shit.


Do people really respect each other here in general? Either way, I don't think it would really effect things, except for people who actively disrespect you already using it as one more excuse to

I thought you said you weren't underaged. I guess you are a loli

Anyway, maybe you should stop posting images like that. They might just kind of be anchoring you to a negative mental state. Just a suggestion :3 -pets your hair-

I feel like being critical and being a dick have a blurred line here.

Do you have to be good at that?

Why not?

I got you covered.


i miss u ๐Ÿ›ฐ๐Ÿ›ฐ

Not really.
I'm hyper critical to myself and my friends in person and it's never meant as anything cruel or mean-spirited, just as criticism.

Also a secret

You do ?

why ?



*Pokes out of a barrel*

That may be the gayest thing I've ever seen here.
And that's saying something.

I mean, Fish isn't even here.
You went from being "critical" of Ian to just insulting Fish.



And on that note I'm going to sleep, gn :3


I don't dislike you, whatever gave you that idea?

No one likes a cheap whore

You are genuinely one of my favorite people from here, so pretty high.

Exceedingly so!

I was speaking in generalities there.

In terms of Fish, yeah, he's just a leech and I loathe him because all he ever does is complain endlessly that the government isn't supporting him enough.

I like cheap whores, though

But I want to know so I can stop doing what I was doing.

Depends on where you're looking though.


I suppose so

I like you far too much to try taking advantage of you like that though.

I won't allow this.

*Visible confusion*

I get that.

I just wanted to make sure you were aware there is a difference.

u-uuuu! s-senapi tsuchi noticed me.... >///

I said ish
if I say I'm any older darwin wont' like me anymore
I like those images, though healthy they might not be.
It's hard to find good suicide images tbh

You must not have been here long, then.

That's Singles Awareness Day, Theseius.

Nini. :3

Same, tho.

"I don't dislike you" isn't "I ~100$ like you" though. lol.


I wouldn't call it taking advantage of if it's offered and not coerced

True. I don't really dislike anyone from here, most people are at a 5 and I'd put you at a solid 6 for what it's worth




I'm aware of how I act and whatever difference there is, mainly because I am just as critical of myself as I am others.

Stop this.
Don't go full homo, Oobles.

I will not say no to KH 2.8 then.

that make me happy too.

i want things.

Just wanted to be sure.
God forbid I lose interest in your naked and lithe figure.

i don't want to become aware!


I am just trying to find excuses.

Nini, fags and fag-ettes.

Nini, Clobs.





He seriously loses interest in people if they're not underaged? I thought that was just a meme

The Vocaloid images are cuter ^^



Luka pls.

See ya tomorrow



Then pay for them.

I'm terribly sorry to break your delicate heart but I'll never have any interest in you, you fucking fruit.

Stop that.
You're terrible.

Silly shota :3



Post non-furry anime tiddies instead.

Ido not have fishcat



Sleep well

say please

Why didn't he use his hook ?

...This is going nowhere.


Over 19 time to find a new teen
that's his motto.

like tasty food, good games, and freinds to play them with, and warmpth and happyness and

i wonder whats tasty today.

Oh well. I think I'm gonna go to bed.

It had great parts but was lackluster in my eyes. I apologize for taking awhile.

My bad for assuming your phylum.

I will strangle you if you don't.

Rolled 12 (1d100)
Yo, why'd I get a contact request a day ago? Did you get hammered?

I guess you probably shouldn't get too attached to him

I just sent you that one a few weeks ago that we talked after. I didn't send any new one, but I guess that one is still there since I didn't bother revoking it?

Lol jk just lemme know when and how

The answer is always Subway

Maybe, I think the great parts set it apart

No problem, I'm playing Bloodborne while threading anyway lol

I remember Spooky added me on skype randomly and I still don't know who they are.

Think I removed them though

Isn't that one of Desu's names?

Yes, but from what Brandon told me he's an older poster

I have had to decline many steam requests from it.

I will never graduate, therefore staying a schoolboy forever. Then I can get attached with no risk.




It is but they aren't the same person.

Gotta order wit dat subwy app.

It was a long time ago.

it's not monday...
not on special.

i'm outta mayo and ketchup and some kinda meat and
....uh something filling and tasty juicy and flavor

You're also a boy now? ^^ You told me you were a girl before. Who goes on the internet and tells that sort of lie?

Subway is GARBAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There's this place here called Jimmy John's that's like a higher end Subway but they deliver, it's awesome

Be Asian and eat just rice

You were a long time ago

It's just a'ight. I much prefer Thundercloud Subs or the little family deli up the street from my office.

Jimmy John's is decent. They set up their booth across from ours at media events all the time and give us free sammiches. :3

Rolled 5 (1d100)
No clue. I don't really mind accepting it but we don't talk a whole lot anymore

What's your favorite?





something something flavor blah blah blah

what should i get?

Maybe to some it may but to me it was just a few gimmicks pasted on the general idea of LA. Might have part to do with me not liking handhelds too much.

Jason's is a little overpriced for me. :-/
Their salmon sandwich is good though.

Sandwich place? There's a little chain here called Thundercloud that's good. I also like Schlotzsky's, but they're kinda pricey sometimes.

I will not, sir!

I always get the soup and sandwich combo thing and it's like $10.

Yeah, more local places seem to always be better than Subway.

Well I didn't send a new one, and the thing I added you to ask about a few weeks ago was resolved by us coming to the conclusion that Skype is just being weird. I guess that conclusion applies to this as well

From where?

That might explain it, lol. They were both working with the limitations of the handhelds, they kinda had to be a bit samey to not deviate too far from the Zelda formula

You still have Schlotzsky's?! We used to have it in Rancho Bernardo where I grew up but they all went out of business here.... I fucking love that place!

I am a girl, I stuttered.


i'm not sure anymore...

pls make me happy.


/me hugs tight

Hm. Well, to be fair, it's been a long time since I was there. Do they still give you free ice cream?

We get Subway gift cards at work sometimes, so they're handy when I'm low on funds. The chicken teriyaki is ok. But yeah, I definitely prefer local!

We have lots of 'em here 'cause they started out here. My mom's first job was actually at the first Schlotzsky's.

You're so...crabby!


Yeah I have always liked more when they deviate a bit more. Ocarina, Twilight Princess, Windwaker and most importantly Majora's Mask. The last was in no way mechanically really different than OoT but the 3 day repeat and the story having zero to do with Hyrule and the Princess was really neat, in a way.



Really? That's awesome. I really miss that place, lots of good memories there

Majora was completely unique, the masks and the time system and the dark tone

Probs my favorite overall tbh

Yeah. You get free access to the salad bar, too. But not for side salads, just any condiment and side like pickles, okra, ice cream, etc.

Why not just be honest? I don't see the point in lying about your gender; I'll give you attention either way ^^

Makes sense then. I haven't gone to Subway much in a long time, but I think I remember liking the chicken teriyaki as well


She used to take me to that one when I was little. They had one of those table Ms. Pac-Man games. That's my favorite Scholtzsky's memory. :3

Maybe I'll try it again. Thanks for the info.


we should play games together someday...

This is my new fursona

Mine is a bit sadder, they had a Scholtzsky's right by the place where we used to get family therapy about my parent's divorce lol

But the high point was always going there or to the Round Table nearby and playing the arcade games

If only my internet here wasn't SO SHIT. My new roommate is a fucking bandwidth hog

They're from Texas, too, you heretic.

thats not please

i might be nice and post something nice to you once... maybe.

I do not go on the internet and tell lies.
I am most certainly a girl.

Nice vagina.

what can you do about it?

Get my own ISP. I'm thinking about it tbh

A fellow MM fan! You have perfect taste in Zelda games then.

I am a girl too. Meow.

Will you please stop posting disgusting dinosaur porn?

that's a smart idea.

It is empirical proof of my womanhood.

I'm sorry you went through that, but it's nice that you had a place to find fun and comfort.

I'm sorryyy! It was just so expensive the last time I went!

That was cute! Do you have baby goats?

The sickest of burns

not cute enough because she didn't marry marry me.

sighhhhhhhh. maybe.

Put I have a penis and i'm a girl.

You're break my poor little heart.

Indeed! Zelda is great, I just happen to differ with you on the Oracle games :P

I think so.

Eh, it's just one of those things you can't control. It helped make me who I am, and I like the majority of it


blackened, dead heart*

The fact that you're making ribs made you seem more like a guy :3

I still suspect you aren't Spoilers -pets your hair-

Do u know who the Canadian user is

The one posting red/orange hair girl? Spoilers

I like cooking and housework though.
I cook all kinds of things.

You made me feel alive again and then CRUSHED me into the dirt.

I will never love again.

Scoot! How're your travels going?

I think you turned out pretty good. :3

I don't understand what I just watched.

i'm bored


I guess that makes you a girl or a femmy boy

The greatest tragedy of our generation

One can only hope

Unbore yourself!

Do not get my stance wrong on that though, they were not bad in my eyes just more of the not as great end. If I was given the choice to not ever play Zelda games again or play only the Oracle games? I would take them in a heart beat.

That was a pet without a please! Or a meow!! What is going on here?

It took me a bit too, idk

Basically the same thing.

I didn't think you hated them, you just kinda placed them on the lower end whereas I would put them mid to high

Theyre going super. Adventures unfolding. Your weekend?

Its by far the worst thing thats ever happened.

There actually was a meow ^^

It's WEIRD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Different parts to play with, though



i need to find a enjoyable game that will make me excited...

Colbs, you're white.

A hole is a hole.

in the filename.

The irony is that Luda is the bitch.

Good! Have fun and get home safe, Doobar.
My weekend was exhausting. I'll tell ya on Steam.

What are you looking for?

Well duh, what's more white than appropriating black culture?

They're too cute! My heart's going to explode!

He did indeed get out the way

I am curious! What is on the lowest end for you, Ytse?

Little did Erio know! There was also a purr.

Help me find a new ringtone.

If you would have posted selfies, this weekend would have gone a lot better for you.

Gotta keep busy
Even when relaxing

holla back girl

One of the writers of the Roast of Justin Bieber was a guest on our morning show a few months ago. He told us Ludacris had no idea what a roast was, then refused 99%s of the jokes because he was afraid other people would joke back and he wouldn't know how to respond, which would hurt his image. He was virtually impossible to work with, I was told.

I said it was exhausting. I didn't say it wasn't good. :3










Biological girls have an extra hole (and tits) and boys have a cock and balls

-bites your neck-

The Divine Right of Kings by Ingested

Since ur a tyrant mod

multiplayer, so that i can build stuff with someone..
survival, together.

You only really need one hole though.

What game ?

For Zelda? CDI, obvs. Maybe... I dunno, I think maybe Oracle of Seasons. Ages outclassed it so much that it's just.. meh


Holy shit what a pussy


Hmmm... I dunno, I was never big on Multiplayer outside of Runescape :(

I don't like that type of music.

I am anything but a tyrant... Just for that I won't google that song.

โค๏ธ Sunday gonna be lazy?

Now you better appease me so it doesn't happen again.

Then you are a bad person.

You're oversimplifying it; it's not all about just having a hole. :3

Ludacris' music reminds me of a gorilla roaring and beating its chest in the jungle

I was kidding :3

But the purpose is making babies so all you need is a hole.

I don't wanna hear about your sex life.

speaking of which, this girl told me i look like charles manson. I said this to her then for it and sent her a pic of my mom's pussy that i just posted.



You have a very weird sense of humor. I think I've told you that before.

Oh, I was sort of not counting that game. Only because it is always on the bottom of all lists. Funny how that is!

Today's yuri releases.


Now you're just meme-ing

It's le satire

That anime girl is pretty attractive and goes well with how you've been talking. I'd probably rape you on the thread right now if I hadn't see your beard

He had a lot of nice things to say about Bieber though, but said it was kind of sad because apparently Beebs was pulled out of school early for his career and not really educated, so he can barely read. It kinda made me feel bad for him. But he's reportedly very nice.

I hope so! Monday is my first day taking the reigns. My editor left Friday. I got a little emotional. We all did.


just stuff similar to osiris and astroneer

3d voxel enviroments where i can just build and survive, but not alone.
in a vast open world worth exploring.

but maybe i'm just putting that stuff on a pedistal... :\

yeah mmo type stuff is... a bit overwhelming.

ty unsung hero!


Well yeah, it was garbo lmao

Tch, Yarล...... Daga Kotowaru.


I would just stare back at you until you realised you wern't funny.

Wait did you get it??? Or what?

Just tell me the name of it and I'll look it up.

Humor is subjective. Shota stares cannot conquer the Son of Lawlessness

yah, dood! gross!

Not officially. I did a sort of soft interview for it Thursday and submitted some of my work Friday. I still have to take an editorial test, then wait to see if they hire from outside. I'm just preparing to do the duties until a decision is made, whatever it is.

Boys have a more varied toolkit to play with, it makes me jealous.

her fault though
she called me charles manson and she keeps sending me Teta y panocha pics

An extra hole is also nice, though. And assholes just aren't the same as pussies


Woah man sweet meme

Nice forehead you fuckin' loser.

I never thought you were as tough as you tried to make yourself seem online

but they are so much prettier

thanks bro I borrowed it from a fag

Also why did that become a meme anyway, but only after the anime. It's such a forgettable line.

Pics of what?!


the only interesting ones i've seen are:
osiris new dawn
and space engineers

how was osiris for you anyways?

I'll stare you right back, with MURDER!!!!!!!! in my eyes

(Really though, I'm told my eyes can be a bit scary)

Not sure about that. I guess it's apples and oranges~

ยญยญ-blankposts loudly-

Oops, he takes the yelling seriously


Thank my beard then, thread rape sounds incredibly embarrassing.

How did you feel about Skyward Sword?

Big flappy apples

Because it sounds cool and I like it.


It seems fun but its not as fun playing it alone.

Looks, there's no need to shout death threats at me. We're talking calmly.

i have no idea what's going on right now

Yeah... that's what i'm looking for.
fun.. but not fun alone. those games are all i can think of that fit.

Never played it, the last Nintendo console I owned other than my 3DS was the Gamecube :/

-blankposts quietly-

I still haven't watched the anime for parts 3 or 4

being loud means you're serious though

For you

I guess there are different kinds of vaginas. But not all anuses look great either


-hugs tightly-

You're so very strange.

My vagina is disgusting.

I see

Why though ?

It really is.

cuz you don't want to.

nobu was best as limbless torso spurting blood with huge boobs

i'm hungry...

What a shame. It was a decent, though to be fair the big mechanic in it could've been essentially switched to boating and suddenly it becomes a different Zelda game.

That was what I was implying, why would it be embarrassing for the rapist?

Fuck literally everything after fighting Rom the spider.


*feeds you cummies and cookies*

Now you will grow up big and strong


No, I just...really don't know. ;__;

stop fucking me and go fuck literally everything else

You mean Windwaker?


You hated Rom as much as I did? Some people have no trouble, I had SO MUCH TROUBLE

I always knew you thought I was ugly.


nah dawg

Yeah but you're not hungry anymore and I won't ask for anime tiddies now.

You know nothing.

Rom was fine.
But Everything after is so terrifying for me.
I'm on edge.

u love it

It's probably fine ^^

I think vaginas mostly only start getting gross when a woman is in like her 30's, if even then

That's pretty mean (if Kissy isn't a guy :3)

I'm sure you could enjoy the humiliation if you tried


What specifically?

They are unsightly, but sometimes sacrifices need to be made.

It offers some form of entertainment.

I struggled against the octopus in the whale I thoughtit was the boss



Vore is voreboten.

I guess it's just not your type.

That is when they start to smell.

Just plain incorrect


Yes, yes I do!

Oh there was no question of liking it or not, just a statement of the obvious.



You must know some nasty, unhygienic 30-somethings.

i bruised my cocyx so if you try to fuck me I'll reactively beat the fuck out of you

ding ding ding ding! you are correct.


All the fucking enemies before the boss and there are just a lot of narrow walk ways.
The setting is creepy as shit too. I feel like there is no safe space.



It's a neat game, a bit cartoony but it works

There isn't. It's Lovecraftian, everything is Eldritch


I think it's swollen.
it hurts just to do nothing but it really hurts to sit or walk.
i want to die
if you kill me you can dress my corpse up like a dog and do whatever you want with it.


I get it, don't worry. Just go find one that suits you better, I will stand aside.

I'm about to confront Micolash.

Also hot.


For what? Why wouldn't you just e-date a boy you find cuter instead

I don't seem to translate well into your Australian dialect

new phone who dis?

I'd think smell is dependent on how often they're washed at any age

You're still young gurl


Very neat. Though could have used a bit better in the boating section.

STOP ABUSING KISSY, DEWGONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

stop flirting and murder me


Hi, I'm Desu

I'm 30. ;__;


dindu nuffin

I would not mind being eaten by HER.


Missed this. Yeah I guess from this line of conversation I can conclude beyond a reasonable doubt that you're Spoilers

I think what's going on is quite the opposite actually.

Partially, but old ones definitely smell used and fishy at a certain point.

HAH. Have fun with that shitshow

It gets better as it goes along

Kind of want to stream Bloodborne some more, but Grim is gone.


'I was cured, all right'

tbh this one is a bit too much




Oh god I'm at Ludwig now

Lord help me



i can't play bloodborne either
now i really want to die

Why do you have this saved....

Not really. Needs more cunts and mates.

All right. You are banned from posting more webms tonight.


What the fuck

that's young. people younger don't think that is but people older do. There are a lot of people that are older too.

I will attempt to kill Ludwig in 1 go

Wish me luck

I hope he kills YOU INSTEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I regret having posted t already


No, you're 29 for ten years

I think that's enough of this line of conversation. :3 How were the ribs?

I see that your head still hasn't been eaten by a giant Australian spider. r u proud of your survival skills

Yeah, me too man.


He just 1-shotted me


I want to ask something, but then I might regret it.


get good

What the heck?


I can't believe ian is dead

Excellent, I enjoyed them.
I do feel slightly better after consuming them.

High Jackson, how are you doing today?

Why did you remove me off everything ?

It does not have the same effect when you post those because I enjoy Vaporeon perishing.

What? That's a fitting response to Desu

That's good. Weird pic. ^^

My intuition is formidable.

I want you to kill, cook, and eat me.


It hurts me so that you could have doubted me so, Erio.

A fair bit, yeah.

I can do the first if you get on the thing.

Ah, I now realize I forgot to do productive stuff today as I told myself I would yesterday.

I miss all good things don't I

I am doing good, are you doing good?

Because Subtle cucked me or something idk

Oh, well I'm Treecko now.

Yes I can do that, but I want you to poison me in real life and let me die foaming at the mouth clutching for air.

And I predicted you would not do anything.

who is spooky


who are you

What a waste of money that would be, unless I can find the poison for free.

canadian poster dude


This is going to be so bad.

You know me too well.
M-maybe tomorrow I'll get stuff done.
Really this is all your fault for not nagging me as you usually do.
I will pay for it.

Your hubris could be your downfall

You're one bite away from becoming a werekoala

It's weird that you decided to start typing completely differently :3

I guess you could do some stuff now before bed

Have you collected any cool tires on the way home from your McDonald's job lately

ใ“ใ‚Œใฏใƒœใƒผใƒคใฎๅˆ†ใ ใ‚ˆใƒ„

Fuck it, I'm Emma.

too late. can't change now.

There are distinct reasons for it, however they are not worth getting into. Nothing fun to be had from that can of worms.

If that's my fate then so be it. Though I will not go down without a fight.

Translate that for me.

That's "$20 for lewds" in canadian


"I like wieners"

What graphics tablet do I buy?

I could, but I am too much of a lazy to do so.
I'll do tomorrow.

wacom or bust

why not

What neru said.

gg ez

Get a cintiq

who wants to fork over the 2 g's for a cintiq

I have an intuos right now, I've had two, and both have started to die within a year of getting them. I put them back in their cases and treat them well too, so I was debating on trying a Huion again.


wanna lend me 2500CAD?

How u

You dropped your tripcode, too. Are you trying to lay low and dodge drama

Just BEAST your way through it

Well, a lot of teen girls like werewolves these days, and that might transfer to werekoalas, but I guess that wouldn't help you since you like cock

Maybe set reminders on your phone so you don't forget again tomorrow ^^

Do not.

I'll let this one slide without saying anything and post some lesbian rape instead.


I don't understand you again.

No? I lost my tripcode, plus I would not have said who I was the moment I started posting again. It was other stuff.

aa really

thatmight not be too good then

I don't know either
What am I doing?
What was I doing?

Entertain me, Nezumi.

Don't lie :3

I guess you lost it when the wheelchair man fucked over name fields


i am try huionb ??

Maybe? I thought maybe cause my computer was cleaned up so cookies and all that went away.

This is the opposite of what I asked for.

this morning sucks


Why would you think that?