*yuris gently*

*yuris gently*
ptooey blegh :P
that hurt my tongue!

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Very. Fox just needs to finally submit to Marvel Studios like Sony, it's what is best for them. Though the last Xmen movies have been quite decent.

I have some measure of hope for "Logan".

I enjoy the Rogue Cut of DoFP. Apocalypse had some decent moments, but it never came together for me. I don't think it really knew what it wanted to be.

I try not to get my hopes up about movies these days, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't pretty excited about it.

I refuse to have hope.
Because I'll only be disappointed.

fanboys have already ruined it by asking is deadpool will be in it


I may get hate for this, but I thought Deadpool was just Ok. I loved Colossus, though! He's probably the best adaptation of an X-Men character on screen yet.


It was above average but its fans have made me like it way less than I did.

Deadpool was different, and that's why people liked him in an atmosphere of stale superhero cliches

Colossus was exactly what he needed to be

thanks Vylee for showing me there was a new thread ♥

event horizon
Warm Bodies
dark shadows
resident evil
the thing
let me in
house of wax
...the list goes on

they are all good, because they have wolverine in it! :3


You should and shouldn't, this is Fox still.

That's the problem with most of Fox's Marvel stuff. Sadly.

Jeez, I did not expect you to have watched a lot of these. Actually a tiny bit impressed.

I laughed plenty, but I'm a grouch and wanted to skip all the romantic scenes.

But at least they had fun with it.

Too bad we'll never get a director's cut of that. :-\

xD because he filters me.

I'm glad that Ryan Reynolds got to play the real Deadpool, instead of the abomination he was in Origins. And he even got to lampoon his shitty Green Lantern adaptation.

daybreakers had too low a budget for it's concept

Oh that's right, DC is making Green Lantern Corps in the future too. Probably between Justice League 1 and 2.
Also that new King Kong movie looks decent. Power Rangers even more so.

It's really nothing special, though.
There's plenty of self-referential, fourth wall breaking, genre aware series and movies out there that do everything it did and better.

Most of the fanboyism over the film itself seems to be more about the character and Reynolds than any other merit.

the further back in years past 2004 2003 the more i will have seen..

it's fine as is.
best not to change it.

it was good enough.

how about cimamum

before it became schlock

bruh power rangers looks fucking hype

I don't know if you're joking or not.

Are you talking about that vampire movie or something else?

if you're a genie i'll make a wish


the former

Wew. Well good on you.

Oddly enough it really does, which is surprising cause I expected like really garbage even in trailer phase.

I am pretty nostalgia tripped though its probably gonna be junk lol


cinnamon on what?

it got the job done and showed me something kewl at least... kewl vampires society world.

i've seen tonsa movies!

I remember the trailer better than the movie.


I guess it was an interesting concept, vampires outnumbering humans.

The Power Rangers show was shitty with really awful everything but nostalgia just glosses over that.
The movie just looks like "make the Power Rangers look like CGI Iron Men and HIGH SCHOOL DRAMA".


yeah i liked it's visual style but it was obviously forced into a small enclosure

i could see the concept being adapted into something more interesting

the tmnt treatment

on a bun
do you like cinnamon bun

There's always a fair possibility of it being junk. I want to believe though.

What genre is your favorite then?



That Black Ranger not being black and the Yellow Ranger now being Asian kind of ruins it tbh.

Shut up, Colbs.
Your music tastes are awful.


Hey fuck you



Fucking tossed the white wolf bitch's salad.

oh well
a drip in the pond of horror movies.


scifi fantasy adventure action anime

I'll post REAL music.

Amelia was super easy for me too

Jesus fucking Christ, I forgot how awful this is.
I regret my decisions.

the devil's here again...

It would need to drop the "turn back into humans" plot and keep Willem Dafoe.

Yeah I got her first try.
I was streaming.

Howdy, pals. Time for a BONUS ROUND!

Welcome to...


Everybody picks ONE partner for the mission. You should get your briefing from command shortly.

Has Vin Diesel ever been in a decent movie other than Pitch Black?

Gross, Tsuchi!

But here's this for a late 80's hip-hop palette cleanser.

Saving Private Ryan.

That's pretty specific.

Each team of two competes in an instance, with points scored for speed, minimum casualties, environmental kills, and abject cruelty. First team to make it gets a briefcase full of loot.

ethan hawk was kewl

they didn't want to burn in sunlight anymore
it was inconveinant
and they enivitability of degrading into ferals due to dwindinlg human blood farms was risky

I forgot he was in that.
He dies in the first town so he's not even in the second half.

how about horseradish buns

not really imagine it with comas
then it is more broad and inviting into the styles im into~



I understand that. The movie got steadily less interesting after the plot became about turning back into humans, though. I honestly have no idea what it should have been instead, but that just didn't do it for me.

I know you can see the spellcheck underlining everything. Why do you do this?

Oh god what have I done

I am kind of glad I forgot most of the movies Vin Diesel was in.

Fair enough.

Horseradish feels like such a disgusting word
Like the word itself sounds and looks like it belongs to some nasty shit who agrees
Every time I've seen the word horseradish here in the past 45 minutes I've felt perturbed

in all fairness
horseradish is some nasty shit

on my typing? i don't soo~

anyways...it's not like it was a sustainable world... immortal vampires? little to no mortality, if you were rich enough to afford human blood?

the crash was bound to happen eventually, and the movie went about it, its own way. despite all the random action at the height of the plot.

*snuggles happily*

He does the same thing as Neru, where he's intentionally misspelling everything for reasons uncomprehensible to anyone else.

I should play that off as intentional but no, I'm just inebriated.

Anyway, nini


Stay awake.
Get caffeine.


knee nee

Didn't you play the harmonica?

nahh I only play a jew harp and recorder for mouth instruments

So what's up?


link me anime pussy bord

Just had one of those moments where I remembered someone always making guitar and harmonica vocaroos and couldn't remember who it was.

youtubes and relaxing on a quiet friday night u_u


Not me. That zest BK sauce with hoers radish for the onion rings i had 30 minutes ago was the fucking BOMB. went well with the nuggets too.


kewl looking game!


i sh rad horse


No, I need to feel, please.

You are the Fucking Pope of Anime Pussy. I, however, am the Limitless Pope.

its teeth look like toenails


Oh boy I just got off work

was it fun




are you having fun now

Then go to sleep.

I'm playing warframe

In a bit

So that'd be a no then

is that your way of saying you arent having fun?

Hi Revy

Also hi Tsuchi


Is everybody dead?



This is the best day of my- Squiddy wut r u doign here anyway?

We all float down here.

I do not know

It's weird and you're scaring me.



I need an adult.

Speaking. What is your concern?


This person is scaring me:


Nice try, mff.

*raises eyebrows*

You are the worst adult I've ever met!

I'm a Young Adult.

Oh right I forgot
in my list of reasons not to click that. Whoops.

Sorry, I meant Jung Adult.

oh. yeah. i guess the filename don't say much. It's in my NSFW folder.

Get the fuck out, Tandy.


*yuris gently*
ptooey blegh :P
that hurt my tongue!

Your name confuses me. What is the significance?

And, more importantly, have we met before?


I'm Dr. Bright.

It's a guy who's been spamming the thread constantly and posts insane nonsense for attention.

But... how and why are you here?

Does getting 4k endo from the daily sortie at 5 am sound fun to you

I had fun
Now I'm in bed

Hihi Soto

Fuck if I know, man! I'm just here.

I have no clue

I actually know little to nothing about that game other than it being apparently an endless grind


I see. How tremendously novel.

Endo is grinding fuel
There are much better things to get from the daily sortie

Nice to be the one cracking the whip for once. It's very satisfying.


that doesnt sound fun but have fun in bed

department of the army sounds like a silly name

I'm trying but I just can't at the moment


I didn't name it.

What the fuck is this gibberish?



This is worse than sci.


yeah. she's trying to give the jizz back to the person that put it there in the first place probably.

you could play with yourself? but idk if that would be fun considering your past

are you a part of it

need more scenes of megumin denying loli

English, please. I don't speak weeb very fluently.

Does it matter?

This is the translation

I could but I'm just really tired

And you think this gives you... power over me?

just wanna know a little bit more about u

so is that a safe topic to discuss in the future?

"I cannot forecast to you the action of Russia. It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma; but perhaps there is a key. That key is Russian national interest."

As long as its not excessive I suppose


Ship America and Russia.

Allow Japan to annex China.

Then, Space.

Space is actually a constant. We're gonna need to do Space before we do China probably. Fuck China.

k. ive lost interest

so whats your opinion on getting endo

Wait, no. We're gonna resettle China to Africa.

Why are you so myopic?

I forgot how hard it was editing things out of manga/comic panels. Fuck.

I have some dangerous answers for the question of: What are the rest of the posters in this thread other than me?


you go on random tangents. i dont think the issue here is me. its probably too much to say that im myopic, but maybe you are too shrewd

Instances of SCP-1263-A appear to be disembodied human heads of variable race and gender.

Make England great again

are you even reading what im saying anymore?

I'm the poor fuck assigned to babysit you guys.

expel the jews

Thy will be done.


I can't decide if that guy is roleplaying, delusional, or both.

Yeah, I'm just dangerously shrewd.

All three of em.

Little bit of column A, little bit of column B.

isnt all 3 of them technically all 4 of em

Nice. You beat me by 9 seconds, but my response was funnier imo.

I'm just so fucking woke that it'd drive literally anyone else permanently insane.

It is pretty novel.
That's not a common occurrence for me at all.

What a rip
This is why daily things are bad

Kinda different.
Sci, at the very least, was making attempts to be a person. Regardless of how you judge those attempts.

I'm out until the guy's out.

But you're here forever!

Basically, I'm the neverending story. It's fun.


I might be David Bowie's reincarnation...

Moth people are kind of my favourite thing ever.


Since I understand that I'm the neverending story, you guys can do backchannel shit with me where you can suggest plot and schemes for me to hatch against other ones of you. It'll be incredibly fun.

What rough beast, its hour come round at last, slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?

Let me tell you something about this story: It's a Magical Realist fantasy. Fucking anything goes.

Axaxaxas mlö!

Sorry, I'll slow down and let you guys play.

She asks me if I want to get high, and I say yes, so we start climbing. We lean the chairs up on the couch and then we stack up the table and we keep going, we smash out the ceiling and we pile up the debris and the old bed and we tear through the roof. There's trees and moonlight here so we use them and we climb, one rung at a time, and we keep going up, laughing and grabbing each other's hands and tossing each other into the air, bouncing off satellites and riding the louder conversations from below. She asks if I want to get higher and I say yes and we leap off the sun and we keep going, and I guess that's how we got to where we are now.

I'm disappointed but at least it's not useless

It was a fun sortie though and I stayed with one squad through it
I really got carried though except the first mission

wait are you saying you somehow beat the spy mission in a pub??



Wow, look at this nerd, actually having fun with her vidya instead of only caring about the grind rewards.


She's gonna do great! An insane amount of work has been put into this storyline.

Everyone pulled out ivara and sprinted past me to the vaults and I was like OK I guess I'm not helping with this one at all

Yeah, truly I am insane

If my life was predetermined, whoever came up with it can fuck off

Crazy Hand (クレイジーハンド Kureijī Hando?) is the secondary antagonist of the Super Smash Bros series, and is Master Hand's left hand and brother. While Master Hand's movements are very relaxed and easygoing, Crazy Hand moves in dysfunctional and erratic ways.

If my life was predetermined, whoever came up with it can fuck off

But that was a worry for later. For now, Salt smiled.

Alpha-Niner was Go.


/me notices you!

you didnt even have that one loki that manages to set off the alarms the moment he enterse the vault?

Literally my life:


this faggot reminds me of tarra






wha's up squid


Well, we're going to hell anyways so why not?

Thanks, Alice. It must be nice to have found someone who understands you, at least slightly.


So tell me, Alice... Would you like to repair your looking glass or would you like to remain a thousand shattered, sharp, and brilliant fragments? I'm the Looking Glass Machinist.

Light vidya
Wondering what else I should do
Probably watch or listen through something?
I dunno.


alright, I'm going to bed, nini

also, and I know it's ironic that I of all people am saying this, but please for the love of god ban socks

When the stars threw down their spears
And water'd heaven with their tears:
Did he smile his work to see?
Did he who made the Lamb make thee?

They cross'd themselves, their stars they blest,
Knight, minstrel, abbot, squire, and guest.
There lay a parchment on her breast,
That puzzled more than all the rest,
The wellfed wits at Camelot.
'The web was woven curiously,
The charm is broken utterly,
Draw near and fear not,—this is I,
The Lady of Shalott.'

Alice, please wake up.


You have that option.

Fuck it, there's still more! Why kill yourself when we were born to die anyways?


Y'all niggas need jesus.

Why would anybody here need that guy
He's a fag

gay pool party.

will he give me coffee?

Because Trump's in.

Like that vid?

Coffee is a sin before god.

you're a sin

just like it.

Or maybe a boob pool party.

I AWOOke again

All is Haram before Allah.

I can get behind the boob pool party.

Morning, Neru.

How's you?

I'm not American though
I don't need your jesuses

>or just America and you're right.

i miss u

that's a lot of crotch boobs.

Then it's good to do all the haram things.
watcha doing

sleepy I need bwakafeast


haveI been gone that long

Crotch boob?

Drinking coffee watching vids and putting off getting ready.

Does the bullying actually bother you, by the way?
I can stop if so.

feels like ages

yeah. the ones that have a one-sack enclosure.

noo not a whole lot

and no backsreets

Those I don't like so much.


nice morning.
dont put off too muuch, you'll haste later.

yeah there isn't any :c


Okay, I was actually worried, a bit.

You're probably right.
But the memes alone make it worf.

I have time yet.

Fresh memes

Chesticles are besticles.

I'll show you a fresh meme.

heynow I went through middleschool and played league I have tons of practice

not in the mood for breakfast?

whats cooler
mustache or beard?

heavily depends

im azn so the hairs are straighter and black

muslim beard + british moustache

and a monocle

show examples

Fair enough.
But even with those experiences some people aren't so good with it.

I very rarely am.

Depends, but in general the beard, or full ensemble.

Having a beard is annoying.

i have pubes but thats all youre getting

howbout hitler stache

I really really like the kind of very typical lumberjack beard.

But it only really works if you're a bigger, and muscular guy.
And especially works if you just go all in and complete the lumberjack look.

If you would what would be your favourite though

I mean from other people GOD

well the hair is about as thick as the pubes, except straight.
idk how white people pubes or black people pubes look like tho

ikt i hear you stole yout disproportionate penis off casper? Is that true

Probably not.

How do you mean?

Holy shit, Lielie, this isn't hard.
Just find a picture off google that gives a good idea of what we're working with and post it.

stick with beard hair
s'just some asians get the Genghis khan beard or arab stuff, and other just straight.

What would be your favourite breakfast to have were you to have one?




is it a sin to watch anime while not fullscreen

i wonder if people with hitler staches can function in society

its pretty simple and minimalistic looking and i like it

i havent shaved enough for it to look full enough so meh i give up

also im not allowed around razors

There's this one cereal here that I really like, it's got honey clusters and nuts, and other stuff.

That's usually my favourite thing for bwakafaft.

E-even me, Emily?
I thought we had something...

I don't see why not, honestly.
They might get weird looks because of connotations, and that's the only reason I'd advise against it.

Beyond that it can probably look pretty good if you keep it neat and groomed.

Why aren't you allowed around razors?

Think about the other people in this community who aren't allowed around razors.


if it didnt stop me from getting a job or something like that id probably rock it

its pretty stupid but my parents took me to a psychologist or something when i was young. they gave me a questionnaire thing and i was being a bit too edgy with it.

basically the doctor person told my parents i have an urge to hurt people and warned them about keeping me from shit.

im grown now but they still lock the razors up. this is despite the fact that they know i use knives to cook sometimes

Just don't shave for a month one time to test if it's good. I discovered I mostly just grow in the middle and it's not even black hair.

sounds jummy, especially the honey and nuts, that's lovely.
my standard breakfast is in disc now

/Edge thread

nngnh~ cut me~



It usually takes two months before it really fills out at all, honestly. If you let it go longer than a month you might be surprised how much it fills out.

Or maybe not, who knows.

i think my hair grows pretty evenly, but a bit slow
i havent touched it for nearly 2 months now cuz neet

hed rub

don't let your memes be dreams

Still hot from the oven


head patting fekku

You made your bed.

am i not good enough for you

yooshi yoooshi

dont be silly :)
short one

i was like 9 at the time and read too much fiction
the reason i took the questionnaire was for "anger management" tho

Oh my god.

You're the shota

That is not the case.
It's just embarrassing is all.


oh ah well I change looks to often to keep that up anyway.

just depends on what you want it to look like.

I'd say you should have a beard by now, but you might still be too young to grow your best facial hair.


Ido not think I am allowed to drive tbh

Having a pussy is great.


How old were you when you had that mustache?

that was before 8th grade tho
when I was younger and naked in the bathroom I would do all sorts of naruto handsigns because im slippery and fast

the shota is like half a foot taller than u

im not weeb enough to read those characters

i dont have much to work with

its kinda thin and if i had to guess about a cm long

I think 15.
I kept it as an autistic sign of manhood until 16.

just means you gotta be more creative

I need an optometrist appointment and new glasses before I'm even allowed to apply for my license, IIRC.

Don't ruin this.


sortof want to motorcycle thoughh

I really missed Adam's laugh.

Why aren't you allowed to drive?

im still slightly chuuni
sometimes i flex arm and hold my palm out like im trying to make a rasengan or chidori

do you have 2096 pictures of maki?


That ain't much. Think you're too young still.

It was horrifying if I'm honest.

do you sleep?



hel im being e-bullied

You're getting nailed.

Well duh I was terrible in high school.

hello this is e-bully emergency bureau what is your compulaint

My chuuni is only behind closed doors and when no one is watching.

*plunges knife into dragon*

i think i jerked all my testosterone out and it stunted my hair growth

did you hand pick all of them??

its fun to bully you

what kinda things do you do?
ive recited megumin's explosion lines before at 4am in the bathtub

WELL for one no license and Ithink I do not have the attention to

Who are you?

Jerk away. That doesn't negatively affect sex hormones in any significant way.

"There can never be true peace as long as a single human being is violated in his or her personal identity."
- The Limitless Pope.






I was waiting for that one

I'm getting cyber bullied!


I would much rather not say.

Well, in that case you probably are allowed, and just need your license.

My vision is a huge limiting factor.


Who even by!?

My length


how 2 cyber bully

Tell me who I'll dox them

Not even morning, I woke up so late :c

oh cmon!
i shared my hazukashi experiences

its not a bad thing
veri cute

Maybe you should sleep properly like a normal person.

I didn't ask.

yell at people until they get tired

Youre just a fake chuuni arent you??!

this guy!.



You guys should be grateful to witness a mirror match this badass.

WAIT... WHAT !!! ??? !!!


Yeah, sure.

I am me

Can you please sit the fuck down?



I-I wanna go home..

Untouchability is a status of certain social groups confined to menial and despised jobs.

One of those jobs is what I do.


I am not Satan. Disregard these trips, please. They just trip you up.

yes.. im going back to bed



Well that was easy

Ok, this was fun! Where are the other free and real people at?

Oh, fuck. None of you are real.

I guess it's time to...

Cocksinhands do you have a job?

You mean other than running the trap? Yeah. I'm a ghostwriter and a geist editor. I've written and edited each and every one of you.

Maybe shitposting on Holla Forums is his job.

you're easy

No, I work for a technology launch startup. I just had to do a little market research to figure out why shit was so rigged.

Now that I know why, we're going to conquer this fucking universe.

I think we're going to harvest a fuckload of fuel from Orion first.

This kills California.


There is literally 0 evidence of this