*courteous bump*

*courteous bump*

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bloodborne.wiki.fextralife.com/Central Pthumeru Root Chalice

*bumps non-lewdly*

b u m p



-bumps nicely-

When you play DS1 it'll be like a whole new fucking thing

On yourself, I mean

What level are you?


Armored Core is a kewl game back then

Did I miss anything the last week or so?

*rage against the bump*

What are you gay?

Nope but the point was to make at least one person take it that way. Mission complete!



Still is

*FFX victory theme*

I have Bloodborne now.

It takes a right kind of woman to pull it off.

And I've seen too few down here in Florida.

i like robots

*bumps lewdly and grabs anime tiddies from the fault*



I'm in.


You have served me well. It was probably good for you but I know it was good for me, babe.

I'd say we have an equal amount of both.
Helps that we have a fair amount of asians here too.


It was only good for me if it was good for you


Howdy. I was doing chalice runs.

Damned Canada and their better capacity of Asian chinks.

I'm kinda 70 with a +9 weapon so... we may not be able to play together for a bit

*hugs warmly*

*whispers in your ear*

"If you want the tiddies back come to the docks at midnight. ALONE."

DS3 rules.
It just scales you down.

Oh really? Well in that case I'm online right now

What chalice are you on?

Then it was great, obviously!

Aha, victory again over the pleb America.

I'll maybe get on later tonight. I need to unwind a bit.

2nd one I think.
It's like the Pnumeria or something.
Whatever one the Uncanny Threaded Cane is in.

Yes yes, say you're sorry and we'll be on out way.

Those are random.
Only certain instances of them have specific variants of weapons in them.

Oh yes yes, how could I forget. Sorry love.

It's the fixed one.
Not one of the random dungeons.

Wasn't Canadian enough.


bloodborne.wiki.fextralife.com/Central Pthumeru Root Chalice

This is the one I'm on.

I didn't get to apologize to TP for vanishing earlier or congratulate him. Steam says he hasn't been on in almost 200 days.


Ah, so you're using Glyph codes to choose what you want.
I do that for blood gems.

I still don't understand how Chalice Dungeons work

Oh no. I just have the actual chalice.
I give the code to my friend and he joins.

They're generated when you make set it up.
You can manually input Glyphs hosted by other to be guaranteed certain drops.
Otherwise, whatever path that's not to the objective but just off to a random loot pile, ends in a random reward, tiered based on what dungeon it is.

There's no point to do them, though.

I need to just rush Ludwig tbh

I need that Holy Moonlight sword, I'm 28 Vit 16 Endurance 28 Strength 20 Skill 7 Bloodtinge and 21 Arcane

I feel like I need that shit so bad

Ohhhh. It's still pretty fucking confusing tbh. Idk why they made it like that


What the fuck am I watching ?

That doesn't really mean much when it's a Canadian saying it.
Are you expecting a kiss for forgiveness or something?

I'm expecting an "eh" at the end of every sentence.

If I was dying and got a Make-A-Wish, I'd ask to be in one of those tires.


What a painful way to go.

We should all do chalice runs together sometime.

Much better.


It was meant to not be static for the sake of coop.
As in just random dungeons with set bosses but varying layouts and enemy placements just so it was less repetitive to play coop with.
It's still obnoxiously grind-y and the hardest bosses in the game once you get to the latter ones where you innately have half of your health and everything is doing NG++ damage.

I always imagine you having a really soft voice, so if you really end sentences with "eh", that'd be about the cutest thing ever.

It'd probably be fun for a few seconds before your neck snapped! If you got good air, anyway.

Calm down, Luka.


FromSoft really needs to make their cooperative play better

Kind of want more games on PS4, but I'm waiting for KH 2.8 on Tuesday.

Coop in all Souls game is basically just "play the game but with a buddy in a system that's a pain in the ass to actually set up".
Instead of just "click invite friend and play together".

I mean, Souls games are kind of suppose to be a "you vs the world" kind of thing.

I found my run of DS1 where help was sparse and kind of helped established the mood of fleeting aid.

After doing the other DS games with a regular partner it kind of lost it's effect.


It'd be nice if they did it really, really perfectly

Split the sword and board style of DS1 vs. the hyper aggressive Bloodborne regain system and make team-based bosses balanced against that

But they won't do it

maybe a little less "eh" than you might imagine >_<
but mhm~ your imagination is on point.



I suppose I could Stream some BB.
I have it connected to my Twitch.

Also Viola looks straight out of Bloodborne

your first reply
you are thinking like me sabs

She's also an absolute monster when you learn to use her zoning shit right.


She's not high skill high reward

She's just high skill low reward

I fucking loved Viola but she's just so damn bad...

i wish i could hear!



Like you couldn't imagine.


That's fine, we can still netflix and chill.

I don't recall names well, but I used these guys most.

It's more just "it's mechanically weird is DS1 so why change it" than anything.
It's fun solo and coop but it's just more nostalgia's sake that prevents them from making it, well, sensical to use.

I really do like the rally system of Bloodborne but its speed isn't really the problem.
It's more the lack of speed ever changing.
Bosses have only two types: slows as a snail and a sprinter on meth. The character being a set speed regardless of build just kind of makes everything seem to similar.

Awwww. :3

Aw yeah! High five!
I accepted your Steam invite, btw.


I think it was to get people to not make it a dedicated coop game.

But yeah, they need to fix it or something.


adorable~ *pets* ^ ^


Should I stream BB so people can judge me?


But they've embraced the whole Jolly Cooperation thing.
So it's more weird that they make it either completely random and at the whims of whoever you happen to summon or spending 5 minutes to just summon a friend.


At least they didn't use the bell bullshit in DS3.
I'm not fond of BBs use of them.

I've yet to play 3 as you're aware so I'm purposefully remaining in the dark about mechanics that changed or stayed the same.

Fine fine, sorry! Don't worry, I'll let you pick the movie eh.

Amy fucking sucks, she's a discount Raphael

From top to bottom

Natsu, Hilde, (Kilik ripoff) Ivy, Aeon (Lizardman), Dampierre, Vold

I mained Natsu.

That's what I'm saying, they're not balancing the sword and board vs. the hyper aggro Bloodborne. It's either super slow or super fast. If they were smart, they'd make more variance.

What's bb?

1010 Excellent

Masterfully done, very good.

I actually did not know.

any good gems?

Yeah I love Bay Blades

I got some good ones so it's like +30 some % damage all together.


pizzas done yey!eh

I think it's more about designing bosses to be anywhere in the middle.
Anything small is usually fast, large is slow but with occasionally fast ones or painfully slow with a hyper fast move, medium bosses are always still just "humanoid and average speed" for the most part.

fuckin A



what's on the pizza?

Thank you, thank you.

30+% droplets are the best.

I'm in love with the cane.

Like I said, variance. They need to mix up the formula


i need two bowls for this large order of pho
will my poop come out green if i eat basil meant for 4?

what kinda pizza? microwave?

So what's the genre gonna be?

i saw you come online!
are there any games you play?

Oh, romantic comedy of course.


CRUST: Enriched wheat flour, water, wheat gluten, soya and/or canola oil, yeast, vegetable oil shortening (palm, soya, cottonseed and canola oil), sugar, baking powder, soy lecithin, salt, natural flavour
TOPPINGS: Cooked seasoned chicken (chicken, water, potato starch, salt, onion powder, garlic powder, sugar, spice, maltodextrin, yeast extract, tapioca starch, natural flavour, sunflower oil), spinach, mushrooms, bacon (pork, water, sea salt, cane sugar, cultured celery extract*, flavour, smoke), butter, garlic and onion puree (garlic, onion, water, soya oil, citric acid), spices (mustard), garlic powder
BECHAMEL SAUCE: Milk, water, Monterey jack cheese (milk, bacterial culture, salt, calcium chloride, microbial enzyme), cream cheese, corn starch, rice starch, salt, enriched wheat flour, natural flavour, soy lecithin, soya oil, spices, colour
CHEESES: Mozzarella and Parmesan (milk ingredients, modified milk ingredients, bacterial culture, salt, calcium chloride, microbial enzyme, cellulose, sorbic acid, lipase), corn starch



They're also pretty uninspired for any boss that isn't humanoid or animalistic, which generally are just those two types of melee fights: fast or slow.
Anything that hits with non physical tends to just be some variant of "stationary and throws spells".


Quite a bit of detail.



maybe someday.

He's never voiced with anyone and never will.



Sadly, not at the moment. I gotta get a decent machine to play stuff on first. Or maybe tinker with the one I have and get it up to snuff!

Chicken, spinach, and mushroom. Can't go wrong there! I'm glad there's no sodium benzoate too! :D


So how's your night Trace?

Finished infusing some alcohol, checked up on my beer. Not much else currently. You?

it tastes gentle and good


Very good.

shouldve got deep dish

About the same, just not beer. Ran out of that a few nights ago.
Trying to play Overwatch but I keep getting distracted.

Sorry didn't see. Blood Borne.

They oughtta call it The Luka. What'cha gonna have to drink?

Sugoi ne. Squashy will get squished.

Sabrina, give love.

I am accustomed to Souls games.

Ah, never liked it all that much. I'll try at a later date.

Deep dish pizza is disgusting.

wats that?

Root beer. haven't had a can in a couple weeks.

Though I am rather tipsy on alcohol so I might play badly.

Bloodborne is not a Souls game btw

Drunken Souls games are the best.

In title, no.
In lore, no.
In mechanics, yes.

It applies many of the same mechanics and shit on how you can go about things.

I've been using the Make Contact gesture in front of Ebrietas for like 2 minutes

It has not yielded results

I'm a good Widow maker drunk.

Eh, I'd still beg to differ. Its mechanics are much more aggressive than Souls

jesus you play the shit out of that game

yeah it works on mother brain

i can't play the fancy games either
is this the year we get to experience them


A fine choice. And it makes me realize I haven't had a root beer float in ages and ages. I may need to fix that soon.


Nah, I just like the lore of the Souls series and know its intricacies

It's the brain you use it one once it plummets into the chasm.


To each their own, I think I only really got really into enjoying it cause I started off playing with friends. Best way to cement a game as good in some way.

I know I just wanted to try

Eh, difficult to find friends good enough.

I don't think there's any bosses that it works on. Though she/it is the only one that starts off non-hostile.

By "it" I meant any gestures whatsoever.
I don't think any of them work on anything barring that one.

woops didn't see there was a new thread

it never works

like what?

pretty cute trap~

You never know with how abstract the lore is in these games

I wasn't going to be cheesy and make a resolution, but maybe I should resolve to get my gaming act together!

I'm glad you enjoyed the squish! Ask me any time and I'll be happy to give you another.

Take a bath then.

a type of pissa

I know this feel, it's hard to play with friends that don't even wanna try.
Mostly cause I don't want to be mean to someone I like, even if that mean is simply telling them to put some effort in. Maybe I'm a bad friend because of my want to win so badly.

Totally gay stuff that you see in romance movies.


Depends on the friends, but winning is usually more important in the heat of things.


ice cream is surprisingly good.


I simultaneously hate and love the lore of BB/Souls.
One, because it's actually neat and fun to dig for answers and learn shit and piece together clues with no concrete answers ever.

I hate it because every autist on the internet just jerks themselves off with "fan theories" about everything.

That's how I feel too, thankfully I've at least kept myself quiet to specific friends.

on a scale of 1-10 how horrible is it that I really want daddy pence to try and convert me back to straight?

I start with people like Vaati and move on from there. It's easy to tell the people that have actual basis for forming a theory vs. the people that just make shit up

how does something taste gentle

For the best, you want to keep the good ones after all.

Depends, will you actually go through with it?

my resolution became true the day before new year (it was finding a SO)
i wonder if it counted

It's not just that.
Things generally don't have a right or definitive answer in the Souls games and Bloodborne.
But people can't seem to be okay with there not being an answer and will insist whatever "fits" to be correct. Miyazaki himself even stated in an interview how he was once told he, the creator of the series, was wrong about something because the guy's fan theory was somehow more right.


Gentle is the opposite of oppressive

Dark, heavy, etc. define oppressive

The opposite of that is obviously light, flaky, etc.

One always can hope to. At least. Sometimes we have no control in the matter.

a fine choice indubitably

but you never hear that shit in food descriptions


Do you really think even Luka understands most of the adjectives he uses? Or does he just choose whatever is the most yuri~ sounding?

Unfortunately true. Difficult to find good friends.

That would be "subtle" in food descriptions.

I think the amount of interpretation it leaves is what makes it great, Miyazaki doesn't generally try to force his opinion on anyone

Of course not, why would they?

My soggy frosted flakes taste gentle

"Delicate" if it was about texture and structure.

I went to dinner with some friends tonight and we all split a warm brownie with vanilla ice cream on top. You ever have that? It's basically God.

That's sweet. So you got to spend New Year's Eve with them?

why's that tiny snake so cute

If I ate nothing but pineapples for 5 days my cum would probably be gentle

I think he likes to use words that invoke nice feelings in him

because all of the shit tsuchi is saying :L

because it's tiny

This is bad talk when drinking, why are we going down this road anyway? Um you have a job eh? How's it fairing for you if you do or college?

Yeah, that's what I mean.
And it's not even a translation thing, almost all of the item descriptions that have lore attached are intentionally the same literal meanings.
The only time it gets fuzzy is English itself is prone to euphemism and alternate meanings that's not really intended. So almost anything that's "read into" the description of something is usually not present in the Japanese text. From anything I've seen that is.

I think he just avoids anything with a semblance of reality.

of course not. I just want him to try.

adorable snek

Are you stupid?

Yep, hence why I love Vaati. He gets Japanese translators to help him, it lends so much clarity to what the intention of the concept is

answer the q

Work's going well. Making a considerable amount more than at my previous employers. How goes your life.

Conflicting statements.

its like pizza lasagna

wow rude

squashie is asking for you on discord

Cool. looks like I'm having fun tonight. Bend over. For the sabs beater is lonely.


Also I'm concentrating on this boss, hold on a sec

Isn't Vaati the wizard from Zelda?

furry streaming some good ps4 stuff


It's about as alright as it gets when you're drinking multiple times a week. I'm not dying or poor though, so there's the sunny side to that too.

Ah, yes, well, there's a boost in my alcohol budget as of late. So I'll be getting a few bottles soon.

what q ?

all you did was make an unlinked post, to no one and no punctuation.

i like lasanga

I like to mix wasabi and soy sauce. :3

Aw, look at you. Was anyone else injured in the explosion?

its kinda expensive tho

Haha fuck you Ebrietas

Yep. But VaatiVidya is the #1 Souls lore video maker

The more aboard this ship the better. We aren't going to spear us the white whale all alone.

christmas too! luka made the holidays so serene and content for me.


Sorry, carried that over from talking to Ytse. We were mystifying drinking like dorks.


It's Luka? Aww!

I see.

I'm going to bed soon.

i don't like wasabi


Make sure to sleep well, gotta get that beauty sleep.

the one with the shrinking mechanic and tiny people.
i defeated vaati.

The inauguration happened today. It was a joy to watch.

what did did you two do

its like a pizza, but like a lasagna yeah?

Bit too late for that.


Oh. Well. I forgot really. I can't seem to recall who won the election.

Do you happen to know by any chance?

You were on the internet in the early 2000s.
You know all of those really autistic bullshit fan theories about the Zelda franchise that had no basis in anything?
That's what most of the Souls shit is. After googling who you're talking about, I've watched a video or two of theirs in the past and it's not bad. But most of the Souls lore shit on YouTube is just like worse than Gamefaqs tier.

It's never too late.

We'll see.


Vaati actually looks into the Japanese translations of things and Japanese culture and whatnot. Yeah, most of that early stuff is cringy, but there are a few that really know what they're talking about. If you really want good Souls commentary, watch Vaati and Plague of Gripes. They know the Japanese/European sides of the Souls series to a T

i found a cute one eh!

i flirted a looot until she was like 'fine! i like you too.'

But it's soooo gooood.

Night Trace.

Holy fuck what the hell.

Why doesn't anyone love me? They should. I'm obviously AMAZING.


what? it tastes to.... horseradishy and like spicey i hate it.

Literally who

It's me. Apache.

I'm not interested in you, though, so go away.

Was I ever there?


I think this indicates so, yeah.


That picture made me laugh, so you get points for that.

But mixed with soy sauce it tastes purdy good.

Man, I actually didn't follow that election for shit.

that sounds like quite the devious plan

hey you cant say that about wasabi until you try real wasabi, and not the processed crap

So I should be interested because you exist? Uhh.... You might need to adjust your worldview

That's all you people ever react to. Things that you feel are funny or people sucking your cock.

Other than that you squishy meat bags are boring. You should argue with me.

Well shit. I hope a war hawk with a cuck husband didn't get the reigns to this country. Man. Imagine if a candidate like that were to show up.

It's not even "processed".
It's horseradish.

horseradish is an imitation of real wasabi

i just like the sushi itself
not the ginger
not the green goop
and only minimal soy, light dashes, barely any accent

tried a pinch of green on my food and it tasted bad made the food difficult to eat. wasabi/green fake horseradish mash never again.
i don't like spicy at all.

i can and did.
i don't want it.

Yeah imagine

I bet arguing would be fun, but I'm not creative enough to be mean or insightful enough to be right. Sorry!

Luka, I'mma be mean and put wasabi in your sushi when you're not lookin'. :3

It would. I really want to fucking argue with someone.

Then be wrong you cunt. That makes me arguing all the more better, doesn't it?

ptooey blegh :P
that hurt my tongue!

it worked
try it on someone

Ian set you up for an argument and you didn't take it.

Nope. Arguing is only fun when the person you're arguing with can cut through your opinion like a razor and make you question it for just a split second before you clench your fist, then stand and deliver.

I'm sorry I betrayed your trust, but I felt like you needed a moment of spice. I did this for both of us!

and that's how i became turned off spice forever :3

The spice must flow, Luka.

Holy fucking shit.

I disagree. Mainly because everything I argue about tends to be well thought out and, more often than not, correct.

i should watch dune someday

do you hate it cuz spicy or taste?

i dont have enough people in my life to love in order to try it

just picked up 4L of sangria lmao

I got a chardonnay for if its not good
I've never had it before :3

A turned off spice
Sounds like a really weak pepper that no one likes to eat



at least i can handle ordinary table black pepper.

Have you ever lost an argument?

It's better read than watched, I'm afraid. But if you wanna watch it, I recommend the Sci-Fi channel miniseries. The David Lynch movie is kinda meh. It has moments, but it's a little goofy.

The last known photo before you buggered them all to death?

Not even once.

Well. At least, I remained solidly correct about things after probably 7th grade.

Have you considered becoming a lawyer or stock broker?

I'm not a Jew. How dare you insult me.

i'm hyped for Logan

i like spicy foods.

I took one

I am down for that

You have good taste but wouldn't there be too much blood for you?

Me too! I can't say I've always been thrilled with what FOX has done with my childhood heroes, but this one could be the one I've been waiting for. It's just too bad they never did Kitty Pryde justice. She was my favorite growing up. But maybe some day!

Your new task is to get Luka into spicy things!

Why does everyone have to be a normie.

You should put your powers to use though! For good or evil, I don't care. But it would be a shame to waste 'em.

tooo hot

i've been through worse :3

fox? what did that company do?
ellen page seemed okay to me?

Holy fuck are you shitting me.


I said good or evil, goober!

I think I'm just very protective of the X-Men 'cause they were my favorite as a kid. They never really got the team dynamic down in the movies. Ellen Page was a great casting choice. I just wish she'd had a bigger role overall. But they can still do it in future movies, especially if FOX gives the rights back to Marvel. :3

But yes, Logan does look very promising. A grounded, Western-inspired swan song with Xavier, Wolvie, and X-23? Yes please.

is there anything spicy you like

ima loner :)

Never call me or my me this ever again.


You people are so annoyingly soft.

I'm going to sleep.





This hasn't ended yet, but, I need to sleep.

Expect an ass-kicking tomorrow though you fucking punk.

ohmygod why did i laugh so much

Nini and happy dreams, goober. :D


Fuck you. You're not going to get away with this.

I betcha I do, g▬▬r.

You're lucky I'm on the verge of passing out. Or else I'd do something fucking unseemly.

i'm just a fan of all the wolverine movies.
but i guess x23 is pretty too.
they prolly wont do x23's shoe claw in the movie tho... lol

salt and peper.

lotsa scarey horror movies ;~;

X-men is a shitty series for nerds.

There. I did it. Okay. I'm off to bed.

Name a few. Also my money is on the foot blade being the trump card she pulls out near the finale.

I am okay with this.

later gator

Spoken like a

Good night!

I've never seen the first origins movie he was in, but I thought The Wolverine was pretty good for the most part.

The one with Deadpool was horrible, never watch it. Save yourself.

That's what I've heard. Apparently, Emma Frost is in that one, and they waste her there too.

i shouldn't make two stomaches ache
and i think she can teach me more about food



Yeah, honestly I wasn't even extremely happy with Emma's portrayal in the new timeline.
Seemed sort of lame that they barely made her more than a side character. Didn't even really address the brunt of her power.

nooo stop!

Move in with her and y'all can cook together!


They cast a wonderful actress to play her, then made her nothing but a sex kitten to distract a moron in one scene. It was disgraceful.

-wipes tearas-


event horizon
Warm Bodies
dark shadows
resident evil
the thing
let me in
house of wax

...the list goes on

they are all good, because they have wolverine in it! :3


Well, this has been a wild fucking ride but it was all worth it go...