Shut up

shut up.

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do you have more retoic picturs

filthy sluts, the lot of you.




Not sure it is my type of game, Love.

I am a pure maiden.

no u

squash likes it so it likely isn't.


the sexy drooly blushy ones

you must have me mistaken with someone else.

afraid not. I don't really save much stuff like that. I should make a ball gag folder.

P U R E.


it'll take sometime for me to forgive you



Emma should trap.

just a joke at squash's expense, never mind, mandy dear.



what does that mean



everything will be just fine
everything will be all right

Make dank trap music


that you should dress in boy clothes and pretend to be a boy because you're a girl :)

Both awful.

I don't own this.

Who even are you ?


That seems cruel.



I know exactly who you are.

this seems cruel.

you know damn well what is funny.

Don't write yourself off yet

you have me at a disadvantage, good sir. I tip my fedora to you.



But why would I want to do that?

Latest NepNep game

It is the best game, allegedly.


play musical chairs with my face


tip it into the trash


Black lives matter.

I am perfectly sure I do not

what are you doing around at this hour?

shits and giggles?

dumb sluts are the best kind so that's for the best.

Stream it for me.


Buy me an outfit and I'll do it :^)

Oh hi

Aren't those just games for pedos ?

says who ?

And who are you ?

oops this fell off

not your property!!

disgusting. buy ME an outfit.

how feminine are you?

But my mom says I'm smart


oh...oh honey...oh...

hi bbboy whatcha doin?

She wouldn't post pics anyhow. She's just sell it for poutine money.

Can it be a hijab?



ha yes she is quite canadian haha

I won't wear something that will oppress me.

You wish you where though.

Hi, my name is Ronnie

I'm an addict

Shopping on the internet



disgusting get away from me

whatcha doing?

yeah same

do you still wanna play musical chairs

drinking to excess.

gimme drinks pls

If you say so.

I'll play if you ask really nicely.

you can have all you want. as long as you take it from my mouth while kissing me.

I appreciate the roman salute. If she was going for nazi she failed.



i say so

but that's gay

Oh yeah, totally dude.

If I bought you a skirt would you post pics?

Bigger dick than everyone else in the thread.

I'm still gonna do whatever I want anyways.

I dunno. you tell me.

not if we both wear skirts.


and what do you want?

I don't see a roman salute as cruel.

then it would be super gay

Don't tease me, I'll do it.

edgy clothes

and you played it ?

please sit on my face

postez-le, bébé

didn't you just get some?

I see you not posting more ferrets as cruel.


ask anyone. I'm no tease. I deliver.

But ferrets are annoying.

check discord.

More effort now.

Still looking though

it's annoying how fucking adorable they are, yes.

And that they get into everything.

i dun care enough to do that

I'll get you a sanic t shirt

I really miss the one I had. I had one for a little while when my brother's ex wife was pregnant for the first time. it was supposed to be mine forever but she wanted it back after the baby was born. I miss you, bruce ;_;

it's like, zero effort but alright.

meh im out of energy

I still haven't beaten Re;Birth 3 so I haven't played the new one yet :3

All right, what do you want?

But does it look good ?

Buy my name is Mandy....

for you to do naked cosplay and post pics or send them.

something cute, duh. purple would be nice. or a dark color.

what's really hilarious is that for a full second my drunk brain wondered why I'd make this post

it is too much effort for me!

prolly not


the ferret I had was bruce. I don't miss you, you're right here!

Do you like look at little anime girl butts ?

can't really fault that.
that's me in the other thread you faget.

But I could be right there.

so come cuddle me already.

I know

Struggle cuddles?

yeah because I gave you a fuckhuge hint.

only if you try to resist me, which we both know you won't.

I'd resist because I'm not a SLUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! like you

good wan

I think you have a misunderstanding of who is the dominant one here.

not in the slightest.

It's true.

Maybe one day. For now I need to get to sleep. Need to get up to go to work in like, 5 hours.


Hmmn, これ? :^)

Yeah kinda, one of their clusterfuck games has a clothes ripping feature and it makes my nose bleed.

pick one and ONLY one.

goodnight mandy. I miss you already.

don't do the cutesy "lol I'm using moonrunes" thing with me, I will not bother to look it up.

that looks pretty cute. I was thinking more a plain solid color but I do like this...

also wow that's expensive.

itll take some time


what is happening

It's canadian monies. 100 CAD is like 20 USD.

I pick me, always

Are you bi ?

almost 90 dollars real money american for that skirt.


Plain colours are pretty boring to be honest :3
Don't worry, that's $110 Canadian so it's only like $20 USD

so a slut.

No sir, I am 100% straight.

this is a silly meme. you wouldn't waste that much money on a faggot who wouldn't even look good in that skirt. you're smarter than that.


What better way to enjoy an anime about a fatass than being a fatass while doing so?


it hurts to live

I never admitted that

goldfish r the bomb with sprite

*in public


#9ハ= 蘒5i

Im drinking Jamaica


Same diff


It's only a meme until you realize it's cheaper for me to drive over to Michigan for every day shopping even considering the price of gas :^)

$100 isn't even that big of a deal, I think I've wasted more on League of Legends gifts for people here while drunk.

You're weird!


well then buy me the skirt you rich valley girl.

put sprite in it

I'm not the one that's currently negotiating wearing women's clothing

that seems irrelevant.

Ur the slut



Oh, everything 40% off too.

Yeah, np.

So are you playing Paper Mario or what?

#9ハ= {涎i
instead of
#9ハ= 蘒5i

this is known, khaleesi.

Shut up slut

Calling me a slut and shit

And dumb

I would rather jack off with a cheese grater.

I do not know girl's sizes. if you're being serious here give me your discord so I can give you waist size and address.



I hope Ian and Cupcake meet up and fuck.

Don't you give me that slut look


Surely this summer will end soon.

oh shit YES

so does ian.

it's winter

Oh, so when are you doing that?

I don't have a discord ;;

Also it seems they only ship to Canada.


It is not for the southern hemisphere.


no one cares about that hemisphere.

ian is pure

I would ask whos top but I don't think you can even do that.

Wanna voice ?

i'm bored

so far every attempt has ended in failure, so yeah.

God damn it I hate you so much you smug cunt

That's fine.

sure gimme a sec


I don't think anyone genuinely hates me. at least not around here.

ur fine.

so sleepy exhsusted

You thought wrong motherfucker

You thought wrong

someone convert me out of weebism
if you can

Does that mean you couldn't get hard ?

Nice desu knees

I'll do it if you can find another one that will ship to you.

he is saving his butt virginity for THE ONE

I already know this.

He's going to lose to the WHITE WHALE.



Eyes are heavy

Master, no.

You should probably sleep soon, instead of letting people keep you up way too late.

getting hard wasn't the issue, it was staying hard once I tried to get inside.

I'm never wrong.



You are now motherfucker

I forgot when I woke up but I fed so much the last game

It's time to slow down.





Pls let me sleep

It was.. worth

this is boring. ur boring.

Call me "master" first.

I wasn't there to witness it unfortunately ^^

Large or XL?

Kinda wanna get a TV and a Switch in my room.


I'll show you suggestive.

I agree.
Heading to bed then, or grabbing a snack first?

That's a funny way of spelling "stunningly attractive"

I have a tv and PS4 in my room next to my computer

It's lit


at this point I'm convinced you're baiting out laughing gifs

Yeah but is the switch gonnna be lit ?

Ridiculously radiant?

Seems like it tbh


Hey, Subtle, guess what?

All the stuff that matters saved, but quest progress might be bound to the host. :^)


Before bed.. that's bad right?

Then why did Nintendos stock go down 6.5% after the reveal?


Excessively effervescent?


I don't think it's particularly bad.

The worst part is if you don't brush, but depending on the snack it might be a better idea to not.

N-not disgusting? ;~;

I wonder if in 40 years when you sit your grandkids down and they ask what you were like when you were younger, if you'll just pull out a scrapbook with printed out posts of yours.

I'll allow it.




Yeah, that works. Go to sleep.

I don't know how Amazon works

My bad.
*The kids of your adoptive black children

Whyyy is it programmed that wayyy

I'm glad we worked out the bad blood between us

it doesn't let you ship to my address without seeing it even though you're using my wishlist? the hell is the point...well I'm certainly not posting it in thread lol. got a workaround her, miss "I have no discord?"

thank you.

yeah probably.


what game?

any bad blood that has ever been between us has been in your own imagination. I have never once had a single issue with you.


It's fine, I was going to grind bees and rabbits first, so I'm just going to go far enough to unlock elite mobs.

If I had to guess spawning and mob stats are probably a lot more casual in solo.

Some shitty jrpg.

Pretty sure that's how Alexis got shit from people.

just because the internet exists doesn't mean I can find something to captivate me for a couple weeks and kill as much time as possible


It was just back there where I called you a slut multiple times

I thought that was an MMO?

yeah I'm confused. but that's a normal state of being for me.

wow yeah that was mean I hat u

all that means is you aren't trying hard enough.


he is saving his butt virginity for THE ONE>>1587101


Also, @Subtoe, the game doesn't scale so being level 13 like I am makes early game a snore.

No. Lol.



I mean I could go troll /a/ or /vg/ on 4chan but that's low hanging fruit

Also, apparently I don't get rewards for the quests we did.

low hanging fruit is usually the tastiest.

I always thought that it worked like that, but I don't see any way to do it?

all this time I thought secrets of grindea was a korean MMO making fun of korean MMOs

I'll give u hat ;)

I was going to make a gender/sexuality joke but that would be in poor taste.

It's a JRPG making fun of JRPGs.

I hadn't set it up properly yet lol. never used this because I'm not a cute girl on the internet fishing for people to buy things for me.

does it work now?

a hat would be a waste with hair this good.

I don't consider any joke off limits. it would be hilariously hypocritical if I did.

It was a bad attempt at a joke

Because hat sounds like head

I'll be quiet.

oh shit I just realized that's the same anime girl.


Oh yep, I see it now.

Subtle said he was going to make a folder of her but he hates me so he didn't

don't feel bad. she hates me too.

If you say it a certain way, okay? Jeez.

is that certain way to say it on a different planet with a language not yet discovered by earth people?



now we're talkin'



Feels bad man ;;

I did the thing btw way

I don't want your pity heart

absolute madwoman.


I'm not giving what you want, slut

honestly I don't think anyone knows what I want, including myself.

Nice desu ne

I hope I didn't just dox myself :^)

pretty sure it doesn't show either party the other party's info, but you could literally tell me every piece of information about yourself and it would result in a big fat nothing happening to you. I don't fucking care.

Dicks, obvs. Slut.

yeah probably.

I think you're starting to outgay Cupcake.
You're headed into dangerous, uncharted territory.


I got to see your city and full name :^)


congrats. should probably make sure to tell everyone that info.

No one has managed to accomplish it until him.
He's a brave man to go where no fabulous person has gone before.

gibe videogame

I feel like when you typed this out it sounded a lot more clever in your head

I forgot it

yeah everything about me is pretty fucking forgettable

It wasn't really intended to be clever.

I was right all along

By calling him gay?

Stop doing that.

Play Bloodborne with me

my feelings were wroooooong

stop doing what?

Making it seem like I'm saying bad things about you every time I say something!

you are not the one doing that, don't worry. self deprecation is the only way I've found to cope with the overwhelming fact that I am an absolute waste of a human being.

I'm going to beat you up.

He's into that.

well now you know the general area to look for me.

Me too actually.

I forgot it already.

Besides how would I even find you from just that?

I don't know. if you're determined to beat me up for saying factual statements I feel like you'll figure it out.

I'm moody because I'm on my period.
Give me your disgusted (yous)


I'll just go around your city asking for the gayest person they know. I'll get to you eventually.

Why do you even have that saved?

The only thing a period stops is a sentence.

damn kiss I wanna eat your cunt blood like a ketchup packet

I wanna get a dog and name it Dio so I can scream at it.

I want a dog too, but for other reasons.

that won't work actually. first of all I never leave the house so there is probably less than a dozen people in this city who know me by name or even sight. second, I do not act in a way that lets people know I'm gay. my own family was completely taken aback when I came out. I act """""""normal""""""".

because it's a cute picture?

I want a fish dog for also other reasons.

you know when you go in a place like burger king or mcdonalds and there are ketchup packets? this was one of those, except i guess it was from KFC because we had KFC the other day. i don't really know what they have that could use ketchup but anyways i'm sure it tasted like any other packet and it was ok. i just opened it up and sucked on it and got all the ketchup out which felt weird and sexual. probably give this experience a 3/5

I will stalk the delivery driver, then.

Baka baka. Sexual harassment

seems like quite a waste of your time. what the hell do you plan on doing if you find me?

excuse me? are you suffering from the delusion that you are the bote in that picture?

hi there
kfc worker here
at our resturaunt we dont have ketchup packets only our sauces, mild fire and diablo, and packets of 'honey sauce'

then we have larger packet containers of bbq and ranch and the other flavors

Like I said before, beating you up.

with your girly arms? not likely.

you post her a lot. figured the name was as good as any other. your point?

do you really?
but dont niggers like ketchup on chicken

I'll have you know that I can lift at least 20lbs!

You're under the delusion that I am the boat in that picture!

are you muscled and toned?

No I'm fuckin' weak lol

wouldnt that make you more susceptible to rape

probably. on both of those.

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