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what what

then idk what you mean

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Sci and Cato now share an avatar.

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One of the nicer things in life is a discussion with a 70 year old Chinese anarchist

I just dunked vicar amelia

flying hammer to the skull

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chillin at home, got my appendix ripped out two days ago



I'll put my pure ass literal in your face as an anime.

spent a few hours building a pc pretty much

how do you feel

it's very rude to bully!

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much better now, got drugs and stuff.
how much money did you spend on your pc?


He kind of deserves it until he ever accepts some semblance of reality.

yes this is the picture I was referencing.

be nice !!!


You are going full Desu.


I am not !!!

All you need is a mug shot and a "master".

yay drugs

well 150 for the case
about the same for the liquid cooler
maybe 200 for the card

have yet to replace much else

if anything the next to go would be ram or maybe adding an ssd

I will refer to everyone as a male from now on unless one of you request otherwise

SSD and ram is nice
graphics card only for 200?

Please don't.

Not that I actually care that much.

Please don't.

Female please

fak. I never do anything so I'll never get in trouble with the PO-leese...also I'm white...ugh. everything is the worst.

I could just use subtle for the master part though.

my pronouns are burd burds and burdself please respect them

there was like a special at the time. runs a little hot during witcher 3 but thats about it. great card so far


Everyone here has a penis.

You could go murder a border hopper since it's Arizona and get a slap on the wrist charge.

Yes, master, I'm sorry, master, please forgive me and let me brush your hair and lick your neck and smell your feet and other creepy jp bs.

Clearly thats why you were efucking smiles wasnmt it tsuchi

oh nice, congrats
building your own is nice, feels good playin everything on highest settings

that's true. it's so close to not illegal to murder a mexican here it's almost like they're encouraging it.


They clearly have a penis, too.

Who's the whackjob sheriff that's always in the news from there?

i pretty much had to buy the case. the one i had wouldnt fit an h100i

but yeah i feel accomplished for once


soak it all in while it lasts, then

pics of case

joe arpaio. he's a fuckface, that's for sure. pretty sure he didn't win this year but I can't be assed to remember or check.




she's a thicc girl


Seems he lost.
He was so off his rocker it was genuinely funny.
Terrifying for people in the county but funny nonetheless.

at least he was tough on spics

I am going to be honest: that case is really fugly.
All cases are fairly hideous but that one takes the cake.

oooh baby, what a sexy beast

Yeah, it was the wetbacks ruining the place, not welfare rats like you.


dont insult her you cunt

yeah lot of room inside also for cable management

gotta get that cable porn, stick em and tie em

Are you saying you chose your case just for mo' cushion fo' da pushin'?

yeah, he was good for a few laughs, but for all my memeing and hatred of sjws and shit he was a genuinely horrific human being who treated the people under his charge like animals instead of people. I know they were all in jail but for fuck's sake, they're still humans.

The dog fuckers dog is dogish

if my power supply were modular id be more inclined to dress it up a bit. as it is it has a lot of room to hide the extra unused cables. harddrives and ssd is in the same compartment

i like phat boxes it stick my hardware in

I despise our penal system because it's more about getting government contracts for incarcerating people than actual reform. There's vested interest in dehumanizing them and turning even minor offenders into repeat ones since it means more customers.


The colored in portion looks uncanny in the thumbnail, like a real pic just copypasted onto it.
Expanded it's fine, just the thumbnail looks really bizarre.

agree completely. it's one of the biggest travesties of the nation. it's fucking disgusting.

sup mandy

I like the penal system because I'm 10 years old and the word penal is funny to me.

That case is bad....

R-right this way..


I've only ever even had fleeting interactions with law enforcement and it's all from traffic violations.
Even that's enough to make me has disdain for them, more so because every officer I've dealt with really does seem to fit the stereotype of "small man looking for power". That said, they're necessary and I don't hate them as an institution, we just really need to stop the whole "if you criticize police, you love criminals" bullshit that keeps them above scrutiny.

oh, really?
pf heh.. thanks ^^'


Just saying, man.

My room is so warm right now it feels like i'm melting.

and im just saying youre a faggot

i like the server casie/refrigerator look!


Same but its not my room and im in water

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fucking this so fucking much.

I've only had a few interactions with police myself, and one I remember vividly was my dad and I were headed home, he had just picked me up from my job at the theater so this was like over 10 years ago. anyway. we were headed home, driving perfectly fine, and a cop pulls us over because my dad had been "swerving" which he absolutely had not been.

so he stops us, and turns out my dads insurance or license was out of date or something very minor, can't remember exactly what. and apparently that meant the car HAD to be towed.

so this fuckhead police officer leaves us to wait for my mother on the side of the road, during one of the rare fucking times it's actually cold in arizona, and I was fucking freezing because I just had my work outfit on which was a thin white button up shirt and holy fuck it was the worst. all because this retard needed to feel good about himself by pulling over someone who was doing literally nothing.

my dad is kind of a cop magnet though. can't fucking figure why but holy shit he gets stopped for no reason a lot.

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and it's raining.

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Doesn't look bad, though.
Then again, I probably am not the best person to give an opinion on furry art.

That's more my beef with them as a whole. It's rarely about "just a job" or doing with an actual feeling of protecting their area.
Even when walking into the smallest of offenses, they seem more focused on the fact they can do whatever and just hide behind "it's protecting myself" when pulling over a car with a missing tail light ends in violence in less than a handful of times a year per the thousands of stops across the country.

It seems less about expecting a crime being ready and more about just wanting there to be one.

exactly. the thing people forget is that like every job, there are tons of assholes who end up getting the position. the difference is, in this job the asshole has a stick to beat you with and a gun to shoot you with. so any asshole who just wants a little validation in their life through power over "weaker" targets can end up being a cop and then boom. you get shit like this.


are you in a bath right now ?

it makes you an amateur

Well good, I don't want to be a pro.



you furry now?

when are you gonna fug

y not


That is just too much pressure.

i'm drawing this for Squash

i believe in you

It's just weird. I can't really condone much of anything about BLM but I can understand where it comes from. Then it just devolves into what it is now, same as after Rodney King, where it just becomes a stalemate of "us vs them".
But the more perplexing aspect is the people that chooses their "us" as being with the cops under flimsy defenses as "well, they shouldn't have objected to be slammed to the ground if they didn't want to get shot" as though that's somehow a forfeiture of life.
The whole thing is fucking bizarre but you can see where people's frustrations originate from, not that I can understand their methods of trying to provoke a change.


looks like you're coloring it for squash

They drew an outline first then were coloring it.

Well aren't you just super awesome then. But still.



still what

Still don't think I want to.

are you a cat now ?

whats okay

it can be tiring

woof woof

again I agree. it's a shame it got made all about race instead of the real problem which is just police brutality in general towards everyone. even if statistics show a lean towards a certain group or groups it's still better to work towards a solution to the entire problem, but now it's bogged down in fucking race relations and is a big fucking mess.

Even the shit that's picked up by every major news publication with video that shows clear misconduct ends up along racial lines of "those black people deserved it", clearly avoiding the fact that regardless of the race of the victim, it's genuinely horrific.


Are you a pro?

i dont mean to brag

police brutality is a real problem and it's not going anywhere until we stop pretending it only happens to one group of people or even worse, pretending it barely happens at all period.

and on the other side, people need to learn how to interact with the cops better. things get to the point they are at because of an erosion of trust on both sides.

that being said, the police brutality is a bigger issue than citizens interacting more respectfully with cops. no one likes being called a stupid fucking pig to their face but that doesn't mean you go break their fucking jaw like a psychopath.

I think im getting addicted to this . .

Brag, just for a minute.

ive had a lot of practice



Oh you can brag more than that.

Those are expensive.

*puts on leash*


how so

Not sure, but you have the ability. I knows it.

i drawing a blank really

post cute lady and little blond girl~ ♥

Well shit.



i like that pic~

What do you like about it ?

all of it~

It does happen more disproportionately to some groups but it's not like it doesn't happen at all to white people.
The weirder part is the generally white, pro-police side sweeping even the brutality committed against white people under the rug as somehow justified.

It's just altogether weird to me. In no way, shape, or form does shelter police, the military, or other governmental agencies from any and all criticism benefit anyone.
It's just denying reality because it doesn't match how you view it.

Like the recent post-election shit. Even the most objective of reporting is somehow derided as nonfactual or somehow bitter over results when the same shit happened eight years but was okay because they were the ones being "sour grapes" about it. That's not even said from a partisan view, I genuinely loathe anyone who has such double standards.
It's just weird to me to have such flagrant "I'm just sticking my fingers in my ears as I seek out whatever echo chamber validates my views". The "informed age" has only made people misinformed that fits what they want, not what's true.

What about the leash being but on u ?

that was alright

i like those fashionable chokers.

and again, I agree with every word in your post. it's been a while since we've had a conversation like that, eh? ha.

*pulls fluffy leash*


It seems to be a rarity when people can even agree on "I prefer whatever is supported by the situations and not just whatever kneejerk polar opinions I must have because facts are bad".

"Dom" means I like it when people put chokers on me and drag me around on a leash right?
I'm totally dom.


Is the leash sexual and LEWD



yeah but my tits look practically inhuman right now

No its pure and clean.



woah... dat's epic pic mang


Snoop acting like he hasn't read the whole naruto manga.

I'm onto him

Everything about you looks inhuman.

nezumi x luka x vylee when?

I thought soulja boy was the one who was into anime

who said that quote

I can take both of them at once.

not true, I have a very human looking feminine benis

I don't have enough vomiting .gifs for this.


I said it.

I was making fun of someone.

um facts are buzzwords okay please stop




err ok

I'm late into this but are there cases of people totally obeying an officer and the officer still being cruel and unusual in his behavior towards them?

somebody tell me a story from your childhood

And not obeying an officer in a way that in no form is a danger isn't a crime, it's just being an asshole.

In the process of gathering foods drinks and phone, i forgot to get my clothes f9r bath

when I was 14 I saved a bitch giving birth and her litter of 7 from waist deep monsoon floodwaters


please stop this is bullying of the highest order

what tsuchi said

Once when I was a kid, I knew what it was like to be happy.





haha gottem


brb going out for grocerys in the -23c weather

Voted yes so fast.

Usually if you're nice to one they will be nice back. Just makes everyone's life easier



luka giving love to so many people :o

Drive fast and dangerously.



equality to good people.


I'm sorely disappointed that that didn't return one vote to everything and three to "You're not the boss of me now"

Again, being "disrespectful" to a cop isn't a crime and in no way, shape, or form deserves any sort of physical response.
It's the cop's job to de-escalate a situations, not just beat/shoot people that say "mean words to me :(".

I remember being stopped by an officer in 2011 in the train station to search my large bookbag full of explosive devices notebooks

totally racial profiling, but I was super friendly with them and it took me literally a minute before I was free to go

another time I was 14 and littered haphazardly while waiting for the station

officer came up behind me and gave me a little tap

I turned red from the guilt and apologized, corrected my mistake

no real issues

b r u t a l


when I was 8 I was tied up and thrown off a 5 meter half pipe onto cement and almost got stabbed by a high schooler in the same day

stop this tsuchi. it's very unsettling to see my opinions laid out so perfectly over and over with your tripcode attached.

of course

but in this day and age where the baselines relationship between police and the general populace has been established, why would you be an asshole in the first place?

just more negative attention

I thought you were done posting?
Or did you just delete your discord?


it was an okay game.

ending was meh

gimme a game to pirate and play for like 40 hours straight


I would make a joke about us being the same person but that would genuinely mortify both of us.

When you're an asshole to the person at a restaurant making your burger, do they jump the counter and start wailing on you?
No. Because you're being an asshole, which is frowned upon, but their job is still to make food.
All jobs interacting with the population often puts you in contact with people being assholes.
No one else is given free reign to do whatever the fuck they want.


i'm safe

gimme a good game to pirate and play for 40 hours straight*

Dark Souls


also I've already played fallout 4 and it has absolutely no replay value

I've heard the port is unbearable


fallout 4 is just a complete shitshow

the point that really solidified it for me was hallucigen not giving you hallucinations and sending you on a trip

None are safe.

idk, Skyrim? Any kind of grindy RPG really

I've clocked 600 hours and have over 250 mods on it


Okay, I see the point you're trying to make is that cops should not abuse their power at all. That's true. It's been a slow creep ever since the days of segregation. But it eclipses into the whole situation where you stake your life on the line often. They are given this wiggle room I find, especially in heightened situations. Now that it's been a severe problem though, bodycams can curb it pretty well, don't you agree?

dragon age 1/2?


yes. yes it would so do not.

So I'm at least on the right track with the suggestions

I've heard Deus Ex is good

Rogue legancy


aged very poorly and beaten it twice

100% it already


super metroid

any pokemon game


clicker heroes..

No. Police misconduct has declined substantially in the era of any sort of video era since its' much easier to be caught.


Why ask suggestions if you're just going to refuse each one given?

What happened to Vylee?

Hi Trevor.

beaten it
100% every game up to black and white
kill yourself

ah, perfect

Narrow the options.


I need someone to make several webms of this yt video of Ricky Gervais losing his shit so we can up grade from that gif
His laugh is fucking hilarious

He got mad people didn't respect his and his lesbian boyfriend's pronouns and ky himself.

Darwin suggest me food to eat

All the final fantasy games?

It's like having a really fine palate and going to a chinese food joint

Makes sense

the issue now is mostly gray area situations

shootings and the like

Get into Gen7 competitive battling. That shit will suck up all of your time but you have to PAY FOR THE GAME AAAAAAAAAAAA

All of his laughing from that show is great but it's just some incomprehensible cackle.



Am I cucking him too ?

2much bully
happens to everyone

stardew valley



beaten and beaten

It's not even grey. It's more "police didn't like someone questioned his authority and his microdick exploded". Cops are needed but don't be a cop if some jackass mouthing off sets off your years of insecurity and emasculation.

But I just had that yesterday.

What do I want to eat?
Do I just wanna run to Timmy's and get a sandwich and chili for dinner?
Maybe skip the chili?

It's like.
Honestly, just why,

There's also singularity but the story is shit

Get FFX and try to beat Penance

You asked for something to take up your time, that shit will do it. I'm a casual in gen 6/7 battling and it's taken up well over 40 hours of my time

Go to Timmy's and get a sandwich and chili.


and competetive pokemon just sounds retarded to me

Wow, Darwin, stealing my idea and giving it to Wish.


I am completely guessing.
All I've ever seen is him talk to Luka and complain about people being mean to him.

Really? That's a lot of grinding for levels and whatnot, gj

What makes it more retarded than any other competitive video game?


But their chili sucks...

It was fun, and something new.
Back in 2010.

When Karl busts out the book of freaks and Ricky just loses it, I couldn't stop laughing

Its contagious dude
I was watching so many Meet Karl Pilkington videos yesterday. Stayed up till 5am laughing

Hot dog with spaghettiohs, ramen noodles, and fruit loops

Hot dog with spaghettiohs, ramen noodles, and fruit loops

Kill yourself.


I'd rather gag myself on your dick, and I've long since filed a restraining order.

Timmy's is always a good idea; it was hard to pass up.

Replace it with a pastry.

wow you really have a lot of time on your hands

witcher 3?

I can see that happening if you're in cuffs or an officer stops you and you badmouth him. Then he's gonna give you the shit end of the stick.

But when a guy points a gun at you, even if it has an orange cap, you shoot. The time you try to discern if it's fake or real, he can pull the trigger and you can die. Criminals are known to disguise real guns as toy ones and vice versa.

Then you have the ones where the suspect lunges at you, like with trayvon and that other black kid.
I'm not too sure about that.

But I do know for sure the dude in staten island got the shit end of the stick by not complying. Guy suffocated or something after they dropped him like a bad habit.


something you don't hear everyday




What a bitch.

The witcher games
Serious Sam
Soul Reaver
Max Payne
Call of Cthulhu
I'm done.

The gameplay was pretty fun but the story was like made up by a 15y old as a school project.

Everyone knows someone with a laugh like that and it's a mix of disturbing and infectious whenever they're drunk and just going on and on to everything laughing.

Lloyd has that kind of laugh

I'm not Neru though


Oh wait Splinter Cell was fun too

Who doesn't like pastries though

Do you not like pastries?


it's extremely limited and based entirely on grinding for the right stats and IVs

also it doesn't take long to grind if you know what you're doing in FFX

Triple Overdrive and Overdrive -> AP and a vertain monster in the arena, I forget which, I think cactuars or those little green guys with a knife

I have witcher 2 and have been meaning to play it but it crashes every time I try to start a new game



mfw you'll never get another GOOD SC game with Michael Ironside as the VA

Except there's billions of interactions between police and the population annually and less than .1% of them are violent.
Approaching even the majority of those billions as though you're totally going to die escalates minor offenses, especially when a cop right out of the gate is talking down to a person and further agitating the situation instead of just inquiring what's happening, writing a ticket and moving the fuck on.

Fuck you mean no?


there is a new thread